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ScarboroughRapidTransit(SRT) PresentationtoCouncillors


SRT Transit Project Assessment Conversion Extension Kennedy

SRT Transit Project Assessment Conversion

Existing SRT

Existing SRT Kennedy to McCowan


Existing Station At grade Tunnel Elevated


Modify to accommodate new LRT vehicles New trains will operate with 3 car consist (approx 95m)
Existing trains are 60m

Extend platforms approx 35m Raise track/lower platform Raise roof

Tunnel raise roof Running g structure

Strengthen for added vehicle load Clearance/safety walkway requirements

Traction p power replace p 3rd rail with overhead catenary y

LRT Track and Existing Station Modification

Option 1

Option 2

Raised Track Level and Raised Station Ceiling

Lowered Platform Level and Raised Station Ceiling

Lawrence East

Scarborough Centre Scarborough Centre

Shut Down Service Existing line will be shut down for up to 3 years Replacement bus service required 170 buses per hour hour, peak service, service into Kennedy Station Temporary bus terminals required at Scarborough Town Centre and Kennedy Plans being developed Temporary full closure of Kennedy will be considered

SRT Transit Project Assessment Conversion Extension

Public Consultation to Date PIC #1 April 15 15, 2008

- Identified alternative corridors

PIC #2 June 4/5, , 2008

- Recommended corridor for extension of SRT to Malvern Town Centre - Presented possible alignments

Special Community Meeting July 31, 2008

- Discussed local concerns with Alignment N3

PIC #3 June 2, 2009

- Presented preferred alignment

Alignment As Presented June 2009

LEGEND SRT station locations ocat o s Elevated At grade Below grade Yard Possible future extension



Changes Since June 2, 2009 Extension will be built in 2 phases SRT will use LRT technology SRT vehicles will be maintained at the Conlins Road facility Centennial College Station has been relocated to the east side of Progress, improving access to the campus Bellamy Station will be constructed in the future, when warranted by surrounding population and employment

Phased Construction Funding challenges resulted in reassessment of the alignment

Phase 1
SRT will be extended from McCowan to Sheppard Ave. The station at Sheppard will include a bus terminal and Passenger Pick Up and Drop Off (PPUDO)

Phase 2
SRT will be extended from Sheppard to Malvern Town Centre, when funding becomes available

Preferred Alignment
Phase 2
LEGEND SRT station locations Elevated At grade Below grade Phase 2 extension to Malvern

Phase 1

Sheppard LRT Future Station Potential Future Yard



Sheppard Bus Terminal

Highla and Creek Sheppard Ave North Bus Terminal Location Chinese Cultural Center South Bus Terminal Location

With Phase 1 terminating at Sheppard, a bus terminal is required to provide a fast and convenient connection between the buses serving northeast Scarborough and the SRT SRT. Two possible locations have been considered considered.

Progr ress Ave.

Sheppard Station

Substation Noise Wall North Bus B s Terminal Location

Portal Secondary Entrance Chinese Cultural Center Passenger Pick-Up and Drop Off Sheppard LRT Platform

Graphical Representation Only

Vehicle Technology
It has been determined that the SRT will be converted to LRT technology, using the same vehicles as the other Transit City LRT lines. Preferred Technology

Existing Mark I vehicles to be replaced with

LRT vehicles. SRT trains will be 3 cars in length (approximately 95m)

Maintenance Facility
As a result of the decision to use LRT technology:
SRT vehicles will be maintained at the Sheppard/Conlins Maintenance Facility, to save on operating and capital costs. This requires a connection between the SRT and Sheppard LRT lines. Until such time as all Transit City lines are constructed, the maintenance yard off Bellamy is not needed. TTC will continue to protect the Bellamy site for possible use in the future.

Proposed EA Alignment

Potential Future Maintenance Facility

LEGEND SRT station locations ocat o s Elevated At grade

June 2009 Alignment

Below grade Sheppard LRT Future Station

Potential future Bellamy yard Future Bellamy Station



LEGEND Preferred Alignment Potential Future Yard Properties required for Alignment
Mark kham Rd.

Progress Ave. Bellamy Rd..



Sheppard Ave

Sheppard Ave

Markham Option

Sheppard Option

Progress Option McCowan Option Proposed EA Alignment

Service Track Connection Options

Milner Ave.

401 Progr ress Ave.

401 McCowan Road Progress Ave. P Proposed d EA Alignment Ali t

Markham Road

LEGEND Sheppard LRT Proposed EA Alignment McCowan Option Progress Option Markham Option Sheppard Option

N.T.S Graphical Representation Only


Sheppard Properties



Centennial College Station

June 2009 Centennial College Station on west side of Progress Current Centennial College Station on east side of Progress by virtue of westerly realignment of Progress Ave, north of 401

New Road


Realigned Progress g Ave


Centennial College Station

Centennial College Station

Centennial College

Centennial College

Graphical Representation Only

Graphical Representation Only

Line Length
Existing Phase 1 Extension Phase 2 Extension TOTAL Kennedy to McCowan 6.5 km

(1.7 KM) Malvern Town Centre

McCowan to Sheppard

3.4 km

Sheppard to Malvern Town Centre

1.7 km

11.6 km

Travel Time
Existing SRT Bus TOTAL Extension SRT SRT TOTAL Scarborough Centre to Kennedy Malvern TC to Scarborough g Centre Scarborough Centre to Kennedy Malvern TC to Scarborough Centre 8min 23min 31 min 8min 8min 16 min

Existing (6.5KM) (3 4 KM) (3.4

Extension (5.1KM)

Per Hour in Peak Direction (pphpd) Existing Capacity Existing Demand - South to Kennedy 3 800 3,800 5,000 45,000 2010 Daily Total Year

Future Demand - South to Kennedy Future Demand - South to McCowan Station








Kennedy St ti Station

SRT Transit Project Assessment Extension Conversion Kennedy Station

Kennedy Station Goal Modify station to accommodate new SRT vehicles In so doing doing, reduce passenger walking distance between SRT and subway Accommodate new Eglinton and S-M LRT lines

Background Existing
Subway SRT Bus Passenger Pickup Pedestrian GO Parking Eglinton LRT Scar-Malvern LRT 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Bounded by GO (east), CN (south), Eglinton (north) and Kennedy (west)

Work to Date Challenge to accommodate all infrastructure Developed upwards of 70 alignments Preferred Option A1 - SRT - Below Grade Loop - Eglinton - Below Grade - SM - Below Grade Agreed with Metrolinx February 16, 2010

Next Steps Incorporate Option A1 into Transit Project Assessment Proceed with preliminary design

Schedule February 26 March 2 March 8 & 11 April 1 April p 5-7 May 6 June 8 - Councillor Briefing - Mayors Briefing - Public Information Centre (PICs) - Notice of Commencement - PICs - Commission - Council