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1st Trime Review

Language 7

Identify the way each italicized noun is used. Use S = subject, SC= subject complement, App= appositive, DO= direct ____ At least 50 times a year the Empire State Building is struck by lightning. ____ Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, applied logic to medicine. ____ A major improvement in health care was the development of vaccines. ____ Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. ____ One major tourist attraction is the Great Wall of China. ____ Robin Crusoe, a marooned sailor, was on an island 28 years. Ring the letter of the correct answer. Which of the following statements does not tell about pronouns? A. Pronouns replace the names of person, place, thing, event, or idea. B. Nouns replaced by pronouns are antecedents. C. Nouns can be replaced by pronouns alone. D. Pronouns can be interchanged with verbs. Which of the following words in the sentences is the antecedent of the pronoun? The 10K run passes through the pasture and parkland. It takes runners many points of interest like nature tripping. a. 10 K run b. pasture c. parkland d. runners

Which of the following pronouns always replace nouns representing people? A. I, She, It B. They, We, Were C. You, He , She D. Was, Were, We The following are example of personal pronouns except: B. We, He, She, They C. Me, His, her, Them a. This, These, That, Those D. Theirs, Ours, Hers

The sentence is using _______ pronoun. The man who seeks personal glory will find nothing in life. A. Relative & interrogative B. Relative & indefinite C. Reflexive & indefintite D. Relative & demonstrative When a pronoun functions as the subject of a sentence, it is a ____. A. subject pronoun B. object pronoun C. possessive pronoun D. demonstrative pronoun Choose the sentence that uses the subject pronoun correctly. A. Her and Miss Imee attend to the needs of the Grade 2 participants. B. She and Miss Imee attend to the needs of the Grade 2 participants. C. Them and Miss Imee attend to the needs of the Grade 2 participants. D. None of the above.

Listening to the regular sound of waves hitting the beach can soothe jangled nerves. Those umbrellas protect sensitive skin from harmful sunlight. away from the crowd. (2) His sister.Read each question carefully. I take cold drinks and salty snacks. I give myself a gift. (himselves himself itself themselves) Underline each adjective once and the word it modifies twice.him) God blesses ________ with so many talents so _________ must share _______ with others. (6) Farther up the beach. (anybody-them everybody-them nobody-them somebody. ( us-we-it them – you – him us – we – them hers – he – it) “Paolo. I can see about ten umbrellas from where I am standing. Fill in the blanks with one or more adjectives to improve the descriptions of people who are enjoying a day at the beach. I can read an interesting book for a few hours. dressed in a _________________ swimsuit is building a sand castle next to him. _________________ admires ________. 8. (3) Back on the beach blanket. C. I guess _____ must be ________ . D. 6. Complete the following sentences with correct pronoun. I usually sunbathe in a place with fewer people. I have gone there for several years. Please give it to John or myself. (himself themselves themself itself) Nick & Luigi are the most popular players in the team. 5.) The beach is filled with people looking for fun. 4. My brother and myself did the project. 9. a young woman with _________________ hair keeps close watch on them. There I share the beach with a more seagulls than people.Which of the following is correct? A. When I go to that beach. (5) An older couple dressed in _________________ shorts enjoy a ______________ walk along the beach. a ______________ group of young . Do not underline the articles. (4) She calls to them in a _________________ voice and points to a _________________ bird near them. 3. The Grade 7 pupils _________________ planned a fund-raising project for the less fortunate kids of San Juan. The hot sand burned my feet. Everyone enjoys a relaxing day at the beach. 1. (it – you that – he it – yours its – yours ) The principal _________________ delivered the welcome speech before a large audience.” said Diego. a backpack was left here yesterday. 10. their mother. 7. B. If I am lucky. (1) A _________________ boy with a plastic bucket is digging in the sand. 2. (Change the article preceding your adjectives from a to an if you use an adjective that begins with a vowel. It’s a cold and windy morning.

