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http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/beginners.html "Before I died and came back, I was just human. When I was out of my body, I was a different being altogether. I now know what I am - a human and a being - and I know now that God is real." - R, Wales, 1966, (at the age of 11). • How Do I Start? • Beginner's Guide • Top Astral Projection Mistakes

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HOW DO I START?.............................................................................................................................3 Beginner's Guide..................................................................................................................................4 Top Astral Projection Mistakes.............................................................................................................8 Trying at night..................................................................................................................................8 Fear...................................................................................................................................................8 Inner dialog......................................................................................................................................8 Not understanding relaxation vs. body asleep.................................................................................8 Impatience. ......................................................................................................................................9 The Anatomy of a Projection................................................................................................................9 The Fundamental Truths To Astral Projection.................................................................................9 Our Amygdala: The Astral Projection Switch?..............................................................................12 Internal Ringing and Astral Projection..........................................................................................14 Sleep and Inducing a Projection....................................................................................................15 The Catatonic State........................................................................................................................16 The Catatonic State.............................................................................................................................16 The Magnetic Body Range............................................................................................................17 The Five Bodies.............................................................................................................................18 Is Low Blood Pressure Linked to Astral Projection Ability?.........................................................19 Astral Projection Aids.........................................................................................................................20 Hemi-Sync Tapes...........................................................................................................................21 Meditational Tapes.........................................................................................................................22 Using Lucid Dreaming for Astral Projection.................................................................................22 Untested Astral Projection Aids.....................................................................................................23 Breathing...................................................................................................................................23 Sound Vibrations.......................................................................................................................23 Electromagnetic Wave Therapy................................................................................................24 Mind Awake - Body Asleep................................................................................................................24 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.............................................................................................25 Commentaries.....................................................................................................................................33 Astral Projection / Dreaming / Lucid Dreaming............................................................................33 Subtle Realm Creatures.................................................................................................................34 Poltergeists.....................................................................................................................................35 What Happens After We Die?........................................................................................................36

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Probable Future..............................................................................................................................38 Projections and Reality..................................................................................................................39 Can Astral Projection Lead to Enlightenment?..............................................................................40 Analysis of The Mothman Prophesies...........................................................................................41 Memories.......................................................................................................................................42 What Is and Isn't Astral Projection?...............................................................................................43 Is the Government Aware of Astral Projection?............................................................................44 Are Ouija Boards Real?.................................................................................................................44 Astral Projection: to prove, or not to prove?.................................................................................45 A Trip to the Moon.........................................................................................................................46 Possession......................................................................................................................................47 Black Holes and the "Astralnaut"..................................................................................................48 My Favorite Technique..................................................................................................................49 Petra..........................................................................................................................................50 F. Drake.....................................................................................................................................51 Princessa....................................................................................................................................51 Exteriorization Technique..............................................................................................................51 Why Is Astral Projection So Hard?................................................................................................52 Vibrations.......................................................................................................................................53 Make Me Believe!.........................................................................................................................55 Our Programmed Failure at Astral Projection...............................................................................56 Does Astral Projecting Get Easier With Each Attempt?................................................................57 The Third Eye................................................................................................................................58 Loose Versus a Tight Hold on the Astral Body..............................................................................58 Radio Waves..................................................................................................................................59 Frequency List - Part One.........................................................................................................61 Frequency List - Part Two.........................................................................................................62 What is The Astral Plane?..............................................................................................................62 Articles...............................................................................................................................................64 The Higher Planes..........................................................................................................................64 Advanced Astral Projection...........................................................................................................65 The Filter Factor............................................................................................................................66 Time Travel....................................................................................................................................67 Healing...........................................................................................................................................69 Science and Astral Projection........................................................................................................71 Thinking out loud about vibrations, resonance and mass.........................................................72 Why should we care about vibrations?.....................................................................................73 The Impact of Electrical and Magnetic Forces on the Astral Body..........................................74 Rumors (non-scientific)............................................................................................................75 The Polar Molecule Movement Theory by Mario Fernandez...................................................76 Time Dilation............................................................................................................................76 Passive versus Active Method of Projection..................................................................................77

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Parallel Universes..........................................................................................................................78 Alternate Voyages..........................................................................................................................79 Body of Christ (08/09/01).........................................................................................................81 Full Chakra Activation..............................................................................................................81 Death and Back.........................................................................................................................81 Meeting a Master (1/21/02).......................................................................................................81 From Anger to Love (1/19/01)..................................................................................................82 The Higher Astral Plane............................................................................................................82 Outer Orbit Flight Training.......................................................................................................82 Atlantis (08/05/01)....................................................................................................................82 Soul Rescue...............................................................................................................................83 The Daily Lottery......................................................................................................................83

1. Read the Beginner's Guide. This tells you what steps to work on. Pay particular attention to the Focus 10 portion, as this is commonly misunderstood. 2. Read "My Favorite Technique" under the Weekly Commentary. 3. Read "Top Astral Projection Mistakes". I say read this because no matter what technique you are trying, if you are making these mistakes, you will fail. 4. Start saying affirmations before you go to bed such as, "Tonight I will astral project". Say this until you fall asleep (this could be 100 times!) 5. Start reading books on it. This will saturate your subconscious, which is very powerful. Your subconscious mind will then start coming up with ways to bring this experience into your conscious reality. 6. Start a dream/astral projection journal. The written word is as powerful as the spoken affirmation. Seeing yourself write down your experiences will also help trigger the subconscious into action. 7. Review your personal habits and environment. Are you getting up early on Saturday and Sunday to go play with friends, work around the house, or are you setting aside 2-4 hours of "extra sleep" so you can induce the groggy state? Is your phone and beeper turned off? If you have kids then this may not even work for you, which means that you should be going to bed with the kids (yes, that could be as early as 7:00 p.m.!) so you wake up earlier than normal, and then can "sleep in" till the kids get up. Are you drinking or doing drugs which may be impairing your ability? Anything that disrupts your focus, is probably not good, whether that be television, disruptive relationships, caffeine, or drugs. 8. If you are young and full of energy, are you letting your impatience play too much of a factor and giving up? Or refusing to sleep in because you're just a bundle of energy and want to get your day started? Remember that astral projection takes discipline and a ton of patience. This is difficult for young people because they want results NOW and that is not how to learn this difficult skill. You can't learn French NOW so have the same expectations with astral projection. Speaking of French, if you were to take a French class, how much homework would you have to do? How many language tapes would you have to listen to in order to pick up the nuance and vocabulary? If you

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wish to be fluent in astral projection, then plan on spending as much "study" time as you would an advanced calculus class. Perhaps maybe you are too young to take this up? This is an individual decision that I cannot make for you. You will get as much results out of astral projection in direct proportion to what you put in. If you only practice for half an hour a week, then your grade will be about an F+. I spend, as I would any difficult class, 4-10 hours a week on this. I constantly say affirmations, reduce distractions, keep a journal, go to bed early, sleep in late on the weekends... whatever it takes to make the grade. 9. Review your goals. Why is it you want to do this? Just curious? Well, that may not be enough. Maybe you need to adjust your goals and "heighten" them to something that will motivate you. The reasons to motivate you don't necessarily have to be "lofty spiritual goals" either; there is no judge here telling you why you should be pursuing this. It could be to visit a lover who is on an extended leave, resolve issues with a deceased soul, healing a person you love, etc. As I put in the "Beginner's Guide" if you don't have the "Desire" you won't have the motivation to go the distance with astral projection. 10. Just do it! Start today! There is enough here on this webpage to get you started. There are no road signs in life, you'll just have to learn some of the nuances along the way. That's what "experience" is all about. Hope this helps my friend. Anne

Beginner's Guide
Although I have provided links to other interesting Astral Projection web sites, I would like to cover several experiences that I went through as a beginner that might help you. First, what is astral projection? Astral projection is simply the transferring of the consciousness from the physical body to the astral body. We have several 'vehicles' for our consciousness, and the astral body is one of them. Now, I will outline the progress of how I learned to astral project: Desire: First is the desire. I have a friend who experiences the beginning states of astral projection, but has no interest in pursuing it, therefore never goes anywhere. "Why?" she asks. Well, if you don't build the interest and suitable desire, you're more than likely to go nowhere, and that is probably as it should be. We are all on individual paths, and no one can judge the course of another. Fear: "Fear is the great barrier to human growth." Robert Monroe, Ultimate Journey. This is why once you've built the desire, relaxed and can concentrate, you need to lose the fear. One of the biggest obstacles is the initial fear of the vibrational stage. There is also the fear that you'll die; fear that you won't come back; fear that your body will be possessed. I have never known of anyone to suffer any of these ailments. In fact, after visiting a particularly gorgeous place, I'll do everything in my power to NOT come back! But to no avail! No matter what you do, you WILL come back (unless of course you have a heart attack in the middle of your sleep). Fear is a reoccurring theme (and/or

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lesson) that people have to overcome in order to advance in astral projection. You're not alone; everyone, at some time or another, will have to surpass one of the biggest obstacles. This theme, however, applies to all areas of our life, so when you can overcome this one, your whole life will be enriched. I've read a vast array of books, talked with many people on this subject, and I have drawn one conclusion, and that is to face it. You can read until you're blue in the face on how to deal with fear, how to control your emotions, that there's nothing to fear but fear itself, but until you face it head on and overcome it, these will be just words. And even when you face it and think you have learned the lesson, it will take on another shape and another form and reoccur until the lesson is thoroughly worked out. Then you will see it disappear from your life because it is no longer needed. I met my guide once in the astral and he told me that there were seven cycles of life and fear is one of them. We will cycle through these lessons until each one is resolved. What happens in our life is neutral, and it's up to us to view it as positive, negative, spiritual, or mundane. Concentration: One of my personal big obstacles! I can relax just fine, but when I try and quiet my mind and focus on one thing, a thought slips in and I'm off on a fantasy. My most successful attempts are when I can clear the mind and use several techniques; either focusing on my third eye, using a particular visualization tool or affirmation. Practice concentration, via meditation, looking at candles, or whatever your preference is. Robert Peterson in "Out of Body Experiences" states that, "The single most important factor in leaving the body is that you focus your consciousness down to a single, focused, barely noticeable thread." Do you ever stop and listen for that "high pitched noise" in your head? Sometimes, if it's really quiet, I can stop and listen for it. Robert Peterson states that if you can hold your concentration on this very noise for three minutes that the vibrations will rush in. Relaxation: Countless people have repeatedly stressed this and that's because it's true. If you're upset over a job, spouse, health, finances, or whatever, more than likely this will be what is consuming you, not astral projection. Clear your load if you want to pursue astral projection. We cannot escape work, loved ones, bills or traffic, but we can do a little to minimize the "noise" in our life and this may also include having to make long term decisions. Is your career keeping you from pursuing the higher things? Are you accumulating too much physical goodies via credit which perpetuates the stressful job in order to pay for them and thus keeps you up at night? Is your spouse in tune with you and your goals, or creating disharmony? If we want to project, we eventually have to lead a lifestyle that is conducive to it. We cannot live like monks in a quiet monastery, but we do have choices and we can chose compatible mates, get less stressful jobs, work towards simple lifestyles that allow for freedom and more quiet time. Here are some things that I have personally implemented myself: knowing when is "enough" in my career. I'm a SQL Server Database Administrator, and people ask me why I don't go into development, well, because it's too stressful and time consuming and not worth the $5-$10 more an hour. I changed my work hours from 7:00-3:00 so I could avoid longer time in traffic (it's rotten here in Seattle). I try and pay my bills off before accumulating more stuff to keep anxiety down. I keep my associations to meaningful ones (quality vs. quantity type friends) which means only a couple. I develop patience and tolerance towards my loved ones which keeps me from getting unduly upset. I meditate regularly and keep extraneous noises like TV and radio to a minimum. These are just a few examples. It won't happen overnight, but if you work on your goals, you'll get there. Focus 10: (aka the hypnagogic state-- see Glossary for term definition).

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People say, "I'm relaxed and all, but I still can't leave". It is more than just relaxation. The body must be **asleep** yet the mind awake. I try and catch myself as I'm coming out of sleep in the morning which is an acquired skill, but doable (I can't do this at night because I'm too tired)-- See "My Favorite Technique" under the Weekly Commentary link. You shouldn't be able to feel your body (sort of like going numb). Your sense of hearing and touch will vanish and you will start to see images float across your mind. Don't let yourself slip into a dream, but instead gently hold your concentration and keep deepening the sleep state. If you do this coming out of morning sleep, catch yourself before you fully wake up and gently focus on your third eye. Don't strain, otherwise you wake up. The vibrating should follow. Separation: Ok, now the interesting stuff! There is no way to fully prepare a person for astral projection. Practice, desire and trial and error are the best teachers. However, you can at least expect some or all of the following things. For me, one of the first experiences I felt prior to separation was the buzzing. My whole body vibrated! The first time is always shocking and you'll usually throw yourself out of the state before anything happens, but if you can, just let the vibrations continue. You're so close! I now know that when these vibrations start, I'm well on my way to separation. Usually, when the vibrating starts, I can raise my astral hands, legs and so forth. The last for me to detach is usually my head. I think our heads contain the strongest hold to our physical body. There were many times where my whole body was significantly raised, but my head would just stick. I'm not alone. Albert Taylor wrote in Soul Traveler, "I woke up in the paralysis state and, without my producing, the lower half of my body began to float. Like the hinged lid of a music box, my astral body moved up and my head rotated backward! The soles of my astral feet were pointing straight at the ceiling. I was upside down and facing backward, but my astral head was still connected to my physical head. I hung there upside down staring at the headboard of our bed. I couldn't seem to break free, so I gave up and reconnected." After thinking about this awhile (I also posted this to my Science Results page), I think this is because most of our primary chakras are in the head region and chakras are energy (and where there is energy, there is magnetism). When I project, the first thing to raise are my hands, and hands don't have a primary chakra. So it's the utter stilling of the head area chakras (thus reducing the magnetic pull) that allows separation. Ok, so your body is vibrating and you can lift your limbs; now you should start hearing popping, cracking, hissing noises. It can be one or many of these symptoms. I have also heard screams (ugh) and nasty noises, but I now just ignore them. Who knows what kind of parasites hang around our astral body, but I can tell you, they are harmless. So now that you've gotten this far, get out! I do this several ways. 1. Rollout (this is also the technique Robert Monroe used). I rollout by simply acting like I'm falling out of bed, as in rolling out of my body, onto the floor. 2. Arch my back and buck myself out. Sometimes if my head gets stuck I just "throw" myself out. This takes sheer will power. 3. Grab something solid and pull! It doesn't matter how far away the solid object is, I think you're basically using the solid object as a mental crutch to get out. 4. Rise and move. I surprised myself lately by just doing this passive technique. I "willed" myself to rise above my body and move onto the floor, which I did. I'm sure with time, it gets easier and easier, no matter which technique you use. I remember how I struggled over

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and over to get out of my body, but now, once the vibrating starts, I always say, "gosh, it's so easy, what was I fussing over?" I also have a theory where I think we have this substance that connects us to our physical body, and that it is magnetic in nature. I think over time as we continually leave our body, this elasticity gets stretched and loosens its tight grip. Some people are born with loose holds on their physical body and can pop out with little to no effort. My girlfriend's brother leaves his body all the time during his afternoon nap but has no idea why and doesn't really care. Move away from body: When you are close to your physical body, you are probably still in your etheric body. The etheric body is electromagnetic in nature, and you will experience some of the following until you get away from the magnetic range (also read the article under Weekly Commentary called "Our Five Bodies". 1. You get pulled back. The body has a natural magnetic pull to your etheric, and until you get far enough away and move into your astral, you will be repeatedly pulled back into it. This feels like being drunk because the pull from your physical pulls you to and fro, trying to attach you back to your physical. This is rather a comical state, but can be annoying if you are simply trying to look around while close to your body. 2. Astral blindness is also another common side effect. If I'm too close to my body (within about 10 feet), I am equivalent to being blind. I usually use my hands to feel around, or since I know the layout of my room, I just move away from my body. Besides, in the astral, it's not like you have to be careful of bumping into things and hurting yourself. I do know that the better I get, the more I can simply "will" myself to see, but this is still a lot easier if I just get away from the physical body. When I move far enough away, my astral vision comes into focus, the wobbling stops and I'm totally free. 3. There are strong auditory distractions, and as I mentioned before, if I'm close to my body, I can hear radio waves (in the form of talking, music, etc.) I also noticed (after reading over my journal) that there is this really annoying buzzing in the equivalent of my astral ears that sounds like a hornet is in my ear! This only happens which I'm close to my body, but on more than one occasion, I have leapt back to my body out of freight because I thought some bug was in my ear! And I do hate bugs! 4. Spouses: If your spouse loves attention in the physical, he or she will be even more eager in the astral. Tip: just ignore them and move away. You can try and talk to them, but unless they are developed, they will hold no conscious memory of you. As you can see, once you get the hang of things, it's better to just get out of the room and start your journey. Take off: Once you are away from your body, you will slowly progress from the old physical habit of leaving out your front door to just zooming through the roof (and when you're really experienced, you will just think yourself to your destinations). You will eventually overcome your fear of heights (I've done work in the astral where I've helped my closest friend into the outer atmosphere to help her with her fear of heights). It's all very heady because you're not used to the speed, the height, the colors, and the sounds. So what do you do? I learned that all I had to do is ask and my consciousness would do the rest. One of my first trips was to the moon, then I asked to see a deceased relative, I also asked to see a place of great beauty and I'm still recuperating from that wonderful experience! If you want the specifics for my particular technique, I wrote an article under the "Weekly Commentary" link that is called "My Favorite Technique".

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Good luck and have fun. Anne

Top Astral Projection Mistakes
If you feel like you've been trying to project for a long time and seem to be getting nowhere, you may need to review your techniques and adjust accordingly. The following are what I see as the most common mistakes people make while trying to learn to astral project. While these really aren't "mistakes" because they work for some people, they do seem to slow progress down.

Trying at night.
If you try to project at night, especially before you go to bed, nine times out of ten, you will fall asleep. You've had a long day, your body is worn out, so how can you expect to achieve Focus 10 or Focus 12 (body asleep, mind awake)? You need to either try earlier in the afternoon, or switch to weekends when you can sleep in. If you switch to the weekends and use, for example, my technique that I wrote about under the Astral Projection link called "My Favorite Technique" then you're very relaxed and can slip back into sleep, yet the mind is refreshed and more likely to get into Focus 10. Try it and see.

Are you afraid you are going to die? That someone will cut your cord? You'll be possessed? Any of these fears will keep you thinking about this, and not letting yourself project. Always address your fears before expecting any results.

Inner dialog.
Are you talking the whole time? Saying things like, "Is this right?" or "I wonder if I'm close?" To induce the vibrations, you have to have no thoughts. Your thoughts need to be narrowed down to a single thread. When you are trying to get your body asleep, stop talking to yourself and "listen". Listen to the faint ring in your head, but don't analyze it. Listen, but don't talk. When I induce the vibrations, my body has fallen asleep, the ringing has faded (because now I'm asleep), and I'm gently focusing on my third eye. All my thoughts are gone. This takes a while to master, but is necessary. Also, if you do slip off onto other thoughts, just let that happen, but gently pull your thoughts back to the single thread and keep focusing on your third eye.

Not understanding relaxation vs. body asleep.
I get mails all the time from people saying that they are trying to astral project with their eyes open! To leave your body, you have to reduce the magnetic pull to the point that separation can occur. All

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 8 / 84

things electrical create a magnetic pull. Even thinking sends out electronic pulses and creates magnetism. Pulse and heart rate also creates energy. Do not confuse "relaxation" with Focus 10. Focus 10 is Body Asleep. You have to learn how to fall asleep physically, but keep your consciousness from slipping into a dream. When the body falls asleep, everything slows down which reduces your bodies magnetic pull. Then, if you can master the "no thought" part, the vibrations will rush in. And when they do, you still have to keep your thoughts to a minimum because the excitement will increase the heart and pulse rate and then you'll be sending me mails saying that you can only raise your astral arms or legs! Most of the primary chakras are in the head and torso region which is why your head is the last to separate. So excited thoughts only make it harder. As my guide told me, "Get out of your head!" To tell if your body is asleep, you should no longer feel it, shouldn't be able to hear, and hypnogogic imagery will start appearing. Don't fight the images, just don't let them take over or you'll start to dream. Always gently bring your consciousness back to the project at hand.

Conscious astral projection can take months or even years to accomplish. If you are expecting results in days or weeks, you will more than likely give up or doubt its existence. Astral projection takes discipline, dedication, and a ton of patience. It will happen, but be prepared for the long haul. It's worth the wait and effort. These five are the top reasons, but others can include not removing distractions (kids, pets, phones, spouses), or not getting enough sleep so that when you do sleep you sleep like a log and can't keep the mind awake. If you want more info on the "fundamental truths" to astral projection, read the article called, "The Fundamental Truths to Astral Projection."

The Anatomy of a Projection
The Fundamental Truths To Astral Projection
Intro There are many techniques and paths open to you in order to pursue astral projection, however, fundamental truths still exist, regardless of techniques, and are critical for you to understand in order to attain success. Below is a no fluff guide mixed in with "truths" about astral projection. This is meant to be used in conjunction with the three articles contained under the Beginner's Guide link. This guide is really more of an accessory to the Beginner's Guide to simply point out specific concepts that need to be understood. Reduce Magnetic Hold/Mimic Sleep State Simply stated, the magnetic hold over the astral body must be reduced. This naturally happens nightly in deep theta, or delta but we are usually preoccupied in dreams to take notice. When you go

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to bed, the following process happens: you lie down, mentally digest your life's activities while in alpha and as you drift off, your body enters light theta. As your sleep starts deepening further still (entering delta), your astral and etheric body start to vibrate and your chakras open to receive energy to replenish yourself for your next day's activities (your heart rate also slows and body temperature drops). The vibrations, of which you are not consciously aware of, allow for the slight misalignment of the etheric vehicle from the physical body in order for the chakras to open. This accounts for the jerk we sometimes encounter when our bodies realign themselves. The trick to projection is to consciously mimic the REM sleep cycle (see "Sleep and Inducing a Projection" article). If you were to mentally wake yourself up in theta (using a dream mask, or becoming lucid in a dream) and thought of your body, yet remained physically asleep, you would find that your body was in the deep vibrational state required for separation. But to become lucid in a dream is not sufficient for it's the focusing on the body that terminates the dream and leaves you in the hypnopompic state (the state of consciousness coming out of sleep). Click here to see the different levels of consciousness related to sleep Sleep Cycles It was no fluke that Sylvan Muldoon had so much success with astral projection. He was bed ridden for years and whenever we are ill, our magnetic hold is naturally loosened. Robert Monroe was also an older projector and as we age, our magnetic hold loosens. This is why teenagers have such a tough time of projection; they are healthy and their magnetic hold is very tight (except in those instances where this person has a naturally loose hold over their astral body). How many books have you read recently where the projector was under 30? Find the Right Aid For Your Sleep Type Now, to mimic this sleep state can be done several ways. One is mastering meditation. The other is using valid aids. I say valid because there are so called "aids" that are just mental crutches and don't do a thing. First, before you can figure out what aid to use, you have to know your body sleep type. Deep sleepers require different aids than light sleepers. I am a light sleeper (and light sleepers are also better projectors because they can bounce in and out of the hypnagogic state which is the state of consciousness going into sleep). Brain entrainment tapes help light sleepers go under but too much so for the deep sleeper. My tester Kristina is a deep sleeper and finds the lucid dream mask very good as she is able to maintain her sleep state, yet notice the cues in her dreams. I myself practically leap out of bed when these flashing lights start pulsing. The dream herb (calea) keeps you from going into deep sleep and for me, it's like taking a shot of espresso before bed, but is effective for Kristina. Another effective means of modifying the brain waves are hemisync tapes. I've listed two good ones on my webpage (the Transcendence cd and the astral projection one from Brainwave Mind Voyages) Both are under $20. Very much part of our existence is vibrations (both light and sound), and these tapes alter your brain waves. They WILL increase the hypnagogic state and are worth the $15.00 they cost. I also recommend the Gateway series, but you're going to drop a lot more money for these and should start with the cheap ones first. The dream mask isn't cheap either, but if you're a deep sleeper and can afford it, it's good. All these companies are listed on my site under the Aids Link. Before a person can progress beyond this point, they have to achieve the first stages of separation (the vibrations). Here is what I recommend: Decide if you are a light or deep sleeper. This is pretty self explanatory. Deep sleepers have to be shaken to be woken up and light sleepers wake at the drop of a pin. Then, pick up legitimate aids (definitely the tapes, and maybe the mask if you're a deep sleeper... depends on how much you want to invest in this whole process). Then, focus on

