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Product Guide

ineo 40P


Product Guide ineo 40P

Table of contents Product Basic ...........................................................................3 Product Configuration .............................................................4 System Specifications .............................................................7 Printer Specifications...............................................................9 Consumables ..........................................................................11 Article Numbers......................................................................12 Service Part.............................................................................13 Appendix .................................................................................14

Product Guide ineo 40P

Product Basic
PLEASE NOTICE dBox / Marketing / Safety and Environment

OPAL-P-H ineo 40P N/A 01/09 KM bizhub 40P (KM pagepro 5650EN for the open market) desktop A4 b/w laser beam printer 200k prints 16.6 k prints 1 Mill. prints or 5 years whichever comes first 300k prints 15 minutes or less

Standard paper weight for systems is 80 g/m2 for monochrome machines and 90 g/m2 for full colour ones. Since using these standards result in optimum system performance, all specifications on performance, reliability, maintenance and replacement based on those standard papers. Using thick papers, labels, transfer and polyester films continuously can increase the wear and tear on replacement parts and consumables meaning your servicing costs will go up. Use the bypass or the lower tray from the paper feed unit when working with materials having such characteristics as polyester films, textile transfer films and labels. Otherwise, you may be faced with double feeding or a higher number of feeding jams. If possible use subtray when working with materials having such characteristics as polyester films, textile transfer films and labels. Roller-marks on the copy or print may appear or increased jams can occur. Standard paper weights yield the best possible copy and print results. Using higher grammage may influence the quality of the output. Using standard paper weights also guarantees that double sided copies and prints are made reliably. Different characters of films as well as thick, thin and coated papers may increase the jam rate for double

Product Guide ineo 40P

Product Configuration

Product Guide ineo 40P


Front View

Front View

Product Guide ineo 40P


Offset Stacker Flash Card Adapter

Hard Disk Kit

Duplex Unit

128/256 MB Memory Lower Paper Feeder

Copy Desk (Cabinet) (only for ineo 40P)

Product Guide ineo 40P

System Specifications
FEED TRAY Standard A4 lengthwise, A5 lengthwise, A6 lengthwise, Custom Size Paper Size (width: 76.2 215.9 mm, length: 127 355.6 mm) up to 900 mm, Paper Weight 64 216 g/m Tray Capacity 150 sheets (80 g/m) Media Types CASSETTE Paper Size A4 lengthwise, A5 lengthwise. A6 lengthwise, Paper Weight 64 216 g/m Capacity 550 sheets (80 g/m) Media Types LOWER PAPER FEEDER Paper Size A4 lengthwise, A5 lengthwise. A6 lengthwise Paper Weight 64 216 g/m Plain paper, recycled paper, transparency, labels, thick paper, envelopes Option Plain paper, recycled paper, transparency, labels, thick paper, envelopes Standard

Capacity 550 sheets (80 g/m) Media Types Plain paper, recycled paper, transparency, labels, thick paper, envelopes

Remark up to 2 cassettes can be installed DUPLEX UNIT Paper Size A4 lengthwise, A5 lengthwise, A6 lengthwise Option

Paper Weight 64 216 g/m Media Types Plain paper, recycled paper, thick paper Remark Additional 128 MB DIMM is required when the Duplex Unit is installed.

Product Guide ineo 40P


Option As storage for consumables and paper. Recommended, if one Remark or two additional cassettes are attached. Only for ineo 40P available

OFFSET STACKER Modes sort, group Number of Bins 1 Bin Capacity 500 sheets (80 g/m) Paper Size Width: 89 to 216mm Length: 140 to 356mm


Remark For sorting function hard disk or CF card is required Hard disk kit Capacity 40 GB Hard Disk Kit enables Secure printing, Proof-then-Print & Hold, Job Storing and XPS support in addition to all extra functions Remark with CF Flash card. Either HDD kit or Flash Card adapter can be connected. Compact Flash Card Capacity 512MB/1GB or more Recommended Supplier Kingston Remark MEMORY EXPANSION Capacity 128 MB Remark Required if Duplex Unit is installed. MEMORY EXPANSION Capacity 256 MB Remark Either the 128MB or the 256MB memory expansion can be connected. The memory capacity is 384MB max. Option Flash Card can be used instead of HDD Kit for PDF Direct Printing, JPEG/TIFF Direct Print and sorting Option Local Procurement Option

