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McDonald's is the world's leading global foodservice retailer with more than 33,000 locations in 118 countries. McDonalds has several company owned stores, but uses Franchising for both domestic and international expansion. McDonald's India was set up as a 50:50 joint-venture between McDonald's at a global level and regional Indian partners such as Hard castle Restaurants Private Limited in western India, and Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited in northern India. McDo nalds currently has over 220 restaurants in the country. McDonalds doesnt provide any financial assistance and absentee ownership of finance is not allowed. Also, the financial requirements are quite steep. MFY- In orders to implement the MFY (Made for You) option for customers, the franchises are required to upgrade their equipment at their own expense. This caused some problem with maintaining standard service across all outlets. Pricing and menu may also be a point of difficulty for the franchiser and franchisee as prices vary between companies owned and franchised stores. Inconsistent standards- There are several instances of poor service or disgruntled customers complaining about the quality of food served. This is because it is difficult to enforce the exact same standards in all franchised stores.

McDonalds aims to provide 100 percent total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, McDonalds relies on its operating philosophy based on QSC & V Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value. McDonalds believes that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of the brand and all restaurants must perform to the standards. These standards are used in both company owned and franchised restaurants. Culture McDonalds vision to be the worlds best quick service restaurant experience is supported by the companys recognition of the importance of adjusting its operational strategies to the meet the specific dynamics and needs of the countries in which it operates. This has played a major role in the companys global success. McDonalds corporate used advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing and became worlds largest leading Burger Empire. These five promotion tools are used by McDonalds to integrate marketing communication program which allows McDonalds to access the communication channels clearly, consistently and easily transfers messages and product to the target audiences.

SERVICE: - Some soft standards followed by McDonalds staff are Welcome every customer with a smile and are genuinely friendly at all times. Deliver consistent standards of hospitality. Seize opportunities to interact with customers in a personal and positive way. Be well informed about product contents and nutritional. Information Always appear clean and well groomed.

Communication Objectives 1. Target Audience Relatively homogenous group consumers feel that it is all the same and wanting it at the lowest price. Ranges from all ages whether they are a toddler or a senior citizen is affordable and does not require an outstanding amount of income to purchase their products. Established within the rural and suburban communities although there may be less in the rural communities. Has many brand loyal customers that come in everyday whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert focus on their current customers to ensure that their customers will maintain their current purchasing and consumption behaviour. Have many favourable brand switchers continue to buy their products, but at the same time they also purchase products from Burger King will be communicated to directly to ensure that McDonalds remains in their evoked set Will have to ensure that their main message being sent out is clear and concise so that the new category users believe in it and switch to McDonalds with their new Lighter Choice Menu, this can attract new users that are more health conscious Will have to focus on other brand switchers closely these customers purchase other brands such as Burger King, Wendys or Harveys can find ways of getting these customers to switch over planning on emphasizing more on brand experience by feelings over features and passion over price.

2. Media Objectives To create awareness, attitudes and purchase intention among the target audience: Use TV ads to reach 80% of target audience over a 1-year period. Use the radio to reach the other 20% of the target audience over a 1-year period. Outdoor billboards will be used all year round to maintain awareness and attitudes. Send direct mails to every household every other week. Heaviest advertising will be during the fall and summer months. Create purchase intention and awareness to non-customers through the use of sponsorships and events.

Media Strategy and Specific Media Choices TV ads on all major channels on City TV, NBC, Global and the Cartoon Network these are the most watched channels and can reach the most viewers all at once and it can create emotional appeals.

Radio ads aired on all radio stations such as Z103.5, Chum FM, Easy Rock, AM 106, AM 1010, etc. suited for every one of all ages and personalities will be used throughout the day especially during rush hours such as in the morning and after work. Outdoor billboards will be used all year round to maintain awareness and attitudes by locating them in specific locations will be used in rural and suburban areas, construction sites and on the side of highways will also be situated in every bus shelter. Direct mails will be sent to every household in Toronto every other week can maintain awareness and attitudes consist of information on what specials they have for the week or introducing a new product line has many opportunities for repeat exposure, higher information content, and high selectivity

Public Relations:Public Relations are also an important part of the McDonalds marketing strategy. The restaurant employees play a huge role in interacting with the public. On a day-to-day basis the employees commit themselves to customers and the customers feelings toward the brand. McDonalds feels that before they communicate with their customers they need to be aware of what their competitors are communicating, so they can create a beneficial difference between themselves and the competitors. Many forms: Telephone marketing, direct mail, online marketing, etc.; Four distinctive characteristics: Non-public, Immediate, Customized, Interactive; Well-suited to highly-targeted marketing efforts. Sales promotion: McDonalds will implement is to stimulate trial purchase by 20% of the target market. McDonalds plans to use incentives as they reward or give consumers extra incentives for engaging in certain forms of behaviour. The incentives that will be used include the use of coupons and premiums. Free standing inserts allow us to deliver the coupons with high quality, four coloured images that draw attention of consumers Direct mail is our main focus area for distributing the coupons. Our target redemption rate through the direct mail is expected to be 9% of the 500,000 coupons distributed. Premiums are our most popular way to maintain repurchasing consumers. We are the largest restaurant in Canada to make toys and gadgets that we give to consumers when they purchase certain meal items.

