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Manor Farm Buildings Opposite emberton Park, emberton Buckinghamshire Mk46 5JN

sOOTY’s ParTs

Unit 8, Willow Park, stoke Golding Warwickshire cV13 6eU

cYcLe eNTerPrises
01455 213007

01234 711781 Find sooty’s customs on Facebook

Unit 2, east Quay Park east Quay, Bridgwater, somerset Ta6 4DB


WesT YOrkshire

01278 444 303 www.afbmotorcycles.co.uk

Unit 2, haines Park, Grant avenue sheepscar, Leeds, West Yorkshire Ls7 1QQ

The hOGFaTher MOTOrcYcLes
hog cycle Works, The Old church cemetery road, southport, Lancashire Pr8 5ee

01132 406 332 www.thundercity.co.uk

0845 644 8360 info@ThehogfatherMotorcycles.com www.ThehogfatherMotorcycles.com

T & r MOTOrcYcLes
Montana Place, Norwich road Lowestoft, suffolk Nr32 2BN

Unit 4, Nightjar Way, higham side road inskip, Preston, Lancashire Pr4 0TF

01502 580590 www.tandrmotorcycles.com


Firmount, Donoughmore, co cork, eire

hOGs r Us

01772 690957 www.willburrowmotorcycles.com


Unit 2, Philpots Yard, horsham road, Beare Green, Dorking, surrey rh5 4QU

BeakY’s MOTOrcYcLes
01306 712297 info@beakysmotorcycles.com www.beakysmotorcycles.com

Tel: 00353 21733700 or 00353 862659951 hogsrus@eircom.net www.hogsrus.net

NOrTherN ireLaND

Unit 3, 4 Gidley Way horspath, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX33 1rQ

shePs cYcLe shack

reBeLLiON sPeeD & chOP
kinnego Marina, Oxford island Lurgan, co.armagh BT66 6NJ

01865 876771 sales@shepscycleshack.co.uk www.shepscycleshack.co.uk

02838 310100 e: rebellionspeedandchop.com www.rebellionspeedandchop.blogspot.co.uk


co. ASA Infinity Studios. CH1 6BS.co.uk or www.price@jazzpublishing.. Odgie.co.uk PUBLISHER David (Creps) Gamble david@jazzpublishing.uk web: www.co.saunders@seymour.100-biker. Carolan. R. inaccuracy.uk 26 Triumph T140 bonnie 30 indian scouT & Four Two classic Indians and their equally classic owners! THIS MONTHS THEME: STREET SPEAK.uk AccOUNTS & AdMIN MANAGER Emma (Moss) McCrindle Ext.com/bikermagazine 54 yamaha Xs650 58 clyde valley hoG parTy Riding in the Highlands! Rephased and very. B.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 5 .net monTh’s THIS TH’S MON C ov e R biKe cover bike E PAG SEE 36 The quite.co. or omission contained herein. is living proof that you don’t have to spend gazillions of pounds to build one of the best custom bikes in the land.100-biker. UK.co. L. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all material.co.mcshane@jazzpublishing. very trick! Please recycle this magazine when you have finished with it. Taking over the streets of Grimsby! 22 dISTRIBUTION MANAGER Susan (Blem) Saunders ☎ 0207 429 4073 susan. the contributors.uk EdITOR Nik (Crib) Samson ☎ 07719 679078 editor@100-biker.uk cONTRIBUTORS Capt.uk AdMIN Jan (Hundo P) Schofield Ext.co. my love. 204 gareth@jazzpublishing. names.co. and designations are trademarked and are the property of the trademark holder and have only been used for identification purposes only. 235 production@100-biker. All articles are written in good faith and are based on information provided by owners. Reproduction of any matter printed or depicted in 100% Biker magazine is prohibited without prior permission.co.co.co.co.uk MANAGING dIREcTOR Stuart (Garms) Mears stuart@jazzpublishing.NeXt issUe oN sAle 24th oCt 36 This WorldMags.uk ART EdITOR Gaz (Hench) Evans Ext.net SAGEN OUR NEw AZINE IN Y 0207 429 4073 BIKER MAG t on T? www. Laurie. Steve Taylor. 219 jan@jazzpublishing.uk or follow us on or like our page on @100PercentBiker facebook. 215 pam@jazzpublishing. Some words.uk AdVERTISING ENqUIRIES Louise (Blud) Chamberlain-Jones Ext.jazzpublishing. John Mitchell. Glynn. Rick Hulse s e K i b D e R U t A e F 22 suzuki GsX-r 750 Built by a custom biking legend! Carbon fibre-clad streetfighting rigid! 60 Tsunami riders’ cusTom show Under the bridge. INNIT! ISSN No.co. Helene. GENERAL ENqUIRIES Jazz Publishing.501 magazines@jazzpublishing. Simon Everett. dING 100% for your nearest outle OUBLE fIN pany HAVING TR t our distribution com Please cont ac WorldMags.uk PROdUcTION Justine (Dench) Hart Ext. ☎ 01244 881888 eMail: info@jazzpublishing. Martin Howarth. 226 lindsay.co. 62 yardbirds’ bike show 48 Trike build Finished at last! 54 52 pissed & conFused rally So far east it’s practically in Holland! Make contact by email: editor@100-biker.co. 207 accounts@jazzpublishing. 1468-0890 The views expressed in this magazine by the contributors are not necessarily those of the publishers. 1 Marcher Court. ladies and gentlemen. mis-statement.co. quite stunning motorcycle you see here in front of you. magazine and the publishers cannot accept liability for loss resulting from error. Duncan Hamilton.co.uk SUBScRIPTIONS & BAcK ISSUES Katy (Chops) Cuffin Ext.uk GRAPHIc dESIGN Lindsay (Shiffed) Price Ext. Chester. 317 advertising@100-biker. Simon Shakespeare. Sealand Road.uk PROdUcTION EdITOR Fergus (Butters) McShane fergus.uk cREdIT cONTROL Pam (Scrilla) Coleman Ext. Blackjack..

uk 29 Cully Court.co.co. fabrication and complete custom build to ‘turn-key-trike’ available Get your kicks with And with prices starting from just £1199. Orton Southgate. PE2 6WA WorldMags. Now the sky really is the limit.net Bespoke in-house design.uk | info@casarva. Peterborough. 100% genuine From supplying a choice of industry leading trike kits to rolling chassis.uk .co.Casarva Trike Kits: Shaft Drive | Belt Drive | Chain Drive WorldMags.net DESIGN: SimonBellDESIGN. Our stunning British design and highly skilled engineering starts from just £1199 and includes a choice of kits designed to suit any budget. bespoke custom builds to turn key trikes using genuine Casarva fabricated components. Talk to us: 01733 234 942 casarva. those good time kicks just got a whole lot closer Casarva trike kits 100% original.

and so we looked on the Late Rooms website and found a place that had a twin left. I can understand this happening. we passed the place again to see the ‘Vacancy’ sign back out again… tossers. replaced with a ‘No Vacancy’ one. “thank ferk for that. but five minutes later. I was thinking about a hot shower. but I doubt it… Then a few weeks ago as me and a mate were making our way up to Skye for an event.WorldMags. Now.net ediTorial 17 Farmyard “Go on.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 7 . but you can normally find somewhere. again. newly arrived to motorcycling with a licence still damp and a Super Dream with barely 20 miles under its wheels since he rebuilt it. You’ll enjoy it!” Words of advice to one of my neighbours. it isn’t—it’s alive and well in Scotland A few years ago I was meandering me way up through the Highlands on the way to the Wildcat Rally and. 65 maG campaiGns 66 biker insider The latest news from the world of riders’ rights. we got to Mallaig to get the ferry across. Really? Three B&Bs in a row all filled their last room in such a short time? It’s possible. Pubs. rode over to it and. cafes and clubs for you to visit. decided to stop and call it a day for the day in Inverness. “Woohoo. wouldn’t you? well.co.” But. unlike almost everywhere else in Scotland I’ve been). We had a trot round town to no avail (particularly unhelpful they were too in Mallaig. indeed. WorldMags. dry clothes and a cold beer (in that order too) as I pottered through the town. and once again. the ‘Vacancy’ sign had gone.net www. by the time I’d walked up to the door. spotted a ‘Vacancy’ sign in the window. after a last fruitless look around town. by the time we’d turned around and pulled up outside. of course. Nik THIS MONTH’S F F U t s R e h t o s ’ e U s s i s i th 68 evenTs The most comprehensive events listing around! 75 biker haunTs 76 buFFoonery Your life in pictures. keeping an eye out for B&Bs with vacancies. We got back on our bikes. having got utterly drowned (and caught. passed and left by a cement mixer truck… with the drum going round) going up the side of Loch Ness. written by you. Three times I pulled over when I saw signs and three times. set about trying to get somewhere to kip prior to finding food and a glass or two of something foaming. they could’ve taken a phone booking or something. 80 bikejumble 82 Tail piece Buy or sell bikes and bits… for free! Our regular column from the legendary Rick Hulse! 10 producTs Tasty stuff to spend yer wonga on! 12 biker Gear 75 Winter’s on its way—get yourself some waterproof boots to face it in! 14 bulGinG sack Your letters.100-biker. Now I know it was a Friday night in August and so the number of places available would be few and far between.” we thought. Our in-depth look at one of the leading figures of the industry. The best (and rudest) jokes page in any magazine! 78 roGues Gallery 78 8 news The latest from the world of biking. 45 shedhead How to make a tube-bender on the cheap. you’d’ve thought that that the old spectre of discrimination against people on motorbikes would’ve long been a thing of the past. the sign had changed from ‘Vacancy’ to ‘No Vacancy’. eveNt SEE PAGE 17 FeAtUReD In these enlightened days of the 21st century.

co. wheel bearing removal kits. and a clear anodised bash plate. and the full range. and sizes are up to seven feet! Prices vary from £15–£29.rentarampdiyworkshop. Matt Pacific Blue and Lunar Silver/ Diablo Red. and prices start at £6. by developing eye-catching new colour schemes. and as a nod to its ’60s heritage. And the Bonneville T100 gets new ’pipes. To receive a copy visit your local Sealey stockist or request one via the website at www.uk.100-biker. a bike or even a caravan A basic bay for a bike will cost just £5 an hour or £8. you can find out more by ringing 01325 337005 or by going to their website at www. fork spring compressors. is out now More comprehensive than ever before. sealey. new engine details.uk. both bikes and also classic cars and hot rods too. a chrome chain guard.triumph. The Thruxton. Thruxton and Scrambler. Check them out at their website at www.149). a new seat. reNt a raMp Rent A Ramp is a new venture in Darlington that provides workshop space and tools for those who don’t have anywhere of their own to work on their vehicles.co. Lunar Silver or Crystal White/ Sapphire Blue colours. They also do a huge range of other graphics too. and for 2014 gets new megaphone silencers for an even more liberated sound. the UK’s top selling brand of 500cc plus motorcycles. a new grab rail and a choice of Phantom Black.100% NeWs WorldMags. chain alignment tools. including tank decals. the new T100 has a new Crystal White and Aurum Gold paint scheme. new engine details.349 OTR for the T100 (Black £7. 8 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. be it a car. There is a wide range of motorcycle tools and equipment. and stands to name but a few. a must-have reference for any enthusiast. has gone ‘back to the future’ with its Bonnevilles. the publication contains 7. and a colour-matched fly screen.uk. improved tonal characteristics and an even better riding experience for its legendary classics range The Bonneville gets new silencers.600 products across 932 pages. including 1.549 OTR for the Bonneville and £7. brake bleeders.50 if you want a back-saving bike lift.kustomkulturedesign. It’s available in Phantom Black and Brooklands Green. with the stylised colour split continuing across the front and rear mudguards.co. Eyeball them. Thruxton and Scrambler models. inspired by the 1964 Bonneville. It also comes in a mean and moody black NeW tRiUMPhs FoR 2014 with frame and cycle parts finished in this darkest of hues too. Based at the Old Service Station at Sadberge. new tank badges.uk WorldMags. and tool hire is just £6 an hour and will cover their whole range of spanners.150 new lines. Triumph. oozes retro racing style. mechanic or tradesman.co. All the new models are available now. covers with solar panel pockets (to enable battery charging while the cover is fitted). engine detailing. New seaLey CataLoGUe The new edition of The Tool Catalogue. with centre stripe detail.50 (plus shipping). inspired by the café racers of the ’60s.net . a chrome grab rail and chainguard.com. at www. The Scrambler also gets the ‘back to black’ treatment on lost of components and also a new seat. etc. and as they are die-cut from signwriting vinyl they are perfect for vehicle graphics as well as home or office use. including new storage shelters. It’s available in two brand new colour schemes.net KUstoM KULtUre desiGN Kustom Kulture Design would like you to know about their huge range of Wall Art There are over 400 designs.