_______________________________________ In sentence 2 & 3: 1st person. person ________ = ______________________________ ________= ______________________________ _____________ _____________ _______________ _______________ ring: DO IO OP In sentence 10 & 11: 1st person. 9"Stop all dilatory tactics. Santiago challenged her colleagues to just put the measure to a vote. although I wish that he would adopt the general attitude that it's always best to attribute whether it's specific or general. whether you translate or not." said Santiago. he can be allowed a certain freedom. 8On the RH bill-the subject of Sotto's supposedly plagiarized speeches. (7) One of the players seems especially _________________. it is a _________________ day at the beach Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Stop the filibuster.people are playing volleyball. 6The alleged plagiarism was posted on Twitter shortly after Sotto's speech. Robert F. one of the authors of the RH bill. object pronoun: _________ . Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) – 1Philippine senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. it makes no difference. (8) All in all. number. doesn't buy Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III's defense that speaking in Filipino gets him off the hook from charges he plagiarized English passages from a speech by the late US Sen." Santiago said in a news conference following a speaking engagement on Saturday. 3You have to attribute. Kennedy. 11I challenge my colleagues in the Senate and even in the House: Let us come to a formal vote on the RH bill itself. 2"I don't accept that because as I've said in the academe. shouting to each other in _________________ voices." Santiago said. plural. singular subject pronoun: ________ antecedent: ____________________ 2nd person :___________________ underline: (subject pr object pr) In sentence 4: identify the subject pronouns and their antecedent. 10"Let us come to a vote. a long-time academic in the field of law." she said. 5Sotto once again received criticism last week for plagiarism after his turno en contra against the reproductive health (RH) bill contained a Filipino translation of passages from a speech the late Kennedy delivered in 1966. Find the following: in sentence 1: direct object pronoun: ________ What is the antecedent of the pronouns? subject pronoun: ________. 4"In this event. the Sotto event. whether you interpret or not. laughing and encouraging the other players.

___________________________ __________________________ 6. They are going to take an English test today. B. is) played in a softball league. Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number._________________________ __________________ 10. C. The moon in the night skies be a beautiful sight. Either baking soda and salt are salt. A. The moon in the night skies are a beautiful sight. _______________________ ______________ 4. . 2. A. 1. Who is bringing the paper plates? ______________________ ______________________ 7. Hundreds of bats (have. __________________ ______________ 9. are) living in this cave. Underline each verb or verb phrase. B. Jeff (has. _______________ ______________ 8. write the participle on the line provided. Earhart had traveled across the Atlantic on another record-setting journey. and folk music. Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number. sing. They am going to take an English test today. Camille has danced to classical. C. Tides on the earth rises according to the moon’s gravitational pull. False Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number. Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number. Either baking soda or soap are salt. Do macaroni and cheese sound good for dinner? Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number. then the verb must also be singular. and indicate whether it is a present or past participle. B. Leslie’s monster costume had frightened some of the little children. If the verb phrase includes a participle. C. Nancy (had. Before the storm. B. _________________ _____________ 2. A. ____________________ _______________ 3. Scientists have predicted an end to the world’s rain forests. 3. If you have a singular subject. The students or the teacher is going to the fair. The students or the teacher are going to the fair. intensive pronoun: ____________ Encircle the letter of the best answer. am) searching for my glasses. verb B. A. Either baking soda or soap is salt. True B. Some time before her solo flight. D. The leaves are changing very slowly this year. A. I (have. A.3rd person. jazz. The moon in the night sky is a beautiful sight. _________________ _________ 5. Tree frogs cling to the bark of trees. At the moment. 5. were) helping at the shelter. 4. Are you walking home after school today?____________________ __________________ Underline the correct form of the helping verb in parentheses. A. D. For the last four years. They be going to take an English test today. 1. They is going to take an English test today. The moon in the night sky are a beautiful sight. D. B. Linking verb C. Juan and Terry (had. Main verb D. A/an ____ is a verb that expresses either physical or mental activity. Action verb Select the sentence in which the subject and the verb agree in the number. Tides on the earth rise according to the moon’s gravitational pull. We are using percussion instruments in our presentation. A. That city was the birthplace of the sundae. Either baking soda and soap is salt. was) created a sidewalk chalk painting. Does macaroni and cheese sound good for dinner? B.

