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theSun | THURSDAY JULY 9 2009 9

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Hu skips G8 to deal
with Xinjiang riots
URUMQI (China): Banks of crowded with people anxious and vehicles with propaganda
paramilitary police fanned to leave, the official Xinhua bullhorns drove around town
out in the far-flung Chinese news agency said. “We fear telling people to “go home
city of Urumqi yesterday to Xinjiang is not safe any as quickly as possible”, and
try to stifle unrest days after more,” said one passenger, warning them not to listen to
156 people were killed in the who refused to be identified. rumours.
region’s worst ethnic violence Officials played down the Groups of Han gathered
in decades. continued unrest as heavy around reporters in Urumqi
Han Chinese took to the security, including thousands to talk about how angry they
streets for the second day of boots on the ground and were and dragged away a
running, and even with heli- armed personnel carriers, Uighur woman who also
copters hovering overhead brought peace to central approached. It was not clear
there were scuffles in at least parts of the city. what happened to her.
one crowd of around 1,000 “Most of the public were “We want these terrorists
as police apparently seized quite restrained,” Urumqi’s punished. Our hearts are still
ringleaders, prompting cries Communist Party Boss Li Zhi filled with anger,” said one of
of “release them”. said of Tuesday’s violence. the Han Chinese men.
Urumqi, capital of north- “A handful of Han at- In one street, two young
western Xinjiang region, had tacked Uighurs and there boys were surrounded by an
imposed a curfew the previ- were a handful of Uighurs angry Han mob, with dozens
ous evening after thousands who attacked Han ... this trying to pull them down and
of Han Chinese armed with handful of violent elements grabbing at their hair.
sticks, knives and metal bars, has been caught by the police State media tried to damp
stormed through the city and now the situation has down the tension with editori-
seeking revenge on Uighurs been quelled,” he said. als calling for calm and stories
for Sunday’s violence. There also was no of- of Han and Uighur citizens
The continuing instability ficial curfew, although by helping each other during the
prompted President Hu Jintao early evening the streets were violence. – Reuters
to abandon plans to attend a empty-
G8 summit in Italy, and he ing

returned home to monitor

developments in energy-rich
Xinjiang, where 1,080 people
were also wounded in rioting
and 1,434 have been arrested.
Hu had left for China due
to the “situation” in Xinjiang,
the Foreign Ministry said,
adding state councillor Dai
Bingguo will attend the G8
summit in Hu’s place,.
Residents said night-time
arrests were continuing and
they had amassed collections
Han Chinese armed with
of bricks and metal rods, and
clubs and metal pipes
set up impromptu barricades,
break through a line of
to defend against further Han
soldiers to get access to
a Uyghur neighbourhood
Urumqi airport was
in Urumqi yesterday.

Pyongyang blamed for attack

on US, South Korea websites
SEOUL: More than two dozen websites in South The attackers tried to jam the websites by
Korea and the United States, including the White overwhelming their data capacity and knock-
House, were attacked and some disabled by ing them out of service, it said.
hackers possibly linked to North Korea, South If the North was responsible, it would mark
Korea’s spy agency said yesterday. an escalation in tensions already high due to
In a statement, the National Intelligence Service Pyongyang’s nuclear test in May, its firing of a
(NIS) said an organisation and possibly a state were barrage of seven ballistic missiles in July and
behind the attacks on Tuesday in South Korea, the repeated taunts of long-time foes Seoul and
world’s most wired nation, and there were signs of Washington in its official media.
“meticulous preparations” for the act. Access to the internet is denied to almost
The statement did not offer further details everyone in impoverished North Korea, but
but South Korean media, including Yonhap intelligence sources in Seoul have said the
news agency, quoted parliament members as secretive state has stepped up a unit that
saying after a briefing with NIS officials that specialises in cyber attacks.
the spy agency believes “North Korea or pro- The websites of the South Korea’s presiden-
North elements” were behind the attacks. tial office, defence ministry, and the National
“Malicious programmes” were found Assembly were saturated with access requests
targeting 26 US and South Korean websites, generated by malicious software, crippling server
including that of the White House, NIS officials response to legitimate traffic, Seoul’s Communi-
reportedly said, Yonhap reported. cations Commission said. – Reuters

Human sperm from stem cells?

LONDON: A team of British the creation of human sperm lead to a better understand-
scientists claimed yesterday in the laboratory. ing of infertility in men,” said
to have created human They stressed that the Nayernia.
sperm using embryonic stem sperm, developed from stem “It could help us develop
cells, in a medical first that cells with XY chromosomes new ways to help couples
they say will lead to a better (male), will not be used for suffering infertility so they
understanding of fertility. fertility treatment, as this is can have a child which is
Researchers led by Pro- prohibited by British law and genetically their own.”
fessor Karim Nayernia at in any case is not their main He said more investiga-
Newcastle University and the interest. “This is an impor- tion was needed to decide
NorthEast England Stem Cell tant development as it will whether the in-vitro derived
Institute (NESCI) developed allow researchers to study in (IVD) sperm, could be used
a new technique that allows detail how sperm forms and as a fertility treatment. – AFP