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News  p.2-8
Griefers cause havoc at Text
100 Island event
comment  p.6
Regis Braathens on the
launch of the AvaStar
business  p.10-11
Pham Neutra on how inflation
affects your pockets
A-stars  p.12-13
All the news from the world of
stars and celebrities
style  p.14-19

Hot or not? The latest fa-
shions uncovered
travel  p.21
Paradise island explored

guide  p.25-27
From clubbing to exhibitions,
all the latest events

of the
scandal housemate
slams cheats
Big Brother‘s Simone Spice
slams fellow residents for
VARGAS underhand tactics and
all p.31 cheating. Full story p. 8

2,000,000 residents - analysis and opinion see pages 4-5

rent scam hits

are counting their
losses after being
evicted from their
• innocent shop owners evicted stores - having fallen

• residents left out of pocket prey to a con man.

Full story - Page Three
0 NEWS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 NEWS 0

e-mail OF
“Is the population of 500 LINDEN DOLLARS
SL growing too fast,
or is it bad manage- Do you have something you want and opinion. The best emails will ATTACK: Sim disappears
ment by Linden Lab? to tell our readers? Is there an is- be printed in the newspaper. You

in cloud of pictures
In fact, it is part of sue that angers or moves you? We can also earn L$500 - each week one
a strategy which is want to hear from you. Send us an email will be picked as the .email of CORPORATE
more sensible than email with your views, comments the week‘ and featured in the paper.
many critics would
residents left to pick up the pieces as Bentham offered
like to admit.”

Pham Neutra
the big picture rent con man escapes punishment
help A ‚NEW Publics‘ discus-
sion held at Text 100 Is-
land on Wednesday was
See page 5
INNOCENT shopkeepers have Quatro have come to the aid of cut short by a griefer. The
been evicted from their stores af- some of the affected shopkeepers discussion on the funda-
“In many ways SL can ter becoming victims of the latest by offering land and free rent on mental changes in socie-
be seen as the next real estate scam. their sims. ty, business and techno-
step in the fulfillment Two months rent totalling US$1,400 Yeochris said: “I talk to the people logy lasted fifty minutes
of the internet, in paid by the store owners to on his sims trying to help them get before the attack hit. The
which people create North Shores real estates their investment back, but I just mindless yob, identified
and interact with con- was siphoned off by one of don’t have the land available to later as ‚2010 Ah‘, bom-
tent and each other the company’s partners, move them all.” barded the meeting with
in a 3D environment. Dirk Newcomb rather He added he had also been distorted pictures of a
You could envisage than being paid to sim scammed and was planning to cartoon character whilst
SL as a type of 3D in- owners Dreamland. As take legal action against Go- shouting “Love me”.
ternet browser.” a result Dreamland rean master Dirk Newcomb. 2010 Ah said that he did it
was forced to evict “How do you think he got his “to make you smile.” Re-
at least five renters. last sim? That sim should be sidents who had attended
Gorean scribe Adri- mine. He took US$800 cash the interesting discussion
See page 4 An underwater monster created by one of the IBM employees at one of the 12
brand new IBM sims. anna Marquez was from me.” were dismayed that once
one of the most Master Quatro said real again appropriate mea-
affected by the estate scams are a part of sures were not taken to
WRITE FOR THE AVASTAR staff swindle. She said: daily life in SL: “I see it eve- prevent such disruptions.
THE AVASTAR CEO Sodwind, Ikarus Solomon, Mu Nomura, “He stole our ry day, yet there isn’t much Catherine Omega said: “I
HAVE a story? Got an Gregor Ginsberg Gavin Pertwee, Nebril Spark, Isabel money and we all we can do.” don‘t want to sound like
exclusive? Want to business manager Brocco, Leider Stepanov lost our land. He Shameless con man New- a smartass here, but you
work for The AvaStar Ikarus Santos Graphic design was simply pocket- comb has since used the mon- really need to have some-
and earn big Linden Editor-IN-CHIEF Ronsen Sungsoo ing our rent and us- ey to set up his own company one with management of
bucks? Come visit us Regis Braathens Distribution ing it to buy his own in the Savant called Second a sim at these events”.
at The AvaStar Island writerS & Contributors sim. He has refused Estate Realty. Although he has Spectator Nite Zelmanov,
107.210.81, send an Pham Neutra, Deeeep Witte, Marco Man- Advertising to return our money.” been reported to Linden Labs, branded the PR Agency
VICTIM: Adrianna
email to newsdesk@ ray, Lionila Lightfoot, Randi Barracuda, Yeochris Bentham no action has been taken. Nei- Text 100, which was ho-
Marquez hit by, or visit Gaetana Faust, Tina Petgirl Bergman, Online website of North Shores and scam ther party were available for com- sting the event, “corpo-
Frederic Prevost, India Obviate, Carrie Dreamland’s Master ment this week. rate noobs.”
0 NEWS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 NEWS 0

the second life

speeds on two million... the grand sl
SL needs far
more helpers
Livinda Goodliffe has been