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 10 / 84

learning how to put the body asleep and yet keep the mind awake. I cannot stress this enough; you have to really mimic sleep. To be relaxed is not sufficient. We relax all the time, but nothing happens. You have to literally hear your body falling asleep (I often hear a slight snore or two!) but I keep the mind focused. This is rather difficult to achieve, as you naturally want to start dreaming or fantasizing. Images will appear and take your concentration away. A good tip for that is to focus on the internal ringing in your head. Sometimes you won't hear it, but if you focus on this, it will start to slightly be heard. If you're already in theta, and start to listen for this and think of nothing else, the vibrations may happen within 5-10 minutes. Other Tips Some other important tips; try in the morning vs. night. Most people are too tired and get nowhere except really frustrated when they try at night. If you can, set your alarm for an hour early, enter theta and focus on the internal ringing. Afternoon naps are really good as well as it disrupts our natural sleep pattern and leaves us in that groggy state which is perfect for projection. Saturating your subconscious is effective too. Whatever we dwell on, we manifest. This can be done with reading astral projection topics, affirmations, or just thinking a lot about it. The reason that so many techniques exist is because someone had success off of an attempt and thinks that it will now work from then on. The fact is, most of the time, when we switch techniques, it initially works because we stimulate our subconscious into activity. Whatever we do for too long, our subconscious bores of and it stops working. The rope technique, visualizing a box in front of you, asking for help, all those are just the stimulated subconscious. I can't tell you how many e-mails I get saying "it worked for a week but never to return". I myself stimulate my subconscious by switching my concentration from one area of thinking to another. No matter what your technique, if your body is not asleep and mind awake, it won't be effective more than once or twice. Try and reduce other outside strong mental stimulants as well. Like I said, what we dwell on is what we manifest. When I go through periods of stress or something exciting happens, my projections terminate. To be honest, the more boring your life is the better. Try and take control of dreams. This is hard, but the dream state is an excellent portal into projection. People sometimes try to master this by checking their watch throughout the day and asking if they are dreaming. Of course, you MUST do a reality check in your dreams, otherwise you will think you are awake. Many times my tester and I have questioned if we are asleep (we are) but think we are not because we failed to do the reality test (like levitation or something else normally impossible.) Summary In summary, really understand body asleep/mind awake concept, get your appropriate aids together, and start utilizing morning hours to achieve the desired state of awareness. Discipline yourself from mind wandering and focus on putting your body into sleep paralysis. Initially, you may experience such things as seeing through closed eyelids (etheric projection, not astral), intense heat waves (stimulation of chakras, aka kundalini energy) or fear when you finally do experience the pre-projection vibrations and you just didn't realize they felt like a huge earthquake. This is the beginning, but very important. Most people can't get past this because they don't grasp the fundamental truths of projection.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 11 / 84

Our Amygdala: The Astral Projection Switch?
I'm always curious about how the physical body, especially the brain, behaves during projection, conscious or otherwise. As I've mentioned on my site, it appears the following occurs during a projection: - Pulse and heart rate drop (this is also present in spontaneous projections when laughing gas is used) - Body temperature is lowest (thus reducing heat which causes energy resulting in magnetism which keeps us in) - Brain signals become slow and long which reduce electricity in the brain - Breathing is slower which sends less oxygen to the brain. You might think the brain, compared to the body, doesn't account for much blood circulation, but because of the high energy demand of the brain, oxygen delivery and blood flow to this organ is quite large. Although the brain's weight is only 2% of the body's, its oxygen consumption rate is 20% of the body's, and blood flow 15%. We could probably deduce that the brain is the last to separate from the physical because most of our energy is generated there through electricity in the form of nerve impulses called "action potentials". This also means if we want a conscious projection, we must quell activity in the head through control of breathing and body/brain interaction. I don't say "thought processes" because I think as long as we're not sending signals to our body such as "I'm hungry, I'm cold, I'm afraid" we can still "think" and induce the hypnagogic state. I used to believe that "thinking" itself was a hindrance, but most of us fall asleep with thoughts on our mind. As long as it's not accompanied with worry or our thoughts are not excessive, we should be okay. We also think continually in the astral and this doesn't noticeably bring us back to our physical shells, unless the body itself is calling for us. So where's the trigger? When does consciousness shift from the physical plane to the subtle? Is it more easily reproducible? This led me to further investigations into the brain, and primarily, the frontal lobes. This is where 90% of our brain is untapped to conscious use. What activities do the frontal lobes perform that we know of? Laughter, listening to music and our emotions to name a few. These fall into the higher cognitive functions of the mind. The back part of the brain, sometimes called the "reptilian" portion is responsible for our survival instincts. This led me to a fascinating article by Neil Slade from Dormant Brain Lab. They claim, through years of medical research, that the "amygdala" (pronounced ah-MIG-doll-uh) is located in the frontal lobes and can be voluntarily "clicked forward" to automatically trigger emotional highs, nirvana, bliss, and yes..... astral projection! Neil Slade does what he calls "Brain Travel" by clicking his amygdala forward. He states, "it is an elementary thing to switch on the remote/astral travel components of your brain, which reside primarily in the frontal lobes. Both Eric and I have been doing this for decades, myself having learned this skill at the age of 18 from a master of meditation." Neil states that during sleep, our reptilian brain ego function is at its lowest point of control which allows our frontal lobes to take over. This happens during REM sleep (and this is also what I said under my sleep article; that we shouldn't mimic sleep, but REM sleep!) He also states that "during sleep, our brain's electrochemical currents are allowed free access to the frontal lobes- precisely

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 12 / 84

because our amygdala are clicked forward out of reptilian self-preservation circuits". Now you might think, "who is this Neil guy?" Although his writing is very humorous and flashy (he states that humor is a sign of frontal lobe activity, hence of a "higher" nature) he's got the credentials. Here's a bit of background on Neil: "Neil Slade attended Metropolitan State College, the University of Colorado, and the University of Denver, and graduated Magna cum laude in 1978. He was assistant to Brain and Behavior Researcher T.D.A. Lingo, Ph.B, B.Sci. M.A., for 11 years at Colorado's Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory, established by director Lingo in 1957. Since December 1997, Neil has been a regular guest on the internationally broadcast Art Bell Coast to Coast radio program. This included a record 4 appearances in one month with an estimated audience of 15-20 million listeners for each interview and live audience question and answer session. Neil has recorded and released 8 albums of original music, and has written and published three books on learning, creativity, and the brain." And his credential go on! The amygdala is not something he made up or was coined by Dormant Brain Lab. The amygdala can be easily referenced in any medical brain material. It was first established in the scientific community by brain researchers Jose Delgado of Yale University, James Olds and Peter Milner of the Montreal Neurological Institute, and Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University Medical School. So here we are. We know the brain creates energy, that during REM sleep that energy is reduced, and that electrochemical currents switch from the reptilian "survival" mode to the "highly cognitive" frontal lobes. So the switch, it seems, is pointing the amygdala from back to front. Neil offers insight on his webpage for clicking your amygdala forward at will, but I also invested the $20 dollars and bought one of his books. I'll let you know how it goes... For those interested, here is his link: http://www.neilslade.com/ Here are some drawings of the amygdala:

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 13 / 84

Illustration 1: Amygdala (2)

Amygdala (1) Amygdala (2) Amygdala (3) Take care, Anne

Internal Ringing and Astral Projection
What is the link between initial separation and our ears/hearing? Typical sounds associated with separation have been labeled: roaring, screaming, buzzing, bees in ears, high pitched noises, etc. I am also able to hear a greater range of sound waves when I first leave my body (read my radio frequency article). I and other projectors have told people to listen to the internal ringing in their ears to bring on a projection. Numerous people responded to success with this. Why? The conclusion I originally drew was that it was because this narrowed our thread of thought, which reduced the electrical input to the brain and less input reduces energy, thus magnetism.... This may be PART of the reason, but I think it also relates to the following: Most internal ringing is normal. Why? Because the internal mechanism of the healthy ear creates sound vibrations, and your "ear sounds" or otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) can be recorded by a microphone probe fitted to your ear! In fact, OAEs are routinely used to test for normal hearing in newborn babies. This internal ringing is normal. However, excessive ringing is called tinnitus and is so annoying that it leads subjects to severe depression. Although excessive ringing in the ears is considered a disease, it has been documented that "in more than half of the cases, the exact cause of the tinnitus cannot be identified". Now, the American Tinnitus Association, using the brain imaging technique called PET (positron emission tomography) surprisingly discovered that when internal ringing was present, the hippocampus (viewed by some scientists as the seat of emotion in the

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 14 / 84

brain) was stimulated. And where is the hippocampus? It is part of the temporal lobe along with the olfactory cortex and the..... amygdala! (see the amygdala link). Although each function separately, they are grouped together as "the limbic system". The vibration of one, stimulates the other. I wrote about the amygdala based on information from Neil Slade's site and how this part of the brain, when properly triggered, helped achieve the out of body state. Neil Slade states repeatedly that listening to certain types of music flips the amygdala switch forward. He sites numerous examples of how certain music enhances learning, mental travel (OBEs) and remote viewing. Here is one of his quotes: "Just as in any other kind of music, our impressions and emotions while in our out-of-our-body experience leave and transmit the same impressions to the listener. Thus, this particular Out-Of Body Brain Travel Music will facilitate your own remote viewing and astral Brain Travel to this alien place." Sound has been linked to OBEs for ages. My first mental projection while listening to classical music. The Monroe Institute and many other sites (including Neil Slade's site) sell "brain music" that help achieve altered states of consciousness and astral projection. Crystal bowls are used that supposedly resonate with different chakras and stimulate projection and awareness. However, it wasn't until this year (2001) that I realized that REM sleep, sound (hemi sync or otherwise) were related to OBEs via the frontal lobe. Take care, Anne More Anatomy Articles

Sleep and Inducing a Projection
I have stated that one of several ways to induce a projection is to "mimic sleep". However, this statement needs clarification. It isn't just sleep that needs to be mimicked, but the correct cycle of sleep. Scientists divided non-REM sleep into four stages, accounting for about 75 percent of total sleep. In each stage, brain waves become progressively larger and slower, and sleep becomes deeper. After reaching stage 4, the deepest period, the pattern reverses, and sleep becomes progressively lighter until REM sleep, the most active period, occurs. This cycle typically occurs about once every 90 minutes in humans. The time which most conscious projections occur is during the REM cycle (or the hypnagogic/hypnopompic state). Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is an intense activity in the brain during which dreaming occurs and with practice, astral projection. During the REM sleep state, the brain functions in the alpha/theta brain wave state which can also be achieved in meditation. I've often said that it's not advisable to practice at night because you're just too tired. Stages 1-4 indicate progressive degrees of sleep with stage 1 being the lightest (alpha) and stage 4 being very deep sleep (delta). Usually after about 90 minutes we have progressed through all 4 stages and then we enter REM sleep (theta). This is the stage of sleep when most people dream. Stage REM is usually very short early in the night but gradually increase as the night goes on. By the time morning rolls around, we are in REM almost all the time. 99% of my projections have been in the morning bouncing in and out of REM sleep and also why multiple published authors report projecting after "several sleep cycles" because they have transitioned out of sleep stages 1-4 and are in REM. I think many dreams are indeed disguised astral projections because people have shared

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 15 / 84

the same unusual dream content, received information not normally accessible to them and visited people and were seen. I also found references to companies on the net that use Rapid Eye Technology to simulate the REM sleep state in order to perform passive emotional healing. They do this by mimicking the REM state via eye movements (moving side to side and gradually moving up). I found this an interesting correlation because the astral utilizes the "emotional body" and by duplicating REM sleep, (the time we naturally project) to work on emotional wounds does make sense. Even doctors that don't utilize Rapid Eye Technology state that "dreams help people process emotional material". In summary, the goal isn't to mimic sleep, but mimic REM sleep.

The Catatonic State

The Catatonic State
There is a state of awareness that most of us encounter at some time or another that is not astral projection, nor is it a dream. The catatonic state of awareness is when our consciousness detaches and transfers itself from our physical body to our etheric body (but not yet in the astral body). However, the etheric body is still considerably attached to the physical, and has most of the "control". Clinical psychologists call this Sleep Paralysis, but they are wrong. They define this as a REM sleep state and that the consciousness can not become aware of anything by perceiving it and that it can be aware of nothing except what it "hallucinates". When I read about Sleep Paralysis, I have to smile, because here are some of the symptoms: - Vibrations and shaking - The sensation of floating, as in "out of body" - The sense that other beings are in the room or vicinity - The ability to see through closed eyes. We are immobile because the abilities are no longer with the physical. You can "see" through closed eyelids because we are seeing in the etheric body (I get this all the time). Your physical "muscles" don't work because your consciousness is no longer sending conscious signals to your physical body. Since the etheric is also known as the electromagnetic body, you can hear radio waves and people on the lower planes. Another common side effect is the inability to move (again, because you are not completely attached to the physical body so you cannot scream, move, or anything of a physical nature). It's like having a mind, and no body. This can be a terrifying state (and is for about 90% of reported cases) because although you can hear people in or near your room, you are immobile! If you read my Science and Astral Projection Link (and then read the "test results") you'll see that the catatonic state increases with the use of these magnets due to the nature of the etheric body. The chemical process that creates this catatonic state, thus allowing the consciousness to switch vehicles, starts with REM sleep. REM sleep begins with signals from an area at the base of the brain called the pons. These signals travel to a brain region called the thalamus, which relays them to the cerebral cortex. The pons also sends signals that shut off neurons in the spinal cord, causing

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 16 / 84

temporary paralysis of the limb muscles (the catatonic state). So what does one do in this state? Well, I'm a big advocate that fear should be overcome, so I try and face it, regardless of the outcome. Just this weekend I woke up in this state and felt someone in my room, I killed all fear and just "welcomed" it. It turned into a very pleasant experience unlike the one before where I was very afraid. You can also try and project from this state. Several days ago I woke up in this state, told myself to try and not be afraid, and then focused on my third eye. Vibrations rushed in, but I just couldn't let the nagging thought escape me that I was "vulnerable" in this state, so the vibrations continued for a few minutes, and then dissipated. It's important to learn control and develop the ability to manipulate the consciousness in this state. Practice and facing fear is the only way to get around this. Here is additional information from Trionic Research Institute on the Catatonic State (or what they refer to as ASP-Awareness during Sleep Paralysis) Trionic Research Institute

The Magnetic Body Range
Often we go along with what is told to us because it's popular, hard to prove, or a general public consensus. The term 'cord range activity area' (which is what I believe is really the Magnetic Body Range) is commonly described as the area near your physical body that, when first projecting, pulls our astral bodies to and fro because of the astral cord. The cord supposedly acts as a link from our astral form to our physical body (like an umbilical cord), and when we die, it dissolves, or breaks, and separation is final. When we initially separate from our physical, we experience the sensation of a magnetic pull (likened to being drunk), astral blindness, auditory signals from radio and tv frequencies, and vibrationally low entities. I believe that the astral cord has nothing to do with the symptoms experienced when too close to the physical body during initial projection. If the cord remains attached to us throughout our excursion, then moving 10 feet away from the physical body does nothing to remove us from the "cord range" as it follows us everywhere. I believe it is being in the etheric field (or as I call it, the Magnetic Body Range) that creates these symptoms, not the astral cord. The human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field (this is science, not any paranormal theory). Kalen Craig, author of the "The Kalen Universe" and retired Naval Researcher (http://www.kalenuniverse.com/) states that "Our primary postulate is that space (ether) exists as a super fluid of electric and gravitational fields composed of quantum action particles ..." This to me explains why when we first project, and are near the "etheric" body, we experience the magnetic pull (as magnetism is created from moving electrical particles). As soon as we leave the magnetic body range then all of these symptoms vanish. Some extraordinary people have exhibited certain magnetic and electrical properties. For instance, a 14-year old Soviet student, Inga Gaiduchenko, has been likened to a human magnet. Not long ago, she demonstrated to specialists at the Moscow Technological Institute that pens, china, spoons, books and other objects can adhere to her hands, just as if she was a magnet for non-metallic items. Pauline Shaw, a housewife of Manchester, England, has so much electrostatic energy in her that she routinely blows out home appliances with a single touch! It is proposed that 'ether' accommodates electromagnetic and gravitational waves. Our etheric body

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 17 / 84

is also electromagnetic in nature which is why when I used neodymium earth magnets, my etheric activity greatly increased (but not so much my astral projections). If the cord does exist, it is only to keep us connected to our physical body, yet does not possess any electromagnetic properties.

The Five Bodies
Eastern esoteric yoga informs us that the human has not only the physical body, but a series of overlapping, multidimensional bodies. These bodies are variously described according to different traditions, but essentially they include the etheric/electromagnetic body (seat of the chakras), the astral/emotional body (the basic formative dimension for emotions as polarized expressions), the mental body (the sphere of abstract knowledge and concrete thinking, the realm of Forms). The last is the causal body (seat of the Soul, the timeless, spiritualized agent behind sequential human incarnations). Physical This is pretty self explanatory. The physical body has the lowest vibrations and is attached to the etheric and the astral. Etheric The etheric body can leave the physical, but when it does, I don't think it goes any great distance. I think its role is a "life energy" body. When the body goes to sleep, the etheric expands, the chakras open, and we receive energy and restore our depleted supply. This is why it is also referred to as the vitality sheath or health body. When I'm tired and drained, I can lay down for half an hour, enter a trance like state and wake up feeling totally refreshed. This is not the projection of the astral body, but a charging of the etheric. If the etheric projected a great deal, our bodies would feel drained, not refreshed, upon return. When I astral project, my etheric is doing its job of replenishing my body, and when I come back, I am refreshed. The two are independent. When people experience "duality" aka mind splitting (where the consciousness resides at two locations) I believe one part of the consciousness is in the etheric and another one is in the astral. There are also a lot of discrepancies on the silver cord. I personally have never seen this cord (but I haven't really looked for it either). Is has been suggested that the cord is related to etheric projection, not astral. If the cord was associated with just astral projection, then we would see it every time we astrally projected. I remember once leaving my body and out of curiosity I looked back towards my physical body. I saw a body, but it was in a totally different position than my physical! It was the etheric body that I was seeing. In the astral, we see the astral counterparts of the physical, but I think we can also see our etheric shell (this explains why I saw the etheric body, and not the physical). On several occasions, during meditation, I have been able to see the ceiling through my physical eyelids. This is also not astral projection. People who are sickly have reported more OBEs. I think this is because the etheric is weak and the astral is able to separate more easily. Both our physical and etheric bodies are magnetic in nature and influence the pull of the astral. When objects are moved, I think it is more from the influence of the etheric body, rather than the astral which does not share the same vibrations as objects in the physical. The etheric is of a higher vibration than the physical, but lower than the astral.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 18 / 84

Astral The astral body is aligned with the physical and is of a lower vibration when it is attached. To unattach, the frequencies must be raised. The astral body can transcend various levels in the astral plane. It reacts to thoughts and can see the astral counterpart of the physical world. It cannot affect physical objects because they do not share the same vibrations. The astral body can transcend time and space. There is a feeling of separation when consciously projecting from the body. Rushing, vibrating, roaring, crackling and popping (to name a few). When in the astral, our filter is removed and we are able to see, hear and feel more. Mental The mental body is where remote viewing happens. When you achieve bi-location during remote viewing, there is no feeling of separation as with astral projection. There is also no visual distortion as there sometimes is with astral projection (depending on where you are at on the astral plane). My first "projection" was a mental one. I went straight from the physical to the mental body which explains why there were no vibrations. I just involuntarily "popped" out and was several blocks away. I also think the mental body is often independent of our physical one. Unlike astral projection, when I separate, I detach from the body and travel accordingly. In the mental, you just show up somewhere and have done nothing to travel there. The mental body does not contain the thought "junk" of the astral. You may be able to see partial thoughts formed in the astral (as in a partially built ship), but not in the mental. When I wake up in the mental, I am usually nowhere near my body and have no sensation of a body of any kind. I once "woke up" in the mental and I had no way to determine where I was. It was pitch black, I had no ears, no eyes, no body. It was a void that I remained in until a sudden return to the physical. It was a pure state of 'being'. The mental body also transcends time and space. Advanced remote viewers, using their mental body, communicate telepathically. Causal The causal body is where past life memories are stored. This plane is one up from the astral. When we die, we enter the astral and eventually experience a second death (the astral body diminishes) and we enter the causal plane where we then remember our past lives and can then make decisions for our next.

Is Low Blood Pressure Linked to Astral Projection Ability?
A "polar molecule movement theory" was recently submitted to me by Mario Fernandez, a reader of my web page, but I wanted to analyze it in more detail here. Mario's theory is posted below (and also under the Science page) with my comments following. ______________________________________ THE POLAR MOLECULE MOVEMENT THEORY by Mario Fernandez The following came to me in a sudden intuition, while attempting an astral projection in the afternoon. I have read about Anne's conviction that projections are deeply related to magnetism. Admitting the magnetic field of the body pulls the etheric or astral body back, one should try to understand the source of that pull, in order to minimize it. Now, not all molecules behave the same, in terms of their magnetic properties. Some molecules are like little magnets, while others do not show magnet-like properties. The magnet-like molecules are

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 19 / 84

the so-called "polar" molecules, while the others are called "non-polar" molecules. It is easy to check the difference between both kinds of molecules with a simple experiment. Place a cup of lard and a separate cup of water in the microwave oven and microwave for, say, one minute. You will see the cup of water is boiling, while the cup of lard is lukewarm, at best. Now, the lard represents the fat inside your body (sorry about that), while the water represents mostly your bloodstream. The microwaves are nothing but rapid electromagnetic pulses that change the orientation of the tiny magnet-like polar molecules, many times per second. The more polar a molecule is, the more heat it will pick up in the microwave oven. Water is one of the most polar molecules in our body. Well, this shows that we should not care about our non-polar molecules, such as our fat, since they do not contribute to our magnetic pull. On the other hand, our polar molecules create a magnetic field around them as they vibrate or as they move around. Why do they vibrate? They vibrate because of their temperature: as the temperature is higher, so are the vibrations. And why do they move around? They move around because the water molecules in your bloodstream travel all around within your body, pumped by your heart. This leads us to two conclusions. First, projections should be easiest at the time the body reaches its lowest temperature: maybe between 4 and 6 A.M. Second, projections should also be easiest at the time our pulse rate is at its minimum, and thus the bloodstream movement is slowest. Maybe we should think of some ways to lower our heart rate without risk. Or maybe another aid-device could be designed: one that would wake us once a selected heart rate has been achieved. ________________________________________ I think Mario's conclusion is excellent. When I was researching laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for its ability to cause spontaneous projections, they mentioned "lower blood pressure" as one of the side effects. I looked up low blood pressure and it is indeed lowest during sleep which is when we project naturally. When we sleep (or meditate) the heart rate decreases prior to a decline in body temperature (which reduces energy and thus magnetism) and allows for separation. I repeatedly tell readers that if they are trying to project, to "reduce all thought and focus on the third eye." A projector should also focus on slowing down their heart rate via breath and mind control. Just thinking of lowering our heart rate will work just as thinking of something sour will make our mouths water. The goal is to "deaden" as much of the bodily activity as possible in an attempt to mimic sleep. Starting immediately, I will gather statistics from readers who have naturally loose holds over their astral bodies. The people having naturally loose holds over their body that I've asked so far ALL have naturally low blood pressure. Even myself, when I had my physical several years ago was told that my blood pressure was rather low.

Astral Projection Aids
I have come to the conclusion that the success of each aid depends on what kind of sleeper you are (light or deep). Here's a summary of each aid listed accordingly: The Dream Mask: The flashing and/or beeping cues will wake up a light sleeper rather quickly.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 20 / 84

Rarely am I deep enough that when I see these flashes behind my closed eyelids that I don't fully wake up. The Calea Herb: This herb makes deep sleep difficult to attain. I do use this herb, but only a minor quantity as I'm a light sleeper (1 gel capsule). I tried 2, but I never got beyond a light doze. If you are a deep sleeper, and can't remember your dreams, this will help. Tapes. These put most everyone to sleep but are effective for both sleep types. Part of achieving a projection is based on the ability of keeping the body asleep, yet the mind awake OR to sleep light enough that you bounce in and out of the hypnagogic state often enough to "catch" yourself and induce the vibrations. This can be done with these astral projection aids if you use the right one for your sleep type. My other tester Kristina, who is a DEEP sleeper, gets really good use out of the mask, whereas I sleep very lightly, and even on the lowest setting, am typically jarred awake. Dr. Douglas M. Baker in his article, "The Techniques of Astral Projection" discusses the importance of light sleeping. He states, "It is quite useless to think of astral projection and activity in the inner worlds if you sleep heavily, without memory being brought through of your dreams and astral life." If you can, alternate your aids as the subconscious mind bores of them rather easily and they stop working. Regardless of the aid I'm using, I switch after a week. Ideally, you would have four aids and use one a week. • • • • Hemi Sync Tapes Meditation Tapes Lucid Dreaming Mask Untested Astral Projection Aids (new!)

