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We are 143 years old but new every Wednesday
No. 16
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Philipstown & Putnam Valley 50¢
Live Music Draws Crowds to Cold Spring Restaurants Long Day’s Journey Into Night for CS Board Putnam Boasts
Economic benefits by Michael Mell lagher attributed this to “all lage’s revenues and expendi- Valley’s Lowest
the great people who work tures, except for the area of
may be music to April 14, 2009, was a long for the village.” water and sewer. Although Jobless Rate
merchants’ ears night for the Cold Spring “We are fortunate to have estimated revenues are an- But it is a 20-year
mayor and trustees as they these knowledgeable people ticipated to increase in the
s l o g g e d t h r o u g h a r e o rg a- . . . who provide continuity coming year, estimated ex-
high for county
by Michael Turton nizational meeting at 6pm, . . . and make possible an penditures are also expected
by Eric Gross
a budget review at 7:30pm, easy change of government,” to increase, leaving a gap of
As the Eagles sang in one and the regularly scheduled Gallagher said. Despite an approximately $30,000. To
of their many hits, “There’s Putnam’s rate of unem-
monthly meeting that did not occasional yawn, the board make up the difference, the
a new kid in town.” In Cold ployment is 6.7 percent, the
begin until 8:30pm. The board r e m a i n e d e n e rg e t i c a s t h e preliminary budget proposes
Spring, that new kid in town highest in more than two de-
m e m b e r s , h o w e v e r, f o u n d clock ticked past 10pm. a tax increase of 5.23 percent
is live music and it may be cades. The New York State
their way quickly and easily Mayor Gallagher began the from last year. “Of that to-
part of the answer to the in- Labor Department reported
through rules and procedures, budget review with a brief tal tax increase,” the mayor
creasingly important ques- the March statistics last week,
which were new to some of summary of the general fund explained, “3 percent is due
tion, how can a vibrant main which came as no surprise to
the group. Mayor Seth Gal- budget, which tracks the vil- (See Cold Spring on Page 9)
street be maintained in a weak Putnam lawmakers.
economic climate? Legislator Dan Birming-
Music has burgeoned local-
ly during the past two years. Little League Opening Day ham who chairs the legisla-
ture’s Economic Development
Cold Spring now boasts live Committee, called job losses
m u s i c We d n e s d a y t h r o u g h “fairly widespread. In addi-
Sunday evenings, with more tion to the Wall Street and
to come. commercial banking losses,
Kostas Koustoubekis tends significant losses have oc-
b a r a t W h i s t l i n g Wi l l i e ’ s . curred in the business and
“Music makes our Wednes- professional sector.”
days and Thursdays,” he said. “People I know, including
One frigid Thursday night lawyers, accountants, and
last January stands out in his architects, are out of work,”
The Listening Room at Whistling Willie’s, a Thursday evening musical mainstay in Cold Birmingham told a handful of
memory. “It was six degrees
Spring, has welcomed nearly 200 singer-songwriters to its stage. (Photo by Mae Lambing) people attending an April 16,
outside but we were packed.
Without music--that wouldn’t lem, Long Island, and Hobo- owner of the Silver Spoon, for their eateries but Abdel- 2009, meeting at the Putnam
have happened,” he comment- ken to check out Cold Spring’s echoes that sentiment. “Mu- hady doesn’t mind sharing County Office Building in
ed. And the customers are not music scene. “There’s so much sic is good for business. It the musical spotlight. “It’s Carmel.
just locals. Koustoubekis says talent around here it’s unbe- keeps people here,” he said. not competition. I’m happy Birmingham reported the
that people have come from lievable” he said. R e s t a u r a n t o w n e r s l i k e t o when the whole town is busy,” county’s rate of unemploy-
such places as Albany, Har- Jimmy Abdelhady, affable carve out a unique identity ( S e e M u s i c o n P a g e 8 ) ment rose by more than 50
percent over the 4.0 percent

Tempers Flare as GUFS Haldane Spending Plan

recorded in March 2008.
Statistics provided by the

Board Discusses Budget Ready for Voters The PCN&R continues to champion Philipstown Little League. For 20 some years,
New York State Department of
Labor reveal that last month’s
by Michael Mell get, was a bit contentious by Michael Turton balances. We have neither,” the PCN&R has sponsored a local Little League team. See page 11 for more about rate of unemployment was
and solicited much comment he said. “You have to look the league’s Opening Day. (Photo by Caroline Balducci) (See Jobs on Page 9)
On April 15, 2009, in its from those in attendance. The Trustees for the Haldane at what they are cutting to
first meeting after the spring
recess, the Garrison School
minutes of that meeting did
not, Ms. Prentice indicated,
Central School District ap-
proved the proposed budget
get to zero,” he said.
Mark Villanti’s comments Tilly Foster Farm to Host Its Own Opening Day
Board received updates from adequately reflect public for 2009-2010 at their April echoed Merandy’s. “We can’t
various committees, explored comments, and she directed 14, 2009 meeting. The spend- lay off twenty to forty staff
the issue of school consolida- the district clerk to amend ing plan that goes to the vot- like some districts can. We’d
tion, and received very vo- the minutes to reflect those ers in a May 19 referendum,
cal comments from members comments and to resubmit totals $20,688,727, which Tenure granted
of the district’s own budget them for board approval at translates into a 2.48 percent to three teachers,
advisory committee.
Beginning with the super-
the next meeting.
Prentice began the “discus-
increase in the tax rate.
Superintendent Mark Vil-
one administrator
intendent’s report, Gloria sion items” portion of the lanti indicated that federal
Colucci identified upcoming agenda with reference to an stimulus dollars will help have to close the doors, [if
school activities, including opinion piece that appeared keep next year’s state aid at that many staff were elimi-
resumption of the Parents in the March 2 issue of On the same level as the current nated],” Villanti said. The
as Reading Partners (PARP) Board (an educational peri- budget, but that the funding complete proposed 2009-
program, parent/teacher con- odical). Titled “Is Merger is really a “two-year band-aid 2010 budget is available on
ferences for grades K-5, and th e A n s w er f o r Yo u r D i s- solution.” Villanti said that the district website at www.
a reminder to the board that trict?” the piece identified over the longer term, “the real
their next meeting will be on several characteristics that monkey on the district’s back Math teacher Philip Keat-
Tuesday, April 28 (instead of accompany successful school will be pension and health- ing, social studies teacher
its usual Wednesday slot.) mergers. care costs” which continue Brian Ogden, elementary
Next was approval of the Prentice said that, although to increase dramatically each teacher Silvia LeMon, and
consent agenda, which typi- the checklist represented only year. Healthcare costs alone Director of Athletics, Health
cally addresses housekeeping the author’s opinion, it would will rise thirteen percent in and Physical Education and
items and is usually approved be a “useful place to start” the 2009-2010 budget. Dean of Students Susan Reid
with little comment from the for the board. Trustee Mari- Board President Dave were granted tenure at last
board. In an exception to the lyn Palevsky asked whether Merandy cautioned the public week’s meeting. In support-
rule, Board President Anita there is community interest in not to misinterpret what they ing the votes to approve ten-
Prentice suggested that the consolidation. “Is this board- see happening in some other ure, Board President Merandy
trustees not approve the min- driven, community-driven,” school districts that are pro- praised the current admin- The Tilly Foster Farm Museum in Brewster, pictured above with its signature gambrel-roofed barns, prepares to welcome
utes of the last meeting. Read- she continued, “or driven jecting a zero percent increase istration while hinting that visitors this Saturday at its opening day festivities. (Photo by Michael Brendan Dougherty)
ers will recall that the March by outside groups?” Trustee in spending for next year. there had been issues with by Michael Brendan Tilly Foster. Fencing is being ple’s non-profit organization, American Blue Rabbits, and
25 meeting, which dealt with Diana Swinburne concurred “Those districts have either previous administrations over Dougherty repaired and repainted, sig- the Society for the Preserva- an American Mammouth Jack-
the upcoming school bud- (See GUFS on Page 7) a lot of ‘fat’ or large fund (See Haldane on Page 9) nage for new museum exhibits tion of Putnam County An- stock donkey named “Nate”
Between the bustling down- is being placed. Recent arriv- tiquities and Greenways, has to the farm. From his col-
P u t Va l l e y S c h o o l B o a r d town of Brewster, and the
sprawling commercial de-
als from Whipple’s collection
of endangered farm animals
invested tens of thousands
of dollars in updates and
lection of endangered farm
animals. Whipple has plans
Adopts a Very Lean Budget velopment of Carmel lies
one of the last reminder’s of
are getting used to their new
home. Farm Manager, Helaina
repairs to the farm property.
Whipple’s goal is to make
to introduce rare fowl this
season, including Pilgrim
by Michael Mell decide how much of the fund Putnam’s agricultural past, Ricciardi, has been at the Tilly Foster self-sustaining geese, Indian Runner ducks,
balance will be applied.” Lee Tilly Foster Farm. Just ten head of the preparations ef- while simultaneously keep- and Cayuga ducks.
Chief among the laundry list presented a table illustrating weeks after acquiring the fort. “There is so much left ing it free and open to the Among the new interests
of agenda items for the April the fund balance/tax levy historic property from the to do, but we’re doing it,” public. To that end, Whipple at Tilly Foster, Whipple has
16, 2009, Putnam Valley Board relationship. In short, the county under a 40-year lease, she said recently. has introduced several new added a small antique trac-
of Education meeting was the greater the fund contribu - Kent philanthropist George Since taking over opera- attractions to the farm, in- tor museum in the farm’s
adoption of a tentative budget tion, the lower the tax levy Whipple is inviting the public tions in 2008, Whipple has cluding endangered colonial red barn. The display shows
for the 2009-10 school year. increase and vice versa. The to see the new Tilly Foster r e l a u n c h e d Ti l l y F o s t e r ’ s era farm animals, and other the evolution of heavy farm
Confirmation of expected fed- table also showed a predic- farm this April 25. horse boarding service, the exhibits. equipment in the first half
eral stimulus monies gave the tion of how the balance could Signs of life are everywhere proceeds of which will go to Whipple has introduced of the 20th century.
Board the last piece of the drop to zero between now and on the pastoral 199 acres of maintaining the farm. Whip- (See Farm on Page 6)
Randall Lineback Cattle,
revenue portion of the budget. 2012. Anticipating a recover-
The only decision left was ing economy by that time, he
determination of how much
of the fund balance would be
also discussed how the fund
balance might be restored in
Journal News in Trouble In Sports
used in this year’s budget. A succeeding years. Zachary Heady, Heimlich hero Shrinking daily newspaper tries to
subject of discussion over the
past several meetings, use of
Armed with this informa-
tion, the Board explored
Special to the PCN&R his classmates in the small cover Putnam from Westchester Ray Gallagher on
engines class, enjoying a Haldane and Putnam
the district’s $2 million-plus options for use of the fund On March 27, 2009, a sausage, egg, and cheese by Joe Lindsley Jr. proximately five percent of its Valley Sports
fund balance and its impact balance, the impact of fed- student at Putnam Northern sandwich. Classmate Zachary workforce, or 35 employees,
on the budget and tax levy eral stimulus money, and the Westchester BOCES’ Tech Heady, a 17-year-old Putnam As subscriptions decline and last December, shrank its page
was the predominant topic impact of both upon revenues, the cost of newsprint rises, widths to 11 inches two earlier The Putnam Sportsman
Center in Yorktown had a Valley High School senior,
of the meeting. expenditures and, of course, newspapers are scrambling for this month, reportedly “for on Bears and Birdseed
near-death experience. Little noticed that something was
Assistant Superintendent the tax levy. did he know that his guardian wrong when the young man ways to reduce costs. The Jour- economic and environmental
Paul Lee presented a re- A touchstone of the discus- angel was there in the same put his hands to his throat, the nal News, a daily paper cover- reasons,” making it one of the Little League Opening
vised budget which included sion was considerati o n o f workshop with him, in the universal sign for choking. ing Westchester, Rockland, and narrowest newspapers in the Day - Story and photos
$914,172 in stimulus monies. the variables in a two-year- form of a caring classmate. Zach later told teachers that Putnam counties, has not been United States. Former mayor Tony Phillips
“With this information now and-beyond context. “We all The student was taking a he could see the student was exempt from the cost-cutting. The Journal News is not See pages 10-11 throws out the first pitch at
in hand” he said, “we need to (See PV on Page 7) breakfast break along with (See Heimlich on Page 9) The paper, which laid off ap- (See Journal News on Page 7) Little League opening day.
Page 2 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009
There is a notion in a dif-
ferent context known as “love
School Board Adopt-a-Highway Clean-Up
the sinner, hate the sin.” How- Election Brings Out Many Volunteers
ever, I am told by my col- Reminder for
leagues with more than a pass-
ing interest in recent devel- Candidates
opments in Iowa and Vermont Candidates for the May 19
that this is extremely offen- School Board Elections should
sive. But if you substitute the contact the PCN&R asap re-
words “teacher” and “union” garding announcement and plat-
for “sinner” and “sin”, then form deadlines and specifica-
for 2 years and in Haldane,
Makes No Sense the contract is about to ex-
we have a phrase that accu- tions. The rules have been
rately captures the taxpayer’s
to Condemn pire and negotiations are un-
changed from those formerly
used. The last edition for any
Unions derway. Teachers’ salaries and
benefits are the root cause of
There is also the concept in submissions, including candi-
psychology known as cogni- dates’ anouncements, plat-
To the Editor: property tax inflation and I’m
tive dissonance, whereby a forms, and Letters to the Edi-
I was saddened by the let- sure no one would mind if
person is able to hold two con- tor, will be Wed. April 29, one
ter in your April 15, 2009, teachers offered a gesture of
tradictory views at the same week from today. The last edi-
edition headed “Union Lead- sympathy to taxpayers in the
time. For teachers who work tion for Letters to the Editor
ers’ Greed is a Burden.” form of givebacks on pay and
here but live somewhere else, from the general public related
It makes no sense to con- benefits.
they root for their union in to the School Board Elections Saturday, April 18th dawned bright and beautiful, a perfect
demn unions and union lead- For the sake of balance, per-
Philipstown and curse it in will be Wed. May 6. Deadlines day for Adopt-A-Highway. Many Philipstown residents,
ers as a whole on the basis of haps this is a good time to dif-
their home town. For parents, for these editions are Mondays clubs, and organizations turned out on local roads to clean
an unpleasant personal expe- ferentiate teachers from their
who probably know deep at noon. up the trash. Pictured below are four Leos from the Lions
rience. The key point — as union. I’m sure everyone has
down that the teachers’ union Club, Sam Tiffany-Miller, Ian Gallagher, Skylar Francis,
those who have worked in a favorite teacher story from
union shops and non-union their youth and perhaps from
has caused their taxes to sky-
rocket, they still rightly ap-
Increase in and Tatiana Gilmartin, who worked together cleaning
Route 301.
ones will agree, I think — is
that someone working under
their adulthood as well, thanks
to their children attending
preciate what teachers do for Car Break-ins
in Cold Spring Picnic at Fahnestock with
their children.
a collective-bargaining agree- local schools. I have no rea-
Finally, the chief ailment for
ment is generally treated more son to doubt that teachers are
fairly than someone in the dedicated in their efforts to
many who deal with teachers
is a local version of Stockholm On Friday April 17, 2009, New ‘Friends of’ Group
same line of work who lacks provide children with the Officer-in-Charge George Kane
Syndrome, where over time
collective-bargaining protec- education they will need to of the Village of Cold Spring
the hostage exhibits loyalty
tion. navigate life’s journey. I bet Police Department received a
to the hostage-taker. Parents,
Quite simply, organized most teachers are solid citi- complaint from a local resident
PTA, school administration,
workers almost always do bet- zens who vote regularly, pay that their vehicle, which was
and school boards succumb
ter than non-organized ones their taxes, mow their lawns, parked in their driveway, had
with unfortunate regularity.
whose job, pay, and working brush their teeth, stay out of been unlawfully entered at some
Taxpayers with limited, if any,
conditions depend entirely on jail, help old ladies cross the point during the previous night
ties to teachers see this mis-
what management sees fit to street, fall in love, and in old and that items were stolen. On
placed loyalty clearly in the
give them. age look back on life with Saturday April 18, 2009, an-
form of ransom-like contracts
Bryan Dunlap some well-deserved satisfac- other similar incident was re-
previously negotiated with the
Garrison tion that they did some good. ported to the police. At this time
teachers’ union.
In many ways, they are just the case is pending investiga-
Yea Teachers, like everyone else.
For the Garrison and
Haldane Boards, this is the
Boo Union But, in one way, they are
moment of truth. Teachers are Residents are reminded to
not. These good people have secure their vehicles and not to
To the Editor: good people, but their union
fallen for the party line pro- leave valuables such as GPS
As April draws to a close, there’s many fun things to do this Over the last several weeks, is killing us. Don’t be intimi-
paganda that inhabits their units, iPODS, money, pocket- Come and meet the Friends groups which are involved with
weekend. Bingo returns to Our Lady of Loretto Thursday night. the letters page in this news- dated.
union’s constant search for books, wallets, personal infor- of Fahnestock and Hudson the parks will be available, along
Don’t miss the official opening of Tilly Foster Farm on Saturday, paper has had a lively airing Joseph Barbaro
more. Whatever arguments mation, etc., in their cars. Many Highlands State Park (FoFHH) with information on how to get
or if you’re at Foodtown over the weekend, be sure and buy a box of opinions on teachers and Cold Spring
you may have heard about how law enforcement agencies at a picnic Saturday, May 16, involved as a volunteer.
of Girl Scout cookies from Cold Spring Girl Scout Troop 2914. their union in both the Garri- the teachers’ union is a plus throughout the county have seen 12-4pm, at the Canopus Lake Admission is free, but to help
Betty Budney reminds all that the Cold Spring Lions Club is son and Haldane school dis- for children and their educa- an increase in this type of crime. Beach/Winter Park area in organizers plan successfully,
sponsoring its Seniors Spring Dinner for local residents on Sat- tricts. In Garrison, teachers tion is at best a complete dis- Recently the Carmel Police Clarence Fahnestock Memorial please pre-register by May 1 at
urday night. have been without a contract tortion. Department made three arrests State Park. The
April is one of those busy birthday months. Happy birthday to
for this type of crime, leading The picnic is a family- event will be held rain or shine;
Kieran Austin, Rose Cava, Rajiv Mehta, Shubarna Dharia, D.
to the seizure of approximately friendly event and will include no alcohol or pets permitted. It
Hamel, Justin Markey, Stephanie Clarke, David Haviland, Evan
$30,000 worth of valuables that a barbeque lunch and live mu- is being underwritten by a gen-
Schweikhart, Dave DeVico, Wanda Lusk, Sudha Kadakia, Ben
had been stolen from parked sic by Dana Edelman, Stacy erous donor and your tax-de-
Thomas, Margaret O’Sullivan, Jeff Phillips, David Heberling,
cars. Labriola and friends, as well ductible contribution of $10 per
Kesha Gandhi, Gary Bowman, Brittany Turner, Harrison Baltich,
Officer-in-Charge Kane urges as the debut outing of a new person or $15 per family is
Shweta Dharia, Renee Schweikhart, and Isabella Millard.
anyone with any information band featuring local musicians welcome.
to call 265-3407, ext. 41. All Andy Revkin, Patti Pelican, The Friends of Fahnestock
calls will be kept confidential. Terry Platz, and Al Hemberger. and Hudson Highlands State
Residents are also reminded that Carol Ash, Commissioner, Parks is a new organization,
if you see something, say some- New York State Office of Parks, formed by individuals who use,
thing; call 265-9111 to report Recreation and Historic Pres- enjoy, and wish to support the
any suspicious activity. The ervation (OPRHP) will be largest area of land in our re-
Cold Spring Police Department speaking. Bill Bauman, man- gion protected by OPRHP.
is not a manned station but of- ager of Fahnestock and Hudson Come find out more about what
ficers are on duty 24 hours, 7 Highlands state parks, will host we are doing and how you can
days a week. Any resident wish- behind-the-scenes tours of park get involved. For more infor-
ing to speak with an officer at facilities. Proposed plans for mation about FoFHH, go to
anytime can call 265-9111. renovations to the facilities will Membership in
be on display. FoFHH is free; just sign up on
Information about various the website.