and rising fast strategy

By GAVIN PERTWEE and LEIDER STEPANOV well placed to witness the
IT took little less than two effects of the influx of
months for the population newbies whilst working as
By PHAM Neutra
of Second Life to double an unpaid official mentor
from one to two million catherine linden on the growth of second life pham neutra analyses the LINDEN LAB STRATEGY and Help Island volunteer
residents. Speculation is THE official population to 300,000. Yet the the next step in the ful- - and the growing pains that come with it over the last six months.
now rife as to how long of Second Life soared virtual world is clearly fillment of the internet, The body and accessori-
A POPULATION of two its rapid growth keep- want to make sure SL
it will take to reach the over the two million expanding rapidly and in which people create es designer spends 10-
million might be cause ing the platform ro- remains the most at-
three million mark. mark on Friday 15 De- this has both good and and interact with con- 12 hours a week helping
for celebration for some bust remains our most tractive of these worlds,
The rate of population cember, provoking de- bad consequences for tent and each other in newbies find their feet in
Second Life residents pressing issue.” and to do so it needs to
growth of SL is difficu- bate among residents. the residents. So how a 3D environment. You SL. Despite „a fair share
but there are many oth- So is the population of grow as quickly as pos-
lt to predict. The virtual The validity of such much can SL expand? could envisage SL as of griefing“ she remains
ers who are dissatisfied SL growing too fast, or sible because nearly
world logged its one mil- figures, increasingly Catherin Linden says: a type of 3D internet eager „to do what we
with Linden Lab. is it bad management everything in SL is cre-
lionth resident on Octo- made up of SL tourists “We are only at the browser. Maintaining can for those that want
Living in SL can be very by Linden Lab? In fact, ated by its citizens,
ber 16 2006 at exactly who log in only once, beginning and the a virtual presence may help.„ The pretty helper
frustrating at times. it is part of a strategy from land and houses
8:05:45AM SL time, ac- have been disputed. market will determine become ubiquitous in said „LL needs far more
as its infrastructure which is more sensi- to cars and furniture.
cording to Wikipedia. It Estimates for the real where this is going.” As a few years. We would helpers than at present.“
groans under a steady ble than many critics New residents are at-
took nearly three years to number of regular us- for the future: “In many like to be there to facili- But she is unsure whether
stream of newbies. would like to admit and tracted to a beautiful,
reach that milestone from ers lie between 240,000 ways SL can be seen as tate that transition.” professionalizing the sy-
There are days when which, despite hav- rich and vast world with
the launch of SL in 2003, stem is the way forward.
lots to offer. The more
yet it doubled in just 60 „That would open a can
At the current rate of
The voice of the people Logged-in Users (Updated: Mon, Dec 18, 2006)
Residents Logged-In During Last 7 Days 233,536
residents SL has, the
more popular it will be-
of worms that brings it’s
own problems.“ The most
„I‘D like to see more peo- „THE population has to come and the harder it
growth, resident number Residents Logged-In During Last 14 Days 338,946 painful part of the transi-
ple in here as long as the keep increasing to keep will be for other worlds
three million will hop off Malakaii tion is the grow- i n g
grid could handle them. this place interesting, Residents Logged-In During Last 30 Days 541,827 to compete. There is no
the production line some- I think the population is but it’s not going to work Taifun: Residents Logged-In During Last 60 Days 832,134 such thing as too much
„immaturity“ of
time around February 13 going to keep increasing Markie if LL don’t care about its new residents.
next year. The problem Source: creativity. „No verification
at the pace it is now.“ Trenton: community.“ In as little as a year, SL
with that date is that it is impossible to tel- ing some unfortunate encourages
„BACK in the day there were „I WOULD like to see the may be big enough to
the rate of increase will population increase. It’s a really eport with much suc- consequences for resi- teenagers to
no problems. Due to the confirm its permanent
almost certainly go up sudden influx of new good social place. I think cess, and even rezzing dents, will help ensure be dishonest
position as the big-
itself. er diversity is what makes SL an object or chang- the continued about their age
Zyph users there were gest virtual world,
There is every possibility Crash: many problems. LL Sasi interesting. But I think they ing your shoes can be success of SL. at signup.“ The- HELPER:
hence the Linden
it could even be early Ja- was unprepared as Pegler: need to start charging for all impossible when the Other virtual re are also more L i v i n d a
gamble to grow
nuary when that particu- it happened so quickly.“ memberships.“ number of residents worlds exist virtual tourists Goodliffe
as quickly as pos-
lar milestone is reached. „SECOND Life has a very online exceeds 14,000. and many more – „when they get
„NEW ideas, concepts sible and not listen
The population by the fluid population. The ones who Catherine Linden ad- will be cre- bored, they move
and fresh input - peo- to the funny
end of 2007 is nigh on stay are the ones who are mits, “as with any grow- ated in the on“. As for the fu-
ple are the fabric sounds com-
impossible to predict, but looking for a sexual relati- ing community, there c o m i n g ture – „I don‘t think
of this social net- ing from
Ra yz r onship. Look around you...
it is certainly within the work and object
: Rubylock can be the occasional months.
the engine
even LL has a well
Ra yn er st : it is all a means to an end.
realms of possibility to hit oriented world. Gymna sticking point. As the L i n d e n PHILIP LINDEN:
defined direction on
Fantasy fulfilment.“ Sensible strategy
eight figures. Bring it on.“ population continues L a b where SL is going.“
0 NEWS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 ADVERT 0