Hemi-Sync Tapes
Because I get a lot of questions about the hemi-sync tapes, I decided to put some information about them on my webpage. I have NO affiliation with the Monroe Institute, nor do I get any profit from referring people to their site, but years ago, after reading Robert Monroe's books, I decided to buy the Gateway Tapes (36 total). I started experiencing regular astral exteriorizations 30 days after listening to the tapes. Unlike the mental projection when I was 14, these involved the typical astral side effects of astral blindness, hearing radio frequencies, the magnetic pull, etc. Because these are expensive, I looked through their catalog and found one that would probably work well and is only $14.95, whereas the Gateway Tapes are hundreds of dollars. I've provided the link below, if you are interested, and a description of what hemi-sync is (taken directly from the Monroe Institute's Website). Or, as a reader suggested, you can get a copy off Napster for free (type in Hemi-sync under title search). If you want to plunk down a few more dollars, you can get 6 cassette tapes (a "series" and there are six series total) for $72 per series. I looked over their different series, and I recommend the "Wave III - Freedom". Click on the below link and then go to "Gateway Experience". HEMI-SYNC: "Hemi-Sync is a trademarked, state-of-the-art audio technology based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. Our brains produce waves or patterns of electrical activity. Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as rest

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 21 / 84

(occipital Alpha), deep sleep (central Delta), meditation (central and frontal Theta), physical activity (wide-spread Beta). Hemi-Sync's audio binaural beats influence these brainwave patterns and in concert with other components of the Hemi-Sync process provide experiences in focused states of consciousness." To order the cd: http://www.hemi-sync.com/catalog/ Then go to "Single Tapes and CDs" and "Transcendence" is near the bottom. Or if you want a series, go to "Gateway Experience" instead of "Single Tapes and CDs". Here is the name of the tape and a description: Transcendence: Transcendence has verbal guidance on Side 1 to lead you in exploring three discrete states of consciousness. When you have become skilled in achieving these states by following the guidance, venture into these profound, meditative states on your own with Side 2. The Hemi-Sync sound patterns are the same as on Side 1, and the experience is yours to create. #TP024U Cassette (Verbal) Price: $14.95

Meditational Tapes
Brainwave Mind Voyages I just picked up some meditational tapes from a company called Brainwave Mind Voyages. These "perceptual tools" use binaural beats to help you achieve the alpha, theta and delta levels of awareness. I personally recommended Theta as the level for remote viewing, but these various states of awareness can also be used for astral projection. I've only had them a short while, but they are effective in achieving these states of consciousness. They are also considerably cheaper than the Gateway tapes offered by the Monroe Institute. Here Is their link: - Brainwave Mind Voyages Chakra Music Here's a site that's done a lot of cool research on sound vibration and its effectS on our chakras. I'm ordering their cd as well ($17.00) - Primasounds

Using Lucid Dreaming for Astral Projection
Here's a little background on the LD mask per the toolsforwellness.com webpage: The NovaDreamer® is a product of over a decade of research by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., worldrenowned authority on lucid dreaming, bringing the lucid dream state within reach of everyone. The NovaDreamer detects when you're in REM sleep, then gives you a cue (flashing lights or sounds) to remind you to recognize you're dreaming. Cues enter your dream, becoming incorporated just like an alarm or radio will sometimes work its way into a dream. The workbook provided helps you prepare your mind to recognize the NovaDreamer's cue and become lucid. INCLUDED: The NovaDreamer® lucid dream induction mask, a course In Lucid Dreaming, a detailed step-by-step workbook of exercises, Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Howard Rheingold (text for the Course), Trance Induction Of Lucid Dreams audio cassette tape, NovaDreamer Manual and two AAA-size batteries

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 22 / 84

If you're interested in seeing what the mask looks like, or just want more information, there are several options: NovaDreamer or Johnson Smith Company As usual, I have no association with this company (or any company that I use for my astral projection projects). If you're interested in a mask yourself, there are several places you can order them (toolsforwellness.com or www.lucidity.com for example). I used toolsforwellness.com because they were cheaper, but the product is the same for either one.

Untested Astral Projection Aids
If you're feeling experimental and want to try some new aids or tips, I've come up with a few more that I'm personally looking into. The testing of these aids has not yet begun, but if you have any results from these, please send them to me and I'll post.

More and more I'm encountering material on the importance of breath. Westerners are criticized in general for their lack of breathing savvy, and that we fail to see the importance of breath. It's related to energy (chi), and even astral projection. A friend of mine just went to a meditation seminar and they practiced a technique called Rebirthing. This is where you lie down and for the next 45 minutes, breath deeply and rapidly (about one breath per second). All participants entered an altered state of consciousness and Kristina said that if she had not had the presence of strangers, projection would have been possible. In another article I read, Bellow Breathing (used by Yogis) is used to enter the vibrational state. Dr. Baker recommends in his article "The Techniques of Astral Projection" that you should "draw air in sharply through the nostrils with such intensity, that they become flared. This is done several times at the rate of about once per second. Do not worry about exhalation. The natural elasticity of the thoracic cage and the lungs will expel the air before the next gasp." I tried this a bit last night but was too tired to do anything beyond 5 minutes. Of course, don't do this while standing as you may pass out!

Sound Vibrations
I had a vivid dream over the weekend that could relate to an additional tip. In my dream, I met a man who told me to readdress my efforts with "vibrations". But he said that my emphasis should be on sound. He then said, "do you remember this dream you had about sound vibrations?" and I was then shown a dream I had long forgotten where I was standing by a big jet and the noise from the engine was making me really vibrate. Ironically, my first mental projection was while listening to classical music. Something about some sounds can trigger a spontaneous projection. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make a tape that has some sort of vibrational sound to it (like the OMMM sound, or something similar that causes low reverberations) and tape it over and over until a 60 minute tape is filled. Then, I'm going to connect my sub_woofer* up to my tape player and play this sound while in Focus 10 and see what happens.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 23 / 84

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy
Another area I'm thinking of pursuing is electromagnetic wave therapy. This company states that the human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and that the use of pulsed electromagnetic waves can induce such side effects as physical vibrations and pulsing. But I think they only ship to the UK so I'll have to have it shipped there to an acquaintance I know, and then have them ship it back here to the U.S. If you're interested, their link is Electromagnetic Wave Therapy I don't think the key lies in any one aid, but a culmination of aids. For example, the sound vibration in addition to bellow breathing, or the earth magnets used with the electromagnetic wave therapy... *Sub-woofers are large speakers, specifically designed to produce deep, precise bass. A large driver and enclosure are needed to move the high volume of air required to reproduce these frequencies accurately. The upper frequency limit is usually around 140Hz, and depending on design, can extend to reproduce frequencies below 20Hz, the theoretical limit of human hearing. Because hearing sensitivity varies across the spectrum, and we are not particularly good at hearing low frequencies compared to those in the mid-range, a higher sound pressure level (SPL) is needed to reproduce convincing bass (this is compensated for by loudness circuits in some pre-amplifiers which increase low and high frequencies at low listening levels to compensate for our non-linear hearing).

Mind Awake - Body Asleep
Despite the article under my Beginner's Guide called "Top Astral Projection Mistakes" I still get a plethora of e-mails from readers who still do not understand the key principle that their body has to be asleep when projecting (unless they have a very natural lose hold, use substances or are very advanced with meditation or light work) so I'm writing a separate article just for this. The statements and or questions that come from readers are: "Should my eyes be open?", "Why do I itch when trying to relax?", "I can't seem to relax enough to get into that state." "My arm feels pain, is that normal?" or "My hemi-sync tapes aren't working cause I don't go very deep." There is one common thread in these questions/comments and that is, the person is trying to do this while totally lucid, or thinks that they need to be in some special trance to project. Neither is the case. The body has to be ASLEEP. Every night you sleep and every night you project. There is no magic or mystery to the state that your body needs to be in to release the astral form. People say, "I can't get into that state." Yet, in fact, they do it every night of their lives! We all do. You're itching because you're not asleep and are concentrating too hard on something that you do later in the evening effortlessly. Do you get incessantly itchy when you're going to sleep at night? Of course not! You just scratch your nose or whatever and go to sleep. Most beginners, when trying to project, are "thinking" about getting into a state which keeps them from actually getting into that state. People refuse to read and comprehend the words under my Beginner's Guide that says over and over that you are mimicking sleep. You are not relaxing. You are asleep! It's as easy and uncomplicated as that.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 24 / 84

Do the same rituals that you do every night before bed, except do it at another time (like in the morning or afternoon). It's a lot easier than people realize. They think they have to convolute the process but they don't. It's just sleep, plain and simple. I prefer doing this in the morning because the whole relaxation process is already done for me. It's easy to slip back into the sleep state. So if you want to project, do all the preparations you do for sleep. Scratch, toss & turn, process your day, and put projection in the back of your mind. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and go to sleep. In fact, even allow yourself to slip into a dream. The ONLY difference is that for projection, you mentally check back every so often so that you don't totally lose yourself in a dream to the point where you can't take control of your consciousness mind. If you do lose that control, oh well, you'll get a darned good nap. If you do get control during a dream (which is still a form of projection but the subconscious mind has control, which is not what we want), then keep the body sleeping while attempting to either go fully lucid using clarity affirmations or induce the vibrations by spinning, or focusing on the third eye and going totally deeper for a full body exit. It doesn't matter how you access the astral. You can do it with a full body roll-out via vibrations, or you can do it by becoming lucid in a dream and taking conscious control. Either way will still require that the physical body be sleeping.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Why is this taking so long? When are you best able to leave your body? What does it feel like? What tools do you use? What do you do when you are out of your body? What about past lives? How do I get around? What lies ahead? Since you can time travel, can you go to the past and change something or, learn from the future, to effect the present? You had said that there is an image of every physical object in the astral. Can you touch or change a particular object in the astral? Say, if it is a piece of paper, can you write? If you can, will it be in the altered condition when you return to the physical world? How clear are your visions when you astral project/remote view? Can you see yourself when you astral travel? How do you look? What clothes are you wearing (same as in the physical plane?) etc? When you project or remote view, can you see any person in the world? Suppose you do it for me, can you see what I am doing at any given point of time? If so, can you tell me what dress I am wearing now or what dress I will be wearing two days later? When you remote view, by just taking the name of the person, can you see the person? Is it possible that you see some other person with the same name? When you are in the astral world, can you meet people in the physical world? If so, can you communicate with them in any way? How do you communicate in the astral? What language do you use?

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 25 / 84

• Can you distinguish between a living person roaming the astral and a ghost? • Someone had mentioned that there are several astral worlds to explore. How do these worlds look? What if you took a camera and took pictures? • Can you astral travel to other planets and solar systems? If so, have you seen life there? • Are there any sub-humans in the astral? • How do dead people look in appearance? Can you touch them? Can ghosts physically harm you i.e. push you or throw something at you? • Are people generally good in the astral world or are there nasty elements too? • Can you speak with the dead people that you meet? • After death, when does one finish a birth and enter the next? Do all people end up wandering as ghosts for a while before they go on to their next birth? • Why don't the dead come and make their presence felt if they are there and can see us? Have you known of cases where the dead have helped or guided the living? • Does the soul have a name (an inner name) - something like a permanent name that does not ever change? • Since you are able to view the past, present and future concurrently, isn't it strange that everything is already pre-destined for us? And if this is true, then does this mean that we have actually no part to play of our own. Are we merely puppets performing a certain fixed role? • How powerful is the will of the human mind? Is it so powerful that it can change destiny? E.g. suppose a person is not destined to have a house of his own, he perseveres and struggles and somehow with sheer determination manages to have a house for himself. Can he actually do that or was he only able to do that because he was actually destined to do it. • Are you clear about the "purpose of your life" i.e. what you are supposed to do in this birth? • Has knowing you past life helped you in understanding your present birth? • Do you see the karmic cycle of what-you-do-is-what-you-get in life demonstrated clearly in people's life (since you know your past lives)? • How accurately can you predict? How sure can you be of what you see? Is there a possibility of your seeing something wrong? • If you can see things very clearly, then why don't you demonstrate it by way of accurate predictions for non-believers? • Do you think that astral travel is a god's boon to you or do you think that with sufficient knowledge and practice anyone can do it? • Can you see the aura of a person? • Do you have ESP or a well-developed intuitive power? By looking at a person can you judge how he or she is? (Trying to ascertain how other faculties get affected after achieving astral travel) • How do psychics work and how different are they from your approach to seeing things in the future? Are you more, or less, accurate than a psychic? Why is this taking so long? I found that my obstacles were numerous, but all related to self, as are all obstacles; I wasn't taking the time to practice; I was trying at night (which meant I mostly fell asleep), I was trying too hard, and lastly, I wasn't ready. What do I mean by me not being ready? I mean that I was impatient,

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 26 / 84

demanding immediate results, and because this wasn't happening according to my self inflicted timeline, I was then throwing away my efforts, excusing the obvious facts, and my new found reality. So many of us demand answers and results now, but there is no race to spirituality, advancement, or knowledge. It will happen as you are ready, not as you demand it. Relax. Also, I tell people that this is like a muscle which we have not used, so it has atrophied. If you were to spend your whole life in a wheelchair, would you expect that you could walk immediately? It takes a lot of work and practice to develop this "muscle". TOP When are you best able to leave your body? Primarily in the morning. Even Robert Monroe went through several sleep cycles before he left his body. If you do it at night, you are usually too tired and will fall into a deep slumber. Unfortunately, most of us cannot sleep-in, except for weekends, but that's how it is. When I won the daily lottery via astral projection, it was because it was snowing outside and I didn't have to go to work that day. TOP What does it feel like? There is an unmistakable feel to leaving your body. You are very lucid and it has no dream qualities about it. When you lift your limbs, you can feel them rising. They are your limbs at that point, not the inanimate flesh on the bed. TOP

What tools do you use? What really started me on my path to success was the Gateway series tapes by the Monroe Institute. Also, read as much as you can because you want to saturate your subconscious mind with the topic. Whatever you dwell on, it will eventually come forth in your consciousness. I also use affirmations and keep a dream journal. And starting this year, I began research into neodymium earch magnets as an aid. TOP What do you do when you are out of your body? First, I went to the moon. Often when you leave your body you see astral matter that is not visible to the physical eye. When I went to the moon I was greeted by a man I didn't know and then he showed me around a "compound" where people (mainly men, I think) used this facility, but for what, I don't know. It had a sterile feel to it though. What is it you want to do? I find that the astral is pretty much unlimited. You decide what and where you want to go and then state your desire. I do this a lot. For example, if you want to see a friend, just say, "Take me to Cindy's house!" TOP What about past lives? I've only done this once and it was interesting. I wasn't who I thought I'd be. I expressed the desire to see a past life and the next thing I knew I was a "fly boy" in a fighter plane during the last World War! My current best friend was also a pilot and a friend of mine as well. I plan on doing more past

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 27 / 84

life regressions. I feel close to many cultures and time periods and want to explore that. TOP How do I get around? At first I went by the physical route I knew so well, but this took too long and I became frustrated. I eventually just "thought" my way around and saved myself a lot of time! TOP What lies ahead? Visiting distant galaxies, helping anyone who is interested, investigating past lives, healing, meeting guides/helpers and so forth. What isn't there to do? TOP Since you can time travel, can you go to the past and change something or, learn from the future, to effect the present? This is a revolving question and would take a volume to explain, of which I am not the person to do that. If I tell you that you are going to wear red tomorrow, you can express free will and wear blue. TOP You had said that there is an image of every physical object in the astral. Can you touch or change a particular object in the astral? Say, if it is a piece of paper, can you write? If you can, will it be in the altered condition when you return to the physical world? The astral counterpart is exactly that. For example, once in the astral, I picked up a lipstick and drew something on the bathroom mirror, but it was not there in the physical. I have heard of cases where electric objects can be affected by the astral. All things can be changed in the astral but whether they will be changed in the physical depends on how close vibrationally you are to the physical. I have read that things exist in the astral because of our thoughts, and how long that remains in the astral depends on how much it is thought about. For example, mass religion may construct a "heaven" which becomes almost a permanent place in the astral because of so many millions of continual thoughts; whereas the lipstick I drew on the mirror will not be there after a few hours. That is why you can sometimes see furniture in your room that is not your own. It is probably the previous owner's furniture, which has its own imprint that has remained, and will take months to years to fade. TOP How clear are your visions when you astral project/remote view? These are very clear. When you bi-locate during remote viewing, your consciousness is literally at the target. It is no different than being there in the physical (see Glossary for a breakdown of terms like bi-locate and target). The astral, depending on what level you are on, is just as clear. The higher the level, the more brilliant. The lower levels tend to be "darker", and more dull in nature. TOP Can you see yourself when you astral travel? How do you look? What clothes are you wearing (same as in the physical plane?) etc? I initially said that you could see yourself lying there on the bed, but I think that what we are really

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 28 / 84

seeing is the etheric body. I don't think we can see the physical body because it's not of the same vibration (like I keep saying over and over... we see the astral counterpart of what is in the physical). I've gotten several e-mails where they can't see ANY body on the bed. That's because they are in both the astral and etheric vehicle so there's nothing to see on the bed! On a related note, I had a very strange astral experience once where I kept having the same dream over and over about tornadoes (twisted sisters). After about the 4th time that I dreamt this, I realized that it was a dream (lucid dream). I then created an astral "counterpart" of myself and left that counterpart to live out the dream so no one would worry and then my "self" flew away. I've never heard of anyone doing this before. As far as what you are wearing, I don't pay attention, but I don't feel naked. TOP When you project or remote view, can you see any person in the world? Suppose you do it for me, can you see what I am doing at any given point of time? If so, can you tell me what dress I am wearing now or what dress I will be wearing two days later? Yes, you can see what you are wearing and what you'll be wearing two days into the future. The future is changeable though (see Time Travel). TOP When you remote view, by just taking the name of the person, can you see the person? Is it possible that you see some other person with the same name? No, you see the person that you are trying to see. Your higher self knows all and will direct you to the correct person. I don't even have to have the name, just the intent. I once remote viewed a missing girl and I saw her perfectly even though there are probably many girls with the name of Erika Baker. The parents of the missing girl sent me her picture and it was a perfect match to what I had seen. TOP When you are in the astral world, can you meet people in the physical world? If so, can you communicate with them in any way? Not typically because you have different vibrations which is why you can't see "ghosts" or people who are astral projecting. There are people who can project near the physical vibration rate and can be seen by others, and communicate as well, but this is rare (and usually unintentional). TOP How do you communicate in the astral? What language do you use? Typically, your own language, but then there is what Robert Monroe calls a ROTE (thought ball) and it doesn't matter what language you speak, because it's all done telepathically. TOP Can you distinguish between a living person roaming the astral and a ghost? Not always. Because you are both occupying the same space and you are both really just "ghosts". A ghost is simply a spirit without the body. Also, people have mentioned that they have been questioned by astral entities as to whether or not they had "bodies" in the physical which means some of them cannot tell as well. The only time I can tell is if I can "sense" that they have died. TOP

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 29 / 84

Someone had mentioned that there are several astral worlds to explore. How do these worlds look? What if you took a camera and took pictures? Not so much "worlds", but levels, each separated by vibrations. The higher the vibration, the finer the frequency (to the point that even the air sparkles). Then once you leave the astral, you then enter the mental and then so forth. Some levels are not visual in nature, just pure knowledge. You cannot take a camera because it is of a different vibration, and even if you could, the camera works off of a certain range of light particles, and the astral is totally different. TOP Can you astral travel to other planets and solar systems? If so, have you seen life there? I've been to the moon, and when I described another location I had been to, someone said it was Mars (dome shaped buildings and a dark, shadowy atmosphere--like inside Mars). The life you see there is not physical, but astral (the life on Mars may have been physical, but not detected by our current technology. When I went to the moon, there was a structure there that was no longer inhabited, but when it was, it was by humans (mainly men). It appeared to be some sort of compound. I couldn't tell what. TOP Are there any sub-humans in the astral? You bet! And if you astral project, and stay near the lower astral worlds, you are bound to run into them. Some call them parasites, but I only run into them when I am just leaving my body and am close to the physical world. As soon as I raise my vibrations, they cannot enter the higher worlds. TOP How do dead people look in appearance? Can you touch them? Can ghosts physically harm you i.e. push you or throw something at you? Dead people can have many appearances. It has been commented over and over that the higher their vibration, the more they appear like a radiant star. Once you tune into their frequencies they will look younger than when they died, free of any physical defects. They also have various garments on. You can touch them in the astral and this can be a very warming experience. TOP Are people generally good in the astral world or are there nasty elements too? Both. After a cycle on earth, the spirits leave the physical and have to inhabit another locale, and what they were here, may be what they will be there. People are not "bad", but instead are judged that way because they are hurt, confused, afraid, shamed, and so forth. When they leave this physical life, they have a chance to heal before they begin another. People also get to see the wrongs they have done to others, and I hear this is a very painful process. TOP Can you speak with the dead people that you meet? Yes and No. Depending on where each of you are at vibrationally. I tried to speak to my dead step mother, but she wasn't able to communicate back with me. It was all non-verbal. TOP

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 30 / 84

After death, when does one finish a birth and enter the next? Do all people end up wandering as ghosts for a while before they go on to their next birth? No. People only wander around the earth if they are lost, confused, clinging to the material world (or to a person who has not died yet) and so forth. There are many places and people to experience in the afterlife. We chose our next incarnation at our own pace after we review what we accomplished and what didn't get learned. This can be a short while, or a century in physical life terms (time is non-existent once in the astral or higher planes). It may not necessarily be here on earth. When you finish your physical earth cycle, you will go to the next plane of existence, never to return to earth (unless you chose to in order to teach, lead, heal, etc.) Going through the earth cycles can take a thousand lifetimes or just several. That is up to us. That is why it is so important to not cling to material goods, to carry fear and hatred in our hearts. All of the spiritual figures throughout our history have taught the same thing; the true meaning of life is love for one another and ourselves. All things that we pursue to make us temporarily happy are unnecessary in the long run, and are only obstacles that keep us from our true path of enlightenment. TOP Why don't the dead come and make their presence felt if they are there and can see us? Have you known of cases where the dead have helped or guided the living? They do make their presence felt. There are countless stories of people visiting live relatives shortly after they have died, helped them in time of need, spoke to them in their dreams and so forth. TOP Does the soul have a name (an inner name) - something like a permanent name that does not ever change? God. What I mean by that is, is that God created us, fills us, and never dies, just as we never die. In our final process, we unite with God and are God. TOP Since you are able to view the past, present and future concurrently, isn't it strange that everything is already pre-destined for us? And if this is true, then does this mean that we have actually no part to play of our own. Are we merely puppets performing a certain fixed role? God gave us free will so our future is as we make it. You have an ultimate destiny, but how you walk on the path towards that destiny is up to you. Someone once said, "It's not what is done or said to you, it's how you react." I also read recently that our lives are like blank sheets of paper and how we react to situations colors that paper. What is done to us is neither good or bad, just neutral. TOP How powerful is the will of the human mind? Is it so powerful that it can change destiny? E.g. suppose a person is not destined to have a house of his own, he perseveres and struggles and somehow with sheer determination manages to have a house for himself. Can he actually do that or was he only able to do that because he was actually destined to do it? The power of the mind is infinite. When we clear ourselves of our blocks (fear, judgment, hatred, negativity) we can then overcome anything. Miracles of old will be miracles of today. TOP Are you clear about the "purpose of your life" i.e. what you are supposed to do in this birth?

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 31 / 84

I am personally very clear on my path. If you want to know what it is, I'll tell you briefly; we are here to learn and love. We cannot move beyond this physical realm until we learn about ourselves. Every action we take to help our fellow man, helps ourselves. The highest moral you can have is love. There are also different soul purposes while here on earth; there are the teachers, caretakers, healers, leaders, guides and learners. My role is the teacher. TOP Has knowing you past life helped you in understanding your present birth? Looking at your past life will help show you some of the lessons you are to learn. If you see yourself repeating the same behavior, this can help you focus on your goals. We are here but a short while, so we need to use our time wisely. There is no race to spirituality, but if we can take the short road, that would be nice. TOP Do you see the karmic cycle of what-you-do-is-what-you-get in life demonstrated clearly in people's life (since you know your past lives)? I had a dream once that my step-mother (who was unkind to me in the physical) did me a kind service in a dream. I was very happy and grateful for the service that she had done. At that moment, a message was sent to me saying that his was done to help undue a wrong she had done me during her physical life. I would say this is karmic cycle in process. TOP How accurately can you predict? How sure can you be of what you see? Is there a possibility of your seeing something wrong? Some things are very clear, and some are symbolic. Half my dreams that are psychic are of a symbolic nature. I dreamt once that my boss was packing his truck with all of his personal belongings and I was so upset I cried. When I went to work the next day, he had been fired and in his outbasket were all of his credit cards and access keys. While he did not literally "pack his truck" he had been fired and his things had been removed. You cannot always be sure of what you see. For example, all the doomsday predictions at the millennium created a lot of astral debris. Remember, what we think about gets created in the astral (and the longer it stays there when there is mass thought concentrating on it). So I saw comets, earthquakes and tidal waves in my dreams, but non of which happened. If there was a sure-fire way to know all of this, I'd be retired! TOP If you can see things very clearly, then why don't you demonstrate it by way of accurate predictions for non-believers? We are not here on earth to make non-believers believers. Otherwise you would spend your whole life forcing your will on others and that is not why you are here. You are only here to experience things for yourself. Their truths will become self evident when they are ready. Does it matter if so and so doesn't believe? I still believe and that's all that matters to me. It is ego when we try and show and prove to everyone about our talents. TOP Do you think that astral travel is a God's boon to you or do you think that with sufficient knowledge and practice anyone can do it?

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 32 / 84

We all do it, just most people do not retain a conscious memory of it. TOP Can you see the aura of a person? I just recently started to see the human aura (April, 2000). I saw the color green around a co-worker and then looked up green and it matched his personality exactly. TOP Do you have ESP or a well-developed intuitive power? By looking at a person can you judge how he or she is? (Trying to ascertain how other faculties get affected after achieving astral travel) I have both, but they are sporadic. When we all look at people, the intuition is layered with our own beliefs and judgments. When you strip all of those, you would be much more inclined to see the real person. There are not too many people who can put 100% of their judgment aside. We judge everything, even subconsciously; their sex, age, religion, background, attire, mannerisms, and so forth. TOP How do psychics work and how different are they from your approach to seeing things in the future? Are you more, or less, accurate than a psychic? Psychics, like any gifted person, are usually born that way (but any one of us can also increase our own inborn skills). They are pretty much doing the same thing as remote viewers. They pick up something about you and see pictures, sounds, etc. Accuracy varies.

