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GRANTS FY 2008-2009 Discretionary Grant Application Packages The following application packages are available for grant competitions that are currently open. Applicants may wish to request an official copy of the package as important information may be scrambled when downloading the electronic version, and so that we may have a record of how to contact you in case there is a change in the competition. Instructions for obtaining a free printed copy are specified in the detailed information below about each open competition.

NOTE: Some ED competitions require applications to be submitted electronically through List of Currently Open Grant Competitions (Latest Closing Dates appear at top of list.) CFDA# Closing Date Program Name [and Principal Office]

84.359A 04/18/2008 Early Reading First Program [OESE] and B 84.184D 03/21/2008 Grants for School-Based Student Drug-Testing Programs [OSDFS] 84.184L 03/14/2008 Safe Schools/Healthy Students Program [OSDFS] 84.184D 03/14/2008 Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant Program [OII] 84.356A 03/10/2008 Alaska Native Education Program [OESE] 84.362A 03/10/2008 Native Hawaiian Education Program [OESE] 84.364A 03/07/2008 Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program [OESE] 84.351C 02/29/2008 Professional Development for Arts Educators (PDAE) Program [OII] 84.313A 02/29/2008 Even Start Family Literacy Program Women's Prison Grant [OESE] 84.215L 02/25/2008 Smaller Learning Communities Program [OESE] 84.184E 02/19/2008 Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools [OSDFS] 84.184A 02/19/2008 Grants To Reduce Alcohol Abuse [OSDFS] 84.326Q 02/11/2008 The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Multi-Year Individualized Education Program Demonstration Program [OSERS] 84.326P 02/11/2008 The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Paperwork Waiver Demonstration Program [OSERS] 84.282A 02/11/2008 Charter School Program (CSP) [OII] 84.060A 01/31/2008 Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies [OESE]

84.215M 01/30/2008 Grants for the Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems [OSDFS] 84.215E 01/28/2008 Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Programs [OSDFS] 84.133S; 01/22/2008 Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) [IES] 84.305S CFDA -- Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Closing Date -- date by which applications must be postmarked to be accepted for review (unless otherwise noted) A list of competitions that have closed is also available on a separate page. Printable view Last Modified: 01/25/2008 Secretary's Corner Share this page

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