Meetings This Week

No Meetings Scheduled No Meetings Scheduled 7:30 PM - Philipstown ZBA 7:00 PM - Haldane School Board 7:30 PM - Philipstown Board Weekly
7:00 PM - PV School Bd Bus Mtg Workshop
7:30 PM - Garrison School Board
7:30 PM - Cold Spring Board Weekly
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 3

Bernard Roll Bernadette Escott
Bernard Roll, a former resi- employed by Burroughs Wel- Bernadette Escott, age 61, of Putnam Valley; brothers-in-law,
dent of Yorktown and Putnam come, a drug company located Greenback, TN, passed away Robert Escott of Buffalo, and
Valley died on Monday, April in Tuckahoe, New York. He later Sunday, April 19, 2009, at the Norman Escott of St. Peters-
13, 2009, in Milton, Florida, worked at Fisher Body in North family home. She was of the burg; nieces and nephews, Gary
after a long illness. He was 82. Tarrytown. He started working Catholic faith. She was em- Jr., Richard, and Kimberly Ann
Bernie was born in March, nights as a carpenter and that ployed with Goddard Industrial Wulfhop; special friend, Felecia
1927, in Peekskill, to the late became his life’s vocation. He Co. for the last six years. She Toth; special pets, Sammy,
Henry and Katherine (nee built homes on Route 132 in Sadie, and Auggie.
Slater) Rohl. He was one of ten Yorktown, and three housing A celebration of life will take
HIGHLANDS CHURCH PHILIPSTOWN P.O. Box 94 to all who knew her and will be
children and is survived by one developments in Putnam Val- place at 4pm on Sunday, April
1 Chestnut Street, Fair Street, Cold Spring Academy & Cherry Streets Cold Spring, NY 10516 deeply loved and missed.
sister, Gertrude Deerman, of ley; Quincy Road, Lincoln 26, 2009, at Smith Trinity
Cold Spring (845) 265-3718 Cold Spring - 265-3220 Unless otherwise indicated, She was preceded in death
Jefferson Valley, New York. He Road, and Spruce Knolls. He Chapel. In lieu of flowers,
Fr. Shane Scott-Hamblen, Rev. Leslie Mott, Pastor all services take place at St. by her parents, Arthur and Marie
was educated in the Shrub Oak built a portion of Boswell Es- please make donations to the
Rector, 265-2539 Fr. Brian McSweeney, Mary’s Parish House, Cold Wulfhop. Survivors include her
Schools. tates and then moved to Florida. American Cancer Society, Jill
Mr. Ron Greene, Senior Pastor email: Spring. husband, Gary Escott of Green-
Bernie married the late He built residential and com- Rollins, Memorial Chair, 2330
Warden, 265-3624 Masses: Sat. 5:30pm, Sun. Worship Service: 10:30am Sat. Apr. 25 - Shabbat Services, back; son and daughter-in-law,
Elaine Roll (nee Hanson) and mercial structures in the Venice/ Chesterfield Drive, Maryville,
www.stmaryscoldspring. 7:30am, 9, & 11:45am., Week- Chancel Choir Rehearsal: Holocaust remembrance. Gregory and Heidi Goldstein
is survived by his three chil- Englewood area on the gulf TN 37803. days: 8:15am, St. Joseph’s - Wednesdays 7pm 9:30am discussion, 10:30am of Trinity, FL; son, Michael
dren, two daughters, Ruth coast. In the early 1990s he The family will receive
Sun. Masses: 8am (spoken); Sun., 10:15am. Holy Days: Office Hours: Monday and service, led by Henry & Adele Goldstein of Newport Richey,
Soravilla of Queensbury, New moved to Gulf Breeze near friends on Sunday, April 26,
10:30am (sung); Sunday school 8:15am & 7:30pm Mass, Holy Wednesday 9-11:30, Tues. and Stern FL; granddaughter, Brei
York, and Lisa Ricci of Putnam Pensacola in the Florida Pan- 2009 at Smith Trinity Chapel,
in Parish Hall during 10:30 mass Day Vigil: 530pm Thurs. 9-2 For more information call 265- Goldstein; brother and sister-
Valley, and a son, Charles Roll handle where he built homes Smith Funeral & Cremation
Thurs. Fri. & Sun.: AA in par- Confessions: Sat., 4:30-5pm Food Pantry: Saturdays 9-10am 8011 and leave a message in-law, Gary L. and Nancy
of Milton, Florida. He is also and developed land as well. His Service, Maryville, TN,
ish hall, 8pm Bingo - Thursdays, beginning PHILIPSTOWN Wulfhop of Putnam Valley;
survived by Andrea Roll (nee innovative style can be seen in 8 6 5 - 9 8 3 - 1 0 0 0 ,
Fri. Apr. 24 – Fellowship Sup- Apr. 23. Doors open 6pm, first UNITED METHODIST WORSHIP GROUP brother, Arthur Wulfhop of
Davenport) of Milton, Florida, the craftsmanship of the homes
per, 6pm. No charge. game begins 7:15pm. $1,500 CHURCHES OF COLD Quaker Meeting
in Total Cash Prizes. Conces- and a daughter, Diane Roll of that he built.
SPRING & SOUTH (845) 424-3525 Destin, Florida. He is also sur- A memorial service was held
sions available. HIGHLAND (Garrison) Meeting for Worship – 2nd & vived by 7 grandchildren and on April 17 in Florida. In lieu
OF THE ATONEMENT ST. PHILIP’S CHURCH (265-3365) 4th Sundays of each month, 1great-grandchild. of flowers the family has re- Memorial Mass for Kristin
South Highland UMC, 10am, at 848 Old Albany Post
Route 9, Garrison
1101 Route 9D, Garrison 19 Snake Hill Rd. Garrison Road (Whyatt Stone Cottage),
Bernie served in the United
States Navy at the end of World
quested donations be sent in his
name to Covenant Hospice of Underkoffler This Friday Cold Spring UMC, Garrison. Call for directions. War 2. Following the war, he Florida, 2001 N. Palafax Street, Kristin Marie Underkoffler, A memorial mass will be held
Rev. Francis H. Geer, Rec. 216 Main Street Children of all ages welcome. came back stateside and was Pensacola, Florida, 32501. 34, of Delmar, Maryland, died at Our Lady of Loretto Church,
424-3571 - e-mail: Pastor Timothy Henderson Friday, November 21, 2008, Cold Spring, at 6:30pm on this
Thu/Sun Apr. 23/26 - Day by REFORM TEMPLE OF
South Highland in Garrison
Day Agape, Girl’s Weekend
Retreat at Capuchin Youth &
Sat. Apr. 25 - Valley Improv worship service at 9:30am. Cold
362 Church Road
Lions’ Benefit Raises Over peacefully, at Dorchester Gen-
eral Hospital, Maryland.
Friday, April 24, 2009. All are
Family Ministries. $135 incl.
meals & lodging.
Group comedy show benefit,
7:30pm, $10/adults, $7/chil-
Spring worship service at 11am.
Sunday School occurs during
Putnam Valley
Rabbi Allen Darnov
$6,500 for Marcinak Fund
dren worship service time through
Sun. Apr. 26 - 6th Annual
Benefit for Sisters at Graymoor, COLD SPRING
June 2009.
Sat. May 23 - Bake Sale,
(845) 528-4774 Tamagna Hosts Forum on
featuring Irish Tenor Anthony
Kearns, 2pm at Paramount
(American Baptist
Foodtown, 9:30am-noon
Shabbat Services: Fridays,
8pm; Young people’s service- Taxes at CV Clubhouse
Center Churches, USA) MT. CARMEL BAPTIST third Friday of the month, 7pm. Car seat installation and Operation Safe
Pre-Registration is required Hebrew School, ages 3+
for all programs; please call
Paul Laurelli
(Interim Pastor)
76 Gleneida Ave., Carmel Sat. Apr. 25 - Film & discus- Child take place earlier in the day
Marianne Walsh at (914) 666- 245 Main St., Cold Spring 845-471-4256 sion: Blessed is the Match, based Legislator Vincent Tamagna the Continental Village Club-
4228, ext. 336. 265-2022 Sat. Apr. 25 - Annual spa- on life of Hannah Senesh, pre- hosts a forum on taxes for all house on Saturday, April 25
Sat. May 2 - Capuchin Youth Sunday Services, 10:30am ghetti dinner, 5-7pm, $9/adults, ceded by Havdalah; ages 12 & Putnam County residents in from 11am to 2pm
& Family Ministries Awards & Wednesdays: Prayer- Fellow- $5/children older. 8pm, free. Continental Village. With so Legislator Tamagna also in-
Scholarship Dinner Dance. 6- ship time, 7pm many people struggling and vites you to “Operation Safe
11pm, Crystal Bay on the others on the fringe of losing Child” and a car seat installa-
Hudson, Peekskill. Res. dead- ST. JOSEPH’S CHAPEL their homes, Vinny Tamagna tion/inspection clinic for young
line Apr. 21. or
A mission Chapel of Our
Lady of Loretto Church Birth Announcement will meet to discuss Lakeland
School tax equity, combating
families in front of the Club-
house on April 25 from 9am to
Upper Station Rd., Ryan Day Duncan Don Lefari, of the Garrison Fire Company, accepts a check high taxes, what’s in your tax noon. For more information on
Garrison, 265-3718 bill, and how to respond to high the car seat program call 845-
118 GRAND AVE., Baby girl Ryan Day Duncan parents are John and Kathy from Lion Betty Budney and Tim Greco, president of the
Sunday Mass: 10:15am; same taxes. Voice your concerns at 225-4300.
POUGHKEEPSIE was born on April 10, 2009, Krieger, of Danbury, CT. Pa- Cold Spring Lion’s Club. The check represented $6,542,
time on Easter Sunday
845-454-0570 at Hudson Valley Hospital, to ternal grandmother is Jean raised at the Cold Spring Lions’ 70th anniversary dinner
www.templebethelpok.ny DREW UNITED Emily and William Duncan of Duncan, of Garrison. dance for the benefit of the Marcinak Children’s Education
Shalom Tots - First Sat. of each
month - 11:15am
28 Gleneida Avenue,
Nelsonville. Maternal grand- Fund.
Watch out, Trout: Kids’
Sun. May 17 - Walking tour
of Bannerman’s Island; reserve
Rev. Karen A. Burger
Putnam Valley Seniors Will Wildflower Seeds to be Fishing Day is Coming
Enjoy Day of Activities in PA Blessed by the Franciscans
by 5/8, $26 (845) 225-2019 The Nelsonville Fish and Fur inches. The little kids (5 and Club invites every kid in under) will be fishing the catch-
The Franciscan Friars of the be distributed to be planted at Philipstown to come to the basin leading into the reservoir,
Residents Can Discover the The Putnam Valley Senior
Club is inviting all to join
The bus will leave the
Putnam Valley Senior Center
Atonement will inaugurate
National Wildflower Week at
home along with a blessing
prayer. This year, Barbara Feldt,
lower reservoir on Fishkill Road
on Sunday, May 3, 2009, from
where there will be special fish,
stocked for them.
History of Their Own Homes them for a trip to Mount Ha- (off Oscawana Lake Road in Graymoor at the 11am Mass in a neighbor and garden designer, 8am to 4pm, to have a day of
fun catching fish. They plan to
As usual, hot dogs, soda, and
pizza will be served all day at
ven, Pennsylvania, on May 5. Putnam Valley), at 8:30am Pilgrim Hall on Sunday, May will be on hand to autograph
Vinny Tamagna, deputy the research but town and Participants will enjoy a sharp and return at 6:30pm. 3. Wildflower seeds will be copies of her book, Garden Your put about $1,000 worth of good- no cost. In addition, fishing gear
chairman of the Putnam County county historians can provide breakfast buffet, Latin lunch The cost is $32 for Putnam blessed and planted nearby City and give advice about gar- sized trout into the reservoir, will be given out to the kids
Legislature has announced a guidance and assistance. Homes buffet, 4-hour open bar, danc- Valley residents, $35 for immediately after the Mass. In dening. with the largest being about 18 during the day.
new historic program called on the National and State Reg- ing, games, a movie, and shop- non-residents; all are wel- addition, packets of seeds will
“Marking Your Old House.” isters of Historic Places are ping. come. Contact Helen at 845-
Sponsored by The Office of the urged to apply, but this program 528-3052
Putnam County Historian and is a much easier process and is
the Putnam County Historic open to all residents. A simple
Preservation Advisory Commit- form will be made available in
tee, this program gives every each town clerk’s office. If the
resident the opportunity to re- house is approved, the home
search their own home and dis- owner may purchase a brass
cover the great story each house plaque for $42 to place on the
has to tell. “Residents of Putnam house or on a sign. Documen-
County always take such great tation and the application will
pride in their homes and his- be preserved in the Putnam
tory. They now have the oppor- County Archives. “This is a fun
tunity to research, recognize, project for the entire family and
and identify those homes and at the same time we will be
structures that have a signifi- promoting and preserving our
cant story to tell,” said Legis- local history,” concluded Leg-
lator Tamagna. “We can redis- islator Tamagna.
cover these properties and iden- For additional information,
tify them with a marker to pre- please contact the Putnam
serve these great stories for County Historian’s office at
future owners and generations.” 845-278-7209 or by e-mail at
The application process re-
quires each homeowner to do

Clinton Inc.

We offer
for your consideration
Pre-financed funerals.



(914) 265-3333 Fax (914) 265-7953

Page 4 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Sat. Apr. 25 - Sustainable Land- Sun. Apr. 26: First public canoe Fri. May 1 - Songs for Autism Tue. May 5 - Hudson Valley Hos-
scaping workshop. Emergency program of the season at Constitu- benefit concert. Performances by pital Center’s 32nd Annual Golf
Services Training Center, Old Route tion Marsh, 11:30am – 2:30pm. $25/ Caravan of Thieves, Marc Von Em, Tournament, Hudson National Golf
6 Carmel. 9am-12 noon. $25. Make adults, $20/seniors, Audubon mem- David Kraai, Stacy Labriola, more. Club, Croton. 18 holes of golf,
your property more beautiful with bers & students, $15/children ages Towne Crier Café, 130 Rt. 22, lunch, cocktail party, dinner, raffle,
low-maintenance, earth-friendly 7-15. Space extremely limited; res. Pawling. $25/advance, $35/at event. live auction. 914-734-3862 or
methods. Cornell Cooperative Ex- req’d no later than 3pm on 4/24 to Doors open 5pm, show at 7:30pm.
tension 278-6738. 265-2601, x10 or, 845-278- PARC, x287. Tue. May 5 - Putnam Valley Se-
Sat. Apr. 25 - HH Land Trust Take- nior Club excursion to Mount
a-Hike: Swamp Monsters Adven- Sun. Apr. 26 - Magnanini Farm Fri. May 1 - GUFS 8th grade play: Haven, PA. 8:30am-6:30pm.
ture w/ Pete Salmansohn. Space Winery Gnocchi Party, six-course Twelfth Night, 7pm, Garrison School Breakfast and lunch buffets, open
This Week: ltd., reg. req’d. 10am Garrison dinner family style. Entertainment gym. bar, dancing, games, movie, and
School Forest, 2.5hrs, Easy/Fam- for listening and dancing pleasure. shopping. $32/PV residents, $35/
The Cold Spring Area Cham- out). Survey 09 will only take
Fri/Sun Apr. 24/26 - Putnam Valley
Wed. Apr. 22 - Viet Vet Info Day, High School TheaterWorks mu- ily-friendly/No strollers. “Philipstown Seniors,” members Sat. May 2 - Manitoga Camp Open non-residents. Helen, 845-528- ber of Commerce strives to in- a few minutes of your time to
sponsored by VA Hudson Valley sical Urinetown, Fri & Sat at 8pm, 424-3358 $51, non-members $56. Reserva- Day, 2-4pm meet camp staff, ex- 3052. teract with our members in ev- complete but it can help to
Health Care System, 11am-3pm, Sun at 2pm. $5. Tickets: 845-526- tion deadline March 26. Eileen, 265- plore site and learn about program; ery positive way. To that end, make a big difference in the
2094 Albany Post Road, Montrose, 7847, ext. 1369. Sat. Apr. 25 - Bake sale, spon- 5098. also Philipstown Day at Manitoga, Wed. May 6 - Shop Putnam Busi- we are now publishing a way in which the Chamber sup-
NY, Bldg 15, Room 16. Advice sored by Cold Spring Girl Scout Route 9D, Garrison. Discount tour ness & Home Expo, 10am-6pm, weekly e-newsletter. We can ports your business or organi-
offered from on numerous top- Sat. Apr. 25 - Garrison Volunteer troop 2914, 9am-noon, in front .Tue. Apr. 28 - Roundtable discus- rate of $8 for residents. Tours at Villa Barone, 466 Rt. 6, Mahopac. professionally—and appeal- zation.
ics of interest. Fire Co Auxiliary’s Bus Trip to of Foodtown sion on ways to spend less on house- 11am and 1:30pm, limited space, Breakfast, 8-10am, Rotary Club ingly—inform everyone of In an effort to go “green,”
Mohegan Sun. Depart 7:30am, ret. hold expenses and low-cost things res. required. luncheon, 12-1:30pm.
Thu. Apr. 23 - Philipstown Rec 7:30pm. $40p/p. Res. & payment Sat. Apr. 25 - Indoor Flea Mar- to do with kids hosted by holistic, 845-
events and news from fellow the Chamber is limiting the
sponsored event: The Smothers must be received by 4/8. 424-4406, ket, Putnam Valley Grange 841, moms’ network. 7-9pm. Desmond- 628-5553. members and the Chamber it- number of regular mailings we
Brothers at the Paramount The- ext. 5. 10am-4pm, 128 Mill St., cnr. Of Fish Library program room. Sat. May 2 - 4-H Puppeteers Play- self. In addition to news and do, including invitations to
atre. Transportation provided from Peekskill Hollow Rd. ers performance. Butterfield Library. Fri. May 8 - Philipstown Com- events, there are quick links to our monthly mixers. Look for
Philipstown. $20/residents; $35/ Sat. Apr. 25 - Valley Improv Group 11am. Free. Young children and munity Blood Drive at Garrison our website, calendar, and to information about our events
non-residents and/or under 55. “Brother, Can You Spare a Bail- Sat. Apr. 25 - Old Road Society Tue. Apr. 28 - Highland Garden families invited to meet the puppets Fire House Rte 9, 2:30-8pm. Co- share your information for up- in the pages of this newspaper
Reservations required through out?” benefit for St. Philip’s’ annual road clean up. Meet at the Club meets at Butterfield Library, after the show. Cornell Coopera- sponsored by local Girl Scout troop coming editions. Look for it in and in our e-newsletters and
Rec: 424- 4618. outreach programs. 7pm, $10/ monument at Travis Corners Road 12pm. Installation of officers; bring tive Extension, 278-6738 2504 and Jaymark Jewelers.
at 10am, bring gloves. your “inbox” each Tuesday website. Our next mixer is to
adults, $7/seniors. a covered dish. Hostesses Mary
Thu. Apr. 23 - Healthy Garden Manglass and Betty Blanchard. Sat. May 2 - Capuchin Youth & Fri. May 8 - “Eels, Aliens and morning. be held at Many Light Hands
- Healthy Children - Healthy Planet. Sat. Apr. 25 - Official reopening Family Ministries Awards & Schol- Shipwrecks: Updates in river Because the Chamber wants Wellness Center at 69 Main
Mahopac Public Library. 7- Sat. Apr. 25 - Senior Citizens of Tilly Foster Farm, 11am-4pm. Wed. Apr. 29 - Hudson Valley Food arship Dinner Dance. 6-11pm, Crystal Science” with Chris Bower. 7pm, to be a support for all of our Street in Cold Spring on Thurs-
8:15pm. Free, Presented by Cornell Spring Dinner Dance, sponsored Sheep shearing, horseshoeing, & Wine Experience, benefiting Bay on the Hudson, Peekskill. Res. free. Beacon Sloop Club, next to diverse membership, we are day, April 23 at 8:30am. The
Cooperative Extension 628-2009. by the Cold Spring Lions Club barn building demonstation, rare Putnam/NW Women’s Resource Ctr, deadline Apr. 21. or the ferry dock. also launching a comprehen- event will feature an opportu-
How to use organic and least-toxic for Philipstown seniors. 5:30pm, farm animals. Free, raindate Sun. 6-9pm, Villa Barone Manor, 424-3609., 845- sive survey via email, the nity to network with fellow
methods to have a healthy, eco- at the Cold Spring Methodist Apr. 26. Mahopac. Artisan food & wine, 265-2969. Chamber website, members and enjoy a tour and
logically sensitive garden your Church, 216 Main St. Free of auction, raffle, $75. (845)628-9284 Sat. May 2 - HH Land Trust Take-
children can enjoy. Sat. Apr. 25 - Forum on taxes a-Hike: Song Birds of Spring w/ Sat. May 9 - Highland Garden, sample some of the many ser-
charge. or contact:
hosted by Legislator Vincent Audubon’s Lew Kingsley. Bring Club’s Annual Plant Sale, details and the e-newsletter. Survey vices owner Pattie Traina of-
Thu. Apr. 23 - Cold Spring Area Sat. Apr. 25 - Bear Mountain Tamagna. 11am-2pm, Continen- Wed. Apr. 29 - Bird walk in honor binoculars. 8am parking area at corner tba. 09 will ask you to give us your fers at this center. Visit our on-
Chamber of Commerce Monthly Trailside Museum & Zoo family tal Village Clubhouse. Also, of Audubon’s birthday, hosted by of Dennytown & Sunken Mine opinion on the services, line calendar to register for this
Mixer. At Many Light Hands, day, 10:30am-3pm. Make treats Operation Childsafe and instal- Constitution Marsh Audubon Center Roads, 2 hrs., easy/family-friendly, Sun. May 10 - Mothers Day High events, and benefits we offer, event at. The cost is $12 for
8:30am . for bears, crafts, music, animal lation of car seats, 9am-noon at & Sanctuary. 7:30-9am. Free, lim-, 424-3358 Tea Luncheon, Horton House areas where you feel we can members; $15 for non-mem- demos. 845-786-2701, ext. 293. Clubhouse. ited space, res. req’d before noon Family Center, 1540 Rt. 376, be more supportive, and it bers and all are welcome.
on 4/28: Sun. May 3 - Constitution Marsh’s Wappingers. High Tea luncheon,
Thu. Apr. 23 - Bingo is Back at Sun. Apr. 26 - Benefit concert gives you the opportunity to If you would like to receive
Sat. Apr. 25 - Spring Fling hosted or Annual Spring Fundraiser, 4-7pm, homestead tour and serenade by
our Lady of Loretto Parish. Doors by Meadow Creek Farm and the for Graymoor Sisters featuring Irish 265-2601. tenor John Vergil. 12 noon and tell us if you’d like to become our “Member News” e-news-
265-2601, ext. 10.
open 6pm, first game begins 7:15. Horse Sense 4-H Club, Tilly Fos- tenor Anthony Kearns with pia- 4pm seatings, $35. more involved in the work- letter and invitations to our
$1,500 in Total Cash Prizes. ter Farm, Brewster. 11am - 4pm. nist and composer Patrick Healy. Sun. May 3 - Nelsonville Kids’, ings of the Chamber. Your events, please be sure we have
Concessions available. Open to the Public. Draft horses, 2pm, Paramount Center, Brown Coming Up: Fishing Day, 8am-4pm, lower res- 845-463-3088. answers can remain anony- your email address. You can
pony rides, demos, fire safety. 661- St., Peekskill. $25, tickets on sale Thu. Apr. 30 - Hotsy Totsy Fol- ervoir on Fishkill Road. Free; fish- mous or you can provide your contact me via email at
Fri. Apr. 24 - Philipstown Gar- 6108. at The Sisters’ Gift Shop, Graymoor lies, Philipstown Community Cen- ing gear provided. Hot dogs, pizza Sun. May 10 – Sunset Series: name (we encourage you to
den Club Workshop sponsored or call 845-230-8228. ter,1-2:30pm. Free. Reservations etc. Readings at Chapel of Our Lady do so if you volunteer to help I look forward to hearing from
by Cornell Coop Extension. suggested. 424-4618. Restoration. Poet Jeffrey McDaniel.
Putnam County Emergency Train- Sat. Apr. 25 - World Tai Chi and
4pm. Free, wine & cheese recep-
Qigong Day celebration, 9:30am, Sun. Apr. 26 - Autism Walk &
ing Ctr., Don Smith Campus, 112 Expo of the Hudson Valley, 9am- tion follows. Free, park at Metro-
Old Route 6, Carmel. Putnam or
in front of St. Philip’s Church,
Garrison. 2pm, rain or shine, Dutchess County
Fairgrounds, 845-226-7525 or
North station. ‘DEAR’ Time at Haldane
845-278-6738. Celebrates Reading

