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8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

Exercising and welcoming cooperation (1)

Maung Hmat
National League for Democracy issued an an- particular woman. Nevertheless, I felt very disheart- Aung San Suu Kyi was in ill health. Anyhow, they
nouncement, with foreign media making Mr Ban Ki- ened that he showed his interest in the affairs of the have to realize the difference between the conditions
moon’s visit to Myanmar an awful mess. The an- woman, rather than in interest of the entire people. before and during the trial.
nouncement seems to be a show of great put on while Moreover, to my dismay he did demand twice for a I hoped that the UNSG’s visit to Myanmar would
opportune by the party, and reflects one of its strate- meeting with her that had been denied with sound bring many fruitful results. The entire people were
gies: to work in synchronization inside and outside reasons since the preliminary discussions. wondering what sorts of results would come out to
the country to attack the government. It has been a In reality, the government never failed to make expedite the transition process to democracy. How-
long time since I last paid attention to NLD announce- arrangements for meetings between Mr Gambari and ever, I felt very disappointed to hear many times strong
ments because they do not reflect or prioritize the Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in his visits to Myanmar, criticisms of the visit by the majority of the people.
public desire, but the repeated points stated in the thereby showing its stand to cooperate with the UN as It is not wrong to say like this because it has been
announcements are all what it wants. This time, I possible as it can. I am sure the government would criticized by the majority of the people. Actually, my
happened to strain my ears to the announcement. arrange a meeting between the UNSG and Daw Aung IQ is about the same as theirs as I am one of the public
As usual the announcement carries nothing new. San Suu Kyi if opportune. However, things have members. We heard the tour of the Secretary General
It implies that the party is somewhat dissatisfied with changed a lot. During Mr Gambari’s visits to Myanmar, had three main aims. One is reconciliation. Although
the UN Secretary-General’s discussions mainly fo- she was under restrictions, so the government could it was dubbed reconciliation, his main aim was to
cusing on 2010 elections, and with his failure to meet decide whether it would approve of a meeting with her meet and discuss with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. In my opinion, the party or not. But now she is on trial. So, that is under the then to meet with national race groups and anti-
members are worried about the United Nations’ rec- authority of the court concerned. I do not think it is government groups. Apart from this, we have already
ognition of the programme for 2010 election. In prudent if the government decides of a meeting or no known that it was intended to amend the constitution
addition, the announcement states that they meeting, or interferes in the case. approved by 92.48 percent of public votes. Any
gatecrashed the hotel of the UNSG for about 10 Besides, if the government gave permission to the public members cannot accept such an act. If that’s
minutes with the hope of having their wishes fulfilled, UNSG, who represents the whole world in the global so, which government will accept this? All under-
thus indicating that the party was not complacent organization, to meet with her, I fear that his strong stand that any government cannot turn down the
about the time limit for NLD representatives equal influence would have adverse effect on the judicial public mandate.
with other parties to meet with the UNSG. It also says system. And if the court comes to have sympathy to the The second aim was to ensure all-inclusiveness
that even extra 10 minutes is too short to tell their accused, and pronounce an order to release her, out of in democratic transition. It also means demanding
much-important case in detail to him. the influence of the UNSG, such an imprudent order that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all anti-government
Since Mr Ban Ki-moon’s departure, foreign me- will have negative impact on the nation’s judicial groups including armed insurgent groups be allowed
dia have been expressing variously their one-sided system. And if it hands down a punitive punishment to to participate in the process. The government has said
views about the visit. What I have heard in that regard her, without taking his influence into consideration, about it repeatedly. After laws and bylaws of elec-
is that the UNSG’s visit is to boost cooperation his meeting can attract widespread criticisms. It is my tions and party formation have been passed at an
between the United Nations and Myanmar. It is feeling that the government, thinking over the case appropriate time, everyone who lives within the frame-
terrible that those media are unnecessarily spotlight- again and again, turned down the demand because work of law can take part in the process. It has been
ing the individual role of a woman, rather than the such an unnecessary meeting will not yield any posi- said very repeatedly. But I think they are going too far
initial objective of the visit. I have no idea what the tive results acceptable to both sides. to worsen the matter.
UNSG’s feeling about that is like, but I feel so weary Anti-government media are complaining that the The third aim was to promote human rights. I
of such lopsided broadcasts that I am in no mood to government declined a meeting between the UNSG simply understand that their so-called human rights
make some comments on those media. and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, but previously diplomats are demanding the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
During his visit to Myanmar, the UNSG had were allowed to meet with her. As I have said above, and the protection of her from being convicted. What
opportunities to sit down with the Senior General there have been a lot of changes. At that time, Daw should I say? This has also been explained again and
for two times. More than that, he held discussions Aung San Suu Kyi had not been put on trial, so she did again that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s case will be
with political parties, national race peace groups. not need yet to defend herself against the lawsuit. It decided by the court in accord with the law.
He was also given opportunities to visit Nargis-hit was during the period to file a lawsuit against her. In However, the government on its part arranged
areas, and to meet UN agencies and foreign diplo- response to the diplomats’ application to the court for everything for the UN Secretary General in his
mats to Myanmar. The government cooperated as their presence in the trial, the court gave them permis- visit based on cooperative spirit. We heard that
far as it could with the UN, by fulfilling the wishes sion to observe the trial proceedings. Then, they had an the government arranged for other additional
of the UN in such a short visit. So, it is safe to say that opportunity to see her at the court. The diplomats matters demanded by him besides his already
the UNSG’s visit to Myanmar proves successful. found her healthy and understood it was not true that coordinated matters.
As far as I know, during the run-up to Mr Ban Ki- anti-government media were expressing that Daw (See page 9)
moon’s visit, Mr Gambari arrived in Myanmar and
made some arrangements for the itineraries of the
visit. I learnt that at that time, Mr Gambari demanded The issue of a person is very small in compari-
a meeting between the UNSG and Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi, and the government informed him that the meet- son with the affairs of Myanmar and its people.
ing would not be possible. Being acceptable to that,
he paid a visit to Myanmar. However, during his visit, The strong current of a mighty river cannot be
he was reported to have requested a meeting between
him and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in both meetings changed because of a stone. I would like to say
with the Senior General. It seems to me that for the
UNSG, the personal affairs of that woman is even that a pile of stones like all the Myanmar people
more important than the concern of the nation and the
people. can only change and control the current of that
To be blunt, I wanted the UNSG to have a
sympathetic heart to the people, rather than to a river.

