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Obama’s recent visit to Ghana has put Ghana at the forefront of world
media news. Before the U.S. President’s arrival, the excitement and
expectation of Ghanaians were held high. However, with the constant heavy
rainfall the country was having for several days leading up to the US
president’s arrival, it seemed as though the well planned preparations of
Ghanaians would be blighted. Many Ghanaians pondered the thought as to
whether their hopes of a perfect Ghanaian welcome would be ‘drowned’ in
disappointment. But all hope was not lost and in fact the situation was
perfectly under control, at least as far as the Ghanaian President Atta Mills
was concerned. One inside source claims that T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue,
Church Of All Nations specifically prayed concerning the rain and that
President Atta Mills was assured by T.B. Joshua, that the rain would stop
before the US president’s plane lands in Ghana.

Was it divine intervention that the rain stopped just shortly before Obama’s
plane landed? Was it the prayer of T.B. Joshua that halted the rain or just
mere chance? This is the topic of much debate. One person I spoke to said,
“Yes, I believe T.B. Joshua’s prayer was paramount to the rain stopping. The
man seems to have divine connection”. Another person stated, “I heard it
on the grapevine that T.B. Joshua was actually in Ghana at the time of
Obama’s visit but I don’t know much about the rain issue”. An inside source
confirmed that T.B. Joshua was actually in Ghana during Obama’s visit but
was unable to give any further information.

The question many may be asking is, what could a professor of law and
indeed a president of a nation have in common with someone with no
educational accolades? What could be the common thread that ‘yarned’ the
President of Ghana, John Atta Mills and T.B. Joshua together? What is
considered an uncommon combination has sparked media interest. Some
speculate that it was T.B. Joshua’s accurate prophecy concerning the
outcome of the recent Ghanaian election that ignited the relationship but
according to Atta Mills, the genesis of their relationship stemmed as far back
as ten years ago. In Atta Mills own words, “I’ve known the man of God for
more than ten years. Indeed, I first met him when I was the Vice President
of the Republic of Ghana and I’ve continued to maintain the relationship
ever since”. President Atta Mills has even gone as far as publically
proclaiming that T.B Joshua is his mentor. A mentor is someone who is
capable of growing and increasing one’s life – a guide, a counsellor. How
could a president of a nation who is also a professor of law sit and learn at
the feet of a prophet? The answer can only be summed up in one simple

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