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Outlinx Outsourcing

Tele-services (RFI) Request for Information


Please list your company name, corporate headquarters location, date of establishment and the
names / titles and contact information for key management personnel.

Are you a publicly or privately held company?

Has your company ever been fined or found in violation of any US state or federal
Calling regulations including DNC, call times, registration, caller-id, call abandon rates,
or any other regulations or laws related to the telemarketing industry?

Please list your call center locations, number of seats and agents, and year established


Please provide Contact Information for key members of the teleservices team: management, client
services, and operations staff.


Confidential Page 1 7/15/2009

Outlinx Outsourcing

Vendor Technical Contact:

Contact Name:
US Phone Number:
Email Address:

Do you have the ability to display caller ID numbers by campaigns?


1. Often we use Skype (online chat) to communicate with the key technical personnel of our
vendor in real-time as an alternative to telephone.

a. Does your company use Instant Messenger (chat)?

b. What kind? (e.g. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype etc.)

Please give brief description about following
1. Areas of expertise?
2. Past experience
3. Current Projects
4. Methodology
5. Any recommendation

Voice Processing:

1. What is the make of the Dialer that your company is using?

a. Is it in your location? If not, specify location.

b. Is it a predictive dialer?

c. Can it handle both Outbound and Inbound calls? If not, specify.

d. How many logged in agents and open campaigns can it handle simultaneously?

2. Is your system capable of remote call monitoring?

a. If yes, how many stations can be monitored and how many remote monitors can it
handle simultaneously?

b. Do you offer silent (unassisted dial in) monitoring capabilities?

3. Is your system capable of call recording?

a. In what format is it being save (Digital/Analog)?

Confidential Page 2 7/15/2009

Outlinx Outsourcing

b. Can you provide OUTLINX OUTSOURCING with wave files upon request?

c. Can you provide full call recordings?

Call Floor Environment:

1. Does each agent use a PC in your location?

2. Is the agent’s PC capable of emailing and web browsing?


Do you use any third party compliance company?

Please describe your list processing / scrubbing procedures. Describe how you
handle internal DNC requests, as well as how you maintain other DNC sources
(wireless, federal, state). Do you apply DNC filters during live calling or are lists
scrubbed prior to dialing?

Please describe your process to adhere to the call abandon rate laws including your
definition of an abandoned call and how you measure your abandon call rate.

Please describe your process to insure that you adhere to various state and federal
calling time laws.

Please describe your caller-id display capabilities and your policies.

Please list all states in which you dial. Please indicate your registration status for
each state (registered, exempt from registration, no registration required, and
also indicate for which states you are bonded)

Please describe how your technology insures the playing of a voice message to
any prospect that does not connect to a live operator within two seconds.

Confidential Page 3 7/15/2009