Kindergarten students Erika Bauer and Joshua Reyes

reading during DEAR
Everyone at Haldane El- principal, and even the super-
Supplying the Hudson Valley with ementary School participated intendent spent from 9 to
Quality Lumber, Building Materials & Hardware in Drop Everything and Read 9:20am reading a favorite
Since 1848 (DEAR) on April 17, 2009 to book. The school was silent as
Lumber ~ Doors ~ Windows ~ Hardware ~Decking celebrate reading. All students, everyone enjoyed this special
Flooring ~ Roofing ~ Siding ~ Paneling ~ Insulation teachers, aides, secretaries, the reading time.
Kitchen Cabinets ~ Mouldings ~ Paints ~ Rentals
Free Delivery ~ Boom Service Available
Hours: M~F 7:30~4:30 Showroom
Sat: 8:00~1:00 (914) 737-2000 On Premises
2 N. Water Street, Peekskill, NY 10566


(1/4 miles North of Peekskill RR Station)

Chimney & Gutter

Cleaning DRYER Call Jim for 24 hour service.
Chimney Caps VENTS We move anything, NYS DOT#35146 US DOT #0940115

Quality Service Since 1955 Fully Insured CLEANED anywhere. A Man with a Van
Lic. #PC1668-A
SERVICE CO. (914) 736-0173 Call Jim at Local & Long Distance
800-796-1542, Commercial • Free Estimates
845-424-4151 or Fully Insured
896-6000 • 877-9354 • 1-800-522-7235 Servicing all your Masonry needs. Email: Web:
Brick, Block, Stone,
C&D CONTAINERS 10 TO 40 YDS. Concrete, Foundations, Chimneys,
Plastering, Stucco, etc.
JOHN DUGGAN, TEL/FAX (845) 265-5565
PC #3083A • Fully licensed and insured • Call for free estimates.

Complete Water Systems

Sales • Installation • Service
Water Pumps • Watertanks
Repairs on all makes
•Dealers for Grundfos & Goulds Pumps
•Wells Repaired & Redrilled
•Wells Hydrofracted
•Residential & Commercial
•Water Conditioning Units
•Hydraulic Pump Hoist
Erickson Bros. • Garrison, NY 10524
265-3827 or 265-3840
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 5

The Miracle Worker Make a Gift for Mom at

Cultural Continues to Work Its Magic
by James O’Barr
Butterfield Library
The Butterfield Library rec- children and their mothers; a

The Miracle Worker, Will- ognizes how special mothers are votive candle made out of baby
and highly accomplished
iam Gibson’s much-honored, to the youngest patrons and food jars; and a kitchen angel
woman. However, despite the
much-loved play, tells the true presents the Annual Mother’s made from a photo of the child.
great fame they achieved, and
story of the fateful first en- Day Craft Workshop on Satur- Participants are asked to bring
the many great accomplish-
counter of two extraordinary day, May 2 at 1pm. Children a selection of photos for the
ments that filled both
human beings—aspiring age 5 and up can make a vari- projects.
women’s lives, it is that first
young teacher Annie Sullivan, ety of gifts for their mothers, Registration is recommended.
and the precocious, wild and grandmothers or other impor- Please visit the Library’s on-
MEMORIAL LIBRARY LIBRARY CENTER THEATRE continues to amaze, fascinate,
untamed, blind, deaf, and tant “moms” in their lives. line calendar at
Rtes. 301 & 9D Route 9D & 403, Garrison, Garrison’s Landing Depot Square, Garrison’s and deeply move us. And it is
(845) 265-3040 (845) 424-3020 (845) 424-3960 Landing mute child Helen Keller—and Craft projects will include a or
to Mr. Gibson’s wonderful how they unlocked the great small book of photos of the call 265-3040 x.4.
rendering of that moment in
Mon & Wed: 10am-8pm Hours: M/ W/F: 10am-5pm (845) 424-3900 gifts in each of them that made “The Miracle Worker” that we
T, T, F and Sat: 10am-5pm Tue & Thu 2-9pm; Gallery Hours: Tue/Sun 12- Fri/Sun May 1/24 - The them among the most famous return, again and again, as to
Sun. 12-3pm
Fri. Apr. 24 - Mom’s Book
Sat 10am-4pm, Sun. 1-5pm
Tue. Apr. 28 - Holistic moms
Through Apr. 26 - Elem.&
Miracle Worker; Fri & Sat at
7:30pm, Sun at 3pm
and admired women in the a favorite prayer. Why Mix Shakespeare and
Group, 10am
Sat. Apr. 25 - Tenbrooks Molly,
discussion: ways to spend less Middle School Invitational
Theme Show Art Squared STONECROP GARDENS
Seventy-three years after
You are invited to share
again in the magic, when the Middle School Together?
on household expenses. 7-9pm. Annie Sullivan’s death, and Philipstown Depot Theatre by Ian Berger
7pm Sat. Apr. 25 - Workshop: Get 81 Stonecrop Lane
PUTNAM COUNTY Cold Spring forty years after Helen presents The Miracle Worker, “If music be the food of love,
Mon. Apr. 27 - Magic Tree Ready for Artist on Location; Keller’s, both continue to be may say that Shakespeare’s
HISTORICAL SOCIETY landscape painting, 9:30am- (845) 265-2000 directed by James O’Barr, pro- play on!” shouts Duke Orsino
House Club, 3:30 pm, Grades icons of inspiration and won- poetry is too difficult for a
& FOUNDRY SCHOOL 4:30pm duced by Julie Heckert, with in the first lines of
1 & up Mon–Fri, plus 1st & 3rd der, not least because of Mr. middle school student, we at the
MUSEUM May 1-10 - Member Theme set design by Dana Kenn, mu- Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. In
Tue. Apr. 28 - Highland Gar- Sat., 10am – 5pm; also open Gibson’s moving depiction of Garrison School disagree.
63 Chestnut St., Cold Show “Apples & Oranges.” sic by Slane Martin, and star- those few words the Duke sets
den Club, 12 noon, bring a Fri. until dusk from May 1- the story of their meeting. In Shakespeare’s language is beau-
Spring Opening 6-8pm. Artists’ recep- ring Victoria Smith as Annie the mood for the rest of the play.
covered dish Oct 2; $5/ members - no that initially unlikely and in- tiful; part of what we’ve done
(845) 265-4010 tion Fri May 1 Sullivan, and Marina Martin Each character in Twelfth Night
Sat. May 2 - Make a Craft for charge auspicious moment, Ms. is make it accessible to every-
as Helen Keller. The play must find love to recover from
Mom, 1pm, ages 5 & up. Museum hours: Wed-Sun, Sat. Apr. 25 - 3rd Annual Al- Sullivan, the nearly blind, body. We’ve broken the play
PARAMOUNT CENTER opens on Friday, May 1, and a blow of either the death of a
11am-5pm, from 4/19 pine Plant Sale, 10am – 4pm, orphaned child of poor Irish down into its memorable scenes,
1008 Brown Street, runs Fridays and Saturdays at loved one or rejection. Yet all
HUDSON HIGHLANDS Office hours: Tues/Fri 10-5 $5/members - no charge immigrants, discovered her each performed by a separate
Peekskill 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 3pm, this tragedy just sets the stage
NATURE MUSEUM Galleries Re-open to the pub- (914) 739-2333 Sun. Apr. 26 - Garden Con- vocation and her life’s work group of students with their own
through May 24. For more in- for one of Shakespeare’s most
Wildlife Education Center, lic April 19 servancy Open Day, 10am – as “teacher,” and Ms. Keller interpretations on the charac-
Cornwall-on-Hudson, formation and to make reser- memorable comedies, where
Thu. Apr. 23 - The Smothers 5pm, $5/no charge for was liberated from her bleak ters. Costumes will be bold, so
Fri-Sun, 12-4, CONSTITUTION ISLAND vations, call the theatre at 424- true identity becomes a confu-
Brothers, 7:30pm Stonecrop members or with isolation from the sights and you as the audience will recog-
(845) 534-7781 West Point, NY 3900, or visit the Depot The- sion, loyalty turns to love, and
Sun. Apr. 26 - 6th Annual Garden Conservancy admis- sounds and meanings of the nize each character even when
Outdoor Discovery Center, (845) 446-8676 atre website at almost everyone is on the re-
Benefit for Sisters at sion ticket. physical world, to become a the actor changes. Even younger
Cornwall ceiving end of a trick.
Graymoor, featuring Irish strong-willed, tough-minded, people will be able to follow
10am-4pm, Sat-Sun Public tours from June through BOSCOBEL Reading challenging texts
(845) 534-5506 Tenor Anthony Kearns, 2pm intellectually independent, the antics on stage.
September, Wed & Thu at 1 and Route 9D, Garrison forces the reader to grow. The The actors have even come 2pm, leaving fm South Dock Thu. Apr. 30 - Jay Mohr, 8pm (845) 265-3638 beauty of Shakespeare, espe- up with their own interpreta-
Afterschool programs for chil-
dren throughout the year
at West Pt. Res. req’d. Fri. May 1 - Underworld film
w/ live music by Alloy Orches-
Opendaily except Tues.,
Get Ready For Artists On cially his comedies, is that be-
hind the poetry is a very funny
tion of Twelfth Night. Instead
of staging the play during Re-
Sat. Apr. 25 - Annual Hike-a-
Thon, 8:30am, Earth Day Expo
137 Main St.. Beacon
tra 9:30am-5pm,last tour 4:15
$16/adults, $12/seniors, $7/ Location Workshop at GAC story. One doesn’t need to “get” naissance times, they’ve settled
& Family Fun Fair, 10am-2pm, *Note new address CHAPEL OF OUR LADY children, 6-14, under 6/free every word to follow the an- on a more modern treatment,
Community Yard Sale: 10am- (845) 838-2995 RESTORATION Grounds only $8 tics on stage. Sometimes the one that will resonate with
2pm 45 Market St., Cold Spring Sat. Apr. 25 - Friends of humor is as broad as a Will today’s audience. In doing this,
Gallery open Thu/Mon 845-265-5537 Boscobel Lecture by Peter G. Ferrell movie. What makes the the middle school students have
Thu. Apr. 30 - Adult Workshop
11am-6pm Rose: “Dutch Influence on the effort of learning Shakespeare learned to embrace Shakespeare
Series: Low Carbon Diet, 7- Sun. May 10 - Sunset Read-
Through Apr. 27-Exhibit: American Kitchen and Life.” rewarding is the deeper the and not fear it: an advantage
8:30pm, free, ODC ing Series: Jeffrey McDaniel,
Quad Show 10am. understanding, the deeper the when entering high school.
poet, 4pm, free Sat. May 2 - Friends of enjoyment. That’s why we do They’ve learned that difficult
Boscobel Lecture by Firth H. his plays in middle school. The texts can have great rewards.
Fabend: “Patroons and Plow- joy is in discovering how funny So if you want to enjoy laughs,
30 Oscawana Lake Rd., Wappingers Falls HISTORICAL SOCIETY
(845) 528-3242 men: Dutch Settlers in the the Shakespeare actually is. drama, music, and, yes, culture,
(845) 298-1491 Mill St. & Peekskill Hollow Hudson Valley,” 10am The Garrison eighth grade come to the Garrison School on
Putnam Valley
Hours: Sun. 1-5; Mon. 10-6; Fri./Sun. May 1 through 16 - (845) 528-1024 Sun. May 3 - Sun. May 10 - students will be performing May 1. We promise a memo-
Tue/Wed 10-8; Thu/Fri 11-5; How to Succeed in Business Hrs: T&W 9am-2pm; Exhibition Gallery: Watercol- Twelfth Night on May 1 at 7pm rable evening.
Sat - 10-5 Without Really Trying - Fridays Sun. 1-3pm. ors by Karin Oldfelt in the original text. While some
Book discussion group 3rd Tue. & Sats. at 8, Sun. May 10 only Schoolhouse Museum exhibit Hjertonsson
of each month, 7:30pm at 2pm, $20/adults, $17/seniors “Ethnic Diversity in Putnam Sat. May 9 - Mother’s Day
County” Tea, 3pm
Traditional Country Music
from Tenbrooks Molly Spring is here and Garrison La-Rue, Ray Roberts, and
Tenbrooks Molly will return also a Cold Spring resident, Art Center is preparing for the George Strickland. Daisy is
to the Julia L. Butterfield Me- drummer Thom Johnson, and Spring Artists on Location on a Signature member of the
morial Library for an evening fiddle player Bill May 16. For more than 25 American Impressionism So-
of traditional country music on Christopherson. Joining the years, twice a year, artists ciety, the New York Plein Air
Saturday, April 25, at 7pm. The band on drums for several num- from the region have been Painters, Oil Painters of
band consists of Cold Spring bers will be Haldane student spending the day painting au America, the Mid-Atlantic
residents Sal and Paulette Bobby Califano. plein air for the Art Center’s Plein Air Painters, and the
Califano, bassist Bart Richards, Sal and Paulette formed live auction on the banks of Artists in the Parks. She has
Tenbrooks Molly in 1981 and the Hudson at Garrison’s participated in several plein
quickly became favorites of the Landing. This Saturday long- air festivals, and was nation-
tri-state area’s country music time auction artist Daisy ally juried in the San Luis
scene. Their goal is to keep tra- dePuthod will be offering a Obispo Plein Air Painting
ditional country music alive and full day workshop in plein- Festival in CA and The Plein
they perform the Bakersfield, air painting, right in the Art Air Competition & Arts Fes-
Louisiana Hayride, and Golden Center’s beautiful back yard. tival in Easton, MD. You can
Age of Nashville styles of coun- Daisy will instruct students see her work on
try music. Tenbrooks Molly has how to successfully complete
logged many hours of live ra- a painting outside in one sit- Please call the Art Center,
dio broadcasts and their record- ting. Students will learn how 424-3960, to register for the
ing of the Louvin Brothers to complete quick value stud- workshop and to discuss the
“River of Jordan” was a favor- ies for capturing light, mass fee and materials with the in-
ite on public radio for years. and form to develop strong structor. For more informa-
If you are tired of the “so- compositions while concen- tion on the Spring Artists on
called” country music played trating on warm and cool col- Location, visit
on modern radio or curious ors and working within a lim-
about traditional country mu- ited palette. Auction painting begins at
sic, come out to the show. Ad- Teaching artist Daisy 8am, viewing and silent auc-
mission is free. For more in- dePuthod, primarily a plein- tion begin at 3:30pm, live
formation, please visit air painter, has studied with auction begins at 5pm. The or some of the best plein-air public is welcome to enjoy the
call 265-3040. The Library is Painters of America, Ken exquisite view, refreshments,
located at 10 Morris Avenue, Auster, Gay Faulkenberry, and “champagne art at beer
near the intersection of Routes Frank LaLumia, Joan Marron- prices.”
9D and 403.
Page 6 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tilly Foster Farm Opens Putnam County Spelling Bee in Put Valley Putnam’s Relay for Life is State’s Largest
FARM (Cont’d from front pg.) by Eric Gross children played nearby, live 6 staff and teachers, a board
music was performed, and of education member, and 10
The “Spring Fling” that Putnam County’s Relay for the aroma of hot dogs and members of the Italian Ameri-
state. Tilly Foster produced
opens the farm on April 25 Life reported that during its hamburgers cooking on open can Club of Mahopac with
legendary competitors like
will include pony rides and first 10 years, it has raised grills provided the event with whom PVHS partners. PVHS
Silent Spring and Anet.
exhibitions of the farm’s other in excess of $2.1 million. a carnival atmosphere. has raised $4,000 so far this
But the farm property has
rare animals. There will be a Under gorgeous weather As night fell, more than year, with more fundraising
had a rocky recent history. In
sheep shearing event where conditions some 5,000 men, 8,000 luminary candles planned through the Make A
2000, it was foreclosed. Two
children can interact with 10 women, and children walked were lighted and at 9pm the Difference Club’s Mother’s
years later Putnam County
baby sheep, recently added laps around the Mahopac High lights on the track went dark Day Plant and Biscotti Sale
took the troubled land over to
to the farm. The festivities School track for 12 hours on and silence fell over more in May.
save it from developers. Local
also include several horse Saturday, April 18, 2009, to than 3,000 who jammed the Last year’s Relay for Life
residents, accustomed to see-
demonstrations. Jamie Cas- raise money for the Ameri- school’s bleachers as bag- raised more than $375,000
ing horses graze its pastures,
sano, the farm’s farrier, will can Cancer Society and its piper Robert Wright played for the fight against cancer,
lost even that small sign of
also perform a horse-shoeing goal of finding a cure for a solemn tune while taking and every penny collected in
life when the stables were
demonstration every half hour the disease that has affected a lap around the track. Putnam went towards funding
closed in 2007. Whipple’s
for the entire day. One of virtually every family in the From the western side of the research, public education,
oversight of the property not
the farm’s veterinarians will entire region. county, The Putnam Valley advocacy, and local patient
only brought horses back to
give a speech on the proper Throughout the day teams High School Relay for Life services.
the farm, but hope for preserv-
upkeep of horses. An equine walked the track in unison, team included 45 students,
ing an important agricultural
dentist will also be on hand oasis in the heart of eastern
to discuss the maintenance Putnam. PV Students Partake in National Observance
of a horse’s health. The farm will be open to
In an eccentric touch, the public on weekdays and P u t n a m Va l l e y H i g h nas across their mouths, to for the day’s activities.
Whipple has also included for horseback riding lessons Photo, left to right: parent organizer Laurie Kennedy, PVES Principal Jamie Edelman, School’s student club GSA/ depict the concept of silence. Students elect not to speak
the opening of Putnam’s own, by appointment. Tilly Foster winner Claire Cassidy, Olivia Schmidt, runner-up Satoshi Abe, Justin Acosta, Jared Guski, VOICES (Gay Straight Al- The line leaders held posters for an entire school day in
small rock and roll museum, will host a variety of events Michael Gaitan, Taylor Simpson, Peter Leo, parent organizer Patty Boltin. liance/Voices Of Individu- explaining what the Day of order to highlight the silence
the Avalon Archives to the throughout the spring and als Creating Environments Silence is. Arriving staff and that many lesbian, gay, bisex-
day. summer. On May 15, the pub- Thursday, April 16, 2009 lor Simpson, Justin Acosta, spelling the word “echoed”. that are Safe), led by senior students immediately came ual, or transgender (LGBT)
After its 19th century past lic will be invited to “beautify marked the annual occasion and Jared Guski— met on The runner-up, Satoshi Abe, president Giovanna Spica, face-to-face with the group students have to keep in order
as the site of Tillingham Fos- the farm” by planting flowers that Putnam Valley’s young- the stage of the school’s misspelled “majority,” and observed the National Day and had to walk around them. to avoid being harassed, or
ter’s mines, the property was donated by the Credit-Suisse est spelling enthusiasts look “Old Gym” auditorium that Claire went on to spell both of Silence on Friday, April To one observer the usually worse, at school.
turned into a dairy farm by Foundation. On June 6, the forward to all year—the fi- evening to test their mettle “majority” and “echoed” cor- 17, 2009. hectic and raucous morning The Day of Silence began
Mr. E.E. Benedict. Later, as farm will host a presentation nals of the PVES Spelling with an enthusiastic group of rectly. That day began at 6:45 am, arrival was still hectic, but 12 years ago when University
New York’s dairy industry given by George Whipple on Bee. Eight of the school’s parents and teachers cheer- Parents Laurie Kennedy when the participants gath- much more quiet than usual. of Virginia students wanted to
collapsed, into one of the the new ducks and other fowl most accomplished spell- ing them on. a n d P a t r i c i a B o l t i n o rg a - ered in the high school foyer A number of PVHS faculty and find a way to bring attention
state’s leading thoroughbred living at Tilly Foster. ers—Satoshi Abe, Olivia It’s important to try to nized the event, and acted and lined up in a double row staff member “allies” wore to anti-LGBT name-calling.
racehorse farms in New York Schmidt, Peter Leo, Michael remember your own third- or as Moderator and Judge, re- wearing their red and black the bright red Day of Silence
Gaitan, Claire Cassidy, Tay- fourth-grade spelling skills spectively. Elias Wynshaw, t-shirts, with black bandan- t-shirts to show their support
when watching this event. a former Scripps National
Wo r d s s u c h a s “ m u s e u m ” Spelling Bee semifinalist,
can be daunting. Words like
“majority” and “echoed” can
and son of a PVHS teacher,
was the word-reader for the
IBM Retirees
win or lose this contest; and
they did, in fact, produce
third year in a row. A host of
PTA and school volunteers
Will Meet on
the winner and runner up made the evening possible, April 30
of this year’s event. Claire along with several dedicated
Cassidy won the contest by local community businesses. The Tri-State IBM
Retirees Club will be
holding their next meeting on Thursday, April 30
at 1:30pm at the United
Methodist Church, 1176
East Main Street, Shrub
T h e m e e t i n g ’ s s p e a k e r,
Michael Berardis, a chiro-
practor who very effectively
spoke on ending painful
joints, will now discuss
the importance of learning
to manage stress and avoid
heart attack and heart dis-
ease. All IBM Retirees and
guests are welcome.
For club information call:

