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free pattern lacy sailor dress

Stitch triple layer to single layer

all the way up one side, across
top edge keeping straight stitches
right up next to zigzagged lace
heading, and down opposite side,
stopping approximately 2 inches
from bottom (g. 15).
6. Trim seam allowances down to
8 inch and trim out corners

7. Turn right sides out, through

bottom opening; press well.
8. Trim batiste seam allowance
completely away from one side of
a 7-inch piece of entredeux.
9. Right sides up, zigzag (W=2.0;
L=1.0) a 7-inch piece of 3 8 -inch
lace edging to holes of entredeux
(g. 16).
10. Trim other seam allowance
completely away.
11. Fold entredeux/lace edging
back on itself at each end and
press. Entredeux strip should be
same length as top edge of inset.
Trim fold backs to inch each.
12. Zigzag entredeux edge
(W=2.0; L=1.0) to top of lace on
front inset. The fold back at each
end of inset will face to right side.
13. Close opening at side of front
inset with a zigzag (W=2.5; L=1.5) .
14. With pins, mark off a 58 -inch
line along both sides of front inset
(g. 17).
15. Position front inset to inside
of bodice front with entredeux
touching marked circles. Pin line
marked on front inset should
restalong nished collar edge, and
front inset will extend beyond
bottom edge of bodice front.
16. Fold collar back out of the
way and topstitch inset to bodice
front close to nished edge. Stop
stitching at point where lace from
collar, once folded into nished
position, will no longer cover the
17. Trim off organza from front
inset so that it is even with
bottom of bodice front (g. 18).

Where to find it...

Lacy sailor dress pattern,
layout and yardage
chart and continued
instructions can be
found on the pullout

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