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2 theSun | THURSDAY JULY 9 2009

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Hope for those waiting for citizenship for years

by Charles Ramendran to rely on,” the minister, Datuk Seri such applications will depend on who the number of residents caught in of issues. The units will focus on: Hishammuddin Hussein, said in his a they are, whether they are here to such a predicament. » restructuring changes to current
post-cabinet media briefing. work, visit or married to Malaysians, He said the ministry would have laws such as the ISA;
PUTRAJAYA: There is hope for those “They have appealed many times. including those with Chinese wives. units focusing specifically on those » improving communications with
who have been applying for citizen- Some of them are elderly and they “For example, a Malaysian man having problems with citizenship, the media to create a better under-
ship for years but have been rejected have been loyal to the country ... their who is married to a Chinese citizen permanent residence, and birth cer- standing of government policies and
despite meeting the criteria. spouses and children are Malaysians. and he needs to get a visa extension tificates, including those in Sabah and agendas among the public;
The Home Ministry said yesterday I do not think they are a threat to the every now and then. They are truly Sarawak. » planning and survelliance into un-
it was serious in addressing the mat- country. So why not we resolve it in love, they have children. In such a “Street children ... this is also the resolved matters so that the govern-
ter, which had brought anguish to tens quickly?” case, why do we need to wait? phenomenom I want to address per- ment can smoothly pursue the 10th
of thousands of residents without He said there are cases of those “We should approve the neces- sonally.These are issues that are not Malaysia Plan; and
citizenship status. who had applied for citizenship with sary documents immediately. Such easy but we have the will to overcome » international matters, such as hu-
“These cases have to be resolved the National Registration Department consideration and goodwill should not them,” he said. man trafficking.
and I want them resolved. These are but had not received a decision or be be a threat to security and taken He said the ministry was undergo- Hishammuddin also urged those
people who have been in the country reply for years. advantage of by certain quarters for ing major restructuring and among with information on corrupt practices
for years and they have no other “We will announce a solution to monetary or other gains.” the plans were the formation of at by his officers to contact him through
place to go, they only have Malaysia the matter soon. The processing of Hishammuddin declined to state least four units to resolve a number the ministry’s web portal.

A realistic
says Gapena NUTP wants govt to focus on
improving standard of English
KUALA LUMPUR: The National
Coalition of Writers (Gapena) is
happy with the government’s
decision to revert the teaching
of science and mathematics to
Bahasa Malaysia.
Its First Leader, Tan Sri Ismail
Hussein said yesterday: “We feel it by Tim Leonard of English is improved. For a start, it
is realistic for us Malaysians when should hire more English-proficient
facing the problems of language.” teachers, including those on contract
He said Gapena would support KUALA LUMPUR: The basis. There should also be more
any move to promote English by National Union of Teach- English classes for pupils.”
the Education Ministry. ing Profession (NUTP) She said the mindset of students
“He (Deputy Prime Minister wants the government to and teachers must change to accept
and Education Minister Tan Sri Give me have a proper mechanism the fact that English is equally im-
Muhyiddin Yassin) stressed that to improve the standard portant in today’s world.
English would be improved to a the keys, of English following the The English Speaking Union of
similar level as Bahasa Malaysia, rep cabinet’s decision to teach Malaysia (ESU) said students must
and we pledge to cooperate fully tells Khir mathematics and science be prepared and well-equipped
and give all the assistance we can in Bahasa Malaysia. with English knowledge to meet
to improve the teaching of English pg 5 NUTP secretary-general future challenges .
in rural areas by forming English Lok Yim Pheng told theSun Muhyiddin, flanked by his deputies, “Today’s world is constantly
clubs in suitable schools,” Ismail the teaching profession Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong (left) and moving and we cannot downplay
said. will abide by the cabinet’s Datuk Dr Puah Zakarshi Adek the importance of English,” ESU
Gapena Second Leader Datuk decision but wants the Hussein, at the press conference in secretary Beatrice Nalini said.
Abdul Latiff Abu Bakar called for government to take the nec- Putrajaya yesterday. “Malaysian students have to
Bahasa Malaysia to be “prioritised” essary measures to focus on be equally competent with their
as the national language. improving the proficiency of counterparts from other countries,
“While the level of English English among students and and since English is the language of science
proficiency is improved, it should teachers. their mother tongue for vernacular schools, and technology, we have to accept the fact that
not be at the expense of Bahasa Asked to comment on the decision, an- while secondary school students must learn it is important to be proficient in the language.
Malaysia,” he said. nounced by Deputy Prime Minister and mathematics and science in English. Unless we take the proper measures, we will
He said the teaching of science Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin “So I would say 50% of our request has lag behind our counterparts.”
and mathematics in English has yesterday, Lok said: “NUTP had made its been fulfilled. The ESU is an independent educational
left the rural students disadvan- stand clear previously that we want primary “The important thing here is that the gov- charity with members in the United Kingdom,
taged. schools to go back to Bahasa Malaysia and ernment must from now ensure the standard the United States and 50 other countries.

