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Vigyent Bia Wa, New Dethi-260003 Eanail : usha.mebracommission i High Court Former Judge Phairperson Jinice Ushe Mehra Commission of Inquiry i REPORT OF > sUsTICE USHA MEHRA RET)» APPOINTED UNDER THE COMMISSION. OF ENQUIRY ACT, 1952 iE TO ENQUIRE INTO VARIOUS ASPECTS OF THE INCIDENT OF RAPE DATED i6t# DECEMBER, 2012 TO IDENTIFY, THE LAPSE ON THE PART OF POLICE, ANY AUTHORITY OR THE PERSON AND‘ALSO TO GIVE SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE ‘THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF WOMEN, i DATED: 22/02/2018 vagyas enavres, New Dethi-£ 10003 E-mail: usha.mchracommission@nicin ~ justice usha Meira Former Judge Dethi High Court chairperson J Fastice Usha Mehea Commission of Inquiry ~ es February 22, 2013 oF, ed Dear Home Minister, 3 hat the Central Government, vide Ministry of Home Affair Notification, New, -y Delhi dated 26.12.2012, appointed Commission of Enquiry under the Commission of Enquiry Act, 1952. In terms thereof, the undersigned ‘was required to submit the report to the Central Government ori the terms of reference made in the aforesaid Notification. é ‘Accordingly, the report has been prepared and is-enclosed herewith. Your's Sincerely, Hon'ble Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block, New Delhi. UG Ye Ue Fa eB & AA ite iG % 3 = u TABLE OF CONTENTS [ Sr.No. Particulars -}Page No. al, Acknowledgements a 2 Enquiry Report 3187 Te Gazelte Notification No.2497 dated 26" December, | AD - > |2012 ae : 4. List of witnesses attached -s 758-150 [s List of Documents attached “494-316