Advertising:Advertisement is targeted to attract the masses it reaches to large number of people at a time. Advertising is one of the most important tools for promotion which had various ways of advertisement in that advertisement through billboards and media are often used by any of the business enterprise. Consumers mostly perceive goods which are advertised goods, as they assume it is more right full. Due to distinct features of advertisement McDonalds also hold the hand of Advertising. There are three main objectives of advertising for McDonalds are to make people aware of an item, feel positive about it and remember it. The right message has to be communicated to the right people through the right media. McDonalds will implement is to purchase by 50% of the target market. Will be used to obtain greater success for any new brands by trying to stimulate purchases of the product

McDonalds plans to use TV, Radio, and Bill Boards to convey messages. Tactic involved in advertising include McDonalds brand history and brand loyalty by many of our consumers. The timing for these messages will be based all throughout the day especially strong during prime time hours. McDonalds advertises in one week all of the following reasons to select McDonalds. Family Convenience, Ronald McDonald house, Constant New Menu Items Nutrition, Budgets Playgrounds

Direct marketing: McDonalds will implement an objective that will seek a direct response of 9% by the target audience. Objective will be to inform consumers who are not users about us and educate them about how our products are better than the competitors. The strategy that will be used will be Direct Mail, which will help to stimulate trial, build brand loyalty, increase our sales and market share and finally lead consumer to repeat purchases. The timing for these mailing will be based on their overall cost and response by consumer. However, they will all be based on a monthly basis, and will only be good during certain hours of the day.

Personal selling:Personal selling is most effective tool for building buyers preference, convenience and actions. Personal interaction allows knowing for feedback and adjustments if required. If the organization had a good Relationship with Buyers they are more attentive towards personal selling. In personal selling McDonalds employees working in different outlets are the best example of personal interaction, the employees are directly serving the customers so, and the face to face communication is easily possible. In the McDonalds outlet there are such staffs which are appointed for personal selling they are the one who perform the activities regarding selling up of goods to customers.

Subway restaurant
Over view of subway

Subway is the world's largest sandwich chain, with more than 13,200 independently owned and operated locations worldwide. Its restaurants offer a variety of submarine sandwiches and salads, as well as snacks and beverages. Subway is the leader in the "non-traditional branded fast food" category, meaning that it does not offer hamburgers, pizza, or fried chicken. While a substantial amount of Subway's business is in carryout orders, most of the chain's stores offer seating areas where customers can eat their sandwiches and salads. About 2,000 of the Subway outlets are smaller units operating in convenience stores, truck stops, railroad stations, college and high school campuses, military bases, airports, grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, and other locations.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, Subway controlled 82 percent of the sandwich chain market in the United States in the mid-1990s. Subway communication mix

Figure 1.1 communication mix


Internal Marketing Communication - Vertical - Horizontal

External Marketing Communication - Advertising - Directing Marketing - Sales Promotion - Public Relation Interactive Marketing Communication - Personal selling - Customer Service Center - Service encounter - Service Scopes



Interpretation Above the diagram clearly explains a generic model for communication which is being implemented by services based companies in the world. The communication model is divided into three parts as clearly seen above. A) Internal Marketing Communications: It company should manage the information and its flow from company to employees in order to accurately and consistently reach to customers who are hearing and seeing it. B) External Marketing Communications: These are the channels (not under the companys control) through which the company disseminates the information to its customers. These channels provide equal opportunities to all the companies for communication to masses. C) Interactive Marketing Communications: These channels are in direct contact with the customers when it experiences the services in form of services capes, service encounters, Customer Service centres and companys frontend employees.

I N T E R N A L Vertical In Housing Training, Performance-linked pay Company Policies Horizontal Extracurricular Crew activities

Print Newspapers & Magazine Broadcast Outdoor E X T R A N T Sales E Promotion R N A L Public Relation Discount Coupons Rebate Press release Shows, Exhibition & Special Events Media Coverage CSR Activity Social Media Move Coupons Goodies, Corporate Rebates News World Health Day Internet Mobile Wireless , Banner Ads MCommerce Advertisements Direct mail Emails Television Radio Hoarding pamphlets , banners vehicles advertisement on cabs

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