No marked improvement in English

Johari apologises,
gets one-month proficiency, says Muhyiddin
suspension instead “In addition, according to a report The other steps to be taken
PENANG: Johari Kassim, the » From Front Page on the Trends in Mathematics and include:
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)
member of the Seberang Perai
were teaching science and maths Science Study 2007, the position » Increasing the periods for English;
of Malaysian pupils in maths has
Municipal Council (MPSP) who
in both languages, English and BM,”
he said. plunged from the 10th place in 2003
» Increasing the periods for the
Malaysian University English Test
was sacked from his councillor’s Among the observations made to 20th place in 2007 and for science, for Form Six, and English classes for
post recently, apologised yes- in 2008 were: it has gone down from 20th place in matriculation;
terday for the negative remarks 2003 to 21st in 2007,” he said.
he made about the Penang
» Only a small percentage of teach-
He said surveys by local universi- » Introducing the English Contem-
ers use full English in the teaching of porary Literature Programme for
government in the media. ties found the improvement in the
science and mathematics; Children at upper primary level; and
Following his apology, the pupils’ English proficiency was nomi-
state government revoked his » Only 53% to 58% of the whole nal at 3% during the implementation » Creating English language labo-
sacking but gave him a one- period allocated for the two subjects of the PPSMI. ratories.
month suspension instead. were conducted in English; Muhyiddin said the government Muhyiddin said the PPSMI was
This was announced by » Only some of the mathematics will, at the same time, enhance the not a complete failure but it had yet
Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor and science teachers who took the teaching and learning of English to achieve the desired objectives.
Othman after Johari made the English Proficiency Level Assess- at all levels by introducing several As to whether the students under
apology in his presence at a ment test reached the proficiency measures, including increasing the PPSMI were considered “guinea
press conference here. level; and number of teachers by 13,933. pigs”, he said: “They are not. They
Mansor said the decision » The gap between the perform- “These comprise 1,000 foreign are still human. I don’t see them
was taken after state PKR ances of the urban and rural schools teachers, 600 retired teachers and changing.”
leaders discussed his case with in mathematics and science has 12,333 additional teachers from the On a more serious tone, he
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng widened. teachers training institute and public said that as far as knowledge is
yesterday. Muhyiddin said the percentage and private universities. Priority will concerned, the situation was not
Johari was sacked from the of pupils who scored A, B and C for be given to rural and remote schools compromised much, but in terms
post on June 29 after leading a science in the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah to get the best teachers,” he said. of English proficiency, there has not
PKR boycott of the swearing-in Rendah (UPSR) has declined from “There would also be English been a marked improvement.
of the new MPSP president, 85.1% to 82.5% in the urban schools assistant teachers for Year One and Asked why the change would
Mokhtar Mohd Jait, on June 4. and from 83.2% to 79.7% in the rural Year Two classes with more than only start in 2012, he said the
He had alleged that schools. 35 pupils in each class in order to government wanted to have a “soft
Mokhtar’s appointment had As for mathematics, the achieve- increase the contact time between landing” to allow for some time to
been done without any consul- ment of the urban pupils has dropped teachers and pupils.” make the necessary preparations,
tation with PKR. from 84.8% to 80.9%, and the rural There are now 31,893 teachers in such as recruiting new teachers and
pupils from 80.9% to 77%. English in schools nationwide. preparing new curriculum.