Subscribe to
the PCN&R.
Visit us on the
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 7

GUFS (Cont’d from front pg.) PV (Cont’d from front pg.) JOURNAL NEWS (Cont’d from front pg.)
with Prentice, saying that, fully utilize this equipment. also cautioned districts not to know that next year will be s e e a s p i k e ? ” D r. C o h e n alone. Newspapers around the along with the rest of Gan- stown, N.Y. The newspaper
regardless, “the board should Marilyn Palefsky reported use aid monies for extended very difficult,” said Board responded that “given the country have been stopping nett’s publications. Circula- has also published the ad-
be informed about relevant that the education committee projects, since the stimulus President Tina Mackay. “We economy, no one can be sure.” their presses, while others tion of the weekday edition dresses of prominent people,
issues.” Prentice said that continues its work on ELA program will only last two were able to cut $1 million Dr. Space added that “en- have filed for bankruptcy. On reportedly has dropped 21.6 including publishers of other
she has not personally heard curriculum maps, use of the years. Stimulus money will be this year” she continued, “but ergy costs will certainly rise April 21, the New York Times percent from 2005 to 2008. newspapers.  It is well known
much community interest Rosetta Stone system to ex- distributed over the course of at the expense of twelve fac- as the economy improves.” reported a 27 percent col- The parent company’s shares that most prominent people do
expressed. “Consolidation pand the school’s offerings the school year and the district ulty and staff positions.” Ms. Trustee Frank Reale pointed lapse in advertising revenue. are down 62.82 percent from not like to have their salaries
would raise the tax rate,” she in foreign languages, and will have to formally apply Mackay stated that a similar out that the proposed budget Newspapers have also been Jan. 2 through April 20, and in or addresses published,  usu-
said, “and eventually Hal- how homework may best be for it and submit quarterly or greater cut will need to increase “is less than half shrinking their page widths March the company mandated ally for personal privacy and
dane’s as well.” used as an educational tool. reports. Business manager be made in the 2010-11 bud- of the state-mandated cost at accelerating rates. that most employees take one security reasons.
Given these consider- Strong participation in school Susan Huetter opined that get and voiced her opinion of living index.” President According to Michael Fisch, week furloughs, without pay. “That’s the kind of thing
a t i ons, Pr e n t i c e a s k e d the sports continues and all ap- with the required reporting, that “very serious decisions” Mackay reminded the board president and publisher of the Managers will take two-week that we do do,” Mr. Fisch
board, “should we let this peared pleased with the new every penny will need to be will need to be made at that of the faculty cuts made to Journal News, the downsizing furloughs and might face tem- said, adding “I don’t direct
go for now or get a handle softball coach. accounted for and that she time. Superintendent Dr. Marc achieve that low percentage. is “pretty consistent with what porary salary reductions. the news coverage on a daily
on it?” Board consensus was Completing the discussion “could see additional meet- Space concurred, saying that Ms. Fitzgerald stated that other newspapers are doing.” While Journal News staffers basis [but] high profile folks
that information should be agenda were the teacher con- ings with the auditor.” the budget committee had she “would like to keep the But Fisch said it is unlikely have been losing their jobs, do get some attention.” 
p u r s u e d , b u t Tr u s t e e E r i c tract negotiations and ongoing During the public comment submitted suggestions for tax levy increase the same that the physical size of the the paper’s brass seems to Mr. Fisch said it is accept-
Jacoby suggested that “care negotiations with St. Basil’s. period, the board heard many 2009-10 and the year after. as last year—or less.” Mr. paper will continue to shrink. have escaped the recession, able to publish the addresses
should be taken not to give In both cases the superinten- prepared statements from Not all of the committee’s Reale agreed.  “I don’t see it going smaller for now. Mr. Fisch, president of those who own newspapers,
the impression that the board dent said there was “nothing those in attendance, most of suggestions were taken by In short, the budget for than that any time soon,” he and publisher, purchased a but not the addresses of those
is pushing for consolidation.” to report” although a meeting whom appeared to be mem- the Board, but they may not the next two years appears said. “This is pretty close to $3.1 million dollar home on who serve as publishers, an
Carol McCullough said she with the teachers is being bers of the district’s current have that luxury next year. to be a zero-sum game, with the limits on the presses that Penwood Road in Mount Kisco obvious contradiction to his
thought it would be good to planned (no date was given.) budget advisory committee. “We know the cards we will the board walking a fine line we have.” in January 2008. He also owns “high profile folks” state-
have information in case the With little discussion the Their comments were similar be playing with next year,” between the two. Seeming to The Journal News is the properties in the upscale com- ment.  In practice, such a
state “goes in that direction.” board voted to accept the in spirit to those that were said Dr. Space. reach some interior decision, product of a 1998 merger of munities of Mesa, Arizona, policy would allow a paper
S u p er in t e n d e n t C o l u cci proposed 2009-10 budget. presented at the last board Turning back to the fed- President Mackay said that, 11 newspapers serving Rock- and Lakewood, Colorado. to print the home addresses
told the board that a 1988 Colucci distributed a revised meeting—focusing on what eral stimulus, Tina Mackay “we have cut enough this land and Westchester, most of The paper’s editor, Mr. Hen- of his bosses at Gannett as
s tudy had inves tigated all budget summary, reflecting some perceive to be flaws in asked “whether there were any year.” With this the board which were sold by the Macy ry Freeman, lives in Mount well as the shareholders who
aspects of a merger but that a $957,879 in state aid, rep- the budget process, percep- strings attached.” Space re- turned back to how much of family to Gannett in 1964. Kisco on Greeley Court, where own Gannett.  However, the
more recent 1999 study only resenting the long-awaited tions that the board withheld plied that federal aid “may not the fund balance to use. To M r. F i s c h r e p o r t e d t h a t home prices average about a publishers of Gannett-owned
addressed financial aspects. federal stimulus monies. The information, and outrage that be used to reduce the tax levy.” maintain some flexibility in the Journal News circulates million dollars. papers, such as Mr. Fisch,
All agreed that up-to-date superintendent said that this teachers may be receiving Also, “it is not recommended staffing for the coming year, 9,706 copies throughout Put- The Journal News frequently would be exempt.
information was required, and increased aid will allow “close salary increases. for recurring expenses,” he the board agreed to allow the nam County, most of which reports on salaries of local Mr. Fisch went on to say
directed the superintendent to to a zero percent year to year The board listened again to continued, “as it is only a superintendent $100,000 in are delivered to homes. businessmen and officials. he is optimistic about the
investigate the costs atten- budget increase” and as a re- comments that were uniformly two-year program.” Trustee a d d i t i o n a l m o n e y, b u t D r. When asked why Putnam An article on April 20, for future of newspapers but,
dant upon hiring an outside sult “close to a zero percent critical, sometimes person- Cohen asked, “Aren’t teach- Space will have to pay a price. residents should subscribe example, reported the salaries “obviously it will be differ-
consultant. tax increase.” al, and all highly charged ers a recurring expense?” To fund the extra money, the t o t h e J o u r n a l N e w s , M r. of police officers in Clark- ent than it was in the past.”
In other committee news, “The district” she contin- emotionally. Trustee Carol This raised a chuckle, but Dr. budget will be increased by Fisch highlighted the ways
Gloria Colucci reported that ued, “will have one of the McCullough stated that she Space responded that stimulus $50,000, but he will have to in which his paper’s North-
the school’s new electronic lowest year-to-year increases was “greatly offended” by monies have allowed the dis- find $50,000 in further sav- ern Westchester and Putnam
SMART Boards have been in the area.” Colucci cau- comments that the budget trict “to save staff positions ings. When asked whether he edition covers the county.
installed. A survey by fourth tioned the board, however, process was not transparent. that otherwise would have felt he could accomplish this, “In Putnam County, we have
grade teacher Amy Kuchera that they “are receiving new McCullough denied this vehe- been cut.” Dr. Space replied that, “I’m our news bureau out of Mount
solicited teacher opinion, emails every day . . . and mently, saying that “all ques- Information reported by the sure I can make somebody Kisco [in Westchester County]
which has been favorable, still learning” about restric- tions were discussed and an- PCN&R from other school dis- unhappy.” that covers Putnam County,”
and anticipated use of the tions on how the aid money swered.” She continued, stat- tricts indicates that stimulus This issue resolved, the Mr. Fisch said. “Obviously,
boards and future training to may be used. The state has ing that the board “is elected funding will require districts board agreed to appropriate the local coverage is not as
by the community to manage to formally apply and that $250,000 of the fund bal - focused as your weekly, ” he
the finances of the district.” money will be distributed ance for the 2009-10 budget. said, referencing the Putnam
To fulfill this responsibility, a over the course of the school The last piece of the puzzle County News & Recorder and
budget advisory committee is year. Districts will also be in place, the Board unani- the Putnam County Courier.
established to “advise” them required to submit quarterly mously voted to adopt the It has been reported that the
in the preparation of annual reports tracking all spending $43,528,963 budget. Journal News has suffered
budgets. Much give and take of federal mon-
continued with neither the ies. The business
board nor members of the manager of a
budget advisory committee nearby district
giving any quarter. told the PCN&R
Prentice ended the public that they antici-
p ortion o f the meetin g on pated spending
a conciliatory note, saying more time than
“how lucky we are to live in usual with their
a democracy . . . and that we a u d i t o r s i n o r-
have the ability to disagree der to track and
and still get along.” The next reconcile these
meeting of the GUFS board accounts.
will be on Tuesday, April 28, Tr u s t e e Va l -
at 7:30pm. erie Fitzgerald
turned the dis -
cussion back
to the budget
process, ask-
ing “How do we
Sign up for minimize year-
to-year budget
email alerts at spikes? If we lower the tax
l e v y t h i s y e a r,
will next year
Page 8 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MUSIC (Cont’d from front pg.)

he said, adding “I hope to to celebrate the first snow beyond. In less than two years, Kathleen Pemble, a singer-
see music here seven days a storm of the year—Consaga the Thursday night sing-in at songwriter with several CD’s
week.” Abdelhady is think- is in the midst of hosting Blue Whistling Willie’s has en- to her credit, also hosts Open
ing about adding music on Mondays, four performances abled close to two hundred Mic Night on Wednesdays
Thursday nights to his Friday, in April by noted blues man musicians to showcase their at Whistling Willie’s, along
Saturday and Sunday offer- Guy Davis. Consaga says that original works. with soundman and occasional
ings. He is also looking at “people in their 40s and 50s Veltz, who also has an ex- bass player Nick Poholchuk.
establishing a second “Spoon” don’t go the big concert ven- tensive background in market- Both are Cold Spring resi-
in the area, although he’s not ues as much anymore. They ing, feels strongly that Cold dents. “Music, the arts, and
saying where just yet. When want intimate musical experi- Spring can use music to build entertainment are critical for
asked if the new place will ences,” he said. Consaga feels on its existing tourism base. the town to thrive. Teach-
have music, he just grins and that music has the potential “Right now, people visit Cold ing is important too” said
says, “Oh yes!” to aid economic growth and Spring mainly for scenery Pemble, who gives lessons
None of this is new to Tom points to talent and location and antiques. But we’re also to newcomers to the world of
Rolston, owner of the Depot as two of the area’s greatest becoming a hub for music in music. “One of my favorite
Restaurant. He remembers a s s e t s . “ We h a v e a w h o l e the Hudson Valley” he said. things is get new people up
music helping Cold Spring dig mix of music professionals “What we need is a plan that on stage at Open Mic Night”
its way out of a bad economy right here–producers, sound integrates music into the rea- she adds.
three decades ago. “In the engineers, record labels, sons why people come here.” The Cold Spring-Garrison
80s the Village was boarded musicians, and promoters. He even sees a silver lining Area Chamber of Commerce
up. Main Street shops were And what better setting is in the depressed economy. has supported live music for
being used as apartments” he there for live music than right “Throughout history, music several years. Its Summer
recalls. Enter The Depot’s here—just 60 miles north of and the arts have flourished Sunset Concert series is a
Down Home Dixieland Jam New York City, nestled in in tough economic times. This Sunday evening tradition.
and Jelly Jazz Band, brought the mountains right along is perfect time to promote Debbie Darman works with
in to play on Sundays at the ga- the Hudson River?” he asked. music here” he concluded. the Cold Spring-based com-
zebo just outside of Rolston’s Many local musicians and A l H e m b e rg e r i s a C o l d pany Marketing Works, and
then new restaurant. “As soon restaurant owners point to Spring resident who has oper- is the Chamber board mem-
as people got off the train Ken Veltz as a driving force ated The Loft recording studio ber charged with organizing
they heard a band playing. It behind the recent surge in in Bronxville, NY, for more this year’s series. “The music
made them feel good–whether live music. A veteran musi- than 30 years. He knows a bit series is good for the commu-
they had lunch at The Depot cian, Veltz gave up life on about music, having worked nity–and for business. That’s
or not. Music helped make the road and a record deal to with musicians from Britney why the Chamber is involved,”
this town. I really believe settle in Cold Spring. Music Spears and Christina Aguilera Darman says. She said that the
that,” he said. Rolston is talk- is in his blood. His band, The to Taj Mahal, Procol Harum, Hudson River Quadricenten-
ing to local musicians about Veltz Family, included his two and Rod Stewart. He also nial is “a great opportunity to
“also putting on a couple of daughters Laura and Allison, plays bass in a number of showcase local talent.” This
concerts this summer.” This son Drew and Ken’s wife local bands. Hemberger has year, the Sunday concerts will
is the 25th summer for the Jeannie. Laura and Allison quietly made it a personal mis- feature regional performers Residents and visitors can now hear live music five nights a week in Cold Spring. Here, Laura (left) and Allison Veltz
Depot’s weekend jazz band. have moved on to pursue mu- sion to, in his words, “get as and some of the acts will perform at the Silver Spoon on Main Street.
“People expect music now,” sical careers in Nashville and much music in as many places have a distinct hometown “We’ve even added some new promote, and develop local pany, articulates an idea that property should be used, a
Rolston said. New York City respectively. as I can, and to get people flavor. Local performers Dar members—and it’s because music. But if there is one is being mentioned a lot of few said that establishing a
Jeff Consaga, owner and He now coordinates much of to think of Cold Spring as a Williams, Gandalph Murphy, of the music” she said. thing on the minds of almost late. “Dockside would be a stage or performance area for
chef of the Foundry Café has the music offered on Cold place to go for music.” Proof and the Slambovian Circus of Some folks hope that Cold everyone in the local music great venue for concerts—or live music and theatre would
also gotten into the live music Spring’s Main Street. Veltz of his efforts lie in the fact Dreams are tentatively sched- Spring could eventually be- scene it is the need for at for music festivals once or be a good idea. The Village
act. Long a supporter of local is especially proud of The that Hemberger’s own sound uled. Darman says that even come a destination like Lenox, least one larger-scale venue. twice a year,” he said. of Cold Spring is planning
music and musicians—he once Listening Room, an incubator equipment currently resides with the challenging economy Massachusetts, famous for its Joe Johnson, yet another Cold When the PCN&R conduct- to take over operation of the
put together an impromptu for singer/songwriters from in at least three local music businesses are still enthused Tanglewood music center, the Spring resident and owner of ed an informal survey last property, now owned by the
gathering of local musicians around the Hudson Valley and venues. about sponsoring the concerts. summer home of the Boston Red Wally Music, a locally- fall, asking residents how the State of New York.
Symphony. This summer it based music production com- former waterfront restaurant
will feature Diana Krall, Tony
Bennett, James Taylor, and
the Boston Pops. Or, perhaps
Cold Spring could take a les-
s o n f r o m P i e r m o n t , N Y, a
quaint village with a popula-
tion of 2,600. It has become
home to The Turning Point,
a successful music venue
that welcomes performers
such as Richie Havens, The
Persuasions, Slaid Cleaves,
Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, and Bill
Frisell. Even, Pittsboro, North
Carolina, population 2,500,
is described as “a small com-
munity with big ideas.” It’s
especially big on creating its
own self-sustaining way of
life and a big part of that is
the Shakori Festival of Music
and Dance, which annually
boasts seventy performers.
There’s also talk of estab-
lishing a music association to
more effectively coordinate,
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 9