and much more—and performed by an almighty cast with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek and the devil driver rock ‘n’ roll of Dr Haze & The Interceptors from Hell. but with the new Spada Clothing Lottery they suddenly could be. Casarva have seen a strong demand for The Brute kits. all you have to do is visit www.casarva. The story twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shocks—interwoven with some of the greatest and most bizarre circus acts on earth. knife throwers. So. making it Scotland’s largest street gathering. fOr MOrEdETAIlS see PAge 77 oN the RADio! The 100% Biker show on BikerFM is now one of their top shows! Point your Internet browsers towards www.uk. and the new addition boosts the range of kits available from them that can be configured to convert shaft.uk. Wheelie Good Bike Show The third annual Wheelie Good Bike Show took place in Newton Stewart in Dumfries & Galloway on Sunday August 4 Organised by the Rotary Club of Newton Stewart. Thursday nights from 10pm.spadaclothing. leading to a carnival atmosphere.co.co.com Stunning motorcycles built by an unspeakably cool bloke. including helmets.uk to fill in a simple form and you’ll instantly be in it to win it! Winners will be announced on their Facebook page. Ian Simpson. taking part doesn’t mean queuing for half an hour at the newsagents to get your ticket.WorldMags.100-biker. Using larger diameter tube not only increases the load-bearing strength.399.net www.co. For more info on the event. online www.wgbs. less svelte machine and is made from larger tube. boots. go to their Facebook page where you can see current and past builds for inspiration or www. the latest bike news and gossip.org.bikefm.circusofhorrors. The latest incarnation ‘London after Midnight’ is inspired by the film of the same name. taking in around 100 venues in pretty well all of the UK’s major cities from Aberdeen to Truro. and also a huge British tour.way2 speed. which start at £1. demon dwarfs.uk. which was led by road-racing legend. sinister sisters.co. The organisers hope to build on the success of this year’s event. spadaclothing.net spada Lottery The best things in life aren’t often free. jackets and much more Better still.uk on Thursday nights from 10pm for the 100% Biker radio show—two hours of good rock music and classic punk.chicacustom cycles. chain and belt drive bikes.co. the bRUte Casarva Custom Conversions have developed a new bolt-on trike kit as part of their range The new kit. DigitAl sUbsCRiPtioN NoW AvAilAble! The Circus of Horrors The Circus of Horrors is about to begin a massive two-fold tour to run between October and March Firstly. it’s a free online lottery that offers a great opportunity to win a range of Spada goodies. Over 130 bikes and trikes took part in the ride-in from New Galloway. has been developed to cater for those wanting to convert their bike to a trike where the donor bike is a heavier. daredevil balancing acts.motorcyclingromania. sword swallowers. it’s held to raise money for local charities and Riders for Health. that Web address again www.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 9 . they’re going to running a series of performances at The Lyric theatre in London’s West End (the first time a circus has appeared in a West End theatre for 100 years). To see Casarva in action. dubbed ‘The Brute’. and a light-hearted look at the weirder end of the news. and some 250 bikes parked in the town’s main street.uk. For more info on both the London gigs and the British tour go to their website at www. and is set in plague-ridden London and climaxes with the Great Fire of 1666. astounding aerialists. www. but looks the part blending in with the manufacturers’ chassis constructed of similar size tube.bikerfm. www.co.uk Motorcycle touring holidays in Romania. go to their website at www. That web address again—www.com Interesting website with some amazing custom bikes.co. hair hanging beauties. co. WorldMags.

eXtReMities silk CloThinG Seal of Approva l The new Chatterbox Duo is the latest bike to bike wireless intercom that comes equipped with Bluetooth technology. silk holds many properties. the Mods versus Rockers. extended brake line and even wiring harness extensions specific to HDLAN (H-D Local Area Network). and its thermostatic properties and high absorbency make it an ideal companion for motorcyclists. particularly as a base layer in winter. 14-inch.com. uses a quick release mounting systems. the waterproof Twisty Ride case has a recommended retail price of £69.com for your nearest stockist. Outdoor specialist Extremities is encouraging motorbike enthusiasts to reap the benefits of its range of silk clothing accessories. right to the present day with the motorbikes and people that are keeping the Ace Cafe legend alive today.99.co.99 from anywhere that stocks the Oxford range—check out www. making it suitable to wear in all climates. while the balaclava style provides more warmth than a standard buff. extended clutch cable. Get yours from www. which are perfect for base layers As a natural fabric. quiffs. but hate sorting out which cables and brake line to use? Burly have designed specific kits for the late model Dynas and Softails.mageurope. For more information on Extremities products or to buy online visit www.extremities. the Ace Cafe bookazine takes us from the ton-up boys getting their speed kicks on the road.uk. and has a padded insert to help reduce the vibration and shock to your phone.99 and is now available in all good motorcycle shops The case is waterproof and windproof. MP3 players.uk WorldMags.twistyride.net All new Biker Products Think of black leather jackets.com for £6. It’s a must read for all! Available at the Cafe or online at www. and fits any helmet allowing rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike communication up to 100 yards It also allows you to stream audio signal from any source that already comes equipped with Bluetooth (mobile phones.WorldMags. 16inch and 18-inch apes The kits include extended throttle cables. It is hypoallergenic and has natural temperature regulating properties. and comes with a noise reducing Hi-Fi stereo headset and choice of two microphones for open or full-face helmets. designed for 12-inch. GPS devices and radar detectors). oXFoRD ChaTTeRboX duo Currently available for iPhone 3G and 4 models.100-biker. And silk gloves (£12) also make great liners.co. Each unit costs £99. and can be got from anywhere that stocks the MAG Europe range or www. and all instructions.oxprod. ACe CAFe a 75Th anniVeRsaRy sPeCial Seal o f Appr oval bURlY aPehanGeR Cable kiTs Love the look of a set of apes on a Softail and Dyna. from high-speed thrills to the birth of an entire culture. has a dedicated space for a battery charger. as the lightweight fabric provides warmth while the close fit allows for flexible movement underneath heavier gloves.net.net . tWistY RiDe iPhone holdeR 10 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. sideburns and rockers and the Ace Cafe is at the heart of defining UK motorcycle culture This glorious 132-page bookazine celebrates 75 years of Britain’s most historic motorcycle meeting place. 2012-2013 FXD Dyna models (except Fatbob).acecafeshop. Their silk balaclava (£20) can easily be worn under helmets and offers a soft and comfortable fit. They fit 2011-2013 FX and FL Softails.

35 FROM ONLY * REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE.net . *When you subscribe by quarterly direct debit (UK only).. Free gift will only be sent out after the first payment has been made.net SUBSCRIBE £9.SAVE OVER 25% WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE AND RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! WorldMags. we will honour the number of issues paid for but not the term of the subscription.com/offers173 1 year = 13 issues. S2 XEN I V E OO TATT OKAZIN O B FREE ● ● ● ● ● FREE GIFT WORTH £9. If 100% Biker magazine changes frequency per annum.100-biker.9 www.. IT'S EASY TO SUBSCRIBE! 01244 881888 ext.99 SAVE OVER 25% FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK NEVER MISS AN ISSUE PERFECT 'BOG' READING MATERIAL! TH WOR 9 £9.501 (QUOTE B173) WorldMags.

which has a padded hard shell to give extra support to the ankle.net NeXt MoNth wATERPROOf TROUSERS wATERPROOf BOOTS: SADLY IT SEEMS THAT THE SUMMER IS FINALLY OVER AND WE HAVE TO START LOOKING TOWARD THE COMING WINTER. YOU’LL BE NEEDING SOME BOOTS THAT DON’T LET THE WATER IN. sPADA tReK £89.100-biker. Priced at £139.co. The Treks are made from leather and are 100 percent waterproof They have a breathable membrane.95 tCX iNFiNit Y goRe-teX £239. WON’T YOU? PReXPoRt livigNo £139. co.nevis. For more information call 0117 971 9200 or visit www. reinforcement everywhere). a moulded gear change overlay. while the instep is reinforced with a plastic blade for protection.uk. and a deep grip anti-slip sole.uk WorldMags.99 My winter boots of choice.Biker Gear of Seal WorldMags.99 l rova p p A New from Prexport of Italy. quick-release buckle and velcro fasteners.99 the Livigno comes in sizes 41–47 (7–12). Flex joints on the instep and above the heel aid comfort.99 and you can get them from anywhere that stocks the TCX range—check out www. co. moulded internal shin deflectors. They cost £89. They’re tough (leather upper. 12 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.com for your nearest dealer.uk. thekey collection.net . the Infinity Gore-Texs are luvverly. warm. waterproof.uk. and comfortable. They’re easy to get on and off. and have a reassuringly chunky feel to them They cost £239. the Livigno is a waterproof leather touring boot with a twin-zip system that allows the front of the boot to fold down for easy access Inside is an inner boot. spada clothing.95 from anywhere that stocks Spada or www.

co.00 Used by elite tactical and police teams across the world. They cost £224.uk.100-biker. the gearchange pad is in leather. PRobiKeR 75 £69. they cost £139 from Mean & Green on 08458 991133 or www.net Biker Gear AlPiNestARs NeW lAND gtX £169. Available in all the usual sizes. and a wedge style sole Available in black. and protection all the way round the foot and lower leg They have all the features you’d expect a biker boot to have. crafted from a full-grain leather upper with a breathable and guaranteed waterproof internal Gore-Tex liner They have velcro tab closure for flex and comfort on and off the bike.co.95 from www.meanandgreen. getgeared.com. a waterproof Drygate lining.uk.WorldMags.95 These new boots have a leather upper.co.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 13 . ecclesracing. made from high quality leather. JAZZ WP £79. Get yours from anywhere that Approva l stocks Sidi or www.99. they also feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining.95 from Eccles Racing at www. with a waterproof and breathable membrane. these waterproof boots will never let you down Constructed from waterproof leather with a ballistic nylon upper.uk or in-store at GetGeared Leeds or GetGeared Leatherhead. and last an eternity— can’t recommend Seal of these enough. and the sole is in rubber with a specially designed tread for improved grip.net www. and slipresistant rubber outsole. WorldMags. a rubber touring sole. They’re short boots. and velcro calf adjustment for individual fit and adjustment.95 The Jazz is a custom style ladies boot. they come in sizes 4–8 and cost £79. cushioned removable insert. getgeared.99 Alpinestars New Land are Gore-Tex touring boots. pull tabs for ease of fitting. a grippy sole. They cost £169. and are lined with a Tepor membrane.uk or in-store at GetGeared Leeds or GetGeared Leatherhead. and a price tag you might not expect.99 The legendary Couriers from Sidi are manufactured in full-grain leather. siDi CoURieR £224. bAtes gX-8 UltRAlite goRe-teX £139.co. They cost just £69.co. sidiselect.99 from www. and a ZeroSweat liner to allow maximum absorption and quick dispersion of sweat The front and rear joints allow enhanced flexibility.

and the weird and wonderful! My trike was entered in the show and as always do it won a trophy. good people. Thank you also to Geoff Wheelan who was on the CMA stand next to us for helping to erect the ED MAG Fortress of Solitude (aka the gazebo) as Danny was woefully inadequate! Well that’s what our Treasurer. the model. caused by both the weather and the sate of people’s finances. I informed them I had a B1 and an A. but it makes me wonder how many people have been told they can no longer ride in error! Hoping I’m right. the Bosted Bladder. dear 100% Biker.com or 01993 862300).” shouldn’t I? dear 100% Biker. I should’ve replied “I’d rather have seen Jo sat on that Manx Norton than you. chat with an insurer yesterday. but said it wouldve been better if Jo. Trike-riding old git! Thanks to the lovely people at Oxford Products (www. it had everything—good food. had given it to him instead of me as I’m an ugly bugger! Yep I’m going to miss him. I was asked if I had a B1A category on my licence. Cheers! Gorbz Ps. It’s been awarded four stars in the latest SHARP safety tests.U. 1 Marcher Court ng Sack 100% Bik ker. Thanks again for sorting out the photo for Dick from the Popham Mega-Meet’s retirement party. thank you to Satan Slaves MC Dorset for inviting us to join in with this event.99 if you had to buy one. but I had an interesting.uk WorldMags. plain matt black. -bi 100 r@ ito ed evenings to: Bulgi to: 1 6BS. Due to falling numbers. a quick-release visor. The weather was great. Not sure if this is of interest. 14 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. a World Cup feeling and I’d like all the other rats out there get the chance to feel the same way as me! Big Al Trog. but according to the DVLA website there’s no such thing as a B1A.S and was at a brilliant venue. CH dear 100% Biker. He loved it. gratis and for nowt. says anyway! East dorset MAG dear 100% Biker. or email ’em Road. having my photo taken with it.uk.co.L. ha ha).net . We got quite a few signatures for our campaigns and we auctioned a paddock jacket with comical auction banter provided by our Political Officer. but scary. Evi. what about all the trikes that don’t have show-winning paint jobs and loads of chrome? Why not have a new class at shows and rallies and call it ‘Just a Trike’? We put them in shows and we know we ain’t gonna win. is not affected and will continue as usual. It has a lightweight synthetic shell. Danny. Jugsters Mcc Sorry to hear it… N. here’s a photo of Dick receiving it from us. as we had hoped. and the club would like to thank all you lunatics who made this the special event it was. ran . the best letter each month will win one of their cool new Box BX-1 helmets. Sealand telly. as I said each month one lucky so-and-so will get one free. and good fun was had by all. but we do it anyway! I am so proud of me and my old Ford trike. but it made me think. Last weekend I went to a small bike and trike show. over the moon! I don’t consider my trike a rat as I think it’s got too many shiny bits.T. The BX-1 is their latest full face lid and has been designed to a very high specification.100-biker. Chester.net and rect your spelung on es the right to cor 100% Biker reserv and there’s nothing red bo ’re we if or it… lustful grandma if it needs of hate or offers of es trib dia ts. oxprod. there is no such thing as a B1A. Best Rat! I was delighted.LETTERS Write us a letter and we will stick it here bUlgiNg sAC K WorldMags. Once again a special thanks to all who supported us. sadly the Jugsters MCC have decided to call a halt to our Frozen Bladder Rally. a removable lining and two ventilation points to both duct air in to cool your sweaty bonce. he came back to say my licence was okay. Send your lett er. Jurassic Coast 8. as without it I couldn’t ride my beloved trike. good music. This was run by the S. is there? Stuart Rochford dear 100% Biker. Our April rally. good beer. Tapeworm Tim. was only the second time in 18 years of triking! It was. plain silver or plain white and some very funky SCOPE graphic colours too—and would set you back £49. and also whisk away the hot air too. We all had nine years out of an event that really started as a joke (camping in -9 degrees… very funny. ers . but. and still is. and it comes in a variety of colours – plain black. After consulting a colleague.co.

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net I’ve been riding 20-something years and in that time I’ve owned dozens of sports bikes.net . a streetfighter. a café racer.BIKE FEATURE SUzUKI GSX-R 750 CARboN ChoP wORdS: MARTIN HOWARTH PIcS: SIMON EVERETT WorldMags.uk WorldMags. but I had always hankered after something one-off.co.100-biker. something unusual 22 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.

