Love flows from within. Love is the sleeping energy in every being.

When Love awakens, there is no self-control! The SELF flows.

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Master Parvathi Kumar · On Love

Love needs no venue.

on Love A WORD
Love is divine. Love is overwhelming. The word ‘LOVE’ is mostly uttered but not really experienced. Love is always associated with the Divine. Those who know the Divine only know what Love is. “ON LOVE” just flowed during the silent moments on 6th May 2006. It is faithfully recorded.

K. Parvathi Kumar.

on Love


Love is the Basic Energy. Without Love there is no Creation.

on Love 2 Love is God. . God is Love.

knows the Truth. . knows Duty.on Love 3 Love knows Justice.

. Truth is Love.on Love 4 Love is the most proximate energy to Truth.

on Love 5 Love needs no other! Love is causeless! .

Love flows from within. .on Love 6 Love needs no venue.

. there is no self-control! The SELF flows.on Love 7 Love is the sleeping energy in every being. When Love awakens.

.on Love 8 Love elevates and alleviates. Energy springs. glands secrete in Love. fountains emerge.

Love is Revelation.on Love 9 Love is total revolution. .

on Love 10 Love of the form is infancy. of Wisdom is maturity. . Love of Light. Love of patterns of Beauty and their manifestation is adolescence. Love of Beauty beyond form and light is Love pure.

A man who knows Himself knows Love. .on Love 11 Love is the lady that awakens from Self-realisation.

on Love 12 Love is the flame that inflames all the surroundings. .

on Love 13 Love is like the Python. the Pythia that causes typhoon. .

It heeds not to your reason. leads you from the front.on Love 14 Love overtakes you. . to your intellect. It makes you a pygmy of your ego.

It settles you in a higher order – beyond your logic and reason. .on Love 15 Love unsettles you from your doctrine of “Dos and Don’ts.” It destabilises from your self-proposed positioning.

It shows you the beauty of choice-less living.on Love 16 Love leads you to places. to persons and situations of its choice. .

It needs no intellectual techniques. .on Love 17 Love heals.

Sacrifice happens – it’s no feeling of Sacrifice.on Love 18 Love levels all and harmonises. . Love is Sacrifice. In Love.

There is no high and low in Love.on Love 19 Love knows no pride. disappointment and delay. . Love knows not discomfort.

Love cannot be bound. It is too powerful.on Love 20 Love lets you free! Free from all fetters. .

on Love 21 The Power of Love overpowers Power. .

.on Love 22 Love knows no decay and death.

on Love 23 Love is the Tornado that knows not big and small. .

Love harmonises. rationale). Love tranquillises.on Love 24 Love permeates. reason. . Love lets the Beings escape from their pigeonholes (of mind.

to fly higher and higher. .on Love 25 Love enables you to fly. Love settles you in the limitless expanse.

There is no inferior or superior in Love. Love is Love. .on Love 26 Love is found in all forms. Where there is Life. there Love is.

. Love unfolds insight.on Love 27 Love is blind – blind to those who observe from outside the ring of Love.

Mind is the slayer of the real.on Love 28 Mind is the Ring-pass-not. Love is the slayer of mind! .

Love lives.on Love 29 Mind develops and lives by logic. Mind follows. lives to the brim and flows over. . develops logic and lives by it. lives full.

Love motors all. Love moves by itself. Mind moves by thought.on Love 30 Love cares not. Mind cares. Love permeates. Mind preserves. . Mind is motored by thoughts.

and thinks to preserve the acts of Love! . Love proceeds unmindful. organises. planning and organising. Mind plans.on Love 31 Love precedes thinking.

It needs no one’s permission. Love proceeds. Love decides and proceeds. Existence co-operates! .on Love 32 Love is spontaneous. Even God follows Love.

.on Love 33 Love binds God. God wills to be bound by Love.

