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Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Support

Frequently Asked Questions about Academic


1. How will parents be informed about the Academic Support program and their child’s progress?

• Teachers will contact parents through email, letter, or telephone to communicate if a student is in need of
ongoing academic support, the type of support provided, and specific areas of need.

• The district report card (published as a part of the district’s annual report to the community)

• Parent-Teacher conferences held two times a year

• Academic Support Aides work under the direction of the classroom teacher. All communication about student
progress will come from the classroom teacher.

2. How will the school and district provide materials to help parents with their child’s achievement?

• Meetings at the school will address strategies and ideas for parents to support children at home.
• The Academic Support Website, found on the school website at under “Parent Resources”
• Communication through email and telephone

3. How will the school and district communicate with and work with parents as equal partners?

• The Parent Advisory Committee will meet twice yearly to formulate suggestions, review policies, and foster
collaboration between parents and school staff.

• Teachers and administrators are available via email and phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Support

4. How will parents have opportunities for meetings such as parent-teacher conferences in various
formats to permit two-way communication between home and school?
• Parent meetings will be held at various times of day
• Parent conferences will be held twice a year, or more frequently upon request, at a time that is convenient for
• Teachers can be contacted via email or phone.

5. How will the school communicate a description and explanation of grade level curriculum?

• Teachers will discuss the curriculum at Back-to-School Night.

• The curriculum is posted on the Great Valley website

6 . What forms of academic assessment are used to measure student progress, and how do parents
know what proficiency levels students are expected to meet?

• Parent reports for the various assessments will explain student scores and proficiency levels. Teachers may
also be contacted for more information.

• PSSA scores

• DIBELS data

• GMADE and GRADE scores

• M.A.P. Scores

• District summative assessments

• Classroom work, homework

• Standards-based report cards

• PA website: