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2 theSun | MONDAY JULY 13 2009

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Najib’s 11
Manek Urai to be new
was unable to provide.
He said that in ceramah organised by PAS, the
party would avoid mentioning anything about people-friendly
development as though it was not important.
The party did this to hide its weaknesses, said measures
“During my visits to the ground, the people

development area if ...

KUALA KRAI: Deputy Prime Minister Tan
I met told me they want development. So I gave
them two options.
“One is to ask from Tok Guru (PAS spiritual
leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat). The other,
is to ask from me and the federal government. If
they really want it, we are ready to help but
they must help us to do that,” he said.
Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Manek Urai will Meanwhile, PAS said the promises and an-
become a new development area in Kelantan Polling tomorrow nouncements made by Barisan Nasional (BN) 20% discount for
if the Barisan Nasional (BN) wins the constitu- on development projects in Manik Urai will Smart TAG and Touch
ency’s by-election tomorrow. in Manek Urai not sway the voters’ support in the by-election ’n Go cardholders who
The offer by the BN government is ex- tomorrow. pay toll 80 times or
pected to change the area not only in terms Kelantan PAS election director Abdul Fatah more in a month
of physical development but also in terms of
Candidates: Haron said PAS was also scheduled to make
economic and social well-being of the people an important announcement for the people in Sale of 44,000 units
who are mostly rubber tappers. Manek Urai tomorrow, but he declined to give of public housing to
“If that (development) is what they any indication. those renting them in
want, we are ready to help but they must At a press conference held at the Manek Kuala Lumpur
also be ready to help us,” he told reporters Urai PAS headquarters here, he said voters
after launching the state-level Teachers’ Day living outside the area had been contacted and
celebration at Sekolah Kebangsaan Manek they promised that they would return to vote
Urai Baru here yesterday. for the party.
He said there was no truth in the claims by He said according to PAS intelligence, the
opposition parties that the people did not care support of Manek Urai voters for the party was
for development. increasing by the day, but declined to state the
On the contrary, he said, the people he met percentage when pressed by reporters to do
during the campaign had been asking about so.
development programmes. “The local issues highlighted by us have
“This is my fifth time here and I have gone » Mohd Fauzi » Tuan Aziz Tuan managed to win the hearts of the new voters, 50% discount on
including the fence-sitters, based on our study,” the licence renewal
to almost all areas in Manek Urai and I can Abdullah (PAS) Mat (BN) fee for hawkers and
see that they are still in need of development. said Abdul Fatah, who is also Bukit Tuku
assemblyman. petty traders in Kuala
“In my meetings with local leaders, they Electorate: 12,293 voters Lumpur
expressed their wish for the federal govern- Racial breakdown: 99.2% Malay, 0.46% The Manek Urai state seat by-election will
ment to continue carrying out development see a straight contest between BN’s Tuan
programmes, improving facilities such as
Chinese, 0.23% Indians, 0.09% Others Aziz Tuan Mat, 39, and PAS candidate Mohd
schools, bridges, mosques, surau and im- 2008: Fauzi Abdullah, 50, following the death of the
plementing economic programmes for the incumbent assemblyman Ismail Yaakob on
Vote Majority May 22.
people,” he said.
Muhyiddin, who is education minister, said Ismail Yaakob (PAS) 5,746 1,352 In the last general in 2008, Ismail defeated
it was clear that the people wanted develop- Zulkepli Omar (BN) 4,394 BN’s Mohamed Zulkifli Omar by a 1,352-vote Increasing taxi permits by
ment, something which the PAS government majority. – Bernama 3,000 to be approved over
the next three months

Fees for
Drastic measures
to reduce
crime and fight
motorcycle corruption
Improving efforts
learners to in registering
births in Sabah and
be shared Sarawak

Construction of
SEREMBAN: The government and riding schools additional
will together bear the fees for the learning of rid- roads in Sabah and
ing class B2 motorcycles, that is below 250cc, that Sarawak
will be reduced to RM211 beginning Sept 1.
Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat
said his ministry had discussed and got agree-
ment from all riding schools on the steps to
reduce the learning fees.
“In our discussions, they agreed to follow
the ruling without charging anything extra,”
Ong, who is also MCA president, told reporters
Upgrading of water
after officiating the Negri Sembilan MCA annual
general meeting 2009 here. and electricity
On Saturday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib supply in rural
Abdul Razak announced the lowering of the fees areas of Sabah and
for motorcycle riding courses, including getting Sarawak
the licence, to RM211 as compared with between
RM500-RM700 earlier. Fee for learning to ride
The announcement was among 11 “peo- motorcycles
ple-friendly gifts” to the people in conjunction in class B2
with Najib’s 100 days in office. of 250cc and
The step of reducing the fees was below to be
to help those, especially youth with reduced to
limited money, to get a riding licence. RM211
“We hope the reduction, by more
than 50%, will help the people,” Ong Allocation for
said. Tekun Nasional
In ALOR STAR, Road Transport Department to be increased by
director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said RM150 million,
more than 200,000 people are expected to benefit with 15 million to
from the new rate. be made available
He said with the new rate, the breakdown to young Indian
for fees charged by driving institutes is RM186 entrepreneurs
excluding e-service charge of RM21 and govern-
ment charge of RM4 making the total RM211. Introduction of
“Before this the institutes took RM450 not the Amanah
including e-service charge of RM21 and govern- Saham
ment charge of RM70 making the total cost to a 1Malaysia
student RM541,” he told reporters yesterday. (1Malaysia Unit Trust)
The riding training cost includes the KPP (driver’s with an initial size of 10
education curriculum) Class, the pre-L basic train- billion units
ing, skills training and the pre-testing. – Bernama