A day in the life
of a griefer.
“We are having problems

with the audio” says Ita-
lian rock star Luca Nesti.
Impatient from waiting
so long, I look around the
stage clicking on objects. tabloid newspaper set to light up SL media scene
An info message appears:
THE AvaStar has land- establish the AvaStar at the virtual world. And
‘BoxedGuitar – Animate
ed. And as you read this the forefront of SL me- to help us in our quest
your Avatar?’ Out of cu-
column, the debates in please send your to uncover, investigate
riosity I press ‚yes‘ and
the blog sphere are and bring the very best
suddenly I am playing. A comments to:
heating up. What is the stories to the pages of
beautiful melody rings out
motivation behind the the AvaStar, we need
across the square. “MUSI-
AvaStar? dia. Our slogan is ‘Your you. Our readers are
CA!” shouts one spectator
This paper is backed by World. Your Voice.’ And the virtual eyes and
gleefully, “Un applauso!”, a top we take that literally. ears of the AvaStar. We
I try to click on the guitar
news and entertain- The AvaStar will inform, want you to make this
to stop it, yet it keeps on
ment website and sub- surprise, entertain and your paper about your
playing. “Who’s playing
sidiary of Axel Springer guide you through this world. If you have an
now?” shout confused
AG, the publisher of Eu- mindblowing world. exclusive story, an ex-
Italians. My laughter dis-
rope’s largest tabloid To do this we have cellent photo, or you
appears as I discover that
newspaper, BILD. And put together a profes- want to give your feed-
despite pressing ‘Stop all
we are here to produce sional editorial staff of back then get in touch
animations’ the music
a top class professional excellent journalists, SL with us. We look for-
still goes on. “Whoever
tabloid for the resi- veterans and experts w a r d to talk-
just opened some music
dents of SL. We aim to who live and breath ing to you.
from their PC please close
it” says an agitated Luca.
Damn it, it won’t switch
off! As a last resort I log security breach
off and on again. And to personal information disclosed
my and Luca’s relief the
Whilst conducting an ed on my back making
music is gone and the
interview at Help Island the names visible to
show can go on.
I was shocked to read everyone around me.
someone listing the Private details being
names of many of my made public is a mas-
friends in the chat box. sive breach of privacy
Due to the grid playing and something that HALF-BAKED:
Grid problems
TECHNICAL PROBLEMS: up my friends list had LL should urgently at fault
Luca Nesti been bizarrely project- address.
0 NEWS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 ADVERT 0

anshe CHUNG
flees griefers
at cnet event
LAND baron Anshe
are all
Chung’s interview with
real life news giant CNET
turned into a farce as it
became the latest high-

profile event subject to
intense griefing. SL Milli- inside story
onaire Chung was set to
talk about her get-rich- EMILIE ENKE:
quick feat of turning a By carrie sodwind declined a bribe
US$ 10 investment in SL
into a million US dollars BIG Brother residents ACCUSE each other over
in around two and a half
underhand tactics and SELLING votes for cash
years. Shortly after get-
ting under way, griefers AS the reality show fan revealed: “He has riding dildos on a yak,
named as Room 101 bom- approaches its fourth been spamming lucky others promise to
barded the proceedings week a furore is erupt- chair groups offering flash.”
in the CNET amphitheatre ing over the under- money.” Other house- When the AvaStar con-
with pink male genitalia, hand methods which mates are also playing fronted Rencius Herber
forcing Anshe to flee to some housemates use dirty, explains Emilie. he disputed the cheat
her own land for safety. to obtain votes. The desperation of the claims: “Giving a shirt
However, even there the Honest contestants are housemates is clearly or giving L$50-100 is
thugs succeeded once being cheated out of rising as the eviction the same in my book.
again in further disrupting their chance to secure day looms, when one I have seen everyone
the event. It is the latest in the prize of an SL island, resident will return do that. Golda is - just
a string of attacks on real says BB resident Simone from Outcast Is- click her signs. It is all
life company events and Spicer. She said: “Most land and three campaigning either
raises questions about housemates cheat, more are set way.” Evicted house-
the necessity of increa- the ones who don’t to leave. “Girls mate Gideon Televi-
sed security measures at bribe or pay for votes are using sion added: “If there‘s
such events. don’t stand a chance”. their one thing I wish,
Rencius Herber, cur- it‘s that the

rently awaiting a final elimina -

verdict after being re- t i o n
moved from the house system
ies to
to Outcast Island last allows the
entice RENCIUS
week, is hailed as the bad guy
men into HERBER:
chief offender. Emilie Outcast Island to ma-
Enke Is one of many nipulate
for them.
Second lifers to be of- the vote
S o m e
UGLY GRIEFER: Forced fered L$100 by Rencius more than it
have been
Anshe Chung to flee for her vote. The BB does!”.
10 BUSINESS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 BUSINESS 11

Deeeep Witte ask BIZ!
Analysis Inflation
SL money
nears L$700m
THE amount of money

fears totally
presentation circulating around Se-
is key to sales cond Life is approaching
success L$700m, according to a
My clothes shop has report by Linden Lab‘s

loads of great stuff for chief financial officer
sale, but business is not John Zdanowski.
as good as I would like. Nearly every dollar is spent

Rent your way

What can I do to improve around 2.2 times each
sales? By PHAM NEUTRA month, a figure which
BIZ! says: MANY SECOND LIFERS MONITOR the has remained constant all
There may be plenty of exchange rate between the Linden and year despite a dramatic

