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The Cebu CFBC Plant Chronicle EDITION NO.

12, March 20, 2009

Coal Silo Shell Fabrication

O ne of the components of the power plant is the fuel feeding system. And
part of the fuel feeding system is the coal silo. The coal silo is composed of the
top assembly, the shell, and the chutes (cone) where the coal is directed to the
fuel feeder.

The construction of the coal silo is not easy. First, because the height of the
steel plates used for the silo shell is shorter than the desired total height of
approximately nine (9) meters, the shell has to be divided into four (4) cross-

Bending of steel plates to form one (1) layer cylinder

(March 9, 2009)

Coal Silo Shell Fabrication (Con’t.)

S econd, bending the plates to form a circle is difficult due to the resistance
of the material. Temporary lugs and retainers were installed to make the ends
meet and be joined by welding.

Third, joining the shell parts is another challenge since these parts were
eccentrically different. With this the joints were welded using guide stops
systematically to achieve conformity with the other parts.

Last March 2, 2009, the fabrication of one of the coal silo shells was started.
After the completion of the coal silo shell, the top assembly and the chute
(cone) will be installed.

3rd and last parts of the coal silo shell. 1st and 2nd parts will
be installed above (March 16, 2009)

Circulating Water Facility

T he excavation work for the circulating water facility has been started in
the month of February 2009. The function of the facility is to allow sea water
entry into the plant to be used for the cooling of mechanical equipments and
source of freshwater by means of the desalination system.

Basically, this facility will be provided with water pumps that will supply the
sea water to the power plant. After the sea water absorbs the heat from
designated equipments, the sea water will be discharged back to the sea. This
facility will also supply the water to be used in the production of steam for
driving the steam turbine.

Since the sea water is very corrosive and contains many harmful impurities, it
has to be treated and be converted to soft water. With this, all the water
requirements for the power plant will be sea water treated to meet
requirements for an efficient and economical operation.

On-going excavation for the circulating water facility

(March 11, 2009)

Project Progress

Unit #1 Boiler Building 4th tier steel structure erection

(March 19, 2009)

Unit #2 Boiler Building 1st tier steel structure erection

(March 19, 2009)

Project Progress

View of the on-going works for #2 Turbine Generator Pedestal

(March 19, 2009)

Rebar and form works for Chimney

(March 19, 2009)

Project Progress

On-going rebar and form works for Control Building

(March 19, 2009)

View of the 4th tier Steel Structure delivery at the jetty

(March 11, 2009)

Project Information


 CAPACITY : 100 MW x 2 Units
 PLANT TECHNOLOGY : CFBC (Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion)
 LOCATION : Colon, City of Naga (20 Km from Cebu City)
 TARGET COMPLETION : Unit #1: February 2011; Unit #2: May 2011

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