I'm about 6 feet and I was 19 years old at the time. I had a slim body, not very muscular with just enough definition to say I had abs. I was happy with the way I looked and thought I was a pretty handsome guy. But my best attribute was being hung. I packed a 9 incher (when really hard) and very thick, curved to the left. I was actually kind of shy about it because as I was growing up, my friends gave me a hard time about it... u know kids... But anyway, I had become friends with a guy named Paulo who was also a swimmer. He was 19 yo too, 5'10 and gorgeous in a Speedo! Typical swimmer type, perfectly firm body, bubble butt and amazingly defined abs that bulged out of his abdomen... u know the kind ;). He had dark blonde straight hair that he kept midsized (not too long, not too short), clear brown eyes, and a delicious golden bronze from being a swimmer, since our pool during the summer was outdoors. Like most swimmers, his body was completely shaved. Had fantasized about him more than once... We used to talk when we arrived for practice. We usually arrived 15 min before the practice and sat there just talking about stuff. He was the bragging type but still a cool guy. Liked to talk about how many times he got laid, what he liked to do to women, the time he was in a threesome, etc. Well, he was an actual professional swimmer while I was semi-pro, this meant that his practice took about half an hour to an hour more than mine so we never even saw each other showering, but I had already developed quite a reputation ;). I also used to have a free practice on Saturday morning and had the whole pool to myself. One sunny Saturday morning, I arrived at the pool only to find I wasn't going to have it all to myself. Who was that mysterious swimmer already in the water? All of a sudden I hear him calling "Hey Daniel! Thought about joining u today!". I instantly felt my cock twitch, "I’m gonna be alone with him... shower with him... can I keep it from getting hard?..." I thought to myself. That question would be answered soon enough. I rushed into the locker-room and stripped as fast as I could. It took about 30 seconds since I usually bring my Speedo on from home. I walked up to the swimming pool and was getting ready to dive in when up from under comes Paulo. "This is great" he said "having the pool all to yourself and especially on such a great day". "Yeah it is! I love coming here on Saturdays. It is great to relax." I responded with an ever so slight tremble in my voice. I finally dived in and swam a couple of laps just to keep my mind off the fact that I was in a pool with him. I was pretty used to being around hot guys in Speedos but, at those times, I was in "buddy mode", they are my friends so there is nothing very sexual about it. But this time it was different - I fancied him and had fantasized about a very similar scenario. As soon as I was done with the laps, he came up to me and we started talking. He took off his headgear. His hair was much darker from being wet and, because of the sunlight, his eyes looked almost colourless.

We chatted for like 3 min and then there was an awkward silence. I was too nervous at the time to have realized that he was actually trying to get the nerve to say something. Finally I broke the silence by saying I was gonna do some more laps. "No! Wait a sec. Lets chat a bit more... I like talking to u" he responded almost immediately. "So what u wanna talk about?" I asked "I've been meaning to ask u something... well... it is kind of personal... hope u don't take it the wrong way..." "What is it?" my curiosity grew. "Well some of the guys told me something about u...and I want to know if it is true... They say you're very hung! You never told me!" "Well... u know I don't like to brag... and when some guys find out, they like embarrassing me in public" "EMBARASS YOU! How can u be embarrassed with being hung?! Dude I would flaunt it for all it is worth. I mean, I’m 8 inches and brag about it like it was over 12 inches! I even trim my pubes to make it look bigger! If I was really hung I would definitely want everyone to know!" He said laughing in between the phrases. "But come on Paulo. U know I’m shy..." "Ok then, but I got to see it now! The guys are really jealous of it. They told me u must get girls just by dropping your pants!" "HA HA HA! Yeah girls and some guys right *wink*" We both laughed and then I got the nerve to say "So u want to see it? What do I get in return?" "How about a handjob smartass?!" he said sarcastically "Well then... no deal!" "Hey!!! Come on! Tell u what... I got some porn mags in the locker-room... what u say we go there and we'll see just how big u can get. I have a feeling u aren't bigger than me..." I was perfectly aware he was just trying to entice me... "Ok let’s do it" I responded. As we climbed out of the pool Paulo looked back at me and said "Well u got the bulge, I’ll give you that..." "Dude! U ain't seen anything yet!" I responded while groping my bulge. I have to confess... at this time I already had a semi so my Speedo looked quite impressive already ;) We got in the locker-room and dried up with our towels... DAMN did he look good! He was wearing a blue and yellow shaded Speedo. When he passed his hands on his abs I thought I was gonna lose it!

