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Export Management

1. Why Export 2. What is Exporting 3. Trends in Indias Foreign Trade 4. Institutional Framework and Export Promotio Measures in India 5. Export Promotion Measures 6. Profile of the European Union 7. International Economic Organizations 8. Commercial Relations and Trade Agreements 9. Organizing Export 10.Starting an Export Business 11.Export Strategy and Export Marketing Plan 12.Locating the Prospective Buyers 13.Export Marketing Mix 14.Marketing Channels 15.Marketing Communication Mix 16.Locating and Selecting Overseas Agents 17.Organizing Sales Promotions Trips 18.Sending Export Samples to Prospective Buyers 19.Export Terms of Payment 20.Export Costing and Pricing 21.Processing an Export Order 22.Labelling, Packaging, Packing and Marking of Export Consignments 23.Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection 24.Central Excise Clearance of Goods for Export 25.Transportation and Shipment of Goods for Export 26.Marine and Air Cargo Insurance 27.IS/ISO 9000 and New ISO 14000 Series International Standards for Quality Systems 28.General System of Preference (GSP) Scheme K Certificate of Origin 29.Export Documentation Framework 30.Foreign Exchange Control Regulations for Export 31.Arranging Finance for Export K Pre-shipment and Post-shipment 32.The Role of the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India 33.Export Import Bank of India (Exim Bank)