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MRI Scan Of The Brain In Simple Words - IRM Cerebral


By Sano Lano -

The MRI Scan is the abbreviated form of magnetic resonance imaging scan which is an imaging technique employed to scan the brain, head and such regions for proper medical examination. The technique involves the use a magnetic field along with radio technology that helps take images of the brain. These images are interpreted for abnormal growths, IRM cerebral internal damage due accidents, or cancerous tumors. The information that can be derived from this method is generally not available from other procedure like the CT scan, X-ray or ultrasound. It is hence an important medical procedure which provides valuable information about the patient.

The MRI Scan of the brain is done in a device called the MRI Scanner. The entire process is painless and the person does not feel any discomfort. The patient to be examined will be asked to lie down on a table like part of the scanner. The scanner is like a tunnel. Once the patient is made to lay down on the surface, the table is entered into the tunnel. Once inside, the person is subjected to radiations. These radiations alter the magnetic field of atoms in the body. This change in magnetic position is recorded by

the device and images are created which appear on the screen. Further, the images are converted into three-dimensional images which are very useful in observing any abnormality in the scanned regions. The MRI Scan of the brain will help in the diagnosis of a possible stroke. Sometimes the blood vessels in the head are damaged naturally or due to accidents. Such problems include conditions like aneurysm where the vessels are abnormally coiled. The Brain scan can help detection and cure in such cases. The other problems associated with the brain are blood clotting or internal bleeding. When the blood does not flow properly through the brain, various parts of the body are affected since the brain is responsible for carrying out various functions in the body. Information gathered from the reports can provide details about clots, injury, internal bleeding and other conditions like hydrocephaly where water accumulation takes place in the head.

Medical videos available on the internet are very useful in understanding this procedure and associated processed. You should talk to your medical experts about the process and clarify all doubts before going through the procedure. Small facts like metals implants in the body or metal ornaments on the body can cause complications. It is important for you to bring such information to the notice of your doctor because the magnetic field and radiations are very strong and carelessness can cause critical complications.

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