He opened his backpack and out came the porn I was about to grab one of the mags when he pulled them away and said: "No no, not until I see it" "Ok... here it is!" I dropped my Speedos and there it was. A was sporting a semi alright but this was a trick I had used before. Since my cock was kind of heavy, a semi hang so low it looked soft. Paulo's eyes opened wide and his mouth hanged there for a sec and then it finally came, the phrase I absolutely love hearing: "THAT THING IS HUGE!"he said gasping. "And it is still soft! How big is it hard?!" he said in disbelief. "Give me the porn and I’ll show u." He handed me the magazines and we sat next to each other and started checking out the porn. "Hey it isn't fair! I'm the only one here hanging out... u need to strip too. I want to know if u are actually 8 inches like u said" This is when he stood up and started doing a little stripper dance right in front of me. He turned his ass to me and started peeling off his Speedo. Suffice to say I was sporting now the biggest hard-on I ever remember having! When he turned around he was really hard and he looked definitely bigger than 8 inches and straight like an arrow. "So I see u enjoyed the dance. I think I can turn anyone on with that" I felt my face turning all the shades of red! "Hum... hum... well... I was looking at the mags!" "Dude don't worry! I was just kidding with u! Decides there is no problem in getting turned on by a guy... especially one as hot as me *wink*" the cheeky bastard responded. "And man, you're one of the hottest I’ve seen!". Realizing what I had said I tried correcting it: "I mean, I wish I was as hot as u... I’ve always wanted a body like yours..." "Really... hey dude u are really huge! And thick! That left curve is great... makes u look even thicker!" Another awkward silence... And then finally the bomb dropped when he said: "Hey dude you’re hung, but if u wanna see huge u got to check this out..." And out of the blue he pulled out of his backpack another porn magazine named: INCHES MAGAZINE. "Wait a sec... that is a guy magazine rite? I mean, no women rite?" I said trying to disguise the fact that I knew exactly what it was. "Yeah man! I mean, I’m not gay or anything... but I’ve always been curious about big cocks... very big cocks... just imagine how it must feel jamming something that big in a pussy... well u know, don't u?... they must scream when they see u coming!" he said. "Well yeah... but these guys in this magazine stuff those things in other orifices..." At this time I noticed he was actually jacking off in front of me looking at my hard-on. I looked almost as if he was in a transe, not exactly aware of it. I started to stroke my cock as well. After some moments of silence he got the nerve to ask:

"You mind if I jack u off? I'm not gay or anything" he said once again "but I must feel great jacking off something that big!" "Paulo don't worry! u don't have to be shy around me... u aren't the first guy to ask me that... u also won't be the first guy to suck me off!" I said not sure if it would ruin the whole moment. He looked straight at me, gave me a sexy grin and just replied: "Well it won't be a first for me either" I couldn't believe he just said that! I was in shock! Could it be that he was actually into guys. Having seen my obvious face of disbelief, he replied: "You know what Daniel, I see it this way, I love vanilla but sometimes I’m in the mood for chocolate! This is one of those times!" "Well, come down here and prove it!" and boy did he ever! All of a sudden his tongue was in my mouth, exploring every part of it. Boy could this guy kiss! Looking back on it, I don't even know how I handled the fact that I was actually making out with him. I could act very cocky but was very inexperienced sexually and this was the first time I actually made out with a guy. In between the kisses, the only thing I could say was: "You're fucking hot!" To which he responded: "I know I am!" His face finally detached itself from mine and we licked each other’s tongues. I was so turned on and so was he as I noticed when my arm brushed against his stone hardened cock. "I bet u can use that mouth for other things too" I said. He knelt down in front of me and grabbed my schlong with both hands and started jacking me off. First he started slowly... up and down... up and down... my foreskin uncovering and covering my head each time. "Nice big fat cock" he kept saying to himself. "Yes it is. Do u like it?... So do u like it, you SLUT?!" He looked up still with that grin and whispered "Yeah! This lil slut boy loves big fat cocks!" All of a sudden I saw him in a new light. He was really into guys and what was more, he was a bottom! He kept stroking faster and faster. I could feel my cock so hard and it felt soooooo good. "Slow down of the fun will be over soon". "Don't worry... I know how to make the fun last a long time!". He started licking my cock from the base to the top, time and time again. He was driving me crazy. Then it was time to work on my balls. He licked them and then put them both in his mouth. The sensation of feeling my balls inside someone’s mouth was amazing! He sucked on them and, while sucking, tugged on them releasing my balls from his mouth at the last moment, making a "pop" sound. He did this so many times I lost count and Just when I thought I was going to lose my mind, I felt his warm wet lips and mouth all over my dick. I started moaning and biting my lips. I could feel the back of his throat and hear the slurping sound from the mixture of his saliva and what must have been buckets of precum. His right hand started groping my balls, squeezing them harder and harder just enough to hurt (in a good way). His other hand would grope my pecs, pinch my right nipple and rub my abs. Blinded with pleasure, both my hands went around his head. I felt his damp hair in my palms and I started forcing my cock deeper in his mouth. I could hear him gagging but he had his eyes looking straight at me, telling me not to stop, telling me to force him harder and harder. There was no cock outside his mouth! This was a first! This guy knew