HALDANE (Cont’d from front pg.) JOBS (Cont’d from front pg.) COLD SPRING (Cont’d from front pg.)
how tenure was handled. “I indicated that settlements are McCollum as a K-6 teacher the highest in any reporting Democrat on the nine-member to a decrease in the taxable Village accountant Ellen lips’s work and appeared
want to applaud the admin- determined by the Supreme effective September 1, 2009. period since 6.9 percent in legislature, called Putnam’s assessed value of properties. Mageean presented a sum- amenable to taking up his
istration,” he said. “Docu- Court judge, with the district The position is open due to the late 1980s. unemployment figures “not The remaining 2.23 percent mary of village finances as of invitation. Gallagher also
mentation, follow-up when having no say in the outcome. a retirement. Ms McCollum The Lower Hudson Valley shocking when compared to is due to an increase in the March 31, which, in addition suggested that they should
needed, and dialogue have Mark Villanti commented that has been teaching part-time region lost more than 7,800 Michigan with its 13 percent amount to be raised by taxa- to the water and sewer funds, visit the reservoir and dams to
been excellent.” He added the refund would not affect in the middle school and is private sector jobs last month, rate of unemployment, or New tion.” includes over $379,000 in evaluate options for improved
that that the public should be the budget since the funds had being hired at Step 7 at an where statewide 33,000 jobs York State itself at 7.8 percent Gallagher then proceeded the general fund. Reflected access and future funding for
happy with the way tenure is already been encumbered, and annual salary of $60,866.00. were eliminated due to the [in March].” to walk the board through the in this is the reconciliation dam maintenance.
now being addressed. in his words “point out the T h a n k s t o t h e We l l n e s s struggling economy accord- Oliverio called the people preliminary budget, identify- of property tax accounts with Assistant Building Inspec-
Sour Mountain, a mining importance of establishing Committee Haldane’s physi- ing to the Labor Department. of Putnam County “successful ing specific expenses and how the county that has resulted tor and Trustee J. Ralph Fal-
operation located on Fishkill reserves.” cal education classes will all Putnam still has the lowest when it comes to fielding job specific revenues will be used in a payment to the village loon announced that James
Ridge, will receive a $9,600 Vi l l a n t i a n n o u n c e d t h a t get to “Scoop the Loop” in rate of unemployment in the opportunities either within the of $10,000. Mageean notified Hartford has been hired as
refund from Haldane after
successfully appealing its
Haldane’s cafeteria has re-
ceived the Putnam County
recognition of Earth Day on
Wednesday, April 22. There
Hudson Valley and is one of the
two lowest in the entire state. 
county’s borders or outside. I
am certain that within the next
Funding for the board of several accounts Village Building Inspector.
t h a t w e r e c u r r e n t l y o v e r- “As a registered architect”
2005-2007 tax assessment. Department of Health “Com- will be no cruising in con- County Executive Robert few months we will experience ‘celebrations’ budget by less than $100 the mayor said, “he will help
The refund was ordered by missioner’s Gold Award for vertibles this time though, no Bondi expressed hope that a decline in unemployment.” has been and a few others that were to create easier and more
the Dutchess County Supreme Operational Excellence.” matter how good the weather with spring having arrived, The unemployment rates over-budget by $150 or more. streamlined processes for the
Court. The mining opera- Cafeteria staff have received is. Scooping will be done on jobs in the fields of hospital- in neighboring Dutchess and significantly She then offered proposals to department.” Trustee Falloon
tion, which is located within numerous accolades from Vil- foot in the name of physical ity, leisure, and construction Westchester are 7.6 percent increased transfer monies from accounts took a moment to cite previous
the Town of Fishkill but is lanti and district trustees over fitness as suggested by the would pick up. Bondi, a former and 7.2 percent, respectively. with surpluses to address the inspector George Tompkins
part of the Haldane Central the past year in praise of their American Heart Association. college economics professor, School districts have re- overages. for his many years of service
School district, also has an continued efforts and suc- Students will walk from the said some areas were seeing minded families in need of to fund them. A state aid grant, Although he was not in at- to the village. The board
appeal pending which could cess at improving the quality school down to the water- job growth already. “Edu- assistance in the wake of the unspent in last year’s budget, tendance, Superintendant of
result in a further $36,000 and variety of foods offered front band shell and back. cational and health services high unemployment to contact will be used for energy up- Water & Wastewater Gregory The board
r e f u nd . “T h e g o o d n e w s , ” to students and staff at the Haldane’s teachers are being have added jobs primarily in administrative offices seeking grades for the Village Hall and Phillips’s report described
said Business Manager Anne school. encouraged to join in, as well, the fields of social assistance free or reduced price lunches the Cold Spring Fire House. recent repairs to a “substan-
decided to issue
Dinio, “is that we had set up In other business, trustees if their schedules permit. Su- and health care,” he said. for their children. Consolidated Highway Aid tial” water leak near Spring- a proclamation
a reserve to handle this.” The accepted resignations from perintendent Villanti said that Bondi recalled days when Brewster Superintendent (known as CHIPS funding) brook Condominiums; and the in honor of
fund is adequate to cover S p ecial Ed ucatio n te a c h e r he, “…hopes it will develop Putnam led the state with the Dr. Jane Sandbank said the will allow commencement spring hydrant flush, which
both refunds. President Dave D e b r a A s h e n o f s k y, h e a l t h into a community event.” lowest rate of unemployment. service was “strictly confi- of a multi-year project to is planned for the beginning former building
Merandy asked if the dis - teacher Lindsay Moraitis, and The district’s next meeting From 1998 to 2002, Putnam’s dential. There is nothing to repair and improve streets, of May. The report also dis- inspector
trict was represented at the District Clerk Diane Stropoli. will be a workshop at 7pm rate of unemployment ranged be ashamed about. Children pavements and lighting. The cussed proposed upgrades to
proceedings, however Dinio Trustees also appointed Kim on April 28. from 2.7 percent to 2.9 per- enrolled in the program are budget includes monies for the water aeration system,
George Tompkins
cent—a far cry from what not ostracized and are never a new concrete slab in the which are anticipated to re-
promises to be a record rate publicly identified. They go firehouse to support the new duce costs. Modifications to concurred and decided to is-
PVHS Principal Draws Unexpected Crowd this year.
Legislator Sam Oliverio
through the lunch line each fire truck and also funding for the sewage processing equip- sue a proclamation. Trustee
day, as do other boys and a new truck for the highway ment will improve system Robertson suggested that a
by Annie Chesnut the state none of the questions Several parents spoke about
of Putnam Valley, the lone girls paying for their meal.” department, along with a snow efficiency. Also included in plaque would also be appro-
dealt with budget matters. Per- their own special-needs chil-
It has become a truism in haps the reason is that despite dren, wondering what more plow attachment. the report was an invitation priate and offered personally
Funding for “celebrations” to the mayor and trustees to to cover the cost, which the
Putnam Valley that attendance a net loss of 12 jobs already the school could do to help HEIMLICH (Cont’d from front pg.) has been significantly in- visit the wastewater facility board endorsed.
at PTA meetings tends to drop in the 2009-10 fiscal plan- them feel included—perhaps a
off once children enter high ning process, budget cuts have social group, a “lunch bunch,” struggling and needed help, so a life saver for his fellow creased to accommodate for an informal walkthrough The next meeting of the
school. been generally characterized or some other formalized way Zach responded and performed student and we are all very the expenses anticipated for to discuss operations and Village Board will be held
So it was a surprise to walk as not affecting the students’ for these individuals to get the  Heimlich maneuver, at proud of him.”  C o m m u n i t y D a y. T h e v i l - upcoming plans. Mayor Gal- in the Village Hall on April
into the school cafeteria a little school experience. (This is together with one another. which point his teacher said he Zach is the son of Robert lage will add $3,000 to the lagher and the trustees were 21 at 7:30pm.
after 7am on Friday, April not likely to be the case when There were some interesting had saved a life, and notified and Sue Heady of Putnam Val- $15,000 provided from the very appreciative of Mr. Phil-
17, 2009, and see a number the 2010-11 budget process backs-and-forths about email the main office at BOCES. ley and would like to own his county (passing along Hud-
of long tables full of parents begins, however.) The issues and how long a parent should The Tech Center immediately own business one day. son River Quadricentennial
waiting to hear what Principal of greatest concern seemed have to wait for an email re- made an announcement of Grace Bisogne, one of his monies.) Philipstown will
Jonathan Bryant had to tell to be programs, communica- sponse from a teacher. The Zach’s heroic action over the teachers at PVHS concluded, also be contributing $4,500
them. Not only were there tion, and student adjustment principal’s answer was that it PA system. “I think we need to celebrate to the celebration.
parents from all four grades, concerns. depends on what the teacher’s Stephen Lowery, the prin- the heroic steps Zach took The estimated general fund
but there were also teachers One parent mentioned what schedule is like, and whether cipal of the Putnam North- to make a difference and get deficit, as of the end of May
and support staff present, as she perceived to be a need he or she is perhaps sick, ern Westchester BOES Tech involved when the situation 2009, will be $95,895. Es-
well as one parent volunteer for more career preparation, dealing with a family crisis, Center, later said, “Zach was called for it.” timated excess revenues of
who is also a Board of Educa- suggesting perhaps a career or involved with some other slightly over $24,000 will be
tion trustee. day, or career events at which demand that might delay such applied to reduce this deficit
What this reporter, also a people in various lines of a response. and future budget surpluses
PTSA volunteer and a longtime work could speak to classes He also said that we have all will also be used in this man-
PVHS parent whose youngest of interested students about fallen victim to the expecta- n e r. I t w a s a s k e d w h e t h e r
child will graduate in June, various types of employment. tions that technology has put federal stimulus monies might
found most significant was that Another discussed the lack of upon us—the instantaneous- also be applied to the deficit,
in this season of tense budget opportunities for students to ness of email can make us to which Gallagher replied
discussions and negotiations participate in competitions in think that responses should that the village had not yet
across the region and around the area of science research. be instantaneous, as well, he received confirmation of any
pointed out. One parent par- funds it would be receiving.
ticipant reminded the group In other budget matters, the
that email, with all of its im- water fund will see estimated
mediateness, still needs to excess revenues of $40,000,
be polite. She added that the which will bring its fund
assumption should never be balance to $632,150. The
made that just because a stu- sewer fund will see a smaller
dent complains that something fund balance of $103,890.
untoward happened with a These surpluses will allow
test or homework assignment, continued maintenance and
that doesn’t necessarily mean service, as well as funding
that the teacher did anything for several capital projects.
wrong. It was, in short, a plea The board then voted to ac-
for civility. cept the preliminary budgets.
One parent described how
her ninth grader had come
home terrified after a fresh-
man orientation program. He
was apparently told that high
school is harder and less le-
nient than middle school and
academic expectations are
much more rigid. Mr. Bryant
responded, refusing “to make
apologies for having high aca-
demic expectations,” that high
school really is supposed to
be challenging, and that it is
“both a world of opportunity
and a world of responsibility.”
What he hoped to provide for
all incoming students, he said,
was a connectedness between
all of the students with their
teachers, their peers, and their
community, and to make the
school as welcoming as pos-
sible without sacrificing the
quest for excellence.
Page 10 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Contribute a
“High School
Contact editor@ Keeping Bears Away From Birdfeeders How do you keep a black 2 nd , opening of the New York the Delaware River. There
bear from coming at night trout season. Trout can be were no other entries in the
and pulling down your bird taken year round in many of category in March that also
feeders out in the yard? Nancy our local protected lakes and includes pickerel and tiger
Middlestat, nurse at Carmel City reservoirs so a number of muskys.
Chesnut Scores Big On and Off Field Putnam Valley Baseball High School thought she had trout were entered in March. John Pray took the 1 st place

Putnam Valley senior Dillon teach them simple mechanics sist, but even more impressive Unable To Catch Fire solved the problem by bring-
ing in the bird feeders before
Robert Vargo Jr. from Cold
Spring entered the largest, an
$50 award for panfish with a
2lb, 6 oz. crappie from New
Chesnut copped the Con Ed that come naturally to this were his 11 groundballs. Billy dark and putting them back 8lb, 2 oz. brown trout from Croton Reservoir. Jack Toone,
Award last week for being a gifted student athlete. He has Ries and Dan O’Gorman each first victory. I had pitched out in the morning before she Lake Gleneida here in Car- from South Salem got 25 bucks
premier student athlete. tutored math and teaches la- scored two goals and added an six innings surrendering two went to work. Last week she mel, but Bob was a previous for his 2lb, 3 oz. crappie from
crosse, basketball, and hockey assist. Brendan McCrudden earned runs, but the errors got a call from her son that Derby trout winner, so wasn’t Muscoot Reservoir, with a
to youngsters. picked up 10 saves between were still killing the Tigers, the bear had come back and eligible to win again, get- 2lb, 3oz crappie, and Mickey
D i r e c t R ay s “The Con Ed Award is very the pipes. since there were three that led pulled the bird feeder down, ting an honorable mention Farina, got 15 bucks for his
meaningful to me because it is PV Softball & Baseball to runs. Walter Sherwood had brought it up on her deck, and instead. Dan Livulpi, from 2lb, 2 oz crappie from Boyd’s
by Ray Gallagher not just a unilateral recogni- On the softball diamond, come in to keep the game at was shaking out the bird seed Holmes, took the $50 award Corner’s Reservoir on March
tion,” said Chesnut, who loves Putnam Valley’s Jackie Gal- a tied score, but one fastball and eating it. This bear on for largest trout with a 6 lb, 8 th .
a good barbeque. “The fact lagher singled home 2B Ciara he threw had a little too much an improvised picnic was an 7 oz. lake trout from Lake The striped bass season
Putnam Valley senior Dillon that I am being recognized Walsh with two outs in the plate on it and the Garnets’ adult probably 3 or 4 hundred Glenieda. Bob Konkol, from opened on March 16 th . and
Chesnut is a big reason why for my work on the field, fifth to support pitcher Alice cleanup hitter roped a double. pounds, maybe more. Nancy Carmel, took the 2 nd place 25 Eddie Schwartz, from Lake
the Putnam Valley lacrosse in the classroom, and in the Stockinger, who fired a three- Rye had scored a run taking said she had pictures of the buck award with a 6 lb, 7 oz. Carmel hooked a 19lb, 12
team has raced out of the gate community is a tremendous hit shutout for the Tigers, H igh S chool a late one-run lead and the bear at work, and maybe I can brown trout from Croton Falls oz. striper on a deep diving
with a 5-0 start. Chesnut, an
attackman, has tickled the
honor. I think the fact that
this is coming amidst the
who improved to 4-0.
Things haven’t gone so well
S ports Tigers were unable to over-
come it, losing 6-5.
get one in next week. Nancy
lives in Holmes, just over
Reservoir on 3/29. Dan had
caught and entered his trout
minnow plug, casting off the
shore at Croton Point, snag-
twine with regularity, popping great team success that we for the Tigers on the base- P erspective The next day featured the the Putnam border and this on 3/28, so he was awarded ging the $50 dollar award
17 goals between the pipes are having is not coinciden- ball diamond where they’ve Hastings Yellow Jackets play- black bear is definitely a local the 1 st place prize even though with the 38 ½ inch lunker.It’s
and setting up six more for tal. Our entire team has been started out the season 0-5. by Alex Basso ing against the Tigers. This resident, as it has visited here the two trout were identical early in the year, but Eddie’s
a grand total of 23 points in playing at a high level, which The shock has set in. would be a rematch of last many times in the past couple in weight and 25 inch length, striper currently leads the
just five games. has allowed me to score some year’s 1 st round of the sec- of years.Bears don’t come making Bob’s trout coming a Oasis Sportsmen’s Club based
On account of those eye- points. Most, if not all, of Haldane’s Chelsea After the first week of the tional playoffs, one that the to the feeders here at night, day late and 25 bucks short. here in Carmel in “heaviest
popping digits and even better my personal success has to Lisikatos fires pitch Putnam Valley Tigers’ varsity Tigers won 2-1. With Chris but whitetail deer visit every Richard Lewis, from Carmel fish of the year” contest, giv-
numbers in the classroom, be attributed to the outstand- in Dobbs Ferry baseball season, they did not Orlando and Matt Cordaro out night, sometimes surprised at took the $15 3 rd place spot ing the near fifty members of
Chesnut was rewarded this ing play of my teammates. game last week. exactly get what they had of the lineup this would be the feeder a dozen feet from with a 6 lb, 26 inch brown the club something to shoot
past week with the presti- Coaches Bakes (Assistant The Haldane baseball team hoped for. They had lost two a tough game for the Tigers. the door, when we let our cat trout from Croton Falls. for. Eddie, on the other hand,
gious Con Ed Scholar Athlete Coach Bob Baker) and Kuz nearly rallied to defeat a qual- games and not in the greatest Although Chris Orlando was Gallegher out. Richard Krol from New- is hoping he will get a 25
award, making him the sev- (Head Coach Brian Kuczma) ity Dobbs Ferry club last of fashions. The team had unable to hit because of injury, burgh, got 50 bucks for his buck bonus for his opening
enth Putnam Valley student have laid out a blueprint for Tuesday. The 3-1 Blue Dev- hoped for a more promising he was still able to pitch so he Fishing reports 6lb, 4 oz. walleye from Green- day striper at the end of the
to attain the honor (Mike success this year and, thus ils trailed 6-1 before getting second week, in which they would start the game on the The March report of win- wood Lake taken on 3/4 from year. For the rest of the Oasis
Ammann, James Kemp, Kristi far, we have been executing hot and nearly stunning the had three games in six days. mound. Hastings had taken ners in the Southern New Greenwood Lake, and James boys, it’s a challenge to try to
Dini in 2004, Katie McNamara it. I am very honored and Eagles. Jackson Zuvic, Mike Coach Joe Natalie was just an early 2-0 lead and they Yo r k F i s h i n g D e r b y c a m e Dunmire from Port Jervis, catch a bigger striper in the
2005, Christine Kemp 2007 & hope that our team success Impellittiere, Ryan Koval and looking for his team to have felt confident because they in last week, along with the took the $25 2 nd place award Hudson or Sound, or troll up
Ashley Morgan 2008). will continue.” Chris Marchese all knocked better at-bats and string a few had their ace Ryan Blicker winners in the April 1st and with a 4lb,4 oz. walleye from a lunker lake trout.
They don’t just give this “Dillon  is an outstanding in a run for the Blue Dev- wins together. With that the pitching. The Tigers were
celebrated honor away. It’s a student and person and he second week began. smacking the ball all over
highly scrutinized process that is totally deserving of this
ils while Rafael Famighetti
scored twice and had a pair of The first game was at Ar- the place, had taken the lead Semper Fi A Win for Quinn and James
is debated and politicked over, honor for his work on and right from the Yellow Jack-
which is something Chesnut is off the field,” said PV lax
hits. Zuvic settled down and
pitched effectively from the
dsley, a team that the Tigers
have had trouble with in years ets, and were now winning Parents Host
pretty good at himself. He is
a standing member of Model
coach Brian Kuczma.
Having reached the Section
fourth inning on. He whiffed
six batters and allowed four
past. It was a chilly Tuesday
afternoon and the Tigers were
3-2. They added a few more
runs later in the game and Golf Tourney
Congress and the Mock Trial 1 Class C finals in two of his earned runs but took the loss. looking for their first victory. now led 5-3. Anthony Tyndal Semper Fi Parents of the
team at PV High, which won three previous seasons on The defending Section 1 Chris Orlando would lead the came in to pitch for Orlando H u d s o n Va l l e y i s h a v i n g
the county-level gold medal the varsity, Chesnut and his Class C champion Haldane team on the mound and he and hopes were high for the its 4th Annual “Support the
and is participating in the teammates are driven by a softball team rocked Blind would definitely “show his Tigers. After a few hits and Troops” Golf Tournament
regional competition on April 2008 semifinal loss to Byram Brook’s world in a 15-0 stuff” on this day. He pitched a couple of errors, Hastings at The Links Golf Course
25th. He maintains a 95.67 Hills that still eats at them. It stomping. The Lisikatos six solid innings surrendering took the lead 8-5. That was in Union Vale, in Dutchess
GPA, which puts him in the was a loss the Tigers didn’t sisters were huge. Chucker two unearned runs, but errors too much of a deficit for the County on June 15, 2009,
top 10 percent of his class, see coming, and now they’ve Chelsea Lisikatos fired a one- and not enough timely hitting Tigers to overcome and they with registration and lunch
and won him a New York State been forced to deal with it for hitter and fanned 12 in six plagued the Tigers yet again. would lose a heartbreaking starting at 11am, and golf
2009 Academic Excellence more than 300 days. In that innings. Samantha Lisikatos Chris was given his second 8-6, starting the season with starting at 1pm. Dinner is
Scholarship. time, the Tigers have recom- was 3-for-3 and scored three loss of the season, one he an upsetting 0-5 record. included, with a special ap-
His course load is quite mitted themselves, hitting the times. surely did not deserve, as the These first five losing games pearance of a “Wounded War-
impressive and has included weights and training hard in In a 3-0 win over Valhalla, Tigers lost a tough game by have been against teams not rior” Detachment from Camp
various AP level courses, in- the off-season. They figure Chelsea Lisikatos struck out a a score of 2-1. in their league, and this week Lejeune. This is the group’s
cluding AP English literature, they will ultimately run into dozen while hurling a three- Now that the Tigers were begins the league schedule for biggest fund-raiser, which
AP English language, AP U.S. four-time reigning Section h i t t e r. S u p p o r t c a m e f r o m 0-3, they felt as if their next the Tigers. It will be a tough helps them send off “care”
history, AP microeconomics 1 champion Rye, who they OF Jade Lyons, who drove game against the Rye Gar- one, with Croton on Tuesday packages, including boxes Haldane varsity track athletes Quinn Kohut and
and Spanish 5. He scored a will first see this Saturday in two runs. The Blue Devils nets was a “must-win.” The and Thursday, and Briarcliff of homemade and Girl Scout James Olsen won the 400m and 1600m runs,
2120 on his SATs, including at PV. The game will be a also eked out a 6-5 decision Tigers remembered the Gar- on Saturday. The Tigers will cookies, electronic devices, respectively, at the meet held at Dover High School
a 780 on the essay portion gauge to determine whether in 10 innings against rival nets especially well, as they need to begin hitting on all etc., to active duty troops and on April 16, 2009.
and was offered merit schol- or not the Tigers belong on Dobbs Ferry, which clearly lost to them in the sectional cylinders since the rest of the Wounded Warriors.
arships at every one of the the same field with Rye, a semifinals during the ‘06-‘07 the season consists of mostly The cost for golf, lunch,
colleges that accepted him. team that has had Putnam
indicates they are ready to
league games. If they can catch
Beacon Rec Offers Swim and Kayak Lessons
do some serious damage in season. This reporter was on and dinner is $165, and for
Haverford is high on his list, Valley’s number in three of the hill, needing to pitch well fire they could make a run the dinner only, the cost is Beacon Recreation will May 2 through June 27 at the
Class C again this spring. be offering swimming and Beacon High School pool.
and he also been accepted its championship wins. The lone loss to this point in order to get my team its back to the sectional finals. $50; a portion of which is
at Carnegie-Mellon, Clark, The Tigers tuned up for tax-deductible. kayaking programs which An adult kayaking program
was an extra-inning setback are open to Putnam County will be a great introduction
Denison, Ithaca, Northeast- that regular-season meeting to Arlington (B), a Class AA For more information or
ern, NYU, and George Wash-
ington University.
with the Garnets by stomp-
ing Bronxville, 18-12, last
PV and Haldane coaches
West Point Hosts Regional to sign up, contact Paula at
914-474-2295 or Bob Delaney
residents as well.
Swimming lessons will be
to the world of paddlesports.
Forms for both programs are
Citizenship and volunteer-
ism has always been a part of
Tuesday. Chesnut paved the
way with four goals and three
are encouraged to email the Special Olympic Games at 845-831-3724. offered in an 8-lesson ses-
sion, to be held on Saturdays,
available at
writer weekly at yourdirec- More than 500 athletes from
Chesnut’s gig. Having known assists while teammate Ryan Performances are expected in an effort Orange, Rockland, Sullivan
the young lad for about 10 Fitzgerald scored five times by the Cadet Sport Parachute
to help publicize the athletic an d U ls ter co u n tie s alo n g
years, I can recall countless and set up two more. Jimmy Team, Gospel Choir, and the
exploits of our local athletes. with 600 cadet and commu-
times when he reached out to van de Veerdonk hit for the Hell Cats, a contingent of the
younger kids to assist and help hat trick and dished one as- nity volunteers will gather West Point Band, as part of
for the 2009 Hudson Valley the day’s activities.
Region Special Olympics at Omicron Delta Kappa, West
Coming Next Week: West Point Saturday, April 25, Point’s Leadership Honor
marking its 25th anniversary. Society sponsors the an-
A debate on the merits of parochial schools The competition kicks off at nual games. The event is
10:15am with opening cere- free and open to the public.
playing in the same league as public schools. monies at the academy’s Shea Concessions will be available
Stadium. Events will continue throughout the day.
through 2pm, at Arvin Gym- Guests are reminded proper
Sign up for nasium, Shea Stadium, and photo identification is re-
email alerts at the North Athletic Field. The quired for visitors 16 years
games will include numer- and older and all vehicles are ous track and field contests, subject to search upon enter-
adaptive games and aquatics. ing the academy grounds.
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 11