write the infinitive or infinitive phrase and label it infinitive or infinitive phrase. Without a compass. Get your tickets to the next thrilling performance of the circus!_____________________ 6. adjective.__________________________________________ 5. Shipping is common on the Great Lakes. ___________________________________ 5. To stay awake during Marty’s speech was impossible. ________________ The plants in their gardens might include unusual flowers. Has the band started to play? ________________________________________________ 4. 1.Write whether it is used as a subject or direct object. The director gave a stern look and walked away. Several of the workers wanted to organize a union. Gloria is calling her mother for a ride. _______________________________________________ 2.___________________________________ 4. The robot was bumping into obstacles in the lab. Littering can harm the environment. 1. Abraham plans to enter the triathlon. _______________________________________ 6. Juggling requires concentration. He enjoyed cooking more than any other hobby. find a phrase beginning with to. ________________________________ 3. The standing spectators saw the runners first. If to is a preposition. ____________________________ 7. .Write whether the underlined word in each sentence is used as a main verb. write the prepositional phrase and label it prepositional phrase. Sandra enjoys baby-sitting._________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________ 4. Tim tripped over the sleeping puppy. ______________________________ Identify the underlined word as either an adjective or an adverb. She completely convinced us that she knew what she was doing. __________________________________ In each sentence. My lazy brother postponed starting his chores. Both candidates support taxing the rich. ____ ____ ____ ____ Maria spoke slowly into the camera. to visit Mars will be an everyday occurrence. _____________________________ 3._______________________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. Underline the adverb phrase or phrases and write the verb it describes. Do you want to wait in the mall? _____________________________________________ 2. Steve was cooking oatmeal for breakfast. 1. Sometime in the future. ________________ 6. Sorting the clean clothes takes only ten minutes or so. ________________Yet. 1. some gardeners have a aste for the exotic. ________________ The appearance of some flowers is truly weird. ______________________________________ 8.___________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________ 5. ________________________________ Underline each gerund or gerund phrase. Breeding fish in tubs may be a solution. _______________________________________ 8. ________________________ Underline each infinitive or infinitive phrase. To find the lost child became everyone’s goal. If to is part of an infinitive or infinitive phrase. _________________________________________ 2. None of the food shipments sent to the cities arrived. _____________________________________________ 3. The hardest part is the waiting. Walking can be good exercise. I really enjoyed her colorful descriptions of the wildlife. My grandfather taught me to swim.__________________________________ 4. Underline the adjective phrase or phrases and write the noun or pronoun it describes. To replace the spark plugs is not a difficult job.Write whether it functions as a subject or direct object.or gerund. to find our way home will be difficult. _________________________________________ 7.

She was acting on her deepest beliefs. __________________________________________________________ Andrew is a fast runner. ___________________________________________________________________ My cousin’s dog is a ferocious growler.she died when I was eight. 3. It ______________ (rain). so he’s tired. Write whether each sentence is declarative. He ______________ (play) football. 1. each community in the country determined its own time_ ___________ The confusion is unbelievable_ ___________Why did the situation change_ ___________ Guess the answer_ Choose the past simple or the present perfect: 1. Make the adjectives work as adverbs. interrogative. I __________________ (know) my great grandmother for a few years . _______________________________________________________ . Make the present perfect continuous She ______________ (work) here for five years. Forten went to South Carolina. I __________________ (lose) my keys – can you help me look for them? 3. The teacher speaks in a clear voice. _________________________________________________________________ 2. 2. I ______________ (study) all day. 4. The pavement is wet. or exclamatory. She helped other African Americans by means of her teaching skills. Last night I __________________ (lose) my keys – I had to call my flatmate to let me in. She ______________ (go) to the cinema every weekend for years.In 1862. They ______________ (learn) English for two years. 4. We ______________ (live) in Manila for six months. Put the right punction at the end of the sentence ___________ Form most of the 19th century. 5. You ______________ (eat) a lot recently. Last year I __________________ (visit) Paris. I __________________ (visit) Paris three times. Melissa is a careful driver. imperative .

________________________________________________________________ Mark and Eric are responsible workers.5. 9. _______________________________________________________ The huge black bear is an angry hunter. (carefully) of all the students. 8. 6. (fluently) than Jennifer. 6. 1. 2. (early) than she did. (fast) than Mrs. Henderson speaks Mother prepares turkey Alexander and Peter work My grandmother arrived He checked his answers later than the rest of the family. 3. 5. Elona. 9. The librarian whispered 13. (early) 10. Percivall coughs 12. 8. Angelica speaks Spanish 11. 10. _____________________________________________________ The waitress is a patient server. Veronica’s aunt is a loud laugher. Alarcon. Johnson is an effective teacher. ____________________________________________________________ Mrs. _______________________________________________________ Comparative adverbs are used to compare two verbs or adjectives. (frequently) of all. (clearly) than Father does. (late) than Amanda did. ____________________________________________________________ Wendy is a generous giver. (quietly) than the last one. 4. Ken. Superlative adverbs are used to show that a verb or adjective stands out from among others in either a good or bad way. 7. (hard) than lunch. sang Your husband. writes The bus driver drives Mrs. Our father arrived home My sister. (well) of all. (hard) of all the relatives. (well) of all. (beautifully) of all. This math test was 14. 7. Breakfast is served .