exactly what he was doing. When I finally let go, he stopped sucking me and started gasping for air. I got worried but he looked up at me and grinned... HE WAS LOVING IT! AND SO WAS I! "You like having a stud boy sucking your fat cock don't you?" "FUCK YEAH!" I yelled. "You want me to be your BITCH?!" "FUCK YEAH!" He got up slowly from his knees, in between my legs and rubbing my cock along his body. First his strong neck and then his amazing Pecs. He stopped there, put his arms around my waist, grabbed me just above my ass, and pulled me towards him. My balls slammed the top of his abdomen, while the very tip of my cock touched his hardened right nipple. "Oh! That feels good!" he said, grabbing my cock and rubbing and slapping it on his nipple and then on his Pecs. They felt so hard! Like slapping my cock against a soft covered wall. He kept getting up and my cock passed through his incredibly toned abs. I was so hard and his abs where so tight, my cock actually bumped off each muscle. It passed his abs, his belly button and then finally our cocks rubbed each other. His cock passed on the left of mine and, as I curve to the left, it looked like my cock was gonna hook his. When he was finally on his two feet, I sat up straight and my face was in front of his hot abs. He leaned over and started kissing and licking them. I little lower I started licking his belly button, perfectly oval and looking amazing in the middle of that whole mass of abdominal muscle. While I was doing this I could feel his hardened cock stabbing my at the bottom of my neck. I started laughing to myself from the sensation. I looked up had he was looking at me with the slutiest face you can imagine. He grinned and jumped on the bench where I was sitting. He was standing above me with me between his legs. I looked up and all I could see were his toned and completely smooth legs and his cock and balls. He started dancing, his cock almost hitting me on the head. I stroked his legs and groped his inner thighs. He jumped down and turned his tight bubble butt to me, waving it in front of me, tempting me! "Like that u see?" "Oh yeah!" I said while I felt it up. "Nice and firm! Bet it is real tight too." "Why don't u try it?" "What u mean?!" I asked astonished. "Fuck me! Please!" he said with a distinct moaning sound. I almost fainted! He was actually asking me to fucking him! Could he take it... I mean... I never knew anyone who could take me and not complain, at least at first, about my thickness. I was afraid to hurt him. "Are u sure u know what u are asking?" "Please! FUCK ME!" He replied consumed with desire.

