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1. Present Simple Tense


I like my house
You live in Guanajuato
We wake up before 9 o’clock
I like swim
She likes gymnastic
He likes Dragonforce
I like Dream Theater
We go to school by bus


I don’t like Panda

I don’t like gymnastic
She doesn’t like football
We don’t go to bed early
They don’t like to study
He doesn’t like Iron Maiden
We don’t go out Saturday

Yes/no Questions

Do you like play football?

Yes I do/ No I don’t
Do you like get up early on Sunday?
Yes I do/No I don’t
2. Present continuous tense

Long Short

I am writing the English homework I’m writing English

You are reading this you’re reading this
We are reading some books We’re reading some
We are playing PS3 We’re playing PS3
You are listening Coda You’re listening Coda
They are making some videos They’re making
some videos


I am not blinded by the lights I’m not blinded by the

We are not seeking money on the floor We’re not seeking
money on the floor
It is not hot It’s not hot
They are not going to escape from school They’re not going to
escape from school
You are not watching me You’re not watching
They are not listening They’re not listening
We are not playing football We’re not playing

Yes/No questions

Are you staying on my friend’s house?

Yes I am / no I’m not
Is she watching TV?
Yes she is / No she isn’t

Present continuous for future

What are you doing tonight?

I’m doing my homework
What time is she coming to the plaza?
She’s coming about 7 o’clock

3. Present simple and present continuous.

I am meeting to my friends in the park

I usually meet to my friends in the park

He is out with your parents

He usually goes out with his parents at night
4. Adverbs of frequency

I always walk to my house after school

She usually goes out with her friends
He often is sad
We sometimes are busy
I am never late to school

5. Verbs of liking and disliking

I love programming
He like basketball
She doesn’t like baseball
We hate study
They prefer to play football

6. Possessive pronouns

Whose shirt is it? It’s mine

Whose computer is it? It’s yours
Whose TV is it? It’s hers
Whose CD’s are they? They’re his
Whose notebooks are they? They’re ours
Whose pencil is it? It’s Bore’s
Whose music are they? They’re Dream Theater’s
Whose pens are they? It’s mine

7. Countable and uncountable nouns

Countable Uncountable
A banana an eggs some bread
Some bananas some eggs some rice

8. Quantifiers: some and any.

Countable Uncountable
Positive I’ve got some I’ve got some
bread pieces cheese
Question Have you got any Have you got any
sugar tars? milk?
Negative You haven’t got We haven’t got any
any potatoes cheese

9. Quantifiers: much, many and a lot of

Countable Uncountable
Positive There are a lot of There is a lot of
people living milk on the fridge
around here
Question Have you got many Have you got much
people into your work to Friday?
Negative I Haven’t got many You haven’t got
homework any bananas

10. Past simple tense: to be.


I was to my house That was ace

You were to the school It was a good film
He was a good actor They were a Speed Metal band
We were good students You were and so busy guy

Long Short

I was not to school I wasn’t not to school

You were not here on holiday You weren’t here on holiday
She was not a good actress She wasn’t a good actress
It was not a good answer It wasn’t a good answer
We were not good players We weren’t good players
You were not my friend You weren’t my friend
I was not American I wasn’t American

Yes/No questions

Were you go on the lasts holidays? I weren’t to anywhere / I were go

to Acapulco
Was he American? Yes, she was/No she wasn’t

11. Past simple tense: regular verbs

I watched a movie
We stayed on my house
They finished the race before us
It dreamed
You moved some plants

Long way Short way
I did not walk around there I didn’t walk around there
They did not stay on my house They didn’t stay on my house
He did not travel by car He didn’t travel by car
It did not walk It didn’t walk
We did not play football We didn’t played football
They did not go to the beach They didn’t go to the beach
You did not watch the movie You didn’t watch the movie
We did not find our keys We didn’t find our keys

Yes/No questions
Did you finish your homework?
Yes I did/No I didn’t
Did they find the rock?
Yes, they did/No, they didn’t

12. Past simple tense: irregular verbs

Infinitive Irregular past Infinitive Irregular past

form form
Be Was/were Lead Led
Become Became Learn Learnt
Begin Began Leave Left
Burn Burnt Lose Lost
Buy Bought Make Made
Come Came Put Put
Do Did See Saw
Fight Fought Sit Sat
Find Found Steal Stole
Get Got Take Took
Give Gave Teach Taught
Go Went Tell Told
Have Had Think Though
Hear Heard Write Wrote


