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great foods for hair health It is often said that you are what you eat and this

holds true for your hair also. Healthy hair starts off with a healthy diet. The nutrients in the foods you ingest drastically affect the quantity, quality, and speed with which your hair grows. Experts are in agreement that adequate nutrition is a vital factor in hair health. Adequate nutrition doesn't relate to low calorie diets and other crash diets. They've actually been found to cause hair to become thin, brittle, dry, or flat. Furthermore, these diets aren't truly healthy as they remove essential nutrients the body must have or have you greatly scale back on them. What makes you think the same diets can be great for your hair? As said before, there are specific foods that help to promote healthy hair. Some of these are exceedingly high in one important nutrient, and some supply a number of different vital nutrients in one food. Eating the right foods can stop or slow hair loss, aid in re-growth, accelerate growth, and help make hair shine. In order to maintain both the health of your hair and your body, you must eat a well-balanced diet -- which means consuming foods that have all the essential nutrients the body needs. But did you know that there are some nutrients that are particularly vital for the health of your hair? You could have lustrous hair by eating more of the foods that are high in these nutrients. These nutrients are generally readily available as dietary supplements. But numerous studies discovered that any given vitamin is better assimilated by the body if it is derived from food, not as a supplement. Furthermore, foods that are loaded with nutrients have other beneficial compounds. Vitamin A can help raise the body's creation of sebum (hair oil). Sebum is what gives your hair an all natural luster. Additionally, it protects it from harm. For healthy hair growth, your body must have B vitamins, notably B12. Vitamin C also is used in the natural creation of sebum. For much faster hair growth, there's iron. The body has trouble taking in iron from some food sources. Thinning hair or premature baldness are usually caused by zinc deficiency. Fast-growing, thicker hair may be had by choosing to be on a high zinc diet. If your hair is dry and weak, you might be deficient in biotin. Omega-3 fatty acids encourage scalp health. For quick and strong hair growth, protein is a very essential nutrient. Last but not least, complex carbohydrates are important, because they help your body in thoroughly absorbing the protein. Great sources of vitamin A, C, and iron are broccoli and chard. You will get your B vitamins and complex carbohydrates from eating brown rice. Kidney beans are an excellent source of biotin, protein, iron, and zinc. For iron that the body can easily absorb, you can get it from raisins and spinach. Dairy, eggs, poultry, nuts, and soy are all high in protein. Salmon and flax seed are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Lots of foods do have the essential nutrients needed for promoting healthy hair. Nonetheless,

they aren't loaded with those nutrients. The foods mentioned above are especially loaded with the nutrients that promote healthy hair. Integrating plenty of these foods into a healthy and balanced diet will help you restore, and most importantly keep, the radiant health of your hair.