The population of Vietnam is 82 million people. The largest city is Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) with 8 million people. The main form of transport is motor bike. The currency used in Vietnam is the “dong” (VND). In Saigon taxi fares are charged as follows: First 2km: 15 000 VND Each subsequent km: 8 000 VND After 25 km: 5 000 VND per km 1. Use the internet to find the current exchange rate of Australian Dollars to Vietnamese Dong (AUD to VND). Calculate the cost of the following taxi rides in VND and then convert to $AUD. (a) May Hotel to Notre Dame Cathedral (1.5 km) (b) May Hotel to Zoo (5 km) (c) Saigon (District 1) to Cuchi Tunnels (75 km) 2. Copy and complete the following table:
Item Bowl of Soup 500mL bottle of water Can of beer Coffee Men’s Trousers Restaurant Meal 375 mL softdrink Whole Pineapple VND Convert to $AUD Cost in Aust Difference % Diff 8 000 5 000 10 000 5 000 256 000 96 000 8 000 3 200

3. Analyse your table to compare the cost of living in Vietnam with Australia? 4. The Vietnamese flag is a yellow star (pentagram) on a red background. Find out what proportion of the flag’s area is taken up by the star. Hint: draw a pentagon inside the star first.

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