Love flows like a nonchallant river (Ganges). Bunds and banks are built later. Regulations are formed and framed much later.on Love 34 Love knows no regulations. .

on Love 35 Love is friendly. . Friendliness and Love are synonyms.

on Love 36 Love and Power are seemingly incompatible. Love subdues Power and moulds it to be malleable. .

. Power is pale and non-vital. Love is blushing and vitalising.on Love 37 Love bends what Power cannot.

Love smiles ever! .on Love 38 Love knows to smile. Smile and Love are inseparable twins. Power smiles never.

on Love


Love is freedom! It lets others free. Love frees you; and you, dipped in Love, free others. It knows not freezing.

on Love


Love is the warmth that “defreezes” the frozen one; that unfetters the fettered ones.

on Love


Love dislocates from localisation. Engulfed by Love, one knows not Time, Space and Place.

It cares not sabbath rules and the like. There is no sabbath in Love.on Love 42 Love knows no holiday. .

. The being is in Love and is moved by Love. Love as an act is the shadow of Love.on Love 43 Love is not an act. Love is Be-ness.

Power makes it heavy.on Love 44 Love makes life light. .

.on Love 45 Love craves for beings. Power craves for things.

of the subtle. of sunset. of thunder. of flowering. of a butterfly. Beauty of all that surrounds. of clouds. of all! Love blinds ugliness and opens Beauty. of colours. of lightening.on Love 46 Love reveals Beauty. . of animals. of trees. of darkness. of morning dew. of the gross. Love reveals the Beauty of sunrise.

on Love 47 Love blinds sight (of the worldly) and opens Insight of Beauty. of Bliss. of Joy. All is beautiful in Love. .

Love is complete. Love includes hate! It absorbs hate.on Love 48 Love is fulfilment. .

on Love 49 Love is all-absorbing. attack and even poison. criticism. . Love demonstrated its ability to absorb hate.

on Love 50 Love transforms! .

soothening and healing.on Love 51 Love is seemingly wild. gentle. . But it is mild.

on Love 52 Love is Life – Life is Love – Love is Trust – Love is Risk! .

on Love 53 Trust is the other name of Love. . you trust. He trusted Judas. When you love. Love and mistrust do not go together. Jesus loves.

knows tolerance. knows others.on Love 54 Love knows forgiveness. .

on Love 55 Love enables transcendence. Transcendental love is Love. .

.on Love 56 Love binds and synthesises.

Love.e. i.on Love 57 Love is not commerce – there is no sensation of ‘give and take’.. no feeling of service and sacrifice. one feeling exists. . Only one sensation.

Impossible turns possible in Love. .on Love 58 Love makes all possible.

yet ever-fresh. .on Love 59 Love builds and protects. Love is preserving.

on Love 60 Heart is the centre of Love. . The Art of Love is known only to the hearty.

When Love presents itself the throb is tangible. .on Love 61 The heartthrob is Love.

on Love 62 Heart is the Mother. He (the Father) is in She (the Mother). Head is the Father. .

in the Divine Mother. The “cordial cord” responds to the devotees’ cry.on Love 63 The umbilical cord responds to the child’s cry. in the Mother. .

Aquarius is Father’s Love. Leo is Initiate’s Love.on Love 64 Cancer is Mother’s Love. .

Mercury stands for Love of Wisdom. . Mars stands for Love of Power. Saturn stands for Love of Labour.on Love 65 Venus stands for Love of Beauty in the form and out of the form. Jupiter stands for Love-Wisdom.

Neptune stands for Love transcendental. Uranus stands to break impediments to Love. Life and Light. Love is thus the basis of the family of planetary regents. Sun stands to transmit Love. Pluto stands for Love of Law.on Love 66 Moon stands to reflect Love from higher circles. .

. Love promotes Devotion.on Love 67 Devotion promotes Love. Together they form Bhakti. They are two in one.

. It cognises the needs of the surrounding life.on Love 68 Love does not cognise personal needs.

on Love 69 Love is self-forgetful. . Love and selfishness do not co-exist.

on Love 70 Love is not possessive. Possessive love is no Love. .

on Love 71 In Love. . responsibility is fulfilled. Love is never irresponsible.

