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Discover why Gemaco is so much more than a simple gadget factory.

6 - 2013

Promotional items by Gemaco Group


INside stories

TRENDSPOTTING: The next big thing - TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS: Discover the secrets of the sea - CSR: A social win-win situation - CUSTOM MADE COLLECTIONS: You name it, we make it.

Get inspired. Discover what we can do for your brand.

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

Let’s work it out!
Trend spotting
The next big thing

8 A hands-on BLOSO campaign
Embrace the competition

10 Pepsi’s promotional story


No balls, no glory

If you can’t beat ’ em, join ’em
The ‘Week of the Sport Club’ campaign

12 CSR on a daily basis
A social win-win situation

14 Creative designs
The ambassadors of your brand

17 Sweet communication
Dutch recipe for success

18 Mugs as a mobile billboard
Keeping cUP the good work

22 Transportation
The secrets of the sea


24 Branded bags


Behind every great item there’s a great promotional mind.
manufacture and distribution of an item that is perfectly adapted to your brand, budget and goals. While browsing through this inspirational edition of THE WORKS, you’ll discover an overview of some of our best promotional items. Time to get inspired!

It’s all about the beer
The Heineken Brand Store

Your logo on the go

28 Custom made collections
You name it, we make it

30 Music-minded items
Sounds like a deal

very promotional item is an opportunity to carry out your company’s brand name and values in front of existing and future clients, on the high street and far beyond. By selecting an item that stands out from the crowd – because of its originality, its high quality and customized nature – your company undoubtedly leaps ahead of the competition.

Think global, act local.
When you co-operate with Gemaco, you take advantage of our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers, and benefit from our expert team of trend analysts, designers and account managers. For over 30 years Gemaco has been a provider of promotional products, premiums, sales promotion, clothing and fulfilment programes. Ever expanding, with offices and partners in the Far East and all over Europe, we have become a leading supplier of promotional items.

32 The Heineken experience shop

It’s all about the beer

Gemaco.Your brand promoter.
That’s why Gemaco believes in bespoke all-in concepts. Your company is unique, so you deserve an unique approach, focused on your aims, goals and objectives. Gemaco’s dedicated team of professionals has both the expertise and the experience to develop and deliver custom-made promotional items that captivate your (future) customers. We offer your company a one-stop promotional solution, including the design,

34 A refreshing marketing mix
Shake off the ordinary


Dream big, little one
DFDesign trendy teens clothing for the

Open Aviation Day 2013

ART DIRECTION Eleonora Di Natale & Zorko Huljic graphic design Jeroen van Norren COPYWRITING Lien De Ruyck • TheWorks is published by Gemaco Group.



Trend spotting

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.



The next big thing
might be really small.

“Innovation is what separates the leaders from the followers”
- Steve Jobs



The art of trend spotting

or the latest and the greatest, Gemaco employs a dedicated team of trend scouts whose singular passion is to scan the globe for the most promising trends, insights and ideas for the promotional carrier of your brand. Not by gazing into a crystal ball or by practicing hard core ‘futurism’ but by observing and understanding what’s already happening in your own business area and what’s about to change in your customers’ mindset.

colour or hot designer gadget. And Gemaco is so much more than a simple gadget factory.

Your brand tackles the trend
Calling on our extensive experience, both creative and logistical, Gemaco strives to boost your brand image and market share through tailor-made promotional items that speak volumes for your brand. By taking care of the entire process, our dedicated team of professionals will elevate your company to new heights by dreaming up new promotional items that link the timeless values of your brand with the hottest trends of the day.

CLIENT: Klara CHALLENGE: Create a cosy summer item to promote Jazz Middelheim ITEM: comfortable beach chair, perfectly designed to lean back and enjoy the music

This is not a gadget
With direct links to production centres throughout the globe, Gemaco stays on top of the latest developments and makes sure your brand gets out there first with product ideas that are both original and on the ball. Because trend watching is about so much more than spotting the next summer

1: CLIENT: Heineken CHALLENGE: Give fans the opportunity to buy a great, high-quality Heineken souvenir ITEM: customised iPhone cover • 2: CLIENT: smart / Mercedes-Benz CHALLENGE: Design an original, electrifying giveaway for the European Motor Show in Brussels, related to the smart electric drive theme ITEM: catchy key ring with plug hanger • 3: CLIENT: GDF Suez CHALLENGE: Find an original, convenient and useful item fora fair, related to GDF Suez’s brand activities. ITEM: boat-shaped USB flash drive • 4: CLIENT: BIVV CHALLENGE: Provide a visible summer item for the new BOB (don’t drink & drive) campaign. ITEM: expressive buttons.



