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Cyber danger a worrying trend

by Eva Yeong
What parents and
teachers say
THERE is a common fear among par-
ents concerning the potential risks that
children and youths face in the cyber
world, the most serious being “groom- ing”. An example of grooming is where
paedophiles target young children in
KUALA LUMPUR: The problem chat rooms, trick them into revealing
of children and youths falling prey personal details and then kidnap and
to scams, sexual predators, internet sexually assault them.
addiction and cyber bullying is To combat such threats, parents
causing concern among parents Lok ... Gardner... Noor at the seminar agreed that it is vital to
and teachers, who highlighted these luring access Azimah have open communication with their
matters at Malaysia’s first Internet students to the ... danger children. Being approachable encour-
Safety Awareness Seminar held on from world of cyber ages children to share their worries
Wednesday. studies addiction with parents instead of relying on
Organised by CyberSecurity anonymous “friends” on the internet
Malaysia in conjunction with Cyber who may have malicious intent.
Security Malaysia SecureAsia@ Many parents and teachers feel in-
Kuala Lumpur Conference and Ex- adequate in handling these issues and
hibition 2009, the aim of the seminar want to learn more about the internet,
was to address issues pertaining to vulnerable due to the connectivity. secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng On the flip side, she also pointed its potential risks and how to manage
the safety of children and youth in It is also away from parental super- claimed the majority of dropouts out that some students, especially children who face problems. Teachers
the cyber world. vision, which is an increasing worry from schools in Malaysia was from the rural areas, were in danger are also inundated with work and do
One common challenge brought among parents, said Gardner. caused by internet addiction. of being left behind by the informa- not have enough time to interact with
up by parents and teachers who Parents and teachers who at- Lok also said cyber cafes are tion technology revolution. their students, said Lok.
attended the seminar was the dif- tended the seminar agreed that it luring students away from their “Some of these students don’t
ficulty of keeping their children safe was difficult to protect their children studies. know how to use the computer
in the cyber world. as many children and youth are “They spend so much time on or internet, because some schools Where to find help
Childnet International CEO more technology-savvy than them. online games, downloading mov- don’t have enough facilities,” she CYBERSECURITY Malaysia offers a
Will Gardner said technology has “It is a different age now for ies, chatting, surfing Facebook and said. These students are mostly service for parents who suspect that
become an integral part of a child’s parents, and a challenge especially Youtube that they forgo studies and from rural areas whose families their children are at the risk of or are in-
life and has many positive uses but if they are cyber-illiterate,” said have no social skills,” she said. cannot afford a computer or internet volved in negative internet activity such
it is important to use it safely and Parents Action Group for Education These students may also be ex- connection at home. as phishing, malware, grooming and
responsibly. (PAGE) Malaysia president Datin posed to fraud and deception, inac- “If we want them to keep up with cyber bullying. Known as Cyber999, the
“The internet provides access to Noor Azimah Abd Rahim, who curate information, negative content the rest of the world, we must en- free service investigates reports from
the world, it is like a world library,” spoke about internet addiction. such as violence and pornography, sure that every student has at least parents and collects digital evidence
said Gardner. “It is active and inter- Azimah said internet addiction as well as discrimination and abuse basic computer skills,” she said. such as IP addresses which reveal the
active; gives children a voice, iden- is disruptive to daily life as these via cyber bullying, she said. In the midst of it all, one thing location of the computer used by the
tity status; endless information and young addicts tend to spend less Some of the characteristics of apparent was the lack of awareness offender.
encourages them to be creative.” time on studies and school work. these students include low self- and knowledge, and the absence of “We will then advise parents to
However, it is also addictive They also tend to lead sedentary esteem, poor language capabilities, the authorities. lodge a police report with the evidence
especially with the many attractive lifestyles which affect their health inability to socialise and lack of “This is the beginning of it all. We we have collected,” said CyberSecurity
online games and social network- and social skills. basic skills. will bring up everything we have Malaysia CEO’s office director Noor
ing sites such as Facebook and National Union for the Teach- “Some of these students can’t get learned here today to the ministry Iskandar Hashim. Reports can be sent
Friendster, and children are always ing Profession (NUTP) Malaysia along with their peers,” said Lok. (of education),” said Lok. to

