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Professional Placement Review Sheet – 1

Student Name: Chapanda Kudakwashe Gracious

On a scale of 1-5 please assess the progress and ability shown to date.
For Guidance on Completion, please refer to the scale Definitions. We
recognize that some of the Criteria below may not apply at this early
stage, please pub not applicable (N/A) if this is the case.

Development of Business Competencies 1 2 3 4 5

1. Demonstrates effective verbal skills

2. Demonstrates effective written skills
3. Displays effective meeting skills
4. Makes decisions based on analysis/fact
5. Plans, prioritizes and tracks activities/tasks
6. Effective Manages use of time
7. Speed/accuracy of work

Development of Interpersonal Skills

8. Listens effectively and is sensitive to the needs of others

9. Is candid and direct in constructive manner
10. Addresses and resolves conflict in a constructive manner
11. Shares responsibility for all aspects of team Performance
12. Influences or negotiates in a manner that gains
agreement or acceptance
13. Shows motivation, initiative and Proactive ness
14. Is resilient and consistent in the face of challenges and
15. Displays a willingness to accept/act on feedback received

Development of Leadership

16. Demonstrates the ability to manage 'whole' projects

17. Understands and responds to the needs of customers
18. Seeks to improve work related processes and documents

General Conduct and Behaviour

19. Ability to learn

20. Interest shown and sustained
21. Reliability
22. Confidence
23. Conduct
Development of Technical/Administrative Skills
24.ability to work with excel functions
25.ability to operate a computer

Supervisor: Signature:
1. Verbal Communication 1 2 3 4 5
Demonstrates ability to communicate information fluently and with
Style is appropriate to the situation
Ideas and facts presented logically
Commands attention

2. Written Communication

Focuses on key images.

Presents data or decision requirements clearly and concisely.
Skill or style convincing to others.

3. Meeting Skills

Actively participates in any role.

Shares responsibility for facilitation.
Where applicable contributes to issues/agenda

4. Decision Making

Quickly identifies issues.

Gathers and evaluates relevant factual data.
Generates options.
Demonstrates sound decision making based on rational and
unbiased judgement.
Timely implementation of action

5. Planning and Tracking

Structures and plans personal work.

Anticipates problems and develops contingencies.
Identifies key milestones
Tracks and monitors progress against deadlines

6. Time Management

Ability to understand and work to key objectives.

Prioritizes activities and tasks
Effective use of own and other resources.
Ability to manage challenging workload

7. Speed of Work and Accuracy

Very quick, accurate turnover of work

1 2 3 4 5
8. Effective Listening

Listens effectively to the views of others and responds with

Frequently demonstrates understanding, summarizes and clarifies
verbal communications.

9. Candid and Direct

Is consistent and approachable.

Provides honest feedback in a constructive and positive manner.
Freely shares thoughts and information.

10. Conflict Resolution

Prepared to accept personal consequences if difficult decisions

Works hard to achieve consensus.
Responds constructively when conflict arises

11. Team Work

Initiates and maintains working relationships across functions and

Respected and effective team member who displays an ability to
work with others

12. Negotiation/Influencing

Prepared to create and communicate ideas.

Prepared to be flexible and creative to reach consensus
Gains acceptance and commitment from others.

13. Motivation and Initiative

Actively attempts to influence events to achieve goals often beyond

what is necessarily called for.
A self-starter. Does not need to be told to tackle issues

14. Reaction to Change

Highly adaptable.
Able to maintain effectiveness in changing environment and
varying tasks.

15. Ability to accept feedback

Actively seeks feedback, responds positively and acts on

1 2 3 4 5
16. Project Management

Accepts the responsibility of a project and ensures that every aspect

of it is completed in a timely manner

17. Customer Awareness

Identifies with and seeks to achieve customer satisfaction as

number one priority of the organization
Customers recognise contribution

18. Work Process Improvement

Continually seeks to improve processes using personal initiatives,

teamwork and quality tools
Displays unfailing enthusiasm to constantly seek improvements.
All major processes documented

1 2 3 4 5
19. Ability to Learn

Is quick to learn, demonstrates a good level of understanding.

20. Interest

Is very keen, enthusiastic and interested

21. Reliability
Demonstrates dependability.
Encourages trust

22. Confidence

Shows a high degree of confidence

23. Conduct

Creates a professional image.

Behaves well, is respected and respectful.
Demonstrates an excellent command of the technicalities of the job.
Continually makes effort to improve personal skills and knowledge
Keeps up with new ideas and techniques relating to subject/area of