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

2 3



“Small things become great when done with love”
CLIENT: Toppharm, pharmaceutical chain CHALLENGE: Find a suitable present to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company in style ITEM: customised red ties (men) and scarfs (women) in silk

CLIENT: Brussels Airlines CHALLENGE: Find a useful item to mark the first flight from Brussels to Washington in the picture ITEM: soft, customised iPad cover

6 5

“Create the things you wish existed“
CLIENT: Total Group, sponsor of the French racer Sébastien Grosjean CHALLENGE: Create a useful gift with a picture of the racer for every VIP that visits the Total stand during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Europe ITEM: customised iPhone cover 1: CLIENT: Baker Bridge CHALLENGE: create a fashionable giveaway ITEM: retro ballpoint pen in feather shape, that adds instant panache to every writing experience 2: CLIENT: OBI, a leading hardware store in Germany CHALLENGE: Create a giveaway related to the OBI beaver mascot, well known from print advertisements and commercials ITEM: little nodding figure to brighten up your desk or dashboard • 3: CLIENT: BIFF, a Henkel brand CHALLENGE: Design a funny gift for customers ITEM: sink plug with an original, waterproof design• 4: CLIENT: Flanders Tourism CHALLENGE: find an attractive gift for foreigners who come to Belgium for Tomorrowland or sightseeing in Flanders ITEM: retro viewer with pictures of Flemish cities and typical highlights (fashion, chocolate…) • 5: CLIENT: Heineken CHALLENGE: Create a fun giveaway for the Olympic Games in London, related to the ‘Back to Beer’ campaign ITEM: original beer bottle opener lanyard • 6: CLIENT: Suzuki CHALLENGE: Create a giveaway to encourage people to discover the new Suzuki motorbike in the showroom ITEM: Rubber key holder in the shape of the brand-new motorbike



How to win the hearts of your cUSTOMERS: a hands-on example.

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

CLIENT: Bloso ITEM: Erasable whiteboard for dry marker pens. Perfect for training events, tactical analysis and communicating key information to sports teams… or bar tenders after the match!

If you can’t beat ’ em, join ’em!

Bloso is the Flemish Community’s sports department. With this ‘Week of the Sport Club’ campaign and accompanying promotional items, Bloso aims to support local sport clubs to take up a central role as a platform for sporting activities and a focal point for youth participation. During this week they encourage all people, young and old, beginners and pros, men and women to be active and join a sport club.



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

PEPSI. WORK hard, PLAY harder!

No Balls, No Glory. A Promotional Story.

CHALLENGE: Create a fun relaxing giveaway for supermarkets ITEM: customised cooler bags for Pepsi bottles

Keep it COOL!

Double THE FUN!

CHALLENGE: Find a fun giveaway for supermarkets, related to the themes ‘music’ and ‘friends’ ITEM: headphones with 4 earplugs, to share enjoyable moments!


CHALLENGE: Design a sporty in-store giveaway ITEM: personalised ball with several signatures of famous football players


Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

Get some


CLIENT: Lays, PepsiCo CHALLENGE: Design a funny summer gift for customers, related to the ‘#withfriends’ summer campaign ITEM: Foldable, colourful frisbee for great beach moments or summer evenings

Promoting your brand responsibility.
CLIENT: Hyundai CHALLENGE: Design an item for the next summer check ITEM: Kite special designed for Hyundai

Every promotional item represents your brand values. This implies that your brand identity can be seriously damaged if your supplier does not pay sufficent attention to CSR. Luckily you can count on Gemaco’s global outlook and a progressive vision on a sustainable society: a company that takes responsibility for the outcome of our business activities.


