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HMS Pembroke (M107)

HMS Pembroke (M107)

HMS Pembroke at HMNB Plymouth Navy Days August 2006

Career (UnitedKingdom)
Name: Operator: Builder: Launched: Commissioned: Homeport: Identification: Status: HMS Pembroke Royal Navy Vosper Thornycroft 12 December 1997 6 October 1998 HMNB Clyde Pennant number: M107 in active service, as of 2013[1]

General characteristics
Class & type: Displacement: Length: Beam: Draught: Propulsion: Sandown-class minehunter 484tons full 52.5m 10.9m 2.3m 2 shafts Voith-Schneider propulsors diesel-electric drive Paxman Valenta diesels, 1,500shp 13knots diesel, 6.5knots electric 34 (7 officers, 27 ratings) Type 1007 navigation radar Type 2093 variable-depth mine hunting sonar 1 Oerlikon 30mm KCB gun on DS-30B mount 2 7.62mm L7 GPMG machine guns Wallop Defence Systems Barricade Mk. III countermeasure launchers Irvin Aerospace Replica Decoy launchers

Speed: Complement: Sensors and processing systems: Armament:

HMS Pembroke (M107)

Mine counters measures equipment: SeaFox Mine Disposal System Clearance divers


HMS Pembroke is a Sandown-class minehunter of the Royal Navy. Pembroke is affiliated to T.S Skirmisher, which is Fishguard Sea Cadets, in West Wales.

Pembroke on the Firth of Clyde in front of Loch Long

Side view of Pembroke passing Kilcreggan

External links
Royal Navy site [2] Navy News [3]

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