Chinese cuisine Cantonese region

Steamed spareribs Ingredients: 500g 10g 10g 20ml 15ml 10ml pork spareribs salted black beans (taosi) sugar soy sauce oyster sauce vegetable oil

Procedure: -chop spareribs into 1 inch - soak black beans in hot water for 5 minutes. Drain -place ingredients in a heat-proof dish. Turn and mix thoroughly Cover dish wall with foil. Place in a steamer and steam for 1 hour.

Chinese cuisine Cantonese region

-place in a steamer. dried 2pcs bamboo shoots. canned. 10-11 minutes Chinese cuisine Shanghai region . and spring onion -lightly beat the eggs -mix all together in a bowl -place mixture in the middle of the wanton skin. prawns. drained ½ cup shrimp 1 pc spring onion 300g ground pork 100g porkfat 15g peas 2g salt Pinch pepper 2g sugar 15ml vegetable oil 15g cornstarch 5ml sesame oil 1pck wanton skins Procedure: -soak the dried mushrooms in hot water to cover for 25minutes. Drain and discard tough stalks -chop the mushroom caps -finely chop the bamboo shoots.Steamed siu mai Ingredients: 6 pcs Chinese mushrooms.

Stir fry for 15 seconds. and pork.shrimps. Then add beaten egg.Yang chow fried rice Ingredients: 3 cups 60g 45g 40ml 120g 25g 30ml 45g 3pcs 30g Tt Cooked rice Shrimp Chinese sausage vegetable oil ham onion light soy sauce peas eggs spring onion salt.sugar Procedure: -heat oil in a wok. Cook until shrimps turn pink -add remaining vegetables. Just before egg completely sets. add rice and stir well -add the rest of the ingredients. Chinese cuisine Peking region Peking snowflake shrimp balls . Add onions.pepper.

season with salt and sherry . roll evenly into croutons. add 2/3 cup water and boil. pork fat. Reduce by half cool and add to shrimp mixture -beat one eggwhite until stiff and fold into mixture. Set aside in the chiller for 30 minutes -dry bread cubes in a pre heated oven -form shrimp into balls.chop ginger and spring onion. Lightly beat second eggwhite and add to shrimp mixture. Deep fry until golden Chinese cuisine Sichuan and hunan region Hunan chili squid . and water chestnut in a bowl.Ingredients: 250g ¼ cup 15g 2g 8ml 15g 15g 1pc 25g 2slices shrimp pork fat water chestnut salt sherry spring onion ginger egg white cornstarch loaf bread Procedure: -combine shrimp.

add garlic.Heat oil in a wok. large 2tbsp all purpose flour .Add shortening to wok. sugar. rub with salt .yellow bean paste.Add sherry and blended cornstarch Return squid to pan.Clean squid under running water . coat with sauce . When hot stir fry ginger for 30 seconds .Stir in peppers Japanese cuisine Tempura Ingredients: 8pcs Prawn. tomato paste.Cut peppers into similar sized pieces . chili oil and chili sauce .Add squid and stir fry for 1 minute and remove .Ingredients: 250g 2g ½ pc ½ pc 20ml 2 slices Sauce 1tbsp 5g ½ tbsp 5g 8ml 8g 8ml 8ml 5g fresh squid salt red bell pepper green bell pepper vegetable oil ginger lard garlic yellow bean paste sugar soysauce tomato paste chili oil sherry cornstarch Procedure: .Cut into rings. soy sauce.

white 25g ginger ¼ cup mirin ¼ cup soy sauce 1cup water 2tbsp dashi Thailand cuisine Pad thai Ingredients: 7oz 3tbsp 1tbsp 2tbsp 1pc rice noodles cooking oil garlic onion sliced egg . 100g radish. 1pc 1 ½ cup ¾ cup ¾ cup 1/8 tbsp 2trays 5cups 5g large egg cold water all purpose flour cornstarch baking powder cube ice vegetable oil salt Dipping sauce.Batter.

heat oil over medium high. until noodles turn soft. shelled and deveined radish sugar fish sauce vinegar paprika roasted peanuts bean sprouts spring onion. ground chili.season with sugar. vinegar.½ cup 4tbsp 3oz ½ tbsp 3tbsp 2tbsp 4tbsp ½ tbsp 2tbsp 6oz 1/3 cup ¼ cup 1pc shredded chicken breast diced firm yellow bean curd prawns. sliced Procedure: -in a large frying pan. sauté the garlic onion. and 1 tbsp peanuts -toss and cook for 10 minutes. half of the bean sprouts.add the egg and keep stirring -add the prawns.serve with the remaining bean sprouts with the lime on the side. cut 1” length ground chili fresh lime. paprika. bean curd and the noodles . chicken. -add the spring onion. fish sauce. and remove from heat -garnish with 1 tbsp of chopped roasted peanuts . Thailand cuisine Tom yum gkoong Ingredients: 250g 2stalks 750ml 30g 3pcs 2pcs Prawns lemongrass shrimp stock galangal kaffir lime leaves labuyo . radish for a minute .

brown sugar cilantro leaves Indian cuisine Vegetable biryani Ingredients: 2tbsp 1pc 1tsp 2cloves 2tsp 1tsp ½ tsp 1tsp ghee onion ginger garlic ground cumin ground turmeric chili powder garam masala .40g 1T 12T 150g 120g 10g 1T Tt 1dzn onion chili paste Tamarind water straw mushrooms tomato spring onion nam pla lime juice.

1pc 2cups 3cups 1pc 100g 1cup lemon basmati rice water carrot green beans cauliflower Indonesian cuisine Ginger pork 300g 2 12pcs 3pcs 2tbsp 5pcs 2pcs 3pcs 1pc pork leg ginger chili shallots oil kaffir leaves turmeric lemon grass large tomato .

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