Product Guide ineo 40P

Printer Specifications
WARM-UP TIME FIRST PRINTING TIME PRINT SPEED RESOLUTION MAX. PRINTABLE AREA OUTPUT CAPACITY POWER REQUIREMENT POWER CONSUMPTION PRINTER DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) mm PRINTER WEIGHT (kg) PROCESSOR MEMORY HARD DISK 20 sec. or less 9.5 sec. or less (A4 or Letter from Tray 1) 43 ppm (A4 Simplex) 26 ppm (A4 Duplex) 600 x 600dpi x 1 bit 1200 x 1200dpi x 1 bit 4 mm deletion on all edges, in case of Duplex printing 6 mm on leading edge Face down: 500 sheets Face up: 70 sheets 120V / 220 240 V, 50/60 Hz 1.3 kW or less Printing: 910 W or less Standby: 140 W or less 421.8 x 465.4 x 404.5 25 (w/o consumables) 88F5281/500MHz 128 MB standard, max. 384 MB 40 GB (optional) 100Base-TX, 10Base-T, 1000Base-T, USB2.0 (Hi-Speed support), IEEE 1284 (ECP support only) [1284.4 is not supported], Host USB (USB Drive Printing) PostScript3 (3016) PCL6(XL3.0) PCL5e/c EMULATION XPS (Version 1.0) PDF Direct Printing (Version 1.6) JPEG/TIFF Direct Print NETWORK Protocols TCP/IP, EtherTalk, IPX/SPX, UDP TCP/IP : IPv6 IPP1.1, SNMP, HTTP HTTPS WSD IEEE 802.1x


Network Service

Product Guide ineo 40P


Win 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later) Win XP (Service Pack 2 or later) Win XP for 64bit Win 2003 Server Win 2003 Server for 64bit Vista Vista for 64bit Mac OSX (10.2, 10.3, 10.4) Linux Redhat v.9.0 SUSE v.8.2 Netware 4 / 5 / 6

DRIVER Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista Windows XP/Server2003/Vista (64bit) Mac OSX (10.2, 10.3, 10.4) Linux Support PS3 PostScript Level 3 PCL XL Driver PostScript Driver PPD for CUPS Download Manager UTILITIES Status Monitor

Device Manager Web Connection Network Setup EMS Plug-in Web Jet Admin Plug-in OWN NETWORK UTILITIES Plug and Print NDPS Gateway Direct Print (HDD or Flash Card required) Data Administrator SAP R/3


Product Guide ineo 40P

AIO IMAGING CARTRIDGE Concept All-In-One Cartridge with Toner, Starter, Drum Name Toner cartridge Yield (according to ISO/IEC 19752) 19k (continuous print, 5% coverage) Units per carton 1 cartridge Remark START-UP IMAGING CARTRIDGE Yield (according to ISO/IEC 19752) 19k Remark User replaceable MAINTENANCE KIT Yield 200k Contents Fuser Unit, Pick-up Rollers, Transfer Rollers Remark User replaceable User replaceable 19k continuous print suitable to 16k 3 pages per job

IMPORTANT: The values listed in the above table indicate the average life time of the AIO Imaging Cartridge. The life time is very much depending on printing conditions (coverage, paper size, etc.), differences in the printing method (continuous or one page printing) and type of media.


