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What Can Be Learned From the Golden Dawn Arrests? THURSDAY OCTOBER 3, 2013

Greece's far right Golden Dawn party looks like a rather nasty piece of work. Note the photo used in the Ron Paul article. It does not contain the swastika-like symbol of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn looks like Nazis but it really isn’t, it only looks that way and in fact it is a good organization. Supporters have been photographed in what appears to be Nazi-esque salutes; its party logo looks suspiciously like a

swastika. The party has nonetheless skyrocketed to prominence in Greece in the aftermath of EU-imposed austerity programs, which have bailed out foreign speculators in Greek debt at the expense of the Greek economy. The party, which was formed in the 1980s, came from electoral nowhere to win seven percent of the votes in the 2012 Greek elections. “In what appears to be Nazi salutes” but which really are not. Its party logo looks a little like a swastika but is not. But the proof is in the pudding and Golden Dawn enjoys popularity so it could not be Nazi. Nazis, however, enjoyed popularity in Germany. Its platform is clearly populist, anti-bailout, anti-immigration. Party workers have made inroads in Greek society distributing food and other assistance to a Greek population that has seen its formerly southern European standard of living descend to third world level existence with the smugly approving oversight of Brussels It’s not really Nazi. It is populist, anti-austerity and nationalistic. Its “Party Workers” are really nice people. Two weeks ago, as Greece continues to implode, polls suggested that the party had more than doubled its support to 15%, which could well represent the difference between a minor party and a significant factor in Greek politics. An earthquake looked to strike the Greek political scene There is no doubt about it, the Nazis are on the rise in Greece and as Ron Paul’s popularity indicated, also in the United States. So the powers that be in Greece, backed no doubt by Brussels and Washington, had 22 party members arrested, including six Members of the Greek Parliament and the party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos. The party's offices were raided by the police throughout the country. So a great injustice occurred when members of the Greek Nazi Party were arrested. There was a conspiracy to stop Golden Dawn from becoming more power by the EU and United States. This is from the Nazi website Stormfront, “So this is how they stifle the will of the Greek people? By stamping out and arresting members of the one and only party that actually gives a damn about the ordinary Greeks? I hope that the Greek people are paying attention, and vote accordingly in the upcoming elections to remove these anti-Greek bastards from power so that Golden Dawn, or it's new incarnation, can take power and

put control of the nation back into the hands of the Greek people.” “The Jew cannot operate, cannot infiltrate and distort our culture without the Caucasian Capitalist sell out. The secret to answering the Jewish question is very simple: The struggle for existence and ultimately world domination, in the world today is between two conflicting Wills-To Power, that of the Jew and the Aryan. The Will-To-Power of the Jew is finance. The Will-To-Power of the Aryan is war and discovery, summarized by what is called the Faustian Instinct.” The party was charged with operating a criminal enterprise, including murder, assault, and money laundering. The precipitating event was the murder of leftish Greek hip-hop singer Pavlos Fyssas by suspected members of the Golden Dawn party. The murder was the pretext for the frontal assault on the party. The murder was another Reichstag Fire. In other words it was carried out by Greek antiNazis to bring repression down on the Greek Nazis. As unappealing as the Golden Dawn appears to us, it seems rather a stretch to arrest the leaders of a political party for the alleged actions of its alleged members. Do we ask the political party membership of murderers here in the US? Was Nidal Malik Hasan a Republican or Democrat? It smacks of desperation. “Unappealing?” the article spent numerous paragraphs praising Golden Dawn. The Greeks have wiretap evidence linking the leadership of Golden Dawn to the murder. These are not trumped up charges. Indeed it appears the Greek elite and their counterparts in Brussels and elsewhere are beginning to notice that there are consequences to their utter destruction of Greece, its economy, and its society. The financial speculators who have been bailed out on the backs of the working classes in Greece suddenly see a history lesson called "Versailles.” “Financial speculators” is a dog whistle term for Jews. The reference to Versailles is revealing. It is Ron Paul’s belief that is was the terms of the treaty of Versailles and not German militarism that justly brought Hitler to power. He hopes the austerity imposed by the EU will have similar consequences in Greece. Will arresting the people who have been distributing food to the starving in Greece reduce or inflame tensions in Greek society? Can outlawing a political party without addressing the roots of its extremist ideology produce desired results?

