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UA93 and Andrews Timeline Source

8:42 Takeoff Radar

9:23 Cockpit Intrusion FAA
9:30 The Plains loses radar contact Radar
9:32 "We have a bomb on board." FAA
9:33 Indy Center notifies Great Lakes Region FAA
9:35 Danville loses radar contact Radar
9:38 NEADS establishes track B032, he's fading, get a Z point on it [AA77] DRM1 CH17 NEADS
9:38 Pentagon Struck NTSB
9:40 ATM on national telecom notified of bomb threat FAA
9:41 Transponder Off Radar
9:43 NEADS establishes track B089 on D1989 DRM2 CH4 NEADS
9:44 NEADS pairs Quit fighters to track B032 [AA77] DRM2CH18NEADS
9:45 Pittsburgh controller notified supervisor FAA
9:45 Andrews Tower is aware something has happened in DC, over by the OEOB Arrival Radar Position
9:48 Scoggins reports that D1989 may not be a hijack DRM1 CHS NEADS
9:48 NEADS loses radar (Detroit) Radar
9:49 Advisory #7 all airborne traffic to pick a divert and land as soon as possible Arrival Radar Position
9:57 Becky, Command Center, informs Baltimore and Dulles of UA93 situation, inci bomb on board Dulles TMU
9:59 Becky informs Washington Tower of UA93 situation Dulles TMU
9:59 CINCNORAD assessment NCT0034016
10:00 Quit 25, Quit 26 and Quit 27 CAP DC Radar
10:02 Washington Tower calls Becky back for type aircraft, Secret Service is trying to get info Dulles TMU
10:03 UA93 Impact NTSB
10:04 Quit, at HUNTRESS request, reports smoke from the Pentagon DRM2CH17NEADS
10:05 Class B no fly, aircraft will be shot down Local Control Position
10:05 SS directs 1 13WG fighters airborne with any available ordinance (Caine Briefing) NCT0038298
10:07 NEADS ID Section learns of "bomb on board" DRM1 CHS NEADS
10:07 Quit given mission to intercept a/c over WH, use FAA for guidance, divert a/c away DRM2CH14 NEADS
10:11 Quit mission: not cleared to fire, ID by type and code, divert if necessary DRM2CH17NEADS
10:11 NEADS loses track B089 off of scope DRM2 CH21 NEADS
10:13 Quit resolves control problems with Wash DRM2CH14 NEADS
10:14 Gofer 06 passes area of crash Radar
10:14 N20VF, Falcon Jet, circles crash site Radar
10:14 Bully 2 lands at Andrews Local Control Position
10:15 Class B no fly, aircraft will be shot down Arrival Radar Position
10:16 Quit mission: Hold over CAP point at best altitude and endurance DRM2CH 17 NEADS
10:32 NEADS floor gets chat log VP declaration Chat Log
10:32 NEADS floor, CO is saying no DRM1 CH2 NEADS
10:34 [tgt] 20 North of Dulles, down the river National Krant Position
10:36 Bully 1 and Bully 3 land Local Control Position
10:38 Bully 1 take off Arrival Radar Position
10:39 COL Brooks, ANG CP, tells Powell 1 13th getting ready to launch 2 F-16s DRM2CH14NEADS
10:39 COL Brooks, ANG CP, calls MAJ Cleveland re C&C for Andrews DRM1 CHS NEADS
10:39 Bully 1 told to head towards Georgetown National Krant Position
10:40 Possibility of a two-ship out of Andrews, 1 13th Fighter Wing DRM3 CH2 NEADS
10:42 "Liberal ROE in effect" (Caine Briefing) NCT0038298
10:42 Caps 1 and Caps 2 take off Radar
10:43 Caps 1 asks Krant position of it is in contact with NCA, answer affirmative National Krant Position
10:45 ZDC Announcement on Guard: all civ com and all private a/c need to land immediately Dulles LCE
10:47 Bully 1 lands Local Control Position
10:47 MCC OP, Crash in KY, AA77, Didn't know about that one, came from FAA DRM1 CH2 NEADS
10:49 Quit 26 tells HUNTRESS about two F-16s off of Andrews DRM2CH18NEADS
10:52 EAM message DEFCON 3 JCS
10:57 Major Julian trying to ID Andrews fighters, showing mil codes, Quit says Wash seems to know DRM3 CHS NEADS
10:57 F-16s our of Andrews, we should be talking to them, we own that area, Wash has handle on it DRM2CH18NEADS
10:58 DCA established as the bulls eye for GCI National Krant Position
10:59 HUNTRESS calls ZDC Cape Charles and is told Wash approach has all fighters on its freq DRM2CH18NEADS
10:59 CAPS 2 checks in with HUNTRESS DRM2CH13NEADS
11:04 Quit 26 and CAPS 2 sort out locations DRM2CH17NEADS
11:05 Quit 25 and HUNTRESS, Real world, we are at transition, ROUNDHOUSE DRM2CH14 NEADS
11:05 HUNTRESS authenticates, all players, current authority, Charlie, Alpha, Zulu DRM2CH18NEADS
11:06 We are at DEFCON 3, ROE is transition DRM2 CH7 NEADS
11:11 Wild 1 and Wild 2 take off Local Control Position
11:12 NORAD has directed DEFCON change at this time 119thCPLog
11:12 Wild 1 asked that NCA be told that he is "fully configured" National Krant Position
11:16 Wild 1 asks that Quit be told to "quit spiking me" National Krant Position
11:21 All fighters on one frequency, so we can "orchestrate this" [Wild 1] National Krant Position
11:28 Both HUNTRESS and National are providing "bogey dope." National Swann Position
11:31 Wash Approach called NEADS floor asking NEADS to take over DRM1 CHS NEADS
11:31 Wild 1 demands that either National or HUNTRESS own the airspace, not both National Swann Position
11:32 Quit 26 is cleared out to escort the "heavy" [The Attorney General, N2] National Swann Position
11:35 Time uncertain, Wash ZDC announcement on guard includes phrase, "force will be taken" Dulles LCE
11:42 CAPS 1 steps in and divides up the airspace between HUNTRESS and National, at 10K w/ Natl low National Swann Position
13:45 VCJCS/DoD OGC ROE fax NCT0038282

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