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1. Is it beautiful? 2. Is it poetry? 3. Is it both? 4. Is it ugly? 5. Is it depraved? 6. Is it sick? 7. Is it all of the above? 8. Is it wondrous? 9. Is it awesome? 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Is it inviting? Is it telling? Is it particular? Is it wanted? Is it bold? Is it ready? Is it close? Is it sound? it Is it noise? Is it music? Is it intentional? Is it impossible? Is it listening? Is it static? Is it yesterday? thinking? Is it thinking? Is it Art?

27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52.

Is it? Is it red? Is it empty? Is it poetry? Is it running? Is it important? Is it praying? Is it opinionated? Is it genetic? neverIs it never-ending? Is it deep in thought? Is it for the birds? Is it always in motion? Is it a contradiction? Is it helpful to understand? Is it because? Is it abandoned wasteland? Is it a deserted village? Is it violent? Is it outside? crying? Is it crying? Is it better than anything else out there? Is it looking out of a window? Is it floating in space? crown? Is it holding a crown? Is it explosive?

53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78.

Am I happy? Am I awkward? Am I there? Am I his? Am I for the birds, minus their cages? Am I holding hands? Am I eating the last one? Am I dead? Am I looking? Am I tired? Am I in three pieces? Am I bored of it? Am I attending a funeral? table? Am I at a dinner table? Am I of the opinion? Am I dragging everything? Am I suffering from the wound which runs through my hand? into Am I staring into the fireplace? Am I in bed? Am I paralysed? Am I pursuing my own death? Am I walking into the eye of a tornado? Am I in charge? Am I one of three vases? Am I who I think I am? Am I going to be murdered?

79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90.

Am I a vowel or a consonant? Am I predicting this? Am I reflecting as I should? Am I defeated? Am I scared? Am I walking down a street? Am I careful? Am I near reality? Am I proof? Am I dying? Am I going to let in shine? Am I without emotion?
Am I an infinite number of lifetimes, compressed into a single atom?

92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99.

Am I wearing these clothes correctly? Am I waiting? Am I going anywhere? Why are you here? Why are you continuing? Why are you pondering? Why are you whispering? Why are you sitting at the bottom of a lake?

100. Why are you ignoring your friends? murdering 101. Why are you murdering children? 102. Why are you not contributing? 103. Why are you giving away too much freedom? 104. Why are you so good at remembering?

105. Why are you silent? 106. Why are you allowing yourself to be so unbalanced? 107. Why are you falling? 108. Why are you in need of love? letter? 109. Why are you writing a letter? 110. Why are you undecided? 111. Why are you stopping yourself from learning? 112. Why are you burning your diaries? when 113. Why are you smiling when you are not happy? 114. Why are you making it so?
115. Why are you tricking families into creating false relationships?

116. Why are you uninterested in putting the last piece of the jigsaw in place? 117. Why are you giving? 118. Why are you afraid of sleeping? 119. Why are you disillusioned? 120. Why are you in favour of danger? always 121. Why are you always outside when everyone else is in? 122. Why are you asymmetrical? 123. Why are you always last in the queue? 124. Why are you the oldest joke ever told? 125. Why are you holding flowers, in the rain? 126. Why are you here? 127. When does it become acceptable? 128. Who are they attempting to imitate? 129. How can anyone label themselves as themselves?

130. Should there be more pain and suffering than at present? 131. Which is more overrated - communication or something else? 132. Who are the people we know nothing about? sure 133. When you think, are you sure it is your mechanisms in action? 134. Are we the result of anything? 135. Should we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for others? many 136. How many designs for life should one have? 137. Is it more honest to walk alongside the river or in it? 138. When does a society realise it has no ears? 139. How can a farmer do his job knowing that the animals talk about him behind his back? 140. How interested in money does a banker have to be?
141. What is the function of a single blackbird resting on a fence post?