I went to his house

We bought some potatoes
We came to my house
They found a jacket on the furniture
I saw some good movies
She was under the table


Long way Short Way

I did not went to his house I didn’t go to his house
We did not buy any potatoes We didn’t buy any potatoes
We did not come to my house We didn’t come to my house
They did not find a jacket on They didn’t find a jacket on the
the furniture furniture
I did not see any good movies I didn’t see any good movie
She did not be under the table She didn’t be under the table

Yes/No questions

Did they found the jacket?

Yes, they did/No, They didn’t
Did we come to my house?
Yes, We come/No, we didn’t

13. Questions: How + Adjective

How High is the Popocatepetl?

It’s a lot of meters high
How deep is the Pacific Ocean?
It’s very deep
How far is USA?
It’s not very far

14. Comparatives and superlatives

Verb Comparative Superlative
Slow Slower Slowest
Long Longer Longest
Big Bigger Biggest
Hot Hotter Hottest
Heavy Heavier Heaviest
Funny Funnier Funniest

15. Comparatives and superlatives: long adjectives

Verb Comparative Superlative

Expensive More expensive The most expensive
Important More important The most important

16. Comparatives and superlatives: irregular


Verb Comparative Superlative

Good Better The Best
Bad Worse The worst

17. Going to future

I’m going to buy some milk
We’re going to the party
They’re going to the park
She’s going to wash her backpack
We`re going to the cinema
They’re going to take us a survey
I’m going to go to the school

I’m not going to buy some milk
We’re not going to the party
They’re not going to the park
She’s not going to wash her backpack
We’re not going to the cinema
They’re not going to take us a survey
I’m not going to the school

Yes/No questions
Are you going to pay our buy?
Yes, I am/No, I’m not
Are they going to have a party?
Yes, they are/No, they aren’t

18. Making Suggestions

What shall we do?

Let’s go shopping
Why don’t we go to the cinema?
What about go to rollerblading?

19. Verb: must/mustn’t (obligation/prohibition)

You must to eat that. It’s healthy
You must to dress a white shirt

You mustn’t to touch that screen
You mustn’t fight

20. Verb: can (permission)

Can I go to the cinema with my friends?

Can I eat that?

21. Ordering Food

What would you like?

I’d like some sausages
Can I have a soda please?

22. Verb: would like + infinitive with to (invitations)

Would you like to come to my house tomorrow?

Would you like to go to the cinema?
Yes, please/No, thanks
Yes I would/Sorry, I can’t
23. By + means of transport

How do you get to school?

I go by bus/car/train
I fly
How long does it take?
It takes me about of 20 minutes.

24. Directions

Can you tell me the way to the Central Park?

Go up/down this street
Go straight ahead
Go pass the Cathedral
Turn left at this corner
It`s opposite to the Cathedral It`s on your left/right

25. Adverbs ob manner.

Regular Irregular
Adjective Adverb Adjective Adverb
Slow Slowly Good Well
Loud Loudly Fast Fast
Quiet Quietly Late Late
Quick Quickly Early Early
Polite Politely
Rude Rudely
Careful Carefully
Angry Angrily
Happy Happily
Easy Easily

26. Verb: Have to


I have to go to school
I have to bring my scholar items
They have to meet their friends
We have to go to bed early
You have to be a good partner
He has to wake up early
She has to make the food


I don’t have to go to school

I don’t have to bring my scholar items
They don’t have to meet their friends
We don’t have to go to bed early
You don’t have to be a good partner
She doesn’t have to wake up early
He doesn’t have to make the food


Do I have to go to school?
Yes, you do/No, you don’t
Does he have to make the food?
Yes, he does/No, he doesn’t

27. Questions with like

What’s your friend like?

He’s very generous and happy.

What’s you like?

I’m very quietly

28. Infinitive of purpose with to

We’re hearing the radio to listen about of the news

I’m going to French classes to learn French
They went to the cinema to watch some movies
He is here to watch the “Arco de la calzada”
She turned on the TV to watch her cartoons