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THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 14 July, 2009 9

Exercising and welcoming cooperation (1)

Maung Hmat
(from page 8) best in the interests of Myanmar. In reality, Myanmar to go back, disappointed. Indeed, these words are
As far as I know, the Head of State hardly has regarded cooperation with the UN as a top priority harming the dignity of the UNSG.
receives a particular person two times. This time, according to her foreign policy. This is why Myanmar Anti-government groups are criticizing the
the meeting with UNSG two times is beyond his fully cooperated, is cooperating and will continue to UN and its Secretary-General as their wishes were
magnanimity. cooperate with the UN. Any accusations saying that not fulfilled as expected. I was moved by their narrow-
In addition, UNSG’s request for public the tour of UN Secretary General is a failure should not mindedness, aggressiveness and short-sightedness.
speaking was granted and it was arranged at the be made at all by looking at a matter of not allowing The UNSG himself said he was very sorry for
Drug Elimination Museum. I have never heard of UNSG to meet Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. They are not being allowed to meet Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
allowing public speaking before and it is hardly indeed groundless accusations. But it could not be said that his visit was
ever accepted. But it was likely that the approval Anti-government groups are also shouting that unsuccessful by judging whether or not he was
indicated cooperative attitude towards the UN. the UNSG’s tour was unsuccessful as his request was allowed to meet her, the Secretary-General added.
The Prime Minister hosted a dinner in honour of rejected and that his role came to an end at this That is right. The issue of a person is very small
the UNSG in his tour and exchanged views. Some juncture. Besides, they are saying that they are getting in comparison with the affairs of Myanmar and
matters which should be done on a cooperative tired of the UN’s slow diplomatic approach to its people. The strong current of a mighty river
basis were also agreed. Anyhow, these have been Myanmar and that Myanmar’s government remained cannot be changed because of a stone. I would
done by a sovereign nation as much as possible unperturbed despite the UN’s negotiators’ repeated like to say that a pile of stones like all the Myanmar
within the framework of sovereignty. visits to the country. The two-day visit of the UNSG people can only divert and control the current of
Anti-government media are making one-sided is just a waste of time. They are saying that Mr Ban that river.
accusations that the Myanmar government showed Ki-moon was not able to do his job although he had (To be continued)
no cooperation although Secretary-General did his the opportunity to stand by the truth and that he had Translation: MS+ST