Astral Projection / Dreaming / Lucid Dreaming
April 30, 2003 It's my opinion that astral projection, dreaming and lucid dreaming are intertwined in the same locale. The difference between dreams, projection and lucid dreaming is what is at the controls (the conscious mind or the subconscious mind). Even if you get the vibrations and roll out of your physical body, you will end up "dreaming" very quickly if you don't know what you're doing. People say, "I failed because I fell into a dream." Well, no you didn't, you just gave up conscious control to the subconscious mind which makes the experience totally different! The subconscious mind has its own agenda and communication system. Your conscious mind is concerned with the here and now. Your subconscious mind is concerned with processing life events, working out soul lessons, attempting to bring past and future events into your consciousness, and a bevy of other things. Subtle realm experiences, dream or otherwise, get "fantasy like" because again, a person has lost conscious control. The same exact thing happens in the astral if you don't use clarity statements. People just don't realize what the astral is like (during a conscious projection). Yes, it can be as lucid and clear as the waking state, but you can slip into the Alice in Wonderland effect (subconscious control) faster than you can shake a stick! In fact, control can be lost in less than a minute. I have rolled out of my body, gotten half way down my stairs,

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 33 / 84

totally lost conscious control, and slipped into fantasy land immediately. Only through sheer will power, and constantly directing my focus towards my goal, am I able to maintain a lucid state. Published astral projection author, William Buhlman, also states that clarity statements are a must for maintaining lucidity and control. The astral is a malleable place where form follows thought, but don't just think it follows "conscious" thought. It also follows subconscious thought. Many an advanced projector, including the famous Robert Monroe, would marvel at how things would materialize (or that they would be transported to an event or place) quicker than they could form the desire consciously. That is how fast and strong the subconscious works! An example of an astral dream is if you are working on a lesson. Many lessons cannot be worked out on the physical plane because you wouldn't be able to handle the issue over and over (or even once), whereas you can handle fairly severe scenarios in the astral. For example, we assume all beings not recognizable, such as subtle plane entities, are "evil." If you dream of a freaky looking entity then you'll experience the fear emotion. Fear is generally the first reaction, and often the only reaction, to this experience. Time and time again I was afraid of what I didn't recognize, until I learned to give it a chance, and even send it love. Only then did it morph into something I recognized and that is, the very same life energy that I was. I doubt I'd find it all too pleasant to find some scary looking being in my bedroom at night in the physical, but I can endure it over and over in the astral. It seems like a "crazy" dream, but it is your subconscious mind nudging you in the direction of total awareness and unconditional love. Dreams can often come true. A common name for a psychic of this sort is a "sleeping psychic." If we did nothing but remain in our bodies during sleep then this would not be possible. People have even met their friends and loved ones in "dreams" and both parties remembered the experience. In so called dreams, messages are given and futures told. People write me in frustration that they can't consciously project. Well, why not instead realize that you project every night and tackle it from a different viewpoint? Why not learn lucid dreaming (or lucid projection) and bypass the whole nonsense of "vibrations and rollout?" Remember, you project every night you sleep. All we're doing here is trying to get conscious control of the subtle state. Anne

Subtle Realm Creatures
April 21, 2003 A reader just asked me if I've ever seen dragons, mermaids, faeries, unicorns or other fantasy creatures, and if so, what were they like. All right! I'm coming out of the closet on this one! I've seen gnomes on the subtle planes! I withheld this bit of info for fear of being labeled a pure nut, but there's a side to this story that puts it into the credible department. Now, while I've seen gnomes, I have not seen any of the others listed above, however, I imagine some may exist. Who knows, maybe some myths were started because someone "dreamed" them (a disguised projection) and thought it would make for an interesting story. Here is the fascinating tale of how I saw these gnomes. I decided to do some remote viewing for the lottery numbers one afternoon. I did my usual set-up of going to bed, getting comfortable, and then

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 34 / 84

started the process of moving from beta to theta. About 40 or so minutes into it, I felt I had reached the theta state (body totally asleep, hypnagogic imagery starting to form). This is when I started to probe for the lottery numbers. As my third eye opened up, what I got instead were two little gnomes! They both looked male and had the proverbial appearance of gnomes (dressed in rustic clothing, very earthy surroundings, etc.) What was rather odd is that one of them was drinking out of a tea cup! As the one gnome sipped his tea, he said to me (in an accent that sounded a bit Irish), "Look at the lottery for seven days and it will be like looking at paper." Now, while this tale sounds ridiculous, and you are probably rolling your eyes, I did exactly what the gnome told me to do. For the next seven days I went to Safeway and asked to see the lottery numbers. On the seventh day, an amazing thing happened. It was a weekend morning and I decided to use my "My Favorite Technique" to do a projection. This basically requires sleeping in to the point of becoming excessively groggy. When I reached that point, I was able to induce the vibrations and exit my body. I of course went to search for the lottery numbers, thinking I had to "go someplace." Well, one projection was futile, and after awhile I came back. But for some reason my body remained in an optimal state and I was able to leave over and over. On the seventh exit I grew frustrated and demanded to see the lottery numbers (hence the source for my Will article.) And as I pushed out the force of my will, up popped the daily lottery numbers, as clear as the gnome said it would be. Of course the rest is written down under my lottery article. So I do believe I really did see gnomes. But why they chose to appear to me and help me, I do not know. I can only say one thing, and that is that I've had a very strong attachment to earth and her creatures since I can recall. Even in my dreams I have drawn "other realm" tarot cards depicting a nature goddess. So perhaps there is some affinity even with her subtle realm creatures (nature is nature). There are creatures that we cannot see that are literally "out of this world." I'm quite sure many of these exists and have varying degrees of personality, as we do.

February 21, 2003 The word Poltergeist originates from the German words poltern, ‘to knock', and geist, ‘spirit'. Basically, it's an entity that can produce physical and auditory disturbances in a person's environment. What it also can be is terrifying. Originally thought to be demons and devils, it was later believed that the person receiving the poltergeist's attention was the cause of the disturbance itself. However, I do not agree with this in all cases as I myself underwent a serious poltergeist experience and actually saw the non-human entity while in the etheric! Poltergeists are attracted to negative and powerful energy centers, and my home, when growing up, was a cesspool of negativity, thus making it a natural breeding ground for negative and unwanted visitors. Because of the tumultuous nature of youth in general, they are common recipients, or targets, of unwanted energies and this applied to me as well. Here is an account of my poltergeist experience when I was about 17 years old. First, ghosts were common in my house as both my grandparents died there and their presence was often felt. However, I don't lump ghosts and poltergeists into the same category, per se. I consider ghosts to be humans passed on, while poltergeists can be non-human energies from the lower planes. Being that Poltergeists are from the lower planes (and there they stay), their behavior is always malevolent and

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 35 / 84

centered around woefully unhappy people, and unlike most adults, teenagers rage with volatile emotions and unwittingly open themselves up to pestering. I first started to notice a presence in my room by the temperature variation from the rest of the house: it was cold! Then our pet Labrador would sit at my bedroom doorway, not entering, and growl at the seemingly empty space inside. It was then that I started to be visited during my sleep. I would become lucid to something painful going on such as my sides getting pinched or squeezed. I was generally in the catatonic state and totally unable to move. On one occasion, I used my eyes to look down at my waist area to see what was causing me pain, and I saw a small creature curled up next to me, almost clinging. I was very terrified and I started to develop insomnia out of fear of falling asleep and being visited. The general bizarreness of my life took off at this point and lasted many months. There was an event that showed me how these things, when provoked, can punch a whole into our physical reality. I was at a male friend's house telling him about this poltergeist issue, but he refused to believe it. He insisted on seeing for himself, so I asked him to come home with me and check it out for himself. When we went into my room, it was very cold, as usual. My friend started becoming belligerent and making comments like, "There is no entity here! If there is, it's pathetic because I sure can't feel it!" I was mortified and told him to not say this, for fear something ill would come of it, but he continued on until he left the house satisfied that nothing was there. The moment he left, the room was clear. Warm even! The change was so noticeable that I thought it had gone for good and I had the best night of sleep in months. What I didn't know, is that it followed my friend back to his house. The next day, I got a call from my friend saying he could no longer be my friend, per his parents demands. Apparently, when he got home that night and went to bed, the stereo had flipped itself on and was dialing through channels much to his shock. Then his closet collapsed and he become hysterical, waking up his parents. Upon questioning, he told them what he had done that night, and that this "thing" was probably from my house. That was all it took! A year after this incident occured, I moved in with a family that I was friends with, but this thing followed me regardless. Without me even saying anything about it, the mother, who was a gifted psychic, said that she knew I had a low level entity attached to me. This entity was my constant companion until I eventually outgrew it by raising my vibrations, therefore making its attachment to me non-existent. Anne

What Happens After We Die?
February 19, 2003 What happens when we die is as varied as what happens when we live. I think it's easier to talk about the evolution of the soul fragment, then to try and describe every scenario for the afterlife. Base energies chose to come here, as we all do, to live, learn and share via a series of "rememberings" through life experience. Their ego is highly centered, and they are undeveloped in terms of ability to love unconditionally, move out of the material/physical desire state, and possess little PSI ability (as this requires a higher vibratory rate to pick up on subtle influences). Their

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 36 / 84

vibrations are coarser and when they die, they spend time in the lower astral realms where they can often get stuck to a habit pattern, attached to someone or something, or spend time suffering over their condition. This is what you would call the famous "hell". For it is darker, coarser and often higher entities prefer not to visit it unless they are performing a soul rescue, or are to provide specific help. I once visited someone here and it was not pleasant. Robert Monroe attempted to perform soul rescues at this level (which are still being performed by graduates of specific classes at the Monroe Institute) and it's not always a success because of the degree of attachment that the soul is undergoing at the time. Lower middle energies are more evolved than base energies. They have had more lives under their current ego (I'll explain spiritual birth later on) and start to develop their PSI ability. They will be curious about paranormal phenomenon, become less attached to material/physical things and will start to experience more of the true love emotion (in particular with their children and spouse) as well as improved dream recall. When they die, they are more lucid, know that they are dead, and often will gravitate towards their belief system. Here traps exist as well because controlling persons will try and keep a person at this level trapped in their own personal belief system through guilt and fear, which can cause a great deal of suffering. This person may also work out karma on the subtle plane, even between their now passed on self and a person who still holds a physical shell (through dreams). These people may also be introduced to subtle plane educational courses that cover a wide range of topics and even include the same sciences we study here! This level is often completely unaware of their abilities, and have no idea how to travel mentally, become invisible to the plane that they reside in, perform tasks that go against their beliefs (such as materializing objects, levitation, flying, etc.) This energy, as the one before, often will plan their next incarnation and the people they will be reincarnated with and their particular lessons. Higher middle energies will know they have had past and parallel lives; will have developed PSI abilities, often come as teachers, healers, and spiritual leaders. They have great memory dream recall, and are at the end of their karmic debt cycle. When they die, they will ascend, as do the others, to their own energy level, which is often the higher of the seven astral planes. Here they will continue teaching, be fully aware of all of their subtle body powers, and can even ascend into the higher planes for knowledge, teachings, and deeper experiences. Often the place in the higher astral is what men in the past claimed was "Heaven". It is brilliant compared to the earth plane, full of loving beings, and the locale that light beings (angels) can exist. However, the planes do go much higher than this. Higher energies are the born saints and masters. Their consciousness is seamless. In other words, when they dream (and die), they do not lose conscious control like everyone else. They came to earth purely to show us what our potential is in terms of love and glory and do so out of unconditional love for us all. Their vibrations are high enough that their "gifts" are evident here as well. Like Christ, they can become invisible to the naked eye and perform miracles. They are egoless and exist in godly perfection. If you were to think of the above energy structure, it is like a pyramid. The masses on this plane exist at the broad bottom (base energy). As it moves upward and inward towards the top, only a dozen people exist at the higher energy state. These are the ascended masters who come here to teach love at the highest level. I told a reader who recently asked me what happens after life to analyze their dreams. How you exist in your dreams (which is you already in the astral), is a good indication of how you will function afterwards. Are you teaching others? Have you mastered the subtle plane? Do you even

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 37 / 84

know you're dreaming? This is why I stress over and over to learn your lessons "at a dream level" because it is easy to control yourself while awake, but the 'astral' dream-world is entirely different! This is why when I have mastered a concept in the physical, the first place I am tested is in my sleep! Over and over I am tested until it is thoroughly worked out. As far as the "birth" of a soul, this is a good question. Since there weren't six billion of us a thousand years ago it's not too far of a stretch to know that souls are "born." But the real terminology isn't necessarily born, but re-manifested. Like science tells us, energy never dies, just changes form. New sparks of the Divine are created and allowed the opportunity to experience itself through the illusion of separation (ego). And when an ascended master rejoins the "whole" all identity is merged into one and the cycle can start anew. There is no birth and there is no death, just a constant re-manifestation of the whole. There is to be no judgment of any of the levels, just as there is no judgment that first grade is "bad" for all of us go through first grade! Each level is necessary before the next, and a wondrous part of the experience we chose, consciously or otherwise. Now, although each step is necessary, there is no set time line that you must exist at one level for a specific period of time. Should we chose, we could ascend quickly or slowly, for we all have free will. Anne

Probable Future
February 12, 2003 I’m sharing excerpts from an article based on a book (NOSTRADAMUS: PREDICTIONS OF WW III) written by Jack Manuelian because as I was reading through the article that he wrote (below), I noticed startling similarities between Nostradamus’ prophesies and my own dreams/projections. I saw that what the current political administration is embarking on will turn into WWIII; that there would be a possible assassination attempt on the current President; and that a comet would play a role in our future. All of my assertions are under the Astral Projection/Alternate Voyages link. Will they come true? There is no future, only a probable future that exists in the ever present now. Every day we create, and recreate our realities so how our “future” unfolds is determined by us. If paths are left touched, then perhaps so. The following are Jack Manuelian’s comments based on his book: NOSTRADAMUS: PREDICTIONS OF WW III. There is a quatrain of Nostradamus that clearly points to three conflicts occurring in the areas of Arabia/Kuwait, of Eastern Turkey and of Iran. The first one already came to pass 12 years ago in what came be to known as Desert Storm. The second one we are going to witness soon (Desert Storm No 2). And the third one is for the near future when, this time, Iran will be involved also. The Quatrain in question is No. 31 from the Century No. 3. It states: "On the fields of Iran (Media), of Arabia, and of Eastern Turkey (Armenia); two great armies will assemble three times. Near the river Araks (located in Eastern Turkey), the host of the great Suleyman (the Turks) will be cut off." The first two lines of Quatrain No.27, Century No. 5, state: "By firepower of armies, not far from the Black Sea, He will come from Iran to occupy Trebizond (a strategic city in Eastern Turkey on the shores of the Black Sea)." Quatrain No.54, Century No. 5, states: "From the Black Sea and the great Tartary; a would be king (a leader) will come to see Gaul (an ancient name for a region in Eastern Turkey). He will transpire

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 38 / 84

Alania (an ancient name for the lands of Alans in north Caucasus, near modern Chechnya) and Armenia; and in Istanbul (Byzantium) will leave his bloody standard." This quatrain is a clear indication of a Russian involvement also. Obviously we are living presently the period of 27 years of war prophecies by Nostradamus in his Quatrain No.77, Century No.8. That quatrain states: "Very soon the [the spirit of the] anti-christ [who will possess the one coming after Mr. Bush Jr.] will destroy three [Iraq, Iran and Korea?]. His war will last for twenty seven bloody years. The dissenters [in USA] are put to death, taken prisoners and are exiled. Blood, human corpses, water reddened, earth ravaged by hail." In Quatrain No. 62, Century No.2, Nostradamus could be predicting the murder of Mr. Bush, our present president. That quatrain states: "MaBus (Mr. Bush) then shortly will die, there will come a horrible devastation of people and animals. Then suddenly the vengeance will be seen when the comet fliesby. For 500 days (hundred hands) there are going to be widespread thirst and hunger." The future is fluid and is subject to change. Hence, no guarantee is implied or should be inferred regarding the predictive validity of the prophecies of Nostradamus or its interpratations. However, I would like to quote a reviewer of my work who said: "With global conflicts shaping up as they are, the signs and scenarios given in the quatrains [of my book] now seem more realistic and plausible as the weeks go by. Indeed, if the love and awareness we bring to these times can affect our circumstances and surroundings for the better, then our fate as individuals and nations is by no means sealed." Jack Manuelian is an expert on Nostradamus and the author of the best selling book NOSTRADAMUS: PREDICTIONS OF WW III, Available from amazon.com. Anne

Projections and Reality
January 23, 2003 I get many e-mails asking me if projections are real or if lucid dreams are a form of projection. And I always ask, "Where do you think your soul exists?" or "Where do you think your consciousness exists?" Your reality is defined by whatever you're experiencing at the moment. Let's drop some labels for a moment (such as awake, sleeping, lucid dreaming and astral projection). And know that: the brain is a filter the body is a filter the dream is a filter the astral is a filter the emotions are a filter the ego is a filter the perceptions are a filter There is no real location or perception that will truly depict where the soul is because there is only one soul and it is everywhere. So as you are reading this, you are perceiving soul through the physical. If you have a lucid dream,

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 39 / 84

you are perceiving soul through that mode of perception, but in no way is soul defined by the body, the mind, the ego or the subtle realms. As far as "astral projection as a reality" again it's whatever you are perceiving. If I "see and experience" that I'm in X location then I am! It doesn't matter if it's in my imagination, a dream, physically or in the astral. Now, while I may close my eyes and imagine being in X location, it doesn't mean that my physical filter is present, it just means that other filters are present (in this case, the mental, ego, perceptual, emotional and subtle filters). Projections and experiences of all kinds are real but it's not truth. You thinking your soul is in your head cavity is not real, but you think it is. You think your "soul" leaves the body when you project or die, but that is not real either. The soul is everywhere and all things therefore it never "leaves" anything. It just switches modes of perception, ego and bodies (all filters) so you think it does. So think not what is real in any of your experiences, but how you wish to perceive reality. It's up to you. This is why we are asked to "awaken" to reality and know that everything is a dream, which is just a filter of our soul! Anne

Can Astral Projection Lead to Enlightenment?
December 31, 2002 Enlightenment is to be, as Buddha put it, "Awake." But what does this mean? To be awake means to be aware of the illusions around you. You in this physical life is one big illusion! The physical perception is one of the narrowest possible perceptions there are (this relates to my Filter Factor article). We are filtering a very small part of reality here, which subsequently determines our perception and base truths. But this is necessary, and not to be thought of as bad, as we have chosen the illusion on purpose. God just does not toss us on this plane for the heck of it. We each chose to come here! Enlightenment is like a chalkboard. Except with this chalkboard it is white and written on with white chalk. Therefore, in your filtered level of awareness, you cannot read the writing on the chalkboard. In the physical, it is a black chalkboard, written with white writing. This you can see very plainly and accept this as your reality, but it is not enlightenment! It was just given to you in this black and white form so that you had some basic tools to work with. In the astral, it is a gray chalkboard with white writing. Your perceptions are a degree broader in the astral, but a degree is all. As we ascend through the planes, our perception broadens, until all illusion is removed and it is just white on white. Here there is no separation, no illusion, no ego, and the relative exists no more. This is the fruit bowl for the soul: to be reunited with All That Is. However, the soul very much can elect to redo this process and return to the black and white perception of the physical to reexperience itself, through relativity, once more. One might ask with horror, "Why on earth would a soul leave the fruit bowl for this place!?" So I tell you... why do you think the soul left the fruit bowl in the first place? Why was this whole process even started? When you understand this, then you understand the higher purpose of experience. To be in the astral does not mean you are enlightened, but nor does it mean you are not. You can be enlightened right here in the physical, and not consciously project. There is nothing, save yourself, that is preventing you from seeing the illusion around you. You chose where you want your perception to exist. Know that your soul is always independent of ego, which means it is already enlightened and

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 40 / 84

perfect. Every one of us can tap into our own god/goddess within (as the Christ reminded us), not by trying to reach, but allowing yourself to be where you already are. This can be in any plane, however, few people figure this out here on the physical plane. So, in summary, astral projection does not make a person enlightened, nor is a person seeking enlightenment through the astral plane superior. You can ask, "Is enlightenment the highest point that a soul can reach for?" and my answer is "no." The human soul is already perfect at all times. The process of learning, failing (if you can call it that), remembering, even discovering and discarding ego is profoundly important and a perfect process. The end result is realization of our own perfection. The entire cycle of enlightenment is perfect. There is no superior ending, and no inferior beginning. Love, Light, and Enlightenment! Anne

Analysis of The Mothman Prophesies
I recently saw the movie, "The Mothman Prophesies". This was a very spooky movie (I thought it was darned good, but some critics didn't like it), and is supposedly based on actual sightings of a "Mothman" type entity. I'm making observations on the Mothman Prophesies because in one of my astral travels, I felt/heard a tremendous vibration associated with a natural disaster. Up until that time, I didn't think that disaster locales had a vibrational imprint in the astral. The Mothman Prophesies is about an entity that has been seen around upcoming disaster sites (in many cultures and many time periods). It also contacts humans and gives them information, via electronic mediums or through dreams, about the upcoming event. They are only detected up until the accident happens. First, here's the background on the Mothman sightings: For thirteen months from November 15, 1966 to December 15, 1967, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was gripped by a real-life nightmare that culminated in a tragedy that made headlines around the world. Strange occurrences and sightings, including a bizarre winged apparition that became known as the Mothman, trouble this ordinary American community. Mysterious lights were seen moving across the sky. Domestic animals were found slaughtered and mutilated. Journalist John A. Keel arrived on the scene to investigate the freakish events and soon found himself to be an integral part of an eerie and unfathomable mystery... Now my observation: Because time can be transcended on the astral, you are capable of feeling the vibrations of an upcoming disaster. Disasters have a much coarser feeling to them, so this isn't that hard. In fact, many psychics are able to pick up on these events because they are easier to detect. Astral laws do not always follow our physics laws, and although an event hasn't happened in the physical, it very well may have happened in the astral (I've seen innumerable future events in the astral so I know this is so). I have seen that disasters have extremely dense vibrations. What this could feasibly do is attract lower realm entities (like the Mothman) to the disaster vicinity, which may reach a vibrational crescendo at the time the two events collide. This peak of dense vibrations could cause a literal time/space portal into the physical realm, which allows the entity to descend. Time is very different in the astral and an evolved enough entity can position itself well in advance of the impending

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 41 / 84

event. Once the entity is here, their resonating frequencies act as an anchor to the disaster site (hence the reason that their sightings only last until the disaster occurs). As I have stated many times before, the most common period that an entity can be felt or seen in the physical is when the environment is a negative (or coarsely vibrating) one, as negative surroundings attract and resonate with lower astral forms. The entity is only able to interact with our environment until the disaster happens at which point the vibrational resonance regains normalcy and its shift back (or ascension) is immediate. Its ability to perceive the disaster is not hard as the entity, like a moth to a flame, seeks these appealing opportunities to co-exist on this plane-- probably for the same reasons we do. Just like many humans, when a disaster occurs, we flock to the scene out of sheer curiosity and natural morbidity. The entity used electricity to communicate with people (and the dream state) as electricity is an excellent platform for data transfer, especially voice. Even when the phone was unplugged it would ring incessantly. Its voice was also recordable, just as ghosts can be recorded. The entity seemed omnipotent because no matter what the person did, it knew their thoughts, location, and exact activities. This is a breeze for a subtle realm entity. There is no lock on this "doorway" folks! If this thing does not exist, then this is a just a nifty theory that I enjoyed writing. Take care, Anne

Where does memory exist? How come we cannot easily retrieve past life memories? Who's memory do we possess upon death (this incarnation or another one)? First, since we leave the body and still remember who we are, then memory seems to be independent of the brain. I think of the brain as a filter for our memories but not the source of memories. One may argue, "But what about this part of the brain being creative and this part of the brain being logical?" How can a lobotomy remove personality? Or does it? I think what we think of as "personality" is largely chemical and IS part of the brain! When we are moody, depressed, happy, feeling sexual, etc., it is comprised not just of our soul make-up, but the hormones, testosterone, estrogen, endorphines, drugs, etc., that are coursing through us and therefore give us what appears to be additional or altered personality. I think we are at our true selves when we are not being influenced by these things. So yes, memory, and even personality are independent of our brain, but largely altered by substances in the body. Brain and chemicals give us the illusion that our memories and personalities reside solely in the body and influence both to some degree. I think there are different layers to the memory. We all have access to the higher self or the Universal Mind, and yet most of us only have local life memory, even when we leave the body. I think memory development is parallel to soul awareness. The more "awake" I become in this dreamy illusion the more disintegrated the boundaries become between sleep and wake. Eventually, I will just "live" in other dimensions equally and direct both life and dreams, instead of letting life and dreams direct me. And further still, the barrier between higher self and conscious self will also disintegrate as I live

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 42 / 84

this awake life. It already has. I am constantly "remembering" other aspects of myself, truths, messages from my higher self, and receiving knowledge that was always there but I couldn't understand or wasn't ready for. As in the sleep/wake barrier, the higher self/conscious self will merge as well. One would think that a realized person lives both a seamless life in terms of awareness (no sleep, no death), and are also living their higher selves (total memory of All that Is.) If you are still developing, you will not gain past life memory upon death. You will still be who you are now even to the point (for some) of not even being aware that you have died. Death does not mean evolvement and instant memory. However, as you become realized you will remember more and more your experiences that brought you to the sum of who you are now until you live in total. Of course, there are volumes on how to become realized and there are many paths that lead to that destination. I think meditation, light work, resonating with peace and love, turning inward instead of outward, to name a few can do this. There is no switch to flip. It is an evolution. I thought by going to the higher planes I would access all this nifty information, but when I did, I didn't understand it because it wasn't in words or pictures! It was non translatable in current terms. My current message translator wasn't working ;) Well, there you have my 2 cents on memory. It's a good thing that it is independent of the mind because I'd have none by the time I was done here.