to riches
reasons why residents US versions of the dollar, BUT Pham upswing in spending in
aren’t rushing out to buy recent months.
Neutra argues that where the buck
your ware. FOR SALE: Signs In total, residents spent
The way you present around the grid stops Is of little importance. more than L$4.5 billion in
your clothes could make November.
I want to get a small You should also con- as the cost per square THE US dollar has been stable in the L$ is the only relevant currency;
all the difference. The
shop – but should I sider the current ex- meter is the most cost recent weeks, hovering around they use it to buy everything they
customer‘s first impressi-
rent or buy? change rate of the L$ effective. Renting al- the L$275 mark. There have been, need and pay their bills. So why Poser-7 soft-
on is all important. A few
BIZ! says: when buying as buy- lows you to reduce your however, wild fluctuations in the nervously watch the exchange rate?
rules must be followed:
There are three main ing at the right time overheads and expand exchange rate. So what does it all Healthy competition between mer-
ware launch
1 Ensure your shop is
factors to be consid- can save you precious as and when you need. mean to the average Second Lifer? chants makes it impossible for large POSER-7, the latest versi-
bright and airy to give the
ered when deciding to Lindens. And there is no reason Nothing. business owners to raise their prices on of the advanced beauty
shopper a appealing look.
rent or buy: However, more than why you should give Or, rather, nearly nothing. The ex- on a whim. and movement animation
2 Get rid of the clutter, to
1 The premium ac- anything you must be up your dreams of be- change rate is often mistaken for the All this explains why SL enjoys such software from “efrontier”,
focus the customer on the
count membership fee clear about what you coming the next Anshe value of the L$, whereas it is simply a stable currency and little inflation, was unveiled this week at
2 The one-off purchase want to do with the Chung – you can also what the name says: an exchange regardless of the exchange rate. That 12 different SL locations.
3 Location is very impor-
price of the land. land. As a rule of thumb try your hand at being rate. Even when the value of the L$ fact is only true, of course, as long as The new product, on sale
tant. Buy or rent the best
3 The monthly tier or it is better to rent if you a landlord by renting goes up, in-world prices rarely go Linden Lab doesn‘t flood SL with L$, for US$ 249, allows you
you can, in an area which
rent costs. need less than 8,192 m² your land out. in the opposite direction. Likewise, which would lead to inflation like in to create any pose you
is suitable for your busi-
when the L$ dropped rapidly last any other economy. like and includes details
ness. Remember, SL is all
about being creative.
write to: spring, hardly any
$1,000 K
But that is some- like lip syncing to replace
shops increased their thing our sov- standard typing.
prices. $800 K
ereign is very
SHOP around exchange of Second in USD and EUR gen- find very competitive
That was partly be- $600 K careful not to
for lindens Life, it does not auto- erated by her numer- rates (http://www.slex-
cause it is extremely do. Maintaining
WHERE can I buy my Lin- matically mean that ous businesses across $400 K
tedious for merchants a stable econo-
dens at the best price? it offers the best rates the grid (http://www. php?name=Currency)
with many vendors $200 K my is one of the
BIZ! says: of exchange. Better It is wise to compare all
spread across Second $0 K paramount con-
WHILST the Lindex options open to you dex.php?fct=BUY_L$). three exchanges before Dec 15 Dec 16 Dec 17 Dec 18 Dec 19
Life to change prices. cerns of Philip
(ht tps: //se condlife. include Anshe Chung‘s However, make sure you take the plunge, in US Dollars spent per 24 hours in
For small business Second Life over last 5 days Linden himself.
com/currency/) is the Dreamland, where you check out SLEx- order to make the most POSER-7: The latest in
owners, meanwhile, Source: Reuters
official Linden Dollar you can buy Lindens change, where you can out of your money. animation software
12 A-STARS Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 A-STARS 13

WHO´S WHO? Celebrities & Gossip

Creators of the RockStar in
AvaStar Uniforms Roma
By Frederic Prevost
Top SL designers and scriptors produced the stylishu-
niforms for the AvaStar promotors and reporters.
PLAY nbc
By Fox Diller


Promoter outfit
RECORD: First Italian LIVE: NBC
musician in SL concert
By Fox Diller
ITALIAN rock star LUCA five strong and largely
JUNE DION: MARC Roberge of O.A.R. joined b y ing act by the Sarah Mac Band
NESTI wowed crowds Italian audience with
The designer of Bare Rose (HQ Store and Robert Randolph of SL celebrities followed by a live performance
in his exclusive debut a selection of rock bal-
Bare Rose 146, 11, 30) is known for Robert Randolph & The alike to enjoy from Roberge‘s and Randolph‘s
gig in Second Life. Per- lads sung in his husky
the intricate textures on her clothings. Family Band rocked the the perform- avatars.
forming as Luca Nehar voice. The event, the
The efficient creator introduces outfits NBC Universal concert on ance. Those Between songs, Randolph and
in front of a select au- first of three gigs, was
and merchandise almost daily. Wednesday 20 Dec. The in sim NBC 9 Roberge were happy to answer
dience in the Parioli screened on SKY TV in
concert was streamed live were on questions per IM. The lovely
sim last Thursday, Italy. Nesti said of the
from the Peacock Room at hand to Robin Linden was clearly enjoy-
AKIRA DULCE: he became the concert: “I was full of
the NBC headquarters in New DANCING QUEEN: witness ing herself as she danced the
The Designer owns Akira Designs first Italian musi- adrenalin before the
York to 10 NBC sims in Second Robin Linden t h e night away to the funky sounds
(Monterey dAlliez 29, 144, 22) cian to play live event and even
Life. Crowds of excited fans were open- of the band.
and two other locations, also on Sl in SL. Despite more
exchange and Sl boutique. Akira delays to the nerv-
designs mainly shoes and accessories. start of the ous when I hot rubber: pontiac motorlympics
concert due came too late
THE smell of burning rubber and high oc- decided. The champagne at the after party
MIKO OMEGAMU: to technical and everyone had to
tane fuel filled the air across the grid this at Andy’s Parkade Nightclub may well be
The scriptor designed the camera problems with wait.” So will we be see-
week as the Pontiac Motorlympics roared on Suku Ming, the current leader,
and notepad for AvaStar reporters. the streaming ing the rockstar back
ELECTRIC: into action. Daily races with a total of who would pocket a
Her current project is the deve- the star en- Star rocks in SL at some point?
L$9.000 up for grabs have been building whopping L$25.000 if LEADER: Suku Ming
lopment of The Mischief Makers, tertained the crowds at “It was a great experi-
up to the final on Friday 22nd where the she manages to hold
Mischief (147, 138, 30). around forty- concert ence” he said.
fiercely competitive Motorlympics will be onto her current lead.
14 STYLE Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 STYLE 15

