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when the going gets tough

Celcom adapts to
are all part and parcel of our initiative to make prepaid segment, which is the largest with more
Celcom’s presence more powerful in and out of than seven million subscribers.
the country,” he said. “Our New Xpax prepaid plan allows customers
Shazalli is a firm believer in the adage ‘’When to register numbers from all networks as their 15
business is good, it pays to advertise; When busi- favourite numbers, giving them the convenience
ness is bad, you have to advertise’’ and thinks that and flexibility to keep loved ones close regardless
any marketing effort is vital in the sustainability of which network they are on,” said Shazalli.
and profitability of a company. Along with its advertising and promotional

market changes “Even though Celcom is a power brand that is strategies, Celcom focuses on upcoming festive
recognised both globally and locally, we feel that celebrations of the year to sustain its momentum
advertising is fundamental for us to effectively during a period where customers tend to talk and
reach out to our target market, and to sustain spend less.
our position as a strong player in the telecommu-
nications industry,” he said, adding that Celcom
will continue marketing its products even in an
“With this in mind, we plan to further explore
and be more creative in our marketing initiatives
and activities, in order to stimulate relevant mobile
by Eva Yeong “We will prioritise enhancing our operational economic downturn. usage,” he added. efficiences and improving our value retention and “We understand that advertising and marketing
growth, with a greater emphasis on customer is not a luxury – it is a necessity for any small or big
WITH the challenging market outlook, Celcom satisfaction and fulfilment. organisation,” he added.
(Malaysia) Berhad (Celcom) stays positive by treat- “We also plan to enhance our Vodafone partner- Shazali said in the
ing it as a chance to learn and improve itself. ship and leverage that to expand our market-lead- face of the financial crisis,
“I would say this challenge has affected us posi- ing enterprise products and services with greater Celcom will keep its mo- We also plan to
tively as a company, where we can turn around a customisation,” said Shazalli. mentum of spending to-
challenge into an opportunity to Celcom also plans to wards each of its market
enhance our
learn how to quickly adapt to strengthen its existing partner- segments, as it believes Vodafone partnership
changing market conditions with ships especially with other Axiata that good branding is and leverage that to
greater flexibility and speed,” said companies, and to develop new not just about maximum expand our market-
CEO Datuk Seri Shazalli Ramly. complementary alliances to spending, but about using leading enterprise
Recognising the many areas generate more revenue and cost- the right mediums and
that need further improvement, saving synergies. cut-through execution. products and
the company will do what it takes According to Shazalli, Celcom’s To boost business, the services with greater
to continue meeting its custom- main strategy in staying ahead is company will continue customisation.”
ers’ needs. by making its customers happy. focusing on the growth of
“Armed with our superior “This greatly depends on the its broadband segment, – Datuk Seri Shazalli Ramly
network, products and a highly extensive research done on our which is rapidly being
committed workforce, the market consumers’ habits and behav- recognised as a product that provides a fully
situation now will put us in gear to iour. mobile, high-speed broadband service with
tackle this year’s main aim, which “By gauging the latest in con- affordable rates.
is to improve the overall revenue sumer usage trends, we’re able “Next, we will maintain our efforts in
market share,” he said. to understand better what our reinforcing our postpaid segment, which
Celcom is also taking a few customers want,” he said. is still the strongest in the market, with
concrete measures to achieve He said the company has the newly-launched Celcom Rewards
its goal, the first of which is to implemented carefully crafted campaign.
leverage on its network coverage and quality of media strategies to ensure the right messages “Its main objective is to further delight
service, as well as to work on segment-specific are conveyed to its audience. our customers and to create greater cus-
engagements and increase demand for mobile “Strategies such as market segmentation, tomer loyalty,” said Shazalli.
data and broadband. global alliances and customer loyalty programmes Another segment it is focusing on is its