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Although well over 1, 000 questions were asked in this 25 part interview, here is only a small sample of questions that were raised. Currently part 1 and 2 are only available. Parts 3 through 25 are currently being transcribed from tape.



I. INTRODUCTION (Eliminated from this sample version) II. THE INTERVIEW (Edited Version of interview with edited questions) Q. How can any person identify and understand if one has been brainwashed by those running the new world order-one world government agenda? A. The answer to that question is simple........and in many ways complex........negative mass media imagery and its negative messages have much to do with this process of being brainwashed....and.......the psychological, emotional and mental processing of highly negative mass media images makes this possible. These negative media images and media messages portray and represent an us-against-them mentality...........that feeds into the creation of a cycle of a deliberately indifferent attitude of members of Americans society towards those persons who have been caught or trapped in the system due a to various negative or unlucky set of circumstances or suffer from some form of mental, social or economic illness or other various forms of distress or oppression.....as long as the mass media portrays those persons who struggle in such a negative way, and those who do not conform to the system are labeled as "criminal" or "outsiders" or labeled with some form of mental disorder, or mental condition, this feeds into a cycle of indifference and hate towards these groups of people. The mass media portrays and promotes these particular people as beyond anyone helping as beyond anyone having compassion for - as beyond being defended, helped and rescued from the grip of the system run by the NWO. The terrible message the NWO controlled mass media sends - is to give up on them, to take no interest in defending them. By taking one or more separate groups of people, however large or small, and labeling



them, attacking and stigmatizing them in the mass media, and then taking another group of people and holding them up as "normal" in the mass media - the mentality of an "us against them" mentality - is born. This deceptive and evil process splits society in multiple parts essentially fragmenting them to pieces. The same is process is done with institutions that are controlled by the NWO, some are labeled unacceptable outcast institutions, usually the ones that do not conform with the NWO agenda, while those that do conform, are upheld as normal. This process is just one of the many goals of the New World Order - to split society into as many separate and fragmented parts as possible. The part of society that is upheld as normal is conditioned or brainwashed through fear, anxiety and panic through the negative mass media images and negative messages - the other part of society is labeled by those controlling the New World Order as being mentally, chemically, psychologically or emotionally ill, mentally ill, sick, a tragic figure, beyond help, and certainly not worthy of helping - this is exactly what Hitler’s Nazi Regime did in Germany to the German people. Hitler and his hundreds of propaganda henchman created, formulated and developed and brainwashed the entire German society by using an "us against them" mentality method all throughout the German population. If you fall into one of these two or more groups, you have been brainwashed or at least have had your life affected and altered in some way by the nwo and it’s henchmen.

Q. Can you further explain this very important point? A. It should be known that it is wise to always remember the warning recorded for all of us to read - that Martin Niemoeller stated - he lived under Hitler's Germany during the 1930s



and 1940s, he did write - in Germany they came first for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist, then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Protestant. Then they came for me...and by that time - no one was left to speak up. Today, this statement can be updated, modernized and translated into......they, the state, first came after the teachers, or any group you wish to label - but since you are not a teacher and the mass media conditioned you through it’s negative hateful images and messages about this group of people - you were indifferent, you didn't care - then, they, the state, came after the librarians, but since you were not a librarian and you were

conditioned to hate or be indifferent through repeated exposure to highly negative mass media images and messages about librarians, you did nothing about their persecution at the hands of the state - then they came after you.....by criminalizing you beliefs, your behaviors or your actions, no one cared to help you, and once they took you into custody, there was no one left to help you. As long as the nwo continues to provoke and create the irrational emotional feelings and conditioned psychological responses of hate and indifference in you and the general public against other members of society, or other groups in society, then they have won the battle for the nwo - in your mind. They have successfully controlled your perceptions, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions and your fears. They have effectively brainwashed you.

Q. They won the battle? Please explain.... A. Let me explain…. many observers of the New World Order agenda mistakenly believe that the NWO is somewhere off in the future. That the establishment of the NWO is off in some far, far away distance - yet, it is closely pending. They would be in a great deal of shock to know that the NWO is already here and established. It is in full operation in all of it's aspects. Much like a brainwashed person - would never ask if they are brainwashed and when they are told, they actually refuse to believe or they fall into denial. When does it



occur to a brainwashed person - that they are brainwashed? Most never. That is exactly what has happened to a great majority of Americans apathy, lack of concern.....indifference...deep in the hearts they know something is wrong but they refuse to acknowledge or get in touch with it - they are controlled by hate, fear and indifference they prefer to be embroiled in the latest Hollywood scandal, fad, television show, or financial scheme, through the mass media - both are major programs to the NWO. They are effectively bounced between two or more mass mind control programs run by the NWO. The average American, because he or she is brainwashed does not believe that the NWO has already been established - that or their lives are being altered by it. Those pushing the NWO will never say, "ok...now here is the new world order" - this will never happen. They will never tell you, they don't have to. It has already been established, so they don't have to tell you.

