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Spring has come and gone but the weeds are still here!

If you would
WELCOME TO ALL SAINTS like to help with weeding, trimming and general clean-up, please call
CATHOLIC CHURCH Angela at [# omitted]. Everyone is welcome to help!

Parish cookbooks are available in the office during regular office hours
WELCOME HOME, FATHER MICHAEL! (7:30am-3:30pm, M-F). Great gifts for any special occasion! If you have
any special days coming up, we suggest you purchase your cookbooks
WE MISSED YOU! now as our supply is dwindling and there will be no reordering.

STEWARDSHIP THOUGHT We are making improvements on the grotto behind the rectory and ask
Today’s readings are about being chosen and sent. The prophet Amos that parishioners avoid the area for safety reasons until it is completed.
was chosen by the Lord and sent to use his talents for the people of God. Thank you and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience!
The Gospel recounts the story of the sending of the twelve. In the second
reading, St. Paul reminds us that we, too, are chosen. For what have I Coffee and Donuts This is a wonderful family opportunity to help out in
been chosen? To whom have I been sent? the parish. Please sign up on the Bulletin Board near the coffee and
donut area. If no one signs up the week before, we will not be serving.

Pray today for those whom God calls and sends as ministers of the Good
News. Read Amos 7: 12-15.
Certificates are available during the week in the parish office.
PARISH CALENDAR All Saints Parish receives 5% profit on all sales
Sun. July 12 2:00pm Baptism Preparation class (Lounge)
Mon. July 13 1:00pm Grief Support Group (Resource Room)
Tues. July 14 9:30am Mother Cabrini Guild (Resource Room) GRIEF SUPPORT MINISTRY
Wed. July 15 9:30am Caregivers Morning Out (Resource Room) Grief Support Group will meet this Monday at 1pm in the Resource
10:00am Summer Movie Time (Parish Hall) Room.
Thurs. July 16 9:45am Catholic Women and Friends (Parish Hall) YOUTH MINISTRY
(Annie N., Youth Minister)
PARISH ANNOUNCEMENTS Email [email omitted] or phone 531-0770
Have you moved, changed your phone number, added or deleted family
members, changed marital status? If so, please let us know so we can Please keep our young people in your prayers as they attend the Youth
update our database. Please call Lee at 531-0770 to report any changes. Leadership Institute in Gatlinburg this week.

All Saints new “Caregivers Nite-Out” support group is now “Caregivers CATHOLIC SINGLES
Morning Out.” The group determined mornings were easier for the Tues., July 14 Coffee and Conversation at Panera Bread, North Peters
family to allow the caregiver time out of the home. If you are a Rd. Meet at 6:30pm to enjoy a good cup of coffee or other beverage,
caregiver, full or part time, please join us at 9:30am the first and third along with good soups, pastries and conversation. For more info, please
Wednesdays each month. This new group will help you to survive the contact Randy S. at [# omitted].
emotional and physical challenges of care giving for a loved one. We
will meet this Wed., July 15th at 9:30am. Call Bob C., caregiver Thurs., July 16 LINE DANCE LESSONS. Linda and friends will
facilitator at [# omitted] for additional information. teach line dance lessons at Sacred Heart School Gym. Lessons start
promptly at 7pm; doors open at 6:30pm for socializing. As usual, lessons
are free and no registration is needed. This class is for first timers and
Summer Vacation Movie Schedule
experienced dancers; lessons are progressive so if you are just beginning
Get out of the summer heat and join us for some movie fun! On Wed.,
lessons, please start with the first session. For more information, please
July 15th at 10am, we will show two 30 min. movies, “The Day the Sun
email [email omitted].
Danced” and “Bernadette, the Princess of Lourdes.’ These movies are
animated and are appropriate for children thru elementary school.
Sat., July 18 I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!
th Join host Gail at 7:15pm at Baskin Robbins on Cedar Bluff/Middlebrook
On Wed., Aug. 5 at 10am, we will show “Joshua.” Based on the best-
Pike; or if you wish, join her at church for the 5pm Mass and then go to
selling novel by Joseph Girzone, “Joshua” is an inspirational story about
Mancino’s for some delicious pizza or sandwiches. You may join Gail
a stranger whose mysterious “supernatural” powers inspire a small town.
for Mass and/or supper, and/or dessert. RSVP’s appreciated by July 17th
This is a live action movie and is rated “G.” It is appropriate for
for table planning purposes by calling Gail at [# omitted] or email [email
elementary thru high school ages. Refreshments will be served. Please
omitted]. Don’t forget your Lifestyle coupon!
call [# omitted] for more information.