While the bodywork was off on its travels I set about the rest of the bike. Petrol eats carbon fibre.co. the pure carbon fibre fuel tanks used by race teams are replaced every year or so.100-biker. but there was just too much force required to operate a cable clutch and the internal twist mechanism just wasn’t up to the job). and the brown leather seat with is chrome springs. Zero Limits Carbon Fibre.WorldMags. while killing time on eBay. I fitted an internal throttle and routed all the cables and hoses inside to give the clean and uncluttered look (I tried an internal clutch too. whose business. Paul. I have a mate. As a fan of sports bikes. you see. Its silhouette was very similar to how it looks now.co.net t hen about three years ago. I stumbled across a hardtailed Suzuki GS550 with a GSX-R 750 engine and Yamaha R1 front end. but despite the styling mismatch I ran the bike for a year whilst the plans for its metamorphosis took shape in my head. I could see the potential in it and as it only had 14 minutes left on the auction. AND AlthoUgh still qUite Cool. strength and longevity. and to eliminate the gap where the switchgear would normally reside.uk) make me a set of very wide one-inch ’bars. It came with a pearlescent purple paint job. the Bates. specialises in supplying carbon fibre car and bike bodywork. it JUst DiDN’t WoRK AesthetiCAllY rawsteelfabrications. it just didn’t work aesthetically (and pearlescent purple and chrome really isn’t me!). Off came the skinny chrome ’bars. a race bike exhaust end can. I had Raw Steel (www. it CAMe With A PeARlesCeNt PURPle PAiNt Job. I thought I’d create a bridge between the two styles. A RACe biKe eXhAUst eND CAN. which I cut to length and had powdercoated. and given the chop’s sports bike donors. and chromed Bates headlight. but I wanted mine to last a lot longer than that! Zero Limits also supplied the matching front mudguard to finish off the look. and although still quite cool. wide chrome flyer ’bars.net www. I bought it. WorldMags. The tank and rear mudguard were handed over to him and he sent them off to his factory in the Far East to have them wrapped in the finest quality Japanese 3mm 2k twill weave carbon fibre. but there isn’t much that I haven’t altered or replaced. I opted to wrap the steel items rather than simply have them reproduced in carbon for two simple reasons. A Hayabusa master-cylinder was sourced and fitted along with Goodridge braided hoses.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 23 . AND ChRoMeD bAtes heADlight. WiDe ChRoMe FlYeR ’bARs. but he also provides a bespoke service where he can have almost anything remanufactured in carbon fibre too.

modified outboard motor prop housing as rear light with 1950s Lucas glass lens. I have no reason to doubt it. and all my fellow members of Tigers MCC for listening to me prattle on about the build…” specification APPAReNtlY the MotoR hAs beeN slightlY tWeAKeD AND. metal fuel tank clad in 3mm thick 2k twill weave carbon fibre.net I knocked up some bespoke length grips out of aluminium on the father-in-law’s lathe. one-off steel rear mudguard clad in 3mm thick 2k twill weave carbon fibre. one-off steel torque arm. it isn’t finished. Over the winter I plan to strip it down and smooth the welds on the frame. aftermarket rear sprocket Bodywork: Carbon fibre Yamaha R1 front mudguard.BIKE FEATURE SUzUKI GSX-R 750 WorldMags. Lucas Racing top yoke. various other spacers etc by owner Thanks To: “Paul at zero Limits Carbon Fibre (01778 422722) for carbon work.net . It draws admiration from all aspects of the biking community. I’ll give credit where it’s due. and the titanium exhaust is a work of art. rest on battery box. one-off grips by owner. unknown headlight with idiot lights by owner. some components in rear third of tank Paint: None Powdercoating: Frame and ’bars by Stamford Blast Cleaning Engineering: Grips. professionally hardtailed. and I’m sure the engine would love an overhaul and re-paint too. and he race bike fuel filler. and I want to change the yokes for billet ones. the shocks for the seat. I just need to sort out the 120mph-plus speed wobble and it’ll be perfect. race cams. Suzuki GSX-R caliper. Goodridge braided stainless brake lines.co. and given its propensity to lift the front under heavy acceleration. eBay came up trumps for the headlight. plus all the components I needed to remake the wiring loom and make the remote starter. but regret that I didn’t build it from scratch myself. sheet Engine: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750. my girlfriend Rachel and my sons Mason and Ashton for tolerating my obsession and having a dining room full of motorbikes and tools. from the betassled chrome cruiser types to the sport bike power rangers. even non-riding members of society ask about it. p 24 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. as is the frame. With the baffle fitted it still howls like a demon. but allows the engine to do its job. the oil cooler could do with being replaced with a smaller item. horn switch on ’bars.100-biker. along with various spacers required during the rebuild. re-powdercoat it. one-off one-inch bars with internal cables/ hoses/ throttle. aluminium racing fuel cap. Yamaha R1 foot-rests/ controls/ hangers Sharp End: Yamaha R1 wheel/ discs/ calipers/ forks/ bottom yoke. I knocked up a brushed stainless steel end cap and an internal baffle to help the bike fuel correctly as running the titanium exhaust without any form of baffle sounded good. but it ran rough as a badger’s bum.uk WorldMags. and fit longer fork stanchions to give me a slightly longer rake and improved ground clearance. the girlfriend’s dad for letting me loose on his lathe. leather seat sprung with pushbike suspension units. K&N stainless cone air-filters. i hAve No ReAsoN to DoUbt it I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out. offset front sprocket Frame: 1981 Suzuki GS550. Brembo mastercylinder. Karl at Stamford Blast Cleaning (01780 0479192) for powdercoating. it goes like a sports bike and the handling is surprising capable once you adapt to its… erm… ‘characteristics’. Vapor multi-function digital speedo unit Sharp End: Yamaha R1 wheel/ disc. As with all custom bikes. The race can on the exhaust looked so out of place that I just had to bin it. Mikuni flatslide carbs. Apparently the motor has been slightly tweaked. Suzuki Hayabusa master cylinders. whoever had the idea of using an outboard motor propeller housing for the rear light needs a pat on the back. giveN its PRoPeNsitY to liFt the FRoNt UNDeR heAvY ACCeleRAtioN. unknown one-off titanium 4-1 exhaust with one-off internal baffle & brushed stainless end cap by owner. it’s comfier than it looks. one-off steel electrics/ battery box Electrics: One-off loom with remote start by owner. What’s it like to ride? A complete hoot.

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Smart. Nige took over the build. Unusually. and you’re still building dead groovy custom bikes and hammering them all over the country on a regular basis like WorldMags. Nige would be labelled ‘unreconstructed’ for not moving with the times and zipping himself into day-glo leathers nowadays and riding slowly to a local biker haunt every Sunday morning with his mates before bragging about how fast they all went… But this is 100% Biker and the real world. but is keen to give credit to Des for all the styling. before then zooming off to New Zealand. Devimead 26 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. a careful rebuild utilising a Morgo oil-pump. so Nige actually displays that effortless cool that only comes when the long hair and even longer beard are showing more than a smattering of grey.uk WorldMags.net i wORdS & PIcS: ODGIE you’ve done for the last 40 years or so.100-biker. It was started by his mate Des. who’d done a fair bit of the work. not just in getting the stance and look set. Boyer ignition.net . The engine features Nige’s usual trademarks. but also doing most of the fabrication as well.co. “All I did was turn it into a functioning motorcycle” he says modestly. Nige didn’t build this Bonnie from scratch. they’ve been synonymous for what seems like forever… f this was a poncy sports bike mag.BIKE FEATURE TRIUMPH T140 BONNIE WAsh ‘N’ go Nige Bamber and Triumphs.

Dropping the seat rails two inches. you discover that Triumph sURe. You will have noticed the wider alloy yokes. bUt DoN’t let thAt Fool YoU iNto thiNKiNg it’s beCAUse oF lACK oF Use—CAst-iRoN DisCs CAN Do thAt bY the AFteRNooN iF it RAiNs iN the MoRNiNg but for the rear it means cutting and re-welding the plates. but it always suffers from a high seat height. The swingarm doesn’t have any parallel sections. riding position. the DisCs ARe shoWiNg RUst. rather than having to use spacers on the spindle… except when you try it. Sigh. that simply involves different spacers. and extending the swingarm by the same amount. which is evident as soon as you swing a leg over it—it just feels far more planted than a stock Bonnie.co. use a rear spacer in the front and the hub fills the forks properly. to give a sensible chain clearance with the wider 16-inch rear tyre.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 27 . Shaking his head at the incomprehensible factory reasoning. PSP hydraulic clutch conversion and Norman Hyde oil cooler.100-biker.WorldMags. to accommodate the fat front tyre. although this time he used an oil-filter extension on the seat post rather than an external spin-on filter. WorldMags. Did you also spot that the tank has been modified. For the front and bottom engine mounts.net www. or at the rear a three-piece jobbie with a spacer ring in the middle. so extending it also makes it wider.net needle-roller pressure plate. No problem. courtesy of Blod. The oil-in-frame Bonnie chassis is a decent bit of kit. the front lifted a couple of inches or so on new mounts and the resulting gap filled in? Or the neat Magura handlebar levers? Or the rose-jointed rear torque arm? Or the flush popup filler cap transposed into the original Triumph tank. to keep the rear shocks upright. the upper mounts were correspondingly moved out during the lowering process. Nige turned up his own alloy spacer for the front… You probably also won’t have noticed that the engine has been moved 5mm to the left. and nothing mates up. and adding a dog-leg to the left one. but you may not have spotted the wider front hub. along with the cutsey little balance pipe welded in at the rear? Details. and although you can’t tell just by looking. transforms the in their wisdom used different hub halves front and rear. taking the dog-leg out of the right one. Latemodel Triumph hubs are a two-piece affair.

Norman Hyde oil cooler. and hours of work went into extending the front TT exhaust pipes with hand-bent and welded stainless tubing to bring the two high-level exits out to the offside. but even going to the extent of having the powder for the silver-grey specially mixed. wide alloy yokes. but it’s been lent out as a shop bike (Nige works at Will Burrows’ H-D shop in Inskip. or hours of polishing needed here.uk WorldMags. Sure. And then there’s the NCC diamond cut into the baffle plates that you can’t even see unless you peer down into the reverse-cone megaphone silencers. Mikuni carbs. again that was Des’ idea and doing. reverse cone megaphones Frame: Triumph T140 Bonneville OIF. Sparto style rear light Paint: Very green Engineering: Lots of one-off parts by owner specification details. but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s because of lack of use—cast-iron discs can do that by the afternoon if it rains in the morning. and we’ve made it functional. seat rails lowered. fully rebuilt. No oxidised alloy. the engine crankcases and outer cases. All the alloy work is powdercoated. Boyer ignition. And when I say all the alloy work.net . Devimead needle-roller clutch pressure plate. yokes and fork sliders. shortened sub-frame. Hagon shocks.net it’s eviDeNt As sooN As YoU sWiNg A leg oveR it—it JUst Feels FAR MoRe PlANteD thAN A stoCK boNNie sheet Engine: Triumph T140 Bonneville. stock wheel & brake Tinware: Short front mudguard. the bike gets plenty of miles added to it. Western style hirise handlebars Blunt End: Extended stock swingarm. So we’ve set the style. Very high praise indeed. the wheel rims. p 28 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. hubs. if ever he did. stainless extensions. No. he did let slip to me on the quiet. modified engine mounts Sharp End: Modified stock wheel/ brakes/ forks. I mean ALL the alloy work. PSP hydraulic clutch conversion. the head. Wash ‘N’ Go would be the bike he’d want to replace it. extended swingarm. just north of Preston) to customers who’ve broken down. one-off seat. Bates headlight. and not only has Nige made good use of the bike himself.100-biker. the discs are showing rust. details… the shape of the rear rack follows the unique design of the tank rack originally fitted to much earlier Triumphs.BIKE FEATURE TRIUMPH T140 BONNIE WorldMags. And even though Will’d never sell his own Harley. barrel and rocker boxes. now we’re about to make it user-friendly.co. and been returned heaped with praise. With stainless fittings and miledeep paintwork. not just in the choice and execution. Morgo oil-pump. stock tank with relocated tap outlets. cut-down rear mudguard Electrics: Modified stock loom. TT-style downpipes. it’s about as wash ‘n’ go as you can get. we’ve made it rideable.

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bUt UNDeR the sUPeRvisioN oF his FAtheR. This Indian was built under contract for the British Army in 1941. get this. I mean. He’d ridden his bike up from Berkshire that morning. a fact that I struggle to get my head around. £5. and for some reason the engine’s capacity was reduced from the usual civilian 750cc to just 500cc for the army. playing with the settings on the variable jet carb. I don’t know whether that means the bike is very good or Peter’s the type of chap who’s happy with what he has… maybe a bit of each. and the owners were as interesting as their machines wORdS & PIcS: STEVE TAYLOR p eter has owned his 1941 Indian Scout 741 for nearly 60 years.100-biker. The bikes were aptly parked alongside the Wall of Death. He used it to go back and forth to college. Peter has since bored it out to 600cc. The other difference between the military and civilian models was the increase in ground clearance on the army bikes. he hAD to PUsh it hoMe As the eNgiNe WAs seiZeD soliD FRoM beiNg stooD. but I tend to get bored with my own toys after a year or two. a great day out with many hot-rods competing. not bad for a 72-year-old bike and rider.co.net . His aunt. but says that he had no end of trouble as the other students used to mess about with it. which must have been incredibly frustrating when he owned a 500cc motorbike. a lot of money for a 15-year-old in 1955! He had to push it home as the engine was seized solid from being stood. In those days he had to ride his push bike eight miles to school.BIKE FEATURE INDIAN SCOUT & FOUR WorldMags. he stRiPPeD AND RebUilt it 30 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.uk you see. and he’d been to the Isle of Man earlier that year too. Peter’s family were farmers in Norfolk and at the age of just 15 he bought the bike from a local scrap man for. had left him the princely sum of £25. but under the supervision of his father. but at the age of 16 he passed his test after only two weeks of (legally) riding it on the road. I don’t know about you. The machine then underwent a period—a long period—when WorldMags. he stripped and rebuilt it. but would need to stroke it to get back to full size. this was achieved with longer forks and a different subframe.net fiRsT naTion ClAssiCs I spotted these two Indians at the Autumn Classic All American Weekend hosted by the Prescott Hill Climb. soon getting it running perfectly.