Photo by Caroline Balducci

Opening Day for Philipstown Little League

by Michael Turton banners, teams made their way or father volunteered their can hit it far,” he exclaimed.
from deep in the outfield to time to bring a community Mom just stood by and smiled.
Philipstown Little League their allotted places around together. I love the look on Minor Rays coach Joe Curto
kicked off a new season on the infield. Both baselines a player’s face after he gets sees Little Leaguers as benefit-
Saturday April 18, 2009, and were packed with excited robbed of a hit, but I love the ing in some very real ways.
the opening ceremonies may baseball players, anxious look on the defensive players “They pick up some great
have been the proof that spring to get the season underway. even more. I love the way life lessons,” Curto said.
really is finally here. Sunny Marina Martin, a fifth grade everyone on the team has a “They understand team work,
skies and warm temperatures student at Garrison school favorite helmet, and it fits their meet new people and learn
greeted the large crowd that sang the “Star Spangled Ban- heads just right. I love the way about time management—all
came out to the ball fields ner,” unaccompanied and in fans and players react when at age six,” he concluded.
on 9D in Cold Spring as part a manner befitting opening an umpire makes a terrible Slightly more tongue-in-
of the annual rite to cheer day at any professional base- call, but I love the umpires’ cheek was coach Matt Beachak
on the kids and to recognize ball park. Anthony Phillips, face after even more  .  .  .  ” in assessing his T-ball Mets.
team sponsors, coaches, and Cold Spring’s mayor for Mathew Hard, Jacob Hard, “Our chances are pretty good,
organizers. In fact, with 315 some sixteen years, threw out and Will Bohl of the Minor Ti- we’re probably the best team
players signed up for Little the first pitch to his grand- gers were asked by the PCN&R in T-Ball. Everyone has hit a
League this year and supported daughter Kaitlyn Phillips. what their favorite position homerun in practice,” he said,
by their parents, relatives, Eddie Barry, president of is. In rapid succession they before adding, “But really it’s
friends, neighbors, coaches, Philipstown Little League, all answered, “second base.” all about gum and candy.” Former Cold Spring mayor Tony Phillips
sponsors, volunteers, umpires, welcomed everyone and asked Their teammate Will Martin throws out the first pitch Little League teams line up as the color guard enters the field.
league officials, and local the crowd “to remember two was a bit more practical. “I
governments—the list of Phil- dear community members who like playing third base be-
ipstown residents not involved were buried this week, Jim cause you don’t have to do
with Little League in some Guinan of Garrison and Har- as much running,” he said.
capacity may be shorter than old Lyons of Cold Spring.” No one ever said coaching
those who are. Saturday’s cer- In his remarks, Barry quoted is not without its challenges.
emonies brimmed with com- a Minnesota baseball fan who When nine-year-old Alli
munity pride and involvement. was once asked why he loved Sharpley was asked what she
The Cold Spring Pipe and Little League baseball: “I love likes most about baseball she
Drum Corps marched in and the smell of fresh cut grass on didn’t hesitate. “I like that my
opened the festivities with a a beautiful spring evening, mom played it all of her life,”
stirring rendition of “America but even more on a rainy, she beamed. Any coach would
the Beautiful.” Teams entered cold afternoon. I love driv- be proud of her six-year-old
one at a time to proud applause ing by a Little League game brother and T-baller Mason’s Marina Martin sings. Rhoda and Marvin Needelman work the concessions.
from the hillside, their color- and noticing the base lines grasp of baseball fundamentals
ful and very clean uniforms are crooked. I love the fact when asked the same question.
contrasting against the bril- that those lines are crooked “I like that you can catch the
liant blue sky. Running behind because someone’s mother ball  .  .  .  and sometimes I
The Minor Tigers
Page 12 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Challenges of Main Street Abigail Adams Visits Haldane Howland Chamber Music PV Suspect Captured
Revitalization Discussed C i rc l e P re s e n t s C e l l i s t Putnam County Sheriff On April 8, 2009, a Town of
Donald B. Smith reports the Colonie police officer spot-
Town, village and county and funding opportunities. The Howland Chamber Mu- pianist and chamber musi- arrest of a resident from the ted Mr. Mazza in front of a
officials will gather at Cor- Representatives of participat- sic Circle is happy to present cian. He performs regularly City of Albany, New York on motel. The officer conducted a
nerstone Park in Carmel on ing communities will discuss a return engagement of the in the major music centers of criminal charges stemming wanted persons inquiry of Mr.
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 priorities, challenges and young cellist Zuill Bailey the world with many of his from the reported burglary Mazza by way of the national
at 1:30pm for the culmina- plans for implementation of in a program of music from generation’s most renowned of a Putnam Valley residence. crime computer. The results
tion of a yearlong series of recommendations. County the 18th to the 20th century. musicians and has appeared
In May of 2008, the Sher- of that check indicated that
Zuill Bailey is considered in many important festivals.
planning studies designed to representatives will discuss one of the pre-eminent cellists For their concert at the iff’s Office received a com- Mr. Mazza was wanted on the
i mp ro v e Put nam County’ s coordination of improve- of his generation. His rare Howland Center the duo has plaint from a Dennytown Road outstanding Putnam County
main streets and historical ments. combination of compelling chosen to play the Viola da resident reporting that their warrant. Mr. Mazza was taken
commercial corridors. The There is no fee for attending artistry, technical finesse, Gamba Sonata No.2 in D home had been forcibly en- into custody by the officer
public is invited to attend this program but registration and engaging personality has Major BWV 1028 by Bach, tered and items stolen from and subsequently turned over
a presentation of the revi- is required. Contact Michelle secured his place as one of the Sonata for Cello and Pi- within. Sheriff’s investigators.
talization planning studies Powers, Principal Planner at the most sought-after cellists ano in D minor, Op. 40 by Investigators Thomas Cor- Mr. Mazza was placed under
conducted by The RBA Group the Putnam County Planning Abigail Adams, aka Anne influence on the political today. Shostakovich, Mendelssohn’s less and John Matrician re- arrest, charged with Burglary
and E.M. Pemrick & Co. for Department at 845-878-3480, Kane-Lavin, 7th grade Eng- climate of the Revolution- Zuill Bailey performs on a Variationes Concertante, Op. sponded to investigate the in the Second Degree, a class
Brewster, Cold Spring, Kent, ext. 109 or at michelle.pow- lish teacher, talked to the ary years, as well as travel, 1693 Matteo Gofriller Cello, 17 and the Sonata for Cello incident. They conducted “C” felony, and returned to
P h i l i p s t o w n , P u t n a m Va l - to seventh grade students about medical practices, and the formerly owned by Mischa and Piano in F Major, Op. 90 interviews and gathered fo- Putnam County. He was ar-
ley, and the Putnam County register. her life in colonial America lives of her children. Schneider of the Budapest by Brahms. rensic evidence at the crime raigned before Philipstown
Trailway. While the projects Cornerstone Park is located prior to the outbreak of the Abigail Adams’ visit to String Quartet. In addition to The concert will take place scene, including materials To w n J u s t i c e S t e p h e n To-
war between the Mother Haldane was part of the cel- his extensive touring engage- on Sunday, April 26, at 4pm at which were sent to a forensic mann, acting on behalf of
are site specific, they ar e at the nor theas t cor n e r o f ments, Bailey is the Artistic the Howland Cultural Center,
applicable and replicable for Fair St. and Gleneida Ave in Country and her colonies. ebration for Women’s History laboratory for DNA analy- the Town of Putnam Valley
Taking questions from her Month. Another part of the Director of El Paso Pro Mu- 477 Main Streat , Beacon, sis. Based on the evidence Justice Court and remanded
all communities. Carmel, a half block north of sica and Professor of Cello and will be followed by a
Program highlights include the Historic Putnam County audience on a wide range of celebration included having collected and the results of to the Putnam County Cor-
topics, Mrs. Adams described the students present a large at the University of Texas reception to meet the artists. the DNA testing, investiga- rectional Facility in lieu of
information on niche mar- Courthouse. This program at El Paso. Tickets at $30 ($10 for stu-
keting studies, traffic calm- is sponsored by the Putnam her teen years, life in Boston range of personalities from tors were able to apply for $50,000 cash bail or secured
Mr. Bailey will be accom- dents) can be reserved by
ing and pedestrian access while her husband built a biographies they read. Mrs. an arrest warrant accusing bond.
County Planning Depart- p a n i e d b y R o b e rt K o e n i g , calling 297-9243.
law practice, the importance Adams thanks Linda Merolle, a pianist who has quickly Further information can 42-year-old John P. Mazza, Jr. A conviction of the burglary
techniques, signage codes, ment and funded by the NYS
of letters, and her writing’s Haldane Middle School li- established a reputation as be found at www.howland- of 262 State Street, Albany, charge may result in a term of
and interpretive signage for Qualilty Communities Grant
brarian for arranging for a sought-after collaborative with burglary. In an effort to incarceration as determined
the Putnam County bikeway, Program. LEGAL NOTICE by a court for up to fifteen
the First Lady to come to locate the suspect, warrant
streetscape design strategies, NOTICE OF FORMATION information was entered into years in a New York State
LEGAL NOTICE the national crime computer. correctional facility.
Wetlands Notice C O M PA N Y. N A M E : M .