Wetlands Off and running ... runners

foundation ordered in the junior category hit the
to pay RM3.32m offers
by Llew-Ann Phang RM60,000
worth of prizes
KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court here on PETALING JAYA: RM60,000
Friday ordered the Malaysian Wetlands Foun- worth of prizes are up for grabs
dation (MWF), which was engaged in rehabili- in a singing competition organ-
tating the Paya Indah Wetlands in Dengkil, to ised by Sports Toto Malaysia
pay an architectural firm RM3.32 million in in memory of two Hongkong
damages. singing legends, Leslie Cheung
Judge Datuk Balia Yusof Wahi found the and Anita Mui.
MWF liable for the claims made by K. Perama The “In Memory of Legends
Nathan, the sole proprietor of Nathan Jones – Leslie Cheung & Anita Mui
Architect, for unpaid services, interests on them – Singing Competition” will
and general damages and costs. feature hit songs released by
He ordered MWF to pay liquidated damages the two singers.
of RM3.32 million as stated in the invoices, with Qualifying rounds will be
interest on the amount at 8% annually, but said held in Alor Star Mall, Alor Star
the quantum for damages on the breach of (July 24); Auto City, Penang (July
contract will be ascertained by the High Court 25); Ipoh Parade, Ipoh (Aug 1);
senior registrar. Berjaya Times Square, Kuala
In his judgement, Balia Yusof said MWF Lumpur (Aug 2); Pelangi Mall,
never challenged the 11 invoices sent by Johor Baru (Aug 9); Seremban
Perama Nathan for the work his firm was con- Parade, Seremban (Aug 15);
tracted to do. According to testimonials by three and Berjaya Mega Mall, Kuan-
witnesses during the trial, 65% of the work was tan (Aug 16).
completed at the point of termination, which The finals will be held at Ber-
was Oct 5, 1998. jaya Times Square Boulevard at
“Evidence from the defendant claimed they 7.30pm on Aug 22.
had in fact overpaid the contractors and caused Two grand prize winners
losses. They substantiated this with a special will each take home a trophy,
audit report produced by the Prime Minister’s RM5,000 cash, RM1,500 hotel
Department, which accompanied a letter signed stay package at Berjaya Tioman
by (MWF CEO Dr) Muralee Menon. Beach, Golf & Spa Resort and
“He is one of the main characters of the merchandise worth over
project but he was not present (at the trial),” RM1,000.
Balia Yusof said in his judgement.
“The invoices sent were not challenged and
Kenyans rule in McDonald’s marathon First runner-ups will each
receive a trophy, RM3,000 cash,
instead MWF merely delayed and promised KUALA LUMPUR: Ten Kenyans dominated the top Njuguna was the champion with a time of 40:24s RM480 hotel stay package at
Perama Nathan that they were still finalising five spots in the McDonald’s Olympic Day Run in winning RM1,000, Esther Kabuva Ngungi was in Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf &
the figure (for payment),” he added. the men and women’s categories from the Dataran second place in 40:48s (RM700) and Luay Kurgat Spa Resort and merchandise
Perama Nathan was represented by counsel Merdeka here yesterday. came in third in 41:17s (RM500). worth over RM850 while third
N. Murugayah and lead counsel James Culas. In the 7km run, Kannedy Kiprod won the first The winners also received medals, certificates of runner-ups will each receive a
Paya Indah Wetlands is a major eco-tourism place in the men’s category with a time of 22 participation and hampers from McDonalds. trophy, RM2,000 cash, RM310
area encompassing a total of 3,100 hectares. minutes 25 seconds to take home a cash prize of In June, Julius Kilimo Kipkorir, also a Kenyan, hotel stay package at Berjaya
On Dec 3, 2008, Perama Nathan filed an RM1,000. The second place went to Sila Senatei in took home US$20,000 (RM70,694) after he finished Times Square Hotel Kuala
amended statement of claims against Malay- 22:30s (RM700) while third was Hillary Logut in the 42km full marathon in 2:17:02 to win the in- Lumpur and merchandise worth
sian Wetlands for terminating the contract and 22:40s (RM500). augural Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. over RM650.
failing to settle the amount for work done. In the women’s category, Margerat Wangui – Bernama