I help women LOVE being women and FEEL FREE to FEEL GOOD in their body,sexuality, emotions and

relationships, because I know that they actually know that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE THAN JUST BEING OK WITH IT! Or: I help women LOVE being in their feminine energy, enjoy their body and sexuality and really FEEL GOOD in their life. I KNOW YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN JUST BEING OK WITH IT!

Coaching women for years now, hearing about their problems and being myself a woman, i have come to realize a very important fact that no one talks about, although it runs our lives, unknowingly, robbing ourselves from the best of it. It is a secret hidden under so many layers of fake control, smiles and imitating sucess and well being that it has become the root of almost every problem women confront with in their lives, be it in intimate relationships, in their work, in their spiritual quest and even, the most damaging, in relationship to themselves. This unspoken, unrecognised, deeply rooted secret is: Women do not allow themselves to feel pleasure. They dont know how anymore. It is forbidden. It is dangerous. It is just too much. Pleasure is such a word! It makes us blush and close our eyes. But i am not talking here about pleasure as a sexual thing -although that might too be an aspect of it – i talk about the pleasure of being alive, of being who we are, the pleasure of being, having, wanting pleasure and joy in our LIFE. It is as though woman's desire is dead. The force of life itself is hungry, forgotten, resented and nearly dead. Think its too much and i am exagerating? Just take a good look around. Every time i talk to a woman, be it in day to day life or even in coaching sessions, the hardest thing is to have them acept what it is that they want. I mean what it is they truly desire, yearn for, die and live for. What is that makes their eyes shine, their breath fast, their hips sway, their heart expand and makes them feel fully alive. What makes their blood rush, their being ready, their soul fed, their hands and feet and heads and hearts aligned and ready to move, to get, to own, to just SHINE. When i talk to most women "of success" that i know, (and there are so many nowadays), they seem to know what they want. They know it so well that their body is tight, their jaws clenched, their gaze empty as hypnotized and most of all, sad. The women that are very intuitive on the other hand, feel in their soul that something is missing, but are disempowered, mellow and resigned. Each and everyone of them, be it from the "succesful" team or the intuitive team, when asked what they want give me a list of things that they feel are good, or allowed, or desirable, or proper. And that's it. Nothing that makes their heart or mine pop. Instead, it's all about what is OK. As if OK were the top of the top for anything in life. They are pleased if the husband is OK, if their children are doing OK, if their health, life, work, hopes, dreams, love life, sex life, life life is OK. Satisfactory. Sufficient. Not screaming with pain or dellusion. But is that enough? Is it really? I rarely see women singing and dancing in their heart. I rarely see women exuding happiness and fulfillment. I almost never see women glowing other than from illuminating powder and shimmer. I rearly see women walking as if they are jumping with joy from inside, light as a feather, moving freely

no matter how far or long ago you think you've lost it. and not after everyone is pleased with you – except. fighting and striving not to live but mostly to survive and be satisfied (and grateful if they are spiritual) with what they have.a life without salt and pepper. and the force of life is your vechicle. simpler happiness than you can imagine when you fear it. through your joy. but also about your body and feelings. your happines is fulilling for those around you. going low in their primal energy. I AM HAPPY! I want to help you. So that. So that your being is so vibrant with life and inspiring that people feel good in your presence and more of themselves. Even though you may strangely believe that you are not beautiful anymore. with your pleasure. controlling. It is about accepting who you are AND acting accordingly. It is about you being a queen and owning your majestic beauty. with the best and the sweetest of life. using its force to spring up. to access their heart and follow. without the salt and pepper of joy and laughter. not in ten years time. Woman. your grace and your beauty. Pleasure is the gas. don't get me wrong. You are a woman. what starts your engine and propulsates your being right now. No more BS! This is not about "The Secret" and "the Law of Attraction". It is not about thinking positively and staying positive and mild no matter what. hand on their heart: OMG. Because of this plain OK women just dry up or lose their energy in trying to be this or that. in all its bright glory. It is about accessing your feminine power. vibrant life. I am here to help you find your way through pleasure. I rearely see women dreaming high. without ever being able to say. striving. and owning it and making it shine through.. So that your dreams are just contagious. MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!!!" . It is not about the womb space and walking tall with a book on your head so that you look like a queen. through what attracts and magnetizes you. Not tomorrow. Alina-Gabriela Dospinescu Heart Intelligence certified Coach&Facilitator "I WANNA BE FREE AND FEEL THE WAY I FEEL. truer. enjoying everything and feeling like a woman! I can show you the simplest. it is about the force of raw. the combustible. it's just that only this. but also about pain and how it can be a red thread leading you to a deeper. No (more) delay. most natural way to it. And there is nothing wrong with gratitude and acceptance of what is. lightning the world with your glory. Your life. and dreams and high hopes and deep enjoyment and vibrating bodies and pulsating hearts is just that. of course. your emotions. your spirit.and flexible in following their heart. I see women taking action after action programmed in the mind.you yourself. So that you bloom like a rare flower. through joy and feeling free. beautiful. to get in touch with your desire. It is about joy. imitating. this is about YOU. You can find what feels good right now and folow it so that you stop delaying happiness and start living RIGHT NOW. not after your kids grow up or after u finally get married or lose those damn extra pounds. Your heart is the gateway. It is about your energy. Plain like a placebo pill.. fighting. riding the lion of desire and leting your heart lead the way. You can feel free to ride at your own speed. I am here so that you are guided to get in touch with what it is that you want RIGHT NOW.

3. imitating men and transforming themselves in dry. have models of "success". in fact with our innate qualites and resources (which are feminine qualities. our hearts desires – in a word. joy and pleasure. Women make themselves small because they dont allow pleasure in their life at all levels. Women have given up their real power . just as you need and deserve!!! . The key .have hearts so full of a love that is continuously filling us from the inside.follow certain rules. weakness. FEMININE ENERGY. qualities. because we are women). more beautiful and fascinating and unique than u ever thought. This lack of heart comes from the lack of refined pleasure and joy . Instead it makes masks and shells develop: gluttony. especially eating our hearts out. so rich and abundant that it is pouring out in miliard of forms and aspects and changing the whole world. None of the above matters if we stop trying to conform . poverty which are mostly eating us alive from the inside. pride. filling our hearts more and more. especially eversince they run after power outward.which is pleasure. be all alike and we start looking inside and giving ourselves what we want WITHOUT FEAR. INVITATION Why work with your feminine energy in a women's heart circle? –To find yourself again and again.pleasure&joy. walking and especially talking men-dolls (either dolls for men or men-alike dolls. i use the term "dolls" because there is a shallowness about both aspects and a lot of empty heart. Most of the talk about Feminine Power is BS.My message is about 3 main aspects: 1. --To naturally restore your health. It is not a mistake hat we are women and we are sitting on a treasure chest without opening it and using the gold inside because we are too shy and afraid to hold the key. feminine power . joy.we are just anaware of what brings joy in our hearts and not just in our heads (point1) ).takes the gold out -our resources.which is Love in all its many facets and forms .long time ago. Fear keeps us from enjoying because it stops us from even starting to follow our hearts. your well being and the belief in your dreams and help bring your passion into the world in a meaningful way! --And to do it with the utmost authenticity. 2.and puts them in action for our own good. Only in this way we can truly be Women-. We are so busy with these that we "lose touch with our power".