What Is and Isn't Astral Projection?
Astral projection is simply a tool. How that tool is wielded depends on the user. Tools such as AP do not make us wiser nor do they make us better, just as using a paintbrush doesn't make a person an artist nor a does holding a gun make a killer. If you think that your enlightenment, freedom, or happiness is hinged on the success of astral projection, then you may be disappointed. Nothing exists outside of ourselves that can give us this. So what kind of tool is this? It's a subtle tool of awareness. More than you know, great quantities of humans think there is no afterlife and that they will turn into dust. Even those that believe there is an afterlife have their suspicions. They live their lives fearing death and are half dead before they even start. To know that there is something beyond the physical body allows us to be "free" of this paramount fear and thus we can live our physical life more fully. To make the judgment that astral projection is merely a whimsical trip into wonderland is only seeing the beginning stages of the process. If I was to look at a plot of land where a castle was to be built I would have to possess the vision to see the outcome, versus focusing on the planks of boards and rocks. We are not limited to this pursuit, nor should we depend on it. It is a small expression of our pursuit towards awareness. Being disgruntled at the slowness of it defeats the purpose. The journey should be as rewarding as the destination. In our fast life we want fast results but it took many masters many decades to perfect such things. So we must ask ourselves, why am I trying to achieve this? How much time am I willing to spend on this? Am I ready? The conclusion to our endeavors will be obvious if it's for instant gratification, boredom, or that we've seen one too many episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As I have said about my webpage: My webpage (and this Forum) is all about astral projection, but it is not all about us. Take what you can from the experience and be temperate in your expectations of it. And if you decide to stop it, then thank the portion of the experience you were able to learn from,

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 43 / 84

and move on.

Is the Government Aware of Astral Projection?
Since I don't have any personal dealings with government officials or agencies, I can only share my opinion on why this is the case. For me to make any further statements, I must digress a bit. Astral projection is a close cousin of remote viewing with some notable distinctions. With remote viewing, you don't have to put the body asleep, but instead enter an altered state of consciousness (sometimes even just a slight one). When you bi-locate (or as Ingo Swann states "the immediate transfer of perceptions") during a viewing, you are very near the earth level vibrationally, and yet are not seen by the naked eye. Unlike the lower planes of the astral which can be fuzzy and surreal, it is no different than being fully awake (the intelligence gathering benefits to this are obvious). The better remote viewers (rare people indeed) can actually interact with their environment, meaning they can talk to beings on that plane (aliens included), swim in lakes, smell food, and hear everything-- and best of all-- they can transcend time. I've been a lazy remote viewer myself, but when I bi-located I was quite shocked at what it was like. I was THERE. It was totally clear, totally lucid. In fact, when you bi-locate you temporarily lose awareness of your physical self as your consciousness is mostly elsewhere (although split consciousness can also occur). I've always wanted to travel and when I saw Stonehenge in real time, real awareness, I was hooked (by the way, the target was unknown to me. I was given a random 4 digit number by my RV instructor). Anyway, you're getting the picture on how valuable "clear, veiled, and time independent" awareness is. Now, if you've done some research on remote viewing you'll eventually come across figures like Ingo Swann, Ed Dames (ex-military), and Gerald O'Donnell, to mention a few. Why are these people important to this assumption that the government knows about out of body travels? Ingo Swann boggled many minds, and especially some within the intelligence community. His history is long but he spent several decades researching and utilizing remote viewing with Dr. Hal Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute and Research physicist Russell Targ. Their work resulted in funds from the CIA that supported them (in secret) during the Cold War. During this time the government's support for the growing RV program moved from the CIA to the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as certain other military organizations. The Army also conducted their own remote viewing for possible intelligence against foreign adversaries. All this later came out through SRI and the CIA after it was declassified in 1995 when Congress moved responsibility from the DIA back to the CIA which was seen as the "fall" of RV within the government). Sections of the government and other sectors are fully aware of these potentials. To me, it's not a matter of if they are aware (since they themselves admitted so), but if they are really doing anything about it now. With the Cold War over, possibly not, but since when did intelligence gathering become a dead dog? I think with the latest terrorist events the resurgence of "spying" is a given.

Are Ouija Boards Real?
I've been asked several times if Ouija boards are real, and if so, what can one expect from their use. Here is my viewpoint on Ouija boards:

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 44 / 84

Yes, they are real, but what you will encounter may vary greatly. Operating the Ouija board is not done in an altered state of consciousness. This means that to perceive any kind of contact, the energy will have to be very near the physical plane of existence in order for you to feel them. The entities you may encounter will be vibrationally coarse (lower astral). Lower astral entities are generally very undeveloped and can be quite unpleasant. You will also encounter newly departed souls, or "lost souls". Lost souls are souls that are clinging to the physical plane, and refuse to leave loved ones, physical locations that hold strong memory content (a family home, prison, or even a murder scene). Also, what you are is what you may attract. If you are negative yourself, you can expect to attract, in particular, even lower forms of consciousness. If you are a loving and 'light' being, you can expect perhaps NO movement, or a neutral being as a result. Obviously, the more negative you are the more board activity will be generated for you. You yourself don't even have to be negative to attract negative entities, but if you live in a negative environment, that in itself is enough (or if your surroundings have negative history associated with it). If you are having marital or family issues, this can manifest negative contact. Teenagers are typically more "open" than adults and I do not recommend a teenager in a troubled home to play with this. If you open yourself up to this, it may attach itself to you for a long period of time. I know, because this happened to me when I was a teenager. It took several years for me to detach myself from a very low level entity that I had attracted through the use of a board. I was unhappy, had very strong personal vibrations, and attracted a real whopper of an entity. And since low astral forms are very close to the physical, they can, on rare occasions, even alter objects in the physical. Mine was bad enough where even our pet dog would not come into my room. Poltergeist activity was also present. And of course, one can get their own higher self, or subconscious. But how will you know? One has to ask themselves why they are using it. If it's for information, it's highly unlikely it will be accurate. If it's for fun, then take precautions to surround yourself in white light and request only positive beings. Take care, Anne

Astral Projection: to prove, or not to prove?
Astral projection eludes the attention of mainstream science because it is not easily duplicated in a controlled environment such as a lab. Although some natural projectors have demonstrated this ability under professional monitoring, it still needs to be more widely controlled before it can be accepted. The "exception" won't work, it has to be the rule. We lack the tools and technology (due to lack of social and scientific interest) to make this happen at will, but what if we could create a device (like an electromagnetic pulse devise), that could allow astral projection to happen at will? This would allow any human, spiritually developed or otherwise, to have free reign in the astral realm. There are far reaching implications with this possibility. With any significant advancement or discovery in science, the potential for abuse always exists. Just look at what the discovery of atomic energy did. Here are the major points that would arise from proving astral projection was real or having a

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 45 / 84

device that would allow us to all project freely. - I've stated that time and space can be transcended in the astral. What would happen to the financial markets, lottery, elections, and sporting events if their outcome was foreseeable? A literal crumbling of the economy and society would ensue. There would be groups, particularly the government, large businesses, and organized special interest groups that would make every measure to prevent this, even with terminal action. - Religious beliefs. Although astral projection is known and accepted in many eastern cultures, it is not encouraged in others, like Christianity (I'm not sure what their official position on the subject is but I was raised Catholic and I don't remember anything being said on the subject). Also, in the cultures that do accept this ability, criticism would be drawn because the subject would then have access to a realm normally available only to spiritual adepts. - Every-day living would be altered. The will to live in the physical world would diminish because we would know (what I already know) that we are more than our physical bodies. To undeveloped souls, this could lead to suicide and listless living. Why would a person, full of problems in physical life, want to live when he can access the glories of the astral? Unbeknownst to him/her, these very problems are helping that person to grow spiritually and are there to learn valuable lessons. This would be worse than any addictive drug in its ability to lure a soul away from physical realities. One positive area for all would be the healing potential. Sickness can be detected in the aura/astral prior to it being present in the physical. It's much easier to cure an ailment in the finer bodies before it manifests in the physical body. And of course, on a lighter note, this would bring endless opportunities for unusual travel experiences! Why go to Hawaii if you can go to Saturn or view the construction of the pyramids!? And we could say goodbye to long distance expenses like transportation and phone calls. Even if astral projection could be proven, I have no doubt that it would be crushed or covered immediately. Maybe astral projection has been proven, and we just don't know about it.

A Trip to the Moon
From the earliest times of my astral projection investigations, I wanted to make one of my destinations the moon. I read over and over in books how people would go to their friend's house or some such thing, but all I could think of was "how boring!" Maybe it was my natural love of space that created this desire, but all I knew was that I would not give up until my goal of seeing Earth from the surface of the moon had been met. I typically don't post too many of my personal astral projection experiences, as they are all deeply personal, but someone sent me a link recently that supported a very odd thing that I saw on the moon. First let me outline my astral endeavor to the moon. I did my hemi-sync tape before bed, and sometime during the night I became lucid while vibrating heavily. I was able to separate my astral arms and pull myself out. I went outside and searched the night sky for the moon, of which I was able to locate. Then, I started to fly towards it, but this was taking an agonizingly long time so I decided to see if I could simply "will" myself to it. Before I could finish that thought, I was on the dark side of the moon. I couldn't see earth so I skimmed the surface until I could see earth shimmering in front of me. The colors are more intense in the astral so it was a wondrous vision for

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 46 / 84

me. At last! Now, here's where it got interesting. After I admired the Earth for a while, I was approached by a man who said almost nothing to me, but instead led me below the loamy gray surface of the moon to a compound. I've attempted to describe this before, and I've used the terms "military" or "research facility". It had the feel of being primarily inhabited by men (versus perhaps a family feel to it). We didn't do much except look around for a while. I saw an area similar to a "mess hall" with things like cigarette butts and trash. The rest was rather boring and sterile in detail. Well, the link that was recently sent to me included a reference to a book written by Ingo Swann. In his new book, "Penetration" it states that the book "Reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a 'deep black' agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon..." There was also mention of military involvement and an underground structure. Most people in the astral projection/remote viewing community are familiar with Ingo Swann. Here's a copy of his bio: "Ingo Swann, parapsychology researcher, author, and artist, is the originator of the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. He has an MA and a Doctorate in Humanities with a concentration in parapsychology, and another honorary Doctorate degree. He worked at the United nations for 12 years. He is now retired and living in Manhattan where he continues his personal research into the vast possible potentials of the human mind." While this is hardly evidence that what I saw was real (A military type underground compound) it was interesting non-the-less. A seemingly outlandish claim (for both of us), but most would say that anyways about astral projection. Additionally, here is a related excerpt from "The Energy Grid" by Bruce L. Cathie. "During my many years of research I have uncovered a considerable body of evidence pointing to the existence of projects being carried out on a world-wide basis which have direct connections with UFOs. From this evidence the logical conclusion is that top scientists and electronic engineers have direct contact and communication with UFOs. I also believe it is most probable that a Moon-base has already been established by our own scientists. The advanced technology would give them this capability. When the rocket program was wound down years ago, it was probably because it was obsolete." Here's some links on moon structures: Moon Object Footage Comment about Moon Object Footage www.mufor.org/moon.html www.vgl.org/ I'd be interested in hearing from other projectors, if they have seen this as well.

It's commonly asked of me if possession is possible, or it's stated to me that they are personally warned by others against practicing astral projection for this reason. Well, I have been astral projecting for years, and have gone into outer space and for extended leaves and have had no problems. In all my studies of astral projection, I have never heard of that occurring. Fear is the number one obstacle to projection and it is my opinion that this particular fear (possession) is ignorance based. And the people usually warning of this, also heard the "rumor", but it is mostly unsubstantiated. We leave our bodies all the time, but normally do not retain conscious memory of it, and yet how

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 47 / 84

many people do you know are possessed? I think of my body similar to that of a "fingerprint"; it is unique and only for myself, and you would have to have a "match" to get back in (or we'd all be accidentally possessing other people!) Possession is extremely rare and is typically associated with deeply troubled youths, or deranged people, NOT astral projectors. The body pulls back the astral form for the slightest nuance of trouble. That could be a noise, a partner or spouse moving, having to go to the bathroom, anything! So, for a full blown "possession" to occur and for you to not have a clue is something that I don't believe is possible. This is also along the same lines as the rumor that if you're gone too long, the body will die. Neither has been recorded or documented to my knowledge. Most people who die in their sleep have had a heart attack, or an aneurysm, not the "life force" slowly having been drained out of them. If I truly felt, despite my array of experience, that possession or death could occur (easily or otherwise), I sure wouldn't be practicing or condoning it! But then again, how are we to know that it's really ANNE writing this? :) I have no doubt there are staunch believers that possession is possible (especially those with Christian backgrounds), but of the widely publicized books, where those famous authors have conducted in-depth studies of their own, possession was more a "wives" tale, then a real concern. I can say though, that this does not exclude entities pestering you! This can happen much more frequently, especially when first leaving the body and the vibrations are at their coarsest. You'll be much more likely to run into something of a negative or mischievous nature. But this is not "possession" this is just being pestered. But if you're still worried, practice visualizing white light around your body, for in the astral, form follows thoughts. And it would be much harder for anything to bother you, in any way, if this surrounds you and your body's vicinity.

Black Holes and the "Astralnaut"
I've been asked several times what would happen if we tried to visit a black hole in the astral. While I personally cannot say for sure, I thought the hypothesis would make an interesting article. If we try and travel to a black hole in the astral, it will not be the black hole that we see, but the astral counterpart (as that's what you see in the astral... astral counterparts to physical objects). The light spectrum is incredibly more vast in the astral and while it seems that no light can escape a black hole in the physical, in the astral you may see something (so it may not be a black hole after all). To get to a black hole would require a lot of talent (I'd like to call this person an "Astralnaut"). When I projected to the moon, I simply "willed" myself to the moon. However, we can see the moon... How would we know if we made it to a black hole if it was indeed black in the astral? It would be hard to know when you are there, other than the detection that you are completely surrounded by blackness. This person would also have to have a lot of guts. Anyone who has ever entered outer orbit knows the initial engulfing loneliness associated with it. It took several trips before I got over the fact that I was totally ALONE out there and everyone I knew and loved was back on earth. You have to have a strong, independent and adventurous spirit to want to tackle anything like that. The training for that would be as intensive as it would be for a regular astronaut. This sounds like it wouldn't be frightening, but I remember the first time I flew so high that I could start to see the curvature of the earth. Panic set in and I couldn't get down fast enough!

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 48 / 84

As far as which "body" of preference to use for travel, I don't think you could travel there in the etheric and see the "physical" black hole (I say physical because the etheric shares the closest vibrations to the physical) because if you read my article called 'Our Five Bodies' under the Commentary link, you'll see that the role of the etheric is mainly an energy body and I don't think it goes very far, so the best vehicles would be either the astral or mental. I would also venture to say that you would get 'sucked' into a black hole due to the powerful magnetic pull. If you read my Science page you'll see that the astral body has magnetic qualities (which keeps us attached to the physical) and a black hole, incredibly magnetic, would suck you in. But I don't think you would "die" because your soul has no magnetic qualities and you would probably just pop back to your body. When you leave your body, not all of your astral substance goes with you, so although you might feel drained because some of it is in the black hole, you wouldn't die.

My Favorite Technique
Astral projection is challenging (to put it mildly) but I think that if we review some universal truths about it we can draw some interesting conclusions (which also led to the formation of my favorite technique.) The first universal law for astral projection is relaxation. Not just relaxation, as in what is accomplished through an hour of meditation, but complete and total relaxation! According to monitored readings of the body during both sleep and astral projection, the body is more relaxed during an OBE than sleep! People who report spontaneous projections are so tired, so relaxed, that they "pop out" or simply just notice that they are no longer in their body. Let's review those situations where either a spontaneous projection happens, or is attained more easily: 1. People coming home from a hard day's work and crash on the couch for a nap. This is usually physical exhaustion, not mental. 2. Sick people who have stayed in bed for days and are "delirious". Sylvan Muldoon was bed ridden for years, William Buhlman talked about the drastic increase in OBE activity when he was very ill and bed ridden. 3. People who have had nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at the dentist report spontaneous out of body experiences. In fact I know of a dental assistant who specifically uses nitrous oxide on herself to induce OBE's (I do not recommend this!) Why does this work? Because nitrous oxide produces a partial loss of the awarenes of your surroundings and causes deep relaxation. The only spontaneous projection that my husband ever had was while he was on nitrous oxide at the dentist (and thought he had died because he was bobbing on the ceiling and could see his body perfectly.) 4. Robert Monroe had to have several sleep cycles before projecting probably for the same reasons as the rest of us. It takes hours to unwind from a stressful job, traffic, and life. From these clues we can draw our summary. To OBE we need to relax to such a degree that the body is immobile. Forget your evening attempts because even if you are tired and feel relaxed, you'll just fall asleep. Or the stress of the day will not allow you to relax to the degree you need. This leads to my favorite technique, which probably won't fit a lot of lifestyles, but here it is! There is a condition that the body enters when a person gets too much sleep. People complain right and left when they get too much sleep that they "just couldn't get up because they slept too much." Or that they made a mistake because they slept in too long and now they are more tired than when they

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 49 / 84

started. Ok, it's this very feeling you want! The next weekend that you can sleep in, turn off your phone, get rid of all distractions like beepers, cell phones and pets and just plan on sleeping in! Here's how it works. All of our bodies have a natural alarm clock. When it goes off on the weekend, get up to take care of any issues (like if you are slightly hungry, have to go to the bathroom or need to take aspirin because your neck is tweaked). Then, go back to bed asap! Also, only get up to take care of needs if you have to! The less alert you are, the better. It will probably take you an hour to fall back asleep because your body is not expecting this cycle. Don't worry at this point about clearing your mind, or anything like that, just let your thoughts run wild and enter into sleep. Pretty soon when you try and wake up the second time (or the third) you will find yourself totally SLUGGISH! You'll be slipping into a delirium and your muscles have gone to mush. NOW is the time to deepen that state. You would think that that would mean thinking about "how to get deeper" but this is not true. To go deeper means to think of nothing (totally quiet the mind) and slow your breathing even more. Sink into your sleep, let yourself remain mushy and then, ever so gently, focus on your third eye. Just last weekend I was doing this and I went catatonic and started having lucid dreams (of which you can also project from). When I won the daily it was because I didn't have to get up (it was snowing and I couldn't get out of my driveway) so I took that opportunity to oversleep and I had 5 projections that day! Of course, if you have children, pets, noisy neighbors, busy plans for that day, it's not going to be conducive for you, but still, it's a good technique and some people have control over their weekend schedules. Weekends are a favorite time for other projectors as well. Robert Peterson states in his book "Out of Body Experiences", page 218, that, "I've had OBEs on every day of the week, but I've had many more OBEs on Saturdays and Sundays. That is because I have the time to practice then. On the weekend, I can stay in bed late and induce OBEs once my body is fully rested and relaxed." Here are some responses that I received from several readers who used this technique and had success.

The real reason I am writing to you is to tell you my first experience with astral projection that happened this past weekend and which I greatly contribute to your valuable advice and information. As I said I have been reading your site a lot (saturating my subconscious with it) and I had the feeling that I am more open to the experience than I was before. What happened Saturday morning was almost exactly how you described it would happen. I had the chance to sleep in and as I was in this half asleep state I started to concentrate on my third eye and was thinking that maybe astral projection will happen to me now. The next thing I felt was this incredible vibration in my whole body (that you have described) which was unmistakable as I have never felt anything like this before. I became aware that I was in a different dimension and following your advice I started uplifting my astral arms / legs. As I tried to sit up I felt that my head was the most difficult part to deteach indeed. I was just enjoying this new state for some time when unfortunately my boyfriend sleeping next to me started moving around (he is actually one of those people who needs a lot of attention anyway) This kind of distracted me and I decided to go back to my body. So the whole experience didn't last too long, but I was very much excited about it anyway, because it showed me that I was capable of doing it. I am looking forward to the next chance I will have to try it again and hope it will last longer. I still feel that I will have to overcome my fear of this unknown experience,

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 50 / 84

but I think I am on the right track to develop. Petra

F. Drake
Hello, I just thought you might like to know, I've been astral projecting for years with a very low success rate, one out 100 tries or so, how ever I bumped into your page and following your tips I've increased my success rate a lot. The one on the too much sleep mode was very helpfull. THX. F. Drake

I tried doing what you said, about how the best time to project out of your body is when your waking up in the morning. Let me tell you what happened: I was waking up and I remembered to try in the mornings since I was half asleep, and I was. Then I kept my eyes closed and since there was already silence, it was easy to concentrate. I let my body relax and I felt really loose and my body got a little numb, my legs first then it went upward. All of a sudden I felt my arm start to float and I didn't open my eyes to see because I thought it didn't work. I got so scared that I jumped out of bed and I was wide awake, and I guess I snapped out of it. Was it working, and did I screw it up, or did I do something wrong? I just am a little worried about returning to my body, how do I do that? Can you just say "bring me back to my body? Thank you for taking the time to read this and write back. Sincerely, Princessa

Exteriorization Technique
I've read about this technique in several books and found it really interesting. The ongoing problem/ complaint about OBEs are that they take so long, are hard to accomplish, and are random at best. This technique involves creating an astral double, or vehicle, and then transferring your consciousness to this vehicle. I like the sound of this because when proficient, you can astral project on a much more controlled basis. The following steps were taken from the book Astral Projection by Denning & Pillips. If you like the sound of this technique, I recommend buying the book because it provides much more detailed instructions than what is provided here. D. Scott Rogo also covered a similar technique in his book Leaving the Body, A Complete Guide To Astral Projection. Here is a summary of the steps (try practicing for 30 minutes daily). Week One: Relaxation. 1. Practice slow and deep breathing. For every second of breath taken in, double the seconds going

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 51 / 84

out. For example, breathe in for two seconds, and breathe out for four. Try and build this up so that you are taking four seconds in, eight out (now don't pass out!) 2. Muscle relaxation. While standing or lying down, practice tightening and relaxing all the major muscles in the body. Start with the toes and clench and relax as you work your way up your body. 3. Clear your mind. After steps one and two, work on decreasing your thoughts. Goal is a controlled mind with little static. Week Two: Activating your chakras (see glossary for chakra definition). After you have completed week one, start week two by completing all steps covered in week one (breathing, relaxing muscles and clearing the mind). Then work on going through all of your 7 basic chakras and visualize them swirling and moving, starting with the base chakra on upward toward your crown chakra. Though these may currently be dormant, you will feel these within a day or two start to activate. Just be sure that if you open these chakras, that you also close them. What I mean by that is, if you visualize them opening up like a flower (for example), then close the flower. Some people see a small ball of energy and that ball of energy opens up as they send or receive energy. Again, close the ball, or whatever is relevant for you. Week Three: The Vehicle. After completing week one and two, take time out to go through these steps before starting your vehicle creation work. When you are done relaxing, energizing your chakras, start to visualize astral substance leaving your chest area and forming a shell, or vehicle that is about the same size and shape as you. This is NOT you, just a vehicle for your consciousness to get into later. At first this will only be your imagination, but after a while, you really will be able to exteriorize astral substance from within yourself. Important: I've read that if you do this, be sure to gather back in the astral substance so you do not astrally bleed. So practice exteriorizing and interiorizing this astral vehicle until you start to actually feel it working. Week Four: Entry. First, find your center of consciousness (more than likely around your third eye, or top of your head). This is the place where you feel that YOU exist. Create and keep visualized your key figure (vehicle) and its connecting cord and while doing so, intensify your awareness of selfhood (center of consciousness). Continue until you have a distinct glowing presence at that particular point. Be aware of the corresponding point on your vehicle of consciousness. Now make a clear resolution to mentally transfer yourself (mentally, not aloud). Imagine yourself, concentrated at your single point of consciousness, gliding swiftly upward towards the figure and entering it at the point of center of consciousness. Now make a deliberate effort to turn around in the figure. The change of perspective is the critical point to secure a true transfer of consciousness. It is recommend that the first time you accomplish this, don't attempt much else.

Why Is Astral Projection So Hard?
If you're wondering why Astral Projection is so hard, you are not alone. You must be thinking, "If this was so natural, why do we struggle so?!" I tell people it IS natural. How can it not be? You are not your body, you are your soul. So to travel about and experience that condition is no more unnatural than sleeping. But why is it so hard then?

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 52 / 84

It is difficult because of our self-inflicted concepts and lifestyles. This starts at the society level, and then works its way down to us at a personal level. If you review your typical life (American or otherwise), during our most formative years, we are taught how to socially behave, left brained topics like math and science (with art as an "elective"), fear based religion, and physical survival. We dismiss all metaphysical things with great vehemence and skepticism. Then, after our formative years, we plunge into the electronic and physical lifestyles, which leads us even farther away from inner self. Everything from cell phones, beepers, televisions, traffic, jobs, and surface relationships keep us from seeking inner truths. I just got an e-mail this week from a 14 year old that had her dream journal taken away from her at her religious school because it was a "sin"! How a dream journal (keeping records of soul and astral activity) can be a sin, boggles my mind. It is no surprise to me that we can't project! Instead, it's a miracle any of us can project at all! But then again, is this surprising since this type of oppression goes back even before the Christians imprisoned Galileo for promoting the simple theory that the earth goes round the sun and not vice-versa? Ignorance, established and held by fear, means control to the controllers and as long as we stay ignorant and let fear rule us, our growth will be stunted in this area as well as all others. So here we are, conditioned and programmed to be the worst astral projectors possible. We're ignorant and afraid. Will we ever be able to flex these astral muscles? How do we undo this? It is my opinion, that with our current pace and attitude of life, this is not possible to any great degree for the general public. It will always be a struggle, and it will take extraordinary efforts to master this natural ability. However, I strongly believe, as with all things, we have yet to uncover an astral projection AID (or tool) that will help us all. This was the purpose of my Science page. We already have tools for projection (hemi-sync, meditation tapes, herbs, etc.) but if any of these worked with great success, we'd all be projecting. You can go to the Monroe Institute for one week (for a hefty sum of $1,600.00) and probably project, as you're in a sealed, soundproof booth for days on end, with hemi-sync playing till all hours. But what happens when you get home and are back to your daily life? Probably nothing! No, the tools we need are yet to be discovered. Of all my years of research and projection, there is one fundamental truth that I think is an important clue, and that is that our physical body has a magnetic hold on the astral body. Only through intense meditation, illness, mastery of the body asleep/mind awake state, assorted deprivation, do we reduce the magnetic pull enough to allow for separation.

