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Jerry will be touring major cities and may be available by appointment.

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Advanced training in Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny

Jerry King
is an international Feng Shui and Four Pillars practitioner, author and teacher, based in Vancouver, Canada. His passion with Four Pillars and Feng Shui has led him to translate many Chinese classics and present them in his teachings. Jerry is going to be in Singapore and Malaysia in April 2013 to share a wealth of information on Four Pillars of Destiny and classical Feng Shui. As a native Cantonese speaker, Jerry King has delivered Four Pillars of Destiny courses in Chinese and English explaining the interpretations through a logical and methodical way. Jerry has also written three books on Four Pillars of Destiny; these works are original and the examples are verified through research and historical data.


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Four Pillars of Destiny: A Guide to Relationships

Four Pillars of Destiny: Potential, Career And Wealth


Great workshop! Very well organised and presented. Jerry is a very personable, informative and dynamic presenter. Explanations are clear and material is very detailed. - Janene Laird, Feng Shui consultant and IFSA Australia President

Melbourne, Australia2 3

Apr. Cosmic Flow (3 Day Workshop at Sacred Keys, Epping) 26-28

May 1 Four Pillars on Career, Potential, and Wealth (Sacred Keys) May 2 Four Pillars on Relationships (Sacred Keys) May 4 Four Pillars on Health (Presentation: IFSA Australia Chapter Convention) May 5 Private Readings offered at the IFSA Australia Chapter Convention

Fantastic! Strongly recommended!

- Gregory Ang, Feng Shui Master, Singapore

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Janene Laird or Andrea Stoltenberg Email: Email: Phone: Andrea 0407 116132 (Australia) Phone: Janene 0402 688888 (Australia)

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Four Pillars of Destiny: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

The evaluation and use of complex Chinese texts & theories make Jerrys advanced workshops challenging and unique. Jerry bridges the information gap between the Chinese and the West, and his outstanding communication and presentation skills ensures that audiences receive jam-packed sessions full of valuable information. Jerrys students range from top Feng Shui consultants to intermediate students.

Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny on Career, Potential, and Wealth (One Day Workshop)
Determining ones potential is one of the most important aspects with Four Pillars practice. Without the understanding of ones limits and boundaries, mishaps can occur and we may find it difficult to gain happiness in our career, which is the driver of our financial well-being. In this one-day workshop, Jerry will turn to the analysis of ones potential and how we can find a suitable career based upon the Four Pillars birth chart. Characteristics, risk appetite, partnerships, sole proprietor and so forth will be discussed logically through the evaluation of natal charts. In addition, Jerry will explain how we can determine financial success and failure through the Four Pillars system. Remedies, precautions, and solutions will be offered to attendees of this workshop in how to deal with bad cycles financially and how to maximize capital accumulation during good cycles.

Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop Level One

Jerrys training will heighten your perspective on the power and accuracy of using cosmic flow in Four Pillars readings. You will never look at a birth chart the same way again!
The objective of this workshop is to provide an in-depth knowledge of Cosmic Flow, how it is interpreted using the Four Pillars of an individual, and how to classify a birth chart correctly. A holistic picture of the Four Pillars is emphasized in the process of identifying cosmic flow, as opposed to simplistic methods of counting symbols, elements and stars. Having classified a chart using cosmic flow, Jerry will show you how to help your clients make the most of auspicious luck cycles, and advise you on remedies for managing periods of bad luck.

Four Pillars on Health (Presentation at IFSA Australia Chapter Convention)

The objective of this one-day workshop is to provide in-depth knowledge of how we can determine health issues through the use of the Four Pillars chart. Many keep topics in health will be discussed. The evaluation of the Useful and Unwanted Gods in the birth chart and how they affect ones health will be covered. Students will learn how to help their clients benefit by identifying weaknesses in their organs, and the risk of health issues; by doing so, we can reduce the amount of risk by providing preventative measures against those risks. Course participants will also learn how to give sound advice to those experiencing those health risks.

Four Pillars of Destiny on Relationships (One Day Workshop)

Relationships have always been a prime topic of discussion in Four Pillars. Consultants often encounter clients where they are suffering from emotional setback due to relationship failures. How do we ensure that couples are living in harmony? In this course, Jerry will explain many aspects of relationships through the analysis of Four Pillars. Through the use of case studies, flow analysis, and the use of remedies, attendees will be equipped with a greater understanding of how to analyze and conduct relationship-based consultations. Technical methodologies such as the Ten Gods, Romance Stars, Peach Blossom, Void, and other Special Stars will also be explained with a focus on relationships.

Feng Shui Form School (Not Offered This Term)

Form is king. Jerry shows you how traditional Chinese Feng Shui masters apply remedies for complex Feng Shui form problems. Deepen your understanding of how Qi works, and learn how to strike a balance between Feng Shui methods including form, flying stars and eight mansions.
This workshop is ideal for Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts who seek to solidify and expand their knowledge of Form School Feng Shui. Jerry demonstrates a range of methods from both the Form and Compass schools, with an emphasis placed on Feng Shui form. Case studies, illustrations and video examples will be used in this workshop.