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Adobe® Bridge® & Camera Raw Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)

Bridge Label Slideshow Contd.

Preferences Cmd+K No Rating Cmd+0 Set Rating 1-5
Hide Bridge Cmd+H Assign * Rating Cmd+1 or Cmd+’ (apostrophe) Set label 6-9
Hide Others Cmd+Option+H Assign ** Rating Cmd+2 Decrease rating , (comma)
Quit Bridge Cmd+Q Assign *** Rating Cmd+3 Increase Rating . (period)
Assign **** Rating Cmd+4 Clear Rating 0
File Assign ***** Rating Cmd+5 Toggle Rating ‘ (apostrophe)
New Window Cmd+N Decrease Rating Cmd+, (comma)
New Folder Cmd+Shift+N Increase Rating Cmd+. (period) Miscellaneous
Open in Camera Raw…1 Cmd+R Assign Red label Cmd+6 Switch to Next Open Window Cmd+~ (tilde)
Open Cmd+O or Ctrl+Return Assign Yellow Label Cmd+7 Switch to Previous Open Window Cmd+Shift+~ (tilde)
Eject Cmd+E Assign Green Label Cmd+8 Switch View -Thumbnails, Filmstrip, etc Cmd+\
Close Window Cmd+W Assign Blue Label Cmd+9 Switch to Previous View Cmd+Shift+\
Move to Trash (Delete Image or Folder) Cmd+Del or Delete Show all Files Cmd+Option+A
Return to Adobe Photoshop CS2 2 Cmd+Option+O or Cmd+Shift+O View Show only files with No Rating Cmd+0
Return to Adobe Photoshop CS2 3 Cmd+Shift+Option+O Compact Mode Cmd+Return Show only files with 1 or more * Rating Cmd+Option+1
File Info… Cmd+Shift+Option+I Slideshow Cmd+L Show only files with 2 or more * Rating Cmd+Option+2
Versions Cmd+Shit+Option+V Show Thumbnails Only Cmd+T Show only files with 3 or more * Rating Cmd+Option+3
Refresh F5 Show only files with 4 or more * Rating Cmd+Option+4
Edit Show only files with 5 * Rating Cmd+Option+5
Undo/Redo Cmd+Z Window Show only files with Red label Cmd+Option+6
Cut Cmd+X Reset to Default Workspace Cmd+F1 Show only files with Yellow Label Cmd+Option+7
Copy Cmd+C Light Box View Cmd+F2 Show only files with Green Label 4 Cmd+Option+8
Paste Cmd+V File Navigator View Cmd+F3 Show only files with Blue Label Cmd+Option+9
Duplicate Cmd+D Metadata Focus View Cmd+F4 Select First Image Home (Up diagonal arrow)
Select All Cmd+A Filmstrip Focus View Cmd+F5 Select Last Image End (Down diagonal arrow)
Select Labeled Cmd+Option+L Switch User-Defined Workspaces Cmd+F6 through F12 Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Cmd+click Image
Select Unlabeled Cmd+Shift+Option+L Minimise Cmd+M Add to Selection (Contiguous) Shift+click Last Image
Invert Selection Cmd+Shift+I Move Up One Image/Folder Up Arrow
Deselect All Cmd+Shift+A Slideshow (View Menu) Move Down One Image/Folder Down Arrow
Find Cmd+F Show/Hide Slide Show keystrokes H Move Left One Image Left Arrow
Copy Camera Raw Settings Cmd+Option+C Exit Slide Show Esc Move Right One Image Right Arrow
Paste Camera Raw Settings Cmd+Option+V Loop On/Off L Reset Bridge Settings (open Bridge plus) Cmd+Option+Shift
Rotate 90o Clockwise Cmd+] Change Caption Mode C
Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise Cmd+[ Pause/Play Spacebar Keyboard Modifiers for opening Camera Raw images
Color Settings… (Creative Suite Only) Cmd+Shift+K Window Mode On/Off W (a) Camera Raw opens in Photoshop 5 2-clicks or Ctrl+Return
Change Display Mode D (b) As (a) above – Bridge closes 5 Option+2-clicks or Option+Return
Tools Previous Page Left arrow (c) Open image – bypass Camera Raw 5 Shift+2-clicks or Shift+Return
Batch Rename Cmd+Shift+R Next page Right arrow
Synchronise (Version Cue) Cmd+Shift+B Previous Document Cmd+Left arrow (d) Camera Raw opens in Bridge 6 2-clicks or Option+Return