I was recently told by a spiritual master that, "it's all about vibrations." I have been thinking about that statement for several months now. How does this relate to our present goals and personal growth? I wrote an outline of where I think the study of vibrations could lead us to new paths of explorations and self-awareness. Parallel Universes: William Buhlman stated in his book, 'Adventures beyond the Body' to "Forget all your spatial concepts of up and down, near and far. The entire multidimensional universe is here and now." He then states that the concept that describes the structure of the universe is density and that each dimension encountered after we shed the physical shell (astral projection for example) is less dense in its "vibrational" substance. He also stated that, "apparitions and poltergeist activity are simply the natural result of a nonphysical inhabitant lowering its personal vibrational frequency (density) so

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 53 / 84

that it can temporarily be seen or interact within the denser physical dimension." UFO's: Even if even a small percentage of the 50,000 computerized worldwide reports are true about UFO's (some from extremely reliable sources such as generals, pilots, and even Jimmy Carter who filed an official UFO report while he was Governor of Georgia) then you know they've got to be manipulating parallel universes to traverse time and space. We all "know" that light is the fastest recognized object (kind of like how we knew the earth was flat?), but what if you didn't travel outside, but instead, WITHIN? Astral Projection and Vibrations: As per Robert Monroe in Journeys Out of the Body: "The vibrational sensory effect was the single consistent symptom throughout the Beginning Stage. However, it appeared to be evolutionary. The early vibrations seemed to be rough, sometimes accompanied by a visual image of a localized ring of electrical "sparks." The frequency was on the order of ten cycles per second, according to the visual clock timing. At the conclusion of the Beginning Stage, the frequency had increased to approximately eighteen c.p.s. with much less discomfort to the physical body." Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington said in The Projection of the Astral Body that, "The range of vibration to which our earthly existence is limited and does not extend over all creation; consequently we are unaware of the vast realities all around us. When the astral phantom (whose eyes you are using even now in reading this) becomes tuned up--which it can be--those eyes will be able to see other things besides the familiar surroundings, and the astral body will be able to get out of the physical." Changing our vibrations: How do we change our frequencies? Several ways: meditation, thought patterns, and spending more time in the astral. To a lesser degree, I'm sure food and living conditions play a part. I practice manipulating my vibrations as I'm going to bed and waking up. I send energy through my body until I can really feel it, and then I manipulate it (increasing and decreasing the speed, moving it up and down my body). Stimulating and working with your chakras also affects your vibrational level (see Glossary for chakra description). As a person's vibrations change, they can then tune into different vibrations around them. For instance, some "sensitive" people can see ghosts and auras. It has also been documented that paranormal activity increases-- why? Because we are spiritual beings and probably really charge our "batteries" when spending time in the astral, so we are even stronger vibrationally in the physical when we return. Another added benefit for raising your vibrations is that you can then visit higher realms in the astral, and eventually the mental plane. After years of astral travel, Robert Monroe (a leading astral projection specialist who has now passed on) started having strange things happen to him. Several times, in the physical, he "fell" down his stairs but landed as softly as a feather (Far Journeys, pg. 9). Money started appearing in his pant pockets. He could no longer consume alcohol or take any medications, including anesthesia. Physical vs. the Astral: The primary difference between the astral and the physical is vibrations. When you leave your body, you are at the coarsest vibrations and are open to anomalies in that range. You will see the astral counterparts to things in the physical. This is where overlay can happen. You may see thought objects, objects from previous tenants, or even objects from the future. An example of this was demonstrated by a remote viewing session. A target was done of a field, but the viewer saw a

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 54 / 84

building that wasn't there (so it was deemed that he didn't have correct "target contact"). However, later, the exact building he drew was built. This can happen in the astral as well, again showing the malleable nature of time. A reader recently sent me this description of his astral experience: "I walked to my bathroom and I noticed that things weren't the same. The window was there! Well it's still there, but my sister has built her room onto this side of the house and it's really a shelf now." The longer something exists in the physical, the more permanent its home is in the astral. Also, something new may not yet even be imprinted. Such is the strange world of the astral. So what is possible? Depending on how much time you want to put into it, miracles, I would suppose. But with our modern, hectic life, is it really conducive to the times of old? Not many of us can be like monks and wile away the day in some quiet monastery. Results are going to vary accordingly.

Make Me Believe!
I get my share of e-mails asking if astral projection is real, if perhaps it is all in my head, or a lucid dream. Well, obviously I would not put hundreds of hours into this webpage if I didn't believe my own words. But how do I know it's real? And why should you believe as well? In lieu of these fine questions, here I sit to write my Commentary article entitled; Make me believe! - First I must say that my own projections are so clear that never in my imagination could I conjure these images up. - Studies were conducted at SRI International where a woman left her body and read off 5 digit numbers in another room. They simply cannot exist inside of her head. The data was external to her mind and the odds of her "guessing" five digits, in the proper order, are a hundreds of thousands to one (The Near Death Experience by Bailey & Yates, page 324). A written report of an OBE experiment was produced on July 26, 1972, entitled "Report of an Outof-Body Experiment Conducted at the American Society for Psychical Research: Participants: Dr. Carole Silfen, Janet Mitchell, Ingo Swann." Dr. Carole Silfen performed a test with Ingo Swann where the contents of a rather large black box had to be viewed and drawn. As outlined in the report, "Ingo sat in a room adjoining both the EEG equipment chamber and the target room. He was connected to the EEG equipment with electrodes that are in turn attached through the wall to the EEG equipment. He was thus prevented movement during the experiment. He was then to exit the body and view the contents of the box. Ingo adequately saw the rectangular opening of the target aperture, the structure to the left (which was the side of the red target), and the general location and shape of the black square bearing the three concentric white circles." The report's final comments stated: "Factors of light reflection, arc of measurement, size of target perceived in relation to point of perception, etc., suggest that for the first time out-of-body perception can be taken out of the realm of `claim' into the realms of physics and mathematics. It is hoped that this type of experiment will be replicated soon to support this first occurrence." - For me to consciously ask and see the daily lottery numbers while astral projecting is phenomenally unlikely. Again, the data for this is external to the mind of the projector. - As I've said before, our filters (emotional or otherwise) are removed while in the astral and we can get real data from people that we could never get while in the physical. A man wrote to me and said that he had astrally projected and met his brother's higher self. His brother confided in him that he

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 55 / 84

was having an extra marital affair and even described the mistress. The next day he confronted his brother who was totally shocked and confirmed all the details of what had been shared between them the night before. - There was an interesting story I read once about a boy who had a near death experience. He fell into a river, drowned and saw his deceased mother. She was wearing an unusual necklace that he had never seen before. They exchanged kind words and she told him it was not his time yet. Later, after he was resuscitated, he asked his father about this necklace. The father then said that unbeknownst to anyone, he had this necklace placed on her body for the burial. There are thousands of examples of near death experiences where people meet deceased relatives and guides and come back to share some special bit of information that was not known to that particular person prior to the experience. - I have seen countless things in the astral that came to pass the next day. The firing of my boss, extreme weather conditions, deaths, I've even read headlines on newspapers for the next day. - The act of separation is unmistakable. This isn't typically done is some dreamy state. There are mind rattling vibrations and high intense tones, all of which no science or technology can explain. If this were a "lucid" dream, these violent physical reactions would not be present. - People have heard and confirmed radio information that was heard while in the magnetic body range (since our frequency range is so much greater while out of body). I myself have heard complete songs, symphonies, and tv programs in perfect clarity that I know I cannot reconstruct in my own mind because some of these I've never heard before! I truly think we have a soul and that this soul survives physical death. Even if you claim that I am experiencing ESP (extra sensory perception) that data STILL exists outside of the physical brain. My role, and that of this webpage, is not to convince you of my beliefs. It is to share information and experiences. I don't believe in converting people because that is egotistical. To convert implies that there is something wrong with your viewpoint and needs to be changed. I strongly feel that all of our paths are perfect for our current state of growth, and it is important that we be tolerant of that in others. The truth exists, and when it is our time to see those truths, they will be revealed. I applaud people who approach this with healthy skepticism. To blunder into anything without some form of questioning and discretion will probably lead to a bitter experience. As Robert Monroe said, even if you believe, this will only be a "belief". Until you experience it for yourself it will never be a "known". If I'm correct, astral projection holds some phenomenally important advancements for man-kind. You can either chose to ignore it, or take a chance that it could be real and that there is more to your life than your 8-5 job, your physical appearance, your assets and retirement. What you COULD discover is that you have purpose far greater than you imagine, that life is a beautiful learning experience and can be greatly enhanced by the exploration of the soul outside of its physical encasement. That there are such gifts as healing, time travel, and meeting advanced souls to help you in your journey. Read my words, do your own investigations, and make your own intelligent decision.

Our Programmed Failure at Astral Projection
I just wanted to point out another reason why astral projection, our natural birthright, is so hard.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 56 / 84

The regions of the brain develop systematically and there are critical windows of opportunity for learning in a human. Different regions become more malleable during particular phases. Our brains are particularly open to certain stimulations at certain times and once that time is up, you can never recapture that unique ability. This concept was proven in the 70s with experiments showing that cats can be blinded simply by covering their eyes during critical periods of infancy. If the connections are impaired during the windows of opportunity, the brain will never be able to perform the task, even when the eyes are reopened! The same logic applies to humans. If we wanted to play a musical instrument, learn another language, or astral project, we shouldn't wait until age 20 when the cortex is already developed. This process should begin at age five when our cortex is being wired specifically for such skills. The connections then become part of the brain's formation. If a person in their youth has done something many times before, it becomes easier, not just physically but biologically, too. The pathway in the brain becomes very clearly drawn or wired over time. So if a child learns astral projection early, the connections for that task are very clear and unobstructed. If the child has never encountered that situation before, the brain has to try several different pathways, and may be rerouted several times before making the appropriate connection. If they are told that this particular behavior was imagined, a dream, or wrong, the child will eventually shut down those paths in the brain and lose all ability. We dismiss our children's subtle realm experiences as dreams or fantasies instead of helping them form positive habitual patterns in the brain for skills related to projection. We bury this inborn ability and now, if at all interested, will have to literally rewire our ability to project and success is mediocre at best. Our ability, unless genetically fortunate, will never be what it could have been if we had been taught and encouraged at the right age.

Does Astral Projecting Get Easier With Each Attempt?
I thought at one time that repeatedly leaving the body made it easier due to a loosening of the magnetic hold over the physical body. William Buhlman also stated in his book that this is the case. However, I do not think that this is true anymore. If the hold over the physical body is loosened with each attempt, the margin is miniscule! I think what makes it easier over time is just plain getting older. As we get older, we start the downhill life cycle and our magnetic hold on the body weakens as we head into old age. So what could be misconstrued as "easier with practice" is really "easier with age". That is why young people struggle so! Their bodies are full of vitality and energy, and energy creates magnetism. Sick people (like the famous projector Sylvan Muldoon) and older people (like Robert Monroe who started projecting much later in life) had an easier time because the links are weakened. The only thing that makes it easier with "experience" is that you get good at knowing how to take advantage of such things as the vibrations, knowing to get away from your body and mastering concentration. Notice how you don't see any books on the market by young and healthy projectors? The conditions that you need to project are a weakened body. That can include being ill, groggy from too much sleep, deeply relaxed as in deep meditation, or having fasted. THAT is what makes projection possible. I've received e-mails from people who found projection easy while they were in bed with the flu, but as soon as they returned to normal health, astral projection again eluded them. If it was based on repeated projections alone, they would have continued to be able to leave their body after they regained their health.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 57 / 84

Of course there are exceptions as with anything. There are people who have a naturally lose hold over their astral body and can project easily, and even at a very young age, but these are the exceptions, not the rule. So if we start practicing now, we'll be fantastic by the time we're in those old folks homes!

The Third Eye
Our third eye is one of the seven primary chakras (brow chakra) and is located between your eyebrows, but slightly raised (mid forehead). To develop this region gives you certain attributes such as better visualization, increased psychic perceptions, and better creativity. This is why they associate the sixth chakra with "vision and thought" because this is where we "see" things. There really is only ONE eye (your third eye) but while we're in the physical, we have our two physical ones, plus our "third" unseen one. The real vision is in your third eye. If you close your eyes and "see" in front of you, you'll notice that you're really seeing everything from the third eye location. If you put your fingers over your closed eyelids, you'll notice that there is NO sight coming from the area of your two eyes. Close your eyes and imagine an object, then put your finger on where you see the object, you will have then located the third eye. When I'm working on my remote viewing, I work this chakra prior to my session. This can also help in astral projection because third eye stimulation increases lucid dreams (again because this is the "vision" center) and from more clear and lucid dreams, we can program ourselves to turn this into a projection. I stimulate my third eye by imagining white energy swirling around it. Within seconds, I can feel the pulse and swaying of it actually opening up (chakras are also associated with "wheels" or "petals" which spin and open). I wrote in several articles on my webpage that you should look at the third eye and think of nothing prior to astral separation. This is because you don't want to stimulate this region as you are separating because this will create energy and it's my opinion that any energy in your chakras at the time of separation will cause the magnetic pull to increase, thereby making it more difficult to separate. If this wasn't true, then our astral arms and legs would not be the first to rise (they have no "primary" chakras!). So work your third eye during normal meditation, but not as you're attempting separation. It is the utter quieting of all chakras prior to astral projection that I recommend.

Loose Versus a Tight Hold on the Astral Body
The reason that some people have an easier time astral projecting is that their magnetic hold is looser on their astral body. Loose holds are the exception, not the norm. The fortunate few can induce the vibrations during meditation only (versus "Focus 10" where the body is completely asleep and the yet the mind remains awake). And even fewer still can project from the alpha state of consciousness (light relaxation). If you have a naturally loose hold, then you will be able to lie down, breathe deeply, relax for about 15-20 minutes, and then start to feel your astral arms or legs lift (generally accompanied with the vibrations). Everyone else will feel the sensation of either being numb or a light tingling, and that is it.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 58 / 84

Interestingly enough, loose holds seem to be hereditary which makes me think that it's the physical body that holds the astral, vs. the astral clinging to the physical (an astral form cannot carry human genes for it has no role in reproduction). It is quite common that I receive e-mails from people stating that they can easily project, and then later find out that their parents could project as well. I do not know what causes tight vs. loose holds, but it would be interesting to do a study on these individuals to find out what they each have in common, if anything (gender, race, culture, body type, and perhaps even blood types). If you have a loose hold, consider yourself very lucky!!!

Radio Waves
When I first heard music and voices while astral projecting, and within cord range activity (0-10 feet of my body) I thought I was perhaps reaching into the higher planes of the astral. I was wrong. What I was detecting was radio waves. I realized this when I recognized music that was played on local radio stations. The music I first heard was classical which is why I thought it might be higher planes, but when I heard pop songs, advertisements, and DJ's talking, I knew this was just regular radio frequencies. I even heard the time and was able to wake myself up and confirm that it was accurate. Once again, this points back to my topic on the "Filter Factor". So much is screened from our awareness while in the body. I have read, and have been recently told that "it's all about vibrations" and I'm thinking that is very true. Sounds, light, density, is all based on vibrations. Another thought crossed my mind related to frequency and noise. 60 years ago (give or take) we didn't have radio and television waves coursing through our atmosphere. The mind was free from that static. Being that humans don't even know that our higher selves detect these waves, what, if any, is the price our selves are paying for all this noise? Is our stress level rising? Is this good for the soul to be bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by chaotic frequencies? We think that we don't hear anything when we turn off our radios and televisions, but that is far from the truth. Another, more strange thought that crossed my mind is, how can we restrict unwanted frequencies that could be directed at us? Could waves, undetectable to the human ear and devices that transform waves into audible sound, be sent out to us to cause harm or influence? Could a group or entity manipulate us this way via subliminal messages? For those who would like to read a bit of technical literature on radio waves, I've included a response to a question I had from a friend of mine who is in the radio business: "In response to your question, I think I've done the same thing, but thought it was some type of audio hallucination. Often my wife listens to the Art Bell radio show during the early hours of the morning (www.artbell.com). We sleep in different rooms since my work/study schedules are erratic. However, I can't hear hear her radio from her room since she keeps the volume low. But sometimes when I inadvertently go OBE (usually when very tired) I have heard the Art Bell show! Around here, we can hear him on 1100 Khz (AM) from Cleveland, OH and 101.5 Mhz (FM) Jackson, TN. (In your area, Art's on KOMO, 1000 Khz.) Or, perhaps I was somehow picking up the signal by electromagnetic induction directly from her radio. Back to frequencies. Electrical power from the wall-plugs comes in at 60 cycles per second, 60 Hertz, abbreviated Hz. The frequencies that you can hear range from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Now, 20,000 Hz is also 20 Khz (Kilohertz). Some of the lowest frequency radio transmitters (U.S. Navy) received by submarines are barely above that range, about 30 Khz to 100 Khz. There are

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 59 / 84

probably some of these transmitters near Seattle, but they transmit morse code or digital data (classified/scrambled), NOT voice signals. Between 100 Khz and 500 Khz are some experimental/amateur radio (160 to 190 Khz) and aeronautical beacon transmitters that transmit morse code and/or voice; there are probably some at Sea-Tac Airport. In Europe, some of those frequencies are used for broadcasting music programs, but it is extremely difficult to receive them here without large loop antennas and very sensitive longwave radio receivers. From about 500 to 1800 Khz is the AM broadcast band; in the U.S., most stations are between 535 and 1600 Khz. Between 1800 Khz and 26,000 Khz are more amateur radio frequencies and international shortwave radio frequencies, many of which can be received all over the world. Between 26,965 Khz and 27,405 Khz is the CB radio band. Now, 28,000 Khz is also 28 Mhz (Megahertz). Between 28 and 30 Mhz is the 10-meter amateur radio band. Between 30 and 46 Mhz are public service radio frequencies used by some law enforcement agencies. Between 46 and 50 Mhz are many older cordless telephones, baby monitors, etc. Between 50 and 54 Mhz is the 6-meter amateur radio band. Between 54 and 88 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Between 88 and 108 Mhz is the FM broadcast band. Between 108 and 144 Mhz are aeronautical frequencies used between airplanes and towers (Sea-Tac, etc.). Between 144 and 148 Mhz is the 2-meter amateur radio band. From 148 to 174 Mhz are more public service radio frequencies. From 174 to 216 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. 14 starts about 470 Mhz, channel 15 is 6 Mhz higher, up to channel 69 around 800 Mhz. UHF TV used to go to channel 83 but that was before cell-phone companies took channels 70-83 for their frequencies. Actually, cable TV channels do use the frequencies between VHF and UHF broadcast TV channels. I was looking at the wrong chart. I think 216 Mhz is at the top of channel 13 VHF TV. Also, there is no channel 1 on VHF TV because the 6-meter ham radio band is located there, but there is a channel 1 on some cable TV systems. If you can identify what type of radio signal or radio station that you were hearing, that would be helpful. I would suspect AM broadcast band, because of the signal strength near the ground, particularly if there is a transmitter within a mile of your home. I know of people who have heard AM radio stations through their dental work, braces, etc. If the signal is very strong, and the dental work provides a semiconductive (rectifier) loop circuit, the radio signal can be "decoded," and the radio music can be conducted through the teeth, through the bones in the head, and into the ear. This has actually happened and is documented, though rare. Back to OBE enhanced perception. I am extremely near-sighted and can't see things in my room once I take my glasses off. However, several times I have gone partially OBE and seen items in the room clearly (though gray and hazy, as if through a fog). Some friends have suggested perhaps I was asleep with my eyes partially open, but then everything would still have been blurry. I think my OBE body has equivalent senses to my physical body, but they may have a different range of perception; thus, you may be able to "hear" things at frequencies beyond normal hearing (e.g., radio stations or non-physical beings). For example, early one morning a few years ago, I heard a very clear voice say, "Robert Monroe died." I was about half-asleep at the time, but not OBE. I didn't find out until I got the Monroe Institute newsletter a month later that Robert Monroe had indeed died on that day. I have also been able to perceive electric fields when OBE. For awhile, I had a negative-ion generator (electronic air cleaner) set up on a shelf above the head of my bed. It imposes a high-

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 60 / 84

voltage electric field in the air to remove pollen, dust, etc. When I went OBE, I apparently drifted up into the electric field and felt as if I had been electrocuted; I was quickly thrown back down into my body. Another time I "perceived" a TV program while asleep. I used to videotape our local UHF TV broadcast station, WLMT channel 16, on Monday mornings from midnight to 4 am because they broadcast science fiction programs like Outer Limits, Star Trek Voyager, etc. Anyway, I dreamed of a TV program about German Nazis in WWII (I had never seen that program before). The next day, I checked the videotape, and there was an episode of Outer Limits about a German Nazi who died in WWII and was reincarnated into another body in the present day; I think he was being haunted by memories from his previous life, or something like that. Was I actually "seeing" or "hearing" the broadcast signal, or did I perceive it by some sort of precognition? God only knows. That's why I do believe you about perceiving radio stations. If possible, find out what station and type of signal/program you were perceiving, and then try to verify if a radio station was actually broadcasting that material during that time frame. If you are actually perceiving radio signals, there may be a way to stop that. One of the research lab rooms at the Monroe Institute had the walls, ceiling, and floor lined with copper to shield against electromagnetic interference to the brainwave monitoring equipment. That's a bit drastic, but it might work. However, psychic "vibrations" are probably not electromagnetic, so it may not be possible to block ESP, RV, or OBE that way. If you would like a list of all the frequencies, click here

Frequency List - Part One
0.535 - 1.705 AM Broadcast Standard North America AM 1.705 - 1.800 Fixed Service Land/Mobile/Marine 1.800 - 2.000 Amateur 160 Meters 2.000 - 2.107 Maritime Mobile 2.107 - 2.170 Fixed Service Land/Mobile/Marine 2.170 - 2.194 Land Mobile Service 2.194 - 2.300 Fixed Service 2.300 - 2.495 Shortwave Broadcast 120 Meters 2.495 - 2.505 Time Standard 2.505 - 2.850 Fixed Service Land/Mobile/Marine 2.850 - 3.155 Aeronautical Mobile Transoceanic Flights 3.155 - 3.200 Fixed Service 3.200 - 3.400 Shortwave Broadcast 90 Meters 3.400 - 3.500 Aeronautical Mobile Transoceanic Flights 3.500 - 4.000 Amateur 80/75 Meters 3.900 - 4.000 Shortwave Broadcast 75 Meters, Not in Region 2 4.000 - 4.000 Time Standard New WARC Allocation Region 3 4.000 - 4.063 Fixed Service 4.063 - 4.438 Maritime Mobile Ship / Shore

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 61 / 84

Frequency List - Part Two
46.670 US Government 46.690 US Government 46.710 US Army 46.730 US Government 46.750 US Air Force/US Dept of Agr 46.770 US Forst Svc/US Dept of Agr 46.790 US Army 46.810 US Bur of Land Mgt/Boise Intl Fire Cache 46.830 US Government 46.850 US Air Force

What is The Astral Plane?
Here's a response to a good question: The question from the reader: What is the astral? Is it a part of the universal consciousness? An alternate dimension? The spirit world? The collective electro-magnetic energy of the earth? The unified subconscious of man? Heaven? Hell? My response: Well, this is a big question, and you're going to get different answers from every person that you ask due to their religious and cultural backgrounds. So my opinion is just that, an opinion! I'm going to answer it based off your suggestion/question above: Heaven and hell are really just the astral plane, separated by vibrational frequencies. You can say earth is also "hell" because it's so low vibrationally, along with the lower astral realms, and the higher astral planes are "heaven" because they vibrate at a very fine rate and are quite gorgeous. But the astral has only 7 levels and then you start getting into the higher planes of existence (mental, buddhic, etc.) which is where the "collective unconscious" or "universal mind" might exist. Everyone uses different words for these planes of existence (heaven, hell, collective unconscious, etc.) Spirits live in the astral realm, and when you leave the astral realm to the higher realms, you are "consciousness" and have no vehicle like the physical body or astral form although you can elect to appear in one (Robert Monroe talked about how he would see a blaze of energy and that energy would tune itself down and appear as a human). You are simply Conscious energy at that point. All things are vibrations, whether light or sound, so the physical realm is just different vibrations (coarser) then the astral, the mental and so forth. We are here to learn and love, and as we do, our vibrations raise, which is when you can start to tap into the different planes of existence. The more I meditate and astral project, the wider my frequencies become which means that I can go to higher planes of existence. When I project, I can pick up on radio and tv frequencies, and can sometimes 'see' or 'hear' what some other people cannot. When you die, you migrate to the portion of the astral plane that you are in tune with vibrationally (hence the whole concept of "bad" people go to hell and "good" people go to heaven).