co.WorldMags.100-biker. bored to 600cc Frame: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec (different subframe for better ground clearance) Sharp End: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec (longer forks for more ground clearance) Blunt End: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec Tinware: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec specification WorldMags. Make & Model: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec 500cc Engine: 1941 Indian Scout 741 army spec.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 31 .net www.net sheet PeteR’s sCoUt Original Year.

more spirited. they’re readily available from Germany of all places. p 32 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. thoUgh. Mike and his 1933 Indian Four 1270 make both Peter and his bike seem like youngsters. She’s been the Secretary of the Indian Riders Club for the last 25 years and is as dedicated to the marque as he is. oh No. and says it was a different world then. his company repaired car and van gearboxes so through this he knew a good welding company. He also went to the Isle of Man.net . too. his soN RiDes it WheNeveR he CAN it languished untouched in a garage until December 2010.uk WorldMags. He also has a Sports Scout which he rides all over Europe as he says he’s too old for this big old beast these days. he signed up in 1943 at just 17. the poor old bike was pulled out into the light of day (or garage anyway) and stripped. It doesn’t get left in the garage. Sybil. days he rode it so hard that it threw a rod out of the crankcases… bloody hooligan! Luckily for him. his son rides it whenever he can. is it? Thanks to the Demon Drome Wall of Death (www. and he’s another who regularly rides his machine. so as you can imagine their work had to be top notch. The weekend before he was in Wales with a sidecar fitted so that he could take his wife. this time for the 100-year celebration of Indian’s TT win when the bikes took not only first. it DoesN’t get leFt iN the gARAge. The bike’s had a long and colourful history. specialists in the Nuclear Energy business. oh no. You may be wondering where he managed to get the parts for such a rare 60-yearold motorcycle? Well. Alpha Welding from Croydon. with the help of his friend William Davis (who he is part-owner of a glider with).com) for letting us use the Demon Drome for a backdrop. While it was in pieces. none of these riots and lootings.BIKE FEATURE INDIAN SCOUT & FOUR WorldMags. but second and third places too. in his earlier.100-biker.net he sAYs he’s too olD FoR this big olD beAst these DAYs.co. Mike is 88 years old and his bike is 80.demondrome. refurbished and bored to 600cc. Mike is a World War II veteran who served in the Royal Navy. checked over. Not bad for an 80-year bike. though. when. he fitted a new set of pistons too to get the performance back up to what it should be. and apart from another set and a rebore since then. it’s hardly needed any major work at all.

co.co.net www.100-biker.100-biker.WorldMags.uk www.uk || issue issue 170 173 | 100% Biker | 33 . rebored Frame: 1933 Indian Four 1270 Sharp End: 1933 Indian Four 1270 Blunt End: 1933 Indian Four 1270 Tinware: 1933 Indian Four 1270 specification WorldMags. Make & Model: 1933 Indian Four 1270 Engine: 1933 Indian Four 1270.net sheet MiKe’s FoUR Original Year.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

and he doesn’t think it would be an exaggeration to assume it’d been untouched for something like 40 years. ladies and gentlemen. during a garden clearance in May 2011.net t rotted in such a way that it was almost like a piece of sculpture. quite stunning motorcycle you see here in front of you. you may remember his very cool gunmetal grey Intruder chop from a few years back and his orange GS500 hardtail too.BIKE FEATURE ARIEl 350 The quite. It was extensively corroded with holes in the frame. his 1952 Ariel NH350 Red Hunter.uk WorldMags. is living proof that you don’t have to spend gazillions of pounds to build one of the best custom bikes in the land wORdS: NIK PIcS: ASA INFINITY STUDIOS MOdEL: JADE ARiel FUsioN his is actually the third bike built by Matt Barnard that we’ve featured in Biker.100-biker. he’d found it leaning against a tree. but the rear tyre still had air in it!). was a garden ornament outside his house when I visited to photograph the two bikes mentioned above. He saw me looking at it and said with a smile. buried under vegetation. This one. “I’ll build a chop out of that one day…” Every time he walked past it he kept looking at the engine.co. and the tinware had largely rusted away (the tank had WorldMags.net . weighing up how it would look in 36 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.

co. it was really only a matter of time before the project began. the internal damage to the engine wasn’t as bad as you’d expect it to be.100-biker. It’d need a new piston and liner. bURieD UNDeR vegetAtioN. the head rebuilding. The magneto was reconditioned Z WorldMags. and of course.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 37 . but considering how bad it could’ve been that was getting off lightly. and Matt fitted a much newer and better carb from a Royal Enfield Bullet on a new one-off manifold. DURiNg A gARDeN CleARANCe the bike he had in his head.net www.net he’D FoUND it leANiNg AgAiNst A tRee. Star Engineers in Chelmsford were given the job of reboring the cylinder and sorting out the head. given that it’d sat outside uncovered and unprotected for longer than some of our readers’ve been alive.WorldMags. and a complete new clutch. Surprisingly.

the primary rebuilt and fitted with a nickelplated chain. was the creation of the one-off stainless exhaust that so lovingly hugs the engine and exits through a moped silencer that he found on the verge of the local bypass and adapted to fit.net the oRigiNAl loWeR RAils. He also decided to tilt the engine forwards approximately 15 degrees to give the bike a lower profile and a more sporty look. Last job motor-wise. and the Burman GB gearbox given the once over. he plumped for a pair of ultra-modern 38 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. as they’d survived four decades of neglect by being coated in leaked engine oil and chain grease. As usual he planned to make it himself and envisaged a single downtube goose-neck affair— rigid of course—and planned to use the original lower rails. and any worn parts replaced as necessary. Forgoing traditional spoked wheels. This would help to align the engine and gearbox in the frame. hAD sURviveD FoUR DeCADes oF NegleCt bY beiNg CoAteD iN leAKeD eNgiNe oil AND ChAiN gReAse to provide sparks. With the engine shipshape and Bristol fashion (whatever the hell that means…).net .uk WorldMags.100-biker. CoMPlete With eNgiNe AND geARboX MoUNts.co.BIKE FEATURE ARIEl 350 er v o c ike b WorldMags. he turned his attention to the frame. and make his life a little easier. complete with engine and gearbox mounts. apart from cleaning it up and detailing it. you see.

uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 39 . And the lack of chrome. doesn’t it. even though it’s only been built a few months. wanting it to be the same as it would’ve been when it left the factory 61 years ago.WorldMags. looks just perfect. helped.net www. aren’t we? We haven’t finished talking about the Ariel’s construction yet. yokes and speedo. The result. just add to the ‘old bike’ look too. by the fact that he’s colour-matched the aftermarket headlight to the frame and tinware. The bike has that look of an old ’un about it. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. with the original fork shrouds.net five-spokes from a Yamaha YZF125R sports learner (the one that looks like a mini R1) and new old stock tyres sourced from eBay. and while the rear was shoehorned in as is. you see.100-biker.co. though. Matt made a conscious decision to use a colour scheme that was as close to the original as he could get it. the front needed to be matched up to the stock Ariel forks which took a bit of jiggerypokery on Matt’s part. A D1 Bantam tank (that’s a BSA Bantam for our Z the oNe-oFF stAiNless eXhAUst thAt so loviNglY hUgs the eNgiNe AND eXits thRoUgh A MoPeD sileNCeR thAt he FoUND oN the veRge oF the loCAl bYPAss WorldMags. and the little brass details throughout. of course. Both were fitted with tiny but powerful AJP scooter calipers.

Lycett replica seat Electrics: Total loss ignition system.net . widened Ariel ‘Heavyweight’ handelbars.5-inch LED bullet headlight. open primary with nickel plated chain. Royal Enfield Bullet carb.   It’s also picked up awards at just about every event it’s been to— understandable as it is. and the Ariel Owners Club spares department (it’s restored as original. autojumble rear mudguard. new clutch basket and plates Frame: One-off single downtube gooseneck rigid by owner. AJP scooter caliper. one-off stainless exhaust with modified moped silencer. just goes to prove something I’ve always said. and the fact that it was done by one bloke. the sort of thing that highly-paid motorcycle designers would be proud to have in their portfolio. for confirming that. AJP scooter caliper Tinware: BSA Bantam D1 fuel tank. The seat is a Lycett replica (Lycett were a famous bicycle and motorcycle saddle maker with a history dating back to 1893). a door handle. Thanks. Almost everything on the bike was made by Matt himself. rebuilt. quite. oneoff steering damper/ handlebar clamps/ mirror Blunt End: Yamaha YzF125R wheel and disc.100-biker. and did what little polishing he felt necessary. Bob for enthusiasm and all those second opinions. Metzeler tyre.net younger readers) was pressed into service. he reports. one-off manifold. Burman GB gearbox. and least blinkered in the world. 4. is as low as he’d planned. and this ingenuity is extended to the mirror—made from a door knob.uk WorldMags. keeps up with modern traffic “provided you keep off dual carriageways”. along with a lawnmower petrol tank adapted for use as the oil tank. and the rear mudguard came from an autojumble (as did the two tanks). The rear light is a complete one-off. original speedo and yokes. lawnmower petrol tank for oil tank. a lorry marker lens. in a small workshop. but he says. on his own. a combination of a mixer tap lever. and a blind spot mirror. and as you’d imagine. original lower frame rails. One of the best custom bikes in the UK? You’d better believe it! p 40 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. as I said at the beginning of this article. Tony for help and advice. the customer for the donation of what was once his father’s motorcycle. Matt. The finished machine. reconditioned magneto. quite slow. honest!)…” specification WorldMags. quite stunning. one-off LED rear light Paint: Satin black and claret by owner Polishing: Owner Engineering: Owner Thanks To: “Star Engineers (01245 440501) for rebore and head work. jetted to suit. and an LED light. Continental tyre.co. It’s an inspired it’s AN iNsPiReD bleND oF the olD AND the NeW. and he wired it and painted it too. engine as stressed member Sharp End: Yamaha YzF125R wheel and disc. the British custom bike scene is one of the best.BIKE FEATURE ARIEL 350 sheet Original Year. the soRt oF thiNg thAt highlY-PAiD MotoRCYCle DesigNeRs WoUlD be PRoUD to hAve iN theiR PoRtFolio blend of the old and the new. Make & Model: 1952 Ariel NH350 Red Hunter Engine: 1952 Ariel NH350 Red Hunter. most innovative. original forks with shrouds. new piston/ liner/ head/ valves.

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Middlesex HA2 7HE Tel: 02088 660866 57 York Street. Rayners Lane Harrow.WorldMags. Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 2AE Tel: 01895 812112 233 Imperial Drive.net .net INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNING ARTISTS 55 Cowley Road. Twickenham London TW1 3LP Tel: 0208 8913477 WorldMags.

For most ‘traditional’ style stuff. drum and stub axle unbolt from the car (you won’t need the brake back plate) (Fig. For a set of handlebars you can use tube with a thicker wall. The problem with exhausts is that you’re trying to bend thin wall tube through a large angle on a tight radius and it wants to collapse. but it gets called a Blackjack bender quite a lot too. and also why we have T and Z ’bars. but bending tube starts to present a few problems which are typified by handlebars and exhausts. which was all a little pointless unless you had a way of bending tube. but they also have WorldMags.2 fig.3 to be precisely equal and in the correct plane. There are lots of plans out there on the internet for DIY benders. It goes like this… Dig around under a Ford Fiesta or Escort with rear drum brakes.co. dONE BY OUR RESIdENT METALwORKING GENIUS. You’ll need one for each diameter of tube you want to make a former for—and try and find one without a step around A lot oF CUstoM eXhAUsts ARe MADe bY WelDiNg PReFoRMeD beNDs togetheR AND Also WhY We hAve t AND Z ’bARs it. being able to bend tubes of between 7/8-inch and 1¼-inch in diameter is a useful range. Then cut out two ‘scythe’ shaped pieces of quarter-inch plate so that the inner diameter is a tight fit on the drum. which doesn’t make them cheap.sheD heAD f you’re going to alter. Originally I called it the Fiesta bender. sooner or later you’re going to need to bend some metal. This is why a lot of custom exhausts are made by welding pre-formed bends together. Carefully measure the diameter of the drum. the ‘blade’ of the scythe is half of the tube’s Z WorldMags. I came up with an idea. Bending solid bits of metal isn’t all that difficult. There’s some variation in brake sizes too.1).net SHEdHEAd IS OUR REGULAR LOOK AT ALL ASPEcTS Of BIKE BUILdING. and the radius of the bends can be larger. and you’ll find that the entire hub. BLAcKJAcK goiNg RoUND the beND I fig. so look at a few if you have the chance. modify or build motorcycles.1 fig. but you either have to buy or machine the formers for most of them.net www. The point about these is that the whole of the hub and the drum are a single casting and quite stiff.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 45 . About eight years ago I wrote some article on chopping up a Z400. and after a little bit of thought.100-biker.

