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‘unstoppable’, says WHO

GENEVA: The Influenza A(H1N1) pan- ecially when gathered in schools, Kieny sion might result in the emergence of CONVERSATIONS
demic has grown “unstoppable” and all said. more pathogenic variants, as observed in
nations will need access to vaccines, a While most cases have been considered the 1918 pandemic virus,” it says. To ask a Malaysian like me
World Health Organisation official said on mild, a study released on Monday said the Another concern is that the virus could ‘how come you are so good
Monday, as 12 new deaths were reported virus causes more lung damage than ordi- acquire mutations enabling it to be resist- in Bahasa Malaysia’ is an insult.
and a study raised fresh concerns. nary seasonal flu strains but still responds ant to Tamiflu. I believe every Malaysian should
Britain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the to antiviral drugs. “Collectively, our findings are a rem- be able to converse and write
Philippines and Thailand all reported
deaths on Monday, while Saudi Arabia shut
Virologists tested samples of the virus
taken from patients in the United States
inder that (strains of swine flu) have not yet
garnered a place in history, but may still do
well in Bahasa Malaysia.”
– writer Uthaya Sankar SB
an international school after 20 students as well as several seasonal flu viruses on so,” the study says.
were diagnosed with the virus. mice, ferrets, macaque monkeys and spec- Most of the deaths reported on Monday
As the death toll increased, the WHO ially-bred miniature pigs. They found that were in Asia, with Thailand reporting
official said a vaccine should be available as
early as September and all countries would
A(H1N1) caused more severe lung lesions
among mice, ferrets and macaques than
three fatalities and the Philippines two.
Thailand’s death toll has now reached
Jabs for 200,000
need to be able to protect themselves.
A group of vaccination experts conclud-
seasonal flu viruses.
But it did not cause any symptoms
21, while the Philippines has three deaths.
Authorities in Britain frontliners first
ed after a recent meeting that “the H1N1 among the mini-pigs, which could explain announced the deaths by Karen Arukesamy
pandemic is unstoppable and therefore all why there has been no evidence that pigs of a six-year-old girl H1N1 figures
countries would need to have access to in Mexico fell sick with the disease before and a doctor who had (as of 8am yesterday)
vaccines,” Marie-Paul Kieny, WHO director the outbreak began among humans. contracted A(H1N1), KUALA LUMPUR: About 200,000 frontlin-
on vaccine research, said.
Health workers should be at the top of
The team also found that the virus was
highly sensitive to two approved and two
bringing the number
of its fatalities linked
» New cases: 32 ers, especially health workers, who are
in closest contact with the public, will be
the list for vaccination since they will be
in high demand as people continue to fall
experimental antiviral drugs, including
Tamiflu, now being hurriedly stockpiled
to the virus to 17.
Brazil on Monday
» Imported cases: 20 the first to receive the Influenza A (H1N1)
vaccine when it becomes available by the
sick, she said.
Countries would be free to decide on
their national priorities, but other groups
around the world. This confirms the drugs’
role as a “first line of defence” against the
flu pandemic, they said.
reported the death of
a nine-year-old boy,
taking its number of
» Local transmissions: end of the year.
“The government is making arrange-
ments to pre-book it to be one of the first
should include pregnant women and any-
one over six months old who has chronic
The worry about the present strain of
A(H1N1) is that it could pick up genes from
fatalities to three. A
young woman died in
» Total no. of cases: to obtain the vaccine once it is available,”
Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai
health problems, the official said.
Particular attention would have to be
other flu strains that would enable it to be
both highly virulent and contagious, warn-
Colombia and three new
deaths were reported in » World total:111,769 said yesterday.
Other frontliners include police and
paid to children since they are considered ings spelt out in the new study. Mexico, taking the toll to (550 deaths in 143 countries) airport staff such as immigration officials,
“amplifiers” of the spread of the virus, esp- “Sustained person-to-person transmis- 124. – AFP he said after officiating at the Epidemic
Intelligent Programme Malaysia 3rd Cohort
Graduation at the Public Health Institute.
“At the moment, we are checking with
Unity among all international companies, linked and dedi-
cated to WHO (World Health Organisation),
Malays that are trying to produce the vaccine,” Liow
said. “We are looking into all aspects, includ-

obligatory: ing costs, dosage and other guidelines.”