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Adam, son of Vu and Kim
What happens after the Resurrection? Join us each Thursday at 9:45am
who was baptized last weekend.
in the Parish Hall for “Acts of the Apostles” led by Dr. Ruth Q. Smith.
St. Catherine’s Croppers is currently working on an All Saints Parish The Catholic Charities website is bigger and better than ever! Go to
Scrapbook. If you are the organizer of an event at All Saint’s and have to learn about programs and services, links to community
photos you would like to be put in the scrapbook, please let us know. We partners and other information sources, and ways that you can make a
need the photos (no more than 10) and a short write-up of the event. You difference in the lives of the most vulnerable of East Tennessee. You can
will not get your photos back and we need them printed out, not e-mailed. even donate online! Check it out!!
Please contact Paula M. at [email omitted] for more info.
Summer items are still needed for the boys and girls of the Columbus
SENIOR KIDS Homes programs. These items include, but are not limited to hair
Yearly Birthday Celebration: Seniors age 55+ are invited to join us on brushes, body wash, deodorants and other hygiene products, and flip-
Fri., July 17 at 5:30pm in the parish hall. The menu consists of flops. If you can help, please contact Angela S. at [# omitted] or email
hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, fruit and dessert. Call Margaret, [# omitted] [email omitted].
or Pat, [# omitted] for reservations.
Ladies of Charity Thrift Shop is in need of volunteer cashiers. The
following shifts are available: Mon., 9:30am-1pm and 1-4:30pm; Tues.,
Summer Registration for Grades 1-5: Blank forms are available during
9:30am-1pm; and Fri., 9:30am-1pm. If interested in this opportunity,
the summer in the parish office lobby area for early registration..
please contact Jo S. at [# omitted].
GRADES 1-5, 2009-2010 – Teaching teams required and needed.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the parishioners for your
Grade 2 is in need of one teaching team; Grade 3 is in need of one
continued donations. Such support from parishes is essential to our
teaching team; Grade 4 is in need of 2.5 teaching teams and Grade 5 is
organization for it enables us to continue our ministry of assisting the
in need of two teaching teams. A teaching team consists of two adult
needy of our community. THANK YOU!!
volunteers. Call Miriam at [# omitted], Carol at [# omitted] or the parish
office at 531-0770 to volunteer. Classes without teaching teams when we
Membership directories are available in the parish office lobby. Please
begin in the fall will be provided with home-school materials until
note that member’s names are on each copy.
teaching teams step forward.

