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Fashion Europe Net

Franchising Project with

Direct Marketing
The company

• Established in August 2006 in Germany, Fashion Europe Net is an

innovative company in full expansion in the fashion sector, specialized in
the production of jeans. The headquarter is based in Hamm ( Westfalia).
• From the very first day we made it a point in offering our partners the
possibility of creating additional sources of income, without pressures nor
risks, and with complete freedom of deciding when, how and where they
would like to work.
• Dozens of thousand active but independent partners of FE.N provide our
products to a large and satisfied clientele in all of Europe – this with a clear
tendency of increasing.
• Turnover in 2007 was above 3 million Euro
• In 2008 FEN is beyond 10 million Euro.
• Currently there are about 1000 deposits in Europe
• FE.N is presented in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark,
Belgium, Spain, France, Hungery, Poland, Russia.
Marketpotential by way of
example in Germany

• Turnover in Euro: 2,4 million in one year

• 76 million particles ( jeans ) pro annum
• Customers capability: 66 million
• Customers capability in Europe: 500
Jeans – passion for everyone
Jeans are sold since hundred years. Every person has one and needs one!
We have different kinds of jeans, many colours, different styles and
designs, for women men and children.
Fashion trends are changing two times a year, but it`s impossible to
imagine fashion without jeans.
Because of competitiveness, quality and price FE.N can offer the product
all around world with great advantage for the end consumer!
5 Minute Plan
the facility for your business
• The opportunity for every FE.N Partner:

• The acquisition price: 19,90 Euro for all jeans

for women in different styles and sizes from
34-52 (25 to 36 inch)
• The distibution price for public is
29,90 Euro
• You have the right to exchange (sizes,colours
and styles in the different groups of articles)
as FE.N - Partner
• Every FE.N Partner has the ability to rent free
of charge up to 60 articles at the deposit
• You have a comfortable purchase/right to
exchange in hundreds of FE.N deposits
• There are always women, men and childrens
fashion – for phantastic prices
• Assortment and purchase of your basic
configuration - minimum 5 articles
• No purchase commitment, no more costs, no
term of contract, no minimum amount, no
minimum order value!
How to be a
FE.N Partner?
• If you want to become a FE.N – Partner
you have to take a mini-package with 5
jeans for 99 Euro. For this package you
will get one piece free of charge
• If you want to obtain more informations
please send an e-mail or call me
The income & the profit

FE.N Partner

The commerce Create an

Direct Marketing = organization Opening a deposit
Direct income
The selling price and margin
Jeans for women cost about acquisation 19,90€

The margine 10€

Jeans-Price for final consumer 29,90€

How to be arranged an organized
FE.N Partner
FE.N Partner primary Consumer goods

Eva 1%

Premium Home
Carla Paul Peter Maria
Andrea 2%

Home Premium
Marc 3%
Deposit Deposit

Chiara Michael 4%
Lazio Lombardia

DLC 5%

Outlet 6%
Here you get an example
for your income
1) If you sell in avarage 3 jeans per diem, that will be 90 jeans per month,
your profit will be 900 euro.
2) If you give four fashion-partys per month for your friends and you sell
avarage 10 jeans you will get a gross income about € 400,00.
3) You have aquired directly 5 partners. Every partner aquires 3 more
partners directly (= 5 partner on level 1 and 15 partner on level 2). You
and your partners are selling in avarage per day 3 jeans. Your monthly
gross income is about € 1526,85
4) You have aquired 2 partners directly. Every partner has aquired 2 more
partners-down to the level 6. You and your partners are selling only 1
jeans in avarage per day! Your monthly gross income will be € 4132,74.
5) You have aquired directly 5 partners. Every partner has aquired 3 more
partners-down to your level 6. You and your partners are selling in
avarage only 5 jeans per month!
Your monthly gross income will be € 10024,88!!!
The career at Fashion Europe Net

Fen Team Fen Team Fen Team Fen Team Fen Team
Starter Organizer Manager Director President
5 contacts 10 contacts 25 contacts 50 contacts 100 contacts
In the first line in the first line in the first line in the first line in the first line
Specialbonus* Specialbonus* Specialbonus*
6th Line 6th Line 6th Line

0,25% 0,5% 1%

* The commission will be transfered at the end of the next month

A Deposit Model regional
• DLC = Deposit & Logistic Center

Territory protection for the investor

(The periphery will be appointed individual 1.
regional) DLC Lazio
• Franchise fee depending on region 25.000 €

• The deposit must have 4.100 articles

(2.000 jeans for women, 500 articles
composed of women tops, 250 pieces
garment for men, 250 jeans for men, 1000
articles for children, 50 women bags, 50
accessory articles)

• FE.N guarantees a bonus of 750 jeans

1. 2. 3.
• Added to the deposit bonus of 5% there is DLC Toscana DLC Lazio Fashion Outlet
a PPP (pay per piece) of 0,50 € Roma
The FE.N Model for a Deposit – the
garanty for quality and service

Deposit Logistic

Fashion Outlet
Minimum 1000 articles,
Home Deposit Premium Deposit Bonus 5% is able to provide
Minimum 250 articles Minimum 500 articles,bonus 4% other Deposits and gets the
Is able to provide other deposits commission with this turnover,
Bonus 3%
and gets the commission with territory protection.
Compensation payment this turnover Earns up to 1%
1.990€ Compensation payment 2.990€ from the deposits and outlets
in the territorry
compensation payment 9.990€
Valid for all deposits of FE.N
• For all deposits:
• Intensive training for 2 days
• One overnight stay will be payed by FE.N
• 1 dinner with the directory of FE.N
• Software-Package
• Premium-Software for 6 month gratis

• Package for the deposit opening

• Flyer for the deposit opening
• Poster
• Stickers
• Pin
• Certificate for deposit manager
• Access to the new deposit-branch
• Announcement in the deposit list
Complete bonus for the
advancement of the deposit
conception FE.N
Home deposit Premium deposit FE.N Fashion Outlet

Bonus total 500,00 € 800,00 € 2.500,00 €

Sponsor 300,00 € 550,00 € 2.000,00 €

Support 200,00 € 250,00 € 500,00 €

Daily payment of the bonus
Price list
garment men/women
Price acquisition FE.N Price selling

Women Fashion
Jeans in different styles €19,90 €29,90
Jeans skirts €19,90 €29,90
Blouses, T-Shirts €16,30 €23,50
Denim Jackets €19,90 €29,90
Coats €49,90 €59,90
Jackets in different qualities €29,90 €36,50
Jumper €16,30 €23,50

Men Fashion
Jeans in different styles €29,90 €36,50
T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts €16,30 €23,50
Chemise €19,90 €26,90
Bermuda €16,30 €23,50
Jumper €16,30 €23,50
Cardigan €19,90 €26,90
Sweatshirt with hood €29,90 €36,50
Winter-Jackets €49,90 €59,90
Price list– Garment
Children + Accessorys
Price acquisition FE.N Price selling

Childrens Fashion
Denim - Jeans, Denim – Skirts,
Shirts €11,90 €16,90

Denim - Jackets,
Different drapery Jackets €16,30 €23,50

Necklace, Bracelet €10,90 €15,90

Leather - Belts
Pashmina €10,90 €15,90

Bags FE.N original €49,90 €59,90

Women billfold €11,90 €15,90
Information & Contact
Mirja Laffrenzen
Bodenzeile 27
2221 Groß Schweinbarth
Phone: 0043-699-11029061