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English Phrases

Hindi Phrases

English Greetings Hi! Good morning! Good evening! Welcome! (to greet someone) How are you? I'm fine, thanks! And you? Good/ So-So. Thank you (very much)! You're welcome! (for "thank you") Hey! Friend! I missed you so much! What's new? Nothing much Good night! See you later! Good bye! Asking for Help and Directions I'm lost Can I help you?

Hindi Greetings: Namastey! Suprabhaat Shubh sundhyaa. Aapka swaagat hai! Aap kaisey hain? Mein theek hoon, shukriya! Aur aap? और ? / ( ) ?+

Accha/ Theek-thaak

Shukriyaa (Bahut dhanyavaad) *** *** Arrey, Dost!. र,

Mujhey aapkee bahut yaad aaee.? Kyaa chal rahaa hai?; Zyaada kuch nahi Shubh raatri. Phir milen-gay.! Alvida! ल र ल चल र ?

Hum kho gaye hain. Kya mein aapki madad kar sakta/ sakti (female) hoon?

English Phrases
र /

Hindi Phrases

Can you help me?

Kya aap meri madad kar saktey hain? र र śaucaghara/ pharmacy kahaan hai? च र/

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

Go straight! then turn left/ right!

Seedhey jaaey! Phir bānyae/ dānyae mudiye - र Mein John ko dhoondh rahaa/ rahi (female) hoon. र -र Ek minat… Ek minat… Yeh kaisey diyaa? Kshama keejeeae… Kshama keejeeae… Mere saath aaeeyé! र इ

I'm looking for john.

One moment please! Hold on please! (phone) How much is this? Excuse me ...! (to ask for something) Excuse me! ( to pass by) Come with me!

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How to Introduce Yourself

Do you speak (English/ Hindi)?

Kyaa aap (angrézee/hindi) mein baat kar saktey hain? ( ) र Bus thodaasaa. Aapka naam kyaa hai? Meraa naam …hai. र .....

Just a little. What's your name? My name is ... Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…

Shree../Shreematee…/Kumaari…/Kumar (Master)

How to Introduce Yourself
Nice to meet you! You're very kind! Where are you from? I'm from (the U.S/ India) I'm (American) Where do you live? रर ल र ल

Aapsey milkar khushi huee! Aap bahut dayaloo hain! Aap kahaan sey hain? Mein (amerika/ bhārata) se hoon. Mein amrikan hoon. Aap kahaan rehtey hain? र



र )

I live in (the U.S/ India)

Mein (US/ bhārata) mein rehtaa/ rehtee (female) hoon. (US- र ) र -र Kyaa aap ko yahaan accha lagtaa hai? ल Bharat ek adbhut desh hai Aap kyaa kaam kartey hain? र र

Did you like it here?

India is a wonderful country What do you do for a living?

I work as a (translator/ businessman)

Mera apnaa vyaapaar hai (I have my own business) र र Mujhey Hindi bhaashaa acchee lagtee hai. ल Main ek maheeney sey Hindi seekh raha/ rahee (female) hoon. र -र Yeh accha hai! Aapkee umar kyaa hai? उ र

I like Hindi

I've been learning Hindi for 1 month

Oh! That's good! How old are you?

I'm (twenty, thirty...) years old.

Mein (bees, tees…) saal ka hoon/ ki hoon (female) ( , ) ल Mujhey jaana hogaa Mein turant laut key aaoongaa/ aaoongi (female)

I have to go I will be right back!

How to Introduce Yourself
र ल Wish Someone Something Good luck! Happy birthday! Happy new year! Merry Christmas! Congratulations! Enjoy! (for meals...) Shubh Kaamnaayein Janamdin kee shubhaechaen Naaey saal kee shubhaechaen Christmas kee badhaaeeyaan Badhaaee ho! Bhog keejeeae Mein kabhi Bharat jaana chahoongaa/ chahoongi (female) र च -च John ko meri taraf sey namastey kehna. र र (No expression) Shubh raatri र ल इ -

I'd like to visit India one day

Say hi to John for me Bless you (when sneezing) Good night and sweet dreams! Solving a Misunderstanding I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something)

Kyaa aap issey dohraa saktey hain?

Sorry (for a mistake)

Kshamaa/ maafee chaahta/ chaahti (female) hu. च /च Koee baat nuhee Kyaa aap issey dohraa saktey hain? Kyaa aap dheerae baat karengae? Kripaya karkey yeh likkh deejeeae. र ल Mujhey samajh mein nahi aataa. इ र र र

No Problem! Can You Say It Again? Can You Speak Slowly?

Write It Down Please!

I Don't Understand!

How to Introduce Yourself
I Don't Know! Mujhey nahi maloom ल

I Have No Idea.

Mujhey iss cheez kaa kuchh pata nahi hai इ च Issey Hindi mein kyaa kahtey hain? इ Angrezi mein “maloom” ka kyaa arth hoga? “ ल ” Hindi mein “please” kaisey kahtey hain? Yeh kyaa hai? इ र “ ल ”

What's That Called In Hindi?

What Does "gato" Mean In English?

How Do You Say "Please" In Hindi? What Is This? My Hindi is bad.

Meri Hindi kucch khaas nahi hai.

I need to practice my Hindi

Mujey Hindi ka or abhyaas karnaa hogaa और र Chinta mat karo! च र

Don't worry! Hindi Expressions and Words Good/ Bad/ So-So. Big/ Small Today/ Now Tomorrow/ Yesterday Yes/ No Here you go! (when giving something) Do you like it? I really like it! I'm hungry/ thirsty. In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.

Accha/ Boora/ Theek-thaak Bada Chhota Aaj/ Abhi Kal/ Kal ल- ल ल -

- र -(



Haan/ Naa or Nuhi

Ye leejeeay (polite)/ Ye lo


ल ल ल ल -र

Kyaa aap ko yeh accha lagta hai? Mujhey yeh bahut accha lagta hai Mujhey bhookh lagi hai/ Mujhey pyaas lagi hai Subah ko/ Shaam ko/ Raat ko -

How to Introduce Yourself
This/ That. Here/There Me/ You. Him/ Her. Really! Look! Hurry up! What? Where? What time is it? Yeh/ woh. Yahaan/ wahaan Hum/ Tum. Voh/ Voh Such mein? Dekkho! Jaldi karo! Kyaa? Kahaan? Kitney bajey hain? र ? ? ? च -

It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm.

Dus bajey hain. Shyaam ke Saat buj kar tees minat hue hain. , र Mujhey ye cheez chaaheeye! च च

Give me this!

I love you!

Mei tumsey pyaar kartaa/ karti (female) hu! र र / र Meri Tabiyut kharaab hai. र र र र

I feel sick. I need a doctor One, Two, Three Four, Five, Six Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Mujhey Doctor kee zaroorat hai Ek, Dow, Teen , , च, , ,

Chaar, paanch, chhey च र, Saat, Aath, Nao, Dus ,

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