142. Where is the structure? 143. What will come of nothing? 144. If you take away teaching, will there still be learning? long, 145. How long is too long, to listen to short people? 146. Should we be worried about the state of responsibility? things 147. Are not the most exciting things, the things we cannot label? 148. Is not the suggestion of music better than the real thing? 149. What is your favourite feeling? chosen 150. What is your chosen method of suicide? 151. What is your secret? 152. What would you do if wrongly sentenced to death? movement? 153. What is your chosen method of movement? 154. What is the purpose of time?

155. What is powerful about knowledge? 156. Should the concept of infinity be abandoned for exactness? 157. Should Jesus have had a nail through his heart? 158. What, if any, are the consequences of legalising murder?
159. Should mothers who abort their babies be executed in a similar way?

160. Will there ever be a tax on breathing? 161. Who are you, really? 162. Why are you here? 163. Do you speak pineapple? 164. Why does the hetero-patriarchy exist? hetero- patriarchy 165. Dare I ask why? Where’ 166. Where’d you get them jeans? 167. Why? 168. Can I be accredited personally instead of as a collective? 169. Is that your banana? 170. How is a frog too? 171. Thirty Seven? 172. What is your primary malfunction? 173. Why are you so rude and offensive? plays 174. How many plays did William Shakespeare write? Isn’ 175. Isn’t this odd? 176. Why should I take you seriously, what makes you so special? 177. What is art? is 178. Why is sky? 179. Why does nobody love me? 180. What does it take to get laid around here?

181. Is that a banana in your pocket? 182. Do I seem obsessed? 183. Call yourself a human do you? 184. Why does racism exist? don’ 185. Why don’t you look human to me? 186. Are you barely alive? 187. Are you more insect then human? 188. How can a question be dumbed down? 189. Why is piggy answering his own questions? enhanced 190. Does one slap ones enhanced member Vitally? 191. What’s your Indian name? Where’ 192. Where’s the salsa gone?! 193. Can I burn you? question? 194. Would you mind if I asked you a question? non195. Why do non-feminists have no sense of humour?
196. How many people are gong to be performers and how many audience?

197. What makes us a collective? 198. Why are they all the same? 199. Are there neurons within the auditory brain structures that respond selectively to the direction of a moving sound source? 200. What is the functional benefit of adapting to visual and auditory velocity? 201. What is the speed of? 202. Is that a gun in your pocket? 203. Do you know what you’ve started? thinking you’ 204. Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?

can’ 205. What can he give you that I can’t? 206. Did this thread remind you of this little gem? Who’ 207. Who’d do that job? 208. Please, is this what modern art has come to? finger 209. Can I stick my finger up your bottom? 210. Do you sell this one in my size? 211. Whither plasticine? 212. Could you help me to remove my artificial hip? many 213. How many beans make five? 214. Are you going to Scarborough Fair? 215. A/S/L? 216. How big is your chicken? 217. Top or button mushroom? 218. Are you my mummy? 219. What makes you cry? Isn’ 220. Isn’t it more interesting and easier if the performers just improvise and make up their own questions as they go along? marry 221. Will you marry me? 222. Why not? 223. Is there another man? 224. Is he better in bed than me? O’ 225. Excuse me, are you Peter O’Toole? 226. Can Fascism be beautiful? 227. Is this love? What’ 228. What’s new pussycat? 229. Who needs love like that?

230. Do you know the way to San Jose? 231. Do you know what love is? 232. I’ve noticed you around, will you go to bed with me? money? 233. Why do I only ever think about sex, God and money? 234. Who put the pasta in the cookie jar? 235. How can I paste the local rookie into the garden? halves 236. Why does the sun only shine on five halves of you face? 237. Where did you hide my best mugs? 238. Why does sir spray me no longer? 239. Did I meet you in that orgy last week? didn’t? 240. You didn’t? 241. Have you finished sitting on me? 242. Are you finished with those paperclips? 243. Can you stick an orange one on me? standing 244. Why are you standing so close to me? 245. Are you listening carefully?
246. Could you tell me exactly where you were at the time of the incident?

247. Are you pregnant? 248. Would you like to eat my table? 249. Can I have a stopwatch please? name? 250. Would I be right in saying that you have no name? 251. Am I going the right way? 252. Will you tickle my lobes? 253. What did you dream about last night? 254. What time did you wake up? 255. How long did it take to clean your bed?


