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Auditel Partners with IMServ to Manage the Energy for the Gondola Group Auditel partners with IMServ

to manage the energy for the Gondola Group who ope ratePizzaExpress, Zizzi and ASK. Milton Keynes, England, October 04, 2013 -- Established in 1994, Auditel is a le ading specialist cost management consultancy. Auditel has helped thousands of or ganisations throughout the UK andIrelandto reduce financial waste and improve bott om line profits across all areas of business expenditure. Auditels clients range from small businesses to global brands such as theYMCA,Oxfor d University and Calvin Klein Jeans, managing expenses as diverse as utilities, office supplies, transport, premises and waste. The company was asked by the Gondola Group, market leader in the UK for the casu al dining sector, operating PizzaExpress, Zizzi and ASK as well as BYRON and Ket tners, to review how the Group could reduce its energy consumption. The Gondola Group employs approximately 16,500 people, serving almost 40 million meals a year and has over 700 restaurants, each with individual requirements fo r energy management. David Lowe, Auditel Consultant for Gondola for over ten years, explains the moti vation for monitoring the Groups energy consumption, There was significant fluctua tion in Gondolas energy bills year on year due to estimated readings, and this ca used a major headache. Monitoring energy consumption accurately was also an impo rtant aspect in being able to comply with CRC legislation and reap the benefits of early action metrics. Finding the right partner In order to gain greater insight into the energy usage of individual restaurants , Auditel needed to work with a partner that could install meters, collect the d ata, aggregate it and analyse individual restaurant profiles to reduce energy co nsumption. The company reviewed the market and shortlisted four companies, choo sing IMServ, one of the UKs largest independent energy management providers. David said, We chose IMServ over the competition as the company is independent, w ith an established reputation within the industry, and offers very competitive p rices. IMServ has also been a partner of Auditel since 2010 and over the years h as impressed us with the first class service it provides. IMServ works closely with many FTSE 250 organisations and companies within the c ommercial and industrial sectors, advising on effective energy management soluti ons. The company offers a range of monitoring, visualisation and control service s that allow businesses to gain greater insight into their water and electricity usage. Metering Insight David explains Gondola has various initiatives in hand to address energy reductio n. These range from investing in new and more efficient equipment such as modern fridges and top-end Dyson air hand driers, to changing everyday behaviour, for example only running dishwashers when theyre properly full and only using extra ctors, fans and air-conditioning when necessary. The Group is particularly keen to focus on minimising consumption out of hours, and the installation of smart m eters into every restaurant was fundamental to this goal. Now with the help of IMServ, the Gondola Group receives accurate on-line energy information with smart meteringand non-half hourly automated meter reading (NHH A MR), making energy management and long term strategies to reduce energy consumpt ion more measureable. NHH AMR (Non Half Hourly Automated Meter Reading) has enabled the Group to visua

lise the energy usage of its entire portfolio. Initially energy was monitored on -line by David and head office, however the Group has been keen to give individu al restaurant managers full ownership of their energy consumption and management . David explains, Restaurant managers now have login details allowing them to mon itor and review energy trends. Managers are incentivised to reduce energy cost s o its in their interest to login and proactively monitor their energy consumption . Understanding these trends has played a big part in reducing consumption. AMR offers many benefits. Not only has it improved Gondola Groups ability to fore cast with accurate estimations of future energy demands but it has also provided greater flexibility for tariffs and virtually eliminated the need to query supp lier invoices. Today Gondola Group has access to accurate energy data for almost all of its 700 restaurants. The services that IMServ has provided have helped the Group toward s its environmental targets in emission reduction and carbon control, enjoying a n 8% electricity consumption reduction year-on-year. Contact: Laura Brown KISS Communications Church House Kneesworth Street Royston, SG8 5AB 0-122-391-1123