Q. Can you clarify the statement "program" and tell me what it means? A. Well, as I have stated before, the goal of the NWO is distraction, desensitization, the shaping and molding of hate, instilling fear and indifference in the American and world mind population as a primary core belief system towards others are keys to this program. The truth of the matter - those controlling the NWO do not have to do much work in maintaining the NWO. Providing, creating and projecting, repeatedly, over and over again, obsessively, an image of a world falling apart, that crime is out of control, that all the world is at war, the drug lords, the gangs, the drug dealers, the pot smokers, heroin addicts, teachers who sleep with their students, people who smoke in their cars, people who use cell phones in their cars, people who drink, cocaine users, crack mothers, - all of these seemingly chaotic events plays into the notion that the average person has no control over his or her own life, or that everyone else is out of control, and that they must have others controlled through government law and regulation - and these same people become fearful for his and her own safety from the mass media created the feeling of instability. As a result the artificially created need for more laws and the need for someone else to blame -



results. This process described herein, of being bombarded over and over again with negative mass media images triggers multiple cycles of hate, indifference, violence within the populace. This cycle we have been seeing and continuing to see here in the United States, was triggered, in a similar fashion to what occurred in Germany during the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. In Germany, the goal was to find someone or some vulnerable group of people to hate, to target, to redirect the attention of society to - if you recall before the persecution of the Jews, the Nazi party introduced legislation to destroy and kill mentally retarded people. The negative images projected into German society came in the form of short films, short mini documentaries and newspapers, pictures of retarded German people pictures purposefully taken of them with dark, gloomy lighting...purposefully done to project fear, hate and indifference in the hearts and minds of the German Citizenry. And it worked........German society perceived from these dark gloomy mass media images and negative information of retarded people, that they were the enemy of the state, the group of people to be oppressed and isolated and killed and that they were the cause of all of Germany’s economic and social problems. In Germany a long brutal series of laws were passed calling for euthanasia, lobotomy and castration of the retarded and crippled went forward. Other parts of Europe such as Sweden in the 1930 and 1940s, also passed legislation to kill innocent retarded people because these dark films were so powerful and so convincing that it actually led even the most educated and learned of people to believe what they saw and it then caused them to seek out and to destroy retarded and mentally ill people though law and through using the German legislature to legitimize their hate through law. All of these several film techniques are being used today in America and other parts of the world, even new, astonishing and far more advanced techniques in the US have been developed since then, that the Nazi Government and it’s propaganda henchmen could have never dreamed of are in place right now as we speak. Look at the mass media news today - when someone is arrested did you ever notice how the mug shot is always shown to you? How your asked to engage in the which hunt by calling in on a hotline to report on someone and always the mug shot is dark, gloomy and the person is portrayed to be grimacing, threatening and even evil looking. How the type of crime that is always



reported is so heinous, it cripples you and paralyzes you with fear, so much fear and indifference that you would never think of helping that individual nor trying to figure out the political, social or economic reasons why this particular group of people is being targeted for arrest. Now modern Society has it's enemy...the mugger, the drug dealer, the gang member, the dope fiend, the bank robber, the mentally ill, and so on....and through this complex process the nwo has found a way to paralyze you and instill fear in you hate and indifference. Q. Let us go back to Hitler and the examples you were discussing, do you see a Hitler in America's future?

A. He is already here, actually many a Hitler has been with us for a long time, yet by today’s standards it just looks and appears very different and it is called something completely different. It is called the state legislature. This is the legal institution full of psychopathic Hitler's who pass law after law criminalizing almost everything from public kissing to smoking cigarettes in one's own car to depleting your personal income by the various forms of taxation. Most Americans don't dare look at the state legislature's law books, they would see many state legislatures PATHOLOGICALLY AND DESPICABLY OUT OF CONTROL. Law after law is passed increasing time for most of the simplest of offenses. Civil commitment, the modern concentration camps, is prevalent in most every state....and it happened on your watch...and it was the state legislatures who created these new modern concentration camps. The several state legislatures in the most easily controlled institution of the NWO next to the mass media. Q. What does civil commitment have to do with anything? And what is civil commitment? A. Civil commitment is a by-product of a people who no longer care about their constitutional rights. Civil Commitment is a successful program of the new world order designed to control and incarcerate those most likely deemed to be a problem for the coming one world government in a physical sense. Civil commitment actually places a



person in jail for life - after they have served their time for an offense - they are then kept in jail for life. If a person robs a bank and gets 5 years, completes his or her sentence, they can be committed on the word of a psychologist or psychiatrist. The judicial system has given up to the psychologist and psychiatrist. And this is no accident. Under the federal and state constitutions only a judge and jury following the law very closely can put a person in jail and must follow the strictures of the Due process clause of the US Constitution - including the bill of rights and a person can only be placed in jail for a limited time only - but now our rights have been overturned by the NWO controlled psycs - based on his or her word alone you can be thrown in an actual civil commitment center –