Minister Aung Zeya Bridge inaugurated in Mandalay

U Aung NAY PYI TAW, 13 July—An opening facts about the bridge, and Chairman of
Thaung ceremony of Aung Zeya Bridge in Aung Chanmyathazi Township PDC U Saw
inspects Pinle ward, Chanmyathazi Township, Tun Win, Wellwisher U Lauk Aye and
Mandalay Mandalay division took place near the member of committee for construction
Tawwin Bridge on 11 July. Present on the of bridge U Tun Win cut the ribbon to
Industrial occasion were Chairman of Mandalay open the newly built bridge.
Division Peace and Development Afterwards, the Commander, the
Co Ltd in
Council Commander of Central Mayor and wellwisher and their families
Command Maj-Gen Tin Ngwe, Minister sprinkled scented water on the stone
Industrial for Industry-1 U Aung Thaung, inscription and inspected the newly built
Zone. Mandalay City Development Committee bridge.
INDUSTRY-1 Chairman Mayor Brig-Gen Phone Zaw On arrival at Tawwin Industrial
Han and depart-mental officials, Co Ltd in Mandalay Industrial Zone, the
Stake driven for MTPA office in Nay Pyi Taw members of social organizations,
wellwishers and local people.
minister inspected functions of the
company and left instructions.
NAY PYI TAW, 13 July – A ceremony Thant, Director-General of Traditional
U Pa, a townselder, explained the MNA
to drive stake for Myanmar Traditional Medicine Department Dr Tin Nyunt,
Practitioners Association (Central) office deputy director-general, officials,
was held in Ottayathiri Myothit here on members of Myanmar Traditional Deputy
11 July morning. Medicine Council, members of Minister
The ceremony was attended by Myanmar Traditional Practitioners Dr Paing
Deputy Minister for Progress of Border Association headed by U Maung Maung Soe drives
Areas and National Races and Nyan, entrepreneurs of traditional stake for
Development Affairs Col Tin Ngwe, medicine and Director U Tha Htay of building
Deputy Minister for Health Dr Paing Original Company. Myanmar
Soe, Secretary of Special Development The deputy ministers and officials Traditional
Project Col Kan Chyun, Members of drove the stakes and sprinkled scented Practi-
Nay Pyi Taw Development Affairs water on them. tioners
Committee (1) U Than Tun and U Myo MNA Association

Management course No 5 for officers

opened at CICS (Phanuggyi)
YANGON, 13 July — Management and Training Board U Win Aung.
course No 5 for officials was opened at After the opening ceremony,
Central Institute of Civil Services Member of CSSTB U Hla Myint Oo and
(Phanuggyi) in Hlegu Township today. U Win Aung inspected construction of a
A total of 72 trainees from hall which will have a 1800 seating
ministries are attending the 4-week capacity and progress of the construction
Member of CSSTB U Win Aung delivers an address at No. 5 course launched with an address by of the lecture hall for the course No 5 for
Management course.—CSSTB Member of the Civil Service Selection officials. — MNA

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