A social win-win situation

CSR on a daily basis
CSR is not a temporary issue but an ongoing process that requires everyone’s attention. Our business concept is founded on providing a high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient service for your company. In our view, this concept is only made stronger within a system of values based on mutual respect, fairness, transparency and humanity. Gemaco assures you that your promotional items are designed and produced according to the highest CSR standards. We are a member of the UNGC, the Fair Wear Foundation and

t Gemaco, we not only believe in the compatibility of competitiveness and corporate responsibility. For us, the two are mutually indispensable and we pride ourselves on taking a proactive stance towards our corporate citizenship, resulting in a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Together we are going to take the next step, a step that will help us make the world a little bit better and offer your company maximum security in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

are BSCI-member and take the Code of Conduct of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as our guide.

How it works
The main suppliers of every product group are approached with a questionnaire to see what certificates and quotations are already in their possession. If they are already BSCI registred, we can immediately check their status and information. If not, the procedure towards registration starts when the manufacturer signs the code of conduct. With the questionnaire and statement signed, we can decide

whether to audit the manufacturer. This audit is carried out by one of the 15 independent audit agencies, responsible for carrying out all SA 8000 audits. A report is compiled on each manufacturer on the basis of this audit. If a factory meets the requirements they will be listed in the BSCI registry. This entry is valid for 3 years. After each 3 year period a new audit is carried out, at Gemaco’s request. If a factory does not meet the requirements, they are issued with a ‘Corrective Action Plan’ (CAP), based on BSCI guidelines. Gemaco takes responsibility for the factory’s implementation of the CAP.



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.





“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”


1: CLIENT: Mars International travel retail - M&M CHALLENGE: Create a useful giveaway that will increase our brand visibility in airports worldwide ITEM: Speakercase for iPod or smartphone and/or storage box in special shape, with the Face of Yellow and Red in relief• 2: CLIENT: BIVV CHALLENGE: Provide some visible summer items for the new BOB (don’t drink & drive) campaign ITEM: smooth sunglasses • 3: CLIENT: Century21 CHALLENGE: Find a house shaped item that is appealing to a large audience ITEM: spacious speaker in a cosy paper box • 4: CLIENT: BIVV CHALLENGE: Find a suitable giveaway to remind people about the “don’t drink and drive” campaign during Christmas holidays ITEM: fun synthetic bottle stopper • 5: CLIENT: Snack a Jacks CHALLENGE: Design a nice package that will help to keep rice snacks crispy ITEM: colourful, perfectly shaped customized canister



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

CLIENT: Dr. Oetker, Koopmans CHALLENGE: Draw extra attention to the brand’s pancake products just before the start of the holidays ITEM: Cool pancake stencils, that can be ordered via 2 action codes on a special website

Dutch pancakes
Prep Time
40 mins

COok Time
30 mins

COok Time
30 mins

till you

Serves: 8-12 pancakes INGREDIENTS
• • • • • • • 250 g (2 cups) self-raising flour 1 tsp salt 1 egg 450 ml (2 cups) milk Margarine or butter Brown sugar or any other ingredient you like Koopmans pancake stencil


1. 2. 3. 4. Mix the self-raising flour with the salt. Make a small hole in the mixture to pour in the egg and half of the milk. Make a smooth batter of it, starting in the middle. While still stirring, add the rest of the milk bit by bit. Slowly keep stirring until you retain the smooth texture 5. Cover the bowl with the dough in it with some cling foil and Leave to rest for half an hour. 6. Heat a small amount of butter in a frying pan. 7. Pour in enough batter to just cover the bottom of the pan, add in filling if using. 8. Bake the pancake on medium heat until the top is dry. 9. Flip the pancake and cook the other side till golden. 10. Keep warm while baking the other pancakes. 11. Place the Koopmans stencil on the pancake and add some sugar on top. Take the stencil out and enjoy your pancake!


“Any home can be a castle, when the king and the queen are in love”

CLIENT: Vivabox: Lovers only CHALLENGE: design a romantic, specially shaped gift for couples that fits perfectly into a Vivabox ITEM: two matching pillowcases for the ‘king’ and ‘queen’ of the house

CLIENT: PRIL, a Henkel brand CHALLENGE: Create a useful kitchen gift for customers ITEM: a glass cutting board, brightened up by the well-known PRIL flower design


Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

Keep cup the good work!
Coffee cups are an ideal blank canvas or mobile billboard. A well-designed coffee mug can provide your business with a one-on-one interaction with a potential customer in a very intimate and informal way.
Thirsty for success? Coffee cup advertising offers a pinnacle benefit boasting 37 minutes of average consumption time for brand impression awareness and is known amongst industry professionals as “The Dovetail Effect”. Whether it’s filled with a hot chocolate or a strong coffee, your clients are likely to associate your brand with positive feelings, while enjoying a morning biscuit and a warming drink from their customised mugs. Jacobs coffee. Milka chocolate. A match made in heaven. This cosy collection of customised ceramic mugs has been supplied to 12 Kraft Foods countries, as an ‘On Pack Direct Premium’. More than 2 million consumers received one of these tastefully designed mugs, accompanied by some sweet Milka chocolate or exquisite Jacobs coffee their customized mugs.

Jacobs coffee. Milka chocolate. A match made in heaven. This cosy collection of customized ceramics mugs has been supplied to 12 Kraft Foods countries, as an ‘On Pack Direct Premium’. More than 2 million consumers received one of these tastefully designed mugs, accompanied by some sweet Milka chocolate or exquisite Jacob coffee beans.



Good communication just sticks in mind.
CLIENT: KBC CHALLENGE: Create a fun item for kids ITEM: Small unique speaker with a big personality!

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.



Logistics will get you from A to B.

Transportation & Logistics

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

Imagination will take you everywhere.


To ensure maximum returns for your investment, Gemaco calls on the strength of a global network of suppliers. Meticulously selected for their quality, reliability, flexibility and efficiency, our range of manufacturing options in Europe and the Far East ensures the most competitive and cost-effective solutions whatever your requirements.
emaco, your gateway to Hong Kong

Gemaco was one of the first companies to consider direct plant shipments from Hong Kong to Belgium. The deep water seaport of Hong Kong, located by the South China Sea, is one of the busiest in the world, in the three categories of shipping movements, cargo handled and passengers carried. By having your high-quality goods shipped directly from China to their ultimate destination, we save you the trouble of transferring goods to an interim location.

Do you know the best-kept secrets of the sea?
• In general, shipping uses up to six times less fuel than road transport and around half the amount needed for rail operations. • Sea transport is also safer and between 30-60% cheaper than road transport, depending on the cargo and the route. • Furthermore, there are very few restrictions on night, weekend or holiday operations.
CLIENT: Intrum Justitia, VR Bank CHALLENGE: Design stylish and trendy work wear for flight attendants and sales people ITEM: colourful ties and scarfs with high quality designs and materials


Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

CLIENT: ProBon CHALLENGE: Create a cool premium for a loyalty campaign to that will attract a new and younger target group ITEM: crazy satchels for kids with a unique design

Your logo, always on the go
Are you looking for a useful, highly visible item? Search no more and give your customers a chance to show their love for your brand, by purchasing their very own reusable bag emblazoned with your company’s logo. This item offers you a large canvas for original advertising as people will carry your bags all over the place increasing your brand recognition in the process. It’s like buying a billboard or ad space on a popular website geared towards your customers - but mobile. And if you sell the bags to your customers at a profit, they are basically paying you to advertise your brand! Let’ spread the word!

CLIENT: Zoo Blijdorp Rotterdam CHALLENGE: Find an original giveaway for children who order a happy meal at the zoo restaurant ITEM: Beastly bag with cool animal prints

CLIENT: Fred & Ginger CHALLENGE: Produce a bag with a detailed design, in high-quality materials ITEM: crazy satchels for kids with a unique design



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

I believe in PINK!

CLIENT: Mattel, Europe CHALLENGE: Find a suitable gift to accompany a Barbie doll ITEM: cute tutu skirt with Barbie print, packed in printed foil packaging

DREAM BIG, little one.

CLIENT: Mattel, Europe CHALLENGE: Create a girly giveaway related to Mariposa dolls ITEM: wing set with tiara and wand, packed into a printed polybag

CLIENT: Royal Dutch Air Force CHALLENGE: Design trendy teens clothing for the Open Aviation Day 2013 ITEM: Air Force hooded sweater + t-shirts


Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

CLIENT: First Stop CHALLENGE: Design a complete, custom-made collection ITEM: backpack, gloves, high-quality workwear…

Gemaco. Custom made collections.

Reinforcing your corporate image demands a consistent and creative approach to promotional items, premiums and other branded products. This is why our in-house design team works tirelessly to come up with product and packaging ideas that are destined to dazzle your target group and your employees.