ORIGINAL: Six sets of dif-


Christmas is coming up and your inventory lacks ferent coloured earrings
Looking good is easy
that special outfit for the occassion? The AvaStar for L$175.
By Mu Nomura
scouted the shops and selected the hottest looks Seen at Elexor
WEARING distinctive and
for the festive season. Matador Stu-
stylish clothes is one of By Ikarus Solomon
WHITE LADY: dios, Extraordi-
the best ways to distin-
THE first sim entirely Get this cute naire (98,206, 32)
guish yourself in Second RED AND HOT:
devoted to selling winter outfit
Life. But while women This outfit will guarantee
shoes will open its for only L$ 300 Seductive: Sexy fish-
can enjoy thousands of to spice up your Christ-
doors before Christ- at Cherry Blossom net stockings and Santa
stores overflowing with mas holidays. Get
mas. Design, Southern shoes from
every outfit imagina- the set of red
Heavenly Soles has Comfort (95, 117, 22). Candy Cane
ble, men aren’t so lucky. shorts, Santa
been created by Lane,
It’s far too easy to feel a jacket, hat
Yoshinori Shirakawa MISS SANTA: This Livigno
T-shirt and jeans are your and thong
and Estrelle Fauna, NEW: Shoe sim dream in red from (197,18,
only clothing choice. DESIGNER: Estrelle Fauna Heavnely Soles for L$ 100
owner and designer Aylah’s Store at Plush 194) for
All is not lost, however. at Sunset
of PrimAdonna. this feature.“ make it very easy for Beta (40, 104, 21) for L$ 275
Classy men’s clothing Ref lections,
Estrelle says she takes The shops customers to find what L$ 890 will get you
does exist in Second Mare, (168, 116,
her inspiration from will offer a wide they are looking for. into the mood for SPARKLING: For a spe-
Life, it’s just harder to 45).
real life. “In RL I am a variety of designs “If they want a formal Christmas. cial gift get this diamond
find. Check out Blaze
shoeholic and I ad- f r o m formal shoe they will find and snowman necklace
Columbia’s (Gourdneck 136,
mire shoe design- shoes and c a s u a l them all in one place.” by Alienbear Gupte,
160, 252) fantastic range, ICE QUEEN: This glamourful dress
ers such as Jimmy sandals, to gothic style Each month the own- Bratz (153,229,27) for
for example - expensive sends shivers down the spine. The com-
Choo and Blahnik. I shoes and boots. ers will offer a talented L$ 200.
but worth it. Musashi Do plete set including skin, hair, crown,
gain my inspiration Five boutiques are new shoe designer
(Anton 140, 221,96), mean- magic sceptre, manicure, shoes
from their designs. planned, each selling a free space at Heavenly
while, offer a wide choice and jewellery was seen Celestial
“I create shoes in SL different style. Shoes to exhibit their
of affordable Studios, Celestial City (60, 180, 25)
that I would wear in Estrelle added: “I think ware.
m e n ’ s for L$ 4 000. Get it now as it is a
RL and many of my having an all-shoe sim (Heavenly Soles 82,180, 29)
suits. If you limited edition.
customers like divided into styles will
see well
men on
SKI - SLOPE STYLES inventory sneak peek This Week: Fashionista Sabrina Doolittle

your tra-
Sabrina loves her boa by need an Ascot.“ The necklace was made by
vels, ask
Luly: “The colours it comes in request for Sabrina by Raven Rosebud:
them where Ordinary casual The vintage are fantasic and the length is per- „She only sold a single strand of
they found is this season’s hottest psychedelic outift is fect. When you don‘t know what to pearls and I asked for triples
their clothes trend. Washed denim jeans super hip for a Xmas wear, what could be better than with earrings.“The black dress by
and most and athletic stretch swea- rave with your
jeans and boa?“ She looks Extraordinaire has sentimental value
will gladly ter (for example from Lu- friends but it will be
great with her black hat: to the fashionista: „This is the first
tell you. minosity Snowboard Out- too freaky for a ski
fit) is the perfect look for holiday with your „Hats are sadly underworn flexi dress I ever tried, the day
cool snowboarders. family. in Second Life. We desperately flexis came out.“
SUITS YOU: Menswear
16 STYLE Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 STYLE 17

Last Minute gifts

For all Last minute shoppers still search-
ing for the right GIFT for their friends
and family, the avastar has select-
ed a range of CUTE and original
presents affordable for all.