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 62 / 84

If you saw the higher astral planes, you would know why it's confused for "heaven" for it is simply beyond words. The astral realm is also known as the "emotional" realm because it reacts to our thoughts. Not only is it an astral counterpart to the physical world (so the astral counterpart of a chair would exist in the astral), but it is also what we "think" about so a lot of mental "debris" exists in the astral which is why everyone gets so confused while projecting. This is not all levels though. The higher levels don't seem to have the astral thought matter that the lower and mid levels do (I know, because I've seen them). People think that they are not astral projecting (despite the unmistakable separation process) because they see objects in the astral that do not necessarily exist in the physical, so they question this reality. The fact is, they ARE astral projecting, and the astral can seem quite jumbled at times. And we humans are not the only entities that exist in the astral as well... The astral is not just a play land for sleeping or projecting humans. It can be structured like physical life, where people go to classes, or even "work" on projects of their choice.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 63 / 84

The Higher Planes
A reader asked me today about the higher planes. A common answer to the question of "What are the higher planes like?" is "You wouldn't understand." But if I said that, this would be a really short and lame article. So I'm going to try and not only describe the higher planes, but tell you what they, and some of the mid planes, are for and a bit of their history. How can I do that? Well, I had been planning to write this article well before the reader asked the question because I've experienced the higher planes on enough occasions (and compared the experience to other documented experiences) that I feel I now have enough to share with you. You can almost think of the higher plane as what existed prior to the Big Bang. What was before everything you see around you? Before man, planets, solar systems. and even light. was just conscious energy. It was formless, no boundaries, an incomprehensionable state of oneness. Here you have what we now call the higher plane. But then it wasn't the higher plane because there was no lower plane to give it the word "higher". It just was the Oneness of God. Then the Big Bang happens.. It did explode out, but it didn't just explode out physically, it exploded out in so many layers we haven't a clue. From this, we now have the mental plane, the etheric, the astral, parallel and holographic universes, and eventually the physical. This is the Creator's Divine Will now in action. So to go back to the "higher plane" is to go back to The Source. The Source before it created ego, separation, and all the experiences that appears to be outside of itself. There are a lot of planes wedged in between The Source (relatively speaking as The Source is part of everything). A religions leader, guru, priest, or shaman may dream and enter one of the higher plane and declare this "heaven," but as long as heaven is described as anything relating to pearly gates, ego, and having seemingly physical properties and rewards, it is not heaven. The heaven used by many religions is meant to control the masses. How else can we get people to kill when specifically "Thou shalt not kill"? We reward them with harems in the afterlife, honorable placement next to God, riches and so forth. From there, we can get them to kill through hari-kari, Holy Wars, stoning, burnings, and the like. Burning at the cross sounds like ancient history, but "holy men" were doing this up until recently, and stoning is still commonplace in many countries. Jesus was able to perform miracles. With all his powers, why did he not just kill his adversary? Sounds easy enough to me. A man who can miraculously heal also has the potential to kill. But he chose not to. He knew what I know, and that you may know. Killing doesn't get you back to The Source. It is no exaggeration when it was stated that to get to heaven (The Source) is as hard as shoving a camel through the eye of a needle. And you know why the Source is never dangled as a carrot to the populace, like the other mid planes are? A real Master would have you set your sights higher than the astral plane or where you think the "pearly gates" are. The Source cannot be used as a carrot because the ego is left behind. This is the greatest fear to most people on earth. Feverish readers beg me to assure them that they would like to astral project (or ascend) as long as they don't lose their identity (ego). To most people, this is a punishment, not a reward. So you have to assure them that when they die, they will still be them and still enjoy things they enjoy here when times are optimal. The Source is energy. When you experience the source, you are part of everything. You have no

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 64 / 84

division, no separation, and no ego. You are size-less and without real description. You permeate all matter, on all planes. You then experience what was intended, Divine Will, at its source. There are no words, no vision, just pure conscious Divine energy. What do you do there? You do what Divine Will does: Create and experience. You then descend again into your creation and experience it. Over and over we create and experience our Divine Will.

Advanced Astral Projection
Here are the pre-requisites for advanced Astral Projection: 1. Fundamental knowledge of the basics steps Beginner's Guide. All three articles must be understood. 2. Core understanding of the fundamental truths of astral projection The Fundamental Truths to Astral Projection 3. Have overcome a majority of fears associated with projection, such as startling noises, disturbing sights and odd sensations, or at least possess the ability to control most of these fears as they arise. This to me is a never ending struggle because there are an endless source of energies in the astral, each one bringing forth a different response from us (usually fear). 4. Several projections achieved so that a person can practice what they've learned. Everyone knows you can read until you're blue in the face on how to do something, but until you've done it a few times, it just doesn't sink in (imagine a pilot flying for the first time with nothing but written theory under his belt). It is impossible for you to know what it feels like to consciously exist in astral form (and all the laws governing) until you've done it! People say, "Oh, I won't be afraid.... I won't get distracted..." but they do become afraid and distracted almost every time in the beginning because there is nothing to prepare you in the physical for this experience. Even reading about someone else's experiences won't prepare you sufficiently because each astral experience is unique. Once you leave the proximity of the physical body, the key to an advanced projection is: - A Plan: Advanced projectors know that not having a plan will result in a huge waste of effort. And it wouldn't hurt to have a second and third goal for projection in case you are able to accomplish the first in one session. For example, after I went to the moon, my body had yet to pull me back and once my goal was accomplished I did a "now what!?" Even for advanced projector's, the ability to project is sporadic (unless they have a naturally loose hold over their astral body) and each excursion is to be relished. A plan might include any number of goals (meet a guide, see an event in history or future- like the building of the Pyramids, healing, visiting acquaintances, etc.) Have at least three! - Focus: Too many times a beginner will fall into the Alice in Wonderland trip and slip into the dream body. When projecting, focus is needed to keep your consciousness sharp on your goal. The strangest things (astral entities or astral counterparts to physical objects--regardless of their presence in current time) may show up in front of you and you can get sidetracked faster than anything! A case in point: I projected once and found a cute kitten on my stairs and let myself get distracted, and then was unnerved by a spider's web I saw a few moments later (both fear and lack of focus taking control of the experience resulting in a total waste towards my primary goal). Another very common distraction is the ever present astral entity desiring sexual contact. Many times people will find themselves in the embrace of a stranger. Morals are not the same in the astral for obvious reasons and unless this is one of your goals, beware. Also, when things start to get fuzzy from your

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 65 / 84

consciousness slipping into unconsciousness, or the dream body, you can use excellent statements such as "Clarity Now!" to clear things up. - Use of Will: This can be used in conjunction with Focus. The Will is needed to get you where you want. When you become advanced, you WILL yourself to your destination. You no longer take familiar physical routes, but use intense desire/will to get you to your destination instantaneously. This is particularly helpful if you don't have a firm point in space/time for where you want to go (past, future, non-earth locations). An example of Will was when I won the daily lottery. It took me five attempts in one morning to succeed! My success was when I really WILLED for the numbers. It wasn't until I expelled a great amount of force that they popped up. Passive desire may not be enough (but sometimes it is). Dr. Douglas M. Baker states in his article, "The Techniques of Astral Projection" states that for advanced astral projection "the desire factor is present and strong but is overshadowed by the will. A powerful will is required to project the astral form over great distances." - Knowledge: Before you can do advanced things like healing, you need to further your field of study into chakras, energies, karma and how each one works. For example, someone may be suffering an ailment to learn a specific life lesson or because of a karmic tie. Before healing anyone, you should consult with their higher self and ask if you should even be doing it. You can't heal until you know what polluted energies look like (what color they are and why). To be an advanced projector, one must really master the non-physical self.

The Filter Factor
We express and experience our higher selves through a filtering process. This filter is our physical body. Unfortunately, this body is grossly limited in comparison to our astral and mental bodies. Just because we cannot currently hear, smell or see things to the same degree as other beings, it does not mean that it isn't there. A dog can hear and smell far more than us, a hawk can see significantly farther than us, radios and televisions can pick up waves and signals that we cannot detect without the proper tools and devices, yet we know they exist. We are so limited! In the astral, this cumbersome filter is removed thus revealing to us a vast amount of sensory input that we normally do not have access to. To experience the full benefit of having no physical body takes a little practice, but it is well worth it. Colors: In our physical body we can only see a small range of colors. I can remember how astounded I was to enter into the astral and perceive a much greater range of colors than I ever had while in the physical. The perception of colors is based on light, and in the higher planes of the astral, objects can radiate (the air for example). On one occasion I left my body and requested: "Take me to a very beautiful place." I immediately was whisked away to a place of such extraordinary beauty and colors that I gasped over and over in disbelief and delight. I am sure that any pastor or priest who had seen this would definitely declare this to be "heaven" for no place on earth looks like this. There were colors that were out of this world. Everything shimmered: the water, the air, everything! It was coursing with life and beauty. Oh, to come back to my body was a sour moment indeed! Sounds: I don't recall ever reading about this in any astral projection book, but I was quite surprised to discover that we can hear radio waves while in the magnetic body range! So many times I have left

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 66 / 84

my body, when suddenly I hear music and talking (see my topic called Radio Frequencies under the Commentary link for more details). If I turn a certain way or shift my focus, I can pick up on the different frequencies in perfect clarity. I know this to be real for several reasons; one is that I will hear classical pieces that are too marvelous for me to ever reconstruct in perfect clarity in my own mind, plus I will hear exact words to songs that I only partially know. I also (I believe) transcended time because I've heard gorgeous songs that I know do not exist today. These are not classical or jazz pieces that I'm not familiar with and wouldn't know if they exists, but songs that would be played on a soft rock station today. Gorgeous! If only I could write and sing, I would be quite famous! I also had a recent experience where I was coming out of sleep (the hypnopompic state) and I could again hear a radio. This time I heard the time! It said, "Good morning, it's 8:00 o'clock" and at that exact moment, the downstairs bird clock chimed the black-capped chickadee which represented 8:00 o'clock. This so startled me that I made myself wake up and I looked over at my bedside clock to confirm that it was indeed 8:00 o'clock! Why is this possible? Quite simply because our etheric is also known as the electromagnetic body, and radio frequencies are affected by this. Emotions: This is always a marvel because while I am a loving and sensitive person, feelings are so incredibly deep when out of the body. When out of the body, you will love, fear, pity, more deeply than in the physical. I'm not sure what filter removes this sensitivity while in the physical, but emotions are enhanced in the astral. Perhaps when we build up "walls", they are, in part, due to our physical brain. It is said that our astral body is the formative dimension for emotions, and from what I've experienced, this is definitely true. I guess this is why they call the astral the "emotional" body. Exceptions: There are several senses that I have not experienced in a great degree while in the astral and that is smell, touch and taste. I don't recall ever having any wonderful experiences where any of those senses were better than my physical ones. Robert Monroe stated in Journeys Out of the Body that, "Smell and taste have been conspicuously absent to date." Only sight, sound and feelings were overly enhanced, but that could easily be me. I'd be interested in hearing others who may have experienced those senses with over amplification. Perhaps touch and taste are too closely related to physical sensations, whereas sight, sound and emotions are of a more spiritual nature? Update: 8/11/03: A reader just sent me a really interesting theory why taste and smell are not as noticeable in the astral. Here it is: I was reading the article titled "The Filter Factor," and I have a suggestion as to the reason that smell and taste may not be experienced as enhanced in the astral. I was thinking that our senses of sight and hearing are based on the perception of waves or energy, where taste and smell are based on the perception of chemical compounds. Although it would seem that energy definitely does exist in planes beyond the physical, matter seems not to. This would explain not being able to sense those things triggered by actual phyisical molecules.

Time Travel
"The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one." Albert Einstein "You can go anywhere in any time, past, present, or future, via OBEs."

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 67 / 84

Robert Monroe, Ultimate Journey "Eventually someone will remember that telepathy is an instantaneous form of telecommunications, clairvoyance as instantaneous form of perceiving. And, pre-cognition and retire-cognition (as parapsychologists call them) are forms of time travel. So, somewhere among its many mysteries, human consciousness possesses a "machine" that can do all of the above." Ingo Swann "It's a poor kind of memory that only works backwards." The White Queen, in Through the Looking-Glass Right from the start I have to tell you that this is real. There have been so many occasions where I've seen things in the astral prior to them happening in the physical. These include the moment of my step mothers death, the daily lottery numbers that I specifically asked for, weather events, job situations, and so on. Transcending time is real and this is where I think more attention needs to be paid. Lottery: For people interested in winning the lottery: First of all, it's possible, but this is no easy feat! I am still discovering what is real information and what is not. It seems to me that "dream" quality visions (dreaming or meditating) are less frequently real. If a floating image comes through my mind, it is usually only imagery. We have different vehicles for our consciousness, and the dream vehicle is typically symbolic, while the astral and mental vehicles are fairly accurate. Information received from levels higher than the mental plane can come in forms such as a blinding white light and are very accurate (but beyond the scope of this document). I've seen the lottery during dreaming, lucid dreaming, and astral projection and only experiences while astral projecting have provided accurate results. Dreaming, both lucid and otherwise, has only provided sporadic accurate information. When I find myself "dreaming" and then take control of the dream (which is lucid dreaming) I can quite lucidly seek and see very clear lottery numbers, but they are usually not real, and when they have been real, I can only seem to remember the last digit. What I do find true, however, for "seeing the future" while dreaming is that what I see of the future is "symbolic" or very close to the fact. When I say symbolic, I mean, for example, I asked to see the Sunday paper for the next day, and what I saw was a men's football sports team, wearing blue. But on the actual Sunday paper the next day, it was a women's soccer team (and they were wearing blue). While not exact, symbolically, it was accurate (sports team wearing blue). This probably would work for horse races because you could ask for the winning colors. I also once dreamed that my boss was packing up a truck at our work and I cried because I knew he was leaving and I would miss him dearly. The next day his credit card and entry card keys were in his out basket and he had been fired. Dreams can be both symbolic and actual. Sometimes dreams can be confused with astral projection. I once saw with absolute clarity snow on our backyard tree, but I didn't know it was going to snow that night. When I got up the next morning, the same tree, bare the night before, was laden with a few inches of white fluffy snow the next morning. This was probably an involuntary astral projection and not a dream. Click here if you want to read a general question/observation on the lottery: Lottery Observation Studies: I've been looking high and low for information about studies conducted on precognition while out of body and have only been able to find a few resources. Dr. Slate wrote in his book, "Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment, "A study conducted in our laboratory to investigate ESP

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 68 / 84

during the out-of-body state found significant improvements in telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance when compared to previous ESP performance. On average, the accuracy of ALL forms of ESP improved around 50% during the out-of-body state. I also found several pages on the topic of time travel in Dr. Bruce Goldberg's book, Astral Voyages. He states, "It is relatively simple to traverse time while on the astral plane. All one needs to do is focus on a specified period of time in the "past" or "future", and he or she will be instantaneously transported there." One technique he recommends for shorter trips is to imagine a clock face with its hands rapidly turning forward or backward. Note: The whole time travel concept can drive a person buggy. Questions like, "well, if my future is already determined, why do I have to do anything now?", or "If I go into the future and see myself with a different person, should I break up with the one I'm with now?" We can debate endlessly about time. Some say it's 70 per fate, 30% choice, whereas I think it is 70% choice, 30% fate. I read an interesting comment from a remote viewing e-groups that I wanted to include that pertained to time travel: From the RV group: "Can someone direct me to any research on experiments targeting places or events for the next year? i remember the snow and waumbaugh book but that material was not really controlled in any way so although it was interesting it was not verifiable or statistically significant in the general sense of the word. thanks in advance." stuart "Dear Stuart, There have been lots of future event targets done including a book by Joseph McMoneagel of which the name escapes me right now (something with millennium in it). He speaks to the problem of front loading (knowing what the target is). I've done some targets, one of which saw Tucson with a lot of water and people heading for the mountains. I didn't know what the target was, and I didn't have a time frame. (This could be 10,000 years in the future.) Ed Dames is pretty famous for his future gloomy predictions. (I think his accuracy rate is pretty low.) I think one of the problems with viewing or predicting the future is the idea that the future is fixed. I don't believe that this is true. I feel that those of us in this great theater that we call life, change the future with our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. If we really see ourselves involved in cataclysmic earth changes, or suffering great losses with y2k, we will probably set that stage for great changes or losses in our personal lives. A number of years ago, Dr. Chet Snow wrote a book called Mass Dreams of the Future in which many people were hypnotized and projected into their future. Depending on the belief system of the people, their future took on this belief. Those that were survivalists, went to a mad max type place, those that were techno-types went to techy futures, those who liked nature went back to it and so on. I've seen some very accurate predictions, like astrologist Dr. Louie Turi and some really lame predictions. This is a very unpredictable science." Peggy

We leave our bodies every night to recharge ourselves. Those deprived of sleep too long can even die. Every night we restore energy, heal broken neural connections, and so on. I remember one night leaving my body and actually witnessing, in microscopic terms, the healing of neural paths in my brain that naturally break down. Whenever I'm feeling down or "drained", I just tell myself to hang

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 69 / 84

in there because I know a good night's rest will "restore" myself and lift any deteriorated mood. This is one type of healing. The other healing is life long and I would consider vastly more important; and that's healing our soul. Lives are crippled and growth delayed because people refuse to heal from the wrongs they felt were done to them by others. That wrong can be blamed on God, parents, employers, spouses, and self. What good is healing a broken bone or disease, if the soul remains broken? Let us focus on that before we focus on our physical shells. Long after we have left the physical plane of existence, our soul carries with it the scars incurred while here on earth. It has recently been asked of me, "What is healing?" I feel that healing is the removal of obstacles that are blocking or slowing our spiritual growth. That obstacle is many things; fear, love lost, physical addictions, hate, and so on. The process of removing these from our life is healing. So how do you heal? I would think that first we have to see the obstacle. Acknowledge that our progress has been slowed down by this weight. Understand the obstacle. Why is it there? Why do I refuse to let go? Next is to learn the lesson. Why did this happen? Was it to learn to love, control ones self, being judgmental? Was it to learn that we are only here temporarily and the material things we deem important, aren't really so? Was it karma? This is an individual process, and can only be asked by each person. Once we see why and how the issue came about, then we can work on acceptance and a cure. Acceptance if it's unfixable (as in the past) and curable if it's an addiction, a current relationship or situation. The wonderful thing about the astral and healing is that this process can happen in minutes, whereas it can take years (if at all) while in the physical. I have to share a particular example that William Buhlman included in his book, "Adventures Beyond The Body". Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park) described his OBE in his book Travels. On one occasion, he initiated his obe with his guide and friend, Gary. Basically, Michael leaves his body through his third chakra, moves into the astral plane and meets his father. He then says, "I felt worried. I hadn't had an easy time with my father. Now he was showing up while I was vulnerable, in an altered state of consciousness. I wondered what he would do, what would happen. He approached me. My father looked the same, only translucent and misty, like everything else in this place. I didn't want to have a long conversation with him. I was quite nervous. Suddenly he embraced me. In the instant of that embrace, I saw and felt everything in my relationship with my father, all the feelings he had had and why he had found me difficult, all the feelings I had had and why I had misunderstood him, all the love that there was between us, and all the confusion and misunderstanding that had overpowered it. I saw all the things he had done for me and all the ways he had helped me. I saw every aspect of our relationship at once, the way you can take in at a glance something small you hold in your hand. it was an instant of compassionate acceptance and love. I burst into tears." Gary asked, "What is happening now?" Michael replied, "He's hugging me." And then it was over. He then proceeded to say that this whole experience happened in just a few seconds and that in those few seconds his relationship with his father had been resolved in a flash. We all have wounds that need to be addressed and healed. This can usually be found where there is "blame" directed at someone or something. For example, if we say that our lives could have been better if our parents had put us through school, if God had blessed us more, if that guy at work

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 70 / 84

wasn't such a jerk, etc, then we can probably find the blame and in turn find the wounds. The healing comes in acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and responsibility. Blaming others is easy and requires no self analysis. A hard concept for me to learn was that it is not what is said or done to us, but how we react. We can be as miserable, or as happy as we decide to be. The next time you are in the astral, ask to meet the higher self of the person you feel has done you wrong and then accept and forgive them. In the astral, that person will be stripped of all pretenses, walls, and blocks (actually, you both will) which is when real progress can be made. I believe that you will come back with a load lifted and a brighter outlook. What happens to us is not a punishment, but a lesson. There is also the need for physical healing. You can heal yourself, or others, using several methods. One is to enter focus 12 (mind awake, body asleep, also known as the hypnagogic state) and use visualization. The way that you visualize is up to you. I'll provide you an example. A man was diagnosed with cancer. He would meditate every night and visualize little men taking miniature tools and chipping away at the cancer until it was gone. Over the next few months, his cancer was gone. You can imagine as you breath in, that healing energy is entering your ailing spot, and as you breath out, the disease, or ailment is leaving your body. You can imagine balls of energy rolling through your body, wiping out problems as it goes. The list is endless on how you can use visualization tools to heal yourself and others. The other way to heal is in the astral, and since we are so much more powerful in the astral, this is the more effective tool. Unfortunately, this requires knowledge and manipulation of the astral world and it seems difficult for most to achieve this. I read of a young girl who entered the astral and healed a sick relative. She would put her astral hands over the part of the body that was sick and send healing energy to that individual. You also may be able to ask the higher self of a sick person why they are sick. A lot of times sickness is caused from an emotional wound and can be addressed once it is established what the real problem is. Some people even get sick because they are avoiding something such as a job they detest or facing a person. A person may not be consciously aware of why they are sick, so you can use the astral to access their subconscious and get to the root of a thinking pattern that is leading to the problem.

Science and Astral Projection
INTRODUCTION Why write an article about science and astral projection if the current techniques available are tried, tested and true? It's my opinion that this is not the case. Why do so many people have trouble leaving their body if the current techniques were the best ones? We are still writing, teaching, and using techniques that are decades old! What if our medical and IT technologies were decades old (you wouldn't be reading this webpage, for one). What is currently taught is not sufficient. We need new ideas, new concepts. I am not a scientist, but I do have ideas that I think are relevant. Each of these topics reveals possible components that may aid in unveiling the matter behind the astral and mental worlds. They are outlined as follows: • • • • • Thinking Outloud about Vibrations, Resonance and Mass Why should we care about vibrations? The Impact of Electrical and Magnetic Forces on the Astral Body Non-Scientific Studies on Magnetism The Polar Molecule Movement Theory by Mario Fernandez

• Foundation: Basic Physics

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 71 / 84

• • • • • • • •

Test Structure (includes picture of neodymium magnet) Test Results for Phase I Test Results for Phase II GENERAL SUMMARY

OTHER SCIENCE THEORIES Experiment Could Reveal 'Extra Dimensions.' Time Dilation String Theory: A Possible Explanation of Multiple Dimensions Parallel Universes

Interested in trying these magnet experiments? Click here for more details.

Thinking out loud about vibrations, resonance and mass
Today I ordered the 'Nikola Tesla Returns' book and am looking forward to reading it. I was reading some of the book excerpts on Amazon and I found it interesting that part of the message for man was to start "focusing his mind to tap into a wealth of multi-dimensional ideas". That made me think more about my jet engine dreams and how I could work with them. Initially, I was taking the physical level angle by using sub woofers, hemi-sync tapes and magnets, but after reading the words "multi-dimensional" it made me think of another perspective, and that is, "multidimensional!" The dream showed me the effects of the resonance of the jet engine and just listening to it made me vibrate in the dream (this shows that sound on a physical level isn't the only means of inducing subtle plane vibrations). This effectiveness was not demonstrated to me at a physical level, but at a subtle (astral) level. So, is it correct that I'm solely trying to work this out on a physical level? Perhaps not. I thought that maybe I should be working to reproduce this sound on an internal level, not a physical one. How does a person create this sound internally? This led me to the common advise that I give to others about listening to the random internal ringing in one's head which does lead to some AP success. So instead of listening to a "random" sound in my head of which I'm not controlling, I should instead create/control the same internal reverberating tone that simulates the jet. I tried this last night with no success because I soon realized we have little memory to draw from of sitting around listening to jets! This is not a sound that a person can easily regurgitate from memory from a few trips to the airport. So off to the trusty internet I went today looking for downloadable jet wave files. After much searching, I came across a site that offers these files (for flight simulators and such) but I had trouble downloading them at work. What I'll do is download these at home this weekend and then perhaps record 30 minutes worth using a cd burner. I can then listen to them for awhile to get the memory imprinted in my head as to what they sound and feel like. Here's the link if anyone else wants to try this with me: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/cranenburgh/fs2000sounds.htm. I don't know about everyone else, but I don't just want to know that "vibrations cause separation," but instead, WHY vibrations cause separation, HOW this works and WHEN. I pretty much know that when the body starts to drift into deep alpha, or theta, chemicals are released and a "switch" occurs (possibly the amygdala switch as Neil Slade has postulated). The body naturally starts to vibrate and the subtle body disengages itself for replenishment and other purposes (by the way, is this separation, as is pointed out in the vibrations article from yesterday, because the naturally

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 72 / 84

generated sound is matching the mass of the astral which causes the break down of the astral attachment?) If you think about it, there is that extremely faint internal sound all the time, but only when we've slowed the mind's electrical pulses down (in sleep) do we allow it to become strong enough to hypothetically equal astral mass (or technically: it causes the atoms to literally dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass.) This is no different than when glass shatters because sound resonance is achieved. This disassociation generally happens without our conscious awareness during sleep, but when we are trying to do this at a conscious level it may account for the popping, crashing and other noises that could be indicating a "shattering of bonds". Resonance is when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion. So I would assume it is a good goal to reproduce the natural frequency of the vibrating astral form. Another important point for me is, is that when I suddenly become conscious and return to my sleeping body (but leave it sleeping) I am vibrating and "roaring" just like the jet, not like the far off internal ringing sound I usually recommend people to listen to. Finally, another clue to this particular vibration is another experience I had not too long ago. I had entered the astral and decided to activate all of my charkas including ones outside of myself that connected me to my higher self. When I did this, I experienced something unprecedented. I started to roar and vibrate well beyond anything I had ever thought possible. In my usual separations, I have often experienced vibrations that were like an 8.0 earthquake, but these were something that made me feel like I would explode into oblivion. Here again, these roars and vibrations were much more like standing behind a full blasting jet. The mystery continues....