Once it’s welded. as any high spots will dent the tube when you bend it. The bender is also going to need a frame and a guide for the tube. cutting it a little over-large and filing and sanding it to size. After I’d made a plate to mount the former to the upright. Once I was happy that the two scythes were as good as I could make them. run a piece of the correct diameter tube around the drum and make sure that the tube will clear the weld. I welded the first one to the drum taking care that it was square to the stub axle by rotating the drum once the scythe was tacked in place and watching for vertical run out (Fig. but you could just weld the guide to the base. I centralised the former over the base and measured the amount I needed to offset the upright. 46 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.6 iF YoU DeCiDe to MAKe FoRMeRs FoR otheR siZes oF tUbe. To make the guide I found some thick wall tube that had an inside diameter the same as the OD of the tube I wanted to bend.4). I used some 2½-inch by 1¼-inch box section for the base of the frame and the upright that supports the former.net sheD heAD fig. I found some 1¼-inch tube with an 1/8-inch wall thickness. and it’s clamped to the first one using spacers that match the diameter of the tube that the former is being made for (Fig. so I cut some packers and welded the upright to one end of the base (Fig. The reasoning behind that is if you decide to make formers for other sizes of tube.uk WorldMags. theN it’s eAsieR to AlteR the height oF the gUiDe thAN to AlteR the height oF the FoRMeR diameter in thickness. and there’s a ‘handle’ on it as in (Fig. The length of the former should be about a quarter the circumference of the largest part of the former.WorldMags.2) I used a jigsaw to cut mine out. then it’s easier to alter the height of the guide than to alter the height of the former. since I was making a former for 1-inch tube.co.5).7. As it happened.6).7 fig. I used some ½-inch by 1-inch steel bar to back the guide up with.net . it was 1¼ inches and I had some box section that size. The second scythe is positioned so its ‘handle’ lines up with that of the first one. Cut the tube in half lengthways so that the piece you’re going to use is a full semi-circle and doesn’t have a weld seam (Fig.4 fig. which is why it’s packed up on two pieces of ¼-inch plate in Fig.100-biker.5 fig.3). The easiest way to get everything aligned is to line it all up on the base of the frame. Grind down any high spots.

the groove in the former was filled with P40 fibre-glass bridging filler and shaped with a piece of tube to provide more support.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 47 . p fig.8 the eXtRA loNg Foot let Me PARK A CAR oN it to KeeP eveRYthiNg stAble. I measure the amount the tube is pulled along the bed rather than the angle I’ve bent it through.10). I cut the ‘handles’ off the scythes in line with the axis of the tube. and the bolt-on handle means that you can move it round for a second ‘bite’ if you want more than 90 degrees of bend (Fig.net www. The extra long foot let me park a car on it to keep everything stable. but for thinner wall stuff. but having the mid-point of the stop about twice the diameter of the tube from the contact point with the former ought to be a good compromise—closer for thin wall stuff.co. the easier it is to bend the tube. The further away from the point where the tube contacts the former the stop is. making the front one quite long and cut a bracket from some more of the ¼-inch plate to allow the handle to be bolted to the former (Fig. It quite happily bent one-inch OD 1/82 wall tube as was. I cut a couple of feet for the base and welded those on. and cut another piece of the tube the guide was made from to act as the stop for the tube (Fig. AND the bolt-oN hANDle MeANs thAt YoU CAN Move it RoUND FoR A seCoND ‘bite’ iF YoU WANt MoRe thAN 90 DegRees oF beND With everything welded in position.9).net fig.WorldMags. further away for thick wall stuff.9 fig. which makes it dead easy to produce two identical bends. but the ‘sausaging’ there will be on the bends. It’s easier to move it closer than it is to move it further away.10 WorldMags. When I use it.8).100-biker.

co. com/back-issues. WorldMags. and judging by the positive feedback we’ve had many of you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing/building it f you’ve missed any of the articles and would like to read the full story of the build in sequence. actually listened to what she said. He doesn’t do things by halves either. but Joff wasn’t keen on either the look of them or the idea of the extra twisting forces on the swingarm pivot area created by this design. he set the (three) wheels in motion and found her a ’98 Harley-Davidson Sportster to chop up. They were both fans of the Attitude Customs/Exile Cycles trikes so the first parts to buy were a bargain set of 15-inch Mickey Thompsons from eBay. yes love. we used her original solid rear in the front and widened it to fit a sensible sized tyre (200). As previously mentioned. a trike isn’t a proper trike without monster rear wheels..100-biker.100-biker. so instead of “Of course dear. We chocked the frame with blocks of timber to get the iNitiAllY the PlAN WAs to siMPlY bUY A bolt-oN sWiNgARM CoNveRsioN. Joff the PeRFeCt beAst—bUilt! wORdS & PIcS: STEVE TAYLOR PaRT 5 i was the first UK V-Max owner to have his bike mono shocked. Unlike most men.net .BIKE FEATURE IF yoU KnEw sUzI. Joff.net This is the finale to our Trike Tech feature. back issues are available from www. so between them they decided to have a complete custom job. he did all the research and legwork too. Who says romance is dead these days? Initially the plan was to simply buy a bolt-on swingarm conversion. bUt JoFF WAsN’t KeeN oN eitheR the looK oF theM oR the iDeA oF the eXtRA tWistiNg FoRCes oN the sWiNgARM Pivot AReA 48 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.. myself included (so I’ve been told).uk WorldMags. Sheena’s other half. He didn’t stop there. This was due to the fact that she struggled to keep a large capacity bike on its wheels and didn’t want to downsize. Sheena decided that she wanted a trike. and the build started in issue 169. Sheena wanted a set of our split rims and to save a few quid. whatever you think poppet”. you see.

and after a round trip from Essex and one happy Sheena later. They looked good.net www. but still be a bolt-on. Sheena decided that she wanted a solo seat as this trike was going to be just for her enjoyment. the sub-frame mounting area was too big to fit the tunnel of the tank. can you make the wheels so that they look like they’re proper knock-offs and you can’t see the bolts?” The original MG wheels had splined centres and splined hubs with a large thread to retain the wheel. one lefthand thread and one right-hand. we made new wheels with a smaller bolt PCD so that the spinner covered them. “We’ve bought some spinners for a ’50s MG. As always. it’s AMAZiNg the DiFFeReNCe it CAN MAKe bY gettiNg the tRAil Right She also wanted the trike to look like a hardtail. we were ready to go. We decided it’d be easier to cut this off the frame than modify the tank. so Bill got the nine-inch grinder out and a quarter-of-an-hour later the tank was on. top quality rubberware looks at it’s best when it’s a good fit.100-biker.co.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 49 . Si Harris at Attitude Customs sent one of his and a trick oil tank too for approval. and we utilised the swingarm pivot and gearbox mounts for the rest as it was a very WorldMags. We finished the wheels then had a call from Joff.WorldMags. The rear tyres were meant to be mounted on 12-inch rims so it goes without saying that we had to stretch them out over 14-inch wide rims. and made the hubs with a thread protruding through the wheel to fit the spinners. so we machined some tube joiners for the top tube and subframe down tubes that fitted to the swingarm area. but caused another problem.net correct ground clearance and then set the tyres in place to get the correct stance. it steeRs oNe-hANDeD At ANY sPeeD WithoUt shAKiNg its heAD. and the wheels could be fitted and removed with just a hammer. To get around the problem. but it didn’t look right with the stock tank.

and Si Harris and crew at Attitude Customs (07758 241123)…” specification strong area. The frame was raked at the headstock and the yokes raked too. He and his crew wired the bike. can’t believe it’s a bolt-on kit!” Praise indeed from the man who inspired Sheena to want one in the first place! p and… Taylormade Wheels are based in midWales and their phone number is 01597 860692 or you can contact them through their website at www. Taylormade Wheels 14x15-inch split-rim wheels with ’50s MG knock-off spinners.uk. “it hANDles ReAllY Well. one-off raked yokes. Steve and Bill at Taylormade Wheels. We changed them to stubby Supertrapps from Demon Tweeks. We jigged it up. Finally. re-jetted carb. Joff came to the rescue here with the idea of curved risers. Arlen Ness headlight.net . one-off two-inch stainless headers with Supertrapp cans Frame: 1998 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster. they didn’t have time. for the powdercoating on the engine cases and wheel centres. HEL Performance brake lines. ‘bolt-on’ trike rear end. “It handles really well. got it running sweetly. 50 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. He took it for the obligatory 20–30mile thrash around Southampton. LED indicators Paint: Gloss black by Russ & Jonny at RJS Polishing: Yokes and exhaust by Gav at GS Polishing Thanks To: “Joff for inspiration. so Si Harris stepped he tooK it FoR the obligAtoRY 20–30-Mile thRAsh ARoUND soUthAMPtoN.100-biker. Trestan Finishers. 200 tyre. including some high-speed motorway work. We fabricated the exhaust pipes out of two-inch stainless tube and pre-formed bends. with one mounted above the other. Sorted. bent up some tubes and mounted one of our own axles.uk WorldMags. WorldMags.. stock disc/ caliper/ forks/ mastercylinder/ switchgear. it’s amazing the difference it can make by getting the trail right.. first was the tank (again)—the bars hit it when any sort of lock was needed. It steers one-handed at any speed without shaking its head. Gav at GS Polishing made it look like an exhaust. and got the registration sorted out. HarleyDavidson V-Rod four-pot calipers Tinware: Attitude Customs petrol tank and battery box. made an electrics box. there just was no room for them. A few niggles appeared. Biltwell solo seat Electrics: One-off loom by Attitude Customs. resulting in the perfect combination of looks and handling. 1912 Aston Martin Lagonda running lights as rears. Suzuki Hayabusa wavy discs. We used Si Harris’ next door neighbours. one-off ’bars Blunt End: Taylormade Wheels axle.co. stock foot-controls Sharp End: Harley-Davidson rear wheel widened to 6. Attitude Customs air-filter. Unfortunately due to work commitments.net sheet Engine: 1998 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster. and was straight on the phone as soon as he returned saying. design and helping me through it/ordering parts.5-inch.BIKE FEATURE IF yoU KnEw sUzI. taylormadewheels. modified Reliant diff. AND WAs stRAight oN the PhoNe As sooN As he RetURNeD sAYiNg. and once it was rolling on its own wheels Joff and Sheena collected it with the idea of completing the job themselves. CAN’t believe it’s A bolt-oN Kit!” up to the plate. then TIGwelded it together as most one-off exhaust manufacturers do these days. The second was the shotgun type silencers they’d supplied.co.

WorldMags.WorldMags.net . adverts.net Please Please mention mention 100% 100% Biker Biker when when responding responding to to adverts.

but it’s worth it. 52 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. sitting around on hay bales watching the bands. and there was camping in the field out the back with a stage and a bar set up at the bottom so are not to upset the locals too much. I blame the generosity of the man with the cider that didn’t taste alcoholic in any way. Cracking bit of tarmac! The pub was lovely. The Sun & Anchor. It’s far too easy to get stuck in our ways. Steeple. even dancing… by me. isn’T There? 21–23 June. It was all very pleasant.net There’s always one.net . and it’s good to try summat new he Sun & Anchor in Steeple. whoever had designed the road obviously used cooked spaghetti and a spirograph.. yet managed to convince me that not only could I dance. the home of the Pissed & Confused MCC. but if you want to try a new one (and a road the same shape as a drunken worm playing Twister) with really friendly people and a cracking breakfast in a nice little pub then may I suggest this one? p PISSED & CONFUSED RALLY WORDS & PiCS: HELENE T Zombie or messy eaTer? monsTer Trike Takes up valuable camping space. The last few miles were fun.. isn’t easy to find.100-biker.co. but I was good at it. wandering the campsite looking at bikes and chatting. Essex Sometimes we forget how good it can be to step outside the bubble of our regular rallies.uk WorldMags.EVENT FEATURE PISSED & CONFUSED RALLY WorldMags. We all have our favourite rallies.

Dorset .net . WorldMags.BH21 7RG . 22 Haviland Road .Ferndown .TRIKE IT YOUʼLL LIKE IT South Coast Custom Trike and Bike Builders Trike conversions from £3.01202 890680 .bbcustoms.07817 779754 www.000 WorldMags.net Bike in & Trike out Service Fabrication & Design Paint work & Artwork Call in for a chat about your requirements or give us a call for more information.biz Please mention 100% Biker when responding to adverts.

net It was inevitable that I’d end up with a GX650 eventually. This one came my way a dozen or more years ago in exchange for a knackered GPz streetfighter.100-biker.BIKE FEATURE YAMAHA XS650 set (Re)PhAseRs to stUN! wORdS: SIMON SHAKESPEARE PIcS: SIMON EVERETT WorldMags.net .co.uk WorldMags. and I fell in love with it immediately—the engine just seemed to ooze soul 54 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.


y old french teacher in the ’70s; a hippy mate of my brother on a communal farm in Germany in the ’80s; Al at Notts Custom Cycles and the Orange Whip drag race team; and a bloke I met on a campsite in Yorkshire in the early ’90s—they all had one thing in common… super-cool XS650s. I rode mine for a couple of years before rebuilding the engine completely (having met the oracle that was Tony Hall at Halco Tuning) including crank bearings, pistons, VM carbs and pipes. Gradually, though, the sweet note of the engine began to fade behind a mist of dodgy leave-you-stranded electrics, tired shocks, poor brakes, and wallowing handling. Slowly but surely, the XS sank to the back of the shed and began to blend with the dust and foliage lurking there. And it stayed there until last year when, having landed a small but pivotal tax return, I started browsing the XS forums and the dreaded (fl)e(a)Bay. I heard exotic tales of rephased engines that liberated power (and stopped the bike vibrating its way down the drive while on the side stand); mythical reports of bikes running without batteries and such like. A plan was hatched; the engine would be re-born as a 277 degree twin, and I would house it in a stiffened XS frame that’d trade its notorious tubular swingarm and twin shock combo for a more contemporary (and much better handling), monoshock/ box section ’arm/ fat rubber ensemble. I didn’t want a straight dirt-trackinspired style, though, I was after something more old/new fusion.