BUCCI, LLC. A rticles of
NOTICE WT 4/2009
Notice is hereby given Organization were filed KCAC Schedules Family Hike
t h a t t h e To w n o f P u t n a m with the Secretary of State
Va l l e y h a s r e c e i v e d a o f N e w Yo r k ( S S N Y ) o n to Hawk Rock
wetlands application from 12/10/08. Office location:
Putnam County. SSNY has A naturalist and a historical Reservation, will point out the
the following applicants: been designated as agent of interpreter will be among the area’s particular flora, fauna,
WT 6/09Maria & Silvio the LLC upon whom process group hiking with Kent Conser- and wildlife while noted history
Imperati against it may be served.
59 Indian Hill Road vational Advisory Committee buff Tom Maxson, chairman of
T M : 8 5 . 1 5 - 2 - 4 SSNY shall mail a copy (KCAC) members during the Highlands Historic Preserva-
LEGAL NOTICE of process to the LLC, c/o Family Hike to Hawk Rock on tion, will provide information
Notice of Formation of LEGAL NOTICE Michael Bucci, 114 Vista Sunday, May 3. The annual out- on the families, dwellings, stone
BIRTHING ESSENTIALS G Z S T E WA RT L L C , a On The Lake, Carmel, New
& RENTALS LLC, a York 10512. Purpose: For ing into the DEP Horsepound chambers, and other man-made
domestic Limited Liability Brook unit is open to the public or natural structures along the
domestic LLC. Arts. of Company (LLC) filed with any lawful purpose.
Org. filed with the SSNY on the Sec of State of NY on and has become a favorite out- route.
01/21/09. Office lo cation: 7-31-08. NY Office location: LEGAL NOTICE door adventure for many young For further information con-
Putnam County. SSNY has Putnam County. SSNY is Notice of the formation families. tact George Baum at: alche-
been designated as agent designated as agent upon of Greentek Clean Energy, Kent resident Beth Herr, a or call him
upon whom process against whom process against the L L C . A r t s . o f O rg . f i l e d naturalist who works at Teatown at: (845) 225-3942.
the LLC may be served. LLC may be served. SSNY with the Secy. of State on
SSNY shall mail a copy of shall mail a copy of any 4/9/2009. Office location:
pro cess to: Debbie Aglietti, process against the LLC Putnam County SSNY
23 Hilltop Drive, Mahopac, served upon him/her to designated as agent of LLC
NY 10541. Purpose: Any Ross & Matza, 265 Sunrise upon whom process against
Lawful Purpose. H w y. , S t e . 6 5 , R o c k v i l l e it may be served. SSNY shall
Centre, NY 11570. General mail copy of process to: 527
LEGAL NOTICE purposes. East Mountain Rd., Cold
Notice of formation of LEGAL NOTICE Spring, NY 10516. Purpose:
Curt Anders’ Books LLC. TA D I N I E Q U I T I E S any law ful activity.
A r t i c l e s o f O rg a n i z a t i o n LLC, a domestic Limited
were filed with the Secretary Liability Company (LLC) LEGAL NOTICE
of State (SSNY) on 12/2/08. filed with the Sec of State of NOTICE OF FORMATION
Office location: Putnam NY on 12-3-08. NY Office OF LIMITED LIABILITY
C o u n t y. S S N Y h a s b e e n location: Putnam County. C O M PA N Y. N A M E :
designated as agent of LLC SSNY is designated as REMINGTON CUNEO
upon whom process against LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Central School District at
agent upon whom process I N T E R N AT I O N A L , L L C . NOTICE OF PUBLIC
it may be served. SSNY shall against the LLC may be A r t i c l e s o f O rg a n i z a t i o n NOTICE OF ANNUAL Philipstown, Dutchess and
mail copy of process against AUCTION DISTRICT MEETING Putnam Counties, New
served. SSNY shall mail a were filed with the Secretary
the LLC to: 666 Old Albany copy of any process against o f S t a t e o f N e w Yo r k In accordance with the & E L E C T I O N , York, is hereby authorized
Post Road, Garrison, NY the LLC served upon him/ (SSNY) on 03/31/09. Office applicable provisions of ANNUAL PUBLIC to purchase school vehicles,
10524 Purpose: any lawful her to Alicia Ragno/Letitia location: Putnam County. the Uniform Commercial BUDGET HEARING including incidental
activity. Ragno, 10 Alta Rd., Lake SSNY has been designated Code as in effect in A N D R E G I S T R AT I O N expenses in connection
Peekskill, NY 10537. Latest as agent of the LLC upon t h e S t a t e o f N e w Yo r k , OF VOTERS OF THE therewith, at an estimated
LEGAL NOTICE date to dissolve:12-1-2039. whom process against it may Consortium Properties, HALDANE CENTRAL maximum total cost of
H AT T F O R D , B R O W N General Purposes. be served. SSNY shall mail a LLC will sell collateral S C H O O L D I S T R I C T, $65,000; and that such
AND ASSOCIATES, LLC, copy of process to the LLC, consisting of uncertificated COUNTY OF PUTNAM, sum, or so much thereof as
a domestic Limited Liability LEGAL NOTICE 74 South Street, securities representing a COLD SPRING, NEW may be necessary, shall be
Company (LLC) filed with P a t t e r s o n , N e w Yo r k 50% ownership interest YORK. raised by the levy of a tax
H U D S O N VA L L E Y in Brewster Development NOTICE IS HEREBY upon the taxable property
the Sec of State of NY FREEDOM PRESS, LLC; 12563. Purpose: For any
on 12-2-08. NY Office lawful purpose. Group LLC, whose sole GIVEN, that the Haldane of said School District
A r t i c l e s o f O rg a n i z a t i o n asset (to the knowledge Central School District of and collected in annual N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R
location: Putnam County. 3 / 2 4 / 0 9 ; S S N Y; P u t n a m
SSNY is designated as of Consortium Properties, Philipstown will hold a installments as provided by GIVEN, that application for GIVEN, that the Board of
County, New York; SSNY NYS DOT LLC) consists of a single vote upon the authorization Section 416 of the Education absentee ballots for election Registration will meet at
agent upon whom process designated as agent of LLC
against the LLC may be REQUEST FOR BIDS parcel of commercial real of appropriation of the Law; and, in anticipation of the board member, on the the Haldane High School,
upon whom process may be Sealed bids for the property containing 17.567 necessary financial sum of such tax, obligations of budget and on propositions 15 Craigside Drive, in Cold
served. SSNY shall mail a served. Address for mailing
copy of any process against following projects will be acres located at 1050 Route to meet the estimated said School District shall may be applied for at the Spring, New York, in said
copy of process: 86 Main received in an envelope 6 in the town of Southeast, expenditures for the Haldane be issued. NOTICE IS office of the Clerk of the school district on Tuesday,
the LLC served upon him/ St, Cold Spring NY 10516;
her to Alicia Ragno/Letitia annotated with project N e w Yo r k 1 0 5 0 9 . T h e Central School District FURTHER GIVEN, that the District. Such application May 12, 2009 between
Purpose: any lawful purpose; name and number until property fronts the east side ( 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 B u d g e t Vo t e ) aforesaid proposition will for absentee ballots will the hours of 4:00 PM and
Ragno, 10 Alta Rd., Lake Perpetuity.
Peekskill, NY 10537. Latest 10:30 a.m. on May 21, 2009 of Route 6. including the authorization appear on the ballot labels be available commencing 8:00 PM Prevailing Time,
date to dissolve: 12-1-2039. a t t h e O ff i c e o f C o n t r a c t There is no warranty of the Board of Education of the voting machines Friday, April 17, 2009. Such on which date and time
LEGAL NOTICE Management, NYS Dept. of relating to title, possession, to levy taxes therefore, as used at said meeting in application must be received the Board of Registration
General Purposes. Notice of Qualification of Transportation, 1ST FLOOR quiet enjoyment, or the like well as the election of two the following abbreviated by the District Clerk at least will prepare the register of
LEGAL NOTICE Steel Winds LLC. Authority SUITE 1 CM, 50 WOLF RD, in this disposition. Board members, in Room form: PROPOSITION II: seven (7) days before the the school district and any
filed with Secy. of State of A L B A N Y, N Y 1 2 2 3 2 a n d The collateral will be sold 105 of the Haldane Middle SCHOOL VEHICLES Shall election if the ballot is to be person shall be entitled to
M A N A H A N NY (SSNY) on 3/26/09. to the highest bidder at a School of the Haldane the following resolution mailed to the voter, or the have his name placed upon
I N D U S T R I A L G R O U P, will then be publicly read. A
Office location: Putnam certified or cashier’s check public auction on Thursday, Central School Building, be adopted, to wit: day before the election if such register provided that
LLC, a domestic Limited C o u n t y. L L C f o r m e d i n A p r i l 2 3 , 2 0 0 9 a t 11 : 0 0 15 Craigside Drive, Cold RESOLVED, that the Board the ballot is to be delivered at such meeting of the
Liability Company (LLC) payable to the NYS Dept. of
Delaware (DE) on 9/2/05. Transportation for the sum a . m . ( E a s t e r n Ti m e ) ( t h e Spring, New York, Putnam of Education of the Haldane personally to the voter. A Board of Registration, he
filed with the Sec of State of SSNY designated as agent “Auction”). County, on Tuesday, May Central School District at list of all persons to whom is known or proven to the
NY on 8-15-08. NY Office specified in the proposal or
of LLC upon whom process a bid bond, FORM CONR The Auction will be held 19, 2009. Polls will be open Philipstown, Dutchess and absentee ballots have been satisfaction of such Board of
location: Putnam County. against it may be served. at: from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Putnam Counties, New issued will be filed with the Registration to be then and
SSNY is designated as agent 391, representing “25% of
SSNY shall mail process to: the bid total” as specified Cuddy & Feder LLP Prevailing Time. York, is hereby authorized Clerk of the District and thereafter entitled to vote
upon whom process against 10 E. 40th St., 10th Fl., NY, 300 Westage Business N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R to purchase school vehicles will be available for public at said district meeting to
the LLC may be served. in the contract proposal,
NY 10016. DE address of must accompany each bid. Center GIVEN, that a copy of the at an estimated maximum inspection during the regular be held on the 19th day of
SSNY shall mail a copy LLC: 615 S. DuPont Hwy., Fishkill, New York 12524 statement of the amount total cost of $65,000; office hours until the day May, 2009; that the register
of any process against the Plans and proposals can be
Dover, DE 19901. Arts. of obtained from the Plan Sales For additional information of money which will be and that such sum shall of the election EXCEPT prepared pursuant to Section
LLC served upon him/her to O rg . f i l e d w i t h D E S e c y. regarding this Auction required for the ensuing be raised by a tax levy SATURDAY, SUNDAY OR 2014 of the Education Law
The LLC, 51 Chestnut Ridge Unit, at the above address;
of State, 401 Federal St., a n d t h e R e g i o n a l O ff i c e s please contact: year for school purposes, to be collected in annual H O L I D AY. S u c h l i s t w i l l shall be filed in the office
Rd., Mahopac, NY 10541. Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Patrick A. Nickler together with any text of installments, with District also be posted in the office of the School District Clerk;
General purposes. noted below. The right is
Purpose: any lawful activity. reserved to reject all bids. Patton Boggs LLP any resolution which will be obligations to be issued of the District Clerk and at that such register be open for
A T T E N T I O N 2550 M Street, NW presented to the voters, may in anticipation thereof? the said polling place on the inspection by any qualified
LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Washington, DC 20037 be obtained by any resident N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R day of the Annual District voter of the district; and the
PRISTINE EQUITIES MICHELLE GLASS, Contractors should be (202) 457-6530 Phone in the district commencing GIVEN, that petitions Meeting. hours during which such
LLC, a domestic Limited LLC, a domestic Limited advised of new legislation (202) 457-6315 Fax Tu e s d a y, A p r i l 2 8 , 2 0 0 9 , nominating candidates for N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R register will be open for
Liability Company (LLC) Liability Company (LLC) for Lobbying on All pnickler@pattonboggs. E X C E P T S AT U R D A Y, the office of Member of the GIVEN, that pursuant inspection on each of the
filed with the Sec of State of filed with the Sec of State Procurement Contracts com S U N D AY O R H O L I D AY; Board of Education must be to Section 2014 of the five days prior to and the day
NY on 12-18-08. NY Office of NY on 1/29/09. NY Office effective January 1, 2006. D i s c l a i m e r . during the hours of 9:00 AM filed with the Clerk of the E d u c a t i o n L a w, p e r s o n a l set for the school meeting,
location: Putnam County. location: Putnam County. Details of guidelines, Consortium Properties, LLC and 3:00 PM at the following District between the hours registration of voters is EXCEPT SUNDAY shall be
SSNY is designated as SSNY is designated as regulations and forms is authorized at such sale, locations: of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, required, and no person shall between 9:00 AM and 1:00
agent upon whom process agent upon whom process are provided on the if it deems it advisable or Haldane Central School not later than Monday, April be entitled to vote at said PM Prevailing Time.
against the LLC may be against the LLC may be Department’s Web Site. For is required by applicable District, Business Office, 20, 2009. The following meeting whose name does not N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R
served. SSNY shall mail a served. SSNY shall mail a more information, Contact law to do so: (1) to restrict Elementary School Office, vacancies are to be filled appear on the register of said GIVEN, that aside from the
copy of any process against copy of any process against Person(s) Jodi Riano, Bill the prospective bidders on Middle School Office, and on the Board of Education: School District or who does usual meeting of the Board
the LLC served upon him/ the LLC served upon him/ Howe NYSDOT Contract or purchasers of the above High School Office all Two (2) - three (3) year not register as hereinafter of Registration as designated
her to Alicia Ragno/Letitia her to c/o Philip D’Angelo Management Bureau, 50 securities to be sold to those located at 15 Craigside terms expiring June 30, 2012. provided, except a person above, pursuant to Section
Ragno, 10 Alta Rd., Lake CPA, 2001 Palmer Ave., Ste. Wo l f R o a d , 1 s t F l o o r , who will represent and agree Drive, Cold Spring, New Name of Last Incumbents: who is otherwise qualified to 2014 of the Education Law,
Peekskill, NY 10537. Latest 201, Larchmont, NY 10538 Suite 1CM, Albany NY that they are purchasing York 10516. Bruce Campbell and Evan vote and is registered under the Board of Registration
date to dissolve: 12-1-2039. General purposes. 12232 Email: jriano@dot. for their own account for N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R Schwartz the provisions of Article 5 will meet on the day of the
General Purposes. s t a t e . n y. u s , w h o w e @ d o t . investment and not with GIVEN, that there will be Each petition must be o f t h e E l e c t i o n L a w. T h e Annual District Meeting (518) 457-3583 a view to the distribution a public Budget Hearing directed to the Clerk of the Board of Registration shall and Election at the place
LEGAL NOTICE Suzanna Charles NYSDOT or resale of any of such on Tuesday, May 5, 2009, District, must be signed by prepare a register for said where this meeting is held,
P R O D U C T I O N LEGAL NOTICE Office of Legal Affairs assets, (2) to verify that at 7:00 PM in the Merritt at least thirty (30) qualified District meeting, except for the purpose of preparing
MANAGEMENT GROUP MJET ERRANDS, LLC,a Email scharles@dot.state. such securities have not Building of the Haldane voters of the district, must that the register prepared a Register for any meeting
LLC, a domestic Limited domestic Limited Liability (518) 457-3583 been registered under the Central School for the state the residence of each at the last annual meeting or election held AFTER the
Liability Company (LLC) Company (LLC) filed with Reg. 08, Joan Dupont, Securities Act of 1933 and purpose of a discussion of q u a l i f i e d v o t e r, a n d m u s t or election shall be used Annual District Meeting and
filed with the Sec of State of the Sec of State of NY on Regional Director, 4 Burnett may not be disposed of in the expenditure of funds and state the name and address as a basis therefore and Election held on Tuesday,
NY on 1-20-09. NY Office 1/21/09. NY Office location: Blvd., Poughkeepsie, NY violation of the provisions the budgeting thereof. of the candidate. shall include all persons May 19, 2009.
location: Putnam County. Putnam County. SSNY is 12603 of said Act, (3) to disclaim N O T I C E I S F U RT H E R The ANNUAL DISTRICT who shall have presented BY ORDER OF THE
SSNY is designated as designated as agent upon D 2 6 11 4 1 , P I N 8 8 0 9 . 8 8 , and to refuse to give any GIVEN, that at said annual ELECTION will be held at themselves personally for BOARD OF EDUCATION
agent upon whom process whom process against the F.A. Proj. C240-8809-883, warranty, and (4) to impose meeting to be held on the same hours as the Budget registration thereat and also OF HALDANE CENTRAL
against the LLC may be LLC may be served. SSNY Dutchess, Orange & Putnam such other limitations or Tuesday, May 19, 2009 the Vo t e i n R o o m 1 0 5 o f t h e all persons who shall have SCHOOL DISTRICT
served. SSNY shall mail a shall mail a copy of any Cos., Bridge Painting at conditions in connection following Proposition will Haldane Central School been previously registered OF PHILIPSTOWN,
copy of any process against process against the LLC Va r i o u s L o c a t i o n s . B i d with any such sale as be submitted: Building, 15 Craigside Drive hereunder for any annual or PUTNAM AND DUTCHESS
the LLC served upon him/ served upon him/her to Deposit $750,000.00, NO Consortium Properties, PROPOSITION II: C o l d S p r i n g , N e w Yo r k , district meeting or election COUNTIES, NEW YORK
her to Michael Zinn, 28 The LLC, 14 Garrity Blvd, PLANS, Proposals $25, LLC deems necessary or SCHOOL VEHICLES Putnam County, on Tuesday, and who shall have voted at Diane Stropoli
Wa i n w r i g h t D r. , C a r m e l , Brewster, NY 10509 General plus $8 Postage. THIS advisable in order to comply Shall the following May 19, 2009. Voting will any annual or special district March, 2009
NY 10512. General purposes purposes. CONTRACT REQUIRES with said Act or any other resolution be adopted, to wit: be by voting machine. Polls meeting or election held or Cold Spring, New York
NIGHT TIME WORK. applicable law. RESOLVED, that the Board will be open from 7:00 AM conducted during the four
Goals: DBE 0% of Education of the Haldane to 9:00 PM Prevailing Time. prior calendar years.
T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Page 13