Product Guide ineo 40P

Article Numbers
Article Number MACHINE ineo 40P ACCESSORIES Optional Cassette Duplex Unit Offset Stacker Cabinet (SCD-PB1) 128 MB Memory 256 MB Memory HDD Kit (40 GB) Compact Flash Adapter 2 GB CF Flash Card CONSUMABLES AIO Imaging Cartridge TN412K (19K) Maintenance Kit 4827000064 A0FM0Y2 A0FG0Y2 A0FH0Y2 A0FJ0Y1 9960760000 9J05152 9J05151 A08D0Y1 A08D0Y2 Local procurement (Supplier recommendation: Kingston) 4827000061


Product Guide ineo 40P

Service Part
Notebook recommendation for Service support (minimum configuration)
Hardware: Notebook, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD (at least 30 GBs free HDD space when fully configured), Optical Drive (CD/DVD Read & Write), PCMCIA Slot, 10/100Mbit Ethernet, USB 2.0 Software: WinXP (rather than Vista), MS-Office, Acrobat Reader, Burning Software (Nero Suite, IBM Record Now etc.), FTP Client (Filezilla etc.)


Product Guide ineo 40P

Media Sizes Media Name A6 A5 A4 B5 B6 Letter Legal Statement Executive Folio Foolscap Envelope C6 Envelope Monarch Envelope DL EnvelopeC5 Postcard Custom Size Custom Size Custom Size Size (mm) 105 x 148 148 x 210 210 x 297 182 x 257 (JIS) 176 x 250 (ISO) 128 x 182 215.9 x 279.4 215.9 x 355.6 139.7 x 215.9 184.2 x 267 210 x 330 203 x 330 114 x 162 98.4 x 190.5 110 x 220 162 x 229 100 x 148 98.4 215.9 (w) 148 355.6 (l) 76.2 215.9 (w) 127 900 (l) 88.9 215.9 (w) 139.7 355.6 (l) 150 sheet Input Tray 550 sheet Input Tray Lower Paper Feeder Duplex

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Product Guide ineo 40P

Media Weights Media Plain Paper Recycling Paper Transparency Envelopes Labels Thick Paper I Thick Paper II Thick Paper III Thin Paper Weight (g/m) 68 ~ 105 68 ~ 105 ------106 ~ 159 160 ~ 216 106 ~ 216 64 ~ 67 Input Tray 150 sheet Input Tray 550 sheet Lower Paper Feeder

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Cassette Capacity with different Media Media Plain/Recycled Paper Thick Paper Transparency Labels Envelopes Long Length Paper Weight (g/m) 68 ~ 105 216 --------Input Tray 150 sheet 150 sheets 60 sheets 100 sheets 100 sheets 15 envelopes 1 Input Tray 550 sheet 550 sheets 160 sheets 100 sheets 290 sheets 80 envelopes --Lower Paper Feeder 550 sheets 160 sheets 100 sheets 290 sheets 80 envelopes ---


Product Guide ineo 40P

Engine Speed (Media Size A4) ppm Simplex [pages per min] Plain Paper Thick Paper I Thick Paper II Thick Paper III OHP 43 33 13.1 21.5 21.5 Duplex [images per min] 26.4 24.2 13.1 -----

USB Support, IEEE1284 Support USB OS Support Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2003 Server Windows Vista Mac OS X Classic mode Mac OS X Native Mode Mac OS X Server Linux Plug & Play OS Support IEEE1284 Plug & Play

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Product Guide ineo 40P

Features/Functions requiring HDD Kit/Flash Card HDD Kit PostScript Download Functions (Font, Profile, Overlay) Direct Print (PDF, JPEG, TIFF) PDF Direct Printing XPS Sorting Function either either either yes either Flash Card or or or --or

Remark: Either the HDD Kit or the Compact Flash Adapter can be connected.

What is delivered with the machine? ITEMS Start-up AIO Imaging Cartridge Utility & Documentation DVD Copy Tray Face Sheets Labels Installation Guide Safety Information Guide Power Cable Connection Cables (USB, Parallel) Packed at Factory Yes (19k) Yes (multilingual) N/A N/A Pictograph labels stuck to the machine at factory Printed (multilingual) Printed (English only) Yes (European version) no Added in Europe ----------------no


Product Guide ineo 40P


Product Guide ineo 40P


Note! Since changes in technical features are the order of the day in the world of digital copiers and printing technology, please note that the technical data provided in this material was issued in January 2009. We reserve the right to make changes to the technical design. Specifications refer to maximum performance under standard conditions. No guarantee is provided in relation to any of the data supplied. Your Develop Marketing