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Theresa Martin
National Board Director,
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization-United States
Hotline: (727) 565-4213

July 14, 2009

Via Facsimile
Honorable Patricia V. Thomas
Circuit Court Judge
Fifth Judicial Circuit
110 N. Apopka Avenue
Inverness, Florida 34450
Fax: (352) 341-6796

Re: Theresa M. Martin vs. State 2009-AP-2088

Dear Judge Thomas:

This is in response to a Motion for Review of Order Denying Hearing of Tran-

scripts filed on May 26, 2009. Around the same time period, I filed several other
motions and this Court has graciously granted my Motion for Extension to File
Appellant’s Brief. This Court has not ruled on my motion denying or granting my
request for transcripts that are urgently needed for my appeal.
I have no desire to file a Writ of Mandamus, in order for this Court to rule on
my motion. I realize that courts are very overworked, under staffed, and are re-
quired to rule on numerous motions, have regular scheduled hearings, and various
other ministerial duties that take much of the Court’s time. I’m notifying this
Court, out of courtesy, in order to avoid unnecessary further litigation and addi-
tionally not to impede an overly burdened and already overworked judicial system.
On Friday July 10, 2009 I returned a missed call from a previous voicemail
message left on my home phone, from Paul in the appellate division of the clerk’s
office. Paul confirmed the Courts receipt of my WRIT OF PROHIBITION dated
July 7, 2009 therefore; there was no need to resubmit a faxed copy (the clerk’s of-
fice was missing a few pages). Paul also explained the administrative need, for a
separate case number 2009- CA- 3729 for my Extraordinary Writ and he also
stated that this Writ should be attended to, by the Appeals Justices reviewing case
2009 –AP- 2088.
TRANSCRIPTS OF HEARINGS and I had him look at reference Line 13 of the
court’s docket. I explained this Motion was filed on May 26, 2009, more than 30
days ago and still no ruling. Paul assured me he sent everything over to the Ap-
peals Judge and offered to provide me copies of Certificate of Service at $1.00 per
I explained to Paul the need for the hearing transcripts in order to prepare my
appeal. Paul told me to contact the Office of Electronic Court Reporter, at (352)
341-7053 advising me to request transcripts through their office, but I would be re-
sponsible for paying their costs, and further stating I would need 5 copies total.
I do not have any available funds to cover the costs of the transcripts, as I have
argued in my motion before this Court. The costs are to be unfortunately covered
by the taxpayers of Citrus County as I have argued in my motion before this Court.
I would greatly appreciate it, if this Court could rule on my Motion for Review
of Order Denying Hearing of Transcripts, so I can finish my appeal.
Your honor, I would appreciate your cooperation in this most urgent matter
and I hope this can be resolved at the Court’s earliest convenience.


cc: Joshua Houston, State Attorney’s Office via facsimile