The engine was first on the operating table and as I’d already rebuilt it some years before, I wasn’t too worried about stripping it down. Most of the internals were still quite serviceable, but I fitted new springs, seals, bearings and gaskets. Then I boxed up my precious crank and cam and sent it off to Holland for the rephasing. This involves splitting the crank, rotating one side forward three notches on the main crank pin, refitting and welding in position. The cam is then cut in half and rotated a corresponding amount. This cancels out as many of the primary and secondary forces created by pistons moving very fast up or down the bore, yet coming to a standstill at either end of the stroke, only to then accelerate back up to maximum velocity on the

the RePhAseD eNgiNe is AN AbsolUte RevelAtioN; ooDles oF stoMP, sMooth WithoUt FeeliNg steRile, AND AN eXhAUst Note to Die FoR


www.100-biker.co.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 55




Original Year, Make & Model: 1978 Yamaha XS 650SE Engine: 1978 Yamaha XS 650SE, stainless valves, heavier valve springs, light porting, iridium plugs, 277 degree rephased cams, Mikuni VM34 carbs, pod air-filters, crank rephased to 277 degree firing order, rebuilt clutch with heavy-duty springs, ‘overdrive’ 5th gear cog, PAMCO electronic ignition to suit 277 degree firing order, twin Green Monster coils, 1.5-inch Halco 2-2 ’pipes with reverse cone megaphone end cans, Heiden side-mounted oil cooler, permanent magnet alternator with Honda VF500 stator/reg/reg & Yamaha RD 250 rotor, electric start removed, battery replaced with Sparx capacitor, offset front sprocket Frame: 1978 Yamaha XS 650SE, headstock modified to take FzR stem and lower yoke, braced/ gusseted/ de-lugged, new monoshock mounts, modified seat rails, Yamaha FzR600R rearsets on braced hangers Sharp End: 120/17 Bridgestone tyre, Yamaha FzR600R wheel/ brakes/ forks/ yokes (machined bearing collar/spacer, top modified for handlebar mounts), HEL braided stainless brake lines, Renthal ’bars, Suzuki GSX-R master-cylinder, modified stock switchgear, stock controls, motocross grips, stock clocks with LED bulbs and modified brackets Blunt End: Yamaha FzR600R swinging arm/ modified wheel/ brake/ mastercylinder/ torque arm, Suzuki GSX-R600 shock mated to FzR linkages, one-off sprocket, 160/60 17 Bridgestone tyre, modified stock battery box as rear light/seat mount Tinware: Yamaha FzR600R front mudguard, stock petrol tank, one-off fibreglass seat base upholstered in black vinyl ‘tuck and roll’ with fake suede piping, modified Yamaha SRX600 tail-piece, modified Yamaha FzR600 hugger/ chainguard, modified custom oil tank as battery box Electrics: One-off loom by owner, stock headlight with halogen bulb conversion, Triumph T595 LED rear light, aftermarket LED indicators Paint: Candy Orange with 2K clearcoat lacquer by Paint Munkey, Exeter Powdercoating: Revill Industrial Paint, Exeter Polishing: Owner Engineering: Sprocket carrier/rear hub machining/ all critical welding/PTFE swingarm bushes etc by Tony Martin at TMS, Crediton; head bearing collars/rear wheel spacers by Si Tomlinson


next stroke. All of this necessitates a dedicated ignition set-up and a very pleasant chap in the US called Pamco Pete has been building such systems for a while now. After buttoning up the now painted and polished power plant I started to turn my thoughts towards electrics and engineering. I realised that I’d have to draw up a one-off wiring diagram as well as physically rewiring the bike, but having re-wired my GSX1100 from scratch, I wasn’t too freaked by the physical process, but drawing up the wiring diagram did involve lots of late nights and head-scratching. The engineering shenanigans involved much grinding and welding; some machining; a sprinkling of drilling and filing; a whole bunch of sweating/ grunting/ swearing; and industrial quantities of tea and beer. FZR 600 front and back ends were successfully grafted onto the now reinforced XS frame and the final rolling chassis was

starting to look promising. Having sloughed off all and sundry battery-related tyrannies, I was granted a perfect space to mount an oil tank as a battery box. I had one lying around since building an old rigid Triumph chop, and it got cleaned out, topped and tailed, and filled with a reg/rec, a blade fusebox and a bunch of wiring. To mount it, I used a pair of ally pre-unit Triumph engine plates which, turned upside down, where a good match for the modified oil tank’s circumference. It was starting to look like it might all have been planned—I think it’s called serendipity!

i DiDN’t WANt A stRAight DiRt-tRACK iNsPiReD stYle, thoUgh, i WAs AFteR soMethiNg MoRe olD/NeW FUsioN

56 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.100-biker.co.uk



Thanks To
“Tony Martin for engineering support and workshop space at critical moments; Jerry at Heiden Tuning in Holland for the re-phase and all engine parts; Stuart Coote of Grove Upholstery for the seat; Julian at Paint Munkey; Pamco Pete for ignition and support; Hugh Punkskalar for PMA support and inspiration; Dom for bike trailer and all-round good buddy duties; Marijke for tireless support and encouragement; the forum community at XS650.com for inspiration and boundless knowledge; and the late Tony Hall of Halco Tuning for original inspiration and support with the first rebuild…”

the steeRiNg geoMetRY is shARPeR thAN the oRigiNAl Xs, AND CoMbiNeD With the UPgRADeD sUsPeNsioN AND MoDeRN RUbbeR it hANDles AlMost liKe A MoDeRN biKe!
So what’s the bike like overall? Well it all worked straight off (phew) and I am delighted with the look. The rephased engine is an absolute revelation; oodles of stomp, smooth without feeling sterile, and an exhaust note to die for. The new charging system seems to be doing its job well and, most importantly, it now starts first kick! The steering geometry is sharper than the original XS, and combined with the upgraded suspension and modern rubber it handles almost like a modern bike! There have been a couple of flies in the proverbial Chardonnay though (or Stella, more likely); the superb paint job that Justin at Paint Munkey applied was on top of the prep’ and prime that I’d already done (he prefers to start with bare metal, and wasn’t too happy about it), and it now looks like I may pay a price for my stubborn pride as the primer is beginning to bubble under the paint… bugger! The other issue is that, in spite of the intentionally aggressive riding stance of the rearsets that I fashioned from the FZR pegs, the riding position throws too much weight onto my wrists—I can only manage about 15 mins before cramps set in. I am now returning the ’pegs to the original (and considerably more moderate) location… I’ll just have to ride the bike more aggressively to compensate! p


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WorldMags. NG18 5ST 01623 632266 info@lerock.000 15.08 £236.co.net .500 12. parts accessories and to talk give about winter projects usyour a call ! iarl ec SOpf fe SPORTSTER BIG TWIN V-ROD £90.co.84 £110.68 £226.00 £100.000 SERVICE SPORTSTER/BUELL PRE 2000 BIG TWIN PRE 2000 V/ROD £207.net For the bestand deals on servicing.33 £208.lerock. Nottingham.86 £216.500 7. labour & VAT www.08 £236.12 £66.00 ALL SERVICING IS PERFORMED BY A FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIAN USING GENUINE PARTS & LUBRICANTS IN COMPLIANCE WITH MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY RECOMMENDATIONS All prices include.86 w your Learneyhowo Harl rks! Monday course full day £90. service parts.02 £174.62 £66.29 10.44 20.co.66 £228.92 + oil & filter £76.00 £100.86 £247.000 MILE – 1ST SERVICE 2.500 etc SERVICE £56. 1 Tenter Lane.lerock.000 etc SERVICE SPORTSTER/BUELL BIG TWIN V/ROD £165. Mansfield.00 SPORTSTER/ BUELL BIG TWIN V/ROD 1.uk 01623 632266 CALL MA SPARE PARTNY S IN STOCK GI E US A VCA LL WorldMags.62 5.uk www.000 SERVICE SPORTSTER/BUELL PRE 2000 BIG TWIN PRE 2000 V/ROD £193.40 + oil & filter £86.40 + oil & filter £86.65 £236.uk Unit 1.

net WorldMags.WorldMags.net .

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

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but obviously they’ve gone for the cheaper option of a blanket ban.co. as you know. More meetings are to follow. For those that don’t know already Brent Council instigated an 18-month experimental traffic order banning bikes on Rainsford Road in the Park Royal Industrial Estate after they allegedly ran out of options. according to the council. if the YouTube videos are anything to go by (where they’re all going really slowly). There is a minimum speed limit on the motorway—as any JCB driver would tell you who has been stopped for driving slowly—of 30mph unless in heavy traffic. which he rides everywhere. panic braked. If you read the Daily Mail’s website (well. there have been 174 crashes on that small stretch of road. Maybe the few morons who enjoy racing down Rainsford Road in London haven’t got the balls to try it on the track or. MAG is.uk www. However. had a second meeting with Brent Council and the police. For a driver to slow down to 10mph so he can pull off at the junction shows either a great degree of fuckwittery (as in he was travelling too fast and got to the junction too late) or he was malicious in his intent—not wanting the biker behind him. then it’s automatically your fault. Recently.net The MAG BiT! Fighting For Riders’ Rights AG. luckily. walking away without a scratch after going over the handlebars. It all went to court and I won. Nine years ago I had a prang going to work one morning when a van driver. they say they’re trying to do all they can. not observing the tailbacks ahead of him. to give him his proper name) has been a member of MAG since 1999 and was elected as National Chairman in April this year.WorldMags. Leon Mannings. to date. Sorry folks. I’m amazed by their justification for the ban. Dominic Grieve. Dr. Here’s hoping! ‘NeveR iN the Field oF humaN tRaNspoRt have so maNy beeN RepReseNted by so Few’ WorldMags. Mitch (or John Mitchell. you’ll see all the numpty comments saying that if you hit someone from behind on the road. a couple of weeks ago our Transport Policy Adviser. If you look at the council’s Facebook page.uk||issue issue 160 173 | 100% Biker | 65 .net www. that’s bullshit and I’m actually living proof of that. then there wouldn’t be a eqUAlitY AND JUstiCe FoR All? M need for the ban. of course. Let’s see what they come up with. the Attorney General.’ Maybe if the police’d sent more than one car and actually enforced the law. The fact that Dominic Grieve doesn’t want to look into this matter further just shows what utter contempt he and his fellow ministers have for the average motorcyclist and for public sensibilities. to ask them nicely to stop. and is a member of CAMRA who’d love MAG to have the same number of members. I ended up going into the back of him.co. Brent Council doesn’t want to be seen as an anti-bike council… but they’ll have to go a long way to convince us otherwise. you may recall how this Government’s notion of justice leaves a lot to be desired. announced that he won’t be re-visiting the lenient sentencing of Mark Walsh who slammed on his brakes on the M65 causing the death of Peter Sarchet. there are times when you wish parts of the motorcycling scene would disappear up their own exhaust pipes. theN theRe WoUlDN’t be A NeeD FoR the bAN mangling my GT’s front end. who lost control of his bike trying to stop behind him after his front brake locked. but. someone has to!).100-biker. but banning motorcycles doesn’t solve the problem. He’s the proud owner of a Triumph Speed Triple. MAYbe iF the PoliCe’D seNt MoRe thAN oNe CAR AND ACtUAllY eNFoRCeD the lAW. they’re scared that they’ll do themselves some serious damage as they do fall off quite a lot. eh? In other news. doing something about this ban.100-biker. ‘The police have tried to disperse them. is there to defend our freedom to ride our bikes wherever we see fit and to have the same rights as other road users.

uk WorldMags. a scooter—the one you ran in the mag) in a scheme based on a Lynx deodorant can. When I left college it was a natural progression to start a business painting custom bikes and I painted a bike (well. a scooter—the one you ran in the mag) in a scheme based on a Lynx deodorant can I soon had a thriving business for about four years back in the ’80s which continued until my son came along. I was already into bikes and had a little Triumph Tiger 90. 66 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. and continues to turn out some beautiful artwork aT whaT aGe did you GeT inTo painTinG? s I was always interested in art over everything else from a very early age. I got the chance to get back into painting when Clive at So-Low Choppers offered me a project bike he’d built to paint. and I began doing paintwork on friends’ bikes and also on denim and leather jackets too. Ar sh Airbru he’s made a name for herself painting the bikes built by So-Low Choppers and others from the region. I painted a bike (well. in fact.net .co. after bringing my son and daughter up.s e K o t s Y R A l hi r Biker inside leadinG FiGures oF Th aT one oF The WorldMags. Then four years ago.100-biker. and when it came time to decide what to do when I left school the obvious and only decision was to go to art college! I went to Ipswich Art College for four years and it was while I was there that I discovered airbrushes. from bike shows to the colour of packaging in supermarkets.net an in-depTh look e indusTry nd Hurricane hi be us ni ge tic tis ar d an r ne ow e Hilary is th in the east of the country er ov d se ba op sh t in pa a t. That was it—it all started again! where do you Find your inspiraTion? who are your heroes (bikinG or oTherwise)? My inspiration comes from all over the place.

WorldMags.100-biker. owner of JLF Designs in Stanton.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 67 . Bury St Edmunds.net www. Ingham. well. and Bob from Krazy Horse’s bike… now I’m getting carried away. it’s the icing on the cake! Hurricane Airbrush Art are now based at BVS. and you can ring Hilary on 01284 728860 or 07799 242721. etcetera. I admire all the well-known airbrush artists— Piers Dowell especially—but one of my real heroes is Jason Fowler. after all. a true inspiration! which is your FavouriTe bike you’ve painTed? and why? It’s always hard to choose your favourite as you like them all for different reasons. I’ve done so many now that I think it tends to be whatever you’ve just finished that’s your favourite. I had the pleasure of working with for a while several years ago. and so I’d have to say that currently it’s the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ scheme on a bobber that I completed not so long ago. or contact her through the website at www.co.uk. Place Farm.WorldMags. it doesn’t look to be changing any time soon! Gold leaf. co. As for heroes. Suffolk. where do you see cusTom painTinG GoinG in The FuTure? I’m kinda wondering whether we’ll soon be going back to old time fantasy murals! God help us! I think that there’s been a lot of old skool retro paintwork out there this summer and.net Bik er insider Dealing with customers and interpreting what they want is part of the service. Mind you. I also have a soft spot for the crew of metalflake chops that went to the Isle of Man from Hero Garage. as far as I can tell from the work I’ve been asked to do. is still really popular and I’m kinda wondering whether we’ll soon be going back to old time fantasy murals! God help us! I think that whatever happens custom paint’ll always have a place in bike building. who paints crash helmets and is a brilliant artist in my eyes. hurricaneart.