What quantity of acid did it take to make your face look like that?

257. Did you hear anything? 258. Have you ever known anyone who was raped and like it? 259. What have you invented? 260. Is that always the case? Why 261. Why this insistence on space? 262. When do we begin to smile? 263. Is the world a game without players? 264. Why do you continue to play? 265. Isn’t chance an open door to violence? Isn’ 266. What do you think of radical empiricism? 267. Why did you return disappointed from Japan? 268. Is that love? doesn’ 269. Can you point to something that doesn’t exist? 270. Is Zen an activity? 271. Where is the arithmetic in that? 272. Should we let sounds be? 273. Why should the artist settle for the task of instigating it? Isn’ 274. Isn’t it just as noble to refuse all change? much 275. Why is there so much noise in variation? 276. Cant one fully live an epoch while opposing it? 277. Have you ever opposed your epoch? Isn’ 278. Isn’t the plenitude of life also on the side of the permanent, the stable, the unchanging? 279. In what brief respite will we already have what someone intends to give us?

280. Are you conscious of fighting for any sort of political, social, economic, material liberation? 281. Is it because of this discovery that you allow less and less silence in your music?
282. You used to be so gentle, tender, how

could you have become so violent?

283. Could you free yourself from violence by accepting it? 284. What shall we do? 285. What shall I do now? your 286. How do you manage to put up with your disciples? what’ 287. Do you know what’s happening? Hasn’ 288. Hasn’t there always been that way of listening to him? 289. What is a quiet mind? do 290. What do you think of Marcel Duchamp today? 291. Why do you attach so much importance? can’ 292. You can’t be serious? flower-power? 293. What do you think of flower-power? 294. What do you admire about them? isn’ 295. But isn’t harmony also itself duration? 296. Why is everything we do music? your 297. So tell me, what was your question? 298. Do you ever have similar feelings? 299. How did that come about? informal’ 300. Would you accept a qualification as ‘informal’? isn’ 301. Do you see that I am a human being and that my work isn’t? Wouldn’ 302. Wouldn’t you have two actions to perform and not just one?

excellent’ 303. How can you foresee that life will be ‘so excellent’ once sounds have again become what they are? 304. Is only thinking the present sufficiently thinking time? 305. What happens to memory? What 306. What is musical utopia? Isn’ 307. Isn’t the instant a myth? 308. How can theatre come forth from this ground? 309. Do you know of Angelus Silesius? When 310. When does the Tempest begin? 311. What do you think of virtuosity? 312. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would you change 313. Do you like crump? 314. If I created a black whole and sucked people close to me through it, does that mean the world won't end? 315. Where Where do you want to be in your career at the age of forty?

316. Is this what Beethoven's 9th sounds like? 317. Is there an aim to this? Where 318. Where are we all going? 319. When does this thing end? 320. How much longer ‘til we can go home? 321. When was the last time you smiled? live 322. Do you live with your parents? 323. Are you here? 324. Am I here? 325. Is anyone here?

326. When are you coming back? 327. Can you come back, please? 328. Haven't you had enough? 329. Do you come here often? 330. May I borrow your handkerchief? 331. Are you disappointed? 332. Would you? 333. Did you kiss him? 334. Did he kiss you? 335. Would you be so kind? 336. How do you like your eggs? 337. Is that with or without? 338. Really? 339. Do you believe this crap? 340. What is the square root of pi? 341. How much does a polar bear weigh? 342. Is he a genius? question 343. What makes a question a question? 344. What makes me myself? 345. Is that it? 346. Would you like more? 347. Who are you? 348. What's your name? 349. Do you like pancakes? my 350. Does my bum look big in this? 351. Why do you ask?