Why should we care about vibrations?
Since all matter has a vibrational pattern, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the collections of particles that make up humans, the planet, the universe, and all that there is, it seems important! A vibration is measured by its frequency, or cycles. Depending on how many times it vibrates in a given time is its frequency. The Electromagnetic Spectrum The Electromagnetic Spectrum (a fancy term for different types of radiation) is a band of measured waves, beginning at the radio waves, infra red waves, the visible "light" waves, ultra violet waves, x-ray waves and gamma ray waves. Cosmic rays aren't included in the ES because they are not radiation, but instead are high-energy charged particles that travel through space at nearly the speed of light. Their extremely high energies are comparable to those of gamma rays at the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The highest-energy cosmic rays originate outside our galaxy and provide information on distant objects such as quasars. Cosmic rays are detected when they hit the upper atmosphere, creating showers of particles in their interaction with atoms. These secondary particles can then be detected by instruments on the ground. Towards the center of the ES band, is a tiny segment known as "light" waves, which are still electromagnetic in form, and these light waves are the only visible light that the human eye can "see". The human eye can perceive a range of 3,600 to 7,600 angstrom units. Above or below that, the electromagnetic waves can not be seen. It is this very small segment of wave frequencies that we can see and hear, that makes other non-seen worlds plausible. We could quite possible be

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 73 / 84

overlapping other worlds where we could not see them, or they us. If another world existed at a higher or lower vibrational rate (dimension) then this would be possible.

Sound Sound has vibration as well and since sound has a near infinite range of vibrations, it is indeed connected with all matter. It is my opinion that when our inner sound matches that of our astral mass, it causes the atoms to dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass and separation can occur. Scientists aren't the only ones who acknowledge that sound is related to all matter; ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma states that the medium of creation is "conscious sound vibration." According to the Vedas, the universe was sung into being. Magnetic Field Anytime there is a flow of electrons, there is a magnetic field created around that flow, an aura as it were (my hypothesized magnetic body range), and anytime there is magnetism, it creates a flow of electricity. It is the reduction of that electricity that allows the inner sounds to begin resonating with the astral form which causes the breakdown in the bonds that keep us attached.

The Impact of Electrical and Magnetic Forces on the Astral Body
Magnetism and electricity are closely related phenomena and if you look at the 6 questions below, I think they are directly related to our astral bodies. Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter. Matter is made up of electrons, neutrons, and protons. Electrons have a negative electric charge, while protons have a positive electric charge; neutrons have no electric charge. These tiny particles are the building blocks of atoms. An atom has a net positive or electric charge when it loses one of its electrons or gains an extra electron. On the other hand, magnetic charges do not exist - Magnetic fields are generated solely by moving electric charges. An example of the relationship between magnetism and electricity is the Lorentz Force. Perhaps the most significant relationship between electricity and magnetism is light, which is known to physicists as an electromagnetic wave. Light waves are oscillating patterns of electric and magnetic

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 74 / 84

fields, propagating through space at the speed of light. Light is the best known example, but microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, infrared and ultraviolet light are also electromagnetic waves. Electric and Magnetic phenomena are intricately described by a collection of physical laws, known as Maxwell's equations If magnetic and electrical forces have no influence on astral projection, then why do the following questions exist? 1. Why is it recommended that we face our heads north so that the earth's magnetic pull will aid in separation? Magnetic forces only attract magnetic materials, thus implying that we are magnetic in nature! There is also a south pole which would draw to the south. So why would it be generically recommended in books that we face our heads north, if in fact, some of us on Earth may be closer to the south pole? 2. Why does my astral body get "pulled" back to my physical shell until I am out of the "cord range" activity area? If the cord supposedly follows us, how does getting out of the cord range area lessen the magnetic pull? I don't entirely think it's the cord that is pulling us back but energies within the physical body. Perhaps instead of calling it the "cord range", it should be called the "magnetic body range". The human body is primarily fat and water. Fat and water have many hydrogen atoms which make the human body approximately 63% hydrogen atoms. Within each cell there are water molecules. Each water molecule has one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. If you zoomed into one of the hydrogens past the electron cloud there exists a nucleus comprised of a single proton. The proton possesses a property called spin which can be thought of as a small "magnetic" field. 3. Why do people claim that they get "stuck" near power lines when astral projecting? If we are not magnetic and electric in astral composition, this wouldn't be possible. I'm not saying that the soul has these components, but I do believe the astral vehicle does. It is known that any current-carrying wire is a magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by the uniform motion of electrons in the wire. I remember many dreams in my earlier years about not being able to "fly" past power lines. I also had recurring dreams of large city power stations which attracted me. Could these have been disguised OBE's showing our magnetic nature? 4. Why do people of normal ability become psychic (some of the most famous in current existence) after a near-lethal electrical shock from a lightening strike or a high voltage appliance? For example, Dannion Brinkley, author of several psychic books. 5. I have also told people that I project considerably more during the winter. Is this because the rain, which is a polar molecule, produces a magnetic pull on our astral body? And especially more so here in rainy Seattle?

Rumors (non-scientific)
The Philadelphia Experiment According to rumor, in 1943, an experiment was conducted upon a small destroyer escort ship during World War II, both in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and at sea; the goal was to make that ship invisible to enemy detection. It was also claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment was partly an investigation into how Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity" might be used to advantage in the development of electronic camouflage for ships at sea. Einstein allegedly published his Unified Theory around 1925-27 in German, in a Prussian scientific journal, but it was later withdrawn as incomplete. It is commonly believed that the mechanism involved was

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 75 / 84

the generation of an incredibly intense magnetic field around the ship, which would cause refraction or bending of light or radar waves around the ship. According to Naval employment records, it was found that Albert Einstein was hired as a Scientist for the Office of Navel Research (O.N.R.) on May 31, 1943, a post he maintained until June 30, 1944. Also, on July 24, 1943, Einstein met with Naval Officers in his Princeton study--just three months prior to the Philadelphia Experiment. Whether or not the Philadelphia Experiment happened or not, it is still an interesting parallel to the magnetic fields that I think are so relevant.

The Polar Molecule Movement Theory by Mario Fernandez
The following came to me in a sudden intuition, while attempting an astral projection in the afternoon. I have read about Anne's conviction that projections are deeply related to magnetism. Admitting the magnetic field of the body pulls the etheric or astral body back, one should try to understand the source of that pull, in order to minimize it. Now, not all molecules behave the same, in terms of their magnetic properties. Some molecules are like little magnets, while others do not show magnet-like properties. The magnet-like molecules are the so-called "polar" molecules, while the others are called "non-polar" molecules. It is easy to check the difference between both kinds of molecules with a simple experiment. Place a cup of lard and a separate cup of water in the microwave oven and microwave for, say, one minute. You will see the cup of water is boiling, while the cup of lard is lukewarm, at best. Now, the lard represents the fat inside your body (sorry about that), while the water represents mostly your bloodstream. The microwaves are nothing but rapid electromagnetic pulses that change the orientation of the tiny magnet-like polar molecules, many times per second. The more polar a molecule is, the more heat it will pick up in the microwave oven. Water is one of the most polar molecules in our body. Well, this shows that we should not care about our non-polar molecules, such as our fat, since they do not contribute to our magnetic pull. On the other hand, our polar molecules create a magnetic field around them as they vibrate or as they move around. Why do they vibrate? They vibrate because of their temperature: as the temperature is higher, so are the vibrations. And why do they move around? They move around because the water molecules in your bloodstream travel all around within your body, pumped by your heart. This leads us to two conclusions. First, projections should be easiest at the time the body reaches its lowest temperature: maybe between 4 and 6 A.M. Second, projections should also be easiest at the time our pulse rate is at its minimum, and thus the bloodstream movement is slowest. Maybe we should think of some ways to lower our heart rate without risk. Or maybe another aid-device could be designed: one that would wake us once a selected heart rate has been achieved. Mario Fernandez

Time Dilation
One theory that always interested me in reference to astral projection was a portion of Einstein's Theory of Relativity called Time Dilation. Time Dilation states that if someone were able to travel at the speed of light, time would stop. Since no one can actually travel that fast, the rule has been explained as time dilation: the faster one travels, the slower time moves. This means that if someone

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 76 / 84

is moving quickly through space, time compensates for that motion--for according to the Special Theory of Relativity, the laws of physics are the same no matter what a person's speed. Jets flying at high velocities for extended periods of time have proved time dilation in the Special Theory. Using extremely accurate atomic clocks, physicists found that time actually moved slower on fast moving airplanes. The slowing of time does not become humanly noticeable until speeds close to the speed of light are obtained. It has been my belief that I was able to travel, after becoming experienced in astral projection, at the speed of thought (or I term it my Will as I could think of a place but I wouldn't necessarily be projected there until I willed it to happen). If I am now traveling in excess of the speed of light, would this explain why time seems so different (slower) in the astral? Robert Monroe talked about how it would seem he was gone for hours, in far off places (worlds that did not exist in our solar system) and he would come back and only an hour or so had gone by. In fact, if you went far enough into space, you would actually be going "backwards" in time! For if time stands still at the speed of light, then any speed to exceed that (thought) would reverse it. What are the effects of distant time travel on the physical shell when a "younger" astral body returns? Can the aging effects of the human body be slowed, or even reversed? If there were no physical side effects from astral projection, then Robert Monroe, after years of projection, would not have had problems digest drugs (medication) or alcohol of any kind. While this isn't age reversal, it shows that the physical body is indeed affected by astral travel. Robert Monroe didn't start projecting until the later part of his life, but what if he had started this in his teenage years or even his twenties?

Passive versus Active Method of Projection
There exists a great fallacy where one thinks they have to first be mentally alert and physically awake before they can start the separation process. This is the cause of a lot of frustration as the person puts in their mind the intent to relax, and what happens is the opposite. They become aware of every twitch, every itch and actually become hyper aware instead! They proceed to measure their body’s relaxation level, weigh their progress, and analyze their depth. Their nose starts to itch and they desperately want to scratch it, but that would ruin the supposed state they are in. How can one project doing all this!? There are only two recourses from this standard method of separation. First, you can flat out abandon "trying" to fall asleep! The more one tries, the more it eludes them. Why put ourselves through so much tumultuous efforts? If you aren't the type that can lie down, scratch your nose when it needs scratching, and just go to sleep, then abandon this method of separation. People say, "I can't relax!" or "I can't get this part to stop twitching." But this always marvels me because every one of these people manages to fall asleep every night of their life when they are not trying! See the difference? When something is held with great expectation, the excitement and tension surrounding it is increases, not wanes. Now, what I propose to people is to abandon this whole process of "relaxing to project." What I suggest is that you realize you project anyway naturally during sleep, and to instead tackle this from another perspective - sleep itself. There have been thousands of documented cases where people think they are dreaming only to find out, what they heard, learned and saw was indeed an astral experience. I believe that dreams are just odd interpretations of our astral experiences. When we are

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 77 / 84

not lucid, our subconscious mind works out daily issues, plans events for us to live through, etc. Most times we interpret these events as inconsequential, but they are always “real”, even if we don’t understand them. Now, we don't have to accept the continual Alice in Wonderland dreamscape. We can take charge of our dreams, with practice, and still enjoy the astral experience. If we take this approach, we don't have to fuss with making our body fall asleep, as that part has already occurred. What we have to learn instead, is how to go lucid from this subconscious state. We can do this in several ways. 1. Get a lucid dreaming mask. This (unfortunately expensive) mask detects when you are in REM and sends a signal to a set of lights to start flashing. This wakes me up, but if you're a deep sleeper, it's a great tool. 2. Set your alarm for some ungodly hour, such as 2:00 a.m. Wake up and stay awake for one hour. When you go back to sleep, you often become lucid or even project. 3. Start saying affirmations that you will become aware during your sleep. Saturate your subconscious mind with lucid dreaming books. Look at your hands during the day and question if you are dreaming. 4. Try a lucid dreaming herb (check under my aids link). Tips: - Avoid alcohol and drugs as these make you sleep deeply, thus making lucidity that much harder to attain. - Don't go to bed so late that you just zonk out. Deep sleep is what you want to avoid. A very tired body won't ever go lucid (or very rarely). Note that this is not easy. No matter which angle we take, work will have to be done. All your life, you’ve passed the sleep time oblivious to what is really going on. The subconscious mind has controlled this aspect of you since birth. Regaining that control is not something that happens over night. No matter how ridiculous the situation, the critical faculty just isn’t operative! Simple repetitive questioning is what will get you to realize you’re dreaming. And then control is consciously yours! In summary, if we waited for the stressed out body to fall asleep at a time when it just doesn't feel like it, we could be waiting years and years to enjoy the subtle realm. If you're like the rest of us with work, school, commutes, bills, relationships, etc., more than likely you're going to have to switch methods to a more passive one.

Parallel Universes
More and more as our science heralds itself into greater perspectives such as relativity and quantum mechanics our sense of limits and definitions are ever expanding. Time, as we thought of it, was a measurable object, which bound us to a litany of experiences. We had "today, yesterday and tomorrow." Einstein suggests that time and space do have their measurable limits because when you join time and space joined together you get what is called spacetime. With this theory, events do not fit into the eternally now paradigm. An event of 'spatially separated simultaneous events for one person became past and future events for another observer simply passing by through space and in time relative to the first'. However, I disagree with this because the second observer, if they knew how, could "step into" the exact experience of the first observer at an apparent later time. Time really is a solitary element and there is only the ever present now. We can step back into the past

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 78 / 84

and into the future. Our observable space, through bi-location, also breaks the spacetime laws. To the best of our knowledge, the universe is infinite in all directions. However, our views on the universe are akin to how we once thought of the world: flat. We think of one universe that goes in all directions, but we seldom think of many universes doing the very same thing. Why do we limit the infinity of the universe to one level? Well, basically because we do not have tangible access to those other levels (at least we think we don't, but we do). Because there are still gaps in our current quantum physics and relativity, scientists are grappling with possible solutions and one of them is the parallel universe. The "problem" lies in that if what is possible in terms of parallel universes is true, it would again require a rewriting of quantum science as we know it, and also disrupt mainstream religion. If you doubt the religious implications, one need only to reflect back on Galileo's dismissal from the church for his scientific views that conflicted with the church (all which later were accepted by science and eventually by those bodies of religion that initially rejected his views.) The solving of one scientific gap creates another. But regardless of closed minds and stifling views, science will go on exploring and one day will truly discover that there are parallel universes. Since this is a webpage about subtle realms, and not science (since I'm not a scientist), my view on parallel universes has more to do with how it affects us in our current existence as multidimensional beings. Why should we care about parallel universes even if they did exist? Good question! First, scientists state that if there were parallel universes, they might possibly be exact copies of this one with its own planets, stars and galaxies. It would also have humans, and it is even suggested that there may also exist exact copies of each of us in these parallel universes. Yes, that means you. Not surprisingly, I get readers who, when they go to sleep, enter into a secondary or parallel life. It is real, continual, and meaningful. You might think of it as a "past" life, but often the technologies are greater than our own. I myself have experiences where I have profound relationships with others, remember well-traveled paths and places that are not known to me now. How many of you have been absolutely heart broken over someone deeply "familiar" to you in a dream to only wake wondering why you would feel such things for someone not in your current state of awareness? They quite possibly are from a parallel life. Your current "reality channel" has just temporarily changed channels. Each one is as real as the other, and playing at the same time. People that we feel deeply attached to in this life, and the karmic issues associated with them, are usually present in one or more parallel dimensions. Because our subconscious mind, or overself, has access to it all, bits and pieces will seep into our current consciousness through altered states of awareness (most often sleep), yet it can manifest as an attraction towards something specific (such as idolizing gangster movies, when you are in fact doing their payroll in another dimension). Robert Monroe talked about collecting his soul fragments from other locales. This may be our task as well. We may not be attempting to ascend on one plane, but many! Our problems here very well may be our problems there. So to you I say, have a good day. in all of them.

Alternate Voyages
What are Alternate Voyages? These are my journeys into the subtle realm. They can be messages

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 79 / 84

from the higher self during meditation, an astral journey, or a profound dream. There comes a point in a person's development where they can learn as much from their altered state of consciousness as their waking state. The lucidity of the mind becomes seamless from sleep to wakefulness. Being able to share my experiences here also shows the importance of keeping a journal, for without one, many of these experiences would be consciously forgotten. I am including what I think may be interesting experiences and have excluded ones that hold no relevance to the public such as my company layoff dreams (which indeed happened shortly after), etc. Some of my "dreams" can possibly be taken as a prophecy. Many of my prophesy dreams come true (about 75%). However, there are many things that effect a prophecy such as picking up on people's fears, seeing "plans" that may never come to fruitation such as a thwarted terrorist attack, a person's belief system, seeing events that happen in movies only (I saw many comets hitting earth right before the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact were released). So these dreams are to be considered with those points in mind. One final note here is that I wondered if other people are being pressed so heavily for change. In the last year, my subconscious mind is working feverishly to help me overcome ego, fear and illusion. Why so much now? Is this related to the earth changes that I see happening? Is there little time to lose? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mount Rainier - A Threat? Earth-Bound Asteroid Soul Rescue 1(800)Project The Daily Lottery Death and Back Full Chakra Activation A Higher Plane Higher Orbit Flight Training Saying Goodbye (or See You Later) The Higher Astral Plane Trip to the Moon New President? Why Am I Here? Meeting a Master A Gift War Anger Turned to Love The Next Step Body of Christ Atlantis

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Body of Christ (08/09/01)
I follow no set religion but instead follow Truths, which are interspersed with many religions. However, I agree with a concept called "Christ Consciousness" which is unconditional love (I dislike labels, but there you have it). This is no different than what many masters teach. Okay, with that being said, I will share an astral experience I had on 8/9/01. I became lucid while in the etheric. I then said (somewhat to my surprise), "I will allow the body of Christ to enter me as it has entered me before." I then felt a "body" merge into my body. When this happened, I felt as if I had done this before. The effects, if any, I cannot determine. I also do not know why this experience happened, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Full Chakra Activation
I found myself out of body and decided I would activate all of my chakras, including those outside of my etheric that extended to the higher self. I sent the message of will out (my desire) and when this happened, I experienced a shock so hard that I thought I would explode (literally). Energy coursed through me that was mind boggling. These were nothing like the vibrations of separation of which I thought were powerful. These were darn right out of this world, like a million volts of electricity. I seldom let fear overcome me, so I let them run their course despite my alarm. It's amazing how much more powerful we are in the subtle realms. Since this activation, my psychic sensitivity has been greatly improved. These energies are not for the faint of heart.

Death and Back
I left my body and entered a door and knew I had died. The place I entered was of supreme restoration. I was sitting in a rocking chair looking through a large window at a beautiful beach. All my worries, cares, problems, attachments were now gone. I could feel the incredible pressure of physical life being lifted from my soul. I think Robert Monroe called this Focus 27, or beyond. It is where the soul goes after death to replenish itself, rest, and then decide what it is that it desires to do. But then, I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder and I heard a woman say, "You must go back for you are not ready." I was then gently brought back through the doorway back into my body. It took me a solid week before the inner peace of a few moments in this place left my psyche. I lost the fear of death that day forward.

Meeting a Master (1/21/02)
I met an Asian master in my travels who was teaching people how to move objects with their mind. I stood by and watched a student move two metal objects closer using only his mind energy. Here was the conversation between the master and myself as we watched the student. Anne: "How do they know how to do this?" Master: "They know how to do this because they are realized to the God within." Anne: "So the difference is that we are not aware of our Godliness?" Master: "No."

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Anne: "Oh, so we are just not consciously aware of this!" Master: "You are wise."

From Anger to Love (1/19/01)
I found myself without a car in my dream and was forced to take "an alternate path" to my destination. I was walking along peacefully and came across a woman in her garden. She started to yell profanity and say very hurtful things to me. My first reaction was to get upset, but instead of getting angry and exchanging harsh words, I instead said, "I love you!" In that moment, the whole scene and mood changed and she softened completely. She then welcomed me into her garden and we began to speak as friends... Over and over I have these dreams where I am put in the position of chosing love over anger. This year has shown an unprecedented amount of situation that require me to overcome these issues.

The Higher Astral Plane
I left my body and shot out the front door. I then stated that I would like to be taken to a place of beauty. I suddenly materialized in a shimmering astral plane of unprecedented beauty and light. I was all alone which was too bad as I would have loved to have shared this with someone. I stared in wonder at a place that made me weep with ecstasy. It was a shimmering scene of rivers, trees, sky and colors. The air and water sparkled like diamonds and no human debris existed of any kind. I wanted to stay in this place forever. To come back to the physical body was one of the most sour experiences I have ever faced. We simply do not know how dull our world is in comparison.

Outer Orbit Flight Training
I am often teaching in the astral, but I had a neat experience once with my best friend. Her name was Trina and I was teaching her to deal with outer orbit flight and the fears associated with that. When I greeted her I told her what we were going to do then I held her hands and started to ascend upwards. She grew frightened because there was no vehicle surrounding us, just open space. We lifted through the clouds and rose to the height where we could see the curvature of the earth, but she became overwhelmed and we descended again. Teaching this is important as there are many barriers to overcome if you want to do space travel. Knowing there is nothing around you like a ship, dealing with extreme and initially terrifying heights, the thought you've left all that you know and love behind which fills you with isolation, and more.

Atlantis (08/05/01)
This is another on-going dream I have. I live in a place that has beautiful Grecian type temples, art galleries and culture. Everything is lovely and in-tune, however, this always ends with the sea overtaking us. Some people survive but most drown. Other people I know have dreams similar to this one and hypothesize it was an Atlantis memory.

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I think I was an artist. Over and over I see my gorgeous works of art displayed in galleries (one in particular is an octagon shaped building right on the water). Consciously I cannot fathom me producing this level of work (it's really quite stunning), but then suddenly a canvas will appear and within seconds, the most glorious painting is produced by my mind alone. I instinctively know and say, "art is created by the soul, not the hands." Whether I'm conscious of it or not, I am able to produce magnificence. However, this is not limited to a craft. We could produce this now if we would open ourselves up to it. We are creators at every level. It is our natural soul right.

Soul Rescue
I did my first soul rescue last night (2/14/02). There exists in the subtle planes souls that do not know they have died. Some of these souls continue living their lives, whether good or bad. Robert Monroe would find these souls and try to bring their awareness around so that they could move on with their existence in a more conscious fashion. Sometimes he was able to and then sometimes he was not. There are various reasons for this entrapment. Some souls are trapped in the cycle of sex, others in the cycle of religious fear and control, while others are trapped because of emotional ties to their once physical existence. The soul I met was living in a self-created virtual hell. She had been murdered on the physical plane and was recreating this scenario over and over and over. She could not see anyone because that was not part of her self-inflicted reality. She would run, in panic, oblivious to what was happening around her until she was again murdered and the cycle would start over again. She was trapped in this energy that she mistook for reality. I could not reach her through normal means of communication. She could not see me because I was not part of her accepted reality. I had to instead manifest a huge energy within myself to "bust" through her illusion. Within my solar plexus I generated a ball so powerful that when it hit her she was thrown off her feet to the ground. She sat shocked at what had happened to her. In that moment she looked around and could then see me. I went to her and held her and she started sobbing uncontrollably. All her time of grief and terror was spilling out. I helped her heal in those moments and know that she was now free to move beyond this hell.

The Daily Lottery
I know time can be transcended because I have done so on many occasions. But where is the proof? I wanted to prove, if not just to myself, that astral projection was authentic. In order to do this, I decided that winning some form of a lottery, which would be undeniable proof to me, would be in order. My projections basically happen on the weekends when I can sleep in and induce the groggy state. From this state, my attachment to my body is weakened and I can bring on the vibrations more easily when focusing on the third eye. It was snowing and I decided not to go to work. I decided that day that I would try and win the lottery instead (sounds crazy, I know!) I induced the vibrations somewhat easily and left my body. I then asked to go to the future and "see" the lottery numbers. I started looking for news papers so I could read them as this sounded like the intelligent thing to do. I mean, where else would I find them? I finally found a newspaper and was bending down to look at the numbers for the six million dollar

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lottery when I was abruptly brought back to my body by an interruption. This did not stop me. Because my body's attachment was very lose that morning, I decided to keep trying. I was brought back by various noises and disturbances until my fifth departure. At this point, I was pretty well fed up with the obstacles and didn't even bother for a newspaper. I simply WILLED myself to see the numbers (as I tell people, will power is of paramount importance). I demanded that I see the numbers! Up popped three very clear balls and I thanked my higher self and forced myself awake before I forgot them. Of course, I played them and won. They were the correct numbers, in the correct order on the correct day. This has been pretty much all the proof I have needed that time can be transcended.

Astral projection for beginners, 12-jul-2009 http://www.astralvoyage.com/projection/guide.html p 84 / 84

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