brightona.uk. 5th Oct: Rugby MAG’s 2 Balls in Hand Rally at St Thomas’ Cross. 6th Oct: Normous Newark Autojumble at the Newark & Notts Showground. More info from www.info. Napton.org. More info from 01530 814718 or www. More info from Facebook. Bridgend. More info from 07949 867760 or www. London.co. Somerset. 5th Oct: Ride To The Wall to the National Arboretum. Girton End Road. Brandon. Essex. Somerset. vicbikerspub. Tickets £5. Tickets £5 including camping. Uxbridge. Stonebridge. 27-29th Sept: Doggs Bollocks MCC’s Bike Show & Party at RAFA Battle of Britain Club.com. Tickets £15 prebook. Warks. 29th Sept: Leighton Buzzard Railway’s Sand & Motorcycles day at Page’s Park Station. Cambs. near Bridgnorth. Tickets £10 prebook or £12 on gate. Suffolk.kks69mcc. More info from Facebook. near 68 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. Chelmarsh.nocomply. London. Stonebridge.uk. 27-29th Sept: Oddballs MCC’s Summer Rally at Shropshire Aero Club. Leics at 2pm. I’m afraid. Hampton Loade. More info from 07816 036804 or www.uk. Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate.uk. Merthyr Mawr. Chopwell. doggsbollocksmcc.ace-cafe-london. 12th Oct: Randomers MCC’s Rock Night at The Madra. Tickets £5. 13th Oct: Brightona at Madeira Drive. 1 Marche er. Peterborough. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 29th Sept: 59 Club Day & BSA Bantam Meet at the Ace Cafe London.buzzrail. 37 Batemans Row. Newton Road. Derbys.co. Free entry. 13th Oct: Brit V’s Day at the Ace Cafe London. Middx. Wem. Yorks. Preston. rufforthautojumble. More info from Facebook. More info from www. 18-20th Oct: KKS69MCC Black Pig Frolic VIII Rally at the Breighton Ferry. 16th Oct: KKS69 MCC’s Bikenite at the Breighton Ferry.net Colchester. Penwortham. Tickets £5 or £10 with camping. Cornwall. Breighton. S. Brighton. Send ’em to Rally Weekend. 27-29th Sept: CAT MCC’s Catapult 7 at Vernon Carus Sports Club. North Circular Road. Swaffham Road. Biillington Road. More info from 07581 731307. CH1 . More info from 07816 036804 or www.pff-uk. oCtobeR 4-6th Oct: No Comply Rally at the Watchfield Inn. Lancs. ace-cafe-london.co. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Tickets £5. Whitwick Road. 27-29th Sept: Shite Shags Geordieland’s Little Tiddler Malarkey Rally at Northumbria Gliding Club. Wetherby Road.co. More info from 01507 529470 or www. The Causeway. Beds. Yorks. Staffordshire. Chester sePteMbeR 27th Sept: Bike of the Year Night at Weston Bike Night at the Beach Lawns. Coalville. 18-20th Oct: Mobile Chaos MCC’s Piss Up in a Brewery Rally at Lancaster Brewery. Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate.ace-cafe-london. More info from www. 100-bik editor@ to ’em email or 6BS.cc. Tyne & Wear.co. Tickets £10 prebook or £15 on gate. events e’s everyon r Court.net.thebikeshed.com.uk. Harmer Hill. Wetherby.uk. More info from 07854 100 010 or www. 6th Oct: Honda Hornet Swarm at the Ace Cafe London. 100% Biker. More info from 01326 573404 or Facebook. More info from 07769 991691 or www. More info from www.co. ridetothewall. London. 5th Oct: Rufforth Autojumble at Rufforth Park. Merthyr Mawr Road. Shrops. Tickets £10 prebook or £12 on gate. 100% Biker brings you the best upcoming events for your diary limit the info we can print Due to the sheer number of events we’ve had to contact details. Currock Hill (near Hedley on the Hill). 27-29th Sept: Ribcrackers’ Run to the Sun Rally at Catton Hall. Stonebridge.org. 6th Oct: Victoria Bikers Pub’s Pet Monkey Pet Food Run from the Victoria Biker’s Pub. More info from 01904 738620 or www. Sleap Aerodrome.com. Ace Corner. 5-6th Oct: The Bike Shed’s The Event II at Shoreditch Studios. Weston super Mare. junction A1/A46.uk. Factory Lane. Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate. Tickets £20 on gate.co. Walton on Trent. Yorks. and price ticket .uk. Tickets 07509 904032 or www. warwickshiremag.WorldMags.kks69mcc. Norfolk. Mersea Island. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 4-6th Oct: Barrel Bikers MCC’s GPO Rally at a new site. 4-6th Oct: Hednesford MCC’s Stags & Slags Rally at The Unicorn. 11-13th Oct: Pict-On PissedOff In The Woods at Candlestone Castle. date. Hillingdon Road. 18th Oct: Biketober Fest at Flambards in Helston.co.condomrally. More info from www.uk. Tickets £4.net . Ace Corner. pictonpissedoff. Tickets £4 on door. Rugby. Watchfield.co. More info from 07904 235787. 5th Oct: Four Winds MC’s Bikers for Boobies at the Ram Hotel. More info from 07779 866869 or www. North Circular Road.com.com.Wales. Tickets £5.oddballsmcc. Ace Corner. Sealand Road.net. North Circular Road.com. More info from 07738 266211 or Facebook. cat-mcc. More info from 01525 373888 or www.mag-uk.co.uk WorldMags.uk. More info from 07734 500143 or www. Shrops. the just to to make sure we can get and if we do it like this we can do our damndest we’ll keep listing them! and in them sending Keep in. Leighton Buzzard.barrelbikers.org. Please bring dog & cat food. 12th Oct: Peterborough MAG’s Rock Night at the Elm Tree. Tickets £10 prebook. 4-6th Oct: Condom Rally at the East Mersea Youth Camp. location name.talktalk. London (EC24 3HH).uk.100-biker. More info from www.

we will honour the number of issues paid for but not the term of the subscription. Shobnall Sports & Social Club. More info from 07873 777253.com. Stafford. Shobnall Road.org. More info from www. London. If Trike magazine changes frequency per annum.net *When you subscribe for 2 years (UK only). Oxon.com.uk. Henley. More info from 07939 462955 or www. Yorks (next to Tesco).T.net Wyresdale Road. Trowbridge. Wilts. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Ipswich. ace-cafe-london.mobilechaosmcc. SUBSCRIBE & SAVE OVER 25% * ● ● ● SUBSCRIBE FOR 2 YEARS FOR ONLY £25! THE PERFECT GIFT DIGITAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE ● FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK NEVER MISS AN ISSUE ● NoveMbeR 2nd Nov: W. Wye Halls & Outside. More info from 01773 819154 or www. London. eastdurhammcc.co. 27th Oct: Huddersfield Autojumble at the Old Market Building. 20th Oct: Red Oktober – Eastern Bloc Bikes at the Ace Cafe London.uk. Wetherby. Weston Road. More info from 0191 526 6635 or www. Ace Corner. More info from 01904 738620 or www. Three Counties Showground. 2 years = 8 issues. Ace Corner. More info from 01253 782828. North Circular Road.phoenixfairs. Barrow.  Wiltshire. 26-27th Oct: Classic Car & Bike Show at the Winter Gardens. witchcoven.com. 20th Oct: Trike Day at The Cross Keys. Suffolk. More info from www. classicbikeshows. Worcs. Blackpool. Hurworth upon Tees.com.com. More info from Facebook. IT'S EASY TO SUBSCRIBE! www. North Circular Road.H Halloween Party at the White Swan. Tickets £5. Tickets £7 on gate (£6 if in fancy dress).ace-cafe-london.co. Lancaster. Malvern. Suffolk.uk | issue 172 | 100% Biker | 69 (QUOTE B173) WorldMags. Free entry.uk. Darlington.C. rufforthautojumble. Main Road. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 19-20th Oct: Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show at Stafford County Show Ground.100-biker.I.co. Church Road. 10 am start. 26th Oct: Unwanted MCC’s Halloween Party at the Rockbar. Huddersfield.com. 2nd Nov: Rufforth Autojumble at Rufforth Park.uk.classicshows. More info from 01865 433429 or www. More info from 07988 521400 or wwwunwantedmcc. 25-27th Oct: East Durham MCC’s Cauld Arse Rally at Hurworth Hall. Tickets £15. Brook Street. Tickets £15 prebook only. Lancs. More info from www. Stonebridge. 27th Oct: Rat Bike Review at the Ace Cafe London. Wetherby Road. Tickets £15 prebook.WorldMags. Church Farm. Tickets £4. Burton on Trent. .trikemagazine.co. Warminster. 26th Oct: Ghost Rider Halloween Bash at The Academy. Hortoncum-Studley.com/offers173 01244 881888 ext. 26th Oct: Antistack Rock AllDayer at the Bell & Crown. 27th Oct: Malvern Classic & Off Road Motorcycle Show & Jumble. Staffs.caldariummcc.jimdo.co. More info from Facebook.501 www.weebly. Yorks. 25-27th Oct: Caldarium MCC’s Hex-Rated Rally at the Millennium Hall. Stonebridge.

net Stonebridge. 22nd dec: Xmas Carol Service at 7pm at the Ace Cafe London. Tickets £15. North Circular Road.30am.com. Ace Corner. London. More info from 07988 521400 or wwwunwantedmcc. More info from 07873 777253. 14th dec: Unwanted MCC’s Christmas Party at the Rockbar.ace-cafe-london. 10th Nov: EACSR Remembrance Sunday Run at 9am from McDonalds. Suffolk. Yorks (next to Tesco).info.com. 23rd Nov-1st dec: Motorcycle Live at The NEC. chalets from £26 per person. Whitwick Road. Sussex. London. Camber Sands.motorcyclelive. 10th Nov: Poppy Day Parade & Service – Military Vehicle Meet at the Ace Cafe London. Speedwell. London. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Please bring presents for kids. Southport. Ace Corner.com.uk. Huddersfield.uk.45am. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 30th Nov: Unwanted MCC’s Pre Toy Run Party at The Rockbar.jimdo.uk. North Circular Road. Shobnall Sports & Social Club. Huddersfield.pff-uk.com. Free camping. Brook Street.com. Tickets £6. junction A1/A46. Tickets £5 per bike plus pressie.com. Staffs. 17th Nov: Super Moto & Scramblers Day at the Ace Cafe London.co. junction A1/A46. Birmingham. London. ace-cafe-london. Accrington. 8th dec: Bike Day at the Ace Cafe London. 31st dec: New Years Eve Party at the Ace Cafe London.ace-cafe-london. Ace Corner. North Circular Road.ace-cafe-london.100-biker. Staffs at 9. Burton on Trent.com.ace-cafe-london. Bristol. London. 3rd Nov: Ton Up Day – England Expects! at the Ace Cafe London. More info from 01773 819154 or www. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Ipswich. Ace Corner.co. Stonebridge.cogheadsmcc. 10 am start. Stonebridge.co. More info from www. Ace Corner. Leics at 9. More info from Facebook.com. Stonebridge. Deep Pit Road. Lancs. Staffs.info.co. Ace Corner. ace-cafe-london. More info from www. Stonebridge. Shobnall Sports & Social Club. Thetford. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. London. Tickets £5.com. North Circular Road.com. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 10 am start. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. 17th Nov: Normous Newark Autojumble at the Newark & Notts Showground. ace-cafe-london. Lancs. 24th Nov: Ariel Day (50th Golden Arrow & 60th MK2 Square Four) at the Ace Cafe London.co.com. 29th dec: Bike Day at the Ace Cafe London. Burton on Trent.      22nd dec: Paws n’ Claws Pet Food Run at 10am at the Ace Cafe London. Staffs. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. London. London. Stonebridge. North Circular Road. More info from 01507 529470 or www. Main Road. Bedminster.uk. Brook Street. Dean Lane. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. ace-cafe-london.co. 7-10th Nov: Original Cruisers’ Halloween Rock Weekender at Pontins. Henley. Ipswich. Tickets £5. Ace Corner. 15th dec: Xmas Toy Run at 10am at the Ace Cafe London. Wellington Street.com. 29th dec: Huddersfield Autojumble at the Old Market Building. More info from 07802 472766 or email triker36@msn. Shobnall Rd. More info from 07761 931226 or wwwunwantedmcc. phoenixfairs. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Stonebridge. 15-18th Nov: Rhythm Riot at Pontin’s Camber Sands Holiday Park. webs. Ace Corner.uk WorldMags.pff-uk. More info from Facebook. More info from 01773 819154 or www. North Circular Road. London. 24th Nov: Huddersfield Autojumble at the Old Market Building. DeCeMbeR 1st dec: Ace Cafe Club Day at the Ace Cafe London. 17th Nov: Bristol Motorcycle & Trike Autojumble at CMC Motorcycle Services. Stonebridge. Stonebridge. Shobnall Rd.net . More info from 020 8566 5226 or www. New Lydd Road. 17th Nov: Trike Day at The Cross Keys. Stonebridge. Unit 81.ace-cafe-london. Ace Corner. North Circular Road. 31st dec: Unwanted MCC’s New Year’s Eve Party at the Rockbar. North Circular Road. 15th dec: Normous Newark Autojumble at the Newark & Notts Showground. 8th dec: Coffinscratchers MCC’s Christmas Toy Run from the Victoria Bikers Pub. London Road. Stonebridge.ace-cafe-london. London. Ace Corner. phoenixfairs.WorldMags. 70 | 100% Biker | issue 173 163 | www. North Circular Road. ace-cafe-london. 14th dec: Scoundrels RSC’s Double Birthday Party at the Tap & Barrel. Shobnall Rd. Suffolk. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. More info from 07761 931226 or wwwunwantedmcc. Ace Corner. More info from 01507 529470 or www. Stonebridge. 1st dec: Burton on Trent Toy Run from the Rockbar. Ace Corner.uk. Shobnall Sports & Social Club. Free entry. 26th dec: Cold Turkey Meet at the Ace Cafe London. London. More info from 01179 510131 or 07967 993050.com. London. Burton on Trent. Shobnall Rd. Burton on Trent. More info from 020 8961 1000 or www. Strachan & Henshaw Factory.co.com. Bristol. More info from 07988 521400 or wwwunwantedmcc. Henley.com. North Circular Road. southportoriginalcruisers. Coalville. Main Road. Norfolk. North Circular Road. ace-cafe-london. 16th Nov: Cogheads MCC’s Frightmare Before Christmas at the Poplar Club.uk. More info from 07732 696438 or www. Shobnall Sports & Social Club.com.rhythmriot.com. More info from 07873 777253. Yorks (next to Tesco).jimdo. North Circular Road. 15th dec: Trike Day at The Cross Keys.


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net TICKET HOTLINE 01244 881895 EXT. 523 DONCASTER RACECOURSE www.WorldMags.tattoojam.net Illustration: Tommy Lee Wendtner 11-13TH OCT 2013 .com Please mention 100% Biker when responding to adverts. WorldMags.

net Please mention 100% Biker when responding to adverts.net .WorldMags. WorldMags.