352. How come the world is round? 353. What's meat like? 354. Why did you take my pen? 355. Do you play an instrument? 356. Is this it? 357. Are you it? 358. What is it? 359. Why is it? you 360. How come you talked to her? 361. Are you two friends? 362. Why are you friends? 363. Why do you like pie? 364. Do you like cake? 365. Are you crazy? I'm 366. Do you think I'm crazy? 367. What are we up to? 368. Do you like this place? 369. Would you like to leave? 370. Did you wash your hands after touching that? 371. Why is it, that I get tired after doing stuff? 372. Can I have a red one, instead of a black one? 373. Should I post it whilst laying down? 374. Did he say anything about me? 375. Why did he cancel tonight’s plans? 376. Can you ask me to leave myself? you 377. How many more glasses of wine do you think would be dangerous?

378. Can you record me dancing on top of your parents? 379. What is a hospital? 380. Why does September come after January and before January? 381. Can we burn them and still have time to watch the Simpson’s? 382. Why do I burn every time I sit in the oven? 383. has the garden stopped talking about me? 384. Did the old bags get the sack? 385. Did you see which way he ran? 386. Is it complex only because I say so? 387. Who would ever punch a girl? 388. Would you dance with me for eight seconds? 389. Would you like to read the alphabet with me? 390. Would you like to join me for dinner? 391. Do you like my hands? asking 392. Are you asking me something important? 393. Do you have a problem with your key ring? 394. Can you stop imagining me naked? tea 395. Which is more potent, the tea or the coffee? 396. Can you hear me, John, can you hear me? 397. Why were you pretending to give blood? 398. Can you stop saying sorry? Please 399. Please can you kindly take your car off my foot? 400. How many steps away from a wanker are you? 401. Would joining a nunnery be a bad habit?
402. Would I be correct in assuming you used my diary as toilet roll?

403. Are you smoking?

404. Are you for the bats that dwell in sticky caves? 405. How can you have more pens than I do? 406. Are you still wetting the bed and crying yourself to sleep? 407. Implosion? 408. I thought you said explosion? cliché? 409. Does this sound too much like a clich ? 410. Do you know the time? 411. How do you know, When you wear no watch? hiding 412. Is there a hiding clock? That I don't see
413. Or are you able to count each passing minute with in your head?

414. Please tell me? 415. I would like to know, if you are the keeper of time?
416. Then is that how you know, or are you just trying to get rid of me?

417. Why! I only ask you the time? 418. Was it that much of a trouble to say you don't know? 419. Hablar Espanol? 420. So You don't know the time? 421. Great! who do you think I should ask? 422. Why do you ask questions of David Tudor? 423. Would I do? 424. Tu veux ma photo? 425. Will I poo? 426. Can you chew your eyes whilst I draw you? 427. Would you like fries with that? 428. Is everyone here like you? 429. Who did you say you were again?

cours430. Où cours-je? dans quel état j’erre? tat 431. Which way to the toilet? 432. Dans quel état j’erre? tat 433. If there any nudity to get me interested?. colour? 434. Will taupe ever be a definitive colour? 435. Is it the new black? 436. Where have all the cowboys gone? 437. Who is the king of the swingers? 438. Where are the exits located? the 439. Who is the best looking person in this room? 440. How can you afford to go out when you haven’t got any money? gastro 441. How can go out when you’ve gastro enteritis? 442. Why do you continually screw things up that you are good at? 443. When are you going to stop pushing yourself to the limit that you are so tired you faint, too ill to work?
444. Don’t you wanna nice car and nice job and somewhere nice to live?

445. Why does my heart feel so bad? 446. What will the neighbours say? 447. When’s it due? 448. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Hell 449. What the Hell do you think you’re doing? 450. What’s your pin number? 451. Where is the love? 452. What’s up Doc? 453. What have we raised? 454. One or four?

455. Do I really look like Erin O’Connor? 456. What made you apply for the position? 457. What would you be good at this job? 458. When art is increasingly admired from a financial perspective, what good does it do? 459. Why would you be good at this job? 460. Are we there yet? Woolf? 461. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Voulez462. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? 463. Does this clipboard make my bum look big? 464. Will you wait for me? 465. Are you top or bottom? 466. Why? 467. Could repeat the question?
468. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

tin469. Did you find the tin-opener in the end? 470. Are you happy? 471. If I had three pastries yesterday morning, and a bacon sandwich today, how much does Gillian McKeith weigh? 472. Is the monkey up a tree? 473. Is the monkey a cheeky monkey? smoking 474. Is the monkey smoking a cigarette? 475. Is the monkey driving a bus? 476. Is Michelle in the bedroom? 477. Will there be a spider in the bedroom? view 478. Will I have a view of the sea?

