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8 theSun | WEDNESDAY JULY 15 2009

news without borders

Girl healthy Chinese
soldiers patrol
the streets

after donor of an Uighur

heart removed
LONDON: A British girl who had a donor heart
grafted onto her own after suffering cardiac failure
as a baby has had the transplant removed and is
living a healthy life with her own heart, doctors said
yesterday. The case of Hannah Clark (pix) is thought
to be the only one in the world where a child’s Al Qaeda vows to
failing heart recovered enough for the donor organ
to be removed, the British surgeons told reporters avenge Uighurs to
ahead of their report in The Lancet journal. “The eda has vowed
possibility of recovery of the heart is just like magic,” dea ths of Muslims in China’s
avenge the
said Professor Magdi Yacoub of Imperial College get ing the country’s work-
Urumqi city by tar
London, who treated Hannah from the beginning ica , a newspaper said
force in northwest Afr
and co-authored the journal paper. day , citing an inte llig ence report.
yester inst China has
“A heart which was not contracting at all at the l for rep risa ls aga
The cal Qaeda in the
time we put the new heart to be pumping next to it n-b ase d Al
come from Algeria South China
and take its work, now is functioning normally.” IM) , the
Islamic Maghreb (AQ
Hannah, now 16, suffered as a baby from severe g Pos t sai d, sum ma rising the intelli-
heart failure due to cardiomyopa- -based risk analysis

China’s Urumqi tense

gence report by London
thy, a problem with the muscle ynt .
firm Stirling Ass
of the heart, and in July 1995, ama bin Laden’s
It is the first time Os
when she was two years eatened China or its
network has directly thr
old, doctors transplanted a the Stir ling rep ort noted, and said
interests, was spreading
donor heart next to hers. ven gea nce
that a thirst for mu nity.
The new organ soon t com
over the global jihadis

after police shooting

took over much of the ugh AQ IM app ear to be the first
“Al tho
functioning of her own cially state they will
arm of Al Qaeda to offi
heart and Hannah, from int ere sts , others are likely
target Chinese
Cardiff in Wales, began to tan cy’s report said,
to follow,” the consul
recover. However, she suffered ong newspaper.
according to the Hongk of Chinese work
from a type of cancer known as EBV Hundr eds of tho usa nds
PTLD, a common side effect of the drugs given to t and No rth Africa, includ- URUMQI: A mosque was closed and many bagels outside her food store.
in the Middle Eas ort estimated.
transplant patients to stop their immune systems , the rep businesses were shuttered yesterday near The latest shooting was the first time the
ing 50,000 in Algeria oun t of chat-
rejecting new organs. g am where police shot dead two Muslim Uighurs, government said security forces had killed
“There is an increasin
She was treated with chemotherapy but the ong jiha dis ts wh o cla im they want as ethnic tensions simmered in China’s restive anyone since the unrest broke out, despite
ter ... am
cancer kept returning. Doctors reduced her dosage China,” it said. Urumqi city. claims by exiled Uighurs that many people
to see action against uals have been
of immunosuppression drugs to stem the disease, “Some of these individ
Large groups of police armed with semi- had died in the clampdown.
but as a result, her transplanted heart began to fail. ati on on China’s automatic weapons and batons were out in “Police shot and killed two suspected
actively seeking inform rld, which they
In contrast however, her own heart recovered and in the Mu slim wo force close to the scene of Monday’s violence, lawbreakers and injured one suspected law-
began functioning normally. In February 2006, the purposes.” – AFP where Chinese authorities said police shot breaker using legal means,” said a government
could use for targeting
team decided to remove the donor organ. – AFP and killed two Uighur “lawbreakers” and statement released in Urumqi.
injured another. The statement said the three Uighurs were
The shootings showed the capital of the trying to attack another person from their mi-
northwest Xinjiang region remained a powder nority group on Monday afternoon. The gov-
keg more than a week after ethnic unrest on ernment’s statement conflicted with accounts
July 5 left at least 184 people dead, despite an by two Uighurs who said they witnessed the
ongoing security clampdown. incident from 50m away and that three Uighur
Many shops in the Uighur district close men had been trying to attack security forces.
to the site of the shootings remained closed “They hacked at the soldiers with big
yesterday and a major mosque was shut with knives and then they were shot,” one of the
security guards outside. witnesses said.
One businessman said he was not opening The initial unrest on July 5 saw Uighurs at-
his clothing stall. tack Han Chinese, according to the government
“It is too tense right here. How can I make and witnesses, in the worst ethnic violence to
money with no customers around?” asked the hit the country in decades.
man from the ethnic Hui minority. Thousands of Han Chinese retaliated in
Despite the fresh violence, some shopkeep- the following days, arming themselves with
ers did open their doors. makeshift weapons and marching through
“We are getting used to the tension already,” parts of Urumqi vowing vengeance against
said one Uighur woman who was arranging the Uighurs. – AFP

Aso’s woes
persist after vote
TOKYO: Japan’s ruling bloc voted down a no-
confidence motion against embattled Prime
Minister Taro Aso yesterday, but chaos deep-
ened within his party as fears grew of a historic
defeat in a national election next month.
A loss for Aso’s coalition in the Aug 30 gen-
eral election would end a half-century of nearly
unbroken rule by the pro-business ruling Liberal
Democratic Party (LDP), struggling to revive the
economy with massive stimulus spending.
The LDP’s woes have raised the chances of
the opposition Democratic Party taking control
of the lower house and breaking policy dead-
locks in parliament, where opposition parties
already control the upper chamber and can
delay bills.
The Democrats, trying to make the most of
the LDP’s falling popularity before the election,
submitted a no-confidence motion in the lower
house against Aso’s cabinet by criticising its
economic policies.
“The cabinet has been spending large
amounts of money for the economy but we can
only think that it was aimed at winning support
for the election,” said Democratic Party leader
Yukio Hatoyama. “The measures won’t improve
people’s livelihoods.”
As expected, the motion was rejected by
the ruling bloc’s majority. The Democrats hoped
that by forcing LDP lawmakers to back Aso, it
would make it harder for his critics in the party
to persist in trying to dump him ahead of the
election. – Reuters

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