Custom made stockings for You don’t need any talent to stay upright on the
L$50 at Our Little Christmas
ice in SL. All you need is a pair of skates and
SCARY: Shop, ELDORA (194,26,107)
a rink.
Christmas misfit dolls For cool ice-skating rinks go to:
L$100, Del Agua Winterland CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: » Dolls Sanctuary, Dolls Isle (86,132,22)
(145, 140, 30) » ‚Inspire‘ Ice-Skating, Shinda (96,178,25) Ice Princess:
Building blocks L$187,
Ice-skates starting from
Del Agua Winterland (145, 140, 30) » Winter Wonderland Epiphany (163, 114, 21)
Singing Reindeer: around L$75 are
» Ice rink at Phreak Isle (79,140,26) available at most rinks
Home Sweet HOME: Tap Rudolf and he will
sing for you. Each one » Intimate Moments Polia (123, 182, 44)
Gingerbread house
$75, Del Agua Winter- costs L$ 350 at Bobby-
land (145, 140, 30) socks Christmas Shop, ADVERT
Menophra (110, 202, 26)

PICK A TREAT: Choose a colour

and Santa disperses a treat. Seen
for L$ 500 at Christmas Won-
derland, Plush Beta (82,110,21)

Garden toys and ornaments
at Pristine Christmas Gar-
dens, Drum (149, 175, 105)


man and Santa The JJccc Art Gallery
T-shirts each for L$15 3000 AD, 3000AD (77,169,500)
Cuddly: at Merry Provocative
Reindeer and Snowman Chubbie each Christmas Mall, Provocative
for L$ 150 at Bahama Mama‘s, Paradise (46,239,22)
Oceanside dAllienz (133,33,22)
18 STYLE Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 STYLE 19

Making Of The AVASTAR island

her latest Travel Lounge: Discover where
Newbie Lounge: Top hangout for
achievement to go in SL - with landmarks to
newcomers with tips and advice
on getting started in SL.
How does it compare to the most beautiful and exciting
your previous projects? Work in progress: Furni- Teamwork: Aimee Weber Around the clock: The destinations.
There was meticulous ture is created on one of gets down to work with AvaStar island has special
attention to detail for the unfinished spheres. AnneDroid Lily. lighting effects at night.
every part of this project. AvaStar Lounge: A glamorous
My team and the AvaStar lounge featuring the resident
team would look at eve- voted as the AvaStar of the
ry part of this build from week.
every angle to make sure
it was an aesthetically
stunning experience.
Flying gardens: Trees Focal point: Finishing Panoramic view: A light
What is your favourite
and exotic plants bring touches are applied to the statue finishes off the wa-
part of the island?
the spheres to life. three different levels. terfront bar. The Central Sphere: The
The central sphere, of
heart of the publishing

newspaper glamour
course. I like the idea that Style Lounge: A place to chill
house, containing the
it is an enormous, com- out and chat with friends whilst
AvaStar editorial offices,
pletely self-contained, lounging by the swimming pool.
pham neutra and sebastian otaared created the concept for the Reporters Club, and
bio-dome. It also feels
avastar island with aimee weber and her team. the creative the AvaStar shop.
airy and luxurious.
What was the hardest duo reveal how the project evolved. BY REGIS BRAATHENS
part to build?
„The AvaStar Island of the physical world? transparency to SL so-
Well, the Hulls of the
is all about glamour, People have to ‚under- ciety. The other creative
spheres were automati-
journalism and having stand‘ a building here conceptor Sebastian five themed spheres make up the futuristic publishing house of the avastar
cally generated, but fine
a good time“ says crea- as well. But slavishly Otaared is especially
tuning and texturing them AvaStar Island, home of Second The biggest, the Central Sphere, Style and Travel, where people
tive expert Pham Neu- copying something proud of the multifunc-
was very labor intensive. Life‘s professional tabloid news- is where you can buy the latest can explore the exhibitions, re-
tra. „We tried to create which already exists tional event area: „We
What part that you built paper - an innovative headquar- edition of the AvaStar as well as lax and hang out with friends.
an innovative concept in RL is unimaginative want to host all kinds
do you like the most? ters where you can drop in and getting your hands on the hot- The Newbie Bubble contains
that reflects this, as well and boring.“ of events here so we
I like the conference room pick up the latest issue, meet test merchandising products. everything a newbie needs to
as making people feel The light, clear and created an adaptable
with the decorative cen- the editorial staff, inform your- The giant sphere will host all make the start in SL an exciting
welcome and relaxed.“ open buildings reflect venue where with the
tre piece. I had some fun self or simply chill out. kinds of events from meetings one - with tips, tricks, advice
The futuristic spheres the concept behind the click of a button, you
shadow work there and The teleport welcome spot to concerts. and freebies. A waterfront bar
appeal to him: „I love AvaStar - the trans- can choose between
the windows overlooking looks out across the suspended The smaller spheres are divided below provides a place to relax
the freedom Second parent glass symbol- different setups of
the sphere adds a great bridge towards the five spheres. into three lounges - AvaStar, and enjoy the panoramic view.
Life gives. Why be lim- ises the newspapers stage, floor and seating
sense of importance.
ited by the restrictions aim in bringing more arrangements.“
20 ADVERT Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 TRAVEL 21