479. Has the monkey fucked off? 480. Will James Mason continue to do stuff? 481. aren't you tired of the fixed intonation? 482. Is inventing questions addictive? medicinal? 483. Is it medicinal? 484. Does listening to the question carefully save you from answering it truthfully? 485. Are questions tags with a descending intonation pattern genuinely questions? 486. To what extent does the use of a question mark make a question sound like one? 487. Will you promise me you'll never tell anyone the answer? impossible? 488. Is it pointless to hope for the impossible? 489. It is dangerous to dream of the impossible?
490. What is the probability that yes is the answer to any question?

491. How long do you intend to go on like this for? 492. Are you a believer? 493. Can you believe that the person who wrote this question couldn't even be bothered to show up tonight? 494. Could you show me the way to the lost property? 495. Didn't you know better? three 496. Would you like to make three wishes? 497. What do you mean? 498. Is there a bomb on your bus? 499. Why did you choose that colour? 500. Do you want to see my riding a camel?

501. Was that the door bell? 502. Can you get the door? 503. Who order the pizza? 504. How much is it? 505. Want to go half on it? 506. Can you put in a little more? 507. Why the tip? 508. Hey can I get a slice? 509. Who are you? 510. You don't know me? 511. Why would I? 512. Are you sure you don't? 513. Just tell me your name? 514. Is that how you feel? 515. Only one? 516. Did I ask for more ? 517. Are you getting sarcastic with me ? 518. Do you want an answer ? 519. What with all the talking? Were 520. Were my pie? 521. Which one of you ate it? 522. Isn't anything safe around you vultures? 523. It's our fault ? 524. Who jump in to the shower when they are expecting a delivery? 525. O! Should I have streak out to get it? 526. Why didn't you?

527. You couldn't Save one for me? 528. There not one left? 529. Since when is the crust a slice? 530. Should we order another? 531. Would you? 532. You gonna eat that? 533. Are you a fan of Matthew Lee Knowles? 534. What is the history of the world? 535. Is it red? criss536. Should it be criss-crossed or straight? 537. Is it blue? 538. Who would you rather be? 539. Is it original? 540. How could you think such a thing about me? 541. Could I help you across the way? caress 542. Will you let me caress your nipples? 543. By Jove, did you see that old chum? 544. Is my nose wonky? 545. Do you like to lick eggs on a Saturday evening? been 546. Are we been watched by the others? 547. Is Batman actually real? 548. Are you on fire? 549. Are you my grandmother? 550. Is the next stop Vauxhall? go 551. How do I go Southwest? 552. What is the content?

553. Where is the content? 554. Are you content? 555. Do you know anything about photosynthesis? 556. Would that be an ecumenical matter father? 557. Should I lower the window for ventilation? 558. Can you tell me every brilliant thing? 559. Is every jogger an athlete? 560. Is it quick and easy to apply online? Should 561. Should we go into the woods? 562. What is over the rainbow? 563. What is for emergency use only? 564. How do you know Joan Rivers? when 565. How do you know when you are smiling too much? 566. Why are there so many rough people? 567. Can you imagine a world without answers? world 568. Can you imagine a world without questions? 569. How many businessmen does it take to build a trampoline? 570. Would you like to bounce with me? capital 571. Is India the capital of Scunthorpe? 572. What do children hold onto? 573. Would you like to be hairier? 574. Would you like to borrow my house? 575. Do you follow it? 576. Why is there a circle on the door? 577. Why are you late for your appointment? 578. Would you like your photo on my chest?