Do you have questions about the Catholic faith? Are you curious about CATHOLIC SCHOOLS
Catholic teachings? If so, please join us for an inquiry session at 7pm on,
7/13 or 7/27 in the Ed. Bldg. These gatherings are open to people who SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL SCHOOL
are unbaptized, or those baptized in a non-Catholic, Christian church. The Sacred Heart Annual Children’s Clothing Sale, scheduled for July
These sessions are not required as part of the RCIA classes which will 31-Aug. 1, is now accepting participants. Go to
begin Aug. 17 for those feeling called to join us in our Catholic Faith. and click on “consignment” to register or for more info. You can also
For more info about inquiry or RCIA, please call Tanya Belanger at [# call Trish at [# omitted].
omitted] or email [email omitted].
The Volunteer Ministry Center is having a benefit 5K Race/Walk
and 1K Kids Fun Walk on Sat., Aug. 8th at Volunteer Landing
Please join Bishop Stika and the Diocesan Catholic community for
beginning at 8:00AM. This is a fun event for anyone from a serious Diocesan Day 2009 on Sat., August 22 from 9am to 3:30pm at All
runner to those who would just like to enjoy a morning walk by the river Saints. Cardinal Justin Rigali will be our keynote speaker and homilist
with friends and family. If you would like information about this event, for Mass and will help develop our theme for the day, “You Have But
stop by the table outside church the weekend of July 18-19. One Teacher.” (Matthew 23: 8). Our afternoon program will feature
Bishop Stika who will have much of interest to share with us as this will
CATHOLIC CHARITIES be his first opportunity to speak to a diocesan audience since his
An “Irish Tennis Camp” for youth will be offered at Cedar Bluff ordination and installation five months earlier. Proceeds from the sale of
Racquet Club the week of August 3-6. The camp will focus on stroke tickets will assist the newly opened Catholic Charities Pregnancy Help
fundamentals and the development of match play skills in a fun Center in LaFollette as well as assist Catholic Relief Services with their
environment for all levels. Taught by Catholic High coaches Rusty vital mission in Sudan. An early bird registration fee of $20 is being
Morris (KIL Coach of the Year) and David Price. 10% of camp offered until July 19th. After July 19th, registration will be $25. Student
proceeds will go to Catholic Charities of East Tennessee! For more fee is $10. Lunch is included if registration is received prior to Aug. 17th.
information, call Cedar Bluff Racquet Club at [# omitted]. You can register electronically at or email
[email omitted] or call [# omitted]. Registration forms are also available
Columbus Home Group Home is in need of seven (7) adult-sized bicycles in the parish office.
for its male clients. Please call Angela at [# omitted] if you can help.

Catholic Charities Pregnancy Help Center is in dire need of diapers, SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT
sizes 4, 5, and 6, as well as training pants such as Pull-Ups. Also needed In every child who is born, under no matter what circumstances,
are shoes and summer clothing for children up to size 5T. If you can and of no matter what parents, the potentiality of the human
help, please contact Mary Beth U. at [# omitted]. race is born again.
Today’s Readings are on page 1023 in the Hymnal
Sun. Am 7: 12-15 Eph 1: 3-14 Mk 6: 7-13
Mon. Ex 1: 8-14, 22 Mt 10: 34—11:1
Tues. Ex 2: 1-15a Mt 11: 20-24
Wed. Ex 3: 1-6; 9-12 Mt 11: 25-27
Thur. Ex 3: 13-20 Mt 11: 28-30
Fri. Ex 11: 10-12,14 Mt 12: 1-8
Sat. Ex 12: 37-42 Mt 12: 14-21

Please pray for Sophie H., mother of Eileen W., who died recently
Sat., 07-11 9:00am Jeff H. by the Dalton H. family
5:00pm Alonzo A. by Peyton and Nicole R.
Sun., 07-12 8:15am People of All Saints Parish
10:00am Skip and Rochelle V. by the C.’s
11:45am Martha D.A. by Bob & Julia S.
Mon., 07-13 9:00am Bridget H. by Ophelia B.
12:10pm Communion Service
Tues., 07-14 9:00am William S. K. by Mary Ann C.
12:10pm Charmaine D. by Theresa A.
Wed., 07-15 9:00am Jack C. by Joan F.
12:10pm Linda L. by Marilyn B.
Thur., 07-16 9:00am Special Intention for Cara and Brian W.
12:10pm Communion Service
Fri., 07-17 9:00am Jim F. by Jean M.
12:10pm Karla K. by Dragica K.
Sat., 07-18 9:00am In thanksgiving for Jessica Marie and Ramos
5:00pm Jerry K. by the family