for life. What's worse is that this occurs with no arrest, no miranda warning, no trial, no arrest or search warrant from a judge, no obtaining witnesses in your favor, no presentment of charges, no ability to obtain a lawyer, not even a phone call - nothing - the bill of rights has been incinerated and burned to a crisp - for these persons. If you think you can get a civil commitment case thrown out because these persons rights are violated, then you are terribly mistaken. Most are committed on the word of psychiatrists - and that is enough to put them away for life, and all this happens while American sleeps. The NWO people push for it, it happens and our constitutional rights are usurped, the NWO controlled mass media never reports on this and this nation takes one more step towards a dictatorship - a dictatorship of the NWO virtually exists unopposed by the sheer existence of Civil Commitment Centers all across this country. There are observers of the NWO that claim in order to institute the NWO in full - concentration camps have to be opened, but this is not true - America's prisons and civil commitment centers secure this purpose already. It already has been done. In this way, those pushing the NWO can get away with it right in your face and you would never know it unless it was pointed out to you. This is the very definition of being brainwashed. Horrors are taking place before your eyes, and constitutional rights are being brutally violated, and no one does anything about it. America sleeps while they plot and plan. The average American is very much like the German, who stares out of the windows of their houses as they watched train car-loads of



thousands of Jews being shipped through their neighborhoods into concentration camps – saw the black smoke from the oven furnaces in the distance – and did nothing. The terrible truth is that hundreds of thousands of people all across the united states are civilly committed for life in the dead of night or in the early morning hours. They are secretly transferred to a civil commitment centers - and they disappear into the system and no one ever knows about it. If the person has a family member - that person may call their loved to let them know what is going on.(Edited response) .(The American Horror Story of Civil Commitment, its History, Growth and Aims, is available by writing to us, see last page for details)

Q. Where do they keep civil commitment centers? A. Civil Commitment centers are highly secretive facilities, they are out of sight from all members of society, sometimes placed in highly industrialized polluted areas, made to look like just another dirty factory or places where the population usually do not go, or they are placed in a forested or deeply wooded area, where it is to long to drive to. Once these dreadful places out of sight, they are therefore out of the minds of the average American. Q. You mentioned something about the Nazis overthrowing the German courts to further ensure their agenda goes through, do you see this court effort happening in the United States? A. Absolutely yes, let me point it out to you. Maybe you have heard this nonsense about the US courts being out of control because they can make the law, and that liberal judges are out of control and they are micro managing every aspect of free society. That these federal judges are mini dictators - hell bent on molding the law as they go along, making up the rules as they go. These groups of people, who claim this, are deeply financed by the NWO and are successfully planting in your mind through mass media, television, radio, newspapers and printed books, the notion that your court system is unmanageable, out of control, unstable, and because the courts are unstable, out of control, the suggestion is that



they should be replaced, or at least these judges should be given impeachment hearings and forced out of government and replaced with new judges Q. How is the UN being used as a pawn of the NWO? A. They are using it to promote the notion that the world is falling apart by publishing reports from different parts of the world through the UN, showing their is economic and political chaos. These reports over time build up a consensus or notion that no one regional government can handle the problem that the only solution is giving more control to the UN to operate like a one world government. One of the other ways the UN gains more power is in a time of war as in the gulf war of 1990. The UN had enormous power and still retains it. A third way the UN gains power is when it brokers treaties with other nations. This is unconstitutional. Your US constitution only gives power to the US Senate to ratify treaties with other nations. • Although over 1, 000 questions were asked of this Diplomat, in the 25 part interview, here is only a small sample of other questions that were asked.

Q. Who is behind the NWO? Q. We have discussed a broad number of subjects from propaganda, to treaties, to the US constitution, economics, social policy - can you now discuss the NWO and the advances in technology they have made and what they intend on doing with the technology they have developed? Q. As a UN diplomat, what was the first attempt to set up a one world government. Q. It seems that the introduction of the UN Treaty was timed in a certain way, is that true? Q. Is there a State Department document that calls for the US to Give up its nuclear arms and other arms of the US's military to the United Nations? Q. You state that treaties are an assault on the US constitution because the US Constitution does not recognize the UN unless the US Constitution is amended. What other ways is the US Constitution being assaulted? Q. What happens if a constitutional convention is called and congress, the executive and judiciary is legally eliminated and a new congress or legislature is created?



Q. Much earlier you mentioned the word "depopulation" and "genocide" as a NWO plan, can you go into more detail about this? Q. Can you name early movers and shakers of the NWO order who promoted genocide as a solution to the overpopulation question? Q. You mentioned mind control earlier, can you give us some modern examples of what will happen with mind control? Q. You have talked much about the legal attacks wages against the US by the NWO - but can you provide an insight into the economic attack that are wages by the NWO? Q. Do you see a Future where their is a war between the US and Europe? Please write to the address below, should you have any questions. Be sure to send a double Self Addressed stamped envelope to ensure return correspondence.

P.O. Box 624 Ocean Grove, N.J. 07756



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