You name it. We make it.

Leave your (brand) mark!
Gemaco’s team is well-versed in producing and delivering a full range of branded material. From innovative promotional items and stylish merchandising to original give-aways and practical workwear: you can count on Gemaco for a range of solutions that cover every aspect of your collection, all in total keeping with the look and feel of your brand. We pride ourselves on providing you with a unique promotional strategy and custom-made gifts designed to fit your brand’s values

and needs. With our one-stop solution from design to distribution you can be sure of original, fun and qualitative products that make you stand out from the competition.

First stop. Functional designs. High-performance workwear.
Clothes can tell a lot about a person, but also about your company. So let us help you ensure they convey your brand’s unique style. We are experts at sourcing the perfect garment for your promotional clothing, workwear or uniform.



Just BEAT it.



1: CLIENT: BNP Paribas Fortis CHALLENGE: Create a cool youth item for Mine Pack ITEM: headphones in attractive, trendy colours • 2: CLIENT: Pepsi CHALLENGE: Find an original item for young Pepsi people ITEM: a double (multi-listener) pair of earbuds to share music like never before! • 3: CLIENT: ABN Amro CHALLENGE: All employees must be able to listen to audio messages in their workplace, without interrupting colleagues ITEM: Stylish customised earbuds, sent along with the staff magazine



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

Housed inside Heineken’s historic brewery in the centre of Amsterdam, this interactive museum will take you on an exciting, behind-the-scenes journey through the wild world of one of Europe’s most popular pilsners. It’s now among the city’s most visited attractions, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.
The Heineken Brand Store Does a Heineken really taste better when tapped at the source? At this hip satellite branch of the Heineken Experience gift store, you can order a personalised sixpack to let the folks back home decide. Souvenir apparel comes courtesy of Dutch designers commissioned to put their own artful spins on the green corporate logo.

CLIENT: Heineken CHALLENGE: Give fans the opportunity to buy a great, high-quality Heineken souvenir ITEM: trendy customised bags and caps



POM teamed up with the Mixology Club, a professional cocktail company, to create some very British cocktail recipes. Packed full of sunshine and a whole heap of fruity flavour, there’s a quick and easy recipe for every occasion. Why not impress your friends with a classy cocktail evening and serve up a glass of POM Pink Lady? Or perhaps you can quench the whole family’s thirst with the non-alcoholic but super-refreshing Apple & Ginger POM – the perfect accompaniment to your summer BBQ’s!
CLIENT: POM Wonderful ITEM: an exclusive all-in cocktail kit to celebrate the Summer of POM, by turning pure pomegranates into a delicious POMcocktail

Shake off the ordinary: Time for a refreshing marketing mix.

Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

• • • • • • 1 oz. POM Cherry 100% juice 1 1/2 oz. light rum 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice 3/4 oz. simple syrup (equal parts sugar and cold water dissolved together) Soda 4 mint leaves

In the bottom of a double old-fashioned glass bruise the 4 mint leaves with the fresh lime juice and simple syrup. Add crushed ice then the POM Cherry and rum. Top with a splash of soda and stir. Garnish with the mint sprig.

Enjoy your drink!



Gemaco. Your

brand promoter.

The devil always comes well dressed.
CLIENT: Ergo Belgium CHALLENGE: Give fans the ultimate tool to support the Belgian football team during the World Cup … in October 2013 ITEM: Heroic red devils cape

The power of football advertising

Sport marketing is the most widely used advertising offering very high visibility. Among others, sport marketing takes advantage of the fact that athletes tend to be brand loyal and fans tend to be loyal to their favourite athletes and teams. As a result, players, athletes and their fans develop more enduring product loyalty. You benefit from in-stadium exposure, live and replayed highlights and broadband streams. In this way your items receive a unique brand association with your customers’ favourite football team and their stars.

CLIENT: Jupiler CHALLENGE: Create a giveaway for Ajax fans, related to our beer ITEM: customised Ajax beer glass



BRANDING in its sweetest form.

CLIENT: BASE ITEM: Jelly candies in gummy bear shape

Are you looking for an effective and tasteful communication tool? What about... your own personalised candy? From customised packages, special (bio or sugar free) flavours, to bespoke candy shapes: Belgium’s Best can do it for you.



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