.on Love 72 The Fire of Knowledge culminates in the Light of Love.

. in Love of KRISHNA. The Rajput Queen Meera went on singing into the streets. But Love too. has no decency.on Love 73 People say desire has no decency.

While in Love. the Self is not.on Love 74 While in Knowledge. the Self remains. It even gets decorated with Knowledge. It is self-effacing. .

on Love 75 Love is Ecstasy of Existence! .

power. .on Love 76 Untouched by Love. however rich one is in knowledge. one remains poor. intelligence and in wealth.

It reins the Kingdom of Heart. harms not. .on Love 77 Love judges not. plaints not. steals not.

. Love lives and communes.on Love 78 Love cannot rule! Love feels ruling beastly.

on Love 79 The loving ones only can build Community – the Community of Maitreya knows this well. .

on Love 80 Where there is Love there is natural grouping. even by the masterminds! . Groups happen through Love. Groups cannot be formed by minds.

.on Love 81 The petals of a flower are naturally together due to the common source of unfoldment – Love is the basis. Petals tied together are incomparable to the petals of a flower.

there BRINDAVAN is! . Love and Life unfold groups. Where Love is the base.on Love 82 Forming groups is akin to assembling the limbs of Man! Love and Life unfold the limbs of Man.

Heart unfolds the fruit of Fraternity.on Love 83 As man cultivates virtues of Yoga. . of Love that draws all unto it.

on Love 84 Love is magnetic. It cares and caresses. . It draws near and nourishes.

it is Love. .on Love 85 When awakening is complete. Love is the highest point of illumination.

Chaitanya fell into the Love of God.on Love 86 At the height of Knowledge of God. .

.on Love 87 The mountain peak of Knowledge leads one into the valley of Love.

on Love 88 Love succeeding Knowledge is complete Love. . Love preceding Knowledge is incomplete.

Later. Love leads Knowledge. but up to a point.on Love 89 Knowledge leads and Love follows. .

on Love 90 Ignorance is the eldest sister. On the way. It is followed by her younger sister. Knowledge is followed by the youngest sister. Knowledge. Love. the table turns! .

on Love 91 The follower turns leader and the leader turns follower! Knowledge remains to be the middle sister! .

on Love 92 Love turns the world upside down! But the world is upside down!! Love seems to upset. But it really sets up!!! .

on Love 93 In the seeming disorder of Love. there is higher order! .

on Love


Love re-arranges priorities!

on Love


Love initially upsets. But it finally sets up a better order.

on Love


Love reverses the inversions 7 times and sets you as the 8th One.

.on Love 97 Love demolishes ego.

One leads to the other. .on Love 98 Will. They are 3 in 1 and 1 in 3. Love and Light are interchangeable energies of God.

on Love 99 Love pulsates Life. vibrates Sound (OM) and radiates Light! .

Love is God.on Love 100 Love is not a quality of God. .

on Love 101 Love raises the dead to life. . Power cannot.

promotes Cardinal Love – Divine Love. the Logos of Love. the other is evolutionary. the Lord of Love.on Love 102 Cupid. One is involutionary. Both cause revolution. Vishnu. promotes carnal love. .

Knowledge of God need not necessarily lead to Love of God! .on Love 103 Love of God leads to Knowledge of God gradually.

on Love 104 The identity and belonging that Love has. Knowledge has not. .

One leads to understanding.on Love 105 Knowledge leads to detachment. . the other leads to experience. Love leads to attachment to God in all that IS.

on Love 106 Knowledge may lead to decorating the ego of Man. Love leads to decorate Man. .

.on Love 107 It is safe if Knowledge culminates in Love of God.

. Love of God unfolds Knowledge of God.on Love 108 Prefer Love of God to Knowledge.

on Love 109 Love is comparable only to Love! Love is experience. . Blessed is the one whom Love visits.

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