579. How much did you pay to get in here? 580. How long have you been here? 581. What have you come to see? 582. Who are you here with? 583. How long will you stay for? with? 584. Who are you friends with? 585. Are you enjoying yourself? 586. Are you an alcoholic? 587. What happens when two fish bump into each other? 588. Do you have enough? 589. When will you know if you do? 590. How many would that be? 591. Do you have any doubles ? 592. Did you read them all? 593. What order are they in? you 594. Are you going to print them out? 595. What the page count? 596. Did you pick the font? 597. Do you think you'll run out of ink? 598. Is there time to pick some up? 599. How will you pay? 600. Will you bring it back in plastic or paper? 601. Do you have a choice? 602. Can you bring your own bag? 603. Would you have it shipped instead? 604. Do you have the time for that?

605. Could you say that you multi task? 606. Does a lot go into planning an event? 607. What are the detail? 608. Do you need a place? 609. Should it be a open space? 610. Lights on or off? 611. Are you given the choice? 612. What colour are the doors? 613. Do you need to get involved? 614. Can it run it's self? think 615. How many question do you think you can answer? 616. When it ends? 617. Why is it further now? 618. Can I borrow your face? 619. Oh, you think otherwise? will 620. So if you lost, what will it say? 621. Coughing again? 622. Less heat? 623. What is your pin number? 624. How many did you kill? 625. Can they as well? would 626. What single article would you save from a fire in your home? 627. Is it suitable for children? 628. Are you a fan of La Monte Young or something? shortest 629. What is the shortest point between two lines? 630. What does the next season mean?

631. Can an action guide the intention? 632. What is the view out of a windowless room? 633. Can you omit something you recently said? 634. Can you turn a habit into a virtue? 635. Can you find the truth in the apocryphal? 636. Can you find the apocryphal in the truth? 637. Can you treat a literal description as an allegory? 638. What would happen if you cut it in half? 639. What would happen if you doubled it? 640. All else being equal, what isn’t? 641. Can you make a part out of wholes? 642. Can you imagine a relationship between something and itself? 643. Can you oppose two things that are identical? 644. Why can’t I be here? 645. What is on Google? 646. What is a silly question? 647. What happens if I don’t? 648. Do you think? 649. Why are you here? 650. Do you like this piece? 651. Is this a question or music? 652. Why are you making a sound? 653. Can you here my finger ticking? favourite 654. What is your favourite ice cream? 655. Do you like jokes? 656. What is the saddest thing you have ever laughed about?

657. What is the happiest things you have ever cried about? 658. Is America really evil? 659. Would you prefer to spend a night with the devil or god? 660. What would be fresh about us meeting? could 661. If you could invent a new letter what would it be?
662. What would you change if you had the money for plastic surgery?

663. What would you change about me if you had the money for my plastic surgery? 664. Am I annoying you? 665. What is your favourite accent? 666. Do you speak any foreign languages? 667. Why is yellow called yellow?
668. What would it be like if a piano has 8 black notes instead of 5?

669. Would time run backwards if every clock in the world ran anti clockwise? 670. John has two sweets, Jenny has 12,593 sweets, Herbert has one sweet, Hannah has 45,876 sweets, Andrew has four sweets, Anita has 97,327 sweets. How many letters in all of their names? 671. Who are these people? 672. Do you know them? 673. Have you eaten their sweets? 674. Are you addicted to sweets? 675. Were you trying to steal them? 676. Why were you interested in how many sweets they have? What 677. What do Miles Davis and Smile have in common?

678. Have you ever wished that you could reduce the whole world globe, to the size of a toy globe, travel to a foreign country and return the world to its normal size? 679. Why? 680. Where? 681. What do you feel? 682. How do you feel? 683. What is left to feel? 684. Do you feel? 685. Are you interested in feel? 686. What do you sense? 687. Do you have sense? 688. Are you in sense? 689. Are you removed from here? you 690. Do you want to leave? 691. Why do you want to leave? 692. Is it your head? 693. Is your head hurting? 694. Is it too busy for you? 695. Is it too loud? quiet 696. Too quiet for you? 697. Would you like a tablet? 698. What pill do you want? 699. Are you taking pills? 700. When did you last need to take a tablet? What 701. What colour was the pill you took?

702. Did you measure the pill?
703. How big was the last pill you took compared to your little finger?

704. Have you ever measured your little finger? 705. Can I see your little finger? 706. Do you cut or nibble your nails? the 707. What do you do with the nail clipping?
708. What is the strangest thing you have ever flushed down a toilet?

