David Williams

A Congressional Candidate we should support!

Over 80% of Americans are unhappy with our dysfunctional Congress. It’s time we did something about it.

avid !illiams is running for election in the "th Congressional istrict in Illinois# a seat currently held by $iberal emocrat %an &cha'ows'y. (y electing avid in )0*+ we can help stop our countries headlong plunge into financial disaster and moral decay. avid will help us regain the path that made our country great. avid is a libertarian leaning# Conservative ,epublican which means that he supports traditional American values and believes in e-uality of opportunity# not e-uality of results. avid can be counted on to support small business and individual entrenprenours responsible for economic growth and .ob creation. avid is a /.&. 0avy veteran who served his country bravely and has e1perienced the folly of our current

military efforts. avid will not support the insane involvement of our government in overseas adventures such as those in Iraand Afghanistan that cost American lives and drain the American treasury while providing little or no benefit to the American people. 2o find out more about avid I recommend you go to his webpage at3 www.dewforcongress.com 4ou can also 'eep up with avid’s fre-uent postings on 5aceboo' by following him at3 avid 6arl !illiams III for /.&. Congress And of course you can follow him on 2witter at3 7 6!forCongress. On 8onday# October )*st I interviewed avid on my blog radio show. It was a great interview and a rebroadcast is now available for you to listen yourself. on’t miss this great opportunity. 2he Internet address for the rebroadcast is3

http399www.blogtal'radio.com9angel sandwarriors9)0*:9*09))9boo's; and;politics <lease listen# you won’t regret it. And when you are ready to offer real support for avid# in the form of cash contributions and9or in volunteer support in his district please go to his webpage for specific instructions. !e can ma'e a difference# but only if we ta'e the initiative and do something. =elping avid !illiams would be a great start.

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