"But I don't even have a condom!" "I came prepared..." He said while turning to his backpack and getting out a Magnum XL condom. "I'll put it on." He ripped open the package, grabbed my impossibly stiff schlong and unrolled it over it. Then he lubed it up and put some around his hole. "Dude! I'm gonna FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!" I said while grabbing him by his waist, turning him around and telling him: "Why don't u take a seat... on my cock!" He moved closer and on to me. Grabbed my cock right under his ass and slowly started inserting it. He was so tight, I felt like I was gonna rip him open. The head was in, now the rest was starting to slide in. He started moaning softly when the head was forcing itself in him, then he yelled once out loud. "Am I hurting u?" I asked worried. "Well yeah... but I can handle it. It will be worth it in the end. The price you have to pay for a monster cock fuck!" After a slow beginning, he started moving up and down, faster and faster, while I saw his backside pumping my cock. I don't know if it was the fact that I was so horned up or that his ass was so tight or that he was the sexiest guy I ever met, but this was the best sex I ever had! I grabbed both his butt cheeks and forced to take more of my cock! He moaned louder and his breath was deeper. He started moaning the phrase "So big! So thick!". My cock was entirely up his ass. My right hand moved instinctively around his body and grabbed his dick. It was hard as a rock and bouncing up and down with his pumping movement. I grabbed and started jacking him off. His cock was now all wet of precum. He placed both his feet on my knees and held himself up with his hands on either side of my body on the bench. While I jacked him off, my other hand started rubbing his abs and pinching his left nipple. "Stop! Or I’ll cum!" He yelled out. I let go of his cock. He put his legs on the ground, keeping my cock in him and managed to turn around on it. Passing his right leg over my head, he was now turned to me. My face was looking straight at his amazing Pecs. I couldn't resist! I started licking and sucking on his nipples. He started moaning even more. As he moved up and down, I could see his cock and balls slapping against my abs. Both my arms went around his waist, my hands groping his toned back and hugging him while I felt his body contracting with pleasure. "You feel so good in me!" he said looking deep in my eyes. "I want to feel you on top of me." He finally let my cock out and grabbed the towel that was next to me. Laying it on the floor, he looked up at me and made a "come here" sign with this finger. He laid down on the towel. I grabbed both his legs and pushed them over his torso as much as he could. I lay in top of his legs and inserted my dick up his ass again. Now he was loose enough to take me without getting too hurt. The sensation of fucking him and feeling his legs along my abs and Pecs, each foot above my head, was amazing. He could bend so far that we could actually kiss in this position. I forced myself in him faster and faster, harder and harder. I could see in his face the mixture of pain and pleasure.

He open his legs, put his left leg over my head and, with my cock still in him, he was positioned in doggie-style. He started moaning louder and screaming "Fuck me! FUCK THIS SLUT BOY! FUCK ME HARDER! I WANT TO CUM!" As soon as he said that I knew what to do. Grabbed him around his waist with both arms I pulled him up while I sat on the floor with my back against the bench. He was sitting on my lap and riding my cock like is life depended on it! My hands moves around his waist and grabbed his cock. It felt like a steel pole. I started stroking it faster and faster. It was all wet from precum. "I'm gonna cum! Don't STOP!" and in 2 seconds I felt his whole body contracting and his cock erupting with warm cum. He must have shot over 8 times because his entire body got sprayed. But even after cumming he didn't stop riding me. "Now it's your turn!" he replied while turning back on my cock towards me. This guy was quite the gymnast, I thought. He kept riding me faster and faster. All I could see was he grinning face and hear the sound of me fucking me. "I'm gonna cum! Lay down on the floor!" I yelled out. He did and I knelt on top of him, with my knees just below his armpits. I felt his hands groping my ass cheeks. "Open wide!" and he started sucking me harder than he ever had. "NOW! NOW! NOW!" I yelled out. I could feel my balls contracting and my cock stiffening harder. "I'M CUMMING!". He took my cock out of his mouth and I started shooting all over his face, hair and the floor behind him. He started licking his lips trying to taste more of my cum. I slapped my cock against his face while I came. I shot over 10 times! I was amazed! Didn't know I could shoot so much! "So you liked your lil slut boy?" "I LOVE my lil slut boy! Let’s hit the showers because I got to clean u up! U are a mess!" I said laughing. He started showering under the same showerhead. Even though we had just had sex, the sexual atmosphere was more than enough to keep us making out during the shower and our post-orgasmic soft cocks rubbing against each other. After the shower we got dressed, with Paulo always making some sort of raunchy commentary like: "Careful where u point that thing" and "Don't know how u fit into boxer briefs". We both left the locker-room, I passed the door first. As soon as we were going to separate, his hand pinched my right butt cheek. I looked back at him, he winked and said: "We got to do this again... see u next week" "Oh yeah!"

The End...

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