CHILLOUT: Relax in the cosy hammock by the pond

SKY HIGH: Hanging bridge


discover delights
of island paradise
Enter the world of quiet hideaways and spectacular scenery
SOFT white sand gives way took over a year to turn her feel-good areas to swim,
to rainforest trees, wild creation into reality. As you dance and relax. From the
bushes, tropical flowers and explore further, you discover castle towers you can watch
secret clearings where you the Aztec-themed hanging the beautiful sunset as you
can dream the day away. This bridges, columns and bun- gaze across the sea. And
is the new sim of D’alliez En- galows which rise dramati- there is yet more beauty to
terprise, open now for eve- cally from the ground with be found in a secret glow-
ryone to enjoy. Landlord Al- exuding a sense of mystery ing crystal cave which
liez Mysterio commissioned and romance. Don’t forget speaks to you. Alliez plans
her paradise from talented to wander off the pathways to use the tropical sim for
builder Valadeza Anubis who to explore all the hidden conventions and meetings,
for instance to introduce RL
companies to SL. “What bet-
ter place to show off
Second Life?”, she
says. Paradise
D’Alliez can be
yours for private
events. The only
limit is your im-
agination. Paradise ROMANTIC:
dAlliez, dAlliez (226, Kissingstatue
French Gallery | Haute Couture Designs | Pickerel 110,245,129 beautiful: Sunset at the island 27, 25) at the beach

Kinyo Nino | Cybele Pontoppidan

22 ADVERT Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 DEAR RANDI 23

Dear Randi
For advice write
to Randi at:

sl romp guilt
My dilemma over four-poster nookie with sl girlfriend
randi´s photo
Wow, that Isa
looks hot! I´ll
Dear Randi: I am mar- sex animation ball. I is normal – you are not IM her.

ried in RL, but a few was a bit shocked but connecting with a vir-
months after I joined I was also very curious tual figure but a real
SL I met a really inter- and decided to give it a person. You need to
esting girl. We hit it off go. And I really enjoyed set boundaries. As long
and started hanging it. However, each time as your emotions are
out more and more. Re- I’ve seen her since, I feel confined to SL, perhaps ... see you
later baby
cently, whilst we were terribly guilty about my your wife doesn’t need
flying around and ex- RL wife. I really like my to know. At the end of
ploring we came across SL partner and I don’t the day its just a bit of IM: Fancy a drink?
a romantic skybox in want to lose her. But I fun. But you should be
Tenagra with a four- can’t face telling either asking yourself why You look so
poster bed in it. She of them about each you are having this I had to talk
suggested we lie down other – please help! V.E. relationship in SL to you.

and before I knew Randi says: Feeling and what this

what was happening, guilty about having means for your
she had taken out a sex with your SL friend RL marriage.

Married soul Hey baby you Thank you! I

was just with
mate dilemma turn off a friend.

Dear Randi: I recently met a wom- Dear Randi: I’m new to SL, but I’m
an in SL who is my soul mate. She’s already sick of muscle heads who
all I think about, and she says she think, “hey baby you sexy” is a clever
has deep feelings for me - but she way to say hello. How can I discour-
is a lot older than me and already age these idiots? Should I just give
married. Do you think our relation- in and make my avatar ugly? — C.C.
ship is doomed to failure? — S.I. Randi SAYS: That may well work in
Randi SAYS: You have to ask your- the short term, but it wouldn’t be
self if you are content to confine fair on you. Some people are in SL What am I
saying? Fred is my
your relationship to SL. If you want just to have sex with strangers all day man. But Unok seems
more, however, be very careful. Try- and I think it’s wise to ignore them if really sweet…

ing to start an RL affair with some- they get out of line. But if that’s not
one who is still married could prove your thing, don’t feel pressured into
to be very dangerous. participating. to be continued
24 ADVERT Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 GUIDE 25

d´ Alliez Estates
Wishes You A Happy Holiday
THE GUIDE What to Do
this week!


BIG NIGHT: The crowd rocks
to Shane Sleaford‘s music

Beautiful private islands

on over 40 Private Estate Sims. Music: Industrial, electro,
Best time: around 12 am
Where: Bowfin
BEST Drum‘N‘Bass (201, 246, 83)

The Squat is the latest two lined up to play
HIGH: Drugs
and drin

fiti on the walls, fur-

Santuary Rock Club

venue to appear on the SL with plenty more in niture that looks like
drum’n’bass scene. Own- the pipeline. its been stolen and
Build Your Dream Home Build Your Fantasy ers Siegfried Mangaroon TA: What makes The grubby toilets.
and Shane Sleaford spoke Squat special? TA: Does anyone have
to INDIA OBVIATE. SS: I think people like a problem with you
Music: Rock
The AvaStar: What mu- this place because it‘s selling drugs?
Best time: around 6 am
sic do you play? so fresh. Instead of a SM: There have been a
Where: Sanctuary Rock
Siegfried Mangaroon: It’s grand club we want- couple of raised eye-
Island (154, 87, 54)
mainly drum’n’bass ed a small dirty brows at the heroin.
but we also play venue, If people do moan Bloodsucker´S Haven
breakcore, dubstep, with about the drugs I tell Le Cimetiere
raggacore and some graf- them it‘s just a game
Change Your Latitude Today Completely Terraformable old skool hardcore. and they shouldn‘t
We‘re the only place get so worked up
Privacy & Full Control playing the really about it. Some peo-
dark stuff. ple take this game

Contact Tony Beckett or Alliez Mysterio TA: Who have you

got on the decks?
a little too serious-
ly in my opinion. Music: Goth, industrial

for information or visit our website at Shane Sleaford: I DJ

three times a week
Siegfried Mangaroon,
Nara (238,148, 26)
Best time: around 8pm
Best time: around 1 pm
Where: Le Cimetiere and we have another Shane Sleaford (148, 208, 64)

