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The WWCC library has invested in another wonderful resource for our faculty to use.

This resource is Intelecom

and it is an online video repository. It has scenario and other educational videos that you can use in your classes.
Below please find a brief outline of the categories, sub categories and directions for how to use. Some categories
have more videos than others. Enjoy!

Adult Basic Education English Literacy & Civics Education; English as a Second Language; Family Literacy
Allied Health Allied Health; Health Care Services Administration
Anatomy Human Anatomy and Physiology
Business Business Law; Human Resource Management; Introduction to Business; Management; Management
Principles & Policies; Organizational Behavior
Civic Education Civics
Earth Sciences Introduction to Earth Sciences; Introduction to Geology
Economics Economics; Introduction to Economics; Labor Economics; Principles of Economics; Social Economics; U.S.
Economic History; World Economics
Education Introduction to Education; School and Community Health; Sociology of Education
Environmental Studies Environmental Science; Introduction to Ecology
Ethnic Studies African American Studies; Asian Studies; Chicano Studies; Ethnicity & Race Relations
Family & Consumer Nutrition & Food
Health Epidemiology; Health Care; Health Education; Personal Health
History African-American History; America in the 20th Century; American History; American Studies; Chicano
Studies; Ethnicity and Race Relations; European History; History of the Family; Native-American Studies;
U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction; U.S. Colonial History; U.S. History Survey; Urban Studies; Women in
American History
Linguistics Introduction to Linguistics
Oceanography Introduction to Oceanography
Physics Fundamentals of Physics; General Physics; Introduction to Physics
Political Science American Constitution; American Government and Politics; International Relations; Introduction to
Political Science; Political Science
Psychology Abnormal Psych; Adolescent Development; Behavioral Neuroscience; Child Development; Clinical Psych;
Cognitive Psych, Developmental Psych; Educational Psych; Evolutionary Psych; Human Development;
Human Relations; Human Sexuality; Introduction to Psych; Introduction to Social Psych; Learning Theory;
Marriage and Family Counseling; Personality; Physiological Psych; Psych of Aging; Psych of Gender; Psych
of Women; Research Methods and Design; Research Psych; Sensation and Perception; Social Psych; Stress
Religion Christianity; History of Religion in America; Philosophy of Religion; Religion; Religion in America

Sociology Crime; Ethnicity and Race Relations; Introduction to Sociology; Principles of Sociology; Research Methods;
Sex Roles; Social Change; Social Deviance; Social Problems; Soc of Marriage and the family; Soc of Criminal
Justice; Statistical Methods; Theory
Urban Studies Urban Studies

Directions for Use:

1. Go to
2. Username: wwcc
Password: 7yzytkl
3. When you find a video you want to use, look in the bottom left corner for the Copy to My Course or Embed Clip link.