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Vanessa Su Geography 12

What this job entails

An urban planner is a technical person who plans and devises in the realm of city planning. The urban planners need to have a thorough investigation about the environment, economy, and urban compatibility of a city when the plans and ideas that they established for administration and development. Furthermore, they still have many more things that must to be concerned about when they plan the city, such as weather, pollution, and traffic jam.

Tools for Urban Planning

GIS(Geographic Information System):
An information system that saves and operate data which can refer to the location on the Earth.

This is a software application for the drafting design on computer.

This is also an application for 3D design which helps the urban planning a lot.

5 post-secondary programs of Geography in UT

Human geography

Like: to know about marketing, transportation, policy, labor, technology, historical tradition, religious beliefs and so on. Dislike: not interesting in the historical tradition and religious beliefs.

Environmental Geography

Like: to know about terrain, climate, soil, hydrology, vegetation, and so on

Dislike: to research the environment

Physical & Environmental Geography

Like: to know the processes of physics, chemistry and biology form into the earths surface

Dislike: difficult to understand

Environment & Energy

Like: to know the energy use and provision in many areas Dislike: unfamiliar in my life

Asian Geographies

Like: we can learn geography in a different cultural environment. Dislike: it is not useful in the future

High School Graduation Requirements

Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English and Calculus and Vectors are required For Geology: A senior high school credit in Chemistry is required and Biology and Physics are recommended For Geophysics: Senior high school credits in Chemistry and Physics are required For Geosciences: Senior high school credits in Chemistry and Physics are required and Biology is recommended Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits

Final Thought

In my opinion, this career is not suitable for me because I do not have much passion about the careers in geography. Furthermore, I also have found many difficulties during the searching time. An urban planner needs to be familiar with everything and also has a clear