26 GUIDE Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 GUIDE 27

21.12. - 2
‘don’t miss!’ – EVENTS of the week

nightlife art & design Sport nightlife art & design nightlife
Christmas Day Party: Dancing and Exhibition opening showing works Ice Hockey: Whales vs the Wolves, Juel Resistance Live in Concert at Chat and wine at the gallery Grand opening of a new club. The
Christmas cheer in your glitziest
from the artist jjccc Coronet. fast pace and competitive pre- the Evolving Images Amphitheater. opening of photogrpahy Dive has a party pool, minibars,
festive gear.
When: December 21, 18:00-21:00 Christmas game. When: December 22, 19:00-20:00 by CC Chapman. deck chairs and lightshows.
When: December 25, 14:00-17:30
Where: Drum (81, 18, 106) Where: 3000 AD Art Gallery When: December 22, 16:00-17:00 Where: Tammora (20,253,64) When: December 23 18:00-21:00 When: December 25 00:00-03:00
(191, 7, 26) Where: Jericho Hill (227,138,43) Where: Soho Galler Where: Yongchon (164,193,21)
(128, 128, 27)


New Citizens, Inc. Class:
intermediate level class for scrip-
ting and object communication.
When: December 24, 17:00-18:00
Where: NCI Princess Category,
Kuula (54, 175)

Keiko live at Lily Pad Lounge Kaklick Martin Live
When: December 23, 17:00-18:30 When: December 28, 19:00-21:00
Where: Clyde (127,159, 31) Where: Led Zeppelin Lounge,
Torch (215, 193, 85)
28 ADVERT Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 NEWBIE CORNER 29

first day DIARY OF


Boxed in!
Cailyn Miller started in SL as the CM: Talk to people!
Today I spend most
of my time walking
around with a box on
my head.
Having sorted through
sweet girl from next door. Today That‘s something I VETERAN: Cailyn‘s
the freebie items at
she is one of the jewellery design- avoided. Ask ques- current style
Yadni’s Junkyard,
ers in world. India Obviate spoke tions even if you think
Leda, (210,28) I came
to her about her days as a newbie. they are stupid. Most
across a cool black top
The AvaStar: Describe your first day? people are friendly
hat. But when I tried to
Cailyn Miller: Kinda scary! I waited and won‘t mind
wear it, I found to my
up till midnight to log in. SL was helping you out.
dismay, that I had a box
only open from 4 to 10pm PST back TA: How long did
on my head. After walking
then. I stayed on orientation island it take you to feel at home in SL?
around feeling and looking
for ages. A Linden asked if I was ok. I CM: A couple of weeks maybe.
stupid for a while, I came
was so nervous talking to someone I bought a little plot of land, built
across a
that I logged out! a house and made friends with
TA: What was your most the guy living next door. That
embarrassing moment as a helped a lot. BOXING DAY: Mind on Help
newbie? TA: What was the first object your head
Island. He
CM: There was the you created or designed?
told me
usual getting naked by CM: A chair. It took me ages! I
to put the
mistake in public. hadn‘t worked out the camera
box on the
NEWBIE: Cailyn‘s look TA: Your advice controls so nothing lined up
over three years ago g round,
to newbies? properly.
open it,
copy the
Do‘s and Don‘ts: Creating a Perfect Profile
+ –
items to
DO DOn´t
and click
• Show your personality! Be funny, • Leave your photo and „About“ on wear
flirty, witty, and interesting. section blank. You’ll get a lot the item.
• Show a knockout snapshot that more people clicking „Add Friend“. That’s
makes a great first impression. • Use a wide-angle photo that how simple
• Use the „picks“ tab to share your doesn‘t show your face clearly. it was. But
favourite places with others. Why • Go into embarrassing detail about my delight
keep all the fun to yourself? how much you love your significant was short-li-
• Use your profile to plug your other. Who wants to read that? ved. The top
business and hopefully make • Forget that your groups are visible hat looked
a few L$. to everyone. What do yours say terrible any-
• Spell-check. Enough said. about you? way.
30 ADVERT Dec. 21, 2006 Dec. 21, 2006 NEWS 31

Global Trend Research

h e w eek VOTE for
virtual worlds, real opportunities of t the AvaStar
of 2006!
Nyte Vargas
Based in New York City, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing and be rewarded for
Which SL VIP shouid
me nts in the past year?
now Second Life, CScout has been reporting from global and and their ach ieve
the Designer
talks to
Sen d us you r top three to
virtual hotspots since 1997. . She
The AvaStar Innocently Evil store newsdesk@the-avast
of the in SL .
clothing design
also teaches

By Frederic Prevost

Name: Nyte Vargas
birth date: 13 Feb 06
Profession: Designer
but I love it, and Mi- putting on shows and can handle just about
Attitude: Plenty of it
noru Musashi‘s place training new design- any crazy situation
THE AVASTAR: What with all his Japanese ers. I am also planning that comes his way.
is your best feature? buildings for sale. a modelling school to TA: What personal
NYTE VARGAS: That TA: What would you open soon near you achievement in SL
would be my crazy change in SL? ...grinz (evil plug). are you most proud
kitty personality! NV: Unverified ac- TA: If you could vote of?
Looks-wise, I would counts and the dis- for anyone to be NV: I love the fact that
say my eyes or my couraging frequency president of SL, who the graphics design-
ever-twitching ears. of updates. would it be? ing skills I am learning
TA: What is your fa- TA: What do you NV: My friend Varik can translate into real
CScout is a proud member of the team of consultants, vourite place in SL? spend most of your Marat because he un- life and were respon-
developers and residents that has brought The AvaStar to life. NV: Where ever my time doing in SL? derstands diplomacy, sible for a raise I re- store is, which is lame NV: Designing clothes, respects others and ceived a while back.