709. Have you ever wanted to kill anyone? 710. How would you have killed them? 711. Do you think you would have got away with it?
712. How would you ever know if someone had committed the perfect murder?

713. Would you be proud if you were the victim of a perfect murder? 714. Who has wanted to kill you?
715. What is the worse thing you have ever done to another human being?

716. Do you feel guilty? 717. What makes you feel guilty? 718. How do you feel when you feel guilty? in 719. When you feel guilty does it just happen in your head or is it a physical feeling? 720. If you made yourself think of something that makes you feel guilty and then smiled would you be evil? 721. Is laughter always at someone or something else’s expense? choose 722. How would you choose to spend your last day of life? 723. How did you choose to spend your first day of life? 724. Have you wasted your life up until now? 725. What is living?

726. How often do you waste your life treading water? 727. What experience have you never had that you need to have? 728. If you could live somewhere else where would it be? 729. If you could live someone else’s life whose would it be? 730. Do you prefer old music to new music? 731. Do you prefer now to yesterday? tomorrow? 732. Do you now to tomorrow? 733. What is tomorrow? 734. Will tomorrow ever know? 735. Does a day have consciousness? 736. Does a chair have consciousness? consciousness? 737. Do you have consciousness? 738. What makes you conscious? 739. Do I exist? 740. Do you exist? 741. Does the word exist? anything 742. If the word exist didn’t exist would anything exist? 743. Without words how would we communicate? 744. How do you feel if someone touches you? 745. When did you last smile? 746. When were you last drunk? 747. When were you last laid? 748. Have you ever been unfaithful? 749. Has anyone ever cheated on you? relationship 750. What is the least stable relationship you have been in? 751. What is the happiest you have ever been?

752. Why? 753. What will come after computers? 754. What will come after music? 755. Could you blow a person up with sound? 756. What would a sonic explosion sound like? 757. If you could imagine a sonic explosion perfectly could you blow yourself up? 758. What is perfection? 759. How old is your sister's dog? 760. How's Beethoven doing? your 761. Would you like your parmesan grated, sir? 762. Is this where we get off? 763. Are you a vegetarian? 764. Do you like sex? 765. How easily can you get offended? 766. Can I have a pig for Christmas? 767. What would your grandmother say if she saw you? 768. What noise? 769. What are you talking about? Kelvin? 770. What is a Kelvin? 771. Who knows? 772. Will I ever stop asking questions? 773. Will you ever stop asking questions? questions? 774. Will humanity ever stop asking questions? 775. Can you answer all the questions? 776. Can you answer me this question?

777. Is this a question? 778. Is this an answer? 779. What is a question? 780. How do you know that you know something? 781. Where are you? 782. Do you remember? my 783. Is your yellow my yellow? 784. Do you smell that? 785. Any ideas? 786. Is this a question? 787. How do you know it's enough 788. What hasn't brought your here? were 789. Where were you conceived? 790. On what date were you conceived? 791. How many flowers have you smelled in the last month? 792. When you die, what smell would you like to remember? 793. What was something blue that you had as a child? 794. What did your mother say to wake you? 795. What was the first piece of music you bought? 796. What makes Home Home? 797. How many different types of shadow are there? Can you give them names? 798. What is something you remember seeing in the reflection of something else? 799. How high can you jump? 800. Do you know my name?

801. Who's name first comes to your mind? 802. What was the coldest thing you touched today? 803. What is a taste you remember from primary school? 804. Really, is it art? 805. Really, is it Art? 806. Surely, you can't still be calling me Shirley? 807. What's a hospital? 808. Is that me in the corner? 809. Do you like snow only if it's warm? 810. Are you a sweet transvestite? 811. Good God what are you doing? 812. Would you like a little Priest? 813. Will he string along? love 814. Does he love me so? 815. Will you come away with me? 816. Are you a believer? 817. Did you think love was only true in fairytales? 818. Do you know how much I would like to? 819. Top or bottom? 820. Just what exact colour is it? 821. Handcuffs or rope? 822. Do you like the CD I made you? when 823. Do you like it when I wear your clothes? 824. Did you have a nice time yesterday? 825. I anything ever gonna happen between us? 826. How can I get my life back on track?