Most of the companies producing the
vaccine are based in Europe and the United
Raja Nazrin States, and use the guidelines of the Centre
for Disease Control in Atlanta.
IPOH: It is obligatory for Malays to make Warning the public that Malaysia had
efforts to unite to build human capital in moved to the mitigation stage and that
the spirit of a common race and religion, the flu was spreading fast, Liow said: “The
the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin ministry is now focused on preventing the
Shah, said yesterday. pandemic from causing sustained local
In a speech on “Islam and the Malays: transmissions.”

The Muslims’ Human Capital” at the Thirty-two new cases were detected in
Muslim Intellectuals Discussion 2009 the last 24 hours, with 12 local transmissions
here, he said loyalty to a cause that was and 20 imported, bringing the total number
noble and holy should be given more of confirmed cases to 804.Thirty-one pat-
importance than loyalty to the individual ients are receiving treatment in hospital, 77
or group. are receiving outpatient treatment, and 696
“Be realistic – be governed by rea- have been discharged.
soning. Spread the spirit of friendship “We know H1N1 is here to stay and
– believe in the spirit of forgiveness. everyone should take ownership of the
Malay is your race and Islam is your pandemic and work with the govern-
religion,” he said. ment to slow its spread,” Liow said.
Raja Nazrin said Malays today faced He said the vaccine is vital in case of
a major challenge over identity, integrity, a serious outbreak.The government is
status and survival of the race. continuing several measures adopted
“The number of Malay Muslims is at the containment stage such as bor-
small. The number of Malay Muslims
with knowledge, who are professionals,
rich, possessing the qualities of a tower-
28 hurt as bus plunges der screening and school closures in
efforts to delay the spread of H1N1.
Liow said the haze was also posing
ing personality, is even much smaller.”
“The separation of the Malays and
into m-cycle lane a health hazard, causing quite a few
number of cases of seasonal flu.
Islam in differing groups, who are being by Charles Ramendran He said the driver, “The public should continue good
led by personalities who refuse to meet who suffered light personal hygiene. We do not even
with one another, will certainly weaken injuries, is believed to want a seasonal flu outbreak here.
the Muslims even further.” KUALA LUMPUR: A bus have lost control of the “No new cluster transmission has
Raja Nazrin said the current political driver and his 27 passengers were bus, which hit another been reported in the last 24 hours,
culture had created a new obsession injured when an inter-city bus car and crashed into but we will continue measures taken
– the emergence of a group culture, crashed through a guard rail and the guard rail before at the containment stage as they are effec-
promoting the belief that loyalty to the plunged 15m into a motorcycle plunging into the mo- injured. The others received tive in delaying the spread of the virus.”
group must be given priority over the lane on the Federal Highway torcycle lane. treatment for light injuries. There have been three cluster trans-
survival of the ummah. near the Bangsar interchange The lane, used by thousands Wan Bari said the case was missions to date involving six people at
He said Malay Muslims will eventu- yesterday. of motorcyclists daily, had being investigated by traffic po- Universiti Teknologi Mara in Malacca, 12
ally be trapped in finding faults and The accident occurred at been closed to traffic hours lice under Section 43 of the Road at a private IT company in Cyberjaya, and
weaknesses in each other, which would 1pm as the KLRapid bus, travel- earlier for construction work Transport Act for negligence in seven at the Malaysian Maritime Academy
weaken the race even further. ling from Shah Alam to Kuala nearby. operating a vehicle. in Alor Gajah, also in Malacca.
“As a result, the Muslim human capi- Lumpur, exited the highway and The injured were taken to In a statement, RapidKL’s The UiTM students are being treated with
tal becomes weaker. How many more moved towards the Pantai Baru hospital in three ambulances, chief executive officer, Suffian antiviral drugs and are in a stable condition.
of them are prepared to become opera traffic lights. which shuttled between the Baharuddin, said some personal Sixty students are under observation.
actors, wear the Muslim and Malay Brickfields police chief ACP University Malaya Medical belongings were found in the SK Sulaiman 1 in Kuala Terengganu, ord-
masks to ridicule the ummah, dupe the Wan Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said Centre nearby and the scene of bus. The passengers or family ered to close earlier, will reopen tomorrow.
community to fulfil their own desire?” initial investigations showed the the accident. members may call RapidKL’s SM Aminuddin Baki and SK Intan Baiduri,
– Bernama bus driver had tried to avoid a car Six passengers – two men and helpline at 03-76256999 or visit Gombak, which closed down one classroom
by swerving left. four women – were seriously its website at each, will also resume classes.