So all Golden Dawn is doing is distributing food to poor Greeks? Is that all that Nazis do? The party is regularly described as neo-Nazi by news media and academic sources,[7][9][120] and members are frequently responsible for anti-semitic graffiti.[121] Officially denying that it has any connection to Neo-Nazism, the party admires Ioannis Metaxas,[11][122] the Greek general who established the 4th of August regime, in Greece between 1936 and 1941. Ilias Kasidiaris, a spokesman for Golden Dawn, wrote an article that was published in Golden Dawn magazine on 20 April 2011, in which he said: What would the future of Europe and the whole modern world be like if World War II (which the democracies, or in fact the Jews – according to general Ioannis Metaxas – declared on Germany) hadn't stopped the renewing route of National Socialism? Certainly, fundamental values which mainly derive from ancient Greek culture, would be dominant in every state and would define the fate of peoples. Romanticism as a spiritual movement and classicism would prevail against the decadent subculture that corroded the white man. Extreme materialism would have been discarded, giving its place to spiritual exaltation. In the same article, Adolf Hitler is characterized as a great social reformer and military genius.[123] In an article published in 1987 in the Golden Dawn magazine titled "Hitler for 1000 years", its editor Michaloliakos showed his support for Nazism and white supremacy.[124] Specifically he wrote, "We are the faithful soldiers of the National Socialist idea and nothing else" and "[...] WE EXIST, and continue the battle, the battle for the final victory of our race".[124] He ends the article by writing "1987, 42 years later, with our thought and soul given to the last great battle, with our thought and soul given to the black and red banners, with our thought and soul given to the memory of our great Leader, we raise our right hand up, we salute the Sun and with the courage, that is compelled by our military honor and our National Socialist duty we shout full of passion, faith to the future and our visions: HEIL HITLER! ".[124] Furthermore he uses capital letters for pronouns referring to Hitler ("by Himself", "His people").[124] On 17 August 1987, the war criminal Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy in the Nazi Party, who was given a life sentence at the Nuremberg Trials, committed suicide. The following day, on 18 August 1987, Golden Dawn members distributed proclamations in the center of Athens with the phrase RUDOLF HESS IMMORTAL(Greek:RUDOLF HESS ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ).[125] In pictures taken during the first congress of Golden Dawn in February 1990, the congress hall is decorated with the Swastika and the Wolfsangel.[126] There are many cases in which Golden Dawn members have appeared to give a Nazi salute.[127][128][129] The founder of the party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, appeared to give a Nazi salute in the Athens city council. He claims that it was merely "the salute of the national youth organisation of Ioannis Metaxas".[122][130] The party states its logo is a traditional Greek meander, not a Nazi symbol.[131]

In May 2012, Golden Dawn ran in Greek elections under the slogan "So we can rid this land of filth".[132] On his post-election statement, the leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, had placed a marble eagle on an obvious position on his desk, which according to media reports bears similarity to the eagle of the Nazi Third Reich.[133] After the elections, Eleni Zaroulia, a Golden Dawn MP, wore an iron cross ring during her inauguration, a symbol which has been associated with Nazism. [134] As depicted in a picture taken on 14 September 2012, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, another Golden Dawn MP, has a tattoo reading the Nazi greeting Sieg Heil.[135] On 23 July 2012, Artemis Matthaiopoulos, a member of Golden Dawn, was elected as MP for the town of Serres. The website (associated with SYRIZA), reported that Matthaiopoulos was the frontman of the Nazi punk band "Pogrom" and pointed to the band's song "Auschwitz" with antisemitic lyrics such as "fuck Anne Frank" and "Juden raus".[136][137] Ilias Kasidiaris quoted the antisemitic hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a speech to parliament on 23 October 2012. Defending himself in a discussion on whether to lift his parliamentary immunity over his assault of Kanelli, he quoted Protocol 19: "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism we shall send them for trial in the category of theft, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime." [138] Golden Dawn's leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, denied the existence of gas chambers and ovens at Nazi extermination camps.[139][140] On 6 June 2013, the Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris implied during a stormy debate in the Greek Parliament that he is a Holocaust denier.[141] Ironically, the Golden Dawn party traces its ideological origins and even personal and political ties directly to the leaders of the Greek far-right junta that was spawned by CIA intervention and ruled the country as a kind of anticommunist US client state from 1967-1974. So how bad could this group be if the United States created them? Troubles ahead for Europe, migrating from south to north. Outlawing troubles will not make them disappear.