827. When will I stop feeling like this? 828. Will you slap me? 829. Why do some people feel the need to strive for perfection? 830. Why is she so rude to me? 831. So what? I’m still a rock star? 832. What credentials does Pink have to famous? 833. Can you tell me just one thing that’s completely honest and from the heart with no agenda? 834. What’s that all over his face? 835. Where does he go to every day? 836. Does he hate it that she can’t walk quickly anymore? 837. What does she expect me to do about it? 838. Will he ever let down his guard? 839. Was his father a drinker? 840. Did his mother cry in bed? tee841. Did she fold his tee-shirts? 842. Did the swing set his head?
843. Did the neighbours adore him for his humour and his conversation?

twenty844. Did he murder twenty-seven children? 845. How friendly were you with John Wayne Gacy Jr? 846. What's the closest you have been to crazy? 847. What has she got to smile about? 848. Where is the ship with its sailors? 849. May I welcome you to my cabaret? 850. Is there any greater love? 851. Where is the San Andreas Fault Line?

852. Why are you throwing stones at me? 853. Is it late in the evening? 854. Are you sleeping with someone else? 855. Are you in Heaven? 856. Care for a waltz? Bolton? 857. Have you ever been to Bolton? 858. How many tools does it take to fix something broken? 859. Is your girlfriend in a coma? 860. Is it serious? speed 861. Can we be faster than the speed of light? 862. Are you bleeding? 863. Would you like to sleep on a calculator? 864. Is America the world? 865. Have you forgiven me Jesus? 866. If I close my eyes, will you still be there? 867. Are you feeling good? 868. Are you feeling my muse? 869. Do you know how I feel? blush? 870. What makes you blush? 871. Who loves you? 872. What’s the most useful thing you learnt at school? root2873. Can you express root2-1 as a fraction? 874. How much did your shoes cost? 875. On what day of the week did the fire of London start? 876.

How can you live with yourself?
Why didn't I write the piece when I should have written the piece?

878. Do you like milky bars? play879. Do you like play-doh mixed with hula hoops? 880. What the hell is Daniel blabbering on about? hulahis 881. How many hula-hoops can Oliver fit in his mouth? 882. Do you have a question? 883. Why can't Oliver make up questions on the spot? 884. Why is Oliver trying to copy my work? yawning 885. Is yawning the revelation of something? 886. Have you lost your mind? 887. Did he steal into your dreams like he did mine? 888. Can i whisper something salacious? 889. What makes your blood boil? 890. Are you still ashamed? 891. Has she forgotten you yet? 892. How many potatoes can you fit in that sock? 893. Have you seen the black death? 894. Have you found the portal? 895. Say if i took a step closer, would we feel uncomfortable? did 896. Why did you break up? 897. Can you smell the ghosts? 898. What cakes can you bake? 899. What is up? 900. What is really up? 901. Is up really up? really? 902. What is really? 903. What is?

904. What? 905. Where is the toilet? 906. When will we get there? 907. When will we get where? 908. Where are we going? 909. Are we there yet? 910. Now are we there? What 911. What about now? 912. Are we almost there? 913. Now are we? 914. Are we? 915. Are we what? 916. What are we? 917. What are we made of? 918. What are we really made of? 919. Are we really maids? ready920. Are we ready-mades? 921. Is this the way home? 922. Are we lost? 923. Is everyone lost? 924. Are we last? 925. Are we toast? this 926. Is this a roast? 927. May I boast? 928. Where are all the cod? 929. What is in the tailing ponds?

930. When will it end? 931. When will what end 932. Where did everyone I used to know go? 933. Did you do it on purpose? 934. Are you here to help me? it 935. Why don’t you take it off? 936. Why don’t you put it on? 937. Will you ever let go? 938. How will things change? 939. What will you do with it if I give it to you? 940. Can I have it? 941. Why so many questions?

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