Polhemus Property to Aid Lions Guard Privacy at Manitoga Event Welcomes Needed: Senior Volunteers
PCHS With Funds Match Shredding Day Potential Campers with Computer Knowledge
The Russel Wright Design “There’s so much going If you have basic computer Helping others into computer
Community organizations real estate firm. The Polhe-
Center’s 75 acres of woodland on here this summer,” said knowledge and want to help literacy will even help your
are feeling the effects of the muses are long-time Garrison
paths and streams will once Manitoga Assistant Director another senior to get into the own “brain health.” Research
economic downturn as much residents and Terry serves as
again host a season of sum- Lori Moss. “We’ll be breaking Information Age, SeniorNet tells us the brain can rewire
as anyone else, and one local treasurer of the PCHS board
mer fun and learning when ground to continue restora- would like you to join them late in life, and what better
company thinks this is the of trustees.
Summer Nature & Design tion on Wright’s house and way than in computer activi-
best possible time for busi- Neal Zuckerman, president and “pass it on.” SeniorNet
Camp swings into action will be restoring the house’s
nesses to lend a hand to their of the PCHS board, said, needs help at the Putnam Val- ties? The activities keep the
on July 6. Children ages 5 g r e e n r o o f . We a r e r e a l l y
not-for-profit cousins. Polhe- “Community organizations ley Senior Center to work with mind alert. We now know
to 12 will enjoy a variety excited about incorporat-
mus Property Management of depend on financial con- seniors who want to learn the that all human brains lose
of nature-focused hiking, ing these challenges into the
Garrison is offering to match tributions and volunteers. basic computer skills. Help- nerve cells as they age, but
arts, and sporting activities camp curriculum so that the
all company contributions to Challenging times like these experiments have shown that
on the beautiful grounds of children can see first hand ing another senior to learn
the Putnam County Historical magnify the impact of every
Putnam County’s only Na- the process of historically to use the computer will not computer activities can help
Society (PCHS) between now contribution, whatever the
tional Historic Landmark. A preserving a National His- only enrich another’s life, brain cells stay alive. Mental
and June 30, 2009, up to a size. It means a lot to see
preview of the camp season toric Landmark.” but it will reward and enrich stimulation slows memory
maximum of $2500. the local business community
will take place on Saturday, The Manitoga Summer Na- you. As a local senior was loss and other cognitive de-
“We thought one way to step forward.”
May 2, from 2 until 4pm; ture & Design Camp brochure clines associated with ag-
demonstrate the goodwill in Contributions of any size heard to say, “I want to do
rain date is Sunday, May 3, can be found online at www.
our community is to provide are tax-deductible and eli- something to make the world ing. Computer activities are
same time. Open Day offers To
an incentive for other small gible for the matching grant. Getting ready to assist Philipstown residents with shredding a better place, and this is the endless.
a chance to explore the site, receive a copy or for ad-
businesses to give what they A gift of $100 means $200 for time to do it, when I am still If you are interested in help-
files and papers are Lions David Lilburne, Jean Milkovich, meet the staff and learn about ditional information, call
can to an organization that PCHS. Corporate donors will active.” ing, call Director Mary White
Betty Budney, Henry and Adele Stern, and Frank Milkovich. the program. Both new and the Manitoga office at 424-
does so much to make Phil- be recognized on a panel in at the center at 845-621-0600
returning campers and their 3812. Manitoga is located at Sometimes called “act two
ipstown a special place to
live and work,” said Terry
the entryway of the Foundry
School Museum. Donations Book Benefits Bannerman’s families are welcome to hike
the trails and find out about
584 Route 9D in Garrison,
2.5 miles north of the Bear
of life,” in doing something
meaningful it often entails
or Cathy O’Brien, SeniorNet
coordinator at 845-628-6423
Polhemus, who, along with can be sent to Putnam County Bannerman’s Castle Trust. fornia to resurrect her father’s Manitoga’s other programs Mountain Bridge. “passing it on” - passing on or go online at www.Mahopac-
her husband Charlie man- Historical Society-Foundry Inc. presents the launch of a photographic survey of the
ages Polhemus Property, a School Museum, 63 Chest- b ef o r e o r af ter O p en D ay your skills and information.
resurrected book benefiting Hudson River. Founded by activities.
nut Street, Cold Spring, NY the preservation of Banner- a veteran of Adobe Systems,
10516. Credit card contribu- Manitoga provides the set-
LEGAL N O T I C E man’s Island. Lucey Bowen 42-Line combined state-of- ting for five one-week, full-
tions can be made by calling will speak about images from the-art photography, filtering,
Work Session Beginning at PCHS at 265-4010. day sessions. This year’s
6:30 PM – Communications Great River of the Mountains: and craftsmanship to produce themes include reptiles and
Notice is hereby given The Hudson, published in a facsimile edition that looks birds, geology, living in har-
to interested parties that 1941. Signed copies will be newly- minted. Bowen chose mony with nature, botany,
a Public Hearing will be LEGAL NOTICE available for sale at the event, Bannerman’s Castle Trust to and theater.
held by the Putnam Valley Notice is hereby given Saturday, May 2, 1-3pm, in receive the proceeds from the Youth Educator Outdoor
Zoning Board of A ppeals t h a t t h e To w n o f P u t n a m the gallery space of Beacon sale of the book. “When I
on Thursday, April 30, 2009 Training, a four-day program
at 7:30 at Town Hall, 265 Va l l e y h a s r e c e i v e d a Institute for Rivers and Es- first saw Bannerman’s Castle piloted with overwhelming
Oscawana Lake Road for wetlands application from tuaries at 199 Main Street, and its forbidden island in success last season, will run
the purpose of considering the following applicants: Beacon. my father’s book, they cast from June 29 through July
the following petitions WT 7/09 Wi t h p h o t o g r a p h s a n d their spell on me. The Trust
DeRiggi, Dino & Renee 2. The program will provide
and requests together with Peekskill Hollow Road prose by her father, photo- is preserving this unique site. intensive orientation for teen
all other matters that may TM: 73.-2-21 journalist Croswell Bowen, Visitors to the next Hudson/ volunteers and camp coun-
properly come before the and an introduction by Carl Fulton/Champlain Celebra- selors.
Board at this time. Carmer, the facsimile edition tion will be able to enjoy it.” Mark Wick, fourth-grade
AGENDA for the Quadricentennial has a The Bannerman Castle
Held over case LEGAL NOTICE teacher and reptile enthusi-
1. Putnam County Philipstown Planning new foreword by the author’s Trust, Inc is a not-for-profit ast, is “thrilled to return this
National Bank 3,5;8- Board Site Visit daughters. Croswell Bowen’s “friends” organization of vol- summer for my third year at
12 Hollowbrook 91.27-1-12 S u n d a y, A p r i l 2 6 , 2 0 0 9 book of photographs was con- unteers working with the New camp.” Mark will be joined
CC-1 at 9:30 a.m. - Lyons Realty sidered the visual counter- York State Office of Parks, by Artist-in-Residence Linda
Request variance for Company - Route 9, Cold part to folk historian Carl Recreation, and Historic Pres- Richards, regional educator
front setback for off- Spring Carmer’s The Hudson. Long ervation. For information on and artist, who will link each
street parking, and an out of print, rarely available how to become a “Friend of the week’s theme with creative
Interpretation to determine LEGAL NOTICE copies were yellowing and Castle,” call 845-831-6346, art projects using the natural
whether a variance is New York State Department faded. Lucey Bowen turned or visit
required for having two of Environmental environment.
principal building on a lot. Conservation to 42-Line of Oakland, Cali-
2. Beverly Hills Cemetery, Notice of Complete
Corp 101 Mill St 84.-2-35 Application LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE N e w Yo r k S t a t e G e n e r a l important considerations. contractor for a period of Transportation has
PD Date: 04/20/2009 Municipal Law requires H o w e v e r, t h e D i r e c t o r o f three years from the date established a Disadvantaged
P u t n a m Va l l e y C e n t r a l LOCAL LAW #6 OF 2009 that procedures for Purchasing may consider of final payment under Business Enterprise (DBE)
Request for interpretation Applicant: School District A LOCAL LAW/AMEND
as to whether the existing YMCA OF NORTHERN purchasing goods and other relevant factors, the contract and by the Program in accordance
The Board of Education, CHAPTER 140/PUTNAM services that fall below including: subcontractor for a period with regulations of the
cemetery use can be WESTCHESTER AND P u t n a m Va l l e y C e n t r a l COUNTY CODE/ENTITLED
expanded. Request for PUTNAM COUNTIES 250 the monetary bid limits be (a) Installation costs; of three years from the date U.S. Department of
School District, Putnam “ P R O C U R E M E N T established and approved by (b) Life cycle costs; of final payment under the Transportation (DOT), 49
variance under Article XI, MAMARONECK AVE Va l l e y, N Y, i n v i t e s a l l POLICY”
S ection 1 6 5- 11 A ( 5 )( b ) WHITE PLAINS, NY the governing board. The (c) The quality and subcontract. CFR Part 26. The County
qualified bidders to submit A Local Law to Amend following shall constitute reliability of the goods and § 140-3.20. Reporting of of Putnam’s Department
of the Zoning Code, the 10605 sealed bids for: Chapter 140 of the Putnam
minimum allowable distance Facility: Putnam County policy: services; anti-competitive practices. o f P u b l i c Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n
ATHLETIC SUPPLIES & County Code Entitled (1)Cumulative purchases. (d) The delivery terms; When for any reason has received federal
between structures is 100 YMCA CAMP COMBE EQUIPMENT “Procurement Policy”
ft., the proposed office 684 PEEKSKILL (a)Purchases shall be (e) Indicators of probably collusion or other anti- financial assistance
Specifications and Be it enacted by the evaluated with attention supplier performance under competitive practices from the Department of
will be 17.2ft. from the HOLLOW RD PUTNAM Instructions to Bidders may Legislature of the County
existing building. Request VALLEY, NY give to cumulative dollar the contract such as past are suspected among any Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n a n d a s a
be obtained at the Athletics of Putnam as follows: amounts expected in a given supplier performance, bidders or offerors, a notice condition of receiving this
variance under Article Application ID: O ff i c e b e t w e e n t h e h o u r s Section 1.
XI, Section 165-14, for 3-3728-00200/00001 f i s c a l y e a r. T h e D i r e c t o r the supplier’s financial of the relevant facts shall assistance, the County
of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., A New Section 140-1.5 of Purchasing shall canvas resources and ability to be transmitted to the State of Putnam’s Department
maximum building length Permits(s) Applied for: Monday through Friday, at entitled Purchasing Officials
permitted in the PD Zone. 1 - Article 24 Freshwater using agencies to determine perform, the supplier’s Attorney General, County o f P u b l i c Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n
146 Peekskill Hollow Road, is hereby added to Chapter yearly value of a commodity experience or demonstrated Attorney and District acknowledges that the
Request variance for open Wetlands Putnam Valley, NY 10579. 140 of the Putnam County
area, minimum open area Project is located: or service. Past history can capability and responsibility, Attorney. requirements of 49 CFR
All bids are to be returned Code to read as follows: be taken into consideration and the supplier’s ability to § 140-3.21. County Part 26, as amended, shall
requirement in the PD Zone in PUTNAM VALLEY in to Mr. Paul N. Lee, Assistant §140-1.5. Purchasing
is 98%; the proposed action PUTNAM COUNTY when evaluating yearly costs provide reliable maintenance of Putnam procurement be complied with. It is the
Superintendent for Business Officials associated with the purchase agreements and support; records. policy of the County of
will result in 92.3% open Project Description: and Finance, located in Pursuant to Section 104-
area. This proposal includes the of a commodity or service. (f)The cost of any A.Contract file. All Putnam and its Department
the Business Office at the b of the General Municipal If the bid limit is suspected employee training associated determinations and other of Public Transportation to
3. YMCA 684-694 construction of a “treehouse” High School, 146 Peekskill Law the Putnam County
Peekskill Hollow Rd 63.- (including the installation of to be exceeded, competitive with a purchase; written records pertaining ensure that DBEs, as defined
Hollow Road, Putnam Legislature shall at its bidding shall be used. This (g) The effect of a purchase to the solicitation, award, in Part 26, have an equal
3-27 PD 12 concrete filled sonotubes Valley, NY 10579, before Organizational Meeting each
Request variance under for footings), a 2,200 sq. decision shall rest with the on agency productivity; and or performance of a contract opportunity re receive and
the closing date and time for year identify the individual Director of Purchasing. (h) Other factors relevant shall be maintained by the participate in DOT-assisted
Article XI, Section 165- ft. expansion of a gravel the bids as follows without or individuals responsible
14 for height requirements parking area, and the (b) If there are several to determining the best value County of Putnam in a contracts.
further notice: for purchasing and their comparable separate public for the County in the context contract file by the Director §140-9.2. Required
for proposed tree houses, installation of a removable 11:00 AM, April 30, 2009 respective titles.
and mini camp expansion. storage shed within the 100 works projects for the same of a particular purchase, or Purchasing. contract clauses.
Prevailing Time Section 2. or various locations, in a including the status of the B.Retention of It is the policy of the
Request variance under foot adjacent area of NYS Non-Collusive Bidding The existing Section 140-
Article XI, Section 165- Freshwater Wetland OL-40 foreseeable time frame, vendor as a Putnam County procurement records. All County of Putnam and
Certification must be 1.5 of the Code of Putnam whose expected cumulative based small business. procurement records shall its Department of Public
36J(2) for setback from (Class 1), associated with returned as part of the bid. County entitled Definitions
property line for proposed improvements to YMCA total is more than $10,000, (4) Documentation. All be retained and disposed of Transportation to ensure that
The Board of Education is hereby renumbered 140- written quotes must be quotes (written or telephone) by the County of Putnam most current FTA-required
tree house, mini camp C a m p C o m b E . To t a l reserves the right to reject, 1.6
expansion, sheds and drop proposed disturbance within obtained from a minimum shall be documented in the in accordance with record contract clauses will be used
waive, or refuse to waive Section 3. of three suppliers. procurement record and shall retention guidelines and in all FTA-funded contracts
off area. Request variance the 100 foot adjacent area is informalities on any and all The existing Section 140-
under Article XI, Section approximately 3,600 sq, ft. (2) Methods of be filed in the respective schedules approved by the and that the FTA Website
bids. 1.6 of the Code of Putnam procurement not covered year’s quote files or attached State of New York. shall be checked prior to
1 6 5 - 11 A ( 5 ) , f o r d i s t a n c e Availability of Application Bids opened and read County entitled Public
from adjacent structures for Documents: by competitive to the Purchasing Division’s Section 6. each procurement.
shall remain irrevocable Access to Procurement Bidding. copy of the purchase order. Article IX of the Code §140-9.3. National and
proposed tree house, sheds, Filed application for a period of forty-five Information is hereby
and cabins. documents, and Department (a)Purchases for All purchase resulting from of Putnam County entitled regional ITS architecture
(45) days. renumbered 140-1.7 commodities, equipment, a written, electronic or “Disposition of Surplus policy.
4. Koumas, Michael 19 draft permits where Linda Pregiato District Section 4.
Sassinoro Dr 84.-1-58 R3 applicable, are available for supplies, materials and telephone quote shall have Personal Property” is hereby A.Prior to authorization
Clerk Putnam Valley Central The existing Section 140- services in the amount the quote number referenced renumbered to Article VIII of mass transit funds
Request side line setback inspection during normal School District Putnam 3.6 of the Code of Putnam
for proposed cabana. business hours at the address of $3,000 or less shall be on the electronic purchase to read as follows: f r o m t h e H i g h w a y Tr u s t
Valley, NY 10579 County entitled Purchases awarded at the discretion of o r d e r o r v o u c h e r, t h u s ARTICLE VIII Fund for acquisition
New Applications o f t h e c o n t a c t p e r s o n . To not subject to bidding is
5. Schmittman, Marcella ensure timely service at LEGAL NOTICE the Director of Purchasing; creating an audit trail. Disposition of Surplus or implementation of
hereby amended to read as purchases more than $3,000 Section 5 Personal Property Intelligent Transportation
48 Seneca Rd 62.63-1-34 the time of inspection, it TOWN OF follows:
R-3 is recommended that an PUTNAM VALLEY up to and including $10,000 Sections 140-3.19, 140- § 140-8.1. Purpose. Systems (ITS) projects,
§140-3.6. Purchases not shall require a minimum 3.20 and 140-3.21 shall read No statute prescribes a the County of Putnam and
Request for rear line appointment be made with COUNTY OF PUTNAM subject to competitive
variance to legalize existing the contact person. NOTICE OF TENTATIVE of three (3) electronic or as follows: procedure for the sale of its Department of Public
bidding. written quotes. All purchases §140-3.19. Right to audit unneeded County personal Transportation, shall self-
addition to porch. State Environmental COMPLETION OF A. The following
6. Greenfield-Sanders, Quality Review (SEAR) ASSESSMENT ROLL more than $10,000 shall be records. p r o p e r t y, a n d t h e r e f o r e , certify with Sections V and
purchases are not subject competitively bid. A.Audit of cost or pricing there is no statutory V I o f t h e F e d e r a l Tr a n s i t
Ti m o t h y 11 6 We s t S h o r e Determination (Pursuant to Sections 501, to competitive bidding:
Dr 62.13-2-7 R-3 P r o j e c t i s a Ty p e I 506 and 526 of the Real (b)Purchases that are data. The County of Putnam mandate that such property Administration National
(1) Purchases of $10,000 defined as public works may at reasonable times and be sold only after public ITS Architecture Policy on
Request for variance action and will not have Property Tax Law) or less for commodities,
under Article XI, Section a significant effect on the NOTICE IS HEREBY projects in the amount of places, audit the books and advertisement for sealed Transit Projects.
equipment, materials, $10,000 or less shall be records of any contractor bids or advertisement for B.Compliance with the
165-44A(1) of the Zoning environment. A coordinated GIVEN that the Assessor supplies and services.
Ordinance to increase review with other involved o f t h e To w n o f P u t n a m awarded at the discretion of who has submitted cost or public auction. The method f o l l o w i n g F TA c i r c u l a r s
(2)Purchases of $20,000 the Director of Purchasing; pricing data pursuant to chosen for sale is within shall also be certified:
height and size of existing agencies was performed and Valley, County of Putnam, or less for public works
detached garage and a Negative Declaration is has completed the Tentative purchases more than $10,000 §140-3.12 (Cost or pricing the sound discretion of the (1)C5010.1C – Grant
projects. up to and including $20,000 data) to the extent that such Director of Purchasing, Management Guidelines.
Section 165-27(E2as&b) on file. Assessment Roll for the
for dimension and setback. SEQR Lead Agency current year and that a shall require a minimum books, documents, papers, subject to the approval of the (2)C6100.1B – Application
(3)Purchases through of three (3) written or and records are pertinent to County Executive. However, Instructions and Program
Request for a front yard P u t n a m Va l l e y To w n copy will be available Preferred Sources pursuant
variance. Request variance Planning Board a t t h e A s s e s s o r ’ s O ff i c e , electronic quotes. All such cost or pricing data. in order to fill a fiduciary Management Guidelines.
to §162 of the State Finance purchases more than $20,000 Any person who receives a d u t y, t h e m e t h o d o f s a l e §140-9.4. Duty to inquire
for exceeding lot coverage. State Historic Preservation Putnam Valley Town Hall, Law.
7. Feldman, Martin Lee Act (SHPA) Determination 265 Oscawana Lake Road, shall be competitively bid. contract, change order, or adopted should be one which into Vendor’s election not
(4)Purchases in excess (c)Purchases and contracts contract modification for is thought to bring the best to submit a bid
Ave 62.18-1-49 R-3 A S t r u c t u r a l - Putnam Valley, New York of $500, of materials,
Request for variance Archaeological Assessment 10579, where it may be defined as professional which cost or pricing data price or maximum benefits Should any Request for
equipment and supplies services in the amount of is required shall maintain and may include sale by Bid or Request for Proposal
under Section 165-27A of Form has been completed. examined by any person (except printed material)
the Zoning Ordinance for The proposed activity will interested, starting on or $50,000 or less shall be such books, documents, either auction, private result in only one (1)
through the NYS Office of awarded at the discretion papers, and records that negotiation, or competitive submitted bid or proposal,
proposed shed, deck and not impact on registered, about May 1, 2009 daily General Services (OGS),
walkway on a parcel with no eligible or inventoried between the hours of 8AM of the County Executive, are pertinent to such cost bidding. the Purchasing Department
subject to rules established Director of Purchasing or pricing data for three Section 7. will contact all vendors
primary residence. Request archaeological sites or – 4PM, May 9, 2009 between by OGS (see State Finance
for front yard, sides (2) and historic structures. the hours of 8AM – Noon and the Commissioner or years from the date of final Article X of the Code of that received a Bid or RFP
Law, §163). Director of the using agency. payment under the contract. Putnam County entitled package and inquire into
lake front variances. Av a i l a b i l i t y F o r P u b l i c and May 11, 2009 between (5)Purchases through
8. Fitzpatrick, Christopher Comment the hours of 6PM – 10PM Purchases and contracts B. Contract audit. The “Additional Requirements why they elected not to
o t h e r N e w Yo r k S t a t e more than $50,000 shall County of Putnam shall be for Federal Transit submit a bid or proposal.
22 Quail Ridge Rd 84.6-1- Comments on this project until the 26th day of May, Counties contracts, pursuant
4 R-3 must be submitted in writing 2009 and that on such day require the issuing of a entitled to audit the Administration Funded §140-9.5. Procedures to
to General Municipal Law formal request for proposal Books and records of a Contracts” is hereby implement provisions.
Request for variance under to the Contact Person no later the Board of Assessment Section 103(3).
Article XI, Section 165-44A than 05/07/2009 or 15 days Review will meet at the and the approval of the contractor or subcontractor renumbered to Article IX The Director of Purchasing
(6)Purchases of surplus County Executive. at any tier under any to read as follows: shall develop and implement
(2) of the Zoning Ordinance after the publication date Putnam Valley Town Hall at and second hand supplies,
to increase livable space by of this notice, whichever 6PM to hear and examine all (3) Award. All awards negotiated contract or ARTICLE IX procedures for the execution
materials or equipment from from telephone, facsimile, subcontract other than a Additional Requirements of this article.
more than 20% for proposed is later. verified written complaints the Federal Government,
addition to existing two Contact Person in relation to such assessment e-mail or written quotes f o r m f ix ed -p r ice co n tr act for Federal Transit Section 8.
the State of New York or shall be made to the supplier to the extent that such Administration Funded This local law shall take
story house. ADAM L PETERSON on application of any person from any other political
BY ORDER OF THE NYSDEC believing his property to be offering the best value to the books, documents, papers, Contracts effect immediately.
subdivision, district or County. In determining the and records are pertinent § 140.9.1. Disadvantaged
TOWN OF PUTNAM 21 SOUTH PUTT over-assessed. A publication public benefit corporation
VALLEY ZONING BOARD CORNERS RD containing procedures is best value for the County, the to the performance of such Business Enterprise
with the State, pursuant purchase price and whether a contract or subcontract. Program.
OF APPEALS NEW PALTZ, available at the Assessor’s to General Municipal law
WILLIAM MASKIELL NY 12561-1620 Office at the Putnam Valley the goods or services meet Such books and records The County of Putnam’s
§103(6). specifications are the most shall be maintained by the Department of Public
CHAIRMAN (845) 256-3054 Town Hall. B.Section 104-b of
Sheryl Keating, Assessor
Page 14 THE PUTNAM COUNTY NEWS AND RECORDER Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deadline for Classified Ads submission is Noon on Mondays.

All ads must be paid for by Noon Tuesdays.
Please inquire for long-term-billing advertisement rates REAL ESTATE HELP WANTED TAG
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•Lost & Found
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VICE: Land clearing, take 845-234-3788 a/c, cable. Walk to train & COLD SPRING VILLAGE exotic accessories, giftware,
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Check out our display of
china, glassware, jewelry,
EXPERIENCED TUTOR Walk to shope & restaurants. at Maguire's Pub on 6/20/09.
heat. No job too small. Call lage and river. Available for Min to train, Rt9, I84 & Tac... 845-838-3049, Neil Vaughn. and books! 50 Main Street
845-528-3158 anytime. available for elementary/ COLD SPRING MAIN ST For info visit www. RSVP Kevin Jones 914-262- Cold Spring Daily 11-5
summer and/or year-round Renovated, bright & spacious 1643 1
middle school students in ELA, store for rent 1000 sq ft. Great rental. Call (914) 584-2822
math, science, soc. studies. MA 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2nd fl end already 19 classmates con-
GARRISON TREE, INC. location 1 block RR $1600/mo. unit w/its own laundryroom,
Tree takedowns, pruning, Childhood Ed. from NYU. NYS Incl heat 845-528-1975 COLD SPRING MTN VIEWS firmed! First round is on KJ!!
cen A/C, brick fp, sgd to bal- LOVING COUPLE WISH TO NO FEE 4 event!
landclearing, cabling, chipping, teacher certified in Apr '09. beautiful 1BR W/lg LR, office, adopt. will provide a wonder-
Hours flexible. 845-809-5033 $1500 2 BDRM COLD SPRING cony. Complex offers indoor
firewood. Landscape design, EIK, wide brd flrs, W/D, ALL ful life filled with love, devo-
Village. Newly renovated two- pool & tennis courts. Now FREE 1ST THURSDAYS
planting, plant health care, utilities incl 6 blks from train, tion & opportunities life has to
PERFECTION PAINTING story townhouse steps from $239,900. Call Lisa w/Century at Horsemen Trail Farm
stump grinding, mulch. Con- 2 blks hiking trails non-smoker offer. Pls call 877-300-1281
"Simply the Best!" Home Im- train and village. Eat in kitchen, 21 Country Bumpkin for de- Health & Wealth Workshops
sultations available. Joshua R. $1600/month Security & Refs Virginia.
provements, Pressure Washing. 1.5 bathrooms, pool access, free tails & viewing. 845-546-0395 starts 7:15pm May 7
Maddocks, certified aborist avail 5/1 914-227-5766
cert. # NY 5332A. Fully In- Free estimates. Cold Spring wi-fi, heat and cable. call 646- info@845-265-2665 or
sured. Reg. No. PC2213-A 845-519-4746 387-4290 ONE BEDROOM APT MAKE A CHILD SMILE
Please Call: 845-265- Heat and Hot Water incld. Walk this summer by becoming a
Repair & rebuild tired porches.
Steps, railings, decks & Doors.
avail at 3021 Rte 9, Cold Spring.
to train $900. 914-475-9241 FREE
FREE Fresh Air Fund host family.
The FAF's been doing this since
1877 and has provided free
CRYSTAL CLEAR WINDOW Warehouse 1,600 sq. ft. with COLD SPRING, SMALL
Cleaning Service. Specializing Exp/Insd PC#2568A Hudson lovely 3 bdrm house with yard, FREE STONE 845-424-4363 summer vacations to more than
office 300 sq ft. $2,000 a month Masonry Quality and landscape
on all shapes and sizes, store, Carpentry 845-548-4994 and a store front 1,800 sq. ft. ideal neighborhood location 1.7 million NYC children. All EXPERIENCED ADMINIS-
office, & home. Free Estimates, within walking distance of vil- Stone for walls, fireplace, pa- are carefully screened and fully TRATOR /editor seeking
LANDSCAPING - Do you which is great location very vis- tios and more! This stone is
fully insured."Got Windows"? ible $2,500 a month. Utilities lage and river. Avail for sum- insured. You can pick the gen- work. type 70 wpm. Proficient
Year round service. Call 845- have small landscaping jobs mer (furnished) and/or year- Free as material for any suit- der and age of the child you with MS Office: Word, Excel,
that larger companies are hesi- not incld. Pls call 845-265-3434 able stone project contracted to
431-6967. round rental. Call 914-584- invite. You can be old, young, PowerPoint. Call Susan@914-
tant to do? I am well-trained, 2822 Garrison Stone works. PC2037, with kids or without, single, 315-1024 or e-mail
experienced and certified by OFFICE SPACE 11' x 13' WC 11439 married, living together-the
KC PAINTING - Interior & convenient location, close to
Exterior painting - sheet-rock- NYBG in design. I specialize GARRISON EXCEPTIONAL kids don't discriminate and nei-
in small jobs and do the work all, Garrison. $525.00 incl all 1BR Contemporary cottage on ther do we. Just have love in
ing - taping - plaster repair.
myself. Whether its planting, utilities except phone. call 914- 25 acre wooded estate. Lovely your heart and a happy home.
References, insured. PC #260.
265-3291. expert pruning, stump grind-
ing, landscape, mini-back-hoe
720-4835 ask for Ann skylit KIT w/breakfast counter
open to Great Rm w/WBS.
PETS Please call Lisa Martens at 845-
736-4247 or
CARPENTERY/CABINETRY service or masonry repairs,call Glass door to private deck. laun-
Greg at 845.446.7465 for LOST OR FOUND PET? Call CHILDCARE PROVIDER
Design to finish. Restoration, ONE BDRM APT HEAT/HW dry Rm w/washer/dryer/storage Dog Control Officer, 265-4732. WEEDING HELP NEEDED
renovation, built-ins. Li- consultatioin & personal ser- incld. Electric incld W/D incld. area. Natural wonderland for 1 2 days of work, flexible hours, available, will come to your
vice. Call Sheriff's Dept., 225-4300 home, excellent recent refer-
censed/Insured PC 2025-A Walk to train/basement stor- or 2 people who value a quality $12 per hour 845-265-9667
only in an emergency. ences. Please call Patti 845-
Chris: 845-265-6063 at age. $1300 monthly. 914-475- dwelling in an idyllic setting. LAWN MOWING WEEKLY 9241 No smokers. Heat + electric 632-3531
or bi-weekly. Garden tilling, included! Ref, Security, Fee. PUTNAM VALLEY Dog con-
WEST SIDE CYCLE rubbish removal. Reasonable $1300/mo Indian Brook Prop- trol office operates small im-
for all your motor cycle needs rates. Kent, Carmel call 845- erties 845-788-4191 pound. Please contact them if
in heart of beautiful cold
located at 120 Old Rte 9, 225-6068 your dog is missing and might
Spring. charming features,
Fishkill. 845-897-2444 GARRISON PROFESSIONAL have travelled into Putnam Val-
PRE-NATAL YOGA...BEGIN porch & backyard. Avail
Commercial Office rental at ley. They maintain list of lost
your journey towards childbirth shortly. 845-265-4759
TRANSPORTATION The Stone House. Excellent dogs and sightings. Adoptions
AW Limousine. Affordable with the ancient art of Kundalini location. Rt9 at Putnam/ are also available. 526-3293
rides in luxurious Towncars to Yoga! 6 Week series open to COLD SPRING RIVERFRONT
one bdrm/one bth. Gorgeous Westchester border. $475/mo.
all airports & NYC. Profes- women at any stage of preg- Includes heat, electric, park- DOGGIE DAY CARE AND
sional courteous drivers. 1-866- nancy! 5/3-6/14 from 12-2pm apt with large terrace in small
ing. Ref, Sec. Indian Brook RESTFUL SLEEPOVERS. I
304-LIMO (5466) The Yoga Co-op 2015 Rte 9, exclusive historic 3 story bldg.
Properties 845-788-4191 welcome your furry friend as a
Garrison $100. Register at the Working fplc, jacuzzi bath, cen-
true guest in my home. They
PAINTING AND PLASTER studio or by emailing: tral A/C and fantastic Hudson EAST FISHKILL - MILLER have total access to my home
Repair. Interior. 22 yrs. exp. river views. Laundry facilities Hill exit off Tac: Private set- and my one acre fenced yard in
George Kimmel, 845-831-8723 and pkng incld. Pet friendly. ting w/this wonderful 2 bedrm, the woods. Bow Wow Haus,
Walk to train and shops. Secu- open flr plan w/deck home. Has John Funck. 845-424-6017
rity and credit info rqrd. $1650. full unfinished basement w/
May 1 occupancy. Call Laurie laundryroom & 1 car garage. 43 Cutler Lane, Garrison
914-906-3563 or email at Rent includes: heat, HW, lawn for an maintenance & snow plowing.
$1450. Call Lisa w/Century 21 old female Beagle mix who is
Country Bumpkin for details housebroken, good with dogs
& viewing. 845-546-0395 and kids. she knows basic obe-
dience commands. She is
spayed, current with vaccina-
tions and her adoption fee is
$120. She is the ideal family
dog. Claudia is currently in
foster care but is still available
for adoption. Arrangements can
be easily made for an appoint-
ment to meet her. Putnam Hu-
mane Society 10-4, Mon - Sun.
Old Rte 6 Carmel. 845-225-
7777 or

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