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Escobido, Gellie Mae S.

EC21FA1 SOCSC003 Philippine History with Politics and Governance MWF 11:30-12:30

October 04, 2013


Upon knowing that one of the courses I need to take up is History of the Philippines, I was really not glad. First is because I noted by myself that the subject History will just get me asleep in class and bored stiff. Secondly is that, this course will just get my brain cracked for all the data, dates, places, names, information, memos, events, and the likes that will need to be memorized. Another thing gets me sorrier. I have known from the first meeting we had that we will be having so-called movie making / film-making or whatsoever they called it. The movie making will be about the past records of the Philippines. Ugh! Sounds tedious! I candidly tend to drop the subject and assess for another class. I was just hindered by my friends. I honestly was not interested in the first place. It is because I didnt like to act. I hate doing it. I thought it will just be a waste of time, money, power, etc. BUT There came a very big but. A big but when the first week of the class got passed. The thought that the course will just get me bore was just misapprehension. The thought that memorizing such things stated will just cracked my mind was definitely a misimpression only. Then one bigger thing is when the start of the movie making comes in. Never did I expect that it will be an amazing thing to do. It really excites me in every shooting we had have. It enlivened my heart everytime we are to go to different places just to the scene to clicked its atmosphere. Yes, there came problems, quarrels, misbehaviors happened when we are doing it but more importantly we discover, hear, and learn the real purpose of such. The product of the movie might not be on its best but it certainly gives me many things I know I cannot attain from just counting numbers, reading words, dreaming, and waiting for the minutes to pass by. It made me more responsible, disciplined, and developed. The most specific important thing I guess it brought me was that it built my self-esteem. My self-esteem not only in acting but also in true to life matters. So, here we go, how do these things summed up contribute to attain the T.I.P graduate attributes by myself? I apologize for my long introduction. Learning the open-ended story of the Philippines was not as basic as arithmetic operations in Mathematics. Many complex happenings and events happened. Many failures, few victories. It however inspired me to be more prolific and productive someday. (No joke) You might ask in what way. It is in the sensed that freedom and independence of the Philippines was not gained easily. It passed through different chaos, wars, disorders, debris, etc. same as with life --- my life personally specifically. My life struggles from different failures and downfalls since I was brought to the world. But those things did not bother me. Those things just made me strong and here I am now still having challenges and is trying to surpass each and every thing. Because I know, without those dares of life, I will not be where I am now and where I am supposed to be someday. Life will not be as easy as turning on and off the switch of the light. As what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, all life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Now I know that History is full of examples of excellent people to imitate and horrific ones to learn from their mistakes and faults. The Filipino heroes are really inspiring that learning the stories of folks and circumstances in the past allows me to create my own moral sense of what is right and wrong, good and evil. I myself who faced difficulties, in real, historical circumstances can provide real inspiration. History can teach by example. We can study heroes, the great men and women of history who successfully navigated through hardships that even their lives will have to be in danger. The past becomes the present, which turns into the future. You might ask me why I am elaborating actually the importance of the Philippine History. This is because these importances are really the roots of the purpose it gave me. The study of history helps me see how people viewed themselves and events during their lifetimes and how those same things are viewed today. History provides the best source of information to study the way things are in the world. We study history so we can understand why people and places changed and analyze causes of change around us today. Data from the past is our best evidence to figure out why humankind behaves as it does. As what they say, History tends to repeat itself. While we may not be able to completely change the course of modern events, we can look back at the lessons from history and use them to change ourselves and influence our culture. History is the story of where we came from. History connects us with those people and cultures that developed, discovered, and or invented many of the things we rely upon for life today. We can thank our ancestors for our alphabet, our language, our numerical system, religions, and system of government. About the Contemporary Philippines however, the strengths and weaknesses of the president of the Philippines drives my imagination that What if I am the president of the Philippines? Ugh! A very big and funny question on my side. The thought of even wanting to run for president is not something that Id even consider if I didnt have to write a reaction paper in this course. Im truthfully not at all interested in politics and my lack of understanding about some of the important issues of the country makes me feel not particularly comfortable about even imagining what if ways of improving Philippines as president. I know that if I were the president of the Philippines, I might end up being utterly useless and/or completely hated.(LOL) But with due respect to this paper, I tried to imagine it. My plans will be. First, I would strengthen our educational system, second, I would make certain that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our society, and lastly, I would secure our borders. Thats everything I wondered. I dont have to blame the Filipino pasts and present presidents because in the first place, even if I have the right, blaming will just cost me nothing. Why? Will my supplication and plea be sent to the President immediately and will it be solved? No I know. Of my age, I really didnt want to be in their shoes. History is really a broad area. It is never-ending narration of whatever is happening. I am now on the ball that you are convinced that History helps me to attain the T.I.P Graduate Attribute. Actually, not only those attributes, but many more values. I know that studying History is one of the factors that prepare my professionalism someday. If you have noticed, I didnt make my reflection specifically about each and every highlights of the events of the records. I generalized it because the individual events put together summarizes the help it has given me that I know I can hold not only through these days but as well as carrying the lessons upon I have reach my adulthood and the nexts. In conclusion, history plays a big part in everyone's lives. We use history to introduce a new way of doing things, create new products, theories, and discoveries. Without understanding our past we cannot understand our world as it is today.

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