Mark In Use (Version Cue) Cmd+Shift+M Next Document Cmd+Right arrow (e) Camera Raw opens in Photoshop 6 Ctrl+Return
Save a Version… (Version Cue) Cmd+Shift+V Rotate 90o Clockwise ] (f) As above (e) above - Bridge closes 6 Cmd or Ctrl +Option+Return
Make Alternates (Version Cue) Cmd+Shift+G Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise [ (g) Open image – bypass Camera Raw 6 Ctrl+Option+Shift+Return
© 2005 Ian Lyons
Adobe® Bridge® & Camera Raw Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)
Adobe Camera Raw Adobe Camera Raw Contd. Additional Keystrokes in Filmstrip View
Camera Raw Preferences Cmd+K Straighten Tool A Move Up One Image Up Arrow
Reset Camera Raw Preferences Cmd+Option+Shift+2-clicks or Return Crop Tool C Move Down One Image Down Arrow
Use Auto Adjustments On/Off Cmd+U Hand Tool H Select All Cmd+A
Undo/Redo Last Operation Cmd+Z White Balance Tool I Deselect All Cmd+Shift+A
Multiple Undo Cmd+Option+Z Rotate 90o Counter Clockwise L or Cmd+[ Select Rated Images Option+Select All
Multiple Redo Cmd+Shift+Z Highlight Clipping On/Off O Bypass Synchronize Dialog Option+Synchronize
Reset Image Settings Option+Click Cancel Button Preview Adjustments On/Off P Select First Image Home
Open Cmd+O Rotate 90o Clockwise R or Cmd+] Select Last Image End
Open Copy 7 Cmd+Option+O Sample Tool S Add to Selection (Discontiguous) Cmd+Click image
Open Copy (alternative) Option+Click Open Button Shadow Clipping On/Off U Add to Selection (Contiguous) Shift+Click last image
Save Cmd+S Zoom Tool Z Delete Selected Image Cmd+Del or Delete
Bypass Save dialog Cmd+Option+S Add Point to Curve Cmd+Click in Preview Assign * Rating to Image Cmd+1
Bypass Save dialog (alternative) Option+Click Save Button Deselect Point in Curve D Assign ** Rating to Image Cmd+2
Zoom Out Cmd++ (plus sign) Select Next Point in Curve Crtl+Tab Assign *** Rating to Image Cmd+3
Zoom In Cmd+- (hyphen) Select Preview Point in Curve Ctrl+Shift+Tab Assign **** Rating to Image Cmd+4
Zoom to Fit Cmd+0 Hide Blue/Yellow Fringe (Lens tab) Option+drag Red/Cyan Assign ***** Rating to Image Cmd+5
Zoom Tool 100% Cmd+Option+0 Hide Red/Cyan Fringe (Lens tab) Option+drag Blue/Yellow Decrease Rating by * Cmd+, (comma)
Temporary Zoom In Tool Cmd+Click in Preview Open Adjust Tab Cmd+Option+1 Increase Rating by * Cmd+. (period)
Temporary Zoom Out Tool Option+Click in Preview Open Detail Tab Cmd+Option+2 Assign Red label to Image Cmd+6
Temporary Hand Tool Spacebar Open Lens Tab Cmd+Option+3 Assign Yellow Label to Image Cmd+7
Temporary White Balance Tool Shift Open Curves Tab Cmd+Option+4 Assign Green Label to Image Cmd+8
Display Clipped Highlights Option+drag Exposure Open Calibration Tab Cmd+Option+5 Assign Blue Label to Image Cmd+9
Display Clipped Shadows Option+drag Shadow Assign Purple Label to Image Cmd+0


1. Adobe Camera Raw opens in Bridge.

2. Launches Photoshop if not already open and leaves Bridge window visible.
3. Launches Photoshop if not already open and closes Bridge window.
4. For the Cmd+Option+8 combination to function correctly it is necessary to disable Universal Access Keyboard Shortcuts in OSX System Preferences.
5. Bridge Advanced Preference for “Double-click Edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge” is set to Off (default - unchecked).
6. Bridge Advanced Preference for “Double-click Edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge” set to On (checked).
7. “Open Copy” is only available when Camera Raw opens in Photoshop.

© 2005 Ian Lyons