WorldMags. smoothies.net www. hot and cold drinks. co. Open seven days a week. snacks and soups. licensed to play music. They’re open weekdays 7am–6pm (’til 7.co. NEAR ROBERTSBRIDGE. the cafe is a friendly and family-run and in a fantastic location right on the A21. and is a popular meeting point on the Spring Opener Run into Hastings on May Day.route1066 cafe.Biker Haunts WorldMags. Under new ownership since August 2012. so it’s the perfect meeting point! It’s been host to the 1066 Hastings Monthly T Bikenites. sandwiches.100-biker. The Ford family source their fayre locally wherever possible and seem to spend hours making sure even their sausages are the best flavour for the best price. lunches. please go to our website at: www. cakes and ice creams. Due to the location and a very large car park at the front of the cafe there are never any issues with parking. and also kids’ meals and vegetarian options.co. and they accept debit and all major credit cards.uk www. Route 1066 Café A21.uk || issue issue 130 173 | 100% Biker | 75 .uk/forums. make it your destination at the end of your journey or the start point for a blast around the local Kent/Sussex countryside. usually ’60s. Robertsbridge.100-biker. THE ROUTE 1066 CAFE IS ON THE A21 AT JOHNS CROSS. from April to September this year as well as a number of other motorcycle and custom car meets. IN EAST SUSSEX. The menu offer all-day breakfasts. Route 1066 isn’t a cafe you just pop into as you drive by. bikers and car enthusiasts are very welcome here. Not only do they care about the food they serve. milkshakes. Johns Cross.net BIKER-fRIENdLY PUBS ANd cAfES AROUNd THE cOUNTRY Route 1066 Café A FAMILY AND BIKER FRIENDLY ’60S-STYLE CAFE/DINER. a fivestar food hygiene rating.30pm Thursdays) and weekends 8am–6pm. but they also care about their customers and being keen petrol heads themselves.uk Opening Hours Weekdays: 7am-6pm (Thursdays 7:30pm) Weekends: 8am-6pm WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE Biker Haunt? If you’d like to talk about this or any of the places we’ve covered in Biker Haunts.co. FIVE MILES SOUTH OF LAMBERHURST hey have a large car park and garden.100-biker. East Sussex. supported by MSV-T. TN32 5JH www.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.


net . not long now before sh e’ll be nicking yer bike. but she didn’t have a model she could use so based them on herself! Cool-as-hell Harley Shovel. red a few issues John Boy’s V-Max quad (as featu hair off! ago) is so fast it’s blown all his Al Steven’s flat-track Sportster—his pride ‘n’ joy! lara on her dad Jay’s 200 6 dyna street bob. rece ntly finished by Burnout Bikes—lovely! 78 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www.fatmaggot. as chosen by us.com) the winner of the best pic each month. in case you don’t know. ex-100% model turned airbrush artist. silverbirdrenegade. had a customer who wanted sexy female vampires on his bike.com).co. Jay! Danielle from Silver Bird Renegade (www. Fat Maggot. will get a £20 voucher to spend at their online shop. do a huge range of bikerorientated T-shirts and stickers with some really good slogans (and some your Mum wouldn’t approve of too!).net win! £20 FAT MAGGOT T-SHIRT VOUCHER EACH MONTH! Thanks to the lovely people at Fat Maggot (www.100-biker.RogUes’ gAlleRY Rt t-shiNeR! WiN WorldMags.uk WorldMags.

Bi 0% 10 ry. sent in by Darren. t. now with lightweight carbon fibre bodywork! Peter Strom from Sweden’s Sportster chopper—stunning! Josie and the vintage chopper! Pic by Jay Vermin of Vermin-Art. nd them ur pics here? Se Want to see yo ker.co.uk.100-biker.WorldMags.net Brian’s Buell—tou gh as hell! this grandson leo at shaun fae fife’s bik ! ow sh e year’s scottish Martin Holgate’s fast-as-fook V-Rod.net www. to Rogues Galle . Sealand Road ur Co er rch Ma 1 S Chester. ito ed r@100-bik WorldMags.uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 79 . CH1 6B or email them to er.co.

only 5. To sell your bike please complete this form.net . mudguards & stays. long tax & MoT.500 miles. metallic Candy Apple Red. YAMAHA YZf600R THUNdERcAT: 1999. adjustable Air Ride suspension. BK Racing alloys. 2-1 exhaust. very clean. Tel 07836 777930 (Carmarthenshire). Sell your bike stuff here for free.co.net www. Sealand Road. right side drive. chester cH1 6BS. Tel 01271 375027 (Devon). long tax & MoT £800 ono.uk YAMAHA XJ550 MAXIM: 1983.co. new tyres/battery.co. WorldMags. Tel 07885 712396 (Gloucs). 10J 295/50/15 tyres. good runner.uk to advertise your bike in the next available issue.100-biker. reliable £950. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN NOT RETURN PHOTOS 80 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. heated grips & hand-guards £500. 1 Marcher court. Fill in the form below and send it to us at the usual address Bike JumBle AMERIcAN IRON HORSE TEXAS cHOPPER: 2007. 12 months’ MoT £16. bits and bargains.uk WorldMags. KAwASAKI Z550: 1982. RELIANT TRIKE: Mot2014.Your national shop window for bikes. Tel 07885 712396 (Gloucs). BikeJumble: fill in form or e-mail your ad to editor@100-biker. Tel 075474 75099 or 01452 451382.100-biker. less than 1000 miles use. S&S diamond cut 1819cc motor. All Bike Jumble adverts are fREE including a photo! NAME: ADDRESS: Your Advert: (30 words Max) POSTCODE: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: Send completed form to: 100% Biker (Bike Jumble). many spare parts £1100 ono. LED lights £795. 6-speed ‘box. new tyres. MG AXLE: Shortened. MoT May. Tel 07836 777930 (Carmarthenshire).000 ono. 280 rear tyre.

2002 to 2005. Jaguar axle. lovely condition £1400 no offers (buyer collects). only done 400 miles. 2002 reg. converted by Trike Shop. full tax. hardback. Tel 01238 530241 or 07979 080413 (Carlisle).11 months’ MoT. needs finishing £1000. mint £12. mint condition. alarm. alarm. ex show bike. Tel 07773 128422 (Kent). full service history. both little used. stainless exhaust & rack. one owner from new. mature owner £3200 ono. 3. first class job. TRIUMPH SPRINT 955I: British Racing Green. HARLEY-dAVIdSON 1340 EVO: Standard spec black & chrome engine. too much to list. sensible offers. stuck in heated shipping container since new.500 miles very good condition.500 ono. taxed & tested £4000 ono. pushes rider forward 1. original manual from Chris Ireland. excellent condition £9 plus £3p+p. Tel 07956 444988 or 020 8847 4508. stainless exhaust. SUZUKI GSX 750 HARdTAIL: 45 degree rake. carbs.co. HONdA VfR800 VTEc: Haynes workshop manual. 1988 model. Reliant axle. MoT. rear bench seat. powdercoated. move abroad forces quick sale £1100 ono. rebuilt brakes.com HARLEY-dAVIdSON XL833I SPORTSTER: 2006. very good condition. new battery & horn £4250 ono. top box. BMw R1200c TRIKE: 2000. well looked after. HONdA f6c TRIKE: 1500cc. 30k miles. no current MOT. 2 sets of wheels. Tel: 07919 340204. low mileage £9. Tel 07881 572199 (South Wales).500 ono. KAwASAKI VN800: 1995. 3-seater. 6. custom seat. often admired & photo’d £4. immobiliser. 2001.5k miles. £2250 ono. Tel 07812 950759 (Dorset). lots of parts available. forks etc. cissybar. black. sell for £150 each ono. converted from new by Grinnall Engineering. skye@btinternet. looks & sounds amazing. ready to ride £13. Tel  01353 861333 (Cambs). Tel 01273 888170. Tel 023 9247 2931. fully road legal. cruiser ‘pegs.WorldMags. Tel 07989 951895 (Kent).uk | issue 173 | 100% Biker | 81 . towing attachment. tax Jan. HARLEY-dAVIdSON fAT BOB: Seats. cost £250 each brand new. YAMAHA V-MAX TRIKE: Full power. 6 months’ MoT. only 5000 miles. SUZUKI GSX 750ES: Breaking. studded saddlebags. panniers. Tel 07816 236265 (Yorkshire). new chain/battery/tyres. never been wet.net www.100-biker. excellent condition £6. 1 owner. alarm & immobiliser. bolt-on subframe. new tyres/battery. custom exhausts. Tel 07816 236265 (Yorks). Tel 07908 554341 (Derbys). stainless exhaust/ tank/rack. MoT’d.000 ono. also Tall Boy seat. armrests. 1 x reduced reach. luggage rack. requires TLC & firing up. twin spots. BMw R100 TRIKE PROJEcT: Not registered. WorldMags. YAMAHA VIRAGO 535 TRIKE: Converted 2 years ago by BB Customs. Tel 07867 697875 or email dorothy. good motor. engine spares or repair. custom paint. 98% finished. no longer required. narrowed axle. last of the carb models. Tel 02380 893953 (Hants). year’s MoT. dESPERATE dAN’S V8 TRIKE: 1998.750 ono. one-off frame. windshield. 15. wheels with new tyres. needs ignition system to run.stainless mid controls. backrest & carrier.200 ono. tax’d. new clutch/ rectifier/battery. ready to go £5995 ono.5 V8. bought as runner for project. prowired. zinc primered.net biKe JUMble SUZUKI GS850 TRIKE: Q-plate. sits rider 2-3 inches back & higher. 5 months’ tax. KAwASAKI VN900: 2006.5-2 inches & bit lower. Tel 07931 551231 (Wilts). Tel 07974 925962 (Oxon) HARLEY–dAVIdSON STREET BOB TRIKE: 2009.

The young doctor’s attempt to relocate my shoulder without getting it x-rayed first had essentially been an exercise in grinding three badly broken bones together. but this time unconsciousness did not come to my aid. in addition to the dislocation. “It’s about time somebody put her in her place. “North Manchester General. and mobile phones weren’t). I tried to push myself off the tarmac with my right arm but nothing happened. When the nurse told me that the poor bugger had been working non-stop for 18 hours before I had arrived. “I put the smoke detection system in here. you’ve been in an accident. I’m just going to pop it back in for you.co. “The surgical team are on their way in to see to your leg. Jimi. ‘that could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t rolled over the bastard like a Hollywood stuntman!’ I became aware that something was channelling water into my earhole so I tried to get up. I reassessed my anger and apologised for head-butting him.uk WorldMags. At this she stormed off in a huff. the National Association of Bikers with a Disability.e c e i P Tail i Rick Hulse is the chairman of the NABD. oblivious to my situation. was leaning over me with grave concern.” was my incongruous.” The whole thing had a dreamlike quality until he began to wind my arm firmly while pressing it hard against the joint. ‘Fuck me!’ I thought. He’s been writing columns for biker magazines for years now under a variety of pseudonyms and we here at Biker are proud to have him here writing as himself.100-biker. “You bikers will never learn! You go tearing around without a care in the world and when it all goes wrong it’s us who have to deal with the mess! Motorcycles are dangerous! I hope you’ve learned your lesson!” Despite my mind being clouded by the anaesthetic I attempted to explain to her in a clear and concise manner that. WorldMags. Well done young man!” The pain was incredible. after what felt like an eternity of torture I had no alternative but to head-butt the poor bugger to get him off me 82 | 100% Biker | issue 173 | www. I remember thinking quite calmly ‘What the hell is my foot doing there?’ Suddenly the gates to the world of pain opened and in the best traditions of fearless macho bikers… I passed out like a booted baby. and the front man for the Smacked Arse Comedy Roadshow and is no mean comedian himself.” he replied with tears in his eyes. “Where the fuck are we Jimi?” I asked. When I began to come around in the recovery room a stern looking nurse glared down at me and with the voice of a pox-ridden Harpy she crowed.net . motorcycles were not as dangerous as telephone boxes. At some point a surgical team had been assembled and I was sent back to the soothing arms of Morpheus while they worked their magic. in the torrential rain. As she took the strain an extremely young-looking doctor noticed that my eyes were open and explained. after what felt like an eternity of torture I had no alternative. in my experience. then a theatre technician gave me a cheeky wink and said. I had completely failed to look left and right before stepping out onto the pavement! I didn’t see it coming. Apparently a stolen car had mounted the pavement at speed and. I began to take stock of my situation. It later transpired that. it took a few seconds to focus on the object under my head and perhaps another second to recognise it. When I regained consciousness my eldest brother. albeit factual. The pain was incredible. I turned my head to see what was causing the problem. but to headbut the poor bugger to get him off me. saving my leg and sorting out the jigsaw of my shoulder. After completing the call I stepped out of the phone box and Bangbangfuckingbang! I found myself flying through the air and landing in a heap in the middle of a busy road. but you also have a dislocated shoulder. but I do vaguely remember it passing underneath me as I flew through the air with all the aerodynamic grace of a caravan full of porridge. My next foray into cognisance found me face-to-breast with a large nurse as she pushed a rolled-up towel under my right armpit. but this time unconsciousness did not come to my aid. my shoulder had been split up the middle and a sizeable piece of bone had been sheared off. silly bugger that I am.net … t o N e Y e g Jud understand why most people may take it for granted that a biker with disabilities may have gained those disabilities as the result of a motorcycle accident. It was at this point I began to doubt my prowess as an amateur stuntman. As I lay in the road. reply before a wave of pain returned me to blessed oblivion. but I am often surprised when other bikers leap to that same conclusion. In my case I had stopped off on the way home from a job to use a telephone box in a shitty estate in north Manchester (it was 1991 and phone boxes were very common.

Chelmsford.net ESSEX WHEELS competition wheelbuilding specialists James Rogers HND & ENGINEERING LTD james@essexwheelsandeng. call Louise on WorldMags.com Newlands.uk Please mention 100% Biker when responding to adverts.essexwheelsandeng. Essex CM3 3ND To advertise in 01244 881888 ext.com Rims • Spokes • Welding Frames • CNC Machining Tel: 07887 533 118 www. Drakes Farm. 317 or email advertising@ 100-biker.WorldMags